*Hell on Sanctum 7

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*Hell on Sanctum 7

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[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Come through the Primus Gate, everyone! Abandon the Legacy, the situation has changed rapidly!" Prime's voice shot through the Legacy's interior as a klaxon started to sound. The demons of Elphlane's army wouldn't be able to abandon, but Prime's voice sounded in their compartment as well, discussing the situation further... Through the Gate, Dumastin stood in a chamber beneath the planet's surface, eyes open and unfocused. This chamber seemed new, and was unfamiliar; made of rough-cut stone rather than the lovingly detailed Atrium. What was more striking was the light, which was a ghostly blue.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Enormous columns shot through the chamber at several points, and it took a closer examination to realize that they were packed with liquified mana. Thousand's scanners, when he came through, would pick up, in this place, an even greater reserve, a titanic reservoir that must have taken Dumastin months or years to assemble, perhaps dating all the way back to the Thorned's rampage.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Space was bending around him as he worked spells of summoning. A grim-faced human in street clothes stood nearby, leaning against one of the columns, watching uneasily. Glittering in the ghostly light, the sword Soul Mirror hung from his back, almost seeming to glow from within; clearly it liked the high-magic environment. But what could possibly demand so much power?'

[CHAT] Jules had been pouring his energy into the ship's defensive systems up until... Sensors read something... The view screen revealed it to be a flash in space wiping away the fleet in a flash. Then commands from the Captain... He sighed, disconnecting from his station and heading for the Gate. "So, Thousand. What are the odds we're not going to end up dead?" He was asking the question as he walked through the gate.

[CHAT] Thousand disengages his own systems from the Legacy, somberly. [Headed through in a moment.  Thanks for letting me play with your new toy, Dumastin...] the android deadpans over the comms, before turning towards Jules as they walk towards the gate. 'I'll admit, it's not looking too good... but there are enough variables at play.... mmm.' He mumbles and trails off, devoting most of his concentration towards devising a few courses of action.  He shakes his head one last time. 'Doesn't seem like we have much choice, if we withdraw here we only postpone the battle, and likely relocate it to where others will be caught up in it.''

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '(Too close. That was far too close) Catching his breathing, Rizion clutches his chest realizing just how dangerous his play was. Never would he have thought to bring the creature here by trying to tap into it's mind, but full glad was he that he survived the encounter. Like the rest of the soldiers present, he passed through the gate in great awe at the power Dumastin was wielding.'

[CHAT] Devrios -- In Dumastin's mind, a voice rang out.  ("Hey, uh, Dumastin.  Know you're busy.  But we've got some... issues.  Big ones.  Turns out Haggis tried to fight that queen of yours.  He's dead.  That kicked me out, and got Plectere's attention... and now -he's- dead.  'She' killed them.  And now this... Queenie is giving me the whole 'bow down or die' spiel.  You really know how to pick your villains, you know that?").  There's a moment of silence.  ("I've got an idea.   Do you still have those dragonballs of hers?")

[CHAT] Dumastin tilted his head. Haggis, dead? And Plectere? One revelation should have shocked him, the other infuriated him, but he was in a place where he could not afford the attention to allow those emotions to blossom. He listened as Devrios spoke. <Some of them. The situation is... complicated.> Iapetus had brought Seluj down, and even that he didn't have time or the attention to spare to react to. All he could do was to play his part, and trust his allies. To Devrios, even his mental voice seemed curiously cold.

[CHAT] Samuel paces back and forth, with a furrowed brow and a frown.  Just what was that?  This was big.  And bad.  "We'll get through this," it nodded, talking to itself as much as anyone else.  They haven't lost anyone else.  Though there was still that one thing bothering it, it couldn't quite put its finger on it, but it felt like it should be mad.  Not at the demons, but at something else.  It was... weird.  Still, it wasn't about to let anyone of the group up and die.

[CHAT] Elphlane looks around at the blue glow around them the Asure luminescence of the mana-fonts pulsed around them while casting a blue upon her dark shadows. Her mind her own for now, as she, in her human form took steps towards the Namekian. "So. We are all gathering. What is the next step, because once she gets here, It will...not be well for our health."

[CHAT] Jules joined the others, his eyes glaring at the creation of his father's clone. Desperate times... They were all going to die and what not... But Jules was fairly certain that it was Seluj who coerced Max into mass murder. It seemed he wasn't entirely suppressing Elphlane but how much was actually her? He grimaced, pulling his bean case from his shoulder. "Anyone need a pick-me up? Might as well face her as close to peak as possible."

