*To Reforge a Crown

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*To Reforge a Crown

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[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Icers do not dream- Their brains ice over until unconsciousness and rest cycles lapse. The last still images before entering into these catatonic states lay superimposed over their minds until the thaw- images that are reduced to fractals as the freeze takes hold. These frozen glyphs are the ancient runes of the Tamasslr, the origins of Ng Yelonian script- crystallizations as old as the Cold Ones themselves and known to them more intimately than all the honeyed words of every language in the verse.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'In the crushed glacier surrounding Amon’s visage, the last image Vencer had experienced before being buried alive by an apartment complex, Vencer reflected upon the word the Tyrkalla had etched within the blazing hellfire of his opponents eyes: VOID'

[CHAT] Vencer's return to full consciousness was abrupt, signaled by a sudden head-splitting pulse from behind his right temple. He must have been awake before this moment, answering questions, but either the narcotics that had been used to treat him or his own injuries had dulled his perception of it. Everything was hazy and dark in his field of vision and the Icer could only interpret the looming shadow seated next to him as a person by the vague, humanoid corona of light that surrounded it.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'All the details of the hospital room he had found himself in were obscured. Vencer tenderly reached towards his own face with his hand and let his fingers slide down the ridge of his forehead feeling where the areas surrounding his eyes were scarred and blistered from Amon’s final attack. He was lying in a soft bed and nearby several cardiac monitors *beeped* to the rhythm of his lifeforce.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The looming shadow seated next to Vencer was a construct made up by the warrior's own fog of war slowly receding to the light of consciousness. There was a figure seated next to him, dressed in a foreign finery. A white top with some pretty intense shoulder pads jutting out to the sides. Their hair matched the etchings around the lining of the robe, a bright gold that took in the lights of the hospital. This figure was not massive at all, but it did exude a gentle, yet immense aura. "Ah. Welcome back to the realm of the living,"'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'A gracious welcome from the realm of the near-dead was not what Vencer had expected to be greeted by upon this arousal but it was far and above that of prior awakenings. The Icer nodded solemnly, "...Thank you." His lips were dry and cracked, his natural gem-plating sporting visible fractures and indentations that barely distracted the eye from the deep camouflage of bruising and cuts that littered his palette. "But to whom do I owe my thanks?" The clothing and regalia that the stranger bore reminded him of Ng Yelo but Vencer could not call the man's face to his mind.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'The stranger looked around for a moment to see if there was another person inside the room that Vencer might be speaking to. They looked rather young, like some humanoid in their early twenties. "Oh, I didn't do anything. I think you'd want to thank a doctor? Pretty sure that is what Earthlings call their healers. Their methods are interesting. A bit archaic, but interesting. I guess they don't really know how to heal the spirit and allow it to heal the body. Sorry..you asked for my name. My name is Fayne. Fayne Duskwind."'

[CHAT] Vencer bore himself to a sitting position, his soldered eyes fixing on Fayne as his expression moved equitably between that of alarm, suspicion, anger and resentment. "Duskwind?" It was the namesake of his home. The namesake of the strongest Tyr to have lived beyond the era of Ertezghan. It was a name soaked in conflict and ideology and this man, this Kaio now stood before him to deliver it as his own?! (It cannot be...) What was there to refute it, however? "I am Vencer Tyr'Azalam." In all likelihood Fayne was well aware of such a fact, but it would not do to ask a man of his and not surrender his own. "To what do I owe this meeting?"

[CHAT] Fayne: -- 'In the most innocent of ways, Fayne clapped his hands in pure jubilation. "Tear Alazam! You know when I was tasked on finding you I had no idea how to pronounce your Family-sake. I was quite nervous for so long, which is why I didn't want to wake you." Fayne chuckled to himself, but sensed the air in the room was a bit out of sync. He was warned that Vencer was serious to a fault and the way the Ng Yelo native glared at him made his chuckle more of a defensive measure. "Right...sorry. I don't get to leave Kaio-Sei often, but when Odin asked for a favor I kinda jumped at the chance. Darska seemed quite pissed. Not sure why that's so satisfying."'

