*Gone Huntin'

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*Gone Huntin'

Post by BenRGamer » 08 Jul 2017, 23:50

[CHAT] Crescendo was surprised, shocked even... it didn't know what to say, even after trying to run from them they're following still trying to protect it. It had a plan, though. One that it thought could work. "They're after me... not you, I can lose them. I learned some new tricks since the last time," it nods, its power effectively vanishing as she carries it away. "I have a plan, though. We just can't be... in the same place for it," it speaks, "Like I said, they're after me... ...not you," it speaks once again, its voice shifting mid sentence, becoming a match for Greyfur's own. "The guy, he's... kind of oblivious. I can point him in the wrong direction and lead him on a wild goose chase. But not if we're both in the same place together,"

[CHAT] Greyfur chuckled softly dodging deftly behind a tree leaving crescendo under a bush as she stumbled away "the light eternal i hope whatever you are planning will work" she muttered as she left cressy behind in the bush "by the eternal flames" she gasped as a bullet barely missed her head "is he aiming for my head!" she snarled throwing herself under another bush behind a tree hiding from whoever was following her

[CHAT] Crescendo -- As it was out of sight, it promptly changes--unfortunately the splint and other things having to come off with it, but otherwise it turns into an exact duplicate of Greyfur herself, "Stay here. As long as they think I'm you, everything will be fine... I think," it notes--at least it could walk and run like this, as opposed to it's normal form. Broken arms aren't necessary for running--that said, it starts running itself, actively trying to get the oddly flying sentien gun's attention. That Gilder was a bizarre one. Nevertheless, it was an exact duplicate of Greyfur--down to copying her energy signature. It just had to get their attention, and be caught. That... would probably hurt. But its the safest way to do it.

[CHAT] Greyfur heard crescendo calling out (damn him, what the hell does he think he is doing?) she thought poking her head around the corner of the tree to see what crescendos plan was "what the hell is he doing? the fool is going to get shot" she muttered nearly inaudiblely "the light protect him in every way" she closed her eyes sighing knowing whatever crescendo's plan was, it would end badly for either him, or her whatever the case may be -fix-

[CHAT] Crescendo -- 'Greyfur' jumps out of the underbrush--not stealthily at all, making a scene even, shoving some of it aside with her left arm. It was harder to wear this 'mask' than the others. There weren't any memories it owned to judge how it should behave--but it had seen her before. "Enough!" she calls out, "By the... um," momentary hesitation, "Eternal fire," small nod, 'yeah,' that's it. Or was it flame? One of the two. "Enough! I won't let you hunt my friend!" she shouts out. Outright making a scene to try to distract that... sentient rifle that they're running from. Trying to give the actual Greyfur an opportunity to escape.

[CHAT] Greyfur snarled under her breath "by the eternal flames, he must have a death wish" she whispered crawling closer keeping under the underbrush hoping to get a closer look, having a weird thought (the closer i am to harm, the further i am from danger) she moved as silently as she could getting closer to crescendo and the 'rifle' that was shooting at them

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The floating rifle lost a bit more altitude as it watched the female come out of hiding first. "Aha! There -- PEW -- are!" it shouted out as it shot another bullet in the direction of the disguised Crescendo, shooting as it shouted PEW in place of YOU. Should the bullet fail to hit, wherever the bullet hit would explode in a burst of lightning like it had back at the hut. "I don't know what you're hoping to accomplish by challenging my gunny prowess, but you're gonna die if you keep hanging with that creature. Or so I'm told... I don't personally know it I guess." The rifle continued to lose altitude as if it was doing so unwillingly and unknowingly.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- 'Greyfur' dove to the side at the shot--though she doesn't dodge the electrical field as it zaps her, causing her to yell out for a moment, before shaking her head vigorously. That... hurt. It knew it would. Doesn't matter how strong you are, broken bones are broken bones. Still, it had to sell it. Which meant this was just the beginning. Information gotten too easily won't be trusted. Still, she climbed to her feet, keeping her right arm held in for some reason, and panting a moment. "I... said... that's enough. It's too late anyway. You failed," she says, offering a smug grin at the gun, time to start playing it up. "He's not here anymore. By the eternal flames, he's gone,"

[CHAT] Greyfur heard the bullet hit a tree next to her she cursed under her breath as she braced herself for a nasty shock 'flames of the undying abyss" she hissed as the bullet exploded in a shower of lightning and metallic peices leaving her stunned for a short period before she seen crescendo stand back up snapping her attention back to where she needed it to be, on her friend "by the eternal light, if he fires again, stay down, and ill take your place, you need to get away more then i do, run when you get the chance" she whispered staying her ground "dodge my way so he will not get suspicious about it either"

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Dropping to about 30 feet above the ground level, the rifle looked around the area to realize that it really was only the female. "Huh... you're right, so I guess the creature took the chance to leave you to your death. Not much of an ally if you ask me. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a tool here to do a job. Oh... uhm... PEW! PEW PEW PEW PEW PEWPEW PEW!" It screeched out as only 3 more bullets came out of it, each at different points in the line of PEWs, aiming to pierce the tree that separated the rifle from its victim in order to blindly connect a shot. The final bullet that would come out would once again release a burst of lightning.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- 'Greyfur' growls lowly, this wasn't going precisely as planned, but.... "I surrender, you trigger-happy asshole! Stop trying to kill me and go get your boss!" she yells out, diving down into the bush with the real Greyfur. "Why are you still here?" it says, "I'm trying to get caught. To get him away from you--and point him in a wild goose chase," it says, grunting and wincing as it clutches its arm. It... was definitely hurting more now that it had to do strenuous activities. That... probably wasn't good. But it wasn't going to sit there like a bump on a log and let some of the few people ever nice to it get themselves killed.

