*Hell on Sanctum 5

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*Hell on Sanctum 5

Post by Rizion » 13 Jul 2017, 19:45

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The battlefield had shaken as a battle-ship rose from the pits of the Sanctum, Seluj was underwhelmed of course. The Heroes, their technology... Some of that might've been envy, he had sensors. That ship was a bit more technologically advanced than his. Not to mention fortified with magic... Unfair... Seluj sighed, the android and Konatsu were nearest to the surface embroiled in battle with the remnants of the advanced party forces. Two versus thirty-five, flanked in their entirety. Then a lone ship above... Seluj considered engaging in naval combat, but decided against it. There was no need to risk damaging his own technological assets, not when the primary force would be arriving so shortly. He wondered if the weaponry on Dumastin's new ship was adequate to provide cover fire for the figures on the ground or if Dumastin was attempting to make a break for it. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'White lightning crackled over the surface of the Platinum Legend, and the machine started to emit a tremendously focused ki signature. "We need Thousand aboard. Sam, I'm sending you to get him. Prime will give you the details of your assignment. Snag Rizion too if you can, though I doubt that'll happen." He turned his gaze over to Jules, then back to his readouts as the Platinum Legend planted its feet. Enormous claws deployed, snagging deep into the ground to anchor the titan as its right arm came up and pointed upward. In Dumastin's vision, tiny targeting reticules appeared on several of the enemy groups.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Sam. I need you to don this equipment as quickly as possible." A tray slid out, bearing a set of gauntlets and boots attached to a ring-shaped object. "If possible, try to incorporate this ring structure into your body, to anchor it better against your bone structure. It is composed of a sort of alloy used in tractor-collars in common use in ship yards, which is known to be unusually responsive to tractor fields. The gauntlets and boots are special as well, in ways I will explain. Please hurry. We will be deploying you outside of the ship shortly."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'A trio of black spikes protruded from the back of the Platinum Legend's right forearm, and they became apparent as gun barrels only once white light started to gather at their mouths. The cannon barrels glowed with bright light an instant before a trio of focused energy beams streaked upward towards Saiyans Dumastin had targeted; only middling power behind them, but still enough to seriously damage a ship. Little more than a warning shot, because the Legend's ki signature was spiking at a terrifying rate.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The large demons stood by where they were told. They were no match for the Saiyans or the incoming larger invasion fleet. They were going to be used by the queen as Fodder but they would rather fight than be enslaved. There they sat in comfy couches and chairs while they rotated warriors in some sort of energy absorbing chambers. They each took turns, just enough to get slightly tired before switching out, eating drinking and feasting in what they thought was their last night of revelry.'

[CHAT] Samuel nods, everything was pretty crazy, but it wasn't about to give up--not when everything was on the line. "Right," it says with a grunt, taking the gauntlets and putting them on, along the wring, absorbing and encasing them them within its natural armoring. "I'm ready. What's the plan? Just... go run out there?" it looks up to Dumastin. He still hadn't really gone into any specific detail on this plan, just that this was... big. This whole thing was big. And powerful. But they needed more than that to win this--they needed an actual strategy, a battle plan. It was still exhausted itself after the fight with Slaughter, but it was still ready to go.

[CHAT] Thousand calls out to Rizion. 'Got your back. Let's clear this riff-raff out quick...' The android glances back to the massive ship Dumastin has deployed. 'Got a feeling There's far worse coming than this lot, and we need to be in as good shape as we can if we're going to be more than a speed bump.' The android finally shuts up, deploying the multi-barreled energy weapon on his left forearm and firing full-auto into the gradually thinning crowd of attackers.

[CHAT] Jules had flown as an astral projection with the barrage of fire from the Legacy, his psionic form flowing into Thousand allowing the duo to once again become what they had come to recognize as the Alloyed. A psionic tentacle extended from Thousand's back gently tapping Rizion. The result would be Rizion glowing briefly blue as the Kinetic energy Jules had stored up worked to restore Rizion's natural energy. Jules didn't spare any words for communication, he was trying to manage energy distribution both at the ship and here. It required to much focus for idle conversation.

