*Hell on Sanctum Part 4: Seluj

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*Hell on Sanctum Part 4: Seluj

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[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The duo of platoons that were now focusing on a single target acted peculiar, one full platoon worth of elements held back and injected themselves once again with the serum. The others rushed forwards, those who specialized on defense and medicine staying back while a barrage of energy blasts rushed towards Jules followed by ten of the Saiyan warriors. The change of circumstances merely made this battle shorter.'

[CHAT] Jules glanced around, the minds... They were both gone.. Jules didn't even notice the nuance of what his enemies were doing, he was already covered in a hail of fire. His armor was burning, his aura white as a powerful barrier of energy wrapped around him. His tentacles instantly wrapped around his body fortifying his defense... They were all around... The kinetic senses... They were going to hit... The cocoon of Jules body suddenly shimmered blue under the white aura as he used his kinetic negation technique to further nullify the damage. The searing burn of the blasts were nothing, by the time he let himself fall he was being pummeled by fist which cracked through his armor and bruised his tentacles as he was rushed down. As he was further ignited with suppression fire and powerful blows... He cracked the bean between his teeth chewing it as he burned through the atmosphere getting knocked around like a volley-ball.

[CHAT] Dumastin shook his head. "No. Don't... don't try to bring her out. Not now, not yet. Can't... connect her to the Requiem as she is now." He didn't seem all that badly wounded, just temporarily exhausted by the strain of channeling that much Cosmic energy. "Give me a moment to recover and I'll be able to turn the Sanctum's weaponry against them. Now that Slaughter's been dealt with it should be enough..." He tried to ignore the heads-up icons telling him that Rizion's lifesigns had vanished. "Prime, I've got company. Let's get ready to rumble again..."

[CHAT] Samuel furrows its brow as Dumastin speaks, looking down, the namekian reaffirming its own doubts and worries. It only looks up as Rizion... dies. It barely knew the man, but they had connected on some level. Jules was on death's door as well. Despite what Dumastin said, things... weren't looking well. With that death there was a slow realization to it, a solemn fact that it felt that it should have known all along. "Dumastin... we... don't get a chance at a happy ending, do we?" Loss. It was a pain it'd known all its life. It was the reason it had wanted to walk away from the fighting--to not lose anyone else to it, and just... live. In peace. But that wasn't to be.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- This was its greatest fear. Right here. Losing those it cared about. Req. Dumastin. Jules. It doesn't wait for the namekian to answer, turning away and facing the oncoming horde--it was fit to fight, but its energy was depleting quickly. It unleashes another roar, energy enveloping its form--it glows entirely as another three smaller forms erupt from itself--two of them taking to the air to assist Jules--literally intent on taking hits for him to save the man, while the third makes a flight for the Requiem, to gather up any and all fighting supplements that it could, while Sam itself charged at both groups of oncoming soldiers with an almost desperate roar.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The elements that were after Jules had no hesitation in their assault, bashing and blasting through his protective armor and tentacles on their freefall from the sky back towards the planet. When the clones arrive, it only slowed a trio of the group. The rest continued with their assault finishing with a combination wave-attack meant to drive the Tuffle into the grave. '

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'Meanwhile, Samuel and Dumastin had no reprieve. Those who had taken double doses of serum were now peaking. Samuel and Dumastin would get no reprieve. Samuel would find himself being rushed by a pair of the empowered warriors, each one releasing a pair of tentacles from their backs shaped into blades before beginning a ruthless assault, twin units following closely to provide protective measures should the need arrive. The same formation of units began their assault on Dumastin simultaneously. '

[CHAT] Jules cocoon of protective measures had been blasted to oblivion by the time the clones put themselves between him and his assaults... Then... One final assault, a full powered energy wave which crashed him into the planets surface scorching his exposed skin even as his body burned with a dull green mist indicating the bean he had previously swallowed was doing its work. Regardless, his form lay in the bottom of a smoldering crater a hundred meters deep with a diameter of ten meters. The others would notice that for the moment, their psionic link had been broken as Jules body continued to heal as much as the bean he eaten would allow.

[CHAT] Dumastin growled as he pushed himself off the ground as Sam left. "Happy ending? You don't *get* a chance at one of those, Sam..." He knew the Mimic was too far gone to hear him, but he said it as much for himself as anything else. "You make one yourself. Prime! Iapetus! Time to go!" Tractor beams within the Sanctum engaged, drawing another suit of armor from his armory and delivering it to him rapidly. As the metal sealed itself around him, he drew a sigil with his hand, as Iapetus flowed over the surface of the armor. "Let's show them... what a REAL Demon can do!" Power flowed freely as Dumastin created a link between the Sanctum's reserves and himself, and light shone across the armor's plating as Iapetus solidified over it, possessing the steel. He and Prime would share the "body," and with Dumastin as a power source...

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The armored form lifted off from the ground, right palm glowing with a blazing light, into the heart of the demon swarm approaching him. That light resolved into a shining powerblade, and Prime and Iapetus roared together as they charged into the fray, Prime's precision and control letting them evade strike after strike while Iapetus attacked with animalistic fury.'

