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*The Red Beast

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[CHAT] Amon: -- 'New Hope's neon vibrance stood out as a multicolor flame flickering in the coming dusk, a sight to be seen all the way from the Gin mountains to the north. This technicolor maze of steel and glass was filled with the flow of thousands of turbocars congesting the airways and millions on the ground making commutes on foot. A regular utopia for ascended, many openly flew like wing-less birds, free on the wind so it was not all a contrast to see a variety of characters. One such being, a tall creature, gangled and starved, hair long and disheveled stalked the streets, pressing against swarm. Yet none paid it any attention. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'No one looked in the pale-orange eyes hidden behind dark, sunken sockets traced with heavy bags. One group of young girls, all dressed in various blacks and red, false tails and improvised fangs, did stop the creature. They surrounded it, the four of them and held out a small device, baring their fangs for a moment, then a flash and they parted. Amon remembered them complimenting him on his "Awesome Cosplay". They thought not that the blood on his hands was real.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Seated beneath the covering of a small street stall wrapped in colorful, lit, paper lanterns a weary Icerian shoveled mouthfuls of steaming noodles and grilled vegatables into his stomach while watching a dark skinned man from New Majourn work the large wok behind the counter.A group of young business women were seated nearby and were speaking to one another about a recent hiking trip through the Cloud Forest, a conversation that Vencer idly absorbed as he ate.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The alien's body was wrapped from toe to collar in anointed bandages from his very recent battle with that madman out in the woods but he had covered himself with a striped blue and white windbreaker and was keeping a low profile beneath a baseball cap with the name of his bar, Slammers, signed on the bill. Vencer had made it out of that fight without any very serious injuries but it would probably be days before his ki returned in full, in the meantime that hollow spot where his power was missing had given him an insatiable appetite. Even when a group of oddly dressed women with dark hair and faux fangs raced by in the corner of his eye he barely looked up from wolfing down his ramen.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'There were questions about this creature that had yet to be asked let alone answered. One of them being where has he been these two Earth years since he was last seen. He,himself, did not even know. All he could remember was and endless black. And ever reaching darkness that waned none despite all his efforts. Often he thought himself dead, but the yearning, the hunger,it hollowed out his very soul, reminding him that he was yet alive. But lost in a Void. Now...now he was being assulted with senses and sensations that had been dead to him for millenia. The strongest of them, his sense of smell. It caught wafting in the air the heavy tones of a brown broth made from chicken stalk. His tongue parted cracked, dry lips, licking the salt from the air, following the trail as if being lead by a piper. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The sirens and horns from stopped traffic fell on deaf ears, even the slanders and slurs being tossed his way as he parted the swarm of cars like a sea, causing many of the other pedestrains to turn their heads and attention his way. The heat of the kitchens flame that boiled the eggs and steamed the noodles, the sound of the broth filling the bowls and the smack of lips that devoured them. A dry rasp from his throat as he clamoured over to the ramen stand, full body falling into the last seat on the bench. A cook turned to him, giving the queerest of looks to this vagabond who merely mouthed out "f-f-od" while scratching at another patreon's dish.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Vencer raised his elbows as a scragged man took the stool next to him
and began to drift uncomfortably into his personal space, slavering over his bowl. The attendant of the wok removed his hands from the stirring rests and wiped them on the front of his apron, his bushy, blond eyebrows remaining perked at this newest patron as he approached to take a better look while the women seated across from them on the opposite side of the stall did their best to feign ignorance of the disheveled man but their eyes often broke from the acquaintances they were addressing to eye him suspiciously.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'After wrestling with Amon for a few seconds, trying to make it clear Vencer was in no mood to share the Icer finally slammed the bowl down and swiveled on his seat to face the Saiyan and give the badger a piece of his mind but all that escaped his lips was a hoarse, "Kami... What the hell happened to you?" on inspection. Beneath the light of the lanterns and with the man sitting barely a foot away the state of Amon was disturbing enough to catch Vencer off guard.