[CHAT] Thousand marvels for a few short moments at the sheer quantity of mana in the vicinity. 'Dumastin, this is.... this is much, even by your standards...' He kicks back against the nearest wall, lighting a cigarette, before casting his gaze around the others. 'As for a pick-me-up, I could use one of the mental variety.  I came late to the party here, anyone want to clue me in on -what- started all of this and -what- we're actually facing?  What was that huge energy spike on the Legacy while I was driving about?'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"The drake speaks true. She is a mirror of X'zorfin which differs in gender alone. Her power seemed bottomless when I tried to breach her mind." Rizion could tell the change in Dumastin, the Namekian was probably not even here, only his body. To work with this pure and amount of magic was dangerous and only one who had mastered the art could do so without either losing their mind or the body it was tethered to. "Have you more ways to restore us back to fighting shape I would be glad to partake. I'll rend her with Bahamut's talons for as long as I am able"'

[CHAT] Devrios -- ("Looks like what she's after is... pretty much killing everything.  The entire universe.  So even if anyone does surrender, she'll kill 'em eventually.  I'll be there in a few minutes, after I get things in order.  But see if you can get them all together.  I want... to erase them.  And her.  I've still got a connection to the void.  But, uh... this'll take everything I have.  And I do mean that.  I'm not powerful enough to help you conventionally.  I can admit that.  But this is a big enough threat... I can truly admit I've never seen anything like it.  So, I'm going to do everything I can to stop it.  I'll see you soon,")

[CHAT] Seluj piqued up, "I suppose it might be imperative to mention at this juncture..." There was a sick gasping and gagging sound for a moment before a dragon ball was spat out towards Dumastin, Elphlane hacked up another ball before breathing heavily... Then again... And again... He considered holding one back, but at this point is was moot. "So, we going to actually depower her so we can kill her, or let the grand Ol' Magic Namek roll the dice? I vote we take away her immortality and various forms of invulnerability, but that's just me." After pushing out the balls he let Elphlane remain in the pilot's seat.

[CHAT] Rahveena let the former prisoner of the void flee. She was a bit of a kindred spirit for being trapped and bound for several millennium. Regardless... The pool of blood was gone, and she was still naked in blood... Her clone had already collected and crafted the remnants of Plectere's power, all that could be scavenged before the void reclaimed its own. The clone floated towards her, then into her merging once again... "A most fortuitous day indeed." The Null was a Demi-God spawned by a dead god trapped in a void. Even the Avatar of Balance couldn't kill Plectere, but trapping him... The hilt was all that remained of the Null blade.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'She waved a hand, pulling it towards herself. She let it vanish into a pocket dimension. All that was left... She focused her mind... It was time to return, her middle and index finger moved to her forehead while the blood still clinging to her skin connected once again, this time giving her a skin tight crimson colored suit.  A second later she vanished.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"We need to use those dragonballs to have a chance." She said as she was trying to turn her body into that of her natural form, the large shadow-dragon. "Seluj said they were connected somehow, her and the dragon of wishes." She said as she started gathering and molding her powers, so as to be ready for anything. The emotions of those around her at the moments and the abilities of those people. The retching didn't stop. Once Seluj started hacking up things, there was a lot more that came with it. A couch, a chair, christmas tree-lights on still twinkling with a full load of presents, including the Turbo-Man XL limited edition action figure. And lastly, a chewed up bicycle. "Ohh SHIT!" She could feel HER coming.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Welcome. I am glad to see you're all in one piece, more or less. As you may have surmised, the situation has changed significantly. The Crimson Queen has come here in person, and the time for the final battle is nigh." The voice echoed all through the cave. A pause, as Dumastins head turned slightly, his cybernetic eye focusing on Samuel. "Samuel. Haggis is destroyed, as is the Avatar of Punishment, Plectere. I thought you should know. They challenged the Queen after she arrived here." His head, moving seemingly of its own accord, swept his gaze across everyone who had gathered.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"The fight of our lives is upon us, but there is a path to victory. Two, in fact. And... it passes to you all to determine which we take, because the decision is too great to be made by one man alone. Dumastin believes that he can muster the power to challenge her directly, given sufficient time to prepare. However, if we summon the Eternal Dragon of Nightmares, we can use its power to strip away the abilities it granted her, possibly granting you all the opportunity to destroy it." Six of the black Dragonballs glittered on the ground. Dumastin's robotic hand reached into his robes, and came out bearing the seventh.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I fear the consequences of summoning the Dragon in order to use its power, and it represents a grave risk in its own right. But the possibility remains that Dumastin is wrong, and if that is the case... all may be lost. The decision, as I said, rests with all of you.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '<Doesn't matter. It ends here. One way or another.> Devrios was free to do as he wished, and that was all there was to it. Dumastin had a job to do, one way or another. His mind was elsewhere, within the lattice of glowing arcane runes filling the air around his body, and still growing. The spells he had written for this purpose were complex beyond measure.'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks a moment, looking at Jules, then following his gaze and it clicks, and it glares at Elphlane in a rage.  That was it.  It wasn't her.  It was -him-.  It wanted to tear him to shreds--get that bastard out of her and make him pay for... for what happened to Dad.  It gives a low growl, its icerian-like tail waving agitatedly as it continues to glare.  If looks could kill.  Even that... that was a big thing... but even that could only barely pull its attention away.  And then Dumastin says... that.  "Haggis is...?" it speaks, its voice growing grave, before he furrows his brow in determination.  "No more," is all it says, with a small nod to itself.  "No more."  Then it looks up to Thousand and the others, "What do you think?"