[CHAT] Samuel just powers through, its own aura flaring a brilliant crimson with golden electricity arcing throughout--it was a match for these fighters, even boosted as they were because of it. "I WON'T LET YOU!" it shouts out in a roar, slamming into as many soldiers as it could, one hand shifting into long, sharpened, dagger like claws to rake, stab and otherwise tear as many soldiers to pieces, with the armor on the other spreading out into a large shield to help deflect attacks and bash into other soldiers.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- The clones, meanwhile, the two helping Jules immediately followed him to the ground, still trying to shield the man--with their bodies if need be, and help him up--while the other one is currently running through the Requiem with numerous vials and such. Sam... didn't really know too much about what they did, other than they were things that made them stronger when fighting. Ordinarily it didn't bother, but right now, when everything was on the line, nothing else mattered other than making sure it didn't lose anyone else.

[CHAT] Thousand -meanwhile- makes one final adjustment to his scanners before bringing them online, the last in a series of upgrades courtesy of hardware harvested from his own duplicates. He pauses a moment as the sensors reach out, the new wealth of data dizzying him slightly as he adjusts to it. For a brief moment, his face lights up in a satisfied smirk, which suddenly falls flat as he reels from the incoming data. 'What...? Jules! Sam! Dumastin! Damn it, what's happening to you?!?' He immediately fires up the HELIOS comm. 'Prime, what the hell is going on? I'm reading my friends energy plummeting -fast,- fill me in on the situation! Is Dumastin in any kind of condition to get me there?!?'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'From over a ridge a banner of deep purple made itself known. The flagbearer the spearhead of the small contingent of Demon Soldiers Elphlane had sent to earth to help the defenders of the Sanctum. These were loyal to her absolutely and would die with their pride than turn without massive interference. With a wave of the banner and a warcry, 500 demonic warriors bearing the colors of The House of Shadows swarmed forth down the ridge. Five hundred soldiers in unison, wielding their demonic arms and armor crying a battlecry that shook the ground. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Their energy levels were lower than that of those of Seluj's force but they had their pride as warriors, as well as a significant number to at least keep the chaos-saiyons occupied. Demonic-energy formed arrows from wicked blacksteel crossbows ripped across the field of battle, hopefully into the defenders unaware sides, while those dual-wielding massive demonic greatswords joined the fray. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'A small contingent of shieldbearers tried to mass themselves around Dumastin as a literal meatshield. Jules had been found as well. In a crater. Nearly a third of the demonic warriors came to his aid as well, trying to rip themselves into the forces and form a protective ring of demon flesh around him. One of them turned towards Jules and nodded. "The house of Shadows has come to your aid." The same was repeated to Samuel and Dumastin as well. <F>'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I'm trying, Thousand! Whole godsdamn swarm of daemonspawn dropped on my Sanctum! Trying not to die here!" He couldn't channel from within his armor very effectively, but... He tapped into the mana batteries. The power released by them flashed within his armor as he reached out, touching Thousand's HELIOS comm and trying to drag the Android through space through the connection so created. Even while he did so, Prime and Iapetus continued to duel the swarm of demons, with the armor around him literally coming to pieces as he fought.'

[CHAT] Samuel was panting heavily... it was exhausted. But it wasn't about to give up as it tears into another soldier. It didn't care what it took, what it had to do, what it had to give. It would not lose anyone else. Not in this fight. "I will TEAR YOU ALL TO PIECES!" it roars again in a rage, blood flying from the attacks as it sets to work on attempting fatal moves with every strike--attempting to stab them in the head and neck area with it's knife-like claws. The clones, meanwhile, work to divert what they can, but against an entire platoon of stronger soldiers they're quickly overwhelmed and soon enough a couple of smoking corpses are falling down beside Jules even as he powers up.

[CHAT] Thousand crosses his fingers, putting his hopes into Dumastin's ability to to bring him to the front. Meawhile, he begins gathering his energy, focusing it into his casse array to prepare it for use- he intended to open up with the mother of all alpha strikes. It was a risky move- he wouldn't be able to store the energy there indefinitely or convert it back to a form he could store; it would have to be released eventually, likely at the cost of his ship should Dumastin not manage to pull the summoning off in time. He remained silent on the Helios Comm, his attention fully accounted for between monitoring his scanners and gathering energy.

[CHAT] Seluj remained nestle tightly within the demon Elphlane, a constant struggle. A death-box built in. She was trying to eat him, that was her nature. To prevent it, he had built an intenral armor system. He also built a bomb at her brain-stem to go off if he lost consciousness. On the ground, it was chaos. The platoons in their full had reached the ground and were rapidly engaging the group of traitors to the Crimson Queen. He viewed his long-range sensors, various screens showing parts of the battle. Apparently, they had received reinforcements. An amusing concept, considering Slaughter and Seluj were just the advanced party. Regardless, it was time to find those dragon balls... On the astral planes hundreds of various sized versions of the dragons natural form began breaking off of him and rushing towards the planet. They had a simple goal, locate the dragon balls.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'On the ground the incoming reinforcements had diverted a great deal of attention from the primary targets. Five hundred three, well... Four now... Versus seventy-five. It was absolute chaos. Dumastin would find himself facing now only three. One from the firing line, one from the defense line, and one from the medical line. For Dumastin, he would be met with a two handed energy wave from the assault while the medic switched it up and rushed around him for a flanking assault. Samuel had managed to effectively maim the single assault left on him, the medic stepped in behind him as the defender forced a barrier between Samuel and the warrior in order to buy time for recovery. After the break the defender would proceed to unleash a rapid flourish of powerful blows aimed at Samuel.'