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Amon's manners were never in existence to begin with, but the way in which he dove his hands directly into the Icer's food was beyond animalistic. He was famished and mad with hunger. Vencer's words were lost to him as he scooped with clawed fingers, a handful of noodles, slurping the fluid down his throat, not even bothering to chew. It was food. Sustenance flowing down his throat and falling to the bit of his stomach. The man closed his eyes as he awaited the flavor to explode upon his tongue, the sensation of the hot soup giving his frail flesh life once again. He waited, mouth almost preemptively cracked into a smile. Yet almost a full minute went by. The onlookers seemed bored with the scene now. A simple vagabond reaching for a free meal who was so bold to steal from an alien. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Yet Amon was left empty. Not even the taste of the seasoning which he could smell as clear as day hit his tongue. Food was ash in his mouth and the hunger...it was not saited. He trembled, quaked. To travel all this way. To have suffered through all of that torment and to be teased. The hands which tried to funnel the life source into him clenched into fists. They came down,crushing the bowl and splattering its contents along the counter as he let out a primal scream, turning his rage on the creature who denied him salvation from starvation.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The man before Vencer was wretched and pale, his wild locks of oily black hair
falling over his face and back like a veil woven from the fur of Cerberus. Blood was caked on man's fingers and Vencer grimaced as he watched the wild man shove handfuls of noodles into his mouth and suckle on his own bloodstained digits. The owner of the stall had stepped forward and placed his hands on his hips, summing up an air of authority as he began to threaten and berate Amon as if he were one of the other many homeless of the city,'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"I've told you people a hundred times, I can spare food now and then but you cannot harass my--" His words were caught unexpectedly in his throat as Amon smashed the vessel and began, splashing him and the counter with its content and howled like a wounded animal. When Amon turned to Vencer the Icer was dumbstruck by the ordeal, his expression barely shifting even as he was thrown off his stool and dragged to the ground beneath Amon. He raised his arms instinctively, covering his head as best he could but it would be hard even for him to resist this lunatic in his current state.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The Madness inside of Amon, the last vestige of his sanity, of his humanity, it all started to slip away when he pounced on Vencer. What once was a tempered, yet wild, fledgling warrior, was now just a corpse driven by instinct. It wanted to live again. To feel something, anything. Even with its hands around Vencer's throat, there was no power behind his grasp. He felt -nothing- He was -nothing-. "d-dev-ourrr" He choked on his own words, the gutteral sounds coming from his throat full of decay sounding like he had a stomach full of glass.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The group of female socialites had withdrawn from their seats and were racing away, one of them bold enough to fumble through her purse for her phone to call the police once they had reached a safe enough distance. The owner of the ramen stall was shouting now and waving his arms while stuttering threats but Amon was deaf to them. The attack had surprised Vencer, his sore muscles groaning beneath the man's weight but Amon's emaciated state had left his strength wanting and the Icer was booned with a much more able limb. His tail slithered between their locked legs and reached over Amon's back. Like a striking serpent Vencer tried to leash his assailant with a noose of his own and throw him towards an empty, glass holo-phone booth that stood several dozen meters away on the corner of Zeal Avenue and Verimisias Boulevard.'

[CHAT] Amon went from gripping Vencer's throat to reaching up for his own once the thick, muscled tail of the Icer wrapped around his neck and took him off his feet with the greatest of ease. The wildling thrashed about, kicking his legs, clawing at the flesh of the tail all while choking up phlegm and spittle. Fly did he, across the street to meet with the booth made of glass and metal and his weak frame cracked hard against it, but was tooa frail to destroy the structure. Where was the strength he once commanded? Why was he but the last sliver of a waning crescent instead of the moon in full bloom? With the screams and panic of the crowd he thought it best to retreat from the scene rather than push on, fleeing down an alley of Zeal avenue.

[CHAT] Vencer pulled himself up, his chest rising and falling as he drew his tail to his hands and pressed hard against where this wildling has bit and scratched. It was better that Vencer hadn't managed to throw him through the glass. Their short skirmish had already garnered enough attention to summon a patrol from the NHPD at the very least. Amon had begun to flee on foot and Vencer was half-tempted to just let him escape. (This is how it always starts, Ven. How many times have you gone running off into the middle of the night chasing some Zantetsu while you're half dead? Just let it go. Just let this one go. Nothing to prove here.) Vencer was already running, his three-pronged toes swallowing the concrete while his windbreaker fluttered apart at his sides. As he neared the alley he nearly slid on the loose gravel and fell but his tail naturally flicked to the opposite side and redistributed his weight as he rounded the tight corner in pursuit.

