*An Alliance Tested: Gilder vs. Shakendo

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*An Alliance Tested: Gilder vs. Shakendo

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[CHAT] Shakendo finishes gathering Herbs in the forest 'Phew ... that took longer than I thought it would' as he stands up to head back to where he left the others, he closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment 'I think they moved, it feels like they seperated but its hard to tell' Shakendo opens his eyes and looking around he heads towards where he thinks they may be, after a few minutes he comes across a small hut along a worn path 'hmm, thats weird' Shakendo peeks inside the hut 'Hmm ... Empty'

[CHAT] Crescendo is lying on its side on the floor in Greyfur's small hut, it wasn't anything particularly comfortable, just on a bare wood floor, but it wasn't accustomed to such anyway--normally sleeping on a pile of discarded clothes in its own den. It's arm still with that splint from Shakendo's treatment, it was otherwise splayed out, getting some sleep, recuperating. Zzz.

[CHAT] Greyfur heard crescendo rustling around on the floor before heading out to relight the torch on her porch "light of the eternal flame, guide those whom i can trust here, and trade thine sight for sight of mine own, let me see who i can trust" she muttered as she sat meditating on the occurences of the past couple weeks, (light and shadow, i wonder what will cause the next disaster in which i must save myself, and my friends from) her thoughts traveled back into her past during her meditations

[CHAT] Shakendo closes his eyes again and starts to concentrate more 'Hmm ... Im close, it feels like they're further in ... that direction' while concentrating he turns until he feels like hes facing the right direction of the presence he is feeling 'This presence has to be them, no doubt about it ... I think' he opens his eyes and strains to see if he can see anything in the direction he is now facing "They gotta be this way" he starts to walk in the new direction picking up a large concaved rock, and a smaller rock to use as a make shift herb grinder. <c>

[CHAT] Shakendo reaches another hut, this one has a torch on it and he decides to call out "Hello? ... Anyone in there? he peers through the window to see the wolf like creature sleeping on its side, and Greyfur meditating in the corner, Shakendo then knocks on the door "Hello? Greyfur?"

[CHAT] Gilder had himself perched in a tree near where the hut was, hidden in the shadows, just watching, being a patient observer to the happenings. A new member joined the group - a Namekian... this creature seems to have developed his own little troup. [I wonder what purpose they have assisting this murderous creature... perhaps it's manipulating them into helping it? I do have a soft spot for animals, but even that has its breaking point.] While he wasn't exactly any sort of expert at repressing his power signature, he kept his power in check in hopes to keep himself concealed for as long as possible. [I hear Namekians have good healing qualities and practices. Perhaps I should take him out first. This wasn't my original mission - I'm not a hitman... but if they are truly aiding in such nefarious plots that this creature is concocting, their innocence won't be too hard to disprove.]

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks its eyes open with a start as the namekian speaks, giving a yawn as it pushes itself up momentarily, holding itself up by its one good forelimb--looking around for a moment and giving a big yawn. It... had needed that nap. Even after being passed out all night it was exhausted after what happened. It maneuvers up to a sitting position, sitting on its haunches, and looks out the window at the sound that woke it up. "Oh... you're that guy," it says, giving another large yawn, "Did you find that... whatever it was you're looking for? Thanks for your help," it speaks, keeping its eyes on the guy. There was something else, too, bugging it, but it was too busy shaking off sleep to really notice.

[CHAT] Greyfur opened her eyes looking at shakendo "the light has shown me you are to be trusted, but i have a feeling someone nearby has ill intent, though it might be that crazy man i met a few days ago, or was it days, i dont know how long i was unconcious" she said before turning to crescendo hearing he had woken up "rest friend, you need it more than i do" she then picked him up and put him on the rickity bed for easier access for shakendo to apply his remedies "aid him, please, i dont know you very well, but i trust you enough to call you an ally"

[CHAT] Shakendo enters the hut, kneeling down beside the bed he checks on the splints "Thank You Greyfur, your friends wounds are looking better already" Shakendo starts to grind up some of the herbs in the rocks and applies the resulting past to the creatures ribs "This should help with the pain, I also got this for a tea to help with the exhaustion" as he puts some other herbs in a tea kettle and places it near the fire "You two should rest, Ill stand watch if your worried about someone attacking you"