[CHAT] Vencer forced his legs over the side of his bedding, his three-pronged toes tentatively touching the white, spot-lit tile of the hospital floor while his tail and unfurled and began to sway.The Kaio's humility and sheepishness was unexpected. Fable had often played at such tugs of heart and Vencer felt his initial feelings ebb into potent curiosity. He let his arms fall behind his back, palms facing opposite of where his toes pointed while his torso sagged upon them like crutches, his tension dissolving. "...Darska isn't an easy man to rile." He admitted, "He's also not an easy man to find but the Tyr of the Duskwind dome could certainly do it. You came all the way from Kaio-Sei on his behalf?"

[CHAT] Fayne: -- 'Though the Kaio before him seemed rather young in apperance, Fayne was more than three centuries old. At a closer inspection upon him, any fighter could see the fighting potential in him, slowly melting away from years of peace like a glacier fading in the sun. How he wished his visit was for pleasure, but he was here to deliver a message on behalf of one of the men who once saved his home. He was paying an unrepayable debut and the weight of such a wish started to show in the slow turn in the sterness of his face. "You may want to wait a moment before standing since the words I am here to deliver carry such weight." He offered the Icer to have a seat on the bed again, standing before him now in the proper posture of his people; hands behind his back touching fist to fist. "This is about your failed mission. The reason for your exile,"'

[CHAT] Vencer leaned forward, arms coming back so that his palms could rest on the top of his knees, head sinking so that his plated chin rest on his collar. He took a deep breath as a monstrously unsettling sensation washing over him that made his guts clinch. No good could come from whatever words the Kaio had been sent to deliver. "That was a lifetime ago," Vencer explained with exasperated breath, head shaking. He had been living out in the verse for nearly two decades since the events of the Broken Crown. Most of it he had spent on small fringe worlds and by the time he had returned to larger sectors of space his name and the tragedy had drifted far enough apart to make a life.

[CHAT] Vencer had spent all his rage and anger on it and through his travels found, if not peace, solemnity. More than anything it brought to mind memories of his Tyr'ran, his father, and those were feelings he felt could never be absolved. Vencer offered his hands forward as if to plead, "...What interest could my mission be after so long?"

[CHAT] Fayne: -- '"So it was. I was not told of the details, but Odin did ask me to find you and speak to you on his behalf since...well I guess the body of government that rules your world has ruled you an exile. As Lord of a dome he cannot turn to one such as you to ask for aid, but, it is by his sincere plea that I bring this to you." Fayne sighed. Apart of him really hated dropping bad news on people. Vencer seemed to have worked so hard to have what most people of this lifestyle never get; freedom from said life. "In the fringes of the Verse are in utter turmoil."'

[CHAT] Fayne: -- '"New God-like creatures keep appearing and more and more new warriors are spreading out to either test themselves or conquer. Odin, ever prepared, played his part in the political theater, but he also kept an eye on your homeworld. After living there for nearly three centuries, I think he sees Ng Yelo as a second home. It is because of his love for your home that he has asked you to continue the mission you failed so long ago."'

[CHAT] Vencer had heard the rumblings, they were part and parcel of running Slammers. Nothing had yet confirmed it, however. "Continue?" Vencer spoke at last. "Talleio was firebombed. The Imperial Navy refused to risk a single canister of the toxin to escape the planet. Salnor murdered Toxus, the scientist who developed it." Old details that should have unravelled after so much time were hemmed. "Unless I am to travel to Valhalla itself I know not how I am to answer the Tyr." Vencer's voice was somewhat indignant. After all that Vencer had wagered and lost on Talleio, to honor the Empire that had smote him seemed almost incomprehensible yet... (I swore an oath.) An oath to serve the Empress and her Empire. "Odin would not have sent you so far unless he had unearthed something. What has happened?"

