*Pit Stop Before a Pint

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*Pit Stop Before a Pint

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[CHAT] Vencer 's eyes opened to a bright, blue sky filled with rolling silver-white clouds. The bed of earth, gravel and stone he was lying in was warm from hours of baking in the sun. With some effort he stirred, sensation slowly ebbing through his limbs. His muscles were tired, his joints stiff. (Had worse awakenings in craters over the years, I guess.)

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'He sat up and looked down, somewhat surprised to find himself any reasonable condition at all. His body was caked in blood, burns and superficial scratches but no bones were jutting out as far as he could tell. The Icer nervously twisted his spine, expecting each of the loud *pops* made by the discs of his back to be the onset of paralyzing pain but was pleasantly relieved by the time he had completed the rotation on each side. The alien grinned and then with a swift motion pulled himself up, sliding several times on the rocks that pooled down towards the center of the crater he was standing in. "I'm alive. I'm barely hurt. It's a been a while since I've had one so I'm taking this as a win."'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Pulling himself out of the bowl in the Earth Vencer strode out onto the remnants of the battlefield. The forest ahead of him had been divided by a half-mile long trench that the Icer vaguely remembered digging with his own head and beside it were the ashes of a thirty foot bonfire where Gilder's sword had exploded beneath his feet. "Just sat there and looked at it, Ven. Just watched it blow up under you. Damn I'm getting old..." The Icer groaned as he began to walk towards a grove of fallen trees where the sunlight was refracting off his hypercycle. As he passed beneath one of the few trees left standing his tail slashed upward, cutting a branch ahead of him holding a ripe pear that he idly caught and brought to his mouth in one clean motion.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'From the forest, Agatta came from behind some trees and knelt down at Gilder's side, who she had managed to move to where he was no longer in the clearing and instead hidden behind a rock near the entrance to the cave that was no longer open to the public. She had spotted Vencer up and moving about, but chose not to say anything to the man to avoid drawing attention to the injured human. Kneeling at his side, she began to change the dressings on his wounds and testing what vitals she could to know his current state. (The two of you really did a number on eachother, Gilder... though it seems you opponent made it out of this better than you did,) she muttered under her breath to her still unconcious student. Looking back towards the direction Vencer was walking, she saw that he was going for his vehicle and readying for his departure.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'As he walked Vencer couldn't help but smile and throw a few jabs at the air, his heart pumping just a little faster as the highlights of the fight came back to him. There were times where he missed it. Approaching the hypercycle Vencer found it had been crushed beneath and cracked cedar. Placing the pear in his mouth and rolling his shoulders he dropped down and with a herculean effort lifted the split trunk and hurled it to the side where it hit the earth with a resonating *thud* that shook the dirt into the air. Vencer dragged the bike up and found it was still ride-worthy, but it would probably need a whole new frame. "Just paid this off, too."'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Throwing his leg over the saddle Vencer tried the ignition and after some whimpering the engion roared to life. As Vencer pulled the throttle down his eyes naturally skimmed the side mirrors and by chance caught glimpse of Agatta in the distance. He revved the
bike's engine for a moment but held the vehicle still. "Alright, alright. Lets do the after-fight. That's good sportsmanship I guess." Releasing the break he drove forward and then swung the bars, turning in a wide circle and driving out to meet Gilder and his mentor.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Having put a lot of effort into repairing Gilder's trachea, she began to press against his throat looking for any subconcious reactions from him that would require further attention. As she pressed against the spot just above his right shoulder blade on the back of his neck, Gilder's face grimaced and he groaned. (You only have yourself to blame. You've made more enemies than you can handle. That shape-shifter had the intent to murder you. Count your stars, for you're blessed by them.) Letting her palm glow in a white hue, she gently pressed against the spot that Gilder had reacted to and began to further mend his skeleton to the best of her ability. While continuing her efforts, Vencer began to head over in their direction, though she did not stop. (Ho...ho... well, let us hope that he hasn't come to finish the job, for your sake.)'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Looking to her right, Agatta kept her eyes fixed on Vencer and gave a welcoming smile to him, and as he got closer, she nodded before shouting out in an attempt make her voice overpower the sounds of the bike. (I see that you are doing well today! I am glad.)'

