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*Gilder and G'dgette

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[CHAT] Gilder felt a moment of hesitation just before he left as he saw that the detective was not only alive, but still attempting to stop Gilder from handling the task at hand. "You're insane, you know that? Here you are, battered and worn, old as dirt, and yet still trying to play with the big kids! Like, for real, give it up and let me do my thing." Gilder lowered himself to the ground again, knowing that it would be fruitless to leave a loose end untied, because any bad reports against him could do him in. With Crescendo still forcefully restrained over his shoulder, Gilder continued speaking, "Go nurse your wounds, old man. I'll send you compensation for your efforts."

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector started laughing and smiled, taking another cigarette out and lighting it. A long slow drag before he tipped his fedora slightly forward. He smiled as he fingered the old revolver holstered on his hip. "No can do Field Spec. I have a job to do, and I will be bringing him in." He said with a smile. "And I'm sure this "old man" will be more than enough for you to handle." He said as his left leg shifted slowly backwards, knees bending, coiled like a snake about to strike. "Are you feeling worn out yet. I'm sure just carelessly wasting your power like that has got you tired. Does baby need a nap"'

[CHAT] Crescendo couldn't believe it. They went -that- far. Literally running it over with a car in a field outside town. By the 'good' guys. For -what-!? Trying to -survive-!? It was doing what was -right-! Hunt the guilty. Leave the innocent be. What the Dragon had told it to do--and -this- is where it got it! It hurt to breathe, its ribs were cracked. There was indeed some 'gurgling'. Its forelimb was broken, it felt like. It couldn't run anymore. And worst of all it was going to be locked up--like an animal. It might not be able to move or speak at the moment, but it was -furious-.

[CHAT] Gilder rolled his eyes and abruptly tossed the dog-creature on the ground in front of him, and in the direction of the detective. "Fine, he's all yours. Come and get him." Gilder took a few steps back, holding his hands up as he spun around, feigning his willingness to give the target over. "You're totally right, I did exert a lot of my energy throwing that fully equipped vehicle into the fray for absolutely no reason. But you gotta admit... it was a fun time, ya? Guess that doesn't account for anything. Guess we're still not buddies, huh? No beer and brats over at your place?" With a smirk, Gilder placed his hand on the hilt of his blade, ready to draw. His composure completely changed, and it now seemed more like he was taunting the detective - what would be quicker? A bullet, or a blade

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'There was a whisper in Crescendo's mind. A familiar voice of the being that called itself Styx. <Just wait. Play dead for a few more minutes. They are about to start fighting each other and when they are too tired to chase, you run.> Crescendo would feel the cold embrace of that creature as it emerged from Crescendo's own shadow where it was hiding and inched up his leg. <There is a river abouve 100 yards away. Make it there and you can slip into it, disappearing and escaping from them.>'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Inspector G'Dgette grins as put his left arm out in front him him, fingers spread wide as his right bent more, tapping his index finger on the grip of the Revolver. "Guess we will do this huh. I would cook up brats and beers at my place if you just hand the perp over to me. But I think discussion is in order." He said. Would he really go this far. This far over a criminal. He was paid to get the job done, and he ALWAYS got the job done. But was it worth going against the EDF on this. An outright fight was not in order. But he could get creative with his field report. "Since I can't just outright shoot another officer we will do this as "buddies" as you put it." He said with a smile. "We shall call this Interagency Training." He said with a smile as he was already bringing to his mind the forms that he would have to fill out later. "We shall "Instruct" each other on our various "Specilties" To enhance the interoperability of our agencies. "What say you"'

[CHAT] Gilder snickered to himself quietly as he was left with a smirk as he looked towards the sky. "Man, you are really too worried about what's going to come out of this with your agency, aren't you? If you have all the signs saying you shouldn't do something, I'd say it's insane of you to go against those signs and do it anyway. But, y'know, not like I'm your mother or anything, do what you want." Looking down at the dog he had restrained, Gilder surveyed the area, which was devoid of actual surroundings, just a flatland. This would be more of an all-out brawl than anything. "You haven't made an actual move yet though... does that mean you're scared? Or are you still trying to figure out how you want to validate your behaviors?" Gilder couldn't act first. If he accidently killed this man in the brawl, he would have to plead self defense should it come down to that.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The Inspector smiles. "My agency is My life. Are you verbally Agreeing to this or not." He said as he looked down at the creature. He had to bring the thing it. He has been working to hard to let this EDF guy take it away and do god knows what with it.'