[CHAT] Amon was a wobbled mess trying to escape into the darkness of the alley. The throw left his head a throbbing mess and it did not take Vencer long to catch up to him in his fast pursuit. This creature was a hound sent from hell, swift on his heels and would be upon him shortly. The dazed man fell upon an ancient turbo car, long since crushed by some force ages ago and saw laying near the wreckage, a door laying near. It was as old and rusted as the car itself but it would do. It was a shield or better yet...Amon reached down and lifted the broken door, using it as a sauzer blade to launch at his hunter as it rounded the corner

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The alley was just wide enough for a small turbo car to pass through it unmolested, the gutter pipes that reached down from the two sister apartment complexes on either side depositing an ankle high trench of stagnant, brown water at the pathway's center. As Vencer ran he felt broken glass and crumbled rock slashing the bottoms of his feet while the disgusting city-liquor beneath him splashed his bandaged calves and thighs and made them itch terribly. Following Amon out of the split exit at the end of the alley Vencer narrowly drew his arms up and placed them ahead of his body just as a slab of dented metal larger than his own chest swung round like the head of a buster sword.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The rusted edging of the car door sunk deep into his forearms, slicing the blue core-gems affixed to his natural chitin bracers and as the weight struck high the footing in the sewage at Vencer's feet gave and he staggered back, hitting the wall of bricks behind him hard enough to form a hair-line crack in the structure.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Haggard gasps escaped his throat. His chest fell with heavy heaves and dry gasps, but he was defiant in the face of falling from exhaustion. The Icer was pressed against the wall and the animal in him said to pounce. -Hunt- -Fight- -Kill- There were still touches of it lingering upon him; the darkness that spawned him devoured all power, yet its strange essence preserved him but now that he was free it was leaving him. Mortality was returning. Amon was upon Vencer admist the form of a fading shade and gripped the creature by the forarms. Darkness swelled around, into him, and for reasons unknown even to himself, his lifeless eyes started to glow like rubys catching the light of the moon. Surrounding the both of was a swirling aura of darklight. "I-I feel..t. i FeEEL iT" The lifeforce Vencer was leaking was a gateway to his lingering ki and to Amon it was the meal he had been longing for.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"Aaahh!" The deep gashes that the maske-shift cleaver had cut in his arms radiated with hellacious heat as the wildling approached and drew on them in some sadist covenant. Vencer felt light-headed, his vision blurring, the scenery around him splitting into multiple, overlaid, but off-centered frames. In one eye it seemed Vencer was witness to the Shadowfell, a dark mirror of the real-earth he knew, a dimension of gray and desolate ruin bearing chains and walls of spider-silk. In the other, the world he was splintered from, where the vampire that gripped him was reveling in manic fervor at his pain. Vencer felt himself falling, his knees crashing down to the ground as color began to seep away from him, his muscles degenerating from Amon's thieving Talent.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The emptiness that was Amon's vessel it was being filled by the stolen lifeforce spilling out of Vencer. Finally he was feeling something. The Void in his soul t'was a bucket that he poured the stolen ki into. It was rich and full and he was a man lost in the desert having his fill in an ocean of water. Already his chest filling out, the ribs showing against taut, lean skin hiding under slender pockets of fat and muscle that came to the front. It was Vencer's vast amount of power that Amon nearly choked on forcing the man to release his prey. "At last I have fed. And what a feast you are, Cold One" His voice had finally returned and a shade of his former strength was running through him. Though dead his veins still felt it was the power that ran through his spirit that gave him life, not the blood in his veins.'

[CHAT] Vencer arms fell wearily to his sides, his breath audible through deep inhalations. The ball cap he had been wearing falling from the core-plating of his head as he leaned over and fixed his eyes on the ground the way a drunken man steers himself back to consciousness. "You're sick, man." He intoned gravely as his head swept from side to side. The world was settling back now and once the lines in the concrete has aligned the way Kami had intended them the Icer let his gaze move back up to the enriched wildling that now stood above. "Savor that meal. It might be your last," Vencer was through be harried by this lunatic. He summoned what reserves he had managed to hold back from Amon's draining touch and in one swift motion rose, left hand rolling quickly from his shoulder for a hook, right hand traveling underneath where he hoped Amon might block for an uppercut.

