*Dinner in the Park

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*Dinner in the Park

Post by Kairus » 21 Jul 2017, 23:55

[CHAT] Hiram wandered through the streets of Vitae City. In the olden days, he'd check the news...but not much. Either things were idyllic here or something so horrible the news kept its mouth shut so people could go about happily ignorant was going on. [I'll bet the latter...] Hiram himself had an itch, but had apparently picked the worst city to land in to find a place to scratch it. Not many dojos here that took challengers, and the streets were surreally clean...

[CHAT] Crescendo -- There were dark places in the city--if you knew where to look, though the 'problem people' tended to have a habit of disappearing. Crescendo itself was on top of a nearby building, lying down--looking rather self-satisfied. It had to admit, there were doubts--on whether or not this was the right path. But this time, luxuriating in the cumulative memories and experiences of its last meal, this one a particularly violent mugger that one of its previous masks had known, was just one in a line of many, it knew again that this was the right call--that hunting was 'right' for it. The Dragon had told it to only hunt the guilty, the people that hurt others, caused problems, that people would ignore that, but it was clearly wrong as it had found out. So it needed to find its own criteria--not follow in the dragons footsteps. It would be grinning, if it had a mouth that could at the moment, but nevertheless it was taking the moment to rest after a meal.

[CHAT] Hiram purchased a steak sandwich from an android street vendor. Coating the meat in ketchup, he took a large bite with his daggerlike teeth. The ship's pantry was satisfactory, but not-reconstituted food had a special something to it. Walking up a stairway in a park, he almost leapt upon seeing a man run up to an unsuspecting couple, onyl to relax again when he saw the man was returning something they'd dropped. He looked down in a koi pond. [How do you survive this...boredom?]

[CHAT] Crescendo perked up from its after-lunch reverie as it sensed a familiar energy. The creature stood up on all fours and pawed its way to the edge of the roof of the building, peering over the edge. 'Mister Silver,' well, that explained the scent. Fish. It had never seen one of them before. There were some vague errant thoughts that bubbled up from the mass of stolen memories--a word at the tip of the tongue, but this was something that none of the down-and-out-lowlives that typically comprised its diet really knew anything about--just that it was some kind of alien. Something with a 'K' name, but that's about it. It was still curious about the man, too. Only one way to get more information. Well, not the only way, but it didn't want to eat him yet. With that thought it pads off, prepping for a minute or two, before dropping down into the alley--someone else walking out a minute or two later, the same young woman from before, red hair, tied back into a pony tail, green eyes, red leather jacket, black short--with an orange-red anarchy symbol over the chest, blue jeans, black belt, and black shoes. Without saying anything yet, she walked after the fishman.

[CHAT] Hiram twitched a webbing on the side of his head. Many things Crescendo might have been, but sneaky wasn't one. Not to Hiram. His black motorcycle jacket replaced the usual silver getup, and he finished his sandwich, licking the ketchup and juices off his claws. [Still weird having natural claws on the old arm...] He decided he'd play along for now. He dodged down a side path, through a botanical garden.

[CHAT] Crescendo generally kept a tight hold of its energy, especially now that it'd seen the consequences of growing lax first hand--it couldn't stick around in the city for long, it just wanted to get back into the swing of hunting, to stick around any longer would be dangerous. But this Mister Silver was intriguing--as would be any race it hadn't met before. Not to mention he helped it back out in the woods, getting away from Gilder, so it wanted to find out more about him. "Hey," the woman calls out, walking up to the fishman from behind, "'Mister Silver,'" she says, nodding a moment and looking at the fishman. "I didn't know you were a fi... uh..." she pauses, catching herself for some reason--sometimes the masks personality could bleed through when taking on their mannerisms, and none of the personalities were exactly 'nice,' so it had to rethink its interactions on occasion. She just shook her head and looked down a moment, before back up to the man, starting over, "Nice to see you again. I wanted to thank you one more time!"

[CHAT] Hiram twitched his headfins at the voice. [How...] When he turned around, his face betrayed none of the surprise he felt. "Ah, the mystery woman. No problem." His body language suggested relaxed. Almost too relaxed.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- There's a small grin on her face as she walks up to the fishman, the man had a unique scent--whatever he was wasn't something that was too common in the city, sensing energy did the rest. "So what brings you to the city?" she asks, being a little talkative, "Gotta say, I don't think I've ever a... a..." she frowns, furrowing her brow and coming to a stop as she specifically walks into a corner there, not really knowing -what- he is. "I, uh... don't know what to call that," she points out, sheepishly. "Well, I hope you'll like it here. It's my... favorite city. But I'm going to be going soon," she adds, shaking her head slowly and sounding disappointed.

