*The Difficult Choice: Vencer vs. Gilder

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*The Difficult Choice: Vencer vs. Gilder

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[CHAT] Shakendo groans in agony "Ahhh ... my head ... "Shakendo tries to grab his head only to discover his arms are tied up, he slowly opens his eyes 'What the ... where the hell am I?' as he tries to look around his eyes start to adjust so that he can see some of the features of his surroundings 'How did I end up in here? ... I think its a cave?!?!' Shakendo starts to try and wiggle his arms free quietly while keeping an eye out for the person who put him here in this dark and damp room.

[CHAT] Gilder had just left Agatta's cottage and took to the air - it was night time with the sun still setting to where the sky glew in a red hue. He had spent more time than he expected catching up with the old woman than he anticipated. [Time to get back and take care of that Namekian...] Looking forward in the sky, he spotted the nearby cave that he had stashed his captive in and took to the ground, walking casually up to the cave, this time without Agatta blocking his passage. As he stepped through the threshold of the cave, he began to whistle a morbid tune as if he was coming to execute Shakendo.

[CHAT] Shakendo continues to try and wiggle his arms free 'Almost ... ' as he finally gets one arm free he hears whistling in the distance 'Crap ... I better hurry up' he quickly gets the rope off his other arm and starts to look around to see if there is anywhere he can hide or get a weapon of some sort 'Damn it ... theres gotta be SOMETHING around here' he finds a small alcove to hide in where he also manages to locate a rock that could be used as a blunt object. 'The whistling is getting louder, he's close ...

[CHAT] Gilder came to the inner alcove that he had stored away his prey and looked around only to see that... he was no longer here. "Gah, I should have expected this... damn old woman probably let him go knowing her. Though I'm surprised she wouldn't just tell me... maybe he just escaped. It has almost been 18 hours since I captured him after all - plenty of time to wake up and escape. Or maybe..." Glaring around the area, Gilder shifted his eyes from side to side as he knelt down to the ropes and grabbed them as he muttered, "maybe he's a witch..." he said in a not-so-serious tone.

[CHAT] Shakendo gsat in his little alcove holding the rock he found 'I wonder if I could hit him hard enough to try and make an escape?' he sat and contemplated for a moment 'I think im going to have no choice, Ill just have to quietly sit and wait and see if he leaves' he watches quietly trying to stay out of sight from this person that had tied him to the chair in the first place ' I might be able to escape without incident if he doesnt notice me' he peers about to see if there is anyone else entering the area trying to decide what he should do.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The engine of Vencer's hypercycle whined as he brought the vehicle to a slow stop on the outskirts of the Bear Forest. It was night and the stars glittered overhead in their ancient places visible only in the gaps between the low hanging overcast. Periodically the strafing nimbus would unfurl the moon that lay behind it, which gleamed an eerie reddish gold. The setting of the sun had done very little to effect the sweltering summer heat and as Vencer broke the clasps of his helmet and placed it aside he found even his cold, reptilian skin beaded with droplets of sweat. There had been strange power signatures dancing over the Bear Forest throughout the prior week, one of them large enough to raise some concern in New Hope and rather than wait for some cataclysm to come wandering out of the wild Vencer had decided to investigate himself.'

[CHAT] Gilder grumbled incoherently to himself as he took back to his feet and began to walk towards the exit of the cave, not patient enough to look around the rest of the cave. If he had gotten free, he shouldn't be in there anymore, that was just common sense. As he exited the view of Shakendo, who had been hiding between a rock and a wall of the cave, he tossed something over his shoulder. Once it rolled into Shakendo's line of sight, he would be able to make it out to be a bomb with a lit fuse. "May as well get rid of the evidence... that's the only reasonable course of action. I'm sure he's still in the woods though." Stepping out of the cave and back into the sunlight, Gilder scanned the immediate scenery of the forest before calling out, "Oh Naaameeeeekkiiaaannnn..."

[CHAT] Shakendo watched the person leave, and as he was leaving he noticed something rolling towards him 'Damn it ... thats a bomb ...' Shakendo rushed to his feet and grabbed the bomb, he throws it full force deeper into the cave, a few seconds later he hears the person calling out to him, as he turns to stalk towards the person the bomb explodes sending him flying out the mouth of the cave narrowly missing the person that had tied him to a chair. Shakendo hits the ground with a hard THUD and groans in more agony as his head was still sore from being put through a floor prior to being tied to a chair.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The Icer took closed his eyes and extended the time between each breath. His senses stretched outward, rushing over the woods to detect even the most minute of animals. After a few minutes of concentration his eyes opened once again towards the western edge of the forest where he felt a wellspring of power and several smaller nodes. A flick of his heel pushed the kickstand of the bike back up and a turn of his wrists caused the engine to growl like a bear prodded with a branding iron. His vehicle lurched forward and sped into the thickets ahead, its tail-lights leaving a ice-blue light trail in its wake.'

[CHAT] Gilder closed his eyes and lowered his head as the bomb went off behind him, sending somebody flying out from the cave just before the cave itself collapsed inside of itself. As the rocks began to fall from the roof of the cave to block off the entrance, Gilder took a few steps forward to avoid any debris hitting him. "Phew... that was a larged blast than I needed!" Finally, Gilder took note of the person who had been sent flying outwards... the namekian he was looking for. "AHA! Namekian! You came to the call, what a good pet!" As he approached the namekian, he knelt down as the sounds of a vehicle began to fill the echos of the forest. [Poachers...?] he thought to himself, shaking his head. "Doesn't matter... so! You didn't escape? Why? Were you truly awaiting your masters return?" he asked with a cheeky, sarcastic grin.