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The starvation had drove the man mad and unleashed the animal. Now the animal, the instinct had been saited and the man was back at the helm. "Man" being a loose term. Amon was still hungering, it was all that he was now. He felt nothing of what he was in his prior life. He had been changed and Haggis was that thing that changed him. The Ghetti stole his humanity as little as it was to begin with and left a beast behind to pilot this flesh. Wild eyes came alive at the sight of Vencer rising again. Swift was he to throw up a block to the right, reinforced with both arms but the ever crafty warrior baited the trap and caught Amon clean on the chin under his guard. The blow was powerful and knocked him upon staggering feet, but quick was he to return. Turning on one foot from the reeling blow, Amon ducked low and came into Vencer with a violent, rising knee simply to force the Icer to bow and a falling elbow aimed for the base of the skull.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The husk's knee crashed into Vencer's ribs, eliciting a pained cry as it pressed on fragile cartilage and already cracked marrow from the Icer's previous encounter less than a day before. He doubled over just as Amon had anticipated and the elbow gave a resounding *CRACK* that echoed down the alley they had arrived from as it was delivered to the back of the Icer's plated skull. Vencer fell head first in a daze but as he approached the ground both arms shot out, palms laying flat on the garbage-ridden concrete as his superior core strength picked his waist, legs and tail off the ground. With a fervent twist of his palms the Icer threw his entire body into a whirlwind spin, legs and tail extending to batter Amon with a multitude of blows.'

[CHAT] Amon came to finish Vencer off with a power blow to his fallen form, but it was a ploy. He was full on baited into attacking only to be assaulted. The spinning kicks broke through his late guard after the first rotation, the tail slapped him dizzy and the rotation kept the kickings coming until Amon was sent full across the small alley, this time making a dent of his own against the concrete of the parking garage.

[CHAT] Vencer was forced to 'roll' out of his hurricane attack once it had pushed Amon away. He didn't have the strength left to 'pop' back to his feet the way he might have during fairer weather, but giving himself some distance from the vampire was all he had hoped to achieve. Turning on his side and pushing himself back up the Icer approached on a quickened step, (What the #$*! is this thing? Reminds me of those poor bastards on Centari Primus but... feels... emptier than even them.) As Vencer came within arms distance he reached out to pin Amon against the wall, his free arm cocking back and readying for a blow.

[CHAT] Amon: -- '"Hold it right there!" a voice called out from the main street. A single car with internal lights rotating red and blue hues in the dark street cut off the southern exit from the alley. Finally, after almost an hour of chaos, an officer of the city arrived amidst their duel. Amon grinned at the sound although he took a hard blow to the stomach that made him spew up a mouthful of black ichor and regurge it back at the Icer's feet. "The second meal arrives..." Amon was almost resting on Vencer's shoulder from the blow, but then put his full weight into the Changeling in a shoulder check of his own, simply to get a small bit of distance between them. His real target was a bit further away...'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Sent backwards by the check, Vencer's footing gave way as he slipped on the slick stream of sewage crawl that ran beneath them, his body tumbling back and crashing into a number of aluminum garbage cans overflowing with refuse. "I said freeze!" The NHPD cadet who had arrived on the scene had withdrawn his laser pistol from the holster on his waist and raised it in response to the two-unknown assailants continued thrashing. "Lay face down on the ground and place your hands behind your back!" The lights from his patrol car didn't quite reach them, all that the officer could make out for certain of Amon's disheveled appearance were his blood-red eyes glinting back at him through the darkness.'