[CHAT] Jules rose from the crater as the corpses of the clones fell, a moment later his mind was once again linked with Dumastin and Samuel... A familiar mind, Thousand... The four were linked, then each other friendly demon mind in the region. ("Dumastin, do we have a secure area we can hold out from? We're far to spread out to effectively deal with a force this powerful and this size. We need to form a choke-point!") Mentally he collaborated with the demons, letting them pull distractions as he unleashed pairs of energy disk. Each one was a successful hit, but the difference in effect was tremendous... One was severed at the upper-torso, completely.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The other severed the arm of one of the warriors. He sent the intent to his allies to use the distraction as long as possible. Even with their being lower ascended, in such numbers they could prove useful, perhaps buy time for the team to regroup. Medical aid delivered... Jules wasn't sure 'how' they were suppose to survive...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '<I meant to hold them off the orbitals as long as we could, but we weren't ready for battle when they hit!> The armor he was wearing was coming to pieces, but it wouldn't slow Iapetus and Prime as long as the power flow continued. The energy waves slammed into his armor, shattering plating and sending metal flying, and Iapetus kept coming, slamming into a demon and ripping him limb from limb in his rage. And then he saw those astral critters start to spread across his planet... He gritted his teeth and began working on a new spell. He was *tired* of whoever this bastard was who was defiling his sanctum...'

[CHAT] Samuel just growls... but, they were on the ground. It didn't need to get through the barrier to hit them, just around it, it lets out another roar rears back and punches the groud--fist going in the ground... and then a group of spikes erupting under the trio of soldiers behind their barrier, flat out intent on just straight up killing them. It was entirely enraged right now and was -going- to kill them. The clone still on the Requiem hangs back, staying out of sight for the moment. Sam probably needed -something- to help fight them. But these weren't without side effects... using them incorrectly, or at the wrong time would be death.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'A large Demon waiving the banner strove forth and issued the orders to his lower warriors in complete agreement with Jules goal. "Demons. Kill these atrocities! No one will use the demon name for their own pleasure! It is mine alone ot have!" He said as he ordered his allies to keep fighting while surveying the battlefield. He noticed the various buildings as well as the downed Requiem in the areas around him. Both a suitable structure.<C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'As his platoon battled near Dumastin he approached him, striking a Chaos Saiyan with the guidon to get him off of Dumastin, little damage but offering him back to back with the Namek. "Umm...Dumastin I take it. Was told to meet with you."He said while he gathered a demonic aura around his fist and slammed back an energy blast. It took all his concentration and left his fist tingling but he was still standing. "Get inside or into that downed Dreadnaught. IT would be easier to fight there. We will cover your movements. Just say the word." <F>'

[CHAT] Seluj glanced down at the bosom of the woman he had infested, this mask of hers... The mask she identified herself as. Beautiful.. Regardless, his form was constantly shifting to the faces of those she had consumed. He was still fully adjusting to the powers of his new found host. Meanwhile, on the ground... The group assaulting Dumastin was thrown off, the assaulting Saiyan being thrown violently off to the side providing Dumastin protection. Meanwhile, Samuel's under-ground assault was highly effective. The barrier was indeed only surface deep, none of the group expected an attack from below. They did indeed fall to the spikes which impaled their lower-bodies and torsos... A second later, their power spiked... If allowed, it seemed they had something in store.

[CHAT] Jules had fought his way to Samuel who had just dealt with a small group that had been focused on him. Jules already had a bean in his hand which he handed to Samuel, it was another of the strength he had previously taken. "We need to meet up with Dumastin, we can deal with these bastards if we can concentrate our efforts." Jules had thrown another duo of blades as the various Saiyan's who were distracted by the sudden swarm of demons. The more dead, the better off they would be when this helpful demon fodder was executed. The question remained, where the hell was Elphlane... And why were her dragons rushing over the Sanctum via the astral plane. The flung disk were once again mixed in success, one drove through the center vertically through its target ending the threat. The other... The Saiyan had easily deflected it, and while there were still demons attacking him.. He now seemed interested in Jules.