[CHAT] Jules let out a grumble, Samuel was clearly not dealing with the situation well now either. But... Survival and all that... He tossed one of the final phase beans to Rizion, popping one into his own mouth, then handing a third to Samuel. There was one left, "Sorry Thousand, I don't think they'll work with your energy... But once we start moving again... I'll be able to give your reserves a boost from the stored kinetic energies." Unfortunately he had recently used his store of kinetic reserves to restore Samuel. He grunted, turning towards the Captain. "I'll stand with whatever the choice of the Captain is, given what I felt from her... And you know, the two dead cosmic beings..." He shook his head, Thousand was right... Retreating just prolonged the inevitable.

[CHAT] Seluj quirked his eye at Jules, of course the lap dog would side with his precious master. "Yes, go with the risky option. We know she's immortal. She's impervious to physical damage, she's impervious to magical damage, she's impervious to psionic manipulations. She's impervious to bloody meta-physical energy. But yes, let us put our faith in the Magic Green Bean." He scoffed, "The obvious choice to to take away her power and then hope we can deal with what's left." Of course, Seluj had no idea how to fathom what kind of power would be left.. But that was a risk they would need to take.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Lets bring down the house and throw our chips all in. Use the balls." She said with a defiant tone in her voice. There was a slight hint in her voice. A devious inflection to it. "I'm Sure Dumastin and the rest of us could come up with a unique way of implementing them." She said with a grin, before she wretched one last time and a street light came out onto the ground. "Sorry, was stuck."'

[CHAT] Thousand narrows his eyes in Elphlane's direction, her energy feeling off, but familiar.  And playing his scanners across her body, the pathogen detector lights up -big time-.  He pauses a moment, then points directly at Elphs body- Seluj may note his finger pointing directly at the location of his own parasitic body. 'You again. Any particular reason you've taken up residence in my friend there?' He flicks a bit of ash off the end of his cigarette, taking another long drag, tossing the notion of using the dragonballs over in his mind. 'It really seems like our best shot is with those nasty things, which seems a little... contrived. Dumastin, how likely do you think your plan is to succeed...?' His gaze rests on the dragonballs, the words his long-lost friends had uttered forth echoing through his thoughts.  Was it the same command phrase to summon this dragon as the one from back home...?

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The roll of his eyes could not be any stronger less they roll right from his head. "Of course he does. Dumastin already fancies himself a god. But of what consequence comes from using these Dragon Balls? Will we be unleashing yet another threat to be dealt with later?" Rizion had an entirely different idea in mind on how to deal with this creature, one that failed before but perhaps it was still possible. Just the risk - trailing off into his own thoughts, he was brought back by the chatter of his comrades and took the bean from Jules in his hand. The bitter bean tasted like ash and salt on his tongue but once the ingredients hit his bloodstream and his power came back, a luster came back to his eyes. The inferno of the fight, the thrill and hunt for victory. Defeating her, X'zorfin's reflection, could mean victory for his Konats!'