[CHAT] Amon welcomed the broken darkness brought by the radiant lights from the main street and the oscilating siren lights. It helped obscure his visage, gave him more shadows to hide in. He did, in fact, not get on the ground, but rather continued to stalk on. Once his silhouette was to break into the light, his shadow remained, pierced by the red-hot shots from the plasma pistol. The true target came from the cadet’s flank, fists locked together, smashing against his helmet.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The officer's shots burned holes through the living shadow that Amon had left behind and crossed the street, exploding into neon fire-bursts as they hit the destitute turbo car parked at the corner of the main thoroughfare and the alley. Amon's hammer-fists clubbed the cadet with enough force to send his weapon reeling from his grasp as he was knocked down onto the hood of his patrol car. Blood streaked from beneath his dented riot-helmet and trickled freely down the officer's left temple and cheek. His hand reached instinctively for the electric-baton hanging from his belt as he picked himself back up, hoping to catch his attacker in the ribs as he unfurled it in a horizontal sweep.'

[CHAT] Amon stalked up on the fallen man, but he was fallen not defeated. The quick swipe of the baton caught Amon in his side proper, electric volts tracing his figure and reverberating his
screams. That anguish was invigorating. The sensation of pain! Mortality. If he did not stop this
young man then his life would b3 forfeit. -This is the way of things, Cold One. Kill or be killed-
While being electrocuted, Amon smiled at Vencer. He wanted the Icer to watch him, to watch this.

[CHAT] Amon took grip of the cadets arm, sharing the volts from the stun baton between the two of them. The gift from Vencer left him feeling strong stronger than before. With this strength he took the cadet by the arm, placing his knee on the elbow, pinning it down on the car. He made sure that when he broke it he also twisted and snapped as many tendons as he could. Each rake and pop echoing in the quiet alley. The quiet quelled by the screams of the young man tossed to the ground, his limb dangling and twisted like a towel left to dry.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The officer's agonizing screams trailed off into whimpers and then silence as he hit the earth and remained there, head buried face down in the alley's center trench. Vencer had finally pulled himself back to a standing position, rotten banana peels and soggy fast-food wrappers still clinging to his shoulders and back as he stared aghast at Amon. The Icer's fists balled, his tail snapped behind with enough force to send the barrels he had been buried in hurtling across the thoroughfare through the window of a convenience store. A faint pulse of ice-blue light crowded the edges of his body as a breeze generated at his feet and began to tear away his bandages.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"...Is that so?" His voice shook with anger as he spoke and a cyclone exploded out from Vencer, funneling down the cropped buildings, freezing everything it touched: coating the landscape in a sheen of diamond-hard ice. The alien's foot stamped the earth, his toes flipping the crystallized garbage can lid left lying at his feet up into his hand before a lash of his arm sent the make-shift destructo disk careening towards Amon while he sprinted behind the projectile on foot.

[CHAT] Amon tilted his head to the side once the anger inside Vencer took life. Did this alien care that he harmed one of his own? Did not this species thrive on the ideal that only the strong survived? Either way, Amon relished in Vencer's ire, welcoming the cold blast with open arms. He too charged forward using the cadets near lifeless body as a shield for the disk cutting through at him.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The disk sunk into Amon's human shield, slicing deep enough to sever the spine. It was a disgusting tactic to defend himself in such a way and Vencer had only seen it employed by the most cowardly and most sadistic criminals in his tenure as a Sentinel of the Empire. As the Icer approached his legs carried him up along the side of the right wall, using it as a springboard to launch off of while extending his leg and throwing his body for a flying wheel kick. '

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'The disk cut the body clean in half, finally ending the misery of this poor soul who simply wished to see his city remain as a haven for peace and security. His troubles were over and it was now up to Vencer to end this nightmare. The wheelkick he launched caught Amon in his chest proper, crushing the shell of a man down to the ground in the shallow pool of filth and fresh viscera, stealing the air from his breasts. -..est...b-b-..st. bE..ast in yU- he struggled to say under the weight of the Icer'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Panting, covered in blood and city filth while standing over Amon with his three-pronged foot firmly placed on the vampire's trachia Vencer had a dozen reasons to feel justified for what he was about to do. Energy danced over his raised forearm, his sub-zero aura freezing the molecules of the air into a jagged gauntlet of ice with a protruding, razor-sharp fang. "Kill or be killed is the most child-like philosophy in the 'verse. It's the way of animals and beasts. We're men. We can make the choice that beasts can't because we alone know the sacredness of life." Vencer raised his arm, preparing to deal his blow while Agatta's words echoed in his mind. As he slashed the blade curved towards Amon's shoulder, aiming to sever the same arm he had torn away from the police cadet, if the blade succeeded in cutting him the wound would be staunched by the rapid crystal-freeze that followed, preventing Amon from bleeding out.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Vencer was a boulder...no..a mountain pressed against his chest. All of the power he previously stole from the alien had left him in full and at the mercy of the mercenary he was. There naught he could do to prevent his fate. The blade numbed the flesh before the rending, but it did not stave off the intense agony of having his left arm cut clean off. -Hhrraaarrggh- His frail form bucked and kicked with all of the thrashings of a fish out of water, but his scream. It was not of pain. It was anger. Rage unabridged and unfiltered. He saw the world beyond Vencer's imposing form standing over him, the grin of Haggis taunting him.'