[CHAT] Samuel -- The spikes grow barbed and try to drag the soldiers down underground, in order to outright keep them trapped down there to suffocate as Sam cuts off the biomass and pulls his fist back out of the ground, glancing over to Jules. "We need to get back to the ship, get some kind of bottleneck to help us fight. Jules... can you... can you contact Req? See if there's a way we can get the Requiem started to help us fight back," it says, gritting its teeth. It didn't like getting her involved, especially as wounded as she was, but things were grim. It had deliberately remained closeby to Dumastin--only a couple of meters away. So he was... pretty much already there. "Lets go,"

[CHAT] Dumastin dug into a pouch at his side. "We need to get to ground. The Sanctum's defenses will be of more use at ground level..." He dismissed the spell amplifying his bondmates, and the damaged armor shattered and fell to the ground. "Time for a blackout!" <Close your eyes!> He released the darknight powder from the pouch, creating a rapidly-expanding cloud of impenetrable black smoke around himself. At the same time, the Sanctum's ground-based cannons started firing airburst rounds packed with smoke and incapacitating flash-bang munitions into the air. Even those outside the smoke would likely be temporarily be blinded and impaired, and the darknight smoke was so powerful that it could even mask ki signatures.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '<See as I see!> He opened his Cosmic sight, and once again he could see, the magic power of his obscuring dust as nothing next to vision that saw the true nature of things. He picked out his allies and imagined the battlefield as best he could, focusing hard on the positions of important landmarks: the cloud, which was the safest place to be at the moment, as well as the ground, the positions of his allies, and the positions of major clusters of enemies. His goal was to guide his allies to his side at low altitude.'

[CHAT] Rizion ..was..alive! But the ki flowing out from his chrysalis was barely an ember of life. Inside the onyx crystal Rizion could feel everything happening around him. He wanted to help them. To save Sam, protect Jules, even show Dumastin that he was just a mere mortal, but despite what he wanted he felt he was dying inside out. 'I need to help them...' His world was fading, even the Echo, the Dreamstate in which he ruled over as king, was reduced to a single pilar of light that shined over his evaporating form. 'You can't do anything anymore. You used up all of your ki and that mana poisoning ate away at your lifeforce.' From the darkness, the other part of his soul, Bahamut, spoke to him. They would die together and this was his good-bye.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Rizion's hands were fading, becoming ghost-like whisps evaporating in the wind. The light over his head was flickering out. His hands vanished, arms, legs, torso. Before long he was gone and the light dripped away like the fawcet of the sun being turned off. Back in the realm of the real, the light in his eyes faded, their royal blue hue faded to grey, his pupils dialting. "No" he said while at death's door. The realm of the Echo became illuminated by the light of the Red moon, and Rizion re-appeared, bathed in its glow. "NO!" The hilt and guard of his sword was the actual mouth of a dragon and the blade was its tongue, but it was the eye of Bahamut that came to life. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The sword broke free, shattering the crystal around itself as the eye emitted a bright, neon-red light. "I will use my entire soul...To save this world!" He broke free, rising up from the crystal coffin, the Dark Knight's armor literally set a blaze by the dark flame. Rizion's roar was primal, visceral, he was no longer a man. His veins filled with fire under his armor and his eyes even changed. The round pupils pulsated, shifting to vertical slits, white umbral rings shining through his black sclera. His body was changing, growing at such a rate that his armor could not expand fast enough...So he pulled it inward. The metal plates, they dug under his skin, constricting, binding, transforming his body with black scales. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'His hands formed claws as did his feet while his skin colour changed to a pale blue and his hair threw itself upward and transformed into a brilliant red as well. The scales traced his midsection, leaving his chest and belly bare and the helm on his head etched his face. Even a pair of gnarled and twisted horns protruded up from his blood red locks and a scaled and feathered tail whipped about behind him. White bolts of power traced over his newly achieved transformed body and when he took up his blade again, Bahamut's blade became a solid extention of red ki, laced with white lightning. All of Sanctum quaked when Rizion took flight, a pair of shadow wings sprouting from his back as he joined Elphane and her Dragonflight.'

[CHAT] Dumastin felt his left arm snap out. A trailing chain unwound itself from his belt, the looped end snagging around Jules's ankle. Prime gave a heave with the arm and dragged the man back toward the group. <Welcome, Thousand. Transmitting targeting and tactical data now to your HELIOS uplink.> Dumastin, meanwhile, raised his right hand to deal with another problem entirely; it couldn't be seen through the darknight shroud, but a spel manifested rapidly in his hand, drawing on the Sanctum's power to accelerate itself. When it erupted, it merely seemed to fizzle... but if one were watching from, for example, the Astral plane, it would appear to be an incredibly powerful explosion centered on Dumastin's location. Not dangerous to most people on his level, but hopefully enough to sweep the Sanctum clear of Seluj's creeping minions on the Astral side.

[CHAT] Samuel closes its eyes and relies on Dumastin's cosmic... magic... stuff for senses, "Thousand," it speaks to the group as a whole, "Good to have you here... we need all the help we can get," it grunts, following after Jules to try to drag him back to the group... and do any cheap shots it can to any of the soldiers it passes along. Mainly by trying to claw out their throats and straight up kill them. "Back to the Sanctum, then... we've gotte get the Requiem activated. Something to throw out more firepower and drive them back," it furrows its brow. It had some other ideas as well, but they were risky.

[CHAT] Thousand nods in no particular direction. 'Been a while Sam, good to... well, I can't exactly see you, but... yeah... catch up later, ok?' He turns his head, seemingly meaninglessly in the darkness, cross-referencing the targeting data from prime with his kinetic senses and, aiming for the most densely-packed group of signatures, unleashes his charged up energy- a dense, crackling, basketball-sized sphere of intense blue-white light would lance out from the darkness towards the group- if all went according to Thousand's intent, it would travel at breakneck speed towards the center of the pack, burning through any inervening structures and detonating in their midst in a tremendous and nearly-blinding explosion...