[CHAT] Vencer brought the bike within a dozen yards before slowing, parking it again and stepping off. He gave the kindly woman an affirming nod and then pointed towards Gilder and the faint hues of energy that danced across her fingertips. "I'm doing very well today, maam. Your doing I take it?" He approached tentatively, his tail swaying behind him and drawing idle figure-eights in the air while his arms crossed over his central gem-plating. He watched her work, making no move to interfere or assault the wounded human. If any animosity lingered from the battle it was only that Vencer hadn't been awake to see the end of it.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Although Vencer made no immediate move towards Gilder, Agatta kept herself on standby, ready to defend Gilder with her dying breath. Though she could not see the specifics in Vencer's movements, she could feel spikes in his energy and could hear sudden movements. Right now, it appeared as though he came in peace. (Why, no, I only accelerated your recovery, my dear. Your body did more work than I. Take it easy though, or your body may not take kindly to your actions.) Agatta released her hand from Gilder and took to her feet, her bones cracking as she stood, showing just how old she was getting. (That was one heck of a fight you two had though - if I didn't know better, I would say you carried a personal vendetta against him. Do you care to tell me about it? I know just how... brazen he can get.)'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'A wry grin spread across the alien's face, "No vendetta, maam. Just addressed the situation I found myself in. You're right though, it was a hell of a fight." Truth of the matter was Vencer just wasn't going to watch that Namekian get butchered in New Hope's backyard, but there was no way of knowing what the relationship between these two were and he'd let Gilder tell his own story when it mattered to him. "Way you ask that makes me wonder if this kind of thing happens often with him?"'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Agatta closed her eyes and held her cane with both hands, placing it firmly between her legs as she lowered her head, thinking about the question. (I wouldn't say often... but he does have a knack for getting on the wrong side of people. Deep down, he has a good heart I feel, but he keeps people at a continent's length away from that side of his heart.) Pausing for a moment, she changed the subject, (So, child, what brought you out here in the first place? I can't imagine you came for the purpose of fighting young Gilder here.) Keeping her eyes closed, she stood there in an almost trance like state until she heard a faint groan from her downed student. (Oh-ho... I see that you're ready to wake up finally, are you?) she asked, only to receive no response.'

[CHAT] Gilder felt as though every bone in his body had snapped apart like twigs only for them to be put back together and cauterized in an attempt to reconnect his skeletal structure. He did not wake, only stirred in his sleep, wanting to wake up, but couldn't muster the strength to do so. His stamina was completely drained from Agatta's method of recovery - she wasn't some magical healer, but instead forced the body's latent energy to focus on repairs where it was needed the most, leaving an injured person downed for a longer recovery time, but with more immediate and complete results, should they wake up. The old woman chuckled under her breath, (Ku... ku... ku... I suppose that I spoke too soon.)