[CHAT] Seluj winced, the bombardment fire from the newly emerged battle-ship was more than potent enough to force back the demon-serum infused creatures of chaos. Not quite powerful enough to destroy them but... The volley-fire would prove to be beneficial.... It wouldn't take long now, half of what remained would start detonating within a few more seconds. The other half were still a threat, but they lacked the over-powering edge of those who would be exploding. Shame, even worse... He was no where closer to locating the dragon balls.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'As if on cue, Multiple signatures appeared in the black of space. Multiple ships dropping from the Aether they were traveling in. At first it was a single cruiser, carrying a meager 20 demons. Then more. One became two. Two became four. In less than a minute, an entire demon-swarm fleet was in the system. Multiple times as large as the fleet The Requiem Engaged, and they were not clustered together. It was as if they took the time within the Aether travel to surround the planet. <C> '

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'In "front" of the planet lay a fleet, 4 battle-ship class. Multiple fleshnitters, innumerable Bone-Spurs and fighters swarmed forth. The fearless Kamikasi pilots of the flesh-fused demonic fighters swarming towards the giant Robot that was putting up a new defence. In the middle of that fleet was a dreaded Balrog. A massive dreadnaught that would put the Requiem to shame. A massive ship, with even larger tubes shooting that vile demonic energy. The ship itself powerful enough to destroy planets. And there were three more of these fleets, not quite in range yet, to the right, left and behind the Sanctum. <F>'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"No, you won't be running... we have a much more efficient method to get you onto the field." Steel plating slid up from the floor around Sam's crash couch, hiding him from view, and the couch bore Sam deeper into the machine's workings on some sort of elevator. "You'll be launched from an electromagnetic rail cannon directly towards Thousand. The Legacy is equipped with extremely powerful tractor systems; this will allow us to aid in controlling your flight and to retrieve you rapidly, allowing you to save your strength to unleash it with the maximum of impact when you come into contact with the enemy. For the moment, you need do nothing except brace. A countdown will be forthcoming."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'A long, black cylinder extended itself from the Platinum Legacy's left elbow, locking into place on a contact on the left wrist. Electricity crackled over the tube as it came up, its tip wavering from side to side as Prime modified its targeting parameters. "Sam! Remember! We'll reel you back in quickly, so you don't get overwhelmed; hit hard and snag Thousand and Rizion if you can, so they can get a bit of rest behind the Legacy's armor!" Prime's voice sounded in Sam's compartment, a simple countdown. When it hit zero... '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Max Buster... FIRE!" Sam would feel an incredible force pulling at his body, and a shockwave erupted from the gun barrel as the Mimic was launched at a tremendous rate. Almost instantly, multiple beams locked onto him from the Legacy's left palm and wrist, targeting beams for the tractor systems. Prime even had the presence of mind to use tiny bursts of power to tug at Sam, varying his course of flight slightly to avoid incoming attacks without any need for intervention from Sam. He was completely free to focus himself entirely on his twin objectives, Smash and Grab.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Jules! Incoming fighters! See if you can merge yourself with the Legacy's organic-armor systems to target them with beam attacks!" Dumastin was rapidly preparing shifts in the Legacy's firing patterns as the enemy fleets started to finally join the fray, but there was a slight gap before he would be able to respond.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'As if on command, one of the larger demons, the one that was back to back with Dumastin, and the first to hold the Guidon against the wave of explosions, he smiled and looked up at one of the speakers prime was communicating them from. "Robot, We have power. We want to fight. LET us fight. Let US armor the beast, the Giant. Show them our might!" He was standing now, fire and pride burning in his veins. The mood and energy in the room shifted as the warriors that were told to rest were seething with demonic energy, the air crackling in the room. They were resting, but they couldn't contain their lust for battle or their demonic pride.'

[CHAT] Rizion took heed to Thousand's call, glad for the assitance against this seemingly endless horde of monsters. They had bested wave after wave, taking out numbers that made the sky a sea of black. Even one of their champions, Slaughter, lay bested at their fervor and when it seemed like the slightest shimmer of light might pass through this encroaching darkness, the rays of suns were snuffed out. As the fleet arrived to encompass the sky, Rizion stopped mid-flight, mouth agape. For the first time his heart sank and true doubt took its place. This battle seemed forever folly.

