*Hell on Sanctum: Eat or be Eaten. Elphlane v Seluj

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*Hell on Sanctum: Eat or be Eaten. Elphlane v Seluj

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[CHAT] Seluj guided his puppet after the traitor, avoiding the main conflict and crashing into the wasteland between Elphlane and the Sanctum. The medic didn't seem to notice the spear that had been stabbed into its right shoulder. "So, a turn coat... You seem... Familiar... And a traitor to boot. What a wonderful day." He let out a slight laugh, "Want to see something fun?" The 'medic' pulled a syringe small metal vial from his one of the slots on his belt. "This is some nifty stuff..." He pulled out another one, popping the cap of the first and injecting it into the medics neck.. "Ah, this is going to be fun..." Seluj used the puppet to inject the rest of his compliment of demon blood serum. This puppet wasn't going to last long but... "Ah... So good... Now just... Wait for it..." He laughed, it would take a moment for the surely lethal doses of the demon blood would kick in. "So, tell me before you die. What's your name? I'm Seluj."

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The Mimic clones themselves would find themselves becoming the target of the focus fire and volley-fire of one full platoon. Three clones, two focused beams on one, a focused beam and a torrent of volley-fire from two of the invaders. These annoyances were about to go away. The fire teams of the remaining two platoons remained in their previous firing patters. Meanwhile, the defensive squads had positioned themselves above and to the outside of the firing squads. As the counter-measures Dumastin engaged ignited, the defensive teams rapidly produced a combined energy network that offered a skirt on the bottom and a dome which protected the sides and front. The bottom was intentionally left open to allow for continuous fire. The impacts of Dumastin's attacks on the barrier were minimal at best, regardless the platoon medics were spreading so they could begin preparations for ki-restoration techniques. '

[CHAT] Elphlane smiled as the strange fighter with the mix of emotions came to rest in front of her, the spear still inside of him. <That is a plus> She thought as she took a defensive stance a few paces back from the fighter. It had a signature much like, no almost exactly the same as Jules. No. The muscular framed girl, wearing black corset and black frilled skirt with red trim eyed up her opponent. But her amethyst eyes shone through. The same eyes as that shadow dragon Seluj would have information on. She didn't speak except for. "You are Jules, but not Jules..." She said before she formed some of her essence and surging it into that demon-weapon. Gaining control over it again. It was already inside of her foe, and she wanted to use the spear to send him rocketing off into a nearby ice cliff, as well as some of the magical defenses of The Sanctum. She did not have time for any more words. She wasted some already speaking with that man.

[CHAT] Seluj let out a laugh as a psionic armor suddenly deployed around the medic's body, severing the spear, a second later the psionic armor pushed out the rest of the energy. Seluj had only traveled twenty meters. "Those eyes... Ah... I see. That's how you know of our dichotomy. Well, unfortunate you're a traitor. Such potential wasted." The demon serum suddenly kicked in full force, a collumn of dark red energy engulfing him, "Ah yes... POWER, OVERFLOWING!" There was a dark cackle before the medics mouth opened in an explosion of raw-demonic power in the form of molten magma concentrated into a beam. If it connected the beam would then rush over in the form of actual lava which would then expand and cool rapidly.

[CHAT] Samuel -- The clones zip and fly through the area, trying to act as harrassment for the forces. They dive, dodge, and duck below the various beams and blasts, auras enveloping their smaller forms--one unfortunately isn't so lucky, one blast clipping it in the shoulder and sending it into a spin as other blasts slam into it, screaming out in pain as its literally blasted to bits. The others, however, keep going... especially as a voice rings out and the immediately make a turn for that direction, still dodging as many blasts as they could--making a mad dash for the person the voice came out of, and a voice rings out of the clones in unison. "YOU!"