[CHAT] Fayne remembered the report that Odin had given to him in detail. It was a grim mission that did not end well for Vencer and he could clearly see that it was the demon this man carried with him across all of his travels since. Bringing it back was like placing even more upon the shoulders of Atlas who already carried the world. "Your world needs you, Vencer. The same world which does not celebrate your name. Does not honor your sacrifice or service to the Queen. Odin, with his ears ever to the ground, has found that the the toxins you encountered before has resurfaced. None of the other 'Tyr' have offered any aid since the toxins were found here, on Earth. The fragile alliance between the worlds would be in peril if the empire sent -any- military envoy to investigate. And it would also mean that those who might be trying to produce more of this deadly poison would be lost for possibly another two decades."

[CHAT] Vencer slowly unbound the band around his wrist and the needle that it held pinched to his forearm and tossed it with its tubing aside. He came to his feet and approached the stand where his belongings had been placed and began to dress himself: slipping his arms through the openings of a weighted vest and then overlaying his blue and white windbreaker, bringing a leather bracer inlaid with electronics around his forearm and clasping it tight. He turned back to Fayne and nodded, "...I understand. This Sentinel will finish his mission. For Ng Yelo." It was hard for Vencer to believe this was really happening, but if the Tyr of Duskwind had sent this man... whose own weathering trials etched his stature and demeanor, the threat was real. No matter what had transpired in the past, Vencer would not stand aside and allow another tragedy to befall his homeworld.

[CHAT] Fayne: -- 'The instanct resolve from Vencer meant that the message Odin asked him to relay had been accepted and immediately Fayne felt the tension pass from himself to this young warrior. This was the serious to a fault demeanor he was told about and he saw the 'soldier' wake up inside Vencer at once. But while he watched him getting dressed he almost could not stand it. An emotion was swelling in his chest, his people already had an affinity for empathy for other races, to feel their strong emotions and despite being known as cold and emotionless, Fayne felt the pain of Vencer's previous failure rolling off him. '

[CHAT] Fayne: -- '"Wait," he offered, slipping the heavy robes over his head and setting them in his chair. In his casual, black shirt and simple martial arts pants, he Fayne seemed less 'divine' and more just a shorter fighter who also carried his share of scars. "I delivered Odin's message, but now this one, this one is from me. Look Vencer having got a look of you with my own eyes I cannot help but see..." He took a pause. A long pause with his eyes closed, almost holding his breath. '

[CHAT] Fayne: -- '"You just remind me so very much of someone who was very close to me. Someone who marched off to battle when their people needed them without a second thought. They didn't come back." Fayne took two strides across the room and looked up at the soldier with a pair of emerald eyes that carried power and yet serenity within them. He placed just a finger on the Icer's chest, a golden wave ki washing through the Icer's aura. All of the fatigue he felt, the wounds that pained him, washed away in the warmth of this ki that was like bathing in a gentle sun. "Make sure you do," And with those words the Kaio vanished in a series of verticle lines, leaving only a metallic item resting in the chair where the robes once were.'

[CHAT] Vencer waited several minutes before approaching the chair where Fayne had greeted him, his cold fingers prying from the seat a silver badge inlaid with crest familiar to him only in the deepest memories. The symbol was a rune of the Tamasslr, a crystal of ice etched with perfect geometry and symmetry. Each was as unique as the flakes of snow that together cloaked Mt. Areukk in its everlasting winter. In the tongue of the Cold Ones it read, "Tyr'Azalam" - "To Answer."

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Re: *To Reforge a Crown

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Rpp rewarded.

Admin note: I really hope Vencer takes Fayne's parting words to heart. You used to tell me all the time that most of my characters are written to never have a happy moment/ending and I feel like Vencer has always had one major tragedy after another or at least has a brooding demeanor. Hopefully he can smile on his own sometime soon.

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