[CHAT] Gilder rested his back against the tree and sat on the trunk, grabbing his chest as the thoughts of the events from the past few days clouded his head. [I killed a detective... I need something to go back to the EDF with saying I'm not just gonna keep fucking up in my duties.] Releasing the control over his energy, his presence and power would be clearly felt to those with an aptitude for sensing as he fashioned a rather complex looking sniper rifle out of seemingly nowhere. The rifle itself glew with a yellow aurastream around it. Taking a deep breath as he aimed to steel his nerves, Gilder returned to his original position of being perched on the branch and took aim with the gun, having sights on the Namekian through the window. [A team is nothing without their white mage, right...?] he thought to himself as he steadied his aim and released a deep breath...

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks and gives a soft whine momentarily as its wounds were still tender and painful, but, well, it seemed to help. "I... thanks," it notes, it didn't really know what to say. It didn't even know them, but they were up and helping it. To the point of treating injuries. That kind of thought, that kind of person was... foreign to most people it encountered, those it hunted. Greyfur too, really, they were still recent acquaintences, but she opened her home to it and everything.

[CHAT] Crescendo -C- It... really didn't know what to say. It took a moment of self reflection... this is the kind of people that hunting for the guilty is supposed to protect, isn't it? It wanted to lay down, but there was still something nagging at it though. Something it felt as though it should be noticing. An elephant in the room that it couldn't see, as it were, it takes another look around the room and then out the window... and then stops. There it was. Energy. More than anyone else in the room. Familiar, too. "He's here," it speaks, alarmed, going wide-eyed and taking a defensive stance.

[CHAT] Greyfur snapped her head towards the direction Gilder rested "get down!" she shouted shoving shakendo to the floor ducking pulling cressy off the bed and somewhat throwing him under the window hoping to keep him save "light of the eternal flames, abyss guarded by the void, and blocked by the shadows" she snarled throwing herself under the window as well nearly missing crescendo as she hit the wall " get to cover, the light must shine on!" she called to shakeendo

[CHAT] Gilder smirked as he watched them seem to notice his presence, his gun still fixated on the same place as before although the namekian was no longer in that spot. [Oh don't think that hiding will keep you guys safe from me. I have more tricks up my sleeves than you could possibly imagine...] Taking a final breath, Gilder squeezed the trigger, holding himself firmly in place on the branch despite the recoil of the rifle. Within moments, the window would shatter and the bullet would strike the floor of the hut near the bed. The terror they felt, however, would not stop there as the bullet itself rose from the ground with tiny, beaty little eyes on the tip of the bullet with a cartoonish evil grin. In a squeaky voice it shouty, "Kapowy!" Before releasing a blinding yellow light, exploding itself as it released arcs of electricity across the entirety of the room.

[CHAT] Shakendo closed his eyes trying to concentrate and figure out where the presence was, unable to feel any presence he opens his eyes and tries to peak out the window to see if he can see who it is "Who? Whats going on?" Shakendo was genuinely confused at this point as he did not know what was going on or who was nearby that sent these two in to such an alarmed state 'What have you gotten yourself into now' Shakendo heard a pop then the window shattered with a bullet hitting the floor.

[CHAT] Shakendo saw the bullet rise from the floor, within seconds of the bullet rising he threw himself on top of Greyfur and the wolf like creature in an attempt to protect them from the bolts taking the brunt of the bolts, the voice of the Destroyer spoke to him 'You will make a good bullet shield for whoever is out there, Ill see to it myself' Shakendo shook his head trying to shake away the voice.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- It knew an attack was coming. The how of it, though, was something it could never guess. This guy was... insane. As the bullet slammed through the window and it was pushed down--painfully as its still wounded--it gives a yelp of pain, high pitched, but nevertheless tries to shove the namekian off of it. "MOVE!" it shouts. It could stay. It could hide--try to slink off while they tried to fight this guy. That would be the smart thing to do. That would be the best way to get away.