[CHAT] Vencer unbound his arms and let them turn behind his back, left wrist falling over right forearm as he slowly began to pace behind Agatta, "There's a lot of Zantetsu in New Hope. We know each other and we notice when new power signatures start appearing in the area. I came to check on things. We were sensing some high levels. Most of the time, if you just let it go or ignore it... well. New Hope has seen enough of that over the years." He stopped some feet away from her with his back turned, "I wouldn't mind knowing what he's doing out here. I'd ask him myself if he were awake. His kind of power attracts trouble. People get blown up just being nearby when too many powerlevels like his show up in the same place."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Agatta nodded her head in agreement with Vencer's statement. (I have seen it many times over the years myself, so I understand your plight. Yes... he is definitely getting too dangerous, and the worst side of that is that he probably doesn't even realize it himself. Should he continue fighting like he did against you, not considering the collateral damage in his actions, I fear that the EDF will place him into some form of confinement.) A few more randomly placed movements and noises came from Gilder as he shifted in his sleep, moving multiple limbs and muscles of his body, which was a good sign. (At the end of the battle between the two of you, he
intentionally chose not to land a finishing blow against you... would you have done the same should the roles have been reversed?)'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Her question was not an attempt to demonize Vencer should his actions have been different, it was just out of curiosity on her behalf to learn of this man she had never encounted during her time in the EDF.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Where the Icer's hands had laid open with fingers parted, Agatta's question caused them to curl and tighten into a balled fist. "That's a hard question to answer, maam." As a veteran of the Imperial Empire, a former mercenary and bodyguard, Vencer had experienced many betrayals of mercy. "I don't want to imply I'm above it. It's been a long time since I've had to make that kind of call, so I'm glad he had to make it and not me." The Icer released his grip and turned around, his tail flicking in a delicate arc as he turned the heel and swatt a summer junebug out of the air. "I'm Vencer Tyr'Azalam." The alien's gazed drew back to way she was at kneel, "Might I have your name?"'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The woman smiled, accepting the honesty behind Vencer's truthful answer - she appreciated those that didn't try to sugarcoat an answer. (Yes, my name is Agatta Harbell. This child's name is Gilder-- uhm... well, I'm not certain if he has a family name, to be honest.) Pausing to try to think of if she's ever seen Gilder's full name in his file or not, she shook her head, returning to the matter at hand. (Vencer Tyr'Azalam, eh? If I'm not mistaken, that's an Icerian's name, correct?) Staring into the distance while facing blindly towards Vencer, Agatta let off a soft chuckle. (It's nice to see an Icerian so freely walking about our planet - back in my day,your race wasn't keen on associating itself with Earthlings such as myself. Has the ideology of your people changed, or are you just a rare case?)'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"I am Tyr'rassa. Icerian, indeed. Perhaps changelings on Earth will always seem rare to those who remember a different time. There's been breakthroughs with our two worlds. We're not the enemies you remember. The alliance is fragile but Ng Yelo and your Earth counsels have reason to endure it." Vencer wasn't sure how the alliance was -really- doing these days but why not say something comforting? Staying involved in the galactic politics always dredged up bad memories anyway. "Agatta, you tell Gilder he ought to get out of these woods for a while after he wakes up. Think it'll probably do him good. I think he's been out here too long. Tell him to come by Slammers in New Hope if he wants a rematch." Vencer gave the 'peace' sign with his fingers, though he knew the woman was unable to see the gesture and began to head towards the parked hypercycle.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The elderly woman did nothing but shake her head at the last of Vencer's words to pass on the word about Slammer's. As Vencer mounted his cycle, Agatta turned around and waved softly in his direction as if she was upset to see him go and that she'd never again see him, not in her lifetime at least. (I am glad to hear of such an alliance between two of the driving military forces of our universe. It lifts some burden of worry from this old heart of mine...) she says as her farewell to Vencer. Turning her head to Gilder, she knew it would be dangerous to pass on the information about Slammer's onto a man like Gilder. Though it seemed that wouldn't matter one way or the other as, unbeknownst to her, Gilder's eyes were open, albeit squinted due to the sun shining down upon the forest clearing. As Gilder let off a groan, it was hard to tell if he was conscious and had heard anything the two had discussed as Agatta knelt back down to return to her nursing.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'As the alien leapt onto the back of the bike and brought the engine to growl once gain he shook his head softly and the old woman's gesture, (I'm gonna have to start making trips out here to check on this old woman now. Try'kalla~ what is she even doing out this way on her own?) A question for another time. Gilder had been raving last night before that fight had gone nuclear. There was no telling what kind of state he'd be in now. Cranking the throttle the hypercycle lifted off on blazing jets and streaked towards the distant gropings of the forest. It wouldn't be hard to make it back to the highway with the trails their battle had cut through the timberland and Vencer was eager to get back to Slammers and have a pint.'

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