[CHAT] Shakendo looks up at the person that is now kneeling in front of him with a saracastic grin on his face "Don't flatter yourself, Id sooner throw myself off a cliff ..." Shakendo spits in Gilders face "Dont call me a pet!" Shakendo then starts to try and get up but falls not noticing his leg is bent in the wrong direction since he hit the ground so hard from the explosion.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'As he approached the region of the forest where he had detected the unknown power a distant flash of light above the boughs of the trees caught his attention just before the resounding quake and explosion that followed nearly caused his bike to veer into the trunk of a cedar, a collision he barely avoided by quickly revving the engine and rocketing ahead of his trajectory. "Some heavy firepower..." He grumbled while weaving between the remaining acres of forest that separated him from the mouth of the cave where Shakendo lay buried in the earth at the feet of Gilder.'

[CHAT] Vencer was greeting to a belch of smoke from the collapsed mouth of the yawning cavern as he broke through the last briars and thickets that fenced the scene ahead of him. He slowed the bike to a crawl some hundred yards from where Gilder now stood and dropped the kickstand again before discharging the ignition. With a grunt he kicked his leg over the gas can and strode out, the wind pulling at the navy blue jacket wrapped around his gem-plated shoulder. A single word was stitched on the back of the denim: SLAMMERS.

[CHAT] Crescendo its not hard to miss a motorcycle speeding through the forest--and it didn't. It was still in the forest, working out its feelings on what that old lady had said--how it felt about the others, and everything else. It had a lot of thinking to do--on the other hand, this had bright lights and colors and was an easy distraction for hard problems. So, suppressing its power to keep from being noticed--it started following... right as an explosion rocked the forest. Gilder. He was still in the area. Because of course he was. That... was bad. It still hated the man. With every fibre of its being.

[CHAT] Gilder wiped the saliva from his face and quickly transformed his grin into a scowl as he found that act to be repulsive. "Seriously? That's so gross... and to think I told myself to let you live and that I actually liked you because of the way you stood up to me like a man. Spitting in someone's face? So disrespectful man..." As he stood back up, he threw a handful of dirt into the Namekian's face and turned around to see the poacher that arrived on scene. "Don't tell me you guys had ANOTHER friend on standby... seriously, how many of you are in this cult that worships some transforming dog-thing?"

[CHAT] Shakendo gspits the dirt from his mouth and wipes it away 'Whose this guy? I dont like this ...' thinking back to what Gilder had said 'transforming dog-thing?' he looks up at Gilder who is now looking at this new arrival "What the hell you mean disrespectful?" starting to laugh at the very thought "Your the one who started it with trying to kill me and the others ..." Shakendo grabs onto a tree and pulls himself up, setting his knee in the process "Ahh ... ok that one hurt ..." letting go of the tree as he gently puts pressure on it "What do you mean transforming Dog?"

[CHAT] Vencer surveyed the episode before him, taking into account the inflection of the human's words and the desperate state of the man beneath him for a long moment before an ice-blue corona of energy outlined his body and in an instant brought freezing death to the forest. The grass beneath his three-pronged feet stiffened into crystalline blades as a whirlwind flushed outward and coated the environment in a sheen of true-ice

[CHAT] Vencer surveyed the episode before him, taking into account the inflection of the human's words and the desperate state of the man beneath him for a long moment before an ice-blue corona of energy outlined his body and in an instant brought freezing death to the forest. The grass beneath his three-pronged feet stiffened into crystalline blades as a whirlwind flushed outward and coated the environment in a sheen of true-ice, the temperature surrounding the Icer dipping low enough to sting bare skin. "One and only warning. Leave now."

[CHAT] Crescendo follows them to the scene. It wasn't human. Or namekian. What was it...? Icerian? It didn't really have time to ponder the thought before everything just started freezing and it had to backpedal to avoid being coated in the chilly substance. That was interesting. Once it stops, it noses at the ice for a few moments. Cold. It then looks back at the scene, trying to stay hidden in the underbrush. That's that namekian, from before. What happened? Looks like Gilder hurt his limbs, too, and now this new guy... he's somehow even stronger. It was mindboggling--it hated being so weak.

[CHAT] Gilder responded to the whirlwind before even bothering with conversation pieces. Not taking any risks with the new comer, Gilder drew a blade from the hilt on his left hip and as it came out of the sheath, cascaded the blade in a bright red aura. As the vicious gust neared closer, Gilder slashed the blade in a crescent shape before bringing it straight down, releasing a tornado of flames from the blade that collided with its chilling counterpart that the icerian let loose. "Hah, finally, somebody with some actual force to greet me with! I guess you aren't just some gathering of cowards and wimps, huh? Maybe you're the cult leader." Turning his head to the namekian who had given himself a reprieve, Gilder shook his head in response to his accusations. "If I wanted any of you dead, you would have prooobably been dead, don't you think? Instead of relocated to some cave? Think about it," he stated firmly before turning his attention back to his new opponent.

[CHAT] Shakendo looked at the newcomer as Gilder's blade released a torrent of flames 'Perfect ... I think this will prove to be useful in escaping this guy' Shakendo turned and started to hobble to a safe distance to avoid being caught in any potential crossfire 'I need to do something about this damn knee' "You ..." looking at the new comer "I dont know who you are or why your here ... but good luck with this one." he turns away and continues to hobble to safety.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'That simple turn of head to address the Namekian would cost the human. Vencer had already sprung forward with a heavy thrust of his legs and was careening through the air. The wind that whipped around him was pulled back and concentrated around the Icer's wrists, its speed magnifying until they had become razor-edged disks tipped by shards of ice as hard as diamonds. Unfurling his arms in mid-flight the two destructo disks shot away to the right and left, the "spin" that accompanied them causing them to curve behind Gilder's back as Vencer let his body tuck into a tight ball and then explode back out as he neared the human with both legs extended towards his chest to hopefully knock him backwards into the oncoming projectiles.'