[CHAT] Samuel furrows its brows, nodding, "Gotcha," it speaks. It was apprehensive--it'd used and remembered Dad using this kind of thing before. It was always... kind of exhilerating, the unpowered flight. As everything got into place, it took a moment to take a deep breath, think about things, and remember why its doing this. If they went down--nobody would be there for Req. It was determined not to let that happen--just as much as it didn't want to lose anyone else

[CHAT] Samuel -C- As the elevator stops suddenly, and everything starts whirring up with power, it opens it eyes, and launches from the cannon with a deafening roar, soaring past any incoming attacks as a crimson and gold aura streaks through the air--intent on grabbing Thousand, and the... Dragon Konatsu. If they got through this it would definitely need to have another with the man. It preps its arms, changing the tissues underneath before literally throwing them out--stretching them dozens of meters to grab the both of them and yank them back just before its pulled back by the tractor beam, shouting, "Get over here!"

[CHAT] Thousand raises the glowing-hot energy weapon on his left arm up, the barrels still whirling as they radiate heat outward, only to recognize Jules' energy within him. Recalling the prior encounter with Seluj, he lunges his head forward, releasing Jules' own optic blast from his own eyes. Before the light clears from his eyes, Sams outstretched arm is upon him- momentarily blinded by the optic blast, he casts an elbow backward blindly, one that would have pulverized the ribcage of a normal attacker. Instead, it passed through empty space, even as the arm began to retract him towards the Mimic. '?!? Sam..?' the android spits out as he recognized the energy signature...

[CHAT] Jules was vaguely aware of the commands from Dumastin while he was infesting Thousand. Target-fire was something that would require more attention than what he could spare at the moment. Unfortunately he was well aware of Thousand's sensors and the absolute nightmare that had just emerged in orbit... This was... The force size was significantly larger than the last... Thousand's mouth would move as Samuel pulleed his body, Jules voice would come out.. An echo traveling to those linked with him psionically, "Their's not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die..." A second later his full attention was back in the ship, "Into the valley of death we fly..." A second later his energy flushed through the organic systems, his mind flushing into the weapon system. A second later the defensive beam weaponry began to counter-fire at the incoming assault.

[CHAT] Seluj was moving from the bridge now, it was now or never. The dragons weren't having any luck locating the dragon balls and pulling them back to his ship 'beyond' the fleet would be impossible. ("Well my dear host, now we find out if we can 'change' the fate of this universe...") In a few moments Seluj was launching from his ship in a shuttle capable of sub-light only.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The fighters from the "front" fleet had made it within rage of Dumastin's Megasord Destroying Machine. They were still out of range and even tho countless exploded into shrapnel of blood and bones, even more took their places, literally pushing and swarming themselves towards the Behemoth. The cruisers were slowly flanking the machine, while charging weapons. The battle-ships started to engage with long range weaponry, demonic beam cannons, whiles the Balrog's main cannons were absorbing the light around it as purple crackles of energy were pouring into its four main guns. Massive amounts of demonic energy crackling and building.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Prime's tractor beams started to drag on Sam's body, rapidly hauling him back toward the Platinum Legacy, as he snagged Thousand. Hopefully he'd also have a chance to grab Rizion, but as it stood getting Thousand aboard while Sam had him was a higher priority. At the same time, the Legacy lifted off from the ground and started to rise skyward, ascending toward the pin-prick fireballs of dying fighters as needle-thin streams of laser energy streaked upward into the sky from its body. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Do you want to fight? Then let the strongest of you show me a taste of your power..." Dumastin's voice filtered down to the PA systems in the troop compartments the demons were occupying, and all at once, *many* of the power-transfer stations took on the green glow that indicated an active connection was requested. The Legacy raised its right arm as it rose skyward, ports on its palm and fingertips opening, and white lightning crackled over it as Prime targeted the so-called 'dreadnought.' Hmmph. Jumped-up tow barge. This time, when it fired, a half-dozen beams streaked skyward, each as powerful as the first-generation HAC had been capable of producing and stronger than most of Elphlane's army could have produced individually. Taken all at once, it was a truly tremendous burst of power even by a mighty warship's standards.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The Guidon Bearer was the first to come forward, but that was only because he was already standing and close to a terminal. There was no need for an "if" all of them rushed at once to an open port, pouring demonic energy into the systems. IT even became a game to them. A game of strength. A Game to prove themselves. They would pour and pour into the systems while others waiting were timing them and cheering, each one going for as long as he could, then switching as when they became exhausted. The air in the room turned more like a red cloud of demonic energy than air, and purple lightning streaked and lit up the room.'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'A random EDF special assosiate wearing black sunglasses and black suit grabs gilder and throws him into a pod. "You goes here now to fight shit..." And presses a button. In a flash of light Gilder is transported directly into the swarm of demon-fighters. Good Luck.'