[CHAT] Gilder shakes his head promptly in response. "No, I'm not agreeing to it. I quite literally have no interest in you at the end of the day. YOU are the one hindering my progress in this matter that was assigned to me. You're free to do as you please, but you'll need to accept the reprocusions should it come to that." Seeing at the man had still not made a move, Gilder began to approach the creature and grabbed onto one of the restraints and forcefully swung the animal over his shoulder once more.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The Shadow slowly crept up its legs and was inching its way on the blind side towards the handcuffs. <Good. Lay still. I will handle those when it is time.> The cold embrace of the creeping shadows might feel refreshing on Crescendos fresh wounds. <Just wait a bit longer.> The voice said before he saw Gilder come closer to Crescendo's body. As Gilder went to grab the restrants a bit of the cold dark energy sparked and the restraints slippled easily from Crescendo's body, leaving Gilder with restraints and Crescendo on the ground.'

[CHAT] Greyfur Greyfur sighed as she appeared at the treeline of the forrest in which she lived "by the light eternal, why do these things cost sso much, yet they are irresistiblly tasty" she muttered to herself when she sensed cres's power wavering as if he was in a fight (hmmm what is going on? something is terribly wrong, i dont know what, but if my only friend is hurt I shall defend him) "friend, the light of the flames hidden shall guide me to your side!" she called to herself as she released all her power heading as fast as she could towards crescendo to protect him if she could

[CHAT] Crescendo -- There's a wince and a high-pitched whine as Gilder tries to forcefully grab it's broken limb--fortunately Styx covers that -and- gets the restraints off. Now if it only had the wherewithal to run--it was just about to try to get up when suddenly there's another hand grabbing at its leg--at least its not the broken one this time. There's not much it could do--not against someone as powerful as Gilder was, nor to get away from G'dgette. It was... relatively helpless at this point unless they directly diverted their attention from it. Just have to wait for that moment... the interruption from Greyfur might be it, too, but not while they're still... literally holding onto it.

[CHAT] Gilder was completely thrown off by the restraints coming off in such a manner that he didn't even have time to realize what was going on until the dog was already dragged away for the most part. "What the deuce!? What manner of sorcery is this?" Throwing the restraints into the air, they fizzled out of existence as they turned into energy that returned itself to the planet. Immediately, Gilder reached for his sword and drew it, slashing the air and releasing a wave of energy across the field with the intent of cutting the detective's left arm clean off. [Shit... I don't get what happened. I know those restraints were locked on!]

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The Inspector smiles as Gilder made his move. The energy slash slicing towards his arm. He had dragged Crescendo more than half the way to him but had to release...his arm that is. The arm detached where it would have been cut, the hand section still holding Crescendo's leg and the elbow retracting to his body. "Attacking a Detective, Gilder. I'm going to have to take you in." He said with a smile as he pointed his elbow-hole at Gilder. "Go G'Dgette Net!" He screamed and shot a small ball towards him. Midflight the ball unraveled revealing a metal net that started sparking mid-flight, powered with electricity. Made to stun those pesky criminals who try to run away. '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '<Al...most> The voice sounded weak as another burst of power shot out and released the hand that was still on Crescendo's leg. <All I...Can. Do.> The voice said before the cold embrace of the shadows slowly left and faded back, melting into Crescendo's own for now.'