[CHAT] Crescendo kept quiet, watching the fight unfold. It was... shocking the aggressiveness. Not that it wasn't cathartic to see Gilder actually fighting someone stronger than him for once, but there was somthing else that caught its gaze--the Namekian. He was trying to walk away--though with the injured leg its likely he wouldn't get far enough fast enough. Still... it felt like it owed the namekian. He'd tried to help, and he wasn't one of them that actually ended up attacking it... making its way through the underbrush it moves to basically peek out and bite and yank the namekian's sleeve to pull him out of sight, "C'mon," it says, through gritted teeth, trying to get him to safety.

[CHAT] Gilder fell victim to Vencer's deadly plan and was launched backwards forcefully by both of the Icerian's legs. With his head knocked back, he opened his eyes as he quickly approached the spinning blades of death. Gritting his teeth, Gilder grabbed onto the sword that was still on his other hip and now held both blades in his hands - the blade he just grabbed on to glowing with a purple aura. Not a moment too soon, he lifted both blades behind his head and forced them both into the ground below him, and in one smooth motion while still holding onto the tip of both hilts, Gilder extended his body staight into the air and launched himself skyward. From the sword that was enveloped in a purple aura, the aura seemed to leak out along the forest floor in a mist and the area would begin to smell of gas. After getting far enough into the air, Gilder snapped his fingers at the purple mist below, causing an explosion that flared up around the forest itself.

[CHAT] Shakendo felt his arm being pulled and as soon as he turned he saw the dog like creature from before he nodded quietly and followed into the underbrush "You ... I thought you had gotten away?" Shakendo grabbed a branch of the underbrush and fashioned a splint for his knee "Where's the other two?" he asked the dog creature remembering that one was somewhere and the other went chasing after this creature 'Im gonna have to ask this dog creature about the transforming when this is all over' Shakendo looks back towards Gilder seeing the purple gas leak onto the ground then explode.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'The destructo disks whistled as they cut the air where Gilder had only been standing less than a second before, each of the razor-sharp disks passing dangerously close Vencer's own cheeks. (Close... thought that trench he's wearing my drag him down- but what about- ?) Vencer had barely come to his feet when the violet miasma began to smoke from the embedded blade and then a simple but audible *snap* from the sky above brought the forest floor exploding out from under him. A heat-dome of fused flame and energy expanded up and blew the nearest trees into showers of splinters as it boiled a height of nearly three stories off the ground. Anyone standing in the forest that night might see the blast like a molten sun above the foliage of the trees.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'For a few blinding seconds it roared, spitting embers over the woods and setting aflame brush that had dried in the summer heat before expelling down into a smoldering pit of smoke and charred earth. For a few quiet seconds it might seem that Vencer had been engulfed and lost but in the air above Gilder a sunder shape emerged with hands clasped overhead- superspeed lines of energy and charring fire from the blast dancing over the Icer's burnt body as he drove the axehandle down for a skull-splitting blow.'

[CHAT] Crescendo was about to speak only for the explosion to ring out, sending the trees shuddering and even knocking one or two over nearby, setting it on edge and growling lowly for a moment, before. "I... don't know. The last thing I saw was... Greyfur attack me," still speaking ruefully about it, "I was unconscious after that," it speaks, before trying to move away from the fight. "We can talk later. Should move now. We're not getting caught up in this," it was curious about the new arrival and what was going on, but curiosity had cost it too much recently. It wasn't going to get burned again.

[CHAT] Gilder felt a sense of accomplishment as the motions unfolded perfectly for him, though the explosion wasn't as expansive as he had desired considering the small timeframe the mist had to spread out. The accomplishment, however, was short met as the fists collided with the back of his skull, sending the human to the scortched earth below. Before the collision, Gilder extended his hand downwards to catch himself and tumbled forward. The way he landed left him on all fours as he used his right hand to rub the back of his neck before twisting it to see the Icerian perched proudly in the air still. "You little fucker... you're good. Guess that's to be expected from such a domineering race."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The two blades that were still embedded into the ground finally faded from existence. Still stunned from the blow, Gilder stumbled to his feet and continued to keep his eyes fixed on the Icerian, his vision slightly blurred. Removing his hand from his neck, Gilder summoned both blades in his hands once more and couched himself down, readying himself for the enemy's next tactic. [He fights with a plan in mind and executes it with precision... he's not just good, he's amazing. This man understands how to take control of a battlefield all too well...]'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'From behind one of the trees in the forest, Agatta came walking towards Crescendo and Shakendo and stopped to block the two from continuing in their current direction. (You really should keep your eyes fixed on this battle... I have the feeling it's going to give you some insight to the direction your universe is going. Besides, don't you want to finish off Gilder should the match end in a draw? You both have a lot of reason to hate the kid, don't you?) The woman spoke in a calm, soothing voice, her eyes glazed over with pure white pupils to show that she was unable to watch the match for herself.'

[CHAT] Shakendo looked at this old woman for a second and considered her words, looking at Crescendo "She is partially right, we should watch, it could give a glimpse of what we're dealing with." turning back to the old lady "I do not wish harm on him, nor do I wish protection on him, he is simply getting what he deserves." he turns back to the ensuing battle 'I think we may still be too close however ...' he turns back to the old woman "I fear we may still be a little too close to avoid becoming casualties of this person though." he turns back to Crescendo and motions to walk past the old lady and watch from a little further away.