[CHAT] Hiram didn't once take his eyes off hers, watching to see where they went. "Kanassian. I'm from the famous 'corpse planet'. Haven't really been here yet. I have to say...it's a bit unnerving how calm the place is." He gave an involuntary shudder. Something was creeping him out.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman was rather sizing him up. "Kanassian, huh? I'll have to look that up," she notes, putting her hands on her hips for the moment and peering up at the fish guy. Kanassian. Interesting. "But! You never answered my question, whatcha doin?" she adds, going back to that grin. "Yeah, the place is pretty calm. I tried to help with it... in a way, but they don't like me," she notes one more time, furrowing her brow slightly--thinking of something rather unpleasant, before shrugging, "But again, why ya here?" she goes back to peering at the fishman quizzically.

[CHAT] Hiram pointed back to the food cart. "Dinner. My starship rations are nice, but fresh food's much better. Low-grade life support means no cooking onboard the Lamprey." The man in the food cart was happily frying away, throwing cheap cuts of beef onto hot, greasy iron.

[CHAT] Crescendo nods, "Yeah, fresh food is the best," she says with a small chuckle, before waving a hand dismissively, "Don't think I could ever live on any of that processed junk that they show on TV. Or probably those rations for that matter," she says, frowning with distaste before shaking her head a moment. "But, really? That's it? You came to this planet, to this city... to have a sandwich," she notes, looking a little skeptical as she glances between the food cart and the Kanassian. "Well, I just ate, so I'm good," she speaks with a small chuckle.

[CHAT] Hiram shook his head. "History shows that this blue speck in the galaxy is a hub of all sorts of things. Wars, politics, commerce, Earth is a hub. Right now, I'm looking into information. Seeing what I've missed while I've been away." He dug in his teeth with his claw a moment, then chewed something unseen. "I began my own ascension here, long, long ago."

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman arches a brow, interest piqued at what he said this time. "What? This planets busier than others?" she notes, glancing up to the sky momentarily in thought, "I didn't know that," so it might be good to move off planet. Something to consider--would be easier to hunt, but it wasn't sure it wanted easier. Then its drawn away from its internal thoughts by the continued conversation, "Long ago? Are you sure? You don't seem all that... ascended. Compared to people like that guy back there," she says, furrowing her brows for a moment.

[CHAT] Hiram chuckled and formed, then dismissed, a Loop. "Ascension begins when you can do things normal people can't. Photon blasts, sensing 'energy levels', making shields out of nothing...that sort of thing." He picked up a rock and built a loop, dropping the rock in, where it shot across a nearby pond like a bullet! "My first one was far different from this one."

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks a moment, hands on her hips as she watches the maneuver, "Huh, that's a neat trick," she notes, before looking back over to him. "Well... I don't know if I've got anything like that," she says, crossing her arms, and looking up again, thinking. Well, it didn't have anything that it could really show him. But it wasn't going to say anything about that. "But I've been... working, I guess you could say. I think I'm getting better at it,"

[CHAT] Hiram smiles. "Working on it? That's a new one. Most of us it just happens to. I wonder what MeTAS is up to these days...if it still exists." Hiram watched as a very startled duck gave him a nasty glare, the water settling from his unorthodox rock skipping. "What do you do?"

[CHAT] Crescendo arches a brow and looks to Hiram, "I wouldn't say it just... happens. I get a lot of... um... physical training in with what I do. But its fun, though," she notes, taking a moment to actually think about things before she responds. 'What do you do?' What could it say to that, really? It hunts--that was its passion, it had found out. But hunting and eating criminals wasn't exactly something to just up and talk about, it couldn't just up and use the what the mask did, either--serial arsonist wasn't much better. This hunting didn't pay anything, either. Would be great if it did, could actually get a place to stay and everything. "Well... I... guess I could say I fight bad guys. In my own way," she says with a small grin thinking about it--it truly was a passion of it.

[CHAT] Hiram looked over. "In my own way" could mean a great, many things. "In your own way? Do tell. I used to do that way back when." Hiram chuckled. He knew he was an anachronism right now, effectively awakened from a centuries-long pause. He probably confused a LOT of people he talked to anymore.

[CHAT] Crescendo grins a moment, "Well, if I find someone who hurts others... you know 'bad guys,' well, I don't go to the cops first thing," she admits, rubbing her hands a moment--there's a little pride there. "What can I say? It's fun," she notes, actually going into a little detail despite its better judgement, "There's the tracking... the struggle, and then it all comes into a head into that one moment and..." she breaks off into a bit of a chuckle, "That rush... it's the best thing ever," then there's a blink and, "Well, once they're down I turn them in. Doesn't really... pay anything, but it's my passion," she notes, covering for itself and speaking a little faster at the end there.