[CHAT] Greyfur Greyfur stood a few meters away from what was happening "eternal flame guarded by the abyss, what is going on here, why is crescendo hurt, what happened to him?" she snarled loud enough to be heard by everyone her voice sharp, her gaze drawn to the detective "tell me or pay, i will not hold back" her voice becoming darker as she spoke her body instinctivly readying itself for combat taking up a saiyajin like stance

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Greyfur's swift travel had taken her from the forest and into a sparsly forested area and further still onto a floodplain. A large area where the City drained its water runoff and from the rain that was coming down, left the area more than a little soggy. The small stream leading deeper into the plains was quickly becoming a river. Crescendo was on the ground, apparently out cold, while two other people. One in a brown trenchcoat and fedora, one arm shooting a net towards another individual, wearing EDF insignia on their clothes.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- There's a low, <Thanks...> it says, as the two begin to engage properly it starts slowly and subtly trying to drag itself away from the scene, pulling itself with its forelimbs--even with one broken. It... wasn't pleasant, and it was wincing all the while, biting its tongue to keep from crying out, but as it was this was all it could do--anything more overt would draw attention until they were more engrossed in their feud, still, it looked to the new arrival--to Greyfur for maybe some kind of help. Either in distracting them or help in it getting away--it didn't really care, just... anything at this point.

[CHAT] Gilder let off a snarl as this new figure approached the scene. "Somebody else that's after this freaking animal? How many people are connected to something that steals identities? Wait... that seems like a moot question..." Lacking the reaction time to ponder the matter, Gilder charged his blade with a green aura, and as the net released and was nearing Gilder, he slashed the blade upwards, creating a tornado that took the net along with it into the air, and blowing water and dirt all around the area, obstructing everybody's vision. Not letting up for a moment, Gilder would be seen charging through the unnatural twister towards the detective, "RAAAGHHHHHHHH!" he screamed out as he brought his hand down while only a few yards away from his target, and in the wake of his swinging hand came a giant metal claw out of nowhere, looking to slam down over the G'Dgette. "Suffer the wrath of... THE CLAW!"

[CHAT] Gilder let off a snarl as this new figure approached the scene. "Somebody else that's after this freaking animal? How many people are connected to something that steals identities? Wait... that seems like a moot question..." Lacking the reaction time to ponder the matter, Gilder charged his blade with a green aura, and as the net released and was nearing Gilder, he slashed the blade upwards, creating a tornado that took the net along with it into the air, and blowing water and dirt all around the area, obstructing everybody's vision. Not letting up for a moment, Gilder would be seen charging through the unnatural twister towards the detective, "RAAAGHHHHHHHH!" he screamed out as he brought his hand down while only a few yards away from his target, and in the wake of his swinging hand came a giant metal claw out of nowhere, looking to slam down over the G'Dgette. "Suffer the wrath of... THE CLAW!"

[CHAT] Narrator: -- '"The CLAW!" He said as he moved on old instincts and the machinations that made up his body. The parts in his legs started to whirl and whine as the boosters kicked in. "G'Dgette Boots!" He said with a smile as he tapped his foot as the claw smashed down where he was just moments before. He was acting cocky, but that claw, if a fraction faster, would have smashed him good. He drew his revolver and hastily aimed it at Gilder. It was more for covering fire as he tried to recover from the near-hit. BLAM BLAM BLAM CLICK. "Damn..."'

[CHAT] Gilder spun his body along with the tornado that was beginning to die down to narrowly avoid two of the bullets, since that was all he heard shoot off at first. As he, straightened out, ready to charge after the detective again, that final bullet struck him directly in his leg and pierced straight through, causing severe shock and pain to surge through the human's body, grounding him and dulling out his momentum as he fell to the ground. "GRAH! Shit. Got too cocky there... What kind of detective even carries around a gun? Isn't that a different department's thing to shoot men of colour!?" Gilder turned his attention away from the detective above to tend to the bullet wound as he created gauze to wrap around his leg, taking his full attention away from what was going on.