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'While Gilder recovered from Vencer's overhead blow the Icer was given the moment of respite he needed to pat out the flames that licked and scorched his body. His slender, white frame had been smoked grey by the attack and his legs sported visible scalds and burns. There was a lot of gunpowder packed into the human before him. He needed to stay in close proximity- needed to put him in a position where Gilder wouldn't be able to detonate those levels of attacks without exposing himself. Vencer's aura flared and blazed around him like the frozen flames of a comet before he hurtled earthward. He approached at blinding speed, his arm cocking back like the hammer of a gun as he came within arms distance before firing his fist to connect with the human's jaw!---'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'But just the motion was completed the Icer's body became insubstantial: a hollow and transparant after-image. Vencer's true strike was launched from Gilder's right side- a sliding kick meant to take his footing and force the human into a grapple where his blades would be of little use. '

[CHAT] Crescendo stops a moment at Agatta's words. She was right about one thing. It hated Gilder--and this may be a chance to hunt -him-. That would be something to relish. It doesn't speak, to either of them anymore, but it does actually move closer, watching the fight from the nearby underbrush. Hunting Gilder. That would be a thing, wouldn't it? A goal. It wasn't something it thought about before, Gilder was so strong as to be a God. But this... this might be the one opportunity. It didn't want to pass it up.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Agatta stood there, staring in the direction of the battlefield, although she wasn't able to see what was happening - she could only feel it. (Ku... ku... ku... that's fine, take your distance. This old lady's gonna get a front row seat. Although... it would be nice if a couple of nice young men would keep me safe. Should I pass on, don't hold it on your concious or anything, dearie.) she stated softly, though it was obviously with an undertone to goad the two into following behind her. Should they come to peril, she had enough power to protect them.'

[CHAT] Gilder watched as the Icerian closed the distance once more between the two. As the punch came in to connect with his jaw, Gilder swung the blade in his left hand with enough ferocity that it cut straight through Vencer! Or well... an image of Vencer, at least. Close enough. The feign paid off in Vencer's favor, causing Gilder to fall to his right side to the ground where Vencer had slid past him. [Fucking...] With little else he could do, Gilder forced his energy in to one of his blades like a conduit once more, this time with a solid blue aura, a similar shade that Vencer wore in his own aura. "Release!" he screamed out as the aura infused itself into the blade before imploding upon itself. "Let's see if you can handle ice that's not your own!"

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'This in itself might be a fool's errand, but as the blade exploded, the area around where the two were now became encased in a solid sheet of ice, sticking from the ground and rising into the sky like an iceberg. Gilder, at least, was now trapped in this solid sheet of ice - frozen in suspended animation, and hopefully Vencer would be too.'

[CHAT] Shakendo stood near the old lady watching the battle noticing that Crescendo had gone back into the underbursh 'That thing is quite pecular' Shakendo watched as Gilder unleashed an attack that resulted in a giant sheet of ice that had ... Gilder frozen in it, Not knowing what else to do Shakendo just started to laugh "He released an attack of ice ... on a person that uses ... ice to fight" Shakendo took a moment to relish in the irony of what he was seeing 'I knew this guy was nuts, but this is just ... hilariously nuts' Shakendo moved a little closer to see if he could see the other fighter.

[CHAT] Vencer felt the human's legs buckle and with a flex of his tail against the earth pushed himself back up onto two feet, his body keeping the momentum of his slide and drawing on it like pendulum to sway back. A pop of his feet brought him into the air, a snap of his legs sending his limbs flying out to stretch and "scizzor" Gilder at the neck and then--- The earth blazed again, this time a stream of frozen energy jettisoning out of the ground. The sound of crunching window panes invaded all of Vencer's senses as the battle became frozen-still. Vencer's eyes were fixated on a compressed moment of time, but perhaps unlike his advisary Vencer's mind wasn't made still by the sudden freeze as he and the human were both locked in a glacier of Gilder's Talent.

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks, backpedaling a moment as there was a sudden glacier shooting through the area. Then it was still. They weren't moving. Were they trapped? Was Gilder able to breathe? Please let that not be the case. He would make a perfect TV dinner for the evening! Still, with everything quiet it could take a chance to actually step out of the underbrush and get a good look at the pair now. The Icerian was interesting, but not its target. What Agatta had said had lit a fire in it--it hated Gilder, wanted him dead. Wanted him gone. Wanted to hunt him. Wanted to -eat- him.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Well... this was about as far as Gilder had gotten in this abrupt plan. His body core temperature was quickly falling, but for the immediate moment he was still concious and his vision was fixed on the sole image of Vencer's legs getting ready to squeeze the life out of his neck. [Well... theory... worked... he... can't... move... in... ice... need... to... shiver... can't... move... either...] Using his own body as a conduit, a brown aura began to compress around his body, and through it, Gilder's body slow began to vibrate. [I learned my lesson from trying to revive that detective with electricity... gotta move quick with this!] With another push of energy, the vibrations of his body intensified, causing the iceberg to crack at an impressive rate until it got to the point where the ice broke apart and shards of ice would violently be sent out in every direction around the scortched clearing.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Agatta knew that Crescendo had gotten too close for his own good, and before the ice shattered, she appeared before the creature and shielded it from harm, her own white aura erupting in front of the two, and while the ice still hit them, as it passed through the aura it would discintegrate into water vapor that passed by. As the immediate threat came to an end, Agatta retreated back to where she had been previously, leaving the creature to do whatever it may please from that point.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'With the explosion of ice coming to an end, Gilder found himself grounded - the vibrations that he had sent through his body left him with multiple invisible fractures throughout his bone structure. [This... is shit... I am not a good conduit for these abilities. Dammit...] Shakily, Gilder stood back to his feet and leapt backwards, taking note of both Crescendo and Agatta who had a presence on the battle field now. [If I keep getting hit, I'm going to end up with some broken bones... and if he has his ways, from the looks of it, he'll kill me. Why is he after me specifically though? Maybe I gave him a bad first impression.]'