[CHAT] Devrios suddenly appears in the room with a small 'pop,' looking around with a small nod, "Nice place," he says, appreciatively, taking things more seriously than usual.  He nods to Thousand and the others, "Thousand.  Jules.  You're not just Elphlane," he nods to each in turn, before looking to Dumastin, "I don't know what your plan is, and I don't know if what I have planned will work.  If I had a couple of days or a week or so to study I might know for sure, but we don't have that luxury.  She might be... immortal and invincible.  But I'm not trying to kill her.  I'm trying to... basically unmake her.  And the dragonballs," he waves a hand, gesturing to the dragonballs.  "These things are dangerous as hell.  But at this point we have few options," he looks to the others.  "In either case, I'll stay with the dragonballs--I want to take them out, too.  I can't help you in the fight.  At my strength I won't even be a distraction,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Dumastin is... concerned. His plan involves attempting to overwhelm and destroy the Dragon directly, an attempt to strip away the Queen's protections by usurping the Dragon's power to wield it against her. He believes that using the Dragonballs for their intended purpose represents a great risk in its own right." Prime paused, as if to consider his words. "He thinks he can succeed. He came across scraps of Namekian lore concerning ancient mystics who, it seems, 'swallowed the heart of a Dragon,' and in so doing gained great power, although he could not discover what became of them. He suggested that the lore might have been suppressed at some point."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I will be up-front, then. The Captain's time has reached an end. His winterblight infection is progressing at an accelerated rate, despite all our countermeasures. He does not intend to survive this day, and would like to see both the Dragon and the Queen come to their end. He informed me, before going into his trance state, that he would abide by the decision of the group in this matter if you chose to invoke the Dragon rather than attempting to destroy it... In that case, he would join the final battle, wielding the power with which he intended to challenge the Dragon. Chances of success are impossible to calculate... for either course of action."'

[CHAT] Rahveena appeared in the skies above the Sanctum, her future Generals down below in the highly protected magical Sanctum... She held the hilt in front of her, letting the essence she had stolen from Plectere seem into the hilt molding into a powerful blade. She wondered what caliber of defenses he had around the  The... She glanced around, the space around her wasn't even littered with debris... Where... Where was her fleet? She whispered an incantation rapidly, a clock seeming to form below and above her, the hands flowing backwards as she was able to bear witness to time in reverse... She noticed the fracture... The explosion that wiped out her fleet... "Oh... That son of a bitch..." The Null had managed to remove her fodder...

[CHAT] Rahveena was shaking her head, "Damn it..." That would take at least a month to replace... She shook her head a final time, the clocks fading as she returned her focus down to the Sanctum. "Okay, die." Letting her power surge into the blade she hoisted it above her head... With the swipe downwards she unleashed a massive cleaver of black and crimson energy. With Plectere's power behind it, whatever defensive spells the mage had going on would be quite easily negated.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Its eyes go wide as Prime speaks, "Dumastin... too?" it gives a huff, shaking its head, "No..." it says, under its breath.  Just repeating that 'no' slowly.  Not really answering the question to the group.  It had tried to build up all the resolve that it could--even to the point where it had managed to change its mind on Dumastin's whole 'hero' business--just to protect its friends.  And here they were.  Dying.  Haggis.  Dumastin.  How many more would die?  "No more," it just says to itself, even as the area seems to suffer an earthquake from the attack.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The gem inside Samuel cracked and shattered as a wounded and battered Requius shot out of his chest. Black strands of void energy holding her body together as bioluminescent fluid spilled all around her on the ground. She smiled weakly at the crew and said a few words. "Out of time. Sorry guys. Catch you in the next life." At that time she vanished in a flash and shockwave from where she was, shooting out and through the tunnels around her and appearing just outside The Requiem. In an instant she was at its core. Something they should have done long ago. In a moment she was hardwired herself into the requiem, and sat back in, falling INTO its main reactor. In an instant she was one with the ship, remerging into that which birthed her. The ship came online and shuttered and roared with power. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- ' Massive Hexagon plates of solidified energy stacked one on top of another in the path of the beam. The energy slicing and battering the plates, shattering plate after plate before weakening after a series of stacked defenses. By the time it reached the surface it would just be a fraction of its original strength. There was no pause as The Requiem itself started to return massive fire towards the entity. Crimson beams roaring onward to meet the Crimson Queen. Requius was lost from Primes network, and her life signatures on any scanners would be gone. She might have truly and finally re emerged with the living ship that had spawned her. <F>'

[CHAT] Jules wasn't surprised by the Captain's condition, to be honest the course of this battle and what he's had to channel throughout has probably hastened the problem. The facility began to shake, rubble falling from above. "Do whatever needs to be done, I'm with the Captain." He glanced towards Samuel, then to Thousand, "Well, at least we got three of the four here.. Let's go save the infinite universe... Or die." Most likely die... Regardless, the pair were the one's on the field he could trust with the Captain tied up. The one's whom he had trained with... He had one more full bean left.. If Requius was here they quad would make a devastating team..

