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[Computer rebooted and I lost the first couple of rounds of the log. Continues from 'Crazy Gilder is Crazy,' Gojo/Greyfur were off getting supplies, someone blew up an entrance to the cave, and a little old lady wandered in. Cres immediately blamed Gilder because Gilder's strong enough and just too wacky to count anything out, but was too hurt to do anything about it]

[CHAT] Crescendo looks up for just a moment. It still could barely move. But even if it could. This... was entirely too obvious. Explosions, literally tearing the ground apart, and then something entirely bizarre happening once again. "...what do you want, Gilder...? Why are you still after me...?" it asks. "I can't fight. I can't even stand up. Greyfur saw to that..." it says, ruefully, before looking back down and laying its head on the ground again, not moving one bit against them and just closing its eyes. It didn't even know what it was going to do. It would need some kind of treatment, but it was stuck down here. At the moment, though, it didn't really want to do anything other than curl up.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'After turning the corner, the woman could hear the faint whispers of somebody speaking and turned back around and walked towards where the animal was lying. "Hmm?" she said before jabbing the creature with her cane gently, just to get a feel for what this creature was, as well as to see if it was still alive and responding. "I'm sorry, my eyes aren't so good anymore. Is somebody there?" she whispered out, awaiting some form of response.''

[CHAT] Crescendo just gives a pained yelp and a soft whine as it was poked and prodded. "...what do you want!?" it then yells out, a tired desperation in its voice, it speaks, huffing out, before trying to shift its weight slightly. Even that hurt. Nearly unbearably so. "Why are you here...?" it asks, before looking back down to the ground. "I can't... stand," it says, repeating itself from earlier, but just now realizing the impact of it. It quite literally could not put up a fight, or do anything else. If Gilder or anyone else for that matter wanted to take it prisoner, capture it... there was nothing it could do. It just closes its eyes at that slowly. "...who are you?"

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The woman began to chortle, Ku...ku...ku..." she said in a slow, kind tone as she took a minute to kneel down before the creature. "It seems one of my woodland friends was injured. Do not fret, my dear, I can hear your voice, somehow. So, tell me your story." The old woman set her cane on the ground to her right and began to feel Crescendo's legs, working up her way, her touch gentle to where it shouldn't hurt the injured animal in any way.'

[CHAT] Crescendo just gives low sigh and starts speaking. "I'm not a... woodland friend," is all it says at the start, just closing its eyes. It keeps talking, though. "I was... made. Created. 'Grown.' By a kid. A 'kid.' I was supposed to be a pet. A simple little... slave. Locked up. Trapped. Poked, prodded by them wanting to 'play,'" it speaks the words ruefully--spitting the words out of its mouth, if it could. "I didn't know what was going on at first. It was just all... new to me. I didn't understand. But one day... she found me. A... dragon. She... helped me see. Helped me escape. But when I got here I... well, I tried to live. Find a home. Hunt. I need to eat. To live. To learn. I've learned so much. Concepts. Human nature. The dragon, she told me. Just hunt the guilty. They'd leave me alone. But... she lied."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The woman listened intently to the words of the creature, and after a minute to tending to his legs, she just stopped abruptly and stared at the creature. "I see that you have had a hectic life. To me, it sounds like you have learned little." She paused and placed her hands over the creature, her palms glowing white. "You have had a life that is not yours, you have let others run your life for you my dear. So tell me, what is it that you want out of life? I can hear your voice, you live by eating. You live by learning. Every race in this universe has those basic instincts, but what separates you from them is what you desire from life..." Again the woman paused and smiled - although she could not see this creature, she knew that it had a heart of innocence. '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"My name is Agatta. These woods are my home after a long life working with the EDF - I sensed a disturbance in this area and came to investigate." It would seem unlikely that this woman would have been able to break through the rubble at the entrance to the caverns by herself, but there was no other presence in the caverns aside from those present. "I live my life tending to this forest to keep it thriving, to keep the balance... and I sense that the balance has been shaken in your world. Am i correct?"'