[CHAT] Seluj was pacing now, how long would it take for this to clear up... He could feel the passing of his children, even worse... Those who had fully dosed wouldn't be lasting much longer. Worse, his shadow-dragons were having no success in locating the dragon balls... If she showed up and they hadn't depowered her... It would be a slaughter, no pun intended. Then there would be no one left to stop the Crimson Queen… Odd was what felt like a ripple slowing his astral dragons, from what he knew of Elphlane’s abilities… They should be able to move significantly faster in their search.

[CHAT] Jules recovered from the bludgeoning blow, shaking his head as he returned to his allies with Samuel's help. "I might be able to reach Requius... We should wait until we have some cover, i'm not going to be able to fight and project at the same time." He glanced up, aware of another mind... A Resurrected? It seemed Rizion was back from the dead yet again, seemed to be a trade-mark of the Konatsu. Regardless, Jules tied in his mind allowing him to see in the same manner as the rest of the army. From what Jules could tell, the counter-assault went well, although there seemed to be a company worth that were falling back with the team.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '<I'd argue against activating the Requiem at this point. Her guns are more optimized for large spaceborne targets; Ascended, especially demons on this level, move and attack too quickly for her to target effectively. Also, we have nobody to serve as a core! We can't connect Requius to the ship until I get her core patched, not unless you guys want the ship to reconstitute her like Prime says it's already done once!> The shroud was starting to fall as he led his allies back toward the ground. Once his own feet touched down, the artillery fire switched back over to airburst munitions in an effort to distract the enemy horde. Dumastin himself worked to lead people back into the Atrium, where the Sanctum's primary energy shields might hold for just long enough to patch up and regroup.'

[CHAT] Thousand -- The scattered groups of demon soldiers rotate their formations, attempting to let the injured and drained recover somewhat while the relatively fresh troops moved to the front. The group closest to Rizion recoils sharply at his return and change in demeanour, hesitating a moment, rather dangerously all things considered. The remainder opt to focus their fire, attempting to remain evasive and overwhelm individual enemy soldiers with sheer numbers, each individual platoon staggering its fire to maintain an almost constant-stream. Meanwhile, the company withdrawing with Dumastin and company take up flanking positions along the sides of the area in a broad, unclosed V formation, aiming to maximize the crossfire potential vs the enemy while not putting one another into the midst of it.

[CHAT] Samuel fell back alongside Dumastin and the others, furrowing its brow. "Right..." it said quietly, frowning a moment. It was worried about Req--it didn't -want- to bring her out, to get her involved in the wounded state she was in, but it didn't want to lose -anyone- here. Not even that Rizion guy that... apparently wasn't dead after all? What was with that? Still. It had had -enough- of losing people it cared about. No. More. It didn't speak outloud, but that sheer determination--even in the face of this adversity, well, it was something that everyone could feel through the mental link.

[CHAT] Seluj felt another handful of his pawns fall, but as the smoke-screen cleared his ships sensors were once again able to produce video. The platoons were in disarray, all of them chalked full of an over-abundance of power. Of course... He checked his watch considering the time since injection. He glanced at the screen again, a number of his children suddenly broke away from their engagements rushing after Dumastin and the others. The first one was within ten meters of the to the right of one of the flanking demon-army units, it exploded with enough force to demolish a city... The blast rushed around the area colliding with the others who were on a self-destruct path... They were engulfed in their own explosions... The planet was rocking as nearly a quarter of the original force continued to rush after the defenders, some getting closer than others before exploding.

[CHAT] Jules continued to fall back with Dumastin and the rest of his team. The additional support was nice but... "I'm rather concerned about Elphlane. Last I knew she was battling to the west when she was pulled out of the link. I still can't feel her anyway..." He shook off the feeling, there was to much going on to worry about Elphlane. For instance... The gigantic wall of exploding fire that was rushing towards them... Jules let his children's power rush over him as his eyes glowed a bright cyan, assuming no one else had anything better... Jules would be singularly using his optic blast to try to hold back the oncoming force of the explosions.

[CHAT] Dumastin raised his left palm. His arm's mana-barrier projector came online, adding its own power to the energy shield projected by the Sanctum. Hopefully, if Sam and Thousand could add to it, it'd be sufficient; he needed time before he could work any more miracles, after all. Still, he felt a tingling... He felt the gauntlet tighten on his right hand. "Go find her, Iapetus. Make sure she's safe." Black smoke streamed off his body and away.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The demon army was covering their flank, nearly 3\5ths of the original attacking force. But they were proud and strong, at least in will. While others remained on the flank end of the group, 100 demons placed themselves in a wall around 50 yards away from Jules. As a single unit they slammed their shields into the ground and joined up arms. With a uniform stomping of demonic feet, their energys skyrocketed. Red and black twisted demonic energy whipping around them. Wounds opening on their bodies and even pieces of fingers and hands started to crumble away as they were using their own life energies to fuel this last barrier. <C>'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- ' With a demonic shout of 100 strong they met the wall of fire with the fire of their own lives. A demonic energy barrier ment to hold back the storm, hopefully, for enough time that the great defenders of The Sanctum could escape. A demon in the center, a bit larger than the others planted his platoon's guidon in the earth behind him, nodding to Jules and giving him a smile. With that he turned back as the demonic energy clashed with the firey explosion, ensuing in an enormous flash of light and explosion of dirt and debris. <F>'