[CHAT] Shakendo covered his face as the ice exploded outwards 'This guy is definately nuts' Shakendo started to walk into the battle cleared area 'if someone doesnt stop this Ill never get my answers from him' he looks at Gilder then at Vencer, then at Crescendo "I know he has caused you pain, but I need him to get some answers before you ... well ... whatever your gonna do to him." he points at Gilder then looking at Vencer "You there ... " Shakendo knew this was probably a bad idea but he wanted his answers "Before you finish him off, may I have a moment with him?" pointing again at Gilder "Once I'm done you can do whatever you want with him."

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Unable to even brace himself the cracking of the glacier and the subsequent exploding force that followed it hurtled Vencer backwards the air, his body being speared and cut by thousands of shards of ice. Some were as long as daggers, other were simply razor blades that raked his smoked, grey flesh. The end result was a multitude of slashes and cuts left Vencer's entire body cut to tatters. As he landed on his back and rolled for nearly a hundred feet the jacket he had worn was cut into tethers and disintegrated away his careening body. When the Icer finally righted himself, coming to a kneel after several excruciating tumbles all that remained of his equipment was a leaden vest vound tightly to his body.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Where the ice blades had cut the vest, small grains of magnetized sand poured out. "Guess I don't need this any more." With panged breath the alien tore the hidden garment from his body, holding it aloft for a long moment before letting it drop and slam into the earth like a heap of bricks.His breath seemed to come back faster now, and even though he was grimacing in pain from the cuts his eyes blazed with ice-blue tendrils of energy. "I think that technique needs work. Pay close attention. You'll only see this once."'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Raising his leg and driving it down, Vencer's sub-zero aura turned the forest ground into frozen glass before six monoliths of ice erupted around guilder in a twenty foot radius. The Icer's blazing eyes flashed and from them a deadly ray of energy erupted. The optic blast was as thin as a razor and long as a gymnastic ribbon. It moved with blinding speed, zig-zagging in unpredictable arcs as it sped. As it sped towards Gilder it made a sudden right, struck one of the ice-obelisks and reflected off of it, gathering speed as it headed towards the next one. The Frostblazer hit and bounced off each, growing faster with each refraction until suddenly reering towards Gilder.'

[CHAT] Crescendo stared at Gilder for a few moments longer, licking over its fangs. Gilder literally tormented it. Ran it over, subjected it to its greatest fear--multiple times. Made it -suffer-. It was -relishing- this turn of fate. Still, it saw the ice splitting apart and quickly started backpedaling--though not likely fast enough and flinched, shutting its eyes for a moment and expecting a bunch of pain and... nothing? It looks up to see Agatta doing her thing. "I... uh, thanks," it says, rather sheepishly as she was helping it again. It wasn't sure what to say.

[CHAT] Gilder was still suffering from blurred vision from when Vencer struck the back of his skull earlier. As he finally got Vencer in to focus, his line of sight was cut off by a pillar of ice rising from the Earth itself. With a smirk, Gilder knew he was in deep trouble, but this guy just kept impressing him with his overwhelming amount of showcases with his ice skills. "You're good, buddy... I have to give you your props." From behind the pillar, a sharp beam of ice jettisoned around the corner and then took another sharp turn to collide with a pillar to Gilder's right. Steadying his blade into his left hand, Gilder readied himself, watching as the beams bounced off each of the perfectly place pillars, gaining momentum off each impact. Dancing around the circle created for him, Gilder narrowly avoided the beams numerous times with impressively agile movements.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'However, it quickly became too much for him and in a last ditch effort, Gilder let the beams meet with his blade, which forced him to skid backwards through the ground from the impressive force the ability had gathered. He hadn't noticed it, but his blade was cracking from the pressure, and without anticipating it, the beams pierced the sword itself and grazed Gilder's left shoulder. With this, Gilder did not continue dancing with death much longer and found himself in the air, still with no opening left to strike back at Vencer. While in the air, Gilder felt where the cut was on his shoulder only to find that it wasn't frozen, but his entire shoulder was encased in ice right down to the bone.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Now that there was some distance between them, Vencer called out to the Namekian, "Look, kid. I don't know what you did to piss this guy off, but you better be ready to finish this fight if I can't." There was no denying it, this fighter, whoever in HFIL he was, had a fair chance of breaking him if Vencer couldn't land a more decided blow soon. The Icer could feel his limbs beginning to grow numb at the tips of toes, fingers and tail from all the blood he had lost. Vencer summoned his aura again, its flames enveloping him in ice-blue bolts of energy. He took heavy breaths, chest rising and falling in a concentrated rhythm as a low roar began to build up in his throat. To those sensitive to ki-signatures, the bellow of his power would noticeably stir, his inner chakras fanned by latent potnetial. Crackling bolts of transcendant energy danced over Vencer's body, tracing the grooves of his natural sockets and inset plates.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- '"AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAHHHHHH!!!" The Icer released a monsterous "Ki-Ah" as the levees of his inner most power broke and a coursing flood of power surged through him. The Icer's muscles multiplied in mass, his veins becoming visible beneath the skin as his stature doubled in size and ferocity. The earth cracked, the pane of glass beneath Vencer's feet exploding like a stone being hurled through a mirror. The Icer launched from the earth with the force of a starship, heading towards Gilder and attacking with a blazen flurry of blows. Each was intended to maim, to crush, to break and sever. These were not the strikes of a flamboyant street-fighter but decisive, fight-ending martial arts.'