[CHAT] Crescendo -C- But that... after what happened, after what they've done that... just didn't seem right. It's not the only way. "He's after me. Not you," it speaks with a growl, before suddenly starting running--yelping again in pain as it runs through the electrical field, but nevertheless crashes through another window in the hut--actually trying to be a little showy to try to draw this Gilder away--also running on all fours, despite the pain that causes its injured leg. It had a plan, but it had to be careful...

[CHAT] Greyfur snarled before hurrying after cressy "you fool, you shall surly die, if you run ahead alone!" she hurried moving faster by the second catching up to cressy because of his wounded leg and picking him up "it'll be faster this way, so don't complain" she muttered throwing herself around trees carelessly holding on to crescendo though effectivly keeping him alive, for now at least

[CHAT] Gilder chuckled lightly as the two took off into the forest, grabbing firmly onto the rifle in his hands and surging further energy into it to personify it. "Alright, go after them. Strike as often as you please, but nothing fatal. Don't be pompous." With the same cartoonish grin that the bullet had previously, the gun followed after the creature and the meddling kaioshin with an energy signature similar enough to Gilder's that they shouldn't be able to tell the difference of their predator. Although those may be his primary targets, a more ample opportunity had presented itself. They left one of their own behind. Swiftly, Gilder dove into the window that he had shattered and towered over the namekian that was still grounded.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Well hello there, white mage, I'm afraid I require a form of your... services. Please don't struggle, I bear no ill will towards you or that kaioshin, but you guys are harboring that creature, and I can't allow for you to get mixed up any further. I ask that you come with me quietly. Please." Gilder held out his hand to the namekian, offering a path out of this for him that would not cause him any harm.'

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'In pursuit of Greyfur and Crescendo, the rifle floated well above the tree lines, aiming itself very carefully at the two to make sure that the bullets would strike close enough to them to continue to incite fear while making sure they didn't see that it was unmanned. [Can't let them see me... gotta let master pursue his plan while I pursue them. I'll strike them in the legs if they think of heading back for their friend though! No kill. Cripple!] the rifle ?thought? to itself.'

[CHAT] Shakendo sat up for a moment looking at this person thinking for a moment 'this person just tried to kill me' he smirks for a moment "why should I go quietly? You are after people that mean no harm to anyone, and now you want me to trust you?" Shakendo started to laugh "You might as well just kill me cause I wont help someone who prays on the innocent!"

[CHAT] Gilder looked at the namekian in the eyes while wearing a very blank expression, showing no willingness to debate this. "What do you even know about them? I understand the warm heart and all that, but that creature literally murders people and steals their identities. It can shapeshift and morph its voice to mimic those it consumes. My orders from the Earth Defense Forces are not to eliminate it, but to bring it into our custody." Looking in the direction that the others had left in, Gilder ensures they didn't catch on to what he was doing too quickly. "Is death truly your wish? I find that hard to believe for somebody who seems like they only want to help others... how'd you get dragged into this cult worship over the creature anyway?"

[CHAT] Shakendo looks at Gilder "I know nothing of that creature, I saw it needed help for some ..." Shakendo stopped mid sentence "Wait, your the reason that creature is hurt so badly ... I truly have no desire to help you any further regardless of your orders. Shakendo makes his way to his feet, still feeling weak from the electricity that he was hit with "I don't know who you are, or what that creature means to your company, but I want no part of it."

[CHAT] Gilder gave off a soft chuckle as the namekian seemed unwilling to cooperate. "What? You don't know what the EDF is...? Isn't that supposed to be imigration 101? Ridiculous..." Shrugging, Gilder felt like he was getting left with no choice any longer. "I said I didn't want to hurt you, but that doesn't mean I won't in order to complete my mission, y'know..." he began, hesitantly cracking his knuckles as he took a step towards the namekian. "Your unwillingness to assist in this official mission assigned by the EDF has compromised my mission. To ensure no further hindering on your behalf, I'm forced to use... well, force." Clenching his fist, Gilder aimed a strike at the Namekian's gut.