[CHAT] Elphlane scoffs as the psionic-armor tore her demon-forged weapon to pieces, the shaft falling out but it did sever the connection. That was when she felt his power surging, overflowing. Then the lava. She could feel the attack even before he sprouted pure lava towards her. She tried to dodge, and her swiftness carrying her mostly out of the way. The lava burning tracks into the ground. When the smoke cleared she stood off to the side, her arm and shoulder burned and clothing tore. She rushed in to close the distance, but before getting to him, acrobatically jumped into the air, her body twisting and placing Seluj under her. She boiled and brought her own essence to her mouth as she spewed an ashly cloud of hot embers down onto her foe. The brimstone smoke clouding vision, choking lungs and burning eyes and skin. In an instant a 30 yard cloud was beneath her as she touched down on the other side, taking another defensive stance, waiting on her chance.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The shout of 'You' was rewarded from Seluj with psionic tentacles rushing from his back in the count of four, rapidly shifting to deadly blades, before unleashing a torrent of stabs and slashes on the clones. They were a non issue. Even as Elphlane rushed him his jaw line continued altering the focus of the beam. The ash, the fog, none of it mattered... Seluj could see Elphlane's psionic impressions rushing him and the smoke was nothing when viewed from the astral plane. Makingff no attempt to dodge or avoid, the medic's power continued to pour our, clearly uncaring for his physical well being. '

[CHAT] Elphlane could feel the emotions and the hunger for the attack and kept moving. The heat and energy from the lava stream coming right towards her as the brimstone smoked area was still ripe with energy and covering the area, although the winds were picking it apart quickly. She latched onto the energies. The formation of demon energies but... <not yet...> She thought and instead the very shadows around her bent to her will, and streaked towards Seluj. Those shadows were not abstract forms, they were solid. Tangible. From the ground in the shadows multiple shadow spikes shot out towards that mass of emotions in the center of the cloud, those that missed would twist and turn into ropes and slam back towards the ground to attempt to bind her opponent. Her legs were painful to move now from the heat of narrowly escaping that last lava attack. She had to stop that thing and this was one of her best tricks she had...

[CHAT] Samuel -- There's a shout, then a roar as the attacks--too powerful for the clones to deal with... especially as Rizion was hit and they had to deal with -that- backlash as well. There was little they could do, other than say, "You... bastard!" even as they're torn to shreds. Notable, however, is that this wasn't in Sam's voice, but it was... familiar.

[CHAT] Seluj let out an unstable cackle as his lower body was penetrated, it was as if the medic cared nothing for defense... Regardless, the Medic's humanoid body was changing... Muscle mass had increased to twice what it had been before, and the shadow-spikes were barely penetrating his skin... Of course, his muscles were becoming exposed regardless, his skin wasn't stretching to accommodate his growing size, instead it was just tearing apart. Elphlane would be rewarded for her efforts by the four tentacles rapidly closing in on Elphlane with a rapid attack as the medics body continued to swell with more and more energy. The mimic clones were dead, and the psionic nostalgia was only mildly amusing.

[CHAT] Elphlane looked up in surprise as the four tentacles lashed out from the brimstone towards her. The winds completely wiping away what little remnants she had of the brimstone blast. She dipped and rolled out of the way of the tentacles, and landed just out of reach, but her shadows were still trying to take him down. They were already there, Now was the time to move them. She concentrated more as she moved a tentacle that was into his leg up his body. It would snake and wind until it found an orifice and attempt to enter. If successfully she would try and destroy him from the inside out. <Die already> She sent to the creature's mind.

[CHAT] Seluj briefly fell back as his face made an awkward expression, Seluj was amused but the body didn't respond. The medic only felt the effects of the demon-fuel. 'Oh my...' It was a moot point, there was damage being done to the internal body and when a significant enough of the nervous system was knocked out he would lose control... So... She wanted him to die already... And Seluj was happy to accommodate... "Die ALREADY!" The medic suddenly sparked, his aura rushing rapidly back into his body... The explosion that followed would leave the ice-covered plains devastated, and the shielding of the Sanctum would be tested against the demonic explosion. Seluj's psionic projection on the other hand remained, and the second the wave impacted with Elphlane, Seluj fully intended on jumping into it and taking over. Once again turning the traitor.