[CHAT] Greyfur Greyfur watched as the detective and gilder went after each other for a split second before realizing that their attention was on each other not her or crescendo "the light of the abyss has guided me to aid you, even now i must act fast" she whispered into crescendo's ear and heaving him onto her shoulders "well it has been a nice day, and i dont think i should stay here much longer" she called to gilder and the detective as she began to leave as fast as she could while still carrying crescendo on her shoulder "griend of mine, you shall live past this day, even if it costs me my life, you shall live" she muttered not caring if he was even listening, but still continuing on her way to the forrest only to trip on a root nigh twenty six paces from where everyone else stood

[CHAT] Crescendo -- As the two got more engrossed in their fight, it takes the opportunity to start moving faster, pushing itself up with a low whine and starting to move--limping on three legs, more like. Every breath hurt, ever step ached, but it wouldn't give up--it'd be free. It's helped by Greyfur coming along and even picking it up, saying, quietly, "Thanks..." as she hoists it up on her shoulders. There wasn't much it could do now on its own, but... at least it wasn't alone. It had friends--people who'd try to help it, despite everything else that happened.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- '"HA! NOW! Where is that creature." He said as he looked around. The soft wet ground highlighting a puddle of red where Crescendo HAD been, but now wasn't. "What the hell!" He said as his bionic eye focused and adjusted, highlighting a really far off figure carrying away Crescendo. "Dammit!" He said as he activated his boots again, before the thrusters sputtered and failed. He had overtaxed them today. He sighed as the mechanations in his legs whirled and hummed again, bringing his run into a sprint, into something faster yet. A trail of water kicking up behind him as he was quickly closing the distance to Greyfur.'

[CHAT] Gilder let off a snarl as he finished with dressing his wounds and came to realize what was going on. The target was escaping and he wasn't in the best of conditions to pursue. "See you idiot, this is why you don't fight against the EDF, you've only made the matter worse, now a third party is making off with our catch!" the human shouted out as the detective began his pursuit. Wanting to join, Gilder took to his feet only for his leg to collapse under his weight. [Dammit...] Tightening the bandages around the wound, he tapped on his shoulder and took to the air, using his energy to fly through the air, toughing through the pain he was in as blood now dripped through the gauze and down his leg. As he held on to his blade, he continued to pour what little energy he had left to spare into the blade, readying to release a large attack at once.

[CHAT] Greyfur Greyfur gasped heaving crescendo not very gentely darting towards the forrest holding cres by the scruff "hidden abyss, shadowed light, eternal flames, hide this being in plain sight, let him escape in the brightest light!" she shouted throwing him through the air "ye must escape, fly, fly with the winds" she called turning still running backwards her training in combat from her uncle let her keep up the same pace as if she was running foward

[CHAT] Crescendo knew they were being followed, especially once they up and started yelling about it, it figured they'd notice sooner or later... it just hoped for later. And then its thrown to the ground again--it winces and yelps in pain but nevertheless takes off running--as fast as it can on three-legs, anyway. Help from Greyfur got it far, but it wasn't quite there yet--just a few more meters to that river Styx was telling it about. If it could stop to think it'd probably get a chuckle from that, but nothing but escape, freedom, and pain were on it's mind--just... a little... more...

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector sighed as he saw the figure up and Toss Crescendo into the forest. <Dammit. I don't have time for this.> He said as he caught up to greyfur, leaping and landing a few yards behind her, blocking her further escape. His legs were steaming now, and they gave off a loud hiss as hot air blasted around him. "Ma'am. I am Inspector G'Dgette, And you are hindering an official Investigation." He said as he opened the top section of his trench-coat revealing an Inspectors Badge. "Please...Don't interfere any further and I will let you go." He said. He was running out of tricks. His boots and thrusters depleated. His legs overheated. His left arm was still back at the original scene...'