[CHAT] Amon made sure he looked Vencer dead in his eyes and screamed the purest of words, -I gave up my humanity. I am The Red Beast!!- And his aura came to life around him, swarming his body like an army of insects collecting prey. He fed from the diminishing lifeforce of the fallen cadet whose blood he lay in. His right arm emerged from the sewer muck, blistering with red energy that he unleashed aimed at the creature's face, hoping to melt his eyes just long enough to mount an escape

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'A blast of energy blazed from Amon's outstretched hand and hit Vencer from waist to skull. Like the breath of a dragon it melted and disintegrated all that it touched and bellowed forth with the power to throw Vencer through the brick and mortar of the building that lay behind him. As he tumbled backward and was pushed through a support column of the buildings floor-level the Icer roared in pain. His upper body sported visceral disfigurements, his flesh was scalded, his eyes burnt into black-crusted sockets. Vencer blindly came to his feet and groped the darkness ahead of his, tail and arms thrashing wildly as they sought Amon. One sweep of his tail withdrew a chunk of rock from another column just before the ceiling above Vencer began to pour down cinderblocks, hundreds of pounds of wall plaster, hardwood floor boards and metal piping that would bury him alive.'

[CHAT] Amon: -- 'Vencer's thrashing did bring the building down, pounding the street and pavement with brick and mortar and kicking up a plume of dust and debris that spread for several city blocks. Their bout had now spread to crowds that were none the wiser until the tragedy struck. The screams of civilians overtook the night followed by sirens and the clatter of rescue teams rushing to the scene. Alas when the smoke started to clear, Vencer's prey was not to be found. In the chaos caused by the Icer, Amon had slipped into the helter skelter, vanishing in the sea of swarming bodies.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The rescue teams spent four hours excavating the building site, finding Vencer at the bottom in a broken state. The paramedics that arrived on the scene would later state that any normal man would have died from lack of oxygen and that the alien was incredibly lucky. With Vencer unconscious and the patrol car crushed however, the circumstances of what had played out that night were left to speculation. Vencer was taken to the Vitae Heart Hospital while the New Hope police department ran their background checks against the only suspect...'

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Re: The Red Beast

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Shite, sorry it took me so long to get around to reading and rewarding this.

Anyway, we start off with Amon being captured by fan-girls in a significantly weakened state. I suppose they drag him along for ... Motivation or some such as they end up in the same diner that Vencer is at. Amon goes nuts cause... You know, he can smell the food and he wants the food. To bad he can't taste the food.

Regardless, Vencer isn't to fond of this asshole suddenly jacking his noodles and this understandably leads to a fight with Vencer throwing his higher t3 weight around. The scuffle ends up outside the diner and it's a lot closer than one would expect based off of raw tier. That is of course explained early on by Vencer revealing he's got ki exhaustion from a previous encounter.

Anyway, as the fight progresses a lowbie police recruit shows up ... This is after Amon had realized what he wants to eat isn't paltry noodles but instead life energy... It doesn't go well for the recruit...

At the end Vencer ends up slammed into a building which collapses on him while Amon makes his escape from the would-be authorities.

Kind of wished I knew more about Amon, but memory is fleeting and I can't recall dick about him. It was a nice display from Vencer who was clearly far from his peak as he never got the chance to transform and he was fighting closer to a lower tier two / upper tier one.

Either way, fantastic Rp mates. Rewarded after I hit the submit button.

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