*A Show of Agatta

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*A Show of Agatta

Post by Ceal » 12 Jul 2017, 12:01

As the two sat down for a dinner cooked by Gilder (age 23), he and Agatta (age 74) sat on the floor - at a table that barely was a foot off the floor - across from one another. Gilder had just put the final piece of the meal in the middle and now began to serve up a plate to his old teacher. She spoke while sniffing the aroma of the meal, as if trying to figure out what she was about to eat, (I see that you chose to cook one of my woodland friends... A tokory, if I'm not mistaken, right?) Impressed by how strong her sense of smell was since she lost her sight, Gilder chuckled before responding, "Ya, there were a group of the featherless birds in the trees behind your place. I'm surprised by how many ingredients you still have out here. Is this where you've been since the incident that caused you to retire?"

Grabbing a piece of silverware, Agatta began to dig into her meal - although she loved all the creatures of the forest, the nutrients were important to keep her alive, and she didn't feel like disappointing her student by refusing his meal. (Yes. The EDF relocated me here to watch over the forest... apparently that's what they do with all retired members - they station them somewhere on Earth and still assign them a vector to watch over during retirement. It wasn't much of a vacation at first, but the lifestyle has grown on me, and I it.) The two sat in silence while they ate, soon after leading Gilder to gather up the dishes and take them to her sink, kneeling down to use it as everything was lowered compared to a normal household to fit her short stature - though the home itself was still big enough to fit somebody of his height.

As she sat there, Agatta continued to talk to Gilder, (So tell me... why are you on field missions now? I thought that you had become a pilot instructor, last I heard. Was that not your cup of tea?) she questioned as she took a sip from her cup of herbal tea. While scrubbing one of the cooking pots clean, Gilder let off a sigh before responding, "Well..." he started, trying to think about where to begin the story, "...in short, you know the type of... personality that I have, right?" he asked. (Ku...ku...ku... all too well - after all, I watched you break out of your shell, didn't I? It truly was an intimidating turn from that nice little boy that came crawling to our care from New Majourn,) she answered, taking another sip. "Well, let's just say that my personality isn't exactly personable with students. Which apparently is important to keep them from making bad decisions... such as taking their own lives."

Almost choking on her tea at the mention of suicide, Agatta began to beat on her own chest which caused Gilder to drop a dish on the floor, causing it to shatter as he came to her aid. As he came to her side, Agatta hit Gilder in the stomach with the cane that was always at her right side. (Idiot! You broke one of my dishes! I'm *cough cough* fine. Go clean up that mess!) While holding his stomach, he grabbed the toy-sized broom and dustpan from her closet and began to swep up the mess - he felt like a giant in a toy house. (I told you before that you needed to figure out how to balance your cruel side and your sweet side in the presence of others. I take it you have not done so?) she asked, shooting an empty-eyed glare in his direction.

**Freezing up, Gilder took a breath as he remembered this glare from a little over three years ago...**

(Stand up you weakling! I hope you don't think of EDF officers like this - if so, you can just go back home to mommy!) the woman in front of him yelled as Gilder (age 20) went crashing to the floor. This woman was Agatta (age 71) - she was still short and old, but her pupils were brown and had an intense flame hidden behind them. She held a kendo stick in her hand, though did not wear any of the standard armor with it, unlike the rest of the instructors and students in the room... aside the one she just knocked to the ground. (These pansies can take the easy way out with their armor, but you're facing an old lady! You shouldn't need armor, come on, strike me down!) Holding the kendo stick in her right hand, she taunted him on with her left, causing the younger Gilder to rise and continue the match.

After the class had concluded, the two still stood there, Gilder panting heavily with sweat dripping down his body, drenching his clothes. Gilder wore innumerable red marks from where Agatta's kendo stick had struck his skin, resulting in his normal ebony colored skin looking like he had just taken a bath in a boiling pot of water. Each point of contact had never been hit twice - her precision and accuracy were amazing - she did not want to break skin. Agatta, his teacher, on the other hand, had not been hit a single time. (Seriously pathetic... you can't even hit me once and it's been two and a half hours. I told you that you're not leaving until you strike a blow, didn't I? You may have joined the EDF two months ago without any formal training, but I can put an end to your career as a soldier with just a single note to the HR department, you know that, right?) This caused Gilder to squint his eyes, although his vision was blurry from exhaustion. "I'm sorry... that I'm... failing you, master..." he stated with genuine disappointment and exhaustion behind his voice. (Don't apologize to me, apologize to yourself when you get sent back to New Majourn as a failure who couldn't even beat up my wrinkled, legally midget, self. You're a disappointment to virility across the universe!)

Falling once again for her taunts, Gilder lunged with the kendo blade and slashed to her right side, only for her to have already been ready to block it before Gilder swung. The slashes continued from Gilder only for them to be blocked with such precision it was as if she could read his movements before he even wasted his time making them. After a flurry of swings and blocks from the two of them, Gilder went for a cheap tactic and fell to the ground, sweeping his leg under Agatta, trying to knock off her balance. It didn't matter, however, as she had already become aerial and swung her kendo stick down at the top of his skull with a firm *WHACK,* causing Gilder to fall face first into the sparring mat. Using the momentum of the blow, Agatta spiraled through the air and landed behind Gilder, her own back turned towards him. (BAKA! BAAAKKKKAAAAAA! You seriously thought that was going to work? Stop getting desperate and stop over thinking your movements, you're making it easy to read your next course of action.)