[CHAT] Thousand nods to Dumastin. 'Exactly what I was thinking, we may as well be hiding behind paper slats for all the good this'll do us. Gunpowder ended the castle, and the firepower mismatch here is far worse. I did just ask what you had in mind...' The android concentrates a moment, gauging the energy balance between the attackers and Elphlane's soldiers with a somber expression. 'This reprieve isn't going to hold out much longer. What have you got here to turn this around, Dumastin?'

[CHAT] Samuel rolls its eyes, "Then what -is- the plan?" it asks. Theatrics for your own side didn't really have a place in a life or death scenario, as far as Sam was concerned. "People are already dying, if we're going to do something we should -do- it already," it speaks again. It's resolve was steel--don't let anyone else it cared about die. Showboating and holding secrets just to 'surprise' your teammates wasn't something it liked. As the demons close in it nods to them, brows still furrowed. Nice to see demons that -weren't- trying to kill it for a change.

[CHAT] Seluj shrugged, 'I do believe that is fair dear Elphlane, I have no room for such silly sentiments. I have an objective to complete, a sole driving purpose.' Another chuckle as the dragons continued to break from his body, 'Speaking of which...' He moved to another one of his bridge-crew, letting Elphlane's power spread over them and consuming them in full. 'Delicious. No, I know you enjoy your control but I have a feeling to access your true capabilities i'm going to need more than just 'my' power. So I will feed, happily. And I suspect your team of do-gooders will prove... Useful. And if that's the case... Than you and I can discuss arrangements with Dumastin.'

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The scattered forces had been reduced in number to approximately forty. The retreat did nothing to stop them, even as the inconsequential demons regrouped they were being targeted both melee and energy-based assaults. It seemed they had no intention of relenting, there was no time for that... Their only goal left in life now was to do as much damage as possible before the serum toxicity ended their lives. '

[CHAT] Jules glanced up, there was another flurry of powerful energy-attacks even as the Chaos-saiyan's dropped down into groups of the Shadow-clan assaulting with melee... The 'crew' or do-gooders weren't exempt... A trio of Saiyan's landed within five meters of the group, crashing down with enough force to cause a crater. One rushed towards Dumastin, another towards Jules, and the last towards Thousand. Their red-black auras themselves crackled with demonic electricity which seemed more than capable of dealing damage. Jules barely had time to put up a defense before he found himself struck violently in the mid-section knocking him violently backwards... The only though was of survival, one of his functioning tentacles deployed to once again recover his bean-case from his chest, even as his eyes unleashed another blast of energy towards his previous assailant.

[CHAT] Dumastin pointed, and charges built into a craggy hillside exploded. The charges revealed a tunnel leading... somewhere? It occurred to anyone familiar with the layout of the terrain near the Sanctum that this hill, nondescript as it was, hadn't existed before about a week previous... but the terrain of the Sanctum changed frequently, as Prime and Dumastin constructed or deconstructed new facilities. "All will be made clear. I had to save this; it would have done us no good with Slaughter loose. Now that he's down... well, we can make our play."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Demon forces, make for the tunnel! No more suicides, I need every remaining warm body!" He began preparing a spell to carry himself there in case he couldn't disengage in time. "The rest of you, get there as fast as possible, as well!" The hillside wasn't far, luckily.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Saiyan dropping into the group surprised Dumastin, but not Prime, and Dumastin's reflexes were still incredibly well-honed by his long partnership with the AI. So when warning sigils instructing him to duck low and to his right appeared in his vision, his body moved long before he had time to do more than recognize the sigils. The fluxfield forming around his body was Prime's doing, as well, but the Saiyan was fast, too fast for him to evade. Not for the first time, as he watched the blow coming in, off-center but still more than close enough, he felt a surge of regret and missed his old strength.'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The demons surrounding Dumastin were not quick enough to intercept the attack either and were caught off guard. It was Dumastin's voice that broke them off into a breakneck run towards the tunnel, although perimeter guards were still there to engage and delay those chaos saiyans still engaging them. Nearly 20 more perished in subsequent explosions of the dying invaders but the remaining were already running deep into the tunnels embrace.'

[CHAT] Thousand zig-zags through the area in an all but imperceivable blur of motion, the combination of his various scanners all feeding into a defensive program, interposing the android directly between Dumastin and his attacker, fingers splayed wide as both palms reach towards the saiyan. Twin ebon gems glitter darkly in his palms. 'Not today, and I'll be helping myself to your energy...'