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'A second later a sickening tear was heard as flesh was ripped from bone while Requius emerged from Samuel, splashing blood over the crew... Jules smiled, a new perk in his step. It may only be temporary, but the four would once again be fighting as a unit. He felt good about a death like that. '

[CHAT] Seluj spoke internally to his host, ("Well my dear, it is time for that encounter you wanted. Hopefully this  Idiot Namekian will make the right choice. Regardless... Let us go...") Seluj would allow Elphlane to say any last words, when she was done the two would shift into smoke and head rapidly upwards. He was quite uncaring about the Mimic's suddenly full-body borne alien birthing.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'smiled and shook her head before taking a few steps. "Do what you mus....The FUCK!" She said as that strange Requius girl erupted from Samuel's body, said something about the next life and vanished in a flash of light before a few seconds later there was rumbling from above. "No time. Now. Lets make this bitch pay. Hope you do the same." She said as she shot out towards the exit, and towards the surface, for that confrontation she had wanted, and dreaded. On the way out some of her essence bubbled and burned before there was another of her on her right, and a second later one more on her left, all the same power, they all smiled. They would at least make the Crimson Queen remember her.'

[CHAT] Thousand puzzles about the situation for a moment. 'If we're to summon the dragon either way... I'd tend towards-' The android trails off in shock as Requius tears her way in and just as soon takes off, only for her energy signature to flare briefly and vanish. He hesitates for a few seconds, focusing his scanners above, and closes his eyes.  He speaks quietly, a hollow shakiness to his voice. 'I vote summon the dragon and try to depower her via wish. No time for Dumastin's plan now- it'll just give us a battle on two fronts. We'll just have to deal with whatever the dragon brings us...'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"Bah, stop running to your death you morons!" Rizion crossed the room and stood before the figure of Dumastin's shell. Thousand's words were like music to his ears. Finally some logic and being that he could not sense any energy or magic from it he was not surprised that the logical choice came from an Android. "I agree that we should summon the dragon. Quickly before more of our allies die..but first." Rizion reached his hand down into the pool of mana and took merely enough for the clear, blue liquid to color the tip of his fingers. The raw, unrestricted power instantly ate away at his flesh like a fast acting acid "Ik-kresh-V'kral" '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'He uttered a sentence in...Icerian. The guttural tongue whipping together an enchantment that formed a circular crest over his hand. The ice scar on the left side of his face started to glow with a bright cyan color and a gauntlet of ice formed over his arm. "This is not your burden to bare!" Rizion slammed the crest on Dumastin's chest, the magic pushing its way into his flesh. The room exploded with a white/blue flame as Rizion ripped the winterblight from the Namekian's body and crushed it betwixt his fist. "No running to the Kami when this is all over. You'll suffer life a little longer should we claim victory this day,"'

[CHAT] Rahveena glanced down as a sudden bombardment from a massive battle shit. She sighed, letting the hilt fall from her hand and fall into a small portal she had opened. In a second she was well below the line of fire, standing on the surface of the city-ship's armor. She lowered her right hand to the hull before letting her energy rapidly flow into a destructive blast of energy. She wasn't sure where the captain was, it seemed the ship itself was putting off the energy... So taking out the entire thing would likely be the easiest thing.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Then we shall trust that the Dragon will not be a greater threat than the Queen. I need one of you to stay back, and to assist in the summoning. For reasons that should be obvious, we do not trust Seluj to make the wishes that will be needed." The hand holding the final Dragon Ball came up. "The rest of you must go."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Prime cut off as Rizion... destroyed the curse of the winterblight? And yet, Dumastin didn't respond. Prime's voice spoke, instead. "That is... a surprise. We did not think you were capable of... Your gift is accepted, though I question the intent behind it. Perhaps we will see a new day together after all." The Dragonball still glittered in his grasp. "But time grows short. Who will take up the burden of facing the Eternal Dragon of Nightmares?"'

[CHAT] Samuel just kept saying that to itself 'No More,' trying to reassure itself.  No one else would die.  It wouldn't lose anyone else it cared about... when suddenly it was struck by pain.  It was literally holding the crystal next to its heart in a sentimental sort of way--she burst out of its chest in a fountain of blood and gore, spilling out on the ground with a roar of pain as it collapses to its knees--the front it's chest /gone/, and pouring blood all over the floor.  It still nevertheless reached for Req with a shaking hand, saying--weakly, "Req... what..." and then shes gone, and it collapses to the ground, face first.  Despite all the pain, blood loss, and everything else.  It felt... numb.  There was something behind it, though.  Building rapidly.  Fortunately the rejuvenation aide it already had was already absorbed.

