*The Misadventures of Ensign Sickbay Begin!

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*The Misadventures of Ensign Sickbay Begin!

Post by Kairus » 19 Jul 2017, 20:13

[CHAT] Wonker didn't like where it was. The room was cold, dark and cramped. Too many things. To, too many things. Its mind raced with new concepts...it was too early to call them thoughts. It didn't even quite have a concept of "itself" yet. Light...blinding light filled its vision. And wind. The panther-mind it had eaten told it what wind was. It stumbled towards the light and wind. Wind was freedom. Something moved ahead and smells filled its nostrils, such as they were.

[CHAT] Wonker saw that the light was accompanied by a shadow, moving along the large, square things it moved through. [Like rock, but made of tree. What is this place?] As the cargo ship crewman entered the hold, he swept a flashlight around. The hold scanners picked up unchecked cargo, and damned if he was getting his ass grilled for another smuggling checkpoint. Soft footsteps approached the astronaut.

[CHAT] Wonker approached the strangely-garbed man. Most humanoid figures it met wore two halves of color...this one just had one. A bright blue one with a sparkly blue circle on it. The astronaut turned that ugly light towards it again, hurting its eyes. [Hurt! Kill! Eat!] An animal still at this point, Wonker screamed a shrill shriek and dove at the man.

[CHAT] Wonker: -- 'The captain buzzed in moments later. "Ensign! That was quite a disturbance a moment ago. Is everything OK?" Wonker held the strange, talking nut in its pale hand, now attached to a sleeve-covered arm. The colors...felt comfortable? "Everrrrrrythnggggg...Oooooooooo-kaaaaaaaayyyy..." it trailed, releasing the talking nut and gingerly putting it back where it came from. It then shambled into...more lit caves?! [Not outside! More caves!] It looked around frantically, then ran off in a random direction.'

[CHAT] Wonker: -- 'The nut spoke again. "Ensign? You don't sound so good. Report to sick bay." "Siiiiiiiick...bayyyyyyyyy." The golem ran down the halls, confused and overwhelmed by the bright, flashing lights, which soon turned red and a loud sound filled the corridor. Wonker screeched back at a klaxon and tore it out of the wall, screeching again.'

[CHAT] Wonker encountered three more humanoid....humans...its brain registered the word "human" now and it knew these were..."Se...kure...it....eeeeeeeee..." it drawled out before they opened fire on it! Nasty, stining flashy things! It screeched again as a hole was torn in its suit and leapt forward, leaving the encounter a fair bit smarter than before, bust still VERY primordial.

[CHAT] Wonker hid in a vent shaft...they were looking for it in the hallways, they'd never look here! It crawled along until it fell through a grate, into a room filled with giant screens, showing night and a big, blue ball ahead. An old man in a bomber jacket looked surprised to see it. "What-what are you?!"

[CHAT] Wonker tilted its head: it was the voice from the nut! It held out the nut and exclaimed "Ensign! Sick bay! Ensign Sick Bay!" The captain was less than thrilled to meet Ensign Sickbay and pulled out his sidearm. "NO! STINGERS BAD!" The captain fired, missing and striking the navigation console as the golem descended on it. "ENSIGN SICKBAY HUNGRY! NO ATTACK ENSIGN SICKBAY!"

[CHAT] Wonker looked at the controls of the ship. The alarms were getting louder. It knew no one could steer this flying box now. It also knew there were other flying boxes. Small ones...It found one as the ship rocketed into Earth's atmosphere, out of control and spinning over the forests!

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Re: The Misadventures of Ensign Sickbay Begin!

Post by ikenbon » 20 Jul 2017, 10:09

I like this one a lot. It was a short, fun read. If you can keep this level of playfulness while interacting with other roleplayers I think it will be a welcome addition to the channel.

RPP rewarded.

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