[CHAT] Samuel did note the hill--it was different. And then it wasn't a hill anymore. The second Dum yells out to get over there, it backs up--yanking Dumastin back right along with it to get the namekian out of harms way, "C'mon, I'm not gonna let -anyone- 'take one for the team' here," it speaks, gritting its teeth as it hurries as fast as it could--even if it had to drag the Namekian back there to do it. "C'mon, Thousand! We don't have time for you to snack!" it calls out as it runs.

[CHAT] Seluj nodded his head, 'Yes my lovely Elphlane, I am a fool. Singularly focused minds tend to do that. And i'm well aware of the approaching doom that lurks in this place.' The female body shrugged, 'Truth is Elphlane, if they can't survive this the Queen is going to chew them up and spit them out, even if we remove her immortality. You want me to align myself with Dumastin? It's sensible, but only if he and his misfits aren't going to die horribly.' Seluj moved back to the view-screen, monitoring the battle. 'If her vision of the cosmos is to be countered, it's going to take an unnatural force. Given her vision is incompatible with my creators, your proposition is indeed appealing... But...' He brought the woman's left hand to her chin, 'I'm not going to put my own neck on the line trying to stop her if these things can't even stop machinations 'i've' created.'

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The forces on the ground were having mixed success, Jules had been pounded and knocked away. Unfortunately it was the only member of the primary 'team' that was injured. Elsewhere, more and more of the traitorous demon army continued to fall. Thousand however found himself now being dogged by two assailants, it turns out effectively defending Dumastin caused them to turn their full attention on the android who had absorbed some of their energy. '

[CHAT] Jules pushed himself back up, grumbling slightly as a tentacle slid a bean into his mouth for him to chew on it. He wasn't able to stand up fully, his right hand clenching his abdominal section. There were broken ribs... That was... Painful. Worse... The Chaos Saiyan continued to rush towards him, slamming into his armored jaw pushing him further away from Dumastin and his plan of escape.

[CHAT] Dumastin grunted as Samuel grabbed onto him and started dragging him. "Easy, you big lug!" He didn't resist, though; Samuel could cover the distance faster than he could, and he could prepare magic to pull Jules or Thousand away if he needed to do so. Even if they didn't make it immediately, once everyone else was in place, retrieving them would be... simpler. "Try not to wrench my arm completely off, but keep going! I need to get to that bunker!" Where the last Dream slept...

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '<Ohh, they will be fine. They had enough time to regroup and you are using the clones ALL wrong.> She sent as if he could see her in the recesses of his mind, she would be snickering behind that cage she was in. <You want to know what it is> She sent while watching the battle from the back of the mind, as if watching a movie from the back seat. Meanwhile the remainder of the Demon Army sat in the bunker and waited the arrival of Dumastin and the others.'

[CHAT] Thousand is far too pressed to actually look back at Dumastin, calling back to him. 'I'll catch up! Get back there and do your thing!' Despite the bravado in his words and tone, even with the reduction in his attackers strength added to his own thanks to his energy absorption, and his aptitude at handling multiple foes, the two saiyans simply started out just plain stronger than he was. He knocks aside blow after blow, yet still a few strikes break through his guard, spattering crimson coolant across the area in a wide spray. It is all he can do to hold the two off, much less make headway and catch up. (Just gotta hold them a moment longer, than I can bail... don't want to call it forth just yet..)

[CHAT] Samuel calls out itself, "Don't be a hero, Thousand--I don't want anyone else dyin today!" it yells out. It had faith in the android--he was strong--really strong, but it had to say something, heading into the tunnels with Dumastin and the rest, covering their retreat to make sure no one else follows them if they get by Thousand. As Dumastin complains it furrows its brow, "Sorry, just... tryin to get you outta there," it notes, stopping and letting Dum go as they reach the bunker as it goes to hold the entrance directly to keep any of the enemies from following, "I dunno what your plan is, Dumastin, but let me know when you're about to do it."

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'With Samuel and Dumastin being out of view the focus of the others shifted to members of Elphlane's demon army and the trio of would-be heroes still fighting on the surface. A few more of his fodder perished, but less than a hundred of that reinforcing army remained. Thousand would find himself facing a few more surrounding him, some blasting him with energy while others rushed him. Jules would find himself being pursued by the same Saiyan who had struck him previously, two more taking notice of Jules. '

[CHAT] Seluj shrugged, 'Ah, I no longer have perfect control over those crude things. You see the Serum rather does overpower the senses. Reason, logic. No... The best I can do now is keep them from turning on each other. Keeping them focused on going after your friends." He continued to watch the battle, an amused look on his face. The retreating armies, the infected Chaos Saiyan's scattered, no longer fighting as an effective force and more rushing the nearest possible enemy. 'So, let's talk about more personal goals.' Seluj shifted his Tuffle-body nestled within Elphlane brain, suddenly putting pressure on her pain receptors. It would cause Seluj no discomfort, but would feel like someone drilling into her brain for Elphlane.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- ''Tell me, in your own words. Why do 'you' wish to stop the Queen.' He continued to watch the screen, really the pain was a punishment. She was of course plotting, not that it would do her much good. In the event he was eaten, should would be terminated. Regardless, such mischievous thoughts had to be dealt with adequately, such was the way of the Tuffle. '