[CHAT] Elphlane watched as the body fell over, then started convulsing with excess power. She didn't even have time to feed before she started running backwards and with the solid shadows made whatever makeshift barricade she could make. When it exploded it blasted against her wall of shadows shredding it to pieces. Dust and debris were scattered everywhere. But she could feel the rush. The emotional wave of that psychic form flowing towards her. <YES! DIE!> She sent out again as the red fog formed in her mouth. With a great gust she exhaled it out, attempting to syphon the very life force itself from that astral form. She KNEW she could affect it. She had done it before with great success. Now she needed it to work again. As a last resort she cried out <HELP> To her clones in the area. Soon, hopefully she would get some to aid her in devouring that essence from her. It might take time but hopefully she could endure...

[CHAT] Seluj felt himself settle in deeper within Elphlane... Her physical sensations were starting to become clear... Still, he couldn't force the limbs to his will quite yet. She was quite persistent with her attempt to consume him... ("This is so erotic my dear, the struggle... I want control but you're so insatiable hunger... We make the perfect pair.") A dark laugh, R("You and I my love, my host, murdering your friends, uniting the galaxy in fire. It'll be wonderful. Demons like that sort of thing, right?") The last line was less seductive and honestly uncaring.

[CHAT] Elphlane as he went deeper she could feel into him as well. His dominance. His strong will and in herself she formed enough of her energy. Her mind copying the same dominance as her infestor. Her will surging forth as the cat-like dragons arrived to help her. The smaller ones would try and latch on and consume Seluj. Her own red mist surging forth but her energy draining quickly from her defenses. There were still a few tricks she had, but she would rather not take that route if need be. The larger dragons-more panther sised were nearing the ground, it would be just a little longer before she knew either Seluj would give up, or she would...

[CHAT] Seluj continued to use the tentacles to eradicate the incoming shadow dragons, ("Come on love, why resist it? Imagine what we could be, what we could become... I'm learning about you my love... You want to change the way your kind is perceived, how noble. Why not work with me? I can help you.") Seluj knew it was only a matter of time, he was successfully holding off her attacks but eventually they would likely break through. How much of himself would he be willing to give to take control? A bridge he'd cross when he came to it, he supposed.

[CHAT] Elphlane could feel the infestation growning and her will to fight it slowing but...She was not out yet. She growled and her body changed. An explosion of shadows ripped through the area as she became her true form. That of a van sised dragon, black as night with scales that seemed to absorb the very light around it. Smog could be seen rolling across the ground from where she touched the ground. She grinned her dragon teeth as in her mind she stared into the face of her want to be captor. "I WILL BE NO ONES PET!" <C>

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She screamed in defiance. All at once the dragons turned from him to her and started to devour her essence. Herself included bent her neck down and the red mist just tore and broke down her body, her own body decaying and her life essence flowing into her, just to boost her strength and power to do it faster and faster. The larger panther sised shadow dragons arrived in the area, and those too would jump on and consume her. Even now she struggled to stand and would soon be too weak to fight. If he wanted her, he could have her, and then probably be consumed as well as more and more clones would jump onto her large and weakened body. <F>'

[CHAT] Seluj let out a laugh, noticing the switch of focus even as he automatically adjusted his tactics. ("Oh, unfortunate love... Let us see what happens first, my taking over you, and commandeering control over your pets... Or me consuming you... An old race my love, what shall happen? Will you live, my lovely host, or will you consume yourself and entirely fail your friends? How hilarious." He was almost in control, so very close... He would let them consume her, to an extent... Then he would finish taking control and end it.

[CHAT] Elphlane coughed up more as her magestic body was literally boiling off energy, but was also boosting her own reserves. From her another van sised clone emerged from her own shadow and set upon Seluj, while the other panther shaped clones pounced on the pile. Some absorbing Elphlane and others trying to get at Seluj. Now it was a battle on two fronts. Enough help was there to assault both. And at significant force. She knew her time was running out. Her body failing but she would not let this horrible entity win today…

[CHAT] Seluj grimaced, uncomfortable, and... Amusingly counter productive. She was refueling herself as she was trying to eat herself... So again... How much was he willing to sacrifice? He let out a laugh as the various sized reptiles continued to take bites out of him, his psionic energy refilling out the damage rapidly. Still, he could feel his body become sore as bruises and bites formed deeply on his physical host. Internally the actual Tuffle organism was taking a bit more damage which was reflected on the physical host. Regardless, this wouldn't last much longer... He was fully aware of her full spectrum of senses, her mind was becoming an open book... He just needed... Control...