[CHAT] Crescendo exhales its breath slowly, this was something it had to think. "I... I want to be free. They want to take me. Trap me. Put me in a cage. I don't even... know what else they'd want to do to me. I... it terrifies me," it goes quiet for a moment, something on its mind. "Other than that, though... I'm not sure..." it goes quiet a moment, going over its own feelings in the matter meticulously, like someone seriously studying their tools for the first time, "I love the hunt. It's... thrilling. A slow tempo at first. But rising faster and faster. Until it all comes together in that... what's the word? I'm not sure. Whatever it is it's... powerful. That's... what it is, isn't it? I like feeling powerful. In control. The prey... they all hunt other people too... hurt them. Steal from them. Even kill them. Not even for food. I like doing this," it nods to itself, just now coming to that conclusion on its own.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'At this point, the energy that Agatta was bestowing Crescendo with would begin to mend his wounds at an exceptionally accelerated rate. "Your answer worries me... you say you want to be free, to live your life as you want, but you do so by taking the lives of others, is that what I'm hearing?" The light in her palms began to glisten, as energy now visible poured from her and into Crescendo. "I understand the basis of what you say, and I know you see that as your one and only truth, but what else is it you want? What do you seek to do with your freedom? With the power and control you seek to gain through the hunt?" The old woman began to hum quietly after asking her question, and her body began to shake, the light from her palms fading in and out.'

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks as it actually lifts its head to look around, and at itself, "But that's nature, isn't it? It's what your 'woodland friends' would do. Predators hunt, prey is hunted. If the predators weren't there, the prey would grow too large, throw everything out of balance, run out of food, and die anyway. If there were no prey, the predators would starve. The dragon tried to spin it as... protecting the innocent, but that wasn't it," it shook its head, "Not why I hunted, anyway. I thought about it, though... I had a friend. Other people. They tried to help me. Or so I thought. They just... stabbed me in the back," it says with a low growl. "What else, though... I... don't know," it says. It wasn't sure there were any other major passions other than the hunt. But there was something else, "...what are you doing?"

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Agatta took a deep breath as she released her control of the energy, her body not being able to handle much more. You idiot..." she said softly as she grabbed the cane at her side and promptly smacked it across Crescendo's skull - mind you she just meant to hit him, it wasn't inteaded to be a head shot. "I asked you what you WANT! What do you WANT!? What do you seek at the end of the hunt? To simply live? That is not a life. What is the purpose of you not being captive to others? Because it's easy to be both captive and alive. It's easy to be free and live. It's hard to find purpose, and that's what you lack." Using the cane as support, Agatta lifts herself off the ground and places her free hand behind her back as she blindly stares down at Crescendo, a disappointed frown on her face as if she was judging her own child's actions. '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"I have done what I can to heal your injuries. You should be able to meet up with your friends, and I have also re-opened the entrance to these caverns should you choose to leave that way." The elderly woman turned her back to the creature and began to walk the way she came in. "You don't need your answer now, and you don't need to find the answer because I asked it. You need to find it so that you can lift the shackles from yourself and begin to truly live life."'

[CHAT] Crescendo was dazed by the whack in the head momentarily, it gave a surprised yelp, before speaking, "Hey!" it says, before shaking its head slowly, and then trying to stand up. For the first time in... what felt like weeks but was probably only a day or two, it didn't hurt. It could stand. "I... thanks," it speaks, looking to the old woman. Purpose? It found joy in the hunt. But what would be a greater purpose? A goal to dedicate itself to. That... was something that would take some thinking. As this Agatta mentions its friends it just looks down, "If they were my friends they wouldn't have attacked me," it speaks, actually sounding hurt at that. "I should move on. I... I need to think. Thank you, ah... Agatta. I'm... Crescendo. That's what they called me... maybe I should leave that behind, too? Come up with a new name... choose one for myself," it gives another slow exhale, thinking, before starting to head towards the exit.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As the creature began to follow behind her, she let off a smile. "Don't do that. Crescendo is a fine name. It is important to know your roots, to accept who you are, and where you came from, because that ultimately shapes who you are and who you will become. Don't regret who you are and don't discard those you know, from what I hear your friends have helped you out. Don't throw that all away, go back to them and let them know you are there for them too. That is friendship. That is a genuine bond, and those are important." The old woman was not very quick on her feet, so if the creature was still following behind her he would be walking at a fairly slow pace as well.'