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks and backpedals again as the Icerian bulks up and throws even more power out--it wasn't strong. It knew that much. Not compared to these two, but it wasn't going to let this chance pass by, either. If the Icerian couldn't finish off the human, it would try. It's earlier attempts at fighting were stymied by its own wounds and the huge power differential, but now, with Gilder having his own wounds... maybe things would be more even. That was a goal--a focus. Something it could shoot towards... hopefully soon. Revenge. It kept its eyes on Gilder. Studying him, studying how he fought--he was good. But it would not be satisfied until it came out on top.

[CHAT] Gilder watched as the Icerian's power noticably surged through his body. [He's really not holding back... fine.] Landing on one of the pillars of ice that Vencer had created, Gilder placed his only remaining blade into the ice and clenched his fists. His own aura began to flare up, not one manipulated by his enchantments. His aura was a solid, yet brightly shimmering white, very similar to what Agatta had shown earlier, as if it was to represent every color combining in to one. Letting off a fierce roar, Gilder released even more of his energy, breaking through the limitations that were allowed to him by the chip that was implanted on his left temple - though this caused inconceivable pain to Gilder as it not only sent painful pulses through his body, but also created a high pitched screech in his head that didn't stop until he returned his levels of power to tier 3 levels.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'However, he wouldn't - he couldn't. At this point, with this opponent, he had to oppose the restrictions placed on him by the EDF. With a final roar, his aura pulsed out one final time, shattering apart the ice that encased his left arm to leave a bleeding cut - sending a single pulse of wind throughout the forest that the other two would feel - and then the aura would collapse around his body to create what seemed to be a thick layer of energy around Gilder's body. Vencer launched himself after Gilder at the perfect time, as Gilder lunged forward to greet the Icerian with his own fist, the two of them colliding in what seemed like a frozen picture of the single blow, both of their energies storming through the forest in numerous flares of frozen wind. '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The two continued making vicious blows against one another, sparking shots of energy blinding their current location as they rocketed through the sky, matching blow for blow. However, with each blow, though Gilder couldn't feel it through the pain already being forced upon him by the chip, the fractures inside of Gilder's skeletal structure would begin to worsen.'

[CHAT] Shakendo stood watching, getting excited. He was starting to wish he was fighting this epic battle with Gilder 'This is seriously becoming exciting now' he wanted to get involved, he wanted to get involved so bad that he was starting to float in the air without even knowing it 'I dont wish this on anyone but I hope I get to finish off this person who tied me to a chair' he noticed that he was now floating in the air "What the ... " Shakendo hit the ground with a loud THUD before he could even realise what was happening 'Was I just flying?'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'Shockwaves erupted off their trades strikes, each collision of knuckle, shine and palm echoing outward witha risidual shockwave that leveled anything in its past. Their fight careened backwards through the woods, the two of them crashign between the trees and blowing apart their bark just from proximity. Ancient elms that had withstood hurricanes and forest fires were toppled, hillocks that had survived seismic quakes that predated them by thousands of years collapsed. Every waking second of the battle was like a heart-attack for Vencer, whose body could barely control such unbridled power.'

[CHAT] Vencer: -- 'His muscles tore, his ligaments shredded, his bones cracked with every exchange. He fought viciously, doing everything he could to diable or debilitating Gilder but his efforts were tit-for-tat and in the most agonizing minute of his life he was slowly, persistently beaten until a final blow suddenly broke through his weakening defenses and Vencer was sent hurtling earthward. The Icer hit the ground with the force of a falling meteor, his body dragging across the earth for a full mile, digging a trench as it passed. The earth broke away from Vencer in great, smoking cascades and when at last his body reached a stand-still the Icer's form had shrunken back to its natural state and bore indescribable layers of bruises and breaks.'

[CHAT] Crescendo takes off at a run after Gilder and the Icerian, still studying Gilder. Maybe it could use that against him somehow. Only one way to try. Still, those words were stuck in its head--hunting Gilder. Making him pay for what he's done. Forcing it to flee its home. Running it over. Breaking its arm--torturing it after the fact. Even leading Greyfur to turn on it--everything was his fault. All of it. He would pay. There's a low growl as it dives into the underbrush one last time nearby wherever Gilder was at now, its power hidden--effectively vanished, trying to prepare for a surprise assault. It would need every bit of help it could get. But Gilder... he was going to pay. To be prey.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The two's fierce battle through the sky and earth met its end as Gilder finally broke Vencer's defenses, and in that moment a swift roundhouse kick to Vencer's right side crippled the Icerian mid-air. "You're finished!" he yelled out, ramming his energy-infused palm into his opponent's chest, sending Vencer roaring through the earth. Not letting up, the aura Gilder was encased in solely collected into his right fist and he rocketed through the air at Vencer's downed position, piercing the sky with a powerful whistle as the aura left a tail behind him until he finally came face-to-face with Vencer, slamming his fist down, collapsing the Earth itself with the immense force he had concentrated into his fist at that point. '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'When the rubble faded, Gilder would be seen mounted atop of Vencer, his fist deliberately having missed the target and dug into the earth, panting at a rate that it felt like he would never catch his breath. His vision at this point was about as useful as having his eyes closed. He wanted to pass out, here and now, atop of the Icer, his energy completely exhausted, but he just sat there with his fist in the ground. No words. No thoughts.'