[CHAT] Samuel yanks back the pair of them, "Come on, we need to regroup!" it speaks out as they fly back into the Platinum Legend. Looking at the sky... yeah, things kinda got a little bit much worse. "We... really need a plan. A good one," it notes, furrowing its brow as they hit back into ship, Sam slamming a little from the tractor beam with a grunt. "Well... we're not gonna let a little thing like... all of that... stop us," it says, waving a hand at the numberlesshordes dismissively, seemingly self-assured. "And I'm -not- gonna lose anyone else over this," it says, grunting.

[CHAT] Thousand gets all up on the robot deal and plugs into his station dealie or whatever. idgaf. next.

[CHAT] Jules wasn't as... Used to guiding hybrid organic and technological systems as perhaps Requius would have been... Luckily, Thousand was on board and his assistance would likely improve their odds. He spoke as enough of his cocoon on board the bridge opened up that his face was visible. "Okay, don't mean to be a nay-sayer, but have we considered the fleeing with our lives button? I'm pretty much designed to survive and the probability of that occurring is near negligible at this point." Even with his weapons targeting, he could still feel the impacts upon the hull. Some weapons fire, it was Insignificant... What was proving to be painful were those that got through on suicide runs...

[CHAT] Seluj had diverted his course to flank along the fleet away from where the so-called heroes were mounting their defense.. On the surface half of his remaining forces erupted in explosion around the point where the android and Konatsu had been. It seemed fortunate timing on their part that they were yanked away and pulled back into the safety of the ship. He would use the ship to break through to the atmosphere before ditching the shuttle in lieu of his host natural abilities.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The fighter swarm seemed endless. With the amount that has been taken out, it seemed like still a black cloud came through, descending upon the Legened. Fighters rammed the hull and exploded in demon-fire, others strafing runs, and even more gathered flight wings and performed strafing runs on the weapons that were trying to engage them. The Cruisers and gunships made it within range and started to focus their fire on concentrated points. Their sparratic fire became more focused. The long range fire from the battleships did not cease, and, at such a range, the fire was less concentrated, and much of it took out their own ships as much as the hit Legend. The Balrog's cannons were still building, and the energy could be seen from as far away as the planet's outer atmosphere. The red and pruple light building and growing.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Considered it, Jules, but what would we be giving up? Here at the Sanctum is our best chance at stopping this while we still have a chance! Besides, the Dragonballs are here, too, and there's no way I'm leaving them behind for these demons!" Something twigged at him, but he didn't slow down long enough to catch onto the thought. Instead, he put the Legacy's thrusters to full power, and raised his hand. Crackling blue lightning arced between him and the Primus Gate as he shaped the built-up power. "We do have a plan. Now that we're together, the Legacy is nearly invincible... We're going to charge straight down that dreadnought's throat and rip it in half. We don't have to be subtle. This is not an impossible fight!"'
[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The dive-bombing fighters were chipping away at the organic armor, true, but that was only one layer of the Legacy's defenses. And as Dumastin channeled power into it, waves of power started to emanate from the Legacy even as it charged upward, forming a half-shell of raw kinetic force in its path. Those few fighters coming in from the sides could still score hits, but it was diving straight into the swarm as it picked up speed directly toward the Balrog, and that swept the kinetic-field before it, splattering countless such insects like so many bugs against a windscreen, their explosive force wasted against the unyielding force-barrier.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Thousand. You should be able to splice your way into the systems. I've got some circuits wired that might, in theory, allow us to deploy your energy-absorbing abilities via the Legacy's left palm. Check into it, work with Prime, and see if you can manage to get that connection started. Sam, are you about ready to go back out? I've got a battleship with your name on it, and I'll bet you a five-foot stack of Prime's best pancakes that you can't crack the hull in half with one shot. Jules, Rizion looks like he's unconscious, take a break and help the medbots check him over for severe injuries."'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'With a Roar the demons were cheering, chanting and rallying in the Bowels of the ship. Those that were "down" got back up. Their demonic pride was on the line. Even as countless ones tried to double and triple up at the conduits pouring their energy and essence into the Legacy. "Show Them our Might! Show them the pride of The House of Shadows!" And at that moment a demon, too weak to provide any more essence staggared forward and pushed his was into a conduit. With a roar he took a demonic blade and slit his wrists and howled in fury as his demonic blood burned and boiled. In a flash his body was consumed in demon-fire, his own life energy consumed into the Legacy.'