[CHAT] Crescendo still follows after her. "I tried to help them. I tried... getting the guy to follow me. Just to... get him to leave them alone. It was me he was after, not them. I could've... fooled him. Or tried to, at least," it gave a hmph. "They kept... following me. They wanted to help me, but it just kept making it harder. Greyfur. She started yelling and... doing everything she could to get noticed," it just shook its head. "And at the end... when he wanted us to turn on each other... I was trying to tell him 'no,' I didn't want to go hunt one of the few people who were ever nice to me and she... attacked me. That fall nearly killed me..."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As the two arrived at the entrance, the woman began to float in the air to ascend out of the pit of rocks, the creature still following behind her, presumably ascending by climbing the rocks - it wasn't that steep of a climb. "I'm sure that in their own way, everyone is just trying to help you, even if you can't see it. But that's a choice you have to make for yourself, who to trust..." As Crescendo arrived at the surface, he would be greeted by a familiar sight, a human... the same human that had relentessly been trying to exterminate it.'

[CHAT] Gilder stared at the creature as it rose from the pit and merely scowled as his teacher perched herself on his shoulder. "...and who not to trust, right? Is that what you were going to say, Agatta?" Immediately the elderly woman smacked Gilder upside the back of his head and spoke, (I can speak for my own self you insolent child! I'm not that old that I lose my train of thought!) Grumbling, Gilder promptly takes to the air, having seen today's mission complete with the help of Agatta. "See ya around, Crescendo. Hope you enjoyed meeting my old teacher." The woman once again hit Gilder on his head before yelling out, (SHUT UP and take me home! I'm tired and I'm hungry! Hopefully you've learned to cook better than you used to!)

[CHAT] Crescendo goes wide-eyed in surprise, though it really should have seen this coming--and did, in fact, it had this figured for some kind of trap from the start, it had just been so lost in contemplation over what she had said it had completely forgotten, it took a defensive stance and growled lowly... only to look confused as Gilder... just up and walks away. It never could understand that man. He was fascinating and terrifying, all at once. If it was stronger it would follow him, but as it stood it just... waited for the moment, looking back in the cavern. It wasn't sure what to do... and it had a lot to think about.

[CHAT] Gilder landed deep within the woods where Agatta lived and set her down on the ground just in front of her door. "You see now why I can't kill him, right? He's... innocent, in a way, although he's guilty of so much. I don't know its story, but--" Gilder was stopped with another crack of the cane to his ankle. As he hobbled to the ground, Agatta spoke out, (It sounded like a bunch of excuses. It probably won't change, creatures like that can only act how they want to act, but he still deserves the chance and the attention to reach those changes should it choose to. I agree with not killing it, but I feel it won't turn out to be any upstanding citizen. You have fun with that, I'm too old for this crap...) She began to walk towards her home and opened the door. (Now get in here, make me some dinner, and then get the hell out of my forest and stop trying to burn it down.) Limping, Gilder walked in after Agatta and began his day as her servant... <Fix>

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Re: Change

Post by ikenbon » 12 Jul 2017, 09:07

Some really excellent NPC work here by Gilder and some necessary story development. Agatta seems like the kind of character we're liable to see again so in your spare time I'd recommend flushing out a bit of her backstory and character traits.

Crescendo's posts are of good quality in this log as well. I want to continue to encourage you to lean away from the monster who eats people bit, again, it's well trodden ground for your prior characters. I'm glad Agatta was able to prompt a chance for Crescendo to consider the larger scope of what life has to offer, hopefully it will prompt a search of discovery for Crescendo and the character will come into its own.

I'm not certain where this leaves Gilder v. Newbs, can't tell if this will be the beginnings of a truce or just a break from proactively trying to kill them.

RPP rewarded.

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