[CHAT] Gilder felt his exhaustion beginning to get to him, but he couldn't let his pursuit end in vein at this point. Making sure to keep the pace with the others, he watched as the creature was tossed into the cover of the trees. "YOU CAN'T GET AWAY FROM ME!!" he screamed out in rage at the situation, coupled with his pain, as the blade once more shined with a green aura, this time much darker than the aura that caused the tornado. After flying over both Greyfur and the detective, Gilder slashed the blade a single time to begin with, a blade of wind erupting from the edge of his sword as it took down a few trees at the edge of the forest. Crescendo wasn't there. With a frenzied scream, Gilder swung his blade again, and again, and slowly continued to increase the frequency of his swings until it looked like a blinding flurry of silver slashes that continued to produce energy that continued down the path of deforestation. [I WILL NOT STOP HERE! I will NOT fail my mission!]

[CHAT] Greyfur Greyfur snarled as she heard the detective behind her "by the light eternal, hidden abyss, shadows guise, you shall not stand in my way!" she snarled a ball of energy forming in her right hand "get out of my way pathetic android!" she yowled turning and throwing the energy ball which has grown to the size of her head "the light eternal guide him..." she muttered passing out from the energy drain taxing her body

[CHAT] Crescendo -- It doesn't look back, just keeps running. Never look back. Never stop running. They won't stop coming after it. Even to the point of running it down like a dog just to try to capture it. But it wouldn't let them, with help.. Even as it ran, the area just behind it began... kind of exploding in energy just as it made it to the river bank. It doesn't even stop to look behind it before running right in--though swimming with cracked ribs and a broken limb is... hard. Probably not smart. Especially as the river was particularly high and racing after the recent rain. Staying, however, is an even worse choice... so in it goes, going with the current and away from the battle.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- '"Dammit! GILDER!" He said as the energy from Gilder's blade went whipping around. Trees exploding. Rain pouring down. On top of the the man in front of him formed some sort of mystic blast and threw it at him. The energy ripping through his Trenchcoat and slamming him in the side. Hard enough to kick him backwards, even as the energy dug into his body, burning the flesh down to his reconstructed ribs, leaving metal ribs and fleshy organs beneath exposed. He grunts as more and more explosions ripped around him. Something grabbed him. Moved him. He found his old and battered body moving withouth thinking as he threw himself over the downed and unconcious newcomer as an energy blade and explosions ripped into the area. <C> '

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Greyfur and The Inspector disappeared in an energy explosion and kick up of water, mud, and forest debris. It was quiet where he was. He couldn't see anything, he could only feel the body beneath him, warm and the steady rise and fall of his breath. <Thats...nice...> He thought as the sounds around him slowly faded. He was cold. His body limp. Even the splatter of rain on his face was fading. The last thing he could remember was the serene sound of the rain drops splashing around him, before that too, went silent.<F>'

[CHAT] Gilder finally stopped in his onslaught and dropped his blade in pure exhaustion as he struggled to keep himself floating in the air. The blade, as it dropped to the ground, made a clattering metal sound before it disappeared in a glitter of energy that cascaded over the area as the blade he had been using up to this point had worn itself from overuse. Surveying the area, Gilder saw none of the three that had been there, only the sights of birds franticly fleeing the area and the random woodland creature rising from the downed trees and taking off in the opposite direction. Panting, his body began to betray him - he had betrayed his body. The anger, the loss of control in every aspect drowned him. Looking behind him, he saw the detective lying face first on the ground and Gilder went to see why, not piecing together what had happened.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"See, detective... you fucked up... the creature, our target, it got away... have fun explaining that to your agency..." he stated, taking deep breaths between every few words. However, there was no response. The kaio that was covered by his corpse remained invisible to Gilder's sight, and Gilder went to kick the detective's metal foot, trying to get him to wake up. "Hey... get up. Stop being... a pansy..." Still, nothing, at which point it hit him, the pool of blood that was beginning to fan out from the man's body, which instantly caused the human to recoil, falling backwards as the pain from the gunshot set in again.'