[CHAT] Shakendo stood there as Gilders fist connected, it hurt slightly but was nothing compared to the beatings he got on the space pirate ship laughing he says "Is that the best you got? the space pirates hit me harder than that." Shakendo motions for another hit "Try again, 'cept this time put some grunt into it, The Destroyer even hits harder." Shakendo gives a cocky smirk while he waits for the next hit.

[CHAT] Gilder returned to his original position as he chuckled at the namekian's attempt to goad him. "I see you're more resiliant than you seem... sorry for underestimating you I guess. Space pirate though, you say? Would explain why you don't know of the EDF I guess... though that seems silly as well considering we target space pirates..." Giving off a shrug, Gilder waved his left hand over his clenched right fist, creating some beautiful brass knuckles. "Just remember, you asked for it!" he said, swinging at the Namekian's skull before even giving a moment's notice this time.

[CHAT] Shakendo barely moved the bulk of his skull but not all of it, Shakendo then swings at Gilder but misses and ends up falling on the ground feeling dizzy as a result of the hit from the knuckles 'Stay down you wortless punching bag' the Destroyers voice rang out again "Destroyer I will not" he screamed out as he stood back up and took another swing at Gilder.

[CHAT] Gilder caught the fist of the namekian who had willingly taken two blows and was noticably sluggish now as he was still recovering from the blows. Leaning in close, Gilder got into the Namekian's face and got very dark. "You are really getting on my nerves now... stop acting like they're your friends or something, you're only going to be that much more disappointed when you never see the creature again. Keep it up and you'll rot in a cell... I was originally just going to relocate you, but you're really wearing down my patience, slug." Releasing the Namekian's fist, Gilder spat into his face and then went in to kick him back to the ground.

[CHAT] Shakendo falls to the ground from Gilders kick "I told you ... I know nothing about them, I don't care what they've done in the past" trying to make his way back to his feet "I wont help you, nor will I just let you leave ... not while Im still concious" Shakendo gets back to his feet and swings at Gilder again "Not while Im concious".

[CHAT] Gilder couldn't help but get annoyed at this namekian's stubbornness, and yet, he felt a bit of admiration for him as well. "You're one crazy ass dude, y'know that? I seem to have gotten it wrong..." Fading from view with such blinding speed, Shakendo's swing went straight through an afterimage of Gilder as he appeared directly behind the man and grabbed forcefully onto the back of his skull, using the namekian's own momentum to drive his face into the floor of the hut, breaking the flooring apart with a loud crash. "...it seems you are more of a paladin than a white mage. Now just stay the fuck down."

[CHAT] Shakendo hit the floor from Gilders attack, he moved one arm to try and get up but was unable to grinning he says "go ahead and ..." everything fades to black as Shakendo loses conciousness.

[CHAT] Gilder released a sigh of relief as the namekian finally stopped his futile struggles. Feeling the body go limp, Gilder released his grip on his skull and stood up, dragging the namekian up alone with him and setting him on a chair at the other end of the room. "I was originally going to take you in to custody... but as I said earlier, you're not my target, and you've earned my respect, albeit not my personal fondness..." Fashioning up a thick rope and some duct tape, Gilder forcefully restrained Shakendo to the chair to where it would be very unlikely he'd be able to free himself without the aid of another. Around his neck, the human placed a string around it with a letter attatched, handwritten by Gilder with Crescendo in mind as the recipient. Slapping the side of the Namekian's face who was still out cold, Gilder smiled, "Whelp, you behave yourself. Hopefully you figure out how to surround yourself with better folks than space pirates and mutt cults."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Doing nothing further, Gilder exited through the door of the hut and took off into the forest.'

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Re: An Alliance Tested: Gilder vs. Shakendo

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Re: *An Alliance Tested: Gilder vs. Shakendo

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Was honestly hoping to hear some advice or pro/con breakdown, I'm still getting used to RP battles so any advice I can get is very useful. I know some people like this RP and think its great work, but I feel I can do better, just don't know where to focus on for improving, looking forward to hearing some advice/tips.

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