*Waking Up: Unexpected Allies

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*Waking Up: Unexpected Allies

Post by BenRGamer » 28 Jun 2017, 23:28

[CHAT] Shakendo walks along, coming to a swamp 'Hmm ... froglegs sound good, wonder if I can catch any?' Shakendo starts to make his way to the swamp, as he does he sees a bunch of crocodiles scatter into the nearby water, one of which appears to be dragging a corpse of some sort into the water with it 'well, I guess its good that someone or something gets to eat today' he begins trying to catch a frog in the swamp jumping around and falling face first into the water with every landing.

[CHAT] Crescendo was still unconscious, on a riverbank a mile or two downriver--the previous night had literally wiped it out. It was the hardest thing it had ever done--getting out of that mess with its life, and its freedom. It couldn't have done it on its own, though. But it wasn't without cost--it was still heavily injured, broken limb, broken ribs. Everything hurt. Even still, it had to move. Keep moving. Or everything so far would be moot. It'd be captured again--locked up. Like an animal--a pet. It wouldn't accept that. Not one bit. With a grunt and some panting, its eyes snap open and for the first time since it washed up on shore, it takes in its surroundings.

[CHAT] Crescendo wasn't human, or even bipedal, a quadripedal monstrocity, a sleek form with obsidian colored natural armoring over its head, shoulders, and back covering blood red musculature, complete with red eyes. Birds were tweeting, the ground was damp, it was a nice morning after the rains of the previous night. It pushes itself to its feet, still having to lift a forelimb up off the ground--it couldn't walk on it yet. Not after it was broken. It should run--go to some other city, hunt, heal up for a few days, then move on, but there was something gnawing at it. Was she okay? It should go check. See what happened. But if it was caught now, it wouldn't be able to escape, at all. But... well, it could at least go look at the site.

[CHAT] Greyfur woke up feeling something land on top of her "by the eternal flame" she groaned trying to sit up but unable to because of someones feet on her chest "get off me" she snarled under her breath "the light eternal shadowed in mystery, guided mist in the shadows" she growled forcing herself to her feel pushing the being on her off

[CHAT] Shakendo opens his eyes hearing the words and feeling his feet move "What the hell ... oh ... are you okay?" he gets up and helping her to her feet "My name is Shakendo, what is your name?" he gives a soft gentle smile trying not to alarm her or provoke a confrontation of any kind.

[CHAT] Greyfur looked around "by the light were am i?" she muttered standing there not realizing shakendo's presence "damn, where is he, where is he which way did i throw him?" she said untill she remembered what happened "damn is he even alive?" she muttered turning as she began walking and bumbing into shakendo "the light hidden in eternal flame!" she screached realizing his presence "who the hell are you are you after me or some random person walking by?" her voice soft as she began waking up again

[CHAT] Shakendo rubs his head after Greyfur bumps into him "Ahh, damn that hurt ... " he looks at Greyfur who appears to be very distracted ... or distressed he couldnt really tell "Im Shakendo ... I dont know you so how could I be after you?" he stops rubbing his head 'Wow this person is pecular' "and you are?"

[CHAT] Crescendo was limping along--through mud, foilage and other things back towards the floodplains, on three legs, not... easy. It still hurt to breathe--it was pretty sure there was even a tire track impression on its ribs and forelimb at this point. It still couldn't believe they were willing to go that far. Well, maybe that Gilder. That man was a maniac. Someone it would definitely pay a visit to later. But G'dgette. It had actually -respected- G'dgette. A dedicated police officer. It didn't know what it would do if it saw the man again. Maybe he was worth eating after all...

[CHAT] Greyfur looked at shake, scanning him observing him, "i am greyfur and i guess it matters not why you wouldnt notice who i am or matter why you would or would not be after me" she muttered looking around "have you seen a wolf like creature, wounded yet friendly... at least towards me" she asked scanning the area for crescendo sensing his still weakened power approaching

[CHAT] Shakendo looked at Greyfur for a moment somewhat puzzled 'a wolf like creature? whats a wolf?' "Well Greyfur its nice to meet you, however I couldnt tell you as wolfs did not exist at my home before it was destroyed, so sadly I can not tell you if there is one around" he extends his hand for a handshake, something he would have never considered but something about this Greyfur seemed to be non-threatening to him "How on earth did you end up out here in the swamp anyways?"

[CHAT] Crescendo after several minutes of trekking it was just behind the treeline, looking over the floodplains--swampy after the rains. Someone was out there. Someone who wasn't there before. They weren't alone... and... there she was, it notes as Greyfur was getting up and looking around. Well, she was okay, at least. It didn't... exactly want to go out there in front of someone else, though, not as vulnerable as it was right now. If someone tried to capture it, that was it--end of story. Nothing more it could do.

[CHAT] Greyfur sighed as she seen the outline of crescendo "the light has guided him to his eternal rest" she muttered lying for crescendo "his energy is no more it matters not anymore" she sighed closing her eyes "the guidance of the eternal light hidden in shadow lost in the eternal void of the abyss" she muttered as a 'prayer' for crescendo

[CHAT] Shakendo looks at Greyfur for a moment "Im sorry for your loss" he says not sure of her relation with this wolf like creature, but realizes that if she is saying a prayer then there must be some sort of affection between her and the creature "Can you tell me a little about this wolf like creature you are referring to?" he asks trying to strike up a conversation with Greyfur 'I sure hope this creature isnt going to try and eat or kill me thinking Im gonna hurt Greyfur' Shakendo picks up a long stick to use as a walking stick and inspects it carefully.

[CHAT] Crescendo stays off in the woodline, just barely out of sight from the pair, it didn't really know who the guy was, or what they were after, but from the mannerisms of their movements and what it could hear there didn't seem to be any immediate threat, though that was something that could change quickly, instead, for the moment it simply goes to sit down on its haunches for the moment, still nursing that one arm and breathing slowly, and painfully.

[CHAT] Greyfur sensed crescendo stay near the treeline she sighed "he was a friend, though i know little about him... but i know he is the only being that i trust enough to call my friend" she muttered her stance changing to flee or fight depending on what shake was going to do next "why do you ask, i feel like you want to dig into my past, to find reasons to attack me" she said facing the treeline

[CHAT] Shakendo looks at Greyfur for a second and thinks 'What the hell is she doing?' "No no no, nothing like that, I was just curious is all. Can I ask why you seem so intense about someone attacking you?" he cautiously asked while trying not to aggrivate her further. "I ensure you, I mean you no harm, I am just travelling around this planet trying to get home, I have some of my own business to attend to on my home planet, but if I can make friends on the way back, there is no reason not to." he offers her his walking stick as a peaceful gesture "if its this your worried about then you can hold it to ensure I wont attack you."

[CHAT] Crescendo droops a little, then a little more. It had hurt every step of the way here--it probably needed some kind of treatment, but where to go--what to do. It was wanted, probably going to a hospital was... just asking to get captured. Everything was looking a little blurry too. That's probably not... good. It droops a little more, then slips and falls to its side. Maybe a nap would be good. It was... tired.

[CHAT] Greyfur jumped when she heard shakendo's voice behind her "light brought forthe by hidden flames!" she gasped snapping her head towards shake "eternal flames, you scared me" she said her heart beating "i forgot you where there, you shouldnt stay so silent, speak more often" she sighed shaking her head deep in thought "i hope he will be able to escape when everything here is done" she muttered forgetting shakendo was there again

[CHAT] Gojo rolls out of bed admidst the warbling of hens outside his hut. Quickly and quietly swinging from tree to tree he checks the traps, gathers twigs for firewood and berries to feed the birds when he senses nearby a disturbance eminating from the swamps west the wooded area. Bored but at the same time genuinely concerned he huddled amidst an outcropping of ferns close to their location, the conflict evident but the matter at hand still a great mystery, at least to him. He decided he would sit back and wait, trying to absorb more of discourse to ascertain the correct plan of action. He could see a stick being bandied about.

[CHAT] Shakendo looks at Greyfur again 'wow so distracted' "Greyfur what are you looking at?" he peers in the direction she is looking seeing nothing but trees 'Whatever, as long as it doesnt attack us' The crocodiles start to come out of the water and go on to a nearby hill 'Those crocs are making me nervous' turning back to Greyfur "Should we leave this swamp?"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- There was no more movement from the treeline. Escape was less on its mind rather than the wounds--the whole driving force that it'd walked back so far was to check on one of the few people to actually help it. But the beating it took wasn't something it could just 'shake off.' With that driving force out of way it was drifting in and out of consciousness, and would probably do so for awhile--it needed treatment, first and foremost.