[CHAT] Jules turned briefly towards Samuel, extending a tentacle and injecting a regenerative aide package. This... Was to super-charge his regeneration... If he knew anything about Samuel, they were about to be following behind him providing support while he worked to get himself killed... "Thousand... Going to need you for support. Let Rizion or Devrios remain, let's go." Jules moved towards the lift, a well controlled burst strait up of optic energy removed the roof. Getting up no longer required waiting for the lift. He was jumping towards the surface, his senses telling him that Samuel would have more than enough rage to blindly run into certain death... Requius was in her battle-ship, but it was doubtful she would survive long...

[CHAT] Seluj grunted towards the robotic sounding Dumastin, "Can't trust Seluj to make the right wishes..." He shook his head, "You do realize the only reason I'm here was to recover the dragon balls during this cluster fuck so "I" could depower her?" It didn't matter, they were already moving, Elphlane and Seluj were only aware of it because of his psionic connection to the variable 'army' of psionic dragons that surrounded the area. Seluj had ensured the food provided by the fleets death above did not go to waste... And given Elphlane's rage... Her desire to rule and her knowledge of her own body... ("And this is the part where I give you full control of your body and abilities... I'll provide support... 'You' pull the strings.")

[CHAT] Thousand tilts his head to one side in amazement, having observed Rizion and Dumastin. 'Well, that warrants a few recalculations... tell you what- we get out of this alive, I'll calculate just how lucky our collective asses got...' the androids normally animated tone was completely flat and monotonous, the artificial flesh forming the tissue of his face twitching along his jawline, before taking off as well.  He nods to Jules. 'That calculation may be a long time coming- this may go in an odd direction- if so, accept my apology in advance...' Without another word, he focuses his scanners on the battle ahead...

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The trust from Jules to remain behind and be left for such a heavy decision to be left him from him..it was good to feel again. Like by a slow measure he was accepted among them. By right, he could not go with his third plan now. He was as committed to them as they were to him. "Right, so. I know little of the dragon balls only that they can grant any one wish we desire. How do we summon up this drake and get him to win us the day without...killing us."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"The lore we've studied indicates that it may be more than one wish, depending on the Dragon's power and the contract forged when it was bound to the Dragonballs that summon it." The hand indicated the rest of the black Dragonballs. "You must return to the surface, place the Dragonballs upon the ground in close proximity, and speak the Dragon's name. The Dragon of Nightmares, Kurogane. I do not believe he can act against us of his own accord, but Dumastin believes that the Dragon might have the freedom, and the inclination, to twist the intent of incautiously-worded wishes."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"We do not know what powers the Crimson Queen has gained from the Dragon. Immortality, certainly, but what else? I do not know the limits of what may be wished for. It is... a question we have pondered deeply, but a satisfactory conclusion was never reached. It was part of the reason we had preferred the plan to destroy, rather than bargain with, the Dragon. Yet I would suggest to be direct and clear, and as specific as possible. Cautious, for it is likely that the scope the Dragon may have to tamper with the wish is limited by the scope of the wish itself." Prime's voice grew more somber. "It is a heavy burden we ask you to take on, but... we do not trust ourselves, Dumastin, to do it. He has been exposed to the negative energy of the Dragonballs for too long, and their temptations weigh heavy on his mind."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"We can't stop you from making any wish you choose. That is the trust we place on you, for better or for worse. We can only caution you to think deeply on whatever you do present as a wish to the Dragon."'

[CHAT] Samuel -- There's a sudden glow.  A red light shines softly through the room, and then the ground starts rumbling, not from the battle above, but from the warrior on the floor as it unleashes a wordless roar, fully healed from the rejuvenation aid.  There were no more words.  No more tears to be shed--not even any coherent thoughts other than 'kill' and 'die.'  It doesn't stop shrieking even as it takes off to, and through, the roof--slamming another hole through the rock as a brilliant golden-red aura envelops its form as it charges the Crimson Queen.  No words, no threats, no bravado, just pure, uncontrollable rage as it fully intends to kill her and die trying.

[CHAT] Jules lowered his head, Requius was gone... That was.. He and Thousand had made it to the surface at a hurried pace, the moment they reached the surface they parted and Samuel launched through the air. Jules motioned towards Thousand, "Shall we get in formation." He immediately followed in a direct line behind Samuel, his hand extended to feed energy into the aids he had injected previously. The bean was useful, so was Samuel's natural regeneration... But something screamed at Jules that Samuel wasn't going to be nearly as tanky as he normally would be.

[CHAT] Seluj simply sat back and channeled psionic energy, preparing for an assault that would kill the like of his host... Not that she was the target... Luckily, she was more than capable of surviving with her abilities until he could unleash what he hoped would amount to at least a distraction that could be capitalized on.