Gritting his teeth, Gilder did not allow this match to end and picked himself up off the mat, lunging forward, in the opposite direction of her, to create distance between the two. With the two now facing back-to-back with one another, the spectators that had gathered in the bleachers throughout the training room could see a grin on both of their faces. Wiping his brow with his free hand, Gilder swiftly turned around and launched himself towards his teacher, who had mimiced the exact same action and now the two were charging after one another. As the two collided, an eruption of energy detonated from the two, illuminating the room with a blast of pure, white energy. After the surge of light faded from the room, the two would be seen with blades still collided, each struggling to break the other, which was the first time that Agatta had gotten into a dead-lock with her student. The two spared no words for eachother, only their eyes meeting with nothing but a smile worn on eachother's face.

From the stands, the silence grew in to whispers as the other students and proctors were talking amongst eachother.
[He's not going to win...]
[Agatta is so intense, wow...]
[He's not bad, but he's no master...]
[Did you hear that he killed his own mother?]
[I hope that he doesn't try to kill her...]
[How did he even get into the EDF?]
[He doesn't belong here...]
[He's a monster...]

After hearing the comments about having killed his own mother, Gilder's concentration noticably wavered, resulting in Agatta taking control and breaking the dead lock. As she aimed for a new spot on the right side of his body to strike, Gilder had already swung his kendo blade at her left side, and the two struck one another at the same instant. Both were too stubborn and did not recoil, only continuing to force their blades into the other's side before both caved at the same moment and were sent flying across the room. Gilder collided with the wall on the other side of the room and caused the reinforced steel to concave while he just lied there, holding the spot that had been struck, which was beginning to bleed through his shirt. Agatta, on the other hand, spun as she neared the wall she was send flying towards, and met the steel with her feet, buckling under the force before launching herself with intense force across the room to where Gilder lied. As she arrived at his position, she spun once again in the air and drove her stick into the floor, piercing through the steel with a kendo stick that glew in a reinforced, white aura. The stick pierced the ground just between Gilder's legs, and Agatta stood balanced at the tip of the hilt, staring down at her student. (You let their words get to you...) she stated solemnly with an icey glare of certain disappointment.

**Shaking his head, Gilder returned from the memory of that glare as he was dumping the broken dish into the trash.**

"You're right... I haven't done very well with balancing how I speak to others. You know my past though, you know what I went through while on Legende..." Agatta immediately took to her feet with her tea in her left hand and her cane in the right, and from such a sudden movement, Gilder braced himself to be hit. (You are just full of excuses, aren't you? We are the ones who control ourselves. Blaming others for how you are is just a way to validate acting in inappropriate ways. That creature down in the caverns said some similar things, you know. He said others have controlled how he's acted up until this point. He's a slave to their wills. Well, you're a slave to your own doubts and lack of conviction.) Sitting back down at the table, Gilder took a sip of tea, not knowing how to respond to her. (Gilder, you're perfect as you are, you know that, right?) she stated with a soft tone, showing her elderly spirit.

"I'm not perfect, Agatta, far from it..." Holding up her hand, Agatta silenced Gilder before he continued his line of thought. (Let me ask you a similar question that I asked Crescendo...) she started, hesitating while trying to figure out how to reword it for Gilder. (What is it... that you want to change the most? Not just about yourself, but in general.) Pondering the question for a moment, Gilder went to respond, "I... would like to change my past, I guess? I have a lot of decisions I regret." Agatta shook her head and once again sat herself across from Gilder. (No no no... you can't regret what you've done. Hindsight is 20/20, you know, of course we all have decisions we regret. Look past that. What made you go down the path of regrettable decisions?) The two of them both took a sip of their tea simultaneously as Gilder thought about it.

"Well... it kind of all started with mom going to kill me because dad left us and I killed her in self defense... I joined the EDF thinking I could get some answers to all that. Once there, however, I stopped caring about my past... but I guess that's not true, is it?" Agatta shrugged her shoulders in response and let off a yawn that was so excessive, it seemed fake. (I do not know, Gilder, I'm just an old lady. I don't have time for your family drama. I'm sure you'll figure it out though. While you do that though... get out of my forest, I need some rest. Today's been the most exhausting day I've had in almost a year!) Smiling, she walked herself into her bedroom and shut the door, and Gilder promptly went to exit her home. As he opened the door, he turned around and said, "Thanks for everything, Agatta..." before he left her home.

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Re: A Show of Agatta

Post by ikenbon » 14 Jul 2017, 11:45

Overall, this one is good. You're really fleshing out the relationship between these two characters and we're getting to see more spotlights of Gilder's prior history. I like Agatta as a character, she has a lot of potential to be very helpful to the Cres/Shakendo/Greyfur/Gojo team (we're going to need a name for this dogpile of misfits). She gives Gilder some very practical advice here and is definitely a maternal figure for him but we'll have to wait and see where Gilder's path takes him in the future and whether or not Agatta's words will have any impact. As a side note: my interpretation of Agatta's speech being in parenthesis is that she's actually use sign language for her words.

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