[CHAT] Greyfur sensed crescendo lose conciousness "by the light!" she yelped darting over to crescendo and kneeling before him "the light eternal guided by the abyss" she muttered checking his vital signs "i thought you where dead my friend" she muttered picking him up "we must take crescendo to a healer, but not in the city, we must take him somewhere else somewhere he can be treated without him fearing being caught" she said darkly to shake holding cresc over her shoulder

[CHAT] Gojo upon seeing the young Kaio carrying what looked like a man eating dog monster out of the woods Gojo gingerly collected himself and strolled out of the bushes, clearing his throat and tapping Greyfur on the shoulder not occupied by the dog monster. "Excuse me miss...? Can I help you with that?" gGojo said as he thought to himself how absurd that line of questioning is, and how blase the current situation was compared to what he was used to.

[CHAT] Shakendo looks at this new comer that has walked out of the woods, then grabs some vines and breaks his walking stick to the size of the creatures foot "Here its foot is broken, lets put a splint on it, and move somewhere with a little more light cause those tread marks look severe" he said pointing at the creatures ribs "with better light I might be able to patch this creature up enough to allow propper healing." 'Those injuries look pretty bad, Hope its not too late for this creature" Shakendo starts to tie the stick to the creatures foot "I know a little healing, I used to help the healer in my village." he says while still tying the stick to the creatures leg.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- There were tire marks on both its left forelimb and ribs--this thing was definitely hurt. As the woman lifts it up it jostles it back towards consciousness and attention, and it gives a bit of a yelp as its moved and a soft whine for a moment--this continues when the other one tries treating it--tying its leg to a branch. Every movement hurt, but it needed something. As for what it does, it merely looks up to Greyfur, then back and forth to each of the others... not really sure of what it should be doing, or saying. It didn't really want to get any of their attentions, but, well, that's a moot point right now.

[CHAT] Greyfur sighed looking at the newcommer "get lost weakling, or lose your life" her voice dark as she carried crescendo back to her hut "my friend i shall keep you safe, even though i may lose my own life, in the end all life is forfeit, but i dont want to lose someone close to me ever again" she muttered a tear appearing in her eyes as she thought about the destruction of her compound (by the light, they may think im weak if they see me cry like this) she chuckled under her breath halfway to hide the fact she was crying

[CHAT] Gojo took a step back, raising his hands and widening his eyes. "Sorry... it's just that, that creature, he looks familiar, I may have some insight as to what's troubling him. Might just take a good meal..." Gojo took another step back and clears his throat again, stretching an arm to the side, so as to motion towards his forest, and pursing his lips. With a smirk he turns around, beckoning the Kaio towards the wilderness.

[CHAT] Shakendo watches as this new comer interacts with Greyfur over the creature 'A meal? Im surprised this creature can even breathe' "A meal? how is food going to help, this creature has broken bones, it needs rest and something to keep the bones set while they heal." he finishes tying the stick to the creatures leg "Here lets set this guy down over here " motioning to a nearby hill "I can further examine him there and with any luck set the bones so it can heal" 'I sure hope this guy makes it' he starts to examine the creatures ribs as best as he can with no medical tools and discovers a few broken bones where the tread marks are "I bet this guy is in tremendous pain from these broken ribs" he sets the bones and trys to tie a piece of wood to the creatures ribs to keep them set "That should help"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- From the pain of getting the broken bones set, it had fully regained consciousness now, looking at everyone in turn. Not... really knowing what to do, it looks down to the ground. It was grateful. People were actually... helping it now. Not something it really expected, and as the namekian speaks about food it promptly looks up to him--it -was- starving. It hadn't had hunted a meal in... it didn't know how long--there was a noticable gurgling from its stomache before it looks back down to the ground , thinking just a moment, before just throwing caution to the wind and then... "Thanks..." there's a small voice sounding out. It spoke.

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Re: Waking Up: Unexpected Allies

Post by ikenbon » 10 Jul 2017, 14:55

This is a fine roleplay log. There's some development and the major characters have assembled without too much conflict. Gojo and Crescendo both had some very descriptive and well written posts.

Shakendo: I liked the way you stepped forward to assist with Crescendo's treatment, that's a strong part of your character that you should keep developing. Your character seems more grounded in this RP. My past experience with Shakendo was when he was still very confused and disoriented by the events from his bio and I'm glad to see there has been some progress. You and Gojo are both a bit more removed from Crescendo and Greyfur so I'm interested to see how you both will find reasons and motivation to be involved.

Greyfur: I noticed a few shorter posts here and I feel like your character wasn't responding with some of the other roleplayers. I know it can be easy to focus on particular details over others and your story is definitely tied up more heavily with Crescendo, but that could change and you'll want to have formed some kind of bond (even if it's as an antagonist) to every character you meet if you can.

RPP rewarded.

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