*Amon: Scattered Dreams

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*Amon: Scattered Dreams

Post by Rizion » 19 Jul 2017, 22:04

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The night scene all throughout New Haven was anything but ever
dull. Electric billboards illimunated the night with famous actors selling the
latest Capsule Corp. product, movie trailers of turbo car chases, plasma rifle
shots and sirens blared. Mechanical, female voices cried out from tram
stations announcing destinations forever into the night and the crowds murmur
was the base undertone to it all. Even at the witching hour, the city was as
alive and vibrant as when the day star hung high, but it also meant the dark
corners of the city were even darker. Removed from the lights and sounds that
tried to cover Sector 8 and hide what it really was, there were several places
throughout the city that kept the old charm. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'This tale begins there. In an abandoned, unfinished building
on the northeast side of town. Most of the denizens were rats and stray dogs
sniffing for a meal, but there was one more rodent sulking about. Amon. The
man and his decrepit form dragged his shoulder against a stone wall, gripping
in his hand his still frozen, severed arm.'

[CHAT] Amon had been fortunate that the blade that cut his arm off was made of
ice. It froze all nerve ending and cut him clean without a trace of pain. It
was probably the most humane way to ever sever a limb, but that was days ago.
The ice had begun to melt and the pain was an encroaching typhoon ready to
unleash all of its wrath and fury upon him. His fatigued form took one more
step, but this time he started to feel the miles he walked and ignored finally
catching up to him, so he took a seat with his back against the concrete. His
body was trembling from exhaustion, from shock. Each second that went by was a
second that he would get the full brunt of his wound, but the ice...it kept
the limb fresh. It could be yet saved. So with shakey hands did the man place
the frozen limb up to his shoulder, then pressed the frozen pieces together,
trying to keep his painful groans as quiet as possible.

[CHAT] Amon lifted, turned and twisted his mangled limb until it set into what
felt right, all the while fighting the urge to expell the contents of his
stomach out on the floor. Imagine putting a puzzle piece in place but feeling
every mismatch along the way. When he did think it was in place enough, when
the cut bone and tissue "felt" right he took pause and like a wounded animal,
started licking the frozen flesh between the parts, hoping to seal it
together. Set and lick. Set and lick. On repeat for at least an hour, time
enough for him to catch the taste of his own rotting flesh as the blood
between both wounds started to pool. Three long days without sleep, finally,
he succumbed to the weakness of his flesh eyes closing and mind drifting.

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Icers do not dream, but humans do. When fatigue finally
overpowered desire, Amon slipped into a sleep deeper than the crust of the
planet. He was twelve dimensions away from the realm of the real, passing
through time and space in broken clusters of fragmented memories. His time in
the Void had broken his being down to the very atoms and scattered them across
all fields of this endless universe. He had become truly Nothing. An existence
that did not exist. When this schism was finally broken, when Amon was made
whole, all had been put back together, but a man is more than just his flesh
and mortal fluids. These fragments that he called memories where a small nest
of his psyche that needed to be reforged, but it was impossible for him. His
mind was a broken hive, a knotted nest, yet one image remained. The only image
he saw while he dreamed: The Midnight Ice demon, whos eyes lay as black as the
Void itself.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The visage of Vencer he saw was flawless. Smooth, black skin
shimmering like a solid sheet of ice cut to absolute perfection pulled over a
warrior's frame. Under this armor, perfectly sculpted muscles from a lifetime
of sucessful hunts. Eyes that knew no fear and ushered in death, eyes that lay
as gateways to the endless power within its soul. The Black Serpent that would
devour the world and leave frozen forever in the deep freeze. Vencer was as
cold and endless as the universe itself; the king of beasts. Just staring at
it, Amon felt the grip of death seizing him once again, dragging him down into
a frozen hell where he would spend a familiar eternity. The fear he felt,
staring at this creature left him frozen in place. The difference between
their strengths showing in physical form as Vencer grew larger, his eyes
locking him down. Amon wanted to move, but the black ice kept creeping,
crawling up his body.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'It grew like a living cancer, devouring him inch by inch,
reaching over his throat, appearing as frozen boils in his mouth and tongue
until it swallowed him entirely. This medusa had ensnared him with its spell
and now it was time to enjoy the meal.
-Devour- it spoke to him with its
mind's eye before throwing a fist into his being, once again shattering him in
a display of broken crystals. It was then that he returned to the realm of the
real, gasping for air and clutching his chest. The first thing he felt when he
awoke was wind passing over his face and he heard the sounds of the city below
from the abandoned building in which he slept. There was no way of telling how
long he slept, but dawn was coming. The sun kissed the palm of the horizon,
leaving the sky blushed and parced with beams of light. T'was just a dream...'

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Fuck. Now I owe someone $20" Still fighting the lull and pull
of sleep, Amon searched everywhere around him to find the source of the voice
that called out. When he tried to stand by bracing himself against the wall,
his body fell off balance, sending him crashing back to the ground. Why?
Didn't he put his arm against...The Black Serpent appeared as a flash in his
mind again. It was a single frame of life replaced by hallucination of the
smooth skinned creature with a fang filled grin. Slowly, Amon turned to see
the streak of blood running down the wall from his fall and the arm removed
from his body. He screamed, he squirmed, reaching over for the lost limb, but
his fragmented memories kept him from remembering.
"Oh alright now. We got a
lively one here. Lookin for this boy?
" Finally, he turned to see a young man
dressed for a night out in local finery, holding his frozen arm and whistling
at him like a dog.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Well come on. This is what you're looking for innit? On your
feet ya slobbering Mong!
" Amon snarled and turned on the man, remaining on all
three of his paws. As more of the shadows started to receed with the birthing
of the day, Amon saw two other figures standing off in the corners of the open
room. One was a large man, dressed in a similar fashion as the first only his
shirt was open and he had a number of rings on his hand. The other, a more
slender figure wrapped in silks and bright colors from head to toe, a pair of
tight leggings under a pink skirt. This one smelled of flowers but also had an
adornment of rings in their left ear. Those were the only others that Amon
could see, but both of them looked bored of this circling dance of bull and
matador as the first teased Amon with his frozen arm. The beast made the first
move, awkwardly charging at him and leaping with a swipe of his paw that was
easily evaded, much to the man's pleasure.'