[CHAT] Greyfur: -- '"you need to run, ill point him in the goosechase, you bloody fool, dont you see im trying to save your life?" she hissed silently before standing up and stepping over crescendo "didnt your lackey say no killing?" she yelled to the rifle "and why follow his oders, you could have just shot him when you had the chance, and lived as a free rifle, not being told what to do, or following anyones orders" she continued before the lightning blast behind her threw her foward a couple inches "gah, by the light" she snarled turning back to the rifle "thats what i would have done, but it seems you ran out of bullets so you cannot live a free rifle, can you?" she sighed leaning against a tree looking out to the west "i hope he is safe" she muttered her voice concealing any noise of movement behind her'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Finally the female came out from behind the trees, though it was a bit upset that the bullets hadn't killed her. "You realize that you aren't part of the proposal, right? If you had died, it would have had no effect on the end result of master's mission. Only the creature mattered." The yellow aura returned around the gun as it was only 10 feet from the forest bed now. "Whelp, seems my time is up! Maybe if you see master, you can tell him where the creature went, it's not like we're psychically connected or anything, he won't know anything about what happened here aside from I did my job and distracted you while he did whatever he was doing." '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'With the last bit of energy that remained in the personification of the rifle, it lunged itself forward directly at Greyfur, building up the aura around it before releasing the energy, finishing its time with the two in a BANG as it went off like an electrically-charged taser bomb when it got close enough. Even if it hit them, it would only stun them with momentarily with how little energy it had left.'

[CHAT] Greyfur sighed bracing herself for a high voltage shock only to be stunned for a couple seconds "by the light eternal, we have to get out of here" she muttered pulling crescendo to his feet, and shoving him east "ill stay here, tell that weirdo that you escaped from my clutches, and fled from me some time ago, , and i tried looking for you before his rifle started shooting at my head, and ill point him west" she said laughing softly "you have everything to lose, i have nothing, so if he kills me the only thing ill lose is my hope about getting revenge for my people"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- 'Greyfur' blinks as the real one... proceeds to jump out there to try to protect it, it just shook its head slowly as she took that blast, clutching its arms and ribs. There wasn't much it could do--wounded as it was it didn't have enough time to react. And then she was back, pulling it to its feet, it winces as, well, any movement is painful at the moment, though it doesn't go anywhere as she tries to push it away. "No," it says, speaking out in a different voice at the moment to differentiate itself. "I'm not going to sit here and let some of the only people who've been nice to me up and die for me--I'm not leaving without you." Should probably see about those others, too, come to think of it.

[CHAT] Greyfur Snarled loudly shoving crescendo west "get going!" she turned away looking back to the south before collapsing from the shrapnel logged in her leg from the last bullet which had peirced an artery (damn, i thought i had more strength then that, im such a fool) she closed her eyes praying crescendo had left instead of staying by her side (i knew i was bleeding out, yet i hoped i could stay conciouss just a few minutes longer) her thoughts began clouding over as she finally blacked out from bloodloss and fatigue -fix-

[CHAT] Crescendo was shoved--nearly off its feet this time. It wasn't sure what to do. It looks down momentarily, it was just about to turn to go before looking back at the collapsing Greyfur. "Greyfur!" it says, immediately going back to her to look over the wound. That... looks bad. Gotta get pressure on it. It didn't know much about medical training--that other guy knew more. But it had no idea where he was--they were seperated back at the hut. Damn it! Damn this! Damn Gilder! It grit its teeth, trying to rip off a shred of cloth to tie around the wound to keep pressure on.

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Re: Gone Huntin'

Post by ikenbon » 10 Jul 2017, 09:17

Opening to this one is very abrupt, there's a kind of Saturday morning cartoon vibe going on here (not necessarily a bad thing) and I noticed a lot of grammatical errors from Greyfur (mostly capitalization) that could easily be addressed by throwing her posts into something like microsoft word/google docs before posting to the channel.

Otherwise, without really knowing the context of why Greyfur is helping Crescendo my recommendations might be that you guys add more descriptions to your posts. I see a lot of poses in this log but I don't think either of you really define where it is you are other than a forest. Gilder has the potential to be an interesting "villain" but I'm worried our "protagonists" are just kind of hoping they'll outrun him or he'll cool off. How do Greyfur/Crescendo and company expect to escape his clutches or who will they turn to for help? Questions to think about for your next RP.

RPP rewarded.

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Re: *Gone Huntin'

Post by BenRGamer » 10 Jul 2017, 10:51

Should have noted, this is a continuation/offshoot of Shakendo's latest RP, Gilder vs Shakendo, which is why it started so abruptly.

Crazy Gilder is Crazy is the same, a continuation of this one after a timeskip

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