[CHAT] Thousand grimaces slightly, lining up behind Jules and Sam, doing his best to keep up with the charge. [This is foolhardy... at this rate we won't even buy enough time for them to make the wish!] The android grumbles, thinking to himself (This is like as not to get us all killed, won't even give me a shot at what I was planning unless I act really carefully...) He kept an active lock on the Crimson Queen's -staggering- energy signature, attempting- in vain, at least for the moment- to make some sense of it.  Anything to just get a baseline...

[CHAT] Rizion gave a nod to Prime, gathering the seven, giant orbs in a pair of hands forged of shadow. His allies each gave him several portals to lead the dragon balls through as he slowly floated through the holes and tunnels made by the fighting above. Explosions from the fighting were ripping up the shredded remains of the battered tera of Sanctum. If he flew out in a bit of bravado without checking his scenery. Sam, Jules and the Android made him a window and he took it without hesitation, roaring out from the hole in the ground with the seven balls in tow. His aura ignited, cutting a swath in the solid ground by turning the rock and stone molten from the heat he was emitting. With a zig and zag did he dart several miles away from the heart of the battle, skidding to a stop and letting all seven of the orbs collect together in a circle. "I pray this works. Come forth drake! Rise from the magics of these artifacts and grants our wish! Come forth, KU RO GA NE!"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Good luck... All of you..." Flows of mana wrapped around the spells Dumastin was weaving, saving them, and he released the first spell he'd been holding. Space warped around him, and from nothingness stepped... Dumastin. Well, at first glance. But the smooth, unblemished features and calculating expression on the man set him apart. A moment later, another stepped through, and yet he too was impossible to mistake for the original Dumastin; his cybernetics were rough, the product of desperation and function over form, and his face bore a grim expression and deep-set lines.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"So it's finally time to put an end of it. *She* is here." That was the grim-faced Namekian. "It's not the goal we'd set, but it'll have to do. The journey is as important as the destination, after all." That one was the second Dumastin, the one with no cybernetic at all.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The human off in the corner straightened. "Three of you. Well, that's just lovely. He wasn't lying, after all." He shook his head as if in disgust. "Let's just get this over with. I'm still skeptical about this whole thing." He sighed and crossed his arms, walking over to where the three Dumastins stood.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'They vanished from the cave in a flash of light... reappearing within the ruined Atrium, ravaged by the Queen's first attack. Boots clicked on smooth stone as they spread out, and the original Dumastin knelt, mana spilling from his fingers to form lines and sigils on the Atrium's floor.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'A thousand thunderbolts of lightning erupted from the seven sphere that rest before Rizion. Transcendent light danced between them in coiled braids of blinding energy. The sky swirled, the atmosphere tunneling as the winds were spread aside for what lay far beyond the stars of heaven in their ancient places blazing to life. The ceiling of the world grew dim, all of creation haunted by some great unknown. Then the earth began to quake, rivets and fissures of stone and metal cracking as a torrential force awakened from the seven spheres.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'Born unto winds the Dragonballs ascended into the heavens, circling in a dance older than time and through mystic conjuration gave birth to light. Light that soared heavenward with the flames of a thousand brandished blades of light. The streams coiled, coalesced and in a plume of fire that scorched all of the earth below the figure of the dragon emerged claws and talons raking the sky'

[CHAT] Rahveena could feel a tingle in her head, a slight daze... That was impressive... Of course... Once again, her garments had been destroyed and the ashes fell away leaving her body completely nude. An attractive swimmer's physique, soft blue skin, yellow eyes, and of course crimson red hair. She could feel something... Gooey on her? Maybe? What she was trying to figure out as she continued to blast into the atmosphere was.. What the hell sort of energy was that? It was a person true, and a ship? She had watched the first encounter with the ship but there was no reason for her to 'feel' what it was... Quite odd indeed... After a few hundred kilometers above the surface she suddenly flipped, staring back towards the planet with an amused expression.

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'Interesting number of shadow dragons in the area, explained the goo... "Well, That just happened..." Her right hand extended to her side, the hilt of the blade of Punishment forming once again in her hand... "Someone's been consuming my pets... That wasn't very nice of you..." She could sense it, the legion of her troops consumed and their power turned against her. It was... Impressive she supposed... Then there was the Mimic rushing her... "Ooo, I loved playing with these things on Arlia... They can regrow a lot!" There was a sadistic glee in her voice as she unleashed another crescent of energy downwards towards both the Rushing Samuel and the torrent of shadow-dragons. '