[CHAT] Amon spilled to the ground from the frompy attempt to retrieve it's arm.
The young man he was playing with laughed at him. Holding the arm above his
head and dancing around exclaiming "Yay! Yay!" much to the dismay of his two
"Hurry up, Fredurik. I feel this hangover creeping up on me
" The gruff, larger man on the steps put out his cigarette and stood,
looking at the man with a drunken frown.
"Well now hold on. I said I bet you
$20 its dead. If I kill it, technically I'm still right, yeah?
" Amon knew
those words. He -knew- them, but he couldn't understand. His mind was in
jambles. The beast roared, trying to shake the confusion away like flies on
his hide. He slammed his head into the concrete floor several times trying to
jog some sort of memory back. The whistles again. They brought his attention
and focus back, but what it saw made it's eyes go wide with terror.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"You want this arm yeah? Want it back?" The 'Fredurik, was
standing at the edge of the open floor, holding the arm over the edge like a
dangling piece of meat.
"Fetch!" Then it tossed the arm to the wind. Amon
screeched, yelped, pawing his away across the floor only to see his arm
shattering upon the ground below. He heard Fredurik whisper in his ear, he
felt his breath on his neck, smelled the spirits and women he drank just hours
"I said...go fetch!" The young man laughed then took a few steps back,
letting his foot fly loose. He was waving to Amon, anxious to see the
dishevled man spill over the ledge behind the limb. But what he struck, those
frail looking bones with thin, decrepit meat pulled over them, they felt as
hard as steel.
"Ow..the fuck!?" Fredurik's left leg, the kicking leg, returned
to him with his ankle fully broken, his foot now pointing in the opposite

[CHAT] Amon: -- '-rrrrraaaauuugggh!!- The other two heard the beast's call and
woke from their lolly-gagging to their comrade's face being raked by Amon's
boney claws. A finger made it under the man's eye, a thumb pierced through his
cheek. Amon gripped whatever flesh he could and bounced Fredurik's head off
the concrete once, twice, a third time, then tossed him through one of the
unfinished walls into the adjacent room.
"Sin! Carmine! Help!" He was trying
to gather himself up, but Amon was upon him before his eyes could focus,
hammering a fist into the boy's spine with savage abandon. With each hit,
Amon's black aura started to grow stronger as he fed on the lifeforce he was
beating out of this boy. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'With his one good hand, he grabbed Fredurik by the back of the
head and tossed him into the ceiling, only to catch him with the same hand by
the mouth and slamming him back to the ground. As Amon kept him pinned down,
Fredurik saw a visage of madness and the face of death in the intensity of
those glowing, neon, eyes full of malice.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- '*BANG* It all happened in matter of seconds, around thirty,
and ended with the sound of a gun going off. A bullet ricocheted off the back
of Amon's head, but it did enough damage to knock the beast out. Carmine, the
larger man, stood in the door way Amon renovated holding the smoking weapon,
panting hard. Fredurik was alive, moaning and sobbing hard under the
unconscious body of Amon.
"Oh god. Carmine kill it. Kill that thing! Its...its
the fucking Devil! Get me outta here! Get me out of here!
" Having survived
such a close call, it was no shock that the boy was reacting this way. Neither
of his friends even blamed him for having a puddle of urine benethe him, but
what was shocking was that Sin, the last of the trio, walked in casually and
inspected their sleeping assailant.
"We aren't killing this one. Carmine, put
a collar on him and carry him.
" Her voice was soft, but sharp. Like everything
she said could be the last words you hear. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"What? What no, fuck that! That thing almost killed me. It
aint human, man! I'm gonna kill it right now!
" Carmine had helped Fredurik to
his feet and the boy reached into his back, pulling out a gun of his own. As
he aimed it with shaking hands, a knife sang through the air, stabbing him in
the back of the hand. Sin pulled on a string at the end of the blade, twisting
it and the flesh it marred. The gun was dropped, as was the weilder who fell
to his knees in pain.
"Ah, ya cunt! I swear to god when we get to the car I'm
shooting your dick off!
" She smiled, then nodded for Carmine to carry Amon's
body, pulling the string back and retrieving her blade.
"Car? No, you're
walking. Carmine let's go. I'll call the boss and tell him what we've found.
The large man looked back at his injured friend and offered him only a shrug.
Was going to be along walk on that busted ankle.'

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Re: Amon: Scattered Dreams

Post by ikenbon » 31 Jul 2017, 10:21

I've said this more than once at this point but this incarnation of Amon is one of the most frightening characters you've written in a long time. Rangios could be frightening, like when he stormed Ng Yelo and tore out Soon's spine to wear as a belt, but Amon really oozes a sense of a true evil, a desire or compulsion to do evil and harm. We've talked a little bit about your intentions with this particular group he has become linked with but I'm interested to see which of them will develop and how they will do so. Your background characters always end up playing a big part in your character's overall story, which is something I love. I'm not going to suggest happy moments for Amon. I don't think this is the right character to have happy moments, but these background characters could be a source for a release in tension which is going to be important for maintaining your flow without over saturation.

RPP rewarded!

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