*Agatta - Gilder's OLD Teacher

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*Agatta - Gilder's OLD Teacher

Post by Ceal » 12 Jul 2017, 01:18

After Gilder's confrontation with Gojo, Crescendo, and Greyfur to where he left Greyfur's hut as a pile of ash, and caused a collapse of earth that left the caverns the three had fled in to blocked off, the human had found himself in the middle of the woods, trying to remember what cave he had left Shakendo in. Though Shakendo was unconcious and restrained in the chair he had originally restrained him to, should the namekian wake before Gilder returned to him, it was certain that Shakendo would be able to break free and escape. Though this, in itself, was not the largest issue facing Gilder, he had a few topics he wanted to cover with this person in captivity before letting him go, as well as give him a bit of praise for being the only one of the three to have truly shown some guts in the face of adversity. Of the four, this namekian was the most impressive to him.

Upon reaching the cave, an elderly woman with a green robe, hood covering what few, scraggly white hairs she had, was standing, facing the cave with her back towards the approaching human. She turned around to him and stared at him with pure white eyes, her pupils faded to practically nothing, and let off a soft smile, which immediately made Gilder laugh. He recognized this woman - this woman was his teacher from a few years back. "Agatta... it's good to see you again. I was wondering where you retired off to. I see you haven't had a visit from Death yet, that's good!"

The woman let off a soft bit of laughter as she slowly approached her prior student, and immediately responded to him with a whack from her cane at his left ankle with enough force that it should have broken her cane. Gilder instantly began jumping on his right leg while holding his left in pain before kneeling down and trying to nurse it through rest. (I see you're as rude as ever, Gilder... there are some things I was never able to teach you, like empathy, you beligerant child. Tell me, who or what is in this cave?)

Her question immediately made Gilder purse his lips as he didn't want to tell her, in fear of embarassing himself. "Uhm..." he started out before her cane made contact with his skull, causing him to fall to the ground. While her strength wasn't the driving force to her, she had the presence that made Gilder drop his guard to the point that any action she dealt out came at full force. She responded before letting Gilder even finish, (Don't bother saying anything, I know you're going to lie. I can't believe after all these years you're still just an insolent child...) Agatta released a disappointed sigh before continuing, (What trouble have you gotten yourself into?)

As Agatta turned her back to Gilder, she stared once again at the cave despite the fact that she was blind. Gilder leaned back up, but stayed seated before his old teacher, and spoke in a surprisingly respectful tone, "I... you're right, I was going to lie. I'm sorry, master. It's not really trouble per se, you see, I was assigned a mission by the EDF to kill a creature that was hunting and killing criminals... however, it's gotten a bit... complicated..." he said, hanging his head in shame as he admitted his inability to complete the mission fully. With a hidden smile, Agatta started her response, (Let me guess... you couldn't kill it, could you?) Though she couldn't see, Gilder responded with a reluctant nod.

Stepping forward, Agatta lowered the hood from her robe and looked upwards at the sun that was beginning to rise. (So how many have you gotten wrapped up in this little escapade?) Looking at his hands, Gilder began to think of who the major figureheads were during this mission. "So far five... six if you count yourself. One of those five was a casualty of my own actions." Sparing her the details of everything, Gilder took to his feet, trying to keep pressure off his ankle as he hobbled forward. "One of those five is in the cave - I needed a safe place to discuss some matters with him without the possibility of interruptions. He'd actually make a good candidate for the EDF, he has... tenacity, I guess you could say."

Letting off another sigh, though it wasn't disappointment this time, Agatta shook her head. (Do you need my assistance? I knew there was a disturbance going on in my forest, but to think you of all people were at the root of it all...) There was a silence between the two as Gilder pondered the courses of action at this point. Snapping his fingers, Gilder opened his mouth to speak only for Agatta to once again hit his ankle with her cane, crippling him to the ground. (No, I'm not going to help you cover this all up you idiot. Solve it. I'm retired.) Groaning in pain, Gilder lifted his head and began to yell at the elder, "I wasn't going to ask that you crotchety old bitch! Fuckin--- Stop hitting me!"

The old woman let off a genuine laugh as Gilder's response, followed by a cough as she lost her breath. Taking in a deep breath to try to help with the pain, Gilder spoke once more, "I think the best course of action at this point is giving them time, but with how I left the target, they'll take longer than I care for. Think you can help me to just speed things along? Meet with the creature for me... he has a terrible sense of reality and life itself, and I think some old lady words might be able to get across to it, y'know?" Immediately, Agatta raised her cane as if she was going to hit Gilder once more, but stopped after Gilder cringed in fear, and then responded, (I guess that's reasonable. The sooner I can get you all out of my forest, the better, you're scaring away all my animals. I even felt a fire earlier... know anything about that...?) she said, turning her empty eyes to Gilder once again in a glare, causing him to chuckle nervously and rub the back of his neck.

Taking to his feet, Gilder grabbed the woman and heaved her over his shoulder, to which she reacted very little to as if this has happened before. (So, Gilder, have you gotten any better at those abilities of yours that we worked on developing? You able to create your dream ship yet?) After Agatta asked her question, Gilder took to the air before responding, "Haha... well, I'm getting there I guess. I can create things the size of a small house now! But nothing as complex as a full ship. I did create a car earlier though! Fully functional and completely tacky. You'd have loved it," he chirped out excitedly, like a kid describing his favorite toy. "I've also perfected that other skill we were working on where I could bring things to life. I haven't exactly figured out how it works, but hey, it's pretty legit."

Agatta nodded while sitting on her student's shoulder, the two discussing various different topics and the overall status of the mission, specifically what Gilder knew about the target - Crescendo. (He seems like he is troubled... though it seems you have failed to learn from what. Do you not ask the important questions!?) she yelled out, smacking Gilder on the back of his head. "What!? It's fucking hard to ask all these questions and get genuine answers when I have to pressure him into making spur of the moment decisions to assess the true nature of his decisions. I've basically drawn myself out as the villain, y'know. None of them are going to like and trust me." Agatta continuously slapped Gilder on the back of his head as he finished speaking, and she started, (Of course none of them are going to trust them! You tried to kill them! You idiot! BAKA! BAAAAKKKKKAAAAAAA!) she screamed out as the two landed at the spot the cavern had caved in at. Setting her on the ground, she was still franticly smacking the air where his head used to be.

"Of course I tried to kill them! That was my original mission! I told you things got a little out of hand! It's my first field mission in years!" Finally, Agatta stopped swinging her arm and began to pant heavily as she was out of breath from yelling and hitting. "You're going to kill youself! Stop overexerting yourself!!" Letting off a sigh of his own, Gilder pointed his hand at the pile of rocks and stood in front of his teacher. "Alright, shield your eyes..." he warned as he shot off a miniature drill from his palm into the pile of rocks, opening the caverns up for Agatta to go do her part.

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Re: *Agatta - Gilder's OLD Teacher

Post by ikenbon » 13 Jul 2017, 12:48

Concise but relevant. I think the most interesting part of this log is the fact that Gilder has been working his way up to creating his "Dream ship" with his expanding powers. Gilder famously bemoans his job at the EDF and well, pretty much everything else, so it's nice to see that there is something in his mind's eye that excites and motivates him. There have been references to Gilder's job as a pilot and I think bringing this to the forefront from time to time could help ground Gilder in the setting. It could be as simple as Gilder spending time performing maintenance on ships, drawing elaborate engine diagrams on napkins or catching him browsing through starship magazines during downtown.

RPP rewarded.

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