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Get out!" She said but even as she did she slumped over. Her body bairly holding itself together and her ability to even absorb was gone. She was laying there, her only focus was on Seluj. She couldn't get him into her mind but she could take him somewhere uncomfortable. She let him enter and led him into a chamber in her mind. A chamber laden with the masks of all she consumed. All their memories and appearances, stored in a single mask and placed on a wall. next to another and another. The wall was literally filled with thousands of them and after a taste of Seluj a space appeared on a pedistol. Seluj was written on it and whatever essence Seluj could feel stolen from her, more of a mask appeared there. On the outside all the clones stopped their feeding on Elphlane. She was alive but immobile, that left only one target now. They all pounced on the Seluj. The seluj that was being led Deep inside of her. Hopefully deep enough to not escape this feeding frensy.'

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'Ask and you shall receive... A second later he was in the room of masks and... He appeared... 'Ah, not in control yet. Alright...' Did she think he wouldn't notice? He was aware of her body, her sensation... But still No Physical Control! Very annoying. Game-time was over. He spoke out loud, it was time to force the matter... ("You see my love, this isn't for the faint of heart...") It couldn't be the whole... Ten percent of his children were on the front line, another forty-percent already dead. No, he had to leave his children in orbit alone... But he needed Control! Elphlane's body suddenly exploded in a black aura cutting with violent streaks of lightning, all but the largest of shadows were destroyed. '

[CHAT] Seluj: -- '("We were already together my lovely host. I cannot wait to meet you...") Orders given to his children, his ship moved in close enough to get a transporter lock on the dragon, as soon as he had control.. She would be truly his.. An upgrade from this pathetic halfbreed which had served him since Earth. '

[CHAT] Elphlane smiles in the room with the masks and her body also exploded within the lighting as black shadows cascaded against the lightning. Her clones were also being consumed. All their stored energy from devouring demon ships were being flooded into her in nearly the exact way. Almost a true copy of the great Seluj's skill, but more unstable and weaker due to the natural level of abilities. But it was something she could easily copy because, well. They were both together, well nearly. All she had to do was tweak it. Easy once you knew where to look. Doing so and devouring of the essence had some memories of the Seluj wash into her. "The queen...She will kill you when it's over..." She said as she tried to resist. "Stop wasting time with us...She is your enemy" She grunted out, possibly the last words she would speak.

[CHAT] Seluj let out a scream, penetrating deeper and deeper... History... Life as an Egg, a history of absorbing darkness... ("Oh, this is truly wonderful... Now let me IN!") He appreciated her resolve, but he was still looking for that key... That information to use to appeal to her. Just a little more... His power flared, he couldn't afford to let anymore of the damned shadows consume her. His tentacles pulled back in, replaced instead by a powerful field of psionically crafted biological styled armor. Tentacles remained on the offensive and the aura wasn't exactly friendly... But he had to take control soon or this golden opportunity would be lost...

[CHAT] Elphlane led Seluj to a single room. It was plane room with two chairs in it. Nothing special. Her clones were all but used up and her energy fading. An image of a humanoid female with purple hair and amethyst eyes, alabaster skin and a dragon tail appeared. With a defeated look she sat down on a chair and motioned for him to do the same. "I am losing this one, but I hope the fight at least thrilled you to some extent" She said in a soothing voice, even as the walls around her started cracking. "At least owe me the pleasure of telling me what you will do with me once...this is over..." She said. On the outside her body was not moving, slightly cold and her breaths were shallow. <fixed>