[CHAT] Greyfur Greyfur groaned the weight of the android crushing her woke her up just long enough for her to use what little energy she had left to push him off before passing out again

[CHAT] Crescendo was being washed away down stream for a few miles--to be deposited on some riverbank some miles down the river, unconscious. It didn't have the strength to stay conscious, much less properly swim. It couldn't go back. Not with that detective, or the other one, Gilder, knowing about it. It had to keep moving, be on the run. None of this was supposed to happen, though. They were supposed to look the other way--not... chase it down. Run it over. Try to lock it up and treat it like an animal. If it saw that dragon again, it'd have some choice words for her

[CHAT] Gilder began to breath eratically as reality set in. "What did I do... I... I..." he started in a fluster, looking behind him at the forest that no longer existed, and then turning back around, burying his face in his hands as he shook his head, trying to wake up from this nightmare. "Shit. Shit shit shit..." Looking up from his hands, he noticed the kaio unbury herself from the corpse and Gilder began to crawl over to the two, seeing no visible wounds on the kaio. Leaning in to her, he heard a heartbeat - she was healthy, she would live, maybe she just got knocked on the head. The detective however, was not face up, and Gilder could see the gaping wound in his chest. Frantically, Gilder casted his hand out in an attempt to create a defibrilator, having been trained on the basics of field paramedics. However, nothing came into reality.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As he realized this, Gilder's eyes went wide and he again forced his hand out trying to create it again, but still nothing. "No, that's can't be the last of it... no, I have to be able to do something!" Not knowing what else to do, Gilder used his own body as a conduit for an enchantment, forcing his hand to glow yellow as he looked over again at Greyfur as he shouted out, "CLEAR!" and plunged his hand onto the detective's chest, sending a weak shock throughout his body in an attempt to revive him.'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'As Gilder came upon the Inspector his trenchcoat was shredded. A large gash was across his back, but only a small amount of blood trickled out from the wound andas he was rolled him over Gilder could see the burned away wound from the energy ball. There was also the rest of the slash that cut him completely through. After Gilder had shocked him he may realise that is not the problem. The massive amounts of red in the water was the problem. The bionic heart kept on pumping, but there was nothing left in the pipes. The blinking red behind the inspectors bionic eye was slowing and getting dimmer. And finally it had stopped completely. The gaping hole in his back that cut through him, diverted enough to come out his side instead of into Greyfur had stopped the slow bleeding. His badge, sliced in two, fell as Gilder rolled him, landing in the muddy-wet ground at his waist. <edited>'

[CHAT] Gilder continued to use his own body as a conduit, making continued attempts to shock the detective back to life even after the bionics in his body had all shut down. Another press down on his chest. Another surge of electricity. Another failure. The pattern had repeated, but there was a larger gap between each attempt every time as Gilder came into the realization that he was gone, beyond his attempts to resusitate. With tears streaming down his eyes, mixed in with rainwater that was still dripping from his hair and on to his face, Gilder straightened himself out, and the yellow aura dropped from the palm of his hand, leaving scortch marks on his hand up to his wrist. At this point - the pain did not matter. The gun shot, the burns, none of it.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"I... I killed... him... that's not how this was supposed to end... I was never serious about fighting him. I don't... why did I do this... for some dog? What the fuck was I doing from the beginning?" he said quietly to himself as he slammed his fist onto the ground. "I wanted to complete my mission... or did I want to rehabilitate a murderous beast? Where did I get so off track in this... I'm still a fuck up, no matter how you spin the record." Sobbing, he burried his head into the mud. "I want to do good... I do... but all I do is mess up... I kill, I betray... who am I supposed to be? This shit's real messed up man." Mud on his face, and feeling the disgrace of self-defeat, Gilder rose his head and stared to the clouded sky. He needed to go, before the rangers came along and this was all pinned on him. With no energy to take to the sky, Gilder stood shakily and began to hobble away in the opposite direction of the forest and the city.'

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