[CHAT] Hiram arched an eyebrow. "I felt that rush...once. I did not do good things while I was under that rush." He shook his head, remembering the space pirate's face as he buried the alien alive. "Be careful with that rush. It can kill you."

[CHAT] Crescendo looks to the Kanassian for a moment, "What makes you say that? Did -you- go around hurting people?" she notes, eyeing him a few moments, still grinning. Well, it certainly didn't expect anything like that out of this guy, but it wasn't very good at reading emotions yet--the best it could do was just... watch them. Maybe it should talk to Styx or the Dragon about that. Sure, it might disagree with them now to find its own way, but there were still things to learn, and it did want to learn it. If he -was- like that, though...

[CHAT] Hiram shook his head. "Not for sport, certainly. I used to go help take down gangs and slavers and the like." He angled his head up to the dome, but kept an eye discreetly on her. Something felt...off...

[CHAT] Crescendo looks at the Kanassian for a few moments longer, scrutinizing him for something for what seems like a while, but in actually was probably just a few seconds, before nodding, "Okay," she speaks, as if just now deciding to believe him on that, she looks back out over the pond, "Well, that's a nice thing to do," she notes. "What did you mean, though? It can kill you," she glanced back at Hiram for a moment, hands on her hips.;

[CHAT] Hiram sighed. "The hunger makes you careless eventually if you don't control it. Makes you reckless. Eventually you're taking chances you shouldn't and you get in over your head." He looked full at her now. "And then..." he drew a line across his own throat. "Kssssht. You're dead." He leaned on a railing, or appeared to, anyway.

[CHAT] Crescendo frowns, looking back towards the pond for a few moments--that was something to keep in mind. Don't be reckless--especially with people like Gilder around. That would be a mistake it wouldn't be able to live to regret. Still, "I see..." she notes, going quiet for a few more moments. "Thanks for the advice," she says. "I'll have to be careful, then," she adds, with a short sigh and a look back to 'Mister Silver,' "Last thing. Who are you, really?" she asks. It didn't like knowing him only by a pseudonym. Odd, considering its own actions.

[CHAT] Hiram looked her dead in the eyes. "My real name is Hiram Steelscale. I'm technically a few hundred years old, and at the same time about thirtysomething. It's a matter of public record anyway. Mister Silver was a name I took when the Wraiths were less than legal." A searching eye looked her up and down. "And you? You have an odd gait."

[CHAT] Crescendo looks to Hiram and hrms to herself, considering something. Then with a small shrug, she just looks up to Hiram, "Well... fine, my name is Alissa DeMarco," she eventually says--it was true, technically, that was the mask's name before it was acquired, "But you can call me Cres," there's a minor pause, "Well, Crescendo. Some... 'friends' gave me that name. I didn't like them very much, but the name stuck," she adds.

[CHAT] Hiram finished his assessment. [Doesn't seem to move right. Muscle damage? Bone damage? Doesn't seem to be in pain...this seems somehow familiar...but from WHERE?] Though Hiram's mind was racing, he didn't betray a single turn of the gears.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Well, the conversation seemed to have come to an end. This was an interesting specimen, but it did have to move on before too long--the last thing it needed was more attention. It had just spoke of the wisdom of not getting reckless, after all. He didn't 'deserve' to be hunted, at least according to the criteria it was using thus far. It did want to find something new, though--something distinctly 'Crescendo,' and not just be a follower of the dragon. It didn't entirely want to let the criteria go, though--not without something to replace it. It didn't want to devolve into chaos--mindless hunting, et cetera. Outwardly, despite the turmoil in its mind, the woman nods, "Well, it was nice meeting you, Hiram," she offers him a grin.

[CHAT] Hiram nodded back. "You take care as well, 'Cres'. This city's idyllic, but I'm not sure about the rest of the planet." He decided firmly to check out some old haunts after this. Was the rest of the planet like this? For now, even as he turned to continue on his walk, he never lowered his guard.

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Re: Dinner in the Park

Post by ikenbon » 31 Jul 2017, 11:36

I would really like to see Hiram succeed as a character, but everything I have seen from him so far just tells me he has become an average citizen with an interesting past and a dull present looking towards a more dull future. Hiram seems as bored as I am of reading about how bored he is.

You need some action. You need to do something. Invent a problem and go find solutions for it or find something that motivates you. It doesn't always have to be beating the snot out of someone. There are other ways to engage the world. You could become an amazing pilot or join a space faring circus, become part of a meta-human sports league, become an archaeologist of Epitome/Kanassa/Kaio-sei where it's too dangerous for the average person. Just DO something and I think Hiram can BE someone.

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