[CHAT] Seluj found it, even as he played along with the dragons interpretations. There it was... She wanted to be above the Crimson Queen... Ah yes... A suicide goal, but one that would be needed for the survival of the cosmos. She was truly an unstoppable force, but he had a plan for that which he thought would work. ("Quite simple, I do as much damage to the 'good' guys as possible, play the good queens loyal servant while seeking out the nightmare balls, then I wish her brought back down to our level, and for a few other paltry things.") A small laugh, ("There is no need to resist, I know you want to defeat her, and this is the only way. And with the two of us, given our particular abilities... We might have a fighting chance.") He was actually being honest. Not that it mattered much, not any more…

[CHAT] Elphlane frowns. The way he was speaking about the dragonballs. About all of it. "Bad plan. Here is MY plan with her." She said with a smile. "Get the queen to come to this god-forsaken planet. Have Dumastin and all of us lock this "Queen" down and we rip her to shreds. Dumastin already has most of the dragonballs and just needs that last one to kill aydin\aydun and this bitch." She said as she twirled a piece of hair. Then. After we had Dumastin, Jules Samuel and everyone else exhaust themselves, us, who pretended to fight hard, ya know, just enough to win but not exhausting...just go in and take the cake." She said with a smile. The walls were already crumbling around her and she knew it was only a matter of time...

[CHAT] Seluj: -- '("My dear, I require two of the seven available wishes and ironically all seven are required to bring down the Crimson Queen. It's a bit of a catch twenty-two, will require putting my plans on hold...") He shrugged, ("She's immortal you know. The Crimson Queen. Literally Immortal. When the Alliance tried to burn out Arlia with an orbital bombardment, I watched her shrug it off, reopen the portals, and rebuild the population before destroying the fleet. I've seen Champions of Aydin fall to her within seconds even using that Order gods full potential and walk away unscathed...") Of course, the most compelling... In the room opened a view-screen, interviews with thousands of demons rapidly began to play. The Crimson Queen was a legend, something he detected Elphlane already knew. ("Tell me, how much of the Crimson bitch you know?") '

[CHAT] Seluj let out a laugh, the amount she didn't know... But it didn't matter... On the outer-outskirts of her mind the walls were formed, the prison formed. Her reality on the exterior was now painted by him. Mentally he ordered his children to execute the teleport to his ship. He needed to be with her, in person. Regardless, while the external world shifted she perceived only the previous environment. There were no longer any dragons coming to consume her although the far-distance straggler would still appear to be coming towards the same vector in accordance with her last orders... It was all an illusion. Still, he played around in the room.

[CHAT] Elphlane growled at him as she already knew where she was. "Don't fool with me Seluj. I can feel it. The emotions of all of yours you command are strong enough to even seep through your fantasies." She said as she took a breath and recentered herself. "Now. Saying that. Don't you think it...prudent...To get all the help you can to take her down." She said as she knew she couldn't stand from the chair anymore. She was already bound to it in his prison. "Let Dumastin and Jules be fodder for the queen as you enacted your plan. I know I don't know much about her. My mother died before these stories of the crimson queen surfaced, and my egg was long gone from the planet. So nothing but..." She said with a slight pause. "I do know the significance of well placed fodder. And you would be stupid to pass up a chance to use them."

[CHAT] Seluj let out a chuckle, the scene shifted to her mask room. He selected the mask representing Elphlane as herself, putting it on. The physical body transformed from the van-sized dragon to a normal sized woman. She stood in a cargo-hold, her body moving of under Seluj's volition. In a moment she was on the bridge of a ship already pulling back to safter-space. In a moment she was at the slightly slumped over halfbreed sitting in the Captains chair... Pulling his chin up, she leaned down and gave him a deep kiss. A second later the Tuffle itself rushed into her body, his mind already using her as a puppet. From within the room he now spoke, appearing as she preferred to in human form.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- '("Oh you know, powerful demon warlord, long proud line. Affluent, privileged enough to be granted leave of the Epitome. Well studied, obsessed with the occult.") It was a rather recent event from what Seluj understood, happening within the last two thousand years. ("Discovers a method of making dragon balls. Returns to the Epitome, makes a set reflective of the region.") Meanwhile, his Tuffle physiology was spreading into her organic system. She was going to need a little bit of time for him to work his magic and get her up to peak physical condition... But that was fine, she was a prime specimen for domination. '

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