[CHAT] Shakendo saw Gilder sitting atop this new comer that had challenged him, visibly week and tired 'I never stood a chance, I must be just as crazy as he is' Shakendo started to run to where the two now were, not noticing Crescendo in the underbrush 'I might never get another chance like this' Becoming so excited he begins to float again not realizing it but slowly floats back down again "We need to hurry!" he said knowing Crescendo would hear him, as he reaches Gilder he stops dead in his tracks as he sees Gilder with his fist in the ground "You missed?"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- It was time to make a move. Gilder was tired, weak, injured, exhausted. Suddenly a form lunges at Gilder from behind--Gilder himself. "YOU BASTARD!" shouts Gilder's own voice as he tries to bring both forearms to the back of the 'actual' Gilder's head in a double axe-handle, that's just the start as he pretty much goes crazy and keeps yelling and throwing more and more wild blows, trying to copy the man's own fighting style, but not experienced enough to do anything of the sort yet, though it accentuating each attempted hit with another yell. "You tortured me! Took me from my home! Made my friends turn on me!" there's a wordless yell of frustration, "You took everything from me... but now. Now I'm taking it back. And more! I am going to -be- you! Gilder! Everything you are -will- -be- -mine-!"

[CHAT] Gilder just sat there at Crescendo physically berated his body, but it felt like nothing compared to the fight he just partook in. His words fell on deaf ears as Gilder could not hear anything that either of them had said to him due to the chip's screech temporarily deafening him. Having enough of being hit from behind, Gilder's aura flared up once again, this time much more eratic and unstable, but died down soon after - it was only meant to get Crescendo off of his back (literally.) Taking to his feet, Gilder stepped aside so that he was no longer atop Vencer and then turned around. Their forms were just blobs in his eyes, but he assumed that one was Shakendo and one was Crescendo, as they were both too tall to be his teacher. Speaking, he sounded very distant while raising and lowering his voice at random intervals, "I will fucking destroy you... go away..." he said in a monotonous, unconvincing tone.

[CHAT] Shakendo looks at Gilder for a moment, noticing that he is clearly near defeat he swings at Gilders head as hard as he can "This is for tying me to a chair, and trying to kill me" Shakendo went to take a second swing at Gilder but missed as a ball of ki goes flying off into the distance and results in a pop with a small puff of smoke, continuing to swing at Gilder "I hope your happy ..." as Shakendo continues to swing at Gilder another ki ball flies at him, but fades before it makes contact.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Not-Gilder was pushed back by the aura flare, but wasn't about to give up, he immediately charges back into the fray--joined by the Namekian this time, it seemed. Shakendo. That was his name. This guy it liked! But right now it had revenge on its mind, instead of attacking from the front, though, it slipped around, trying to get around the man for a figurative backstab--attempting to wrap an arm around his neck from behind, grabbing his other arm, and trying to choke the life out of him--as well as hold him for Shakendo's own attacks. "I'm going to kill you, Gilder. I'm going to take your place," he growls as he does so. Probably not, it definitely wasn't strong enough to out and out take his place. But damn if telling Gilder that wasn't satisfying.

[CHAT] Gilder was beginning to cave from the pain that was blazing through his body. He just wanted to sleep - his mind wasn't aware of most of what was happening at this moment as his energy was exhausted to the point that he couldn't even take flight at this point in time. "You're both going to die... I'll kill..." he stopped speaking as Crescendo came from behind and began to choke the human while Shakendo continued to punch him.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The situation had gotten to the point that it required her intevention, so Agatta came dropping from the sky, keeping her distance from the group of men that resembled a couple of playground bullies picking on the handicapped child. (Alright you two, that's enough. Put my student down.) she stated in a firm, elderly voice, allowing her own aura to release to show the two that she meant business. (While I do understand your frustrations with him, I cannot allow his death under my watch. However, if you with to proceed, I'll gladly put these old bones to the test...)'

[CHAT] Shakendo stopped mid swing at the old lady making her presence known "I ... " he didnt know what came over him, but he wanted to exact some revenge for being tied to a chair "But ..." he looks at Crescendo who is holding him "She has a very persuasive argument ... " he thinks for a moment then looks at Gilder who is clearly struggling at this point "Put him down my friend, Killing him wont change anything, I know how you feel, I have gone through losing everything myself, it wont help" thinking back to when his home village was destroyed "My whole home village was destroyed, I will tell you about it another time, as now is not the time." Shakendo looks at Crescendo "I wont stop if you wish to go through with it, but remember, it wont change anything."

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Not-Gilder just glares at the old woman, as if daring her to actually intervene, before looking to Shakendo. "That's where your wrong," he speaks, with a sadistic grin on his face. "When I kill him, I'm going to eat him. I'll get everything--every memory he's ever had. Every thought. I'll know -why- he did this to me. -Tortured- me. Ran me over! Turned them against me..." it says, repeating itself from its earlier yells. "I'll even know everything you taught him. -I- could be your student. Wouldn't that be nice?" he speaks, squeezing harder, trying to literally choke the life out of him. "If you want me to stop. Stop me. I like you. I won't fight you. But I'm asking you, don't. He -deserves- it!"