[CHAT] Samuel gets back in its... command... thingy. It didn't really know all about all of this. Just that it was there. "Alright, I'm back," it notes, "Let me know when you need me to go again," it nods. It wasn't sure what else to do. It... needed to learn how to pilot better. How to do... something to be useful in these situations. It furrows its brow at that.

[CHAT] Thousand pauses a moment at his station, before drawing the SACI interface cable out of his midsection and connecting it to the console before him, his consciousness expanding into the computer system. He draws Prime into the mix, comparing the equipment available to his own, noting some necessary modifications that Prime assured him could be accomplished in short order. He signals back to Dumastin: [Prime and I can get it working, but we'll need a little time... How long do you think you can hold out?]

[CHAT] Jules released himself from his cocoon, that would likely limit the efficacy of the armors ability to restructure itself... But with the other measures it would be fine. Jules stood on the bridge for a brief moment before speaking softly, "Prime, I need to get to medbay." A second later the floor began to illuminate with a line traveling in the direction he needed to go. A pair of tentacles grabbed Rizion before he began carrying him to the med-bay. Oddly enough, Jules let himself power-up enough that his aura began flaring around him, the energy seemingly being pulled outward towards the vessels armor itself.

[CHAT] Seluj didn't have to do much to ditch his shuttle, once he got past the main line weapons fire quickly took his shuttle apart... His body emerged from the debris curled into a tight-ball, his armor deployed... When he righted his host it was clear it had shifted into his host natural dragon form a second before he slammed into the ground. A tentacle emerged from her back holding the seven-star dragon ball. A second later psionic energy flooded over it before focusing into an arrow providing direction. He began to follow the arrow, letting the resonating frequencies of the dragon-balls guide them towards one another.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Intruder alarm on the surface. Impact detected. Also suddenly picking up coded Z-wave interference on the band normally associated with the energies radiated by the Dragonballs..." "Sounds like someone is being sneaky while our backs are turned. You know what to do, Prime." "Of course. Activating Shell Game protocol." Seluj could prance around the surface hunting for Dragonballs all he wanted; they were in constant motion through the planet, traveling through miles upon miles of pneumatic tubing.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Prime aimed the Legacy's left arm toward the nearest Battleship-class enemy and let the railgun power to full charge. "Max Buster!" Again Sam was sent rocketing through space, outlined by the ghostly light of tractor-tracer beams.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"As fast as you can; we're fine for now but we might need it online when that dreadnought fires! We may not make it in time to stop it... but all we have to do is weather that shot once. I'm making my own preparations on that score, too." He continued to pull mana through the Primus Gate as the kinetic field waned; they'd burst through the thickest section of the enemy fighters, but they were still slightly more exposed without it.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'There were no more demons blatenly sacrificing themselves. It was just a single warrior that had only their life left to give. The others were still riled up, chanting, screaming and cheering a demonic war chant. About glory in blood. And the bodies that are pile to build their cities. The air crackled with static as the red mist collected around the bunker. More demons pouring energy into the systems, even as the number sitting on the ground in sweat panting, was growing.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- The familiar whirring of machinery as it was about to be a bullet one more time, it was tired. Exhausted. But it wasn't about to give up. This was for Req. For Jules. For Dumastin. For Thousand. For Rizion. It wasn't going to let anyone else go down. As it was fired out of the cannon it gave another earthshaking roar, its forearms growing in mass--overtaking and covering the gauntlets and growing spikes becoming basically something designed to punch through the hull, its aura flares out--a brilliant red and gold as it slams into the side of the closest battleship to the main group--intending to crack it like a nut, and rip everything inside to shreds.

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