[CHAT] Rahveena: -- 'Of course then there was something that was all too familiar... An old friend, well... Cell-mate rather. A creature that was thrown away by those bastard Ay-brothers much like she was. She supposed that was fitting, she supposed. These were the would-be saviors of the infinite-verse.  That particular dragon was the only one that could undo its wishes. There was no panic, she didn't exactly need the boons granted to her by the wishes to kill this lot. '

[CHAT] Rizion partially covered himself in an attempt to block the winds erupting from the magics being released by the summoning. The sky blanketed in darkness, the thunder and lightning that ripped at the world as if to crack it apart. What a spell. But in seeing the dragon's form before him. He was but a mouse in a field standing before a grand statue, similar to when he first forged his blade. "DRAGON! Know you full well of what that creature is!" He made sure to point to the naked Kai in which nothing could harm despite his allies best efforts. "You have been summoned to grant my wish. That creature would see all of the Universe, yourself included, dead and still. But we here fight, to protect you, to protect the Verse itself from utter annihilation. Yet her gifts make our efforts fruitless. The wish I command is to see returned to her mortal self. Stripped of her immortality, her invulnerability, the boons that you granted her millennia ago."

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'Looped unto multitudes of clouds, with body braided among the the rancor of the heavens it leaned upon, the Eternal Dragon drifted above the battlefield. Its eyes blazing red with callous regard for what mortal triflings lay below. Electricity danced across its thousand miles of scale, electrifying the thunderheads that now gathered as its robe to produce a roar of thunder that echoed as world-breaking heartbeat. The Dragons slumber had been disturbed, its power called upon. All wishes were known to it, decided upon long before this universe had been wrought, but there was power in this ceremony of temptations. The mighty dragon let his gaze fall upon the one whose voice had summoned him And all the universe held still as his wish was brought to breath.'

[CHAT] Someone: -- 'This wish I grant. The eyes of the dragon flared'

[CHAT] Samuel -- There's another wordless roar--it doesn't even register what she says, it's so far gone.  It crosses its arms in front of itself, still charging like a train as the armor on its arms grows and expands--forming a large shell or shield covering itself as it literally ramp, its red and gold transformed aura slamming into into the attack, along with the others, and unleashing a brilliant explosion, shattering the shield and the armor on its arms, leaving them bloody and bleeding--but it nevertheless continues its mad charge, its rage not sated, and not to be denied.  It was out and out insane at this point, and it would not end unless she were dead, or it were.  Flat out intending on clawing her apart.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"And full glad am that you have granted us a chance, but there is yet another wish I have. With all of her power she has mastered much within the void. She has been outside of our realm for millions of years. Outside of time. Even the Kai do not live forever. So I ask that you give back to her what she missed for all of those millions of years. That you give her the time she missed. You would not be killing her, simply letting the natural order take its course. Can you grant us this?"'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"And full glad am that you have granted us a chance, but there is yet another wish I have. With all of her power she has mastered much within the void. She has been outside of our realm for millions of years. Outside of time. Even the Kai do not live forever. So I ask that you give back to her what she missed for all of those millions of years. That you give her the time she missed. You would not be killing her, simply letting the natural order take its course. Can you grant us this?"'

[CHAT] Ikenbon: -- 'The dragon's body coiled in anticipation, crushing mountains and grinding them into flat mesas far beyond the horizon of what his eyes could see. The Dragon's eyes turned skyward as if to search the means of the Konats words. "This wish I may also grant, but I forewarn thee child of the sister-moons. The time shall not catch her in an instant, but in an hour and as it floods through her, her power were magnify untold. Shall this still be thy second wish?"'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"So like is this a planet namek hour or an hour hour?"'

[CHAT] Ikenbon: -- '"Planet namek hour. Obviously. Toriyama rules, bitches."'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Clever he thought he was to ask for such a wish, but his hopes were shattered in an instant. An hour. With powers such as hers she could wreak untold havoc..perhaps even see her plan to fruition. A universe dead and she the last of it before dying herself. The end accelerated. This would be Konats on a scale which he could not imagine. Defeated, Rizion let silence linger in the air as he stared down at his tiny shadow engulfed by the shadow of the eternal dragon above him. "Do it!" The helmet of The Dark Knight fell over his face and his armor roared to life over him. The verse could still be saved. It needed some Gods damn heroes and they had one hour to save the Infinite Universe.'

[CHAT] Ikenbon: -- '"It shall be done." The Dragon's eyes blazed once more with mystical energy and the heavens quaked. Upon Rahveena would fall the sands of time, collecting on her shoulders the millennia she had stolen. They would trickle and bury her in the course of an hour, but with each grain of sand her power would grow exponentially. The fate of the universe now rest within the confines of a mere sixty minutes. "I am growing restless. My slumber beckons..."'

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