[CHAT] Shakendo looks at Crescendo a moment "Fine, if you wish to continue this pointless action, then good luck with her." pointing at the old woman "I have no desire to kill this man ... not like this ... if Im gonna kill him, I want it to be my way." Shakendo backs away and sits down on a nearby tree stump, looking at the old lady "I give you my word if I am to kill this man, it will be my terms, not convience." he then gets up motions for Crescendo to follow then without hesitation walks away "If you dont follow then I understand, but it wont change anything regardless of what you think." he says without even turning to look back at Crescendo 'I will beat you ... one day...'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The thwack in the head sent Not-Gildert staggering off a few paces, letting go of the actual Gilder, with a genuinely surprised and hurt look on his face. "Why!?" its voice yells out, changing again before he takes off in a huff--not following Shakendo. It wasn't going to be a 'follower' anymore. That, at least, it took to heart. But it wasn't going to end it like this--it would be back. Gilder was going to die. That was a purpose. Hunting could be its purpose. It loved the thrill of it. Especially this one. But who to hunt, and why? Beyond Gilder, anyway. That's what it needed to figure out.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The old woman glared off into the direction that Crescendo left in, upset that she had to resort to force to save Gilder from death. As the human dropped to the ground, the elder woman let off a sigh of relief as she found he was still breathing. (I know I told you to see this through, but I didn't mean killing a man who was already dead... live off your own strength, not that of others,) she stated, hoping that Crescendo would hear her as he skulked away. Her body was much too frail to move the human, or the icerian for that matter, and she could not leave either alone. Sitting in between them, she first focused on the Icerian's wounds before moving to Gilder's, whose wounds were much more complex for her to mend.'

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Re: The Difficult Choice: Vencer vs. Gilder

Post by Rizion » 06 Aug 2017, 08:48

There was a whole lot that I really liked about this log, which shouldn't be a surprise since its a pretty awesome battle. There are also somethings that were kinda meh but I'll try to break it all down.

Loved the opener. Even without knowing exactly why Shakendo is being held by Gilder, the two of you do a real good job at just playing the roles of capture and captive, cat and mouse, until Gilder pulls a Vergel and just tosses a bomb in the cave to fish Shak out. Which by the way, Gilder is a major villain in this entire log. So much so that it makes me question how or why he's even still in the EDF. Having a blacksite cave where he houses his personal "criminals" is a huge heel turn but using BOMBS to fish them out is an even bigger "wtf" moment as to why anyone sworn to uphold the law and protect Earth would do something like this. Now let it be known, I think Gilder makes for a great baddie, but I think more people (NPCs) need to reflect this. Like Agatta, she seems to know Gilder is kind of a dick, but she gives him an excuse. I think there should be a point of no return for him in her eyes at some point where he is just embraced by the darkside so to speak.

Now for Vencer showing up. Really would have loved some motivational reason for Vencer to be here to save Shak other than writer's will. I mean it works, but he just kinda appeared and left for wanting and kinda diluted his reasoning for fighting this hard. We don't see this level of action from Vencer very often, but when we do, usually there is a very good reason for him to try to go beyond his limits. Even if it were just him wanting to face a big challenge, something. But don't let this be a take away, Vencer did his damn thing in this log. Like I said, we don't get to see Ven go all out very often, but when he does, its pretty awesome to see. It was hard to tell if there was even a power gap between these two save for the end when Gilder really unleashed his powers and finished the fight. So kudos to you both.

Now for the things I kinda didn't care for.

After Vencer appears, we see Cres, and they do a good job of getting Shakendo away to safety, but really after that, the posts between you two kinda took away from the fight itself. Same for when Agatta showed up. Its hard to make your character interesting when they are doing nothing and all of this is going on, but even Agatta said that seeing two power houses go at it like this right in front of them should be something to push new metas to want to reach that level, or maybe they don't. Maybe seeing all the destruction happening could be a deterrent. What I would have -loved- to see was a 3v1 battle. Its really moments like this that kinda define what a character really is on the page, despite what the writer may think the character is in their head. Like as Cres is watching, all it is focusing on is getting revenge on Gilder. It hates him. It wants to eat him, but it literally did nothing till the very end and tried to scavenge off all the work Vencer put in. Like a part of me wanted Gilder to just murderlate the two of you at the end. Had it been to avenge Vencer, the hero of the tale, that makes sense, but the timing on your involvement was just off. And again, Agatta telling them not to kill Gil because he is "misunderstood" seemed more like an excuse for Gilder to be the way he is and not be perceived as the evil dick he really is.

All-in-all good work guys.

Ps. Since Gilder wants to play with swords I think I see a certain Konatsu making his way to Earth to show him a thing or two.

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Re: *The Difficult Choice: Vencer vs. Gilder

Post by Ceal » 08 Aug 2017, 20:10

Agatta's presence was kind of an impromptu thing when it became obvious that the two weren't going to do as you said and join the battle. Initially it was a goad to push them to do so, though obviously it didn't work. At the end where she stops things abruptly, for one thing it was because she had disappeared at a certain point in the middle of the RP and had to do something so that she didn't vanish into the wind. Another piece of why she would have stopped it was because of the relationship that her and Gilder have. She knows that he's a dick. She knows it's hard for him to make friends. She, however, does not see the "evil" deeds that he does per se. Yes, she knew he kidnapped Shakendo, but she literally does not know Shakendo, so for all she knows he's the bad guy. Yes, she knows Crescendo hates Gilder, but from her perspective Gilder also guided her to save Crescendo's life. She's old, she doesn't ask questions and she doesn't WANT to be involved, but she's also a retired EDF officer who was part of the action back in her day. So it's kinda hard to stay out of everything at the same time. It's that student-teacher bond where you want to see the best in those you've raised if, for nothing better, because you were the one who raised them. And who wants to admit they failed?

Her character is vastly unwritten and unexplored, and that's poor characterization on my behalf, but gimme a break, I'm trying! :( I really haven't NPC'd much in the past, but I'll try and become better about it.

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