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'With Samuel and Dumastin being out of view the focus of the others shifted to members of Elphlane's demon army and the trio of would-be heroes still fighting on the surface. A few more of his fodder perished, but less than a hundred of that reinforcing army remained. Thousand would find himself facing a few more surrounding him, some blasting him with energy while others rushed him. Jules would find himself being pursued by the same Saiyan who had struck him previously, two more taking notice of Jules. '

[CHAT] Jules was back on his feet his aura freshly invigorated as his right hand pushed his jaw back into place as the bean rapidly rebuilt and repaired severely damaged portions of his internal organs. It didn't appear to have much of an effect on his exterior, but he was back in fighting form. As the Saiyan rushed him his eyes burst with a concentrated beam of optical energy. It was a distraction, Jules stepped forward as two tentacles exploded from his back rushing forward in a pair of glowing cyan spikes. One penetrated the Saiyan's skull, the other his torso. The optic blast faded away as the tentacles threw the corpse at his other pursuers. A second later he had blinked away, stopping with his back to Thousand, his eyes unleashing another optic blast to give him rear cover. "We can't leave Rizion out here, and something tells me he's not going to fall back." A shout given while he attacked.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '<Really. What is MY goal. Obvious. I already told you. I will destroy that queen and bring the demon race to a new age. A new chapter. Build a new empire of not just the brutish stupid bloodthirsty demons those of the other races depict. No. They will rise above. Civilised no, But beyond mere bloodthirsy drive yes. And I can not do that with her. She would use them as enslaved tools. No. No one deserves that.> She said as the pain she endured. But her body started to shake and give off an aura of smoke and smell of brimstones. The shadows seemed to flex around her as her body was trying to instictively shift to smoke and shadows to avoid the pain that was being inflicted. A reflex that saved her on countless occasions. As for her demon army, there were more than 200 still around. Seluj miscounted as the majority of the mass was taking refuge in the bunker below, protected by Dumastin's magics. There they waited, silent and stoic.'

[CHAT] Dumastin ran down a tunnel. Pulsating strip lighting down the floor led the way as the Namek sprinted; the demon forces were already heading deeper, guided by Prime's voice and commands. Dumastin's course brought him down a different path, though, and he came finally to a heavily-secured vault-style door. It opened as they drew near, and he burst through to what seemed to be some sort of control room. Lights came on as he leaped to a padded crash chair at the center... and behind him, blue sparks started to fill the air as a large golden ring at the rear of the chamber started to glow... <I need the rest of you down here! Move it, now! We'll come back for Rizion once we launch!> Those blue sparks started to arc between Dumastin and the Primus Gate as he began preparing a powerful spell. In his left hand he held a tight bundle of sigils, a summoning spell primed and ready to yank someone off the field if need be.

[CHAT] Thousand nods to Jules in thanks, before transmitting back to Dumasin. [Just a moment, I got a surprise for them.] The android takes on a swaggering stance, strikingly similar to one employed by Dumastin on many an occasion. He mimics movement and intonation previously observed in the technomage, gesturing with his hand as his holoemitters flare to life, producing the illusion of blue sparks of mana as he traces a fake sigil in the air. He turns his head to Jules, calling 'Move!' before shunting more power into his holoemitters. A cascade of photorealistic projected rock appears to fall from the ceiling, interposing itself between Rizion and the remaining attackers. If the attackers bought the illusion, the android would rush forward, grabbing ahold of Rizion and falling back- the projected rock would vanish as soon as the android got 30 meters away.

[CHAT] Samuel was still at the door, "Get over here guys! We don't have TIME FOR THIS!" it yells out, before looking back to Dumastin and heading off for him to the primus gate to see what all the fuss was about. It still didn't know what he was planning, but knowing him, it was going to be big, flashy, and probably effective. Which was what they needed most of all right now--something that actually worked and put a dent in these forces.

[CHAT] Seluj let the body fade to smoke, his own physical form covering along with Elphlane. 'Ah yes, so you claim. You want to prop Demons up. I suppose that's a universe that's preferable to what 'she' has planned. Being enslaved...' He chuckled, 'She could do it you know... Take away all of our free will...' The figure shifted back from smoke in front of the view-screen. 'Then again, it is my nature to enslave others. It's quite odd that a being such as I have a problem with what she has planned. I suppose it's because such a universe wouldn't be fit for father. Unacceptable.' He sighed, it was a pity... Soon those who took three doses of the demon serum would be exploding. For the moment, the pain he had been subjecting Elphlane too was subsiding. 'Of course... I wonder, what is worse? A being that enslaves, or a being that consumes and...' Elphlane's body once again began to shift through her long list of very dead victims.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'On the ground the distraction used by Thousand didn't even slow the Saiyan's, even if they had been real boulders the enraged mind-set pushed off instincts of protection. Thousand rushed towards Rizion leaving Jules alone to bare the assault that was previously split between the two of them. Rizion was still being rushed from all directions while Thousand moved to reinforce them. Thirty-five remained, and it seemed like the bulk of them were starting to finish their own battles and move onto the bigger fish. '

[CHAT] Jules stepped back as his right flank was assaulted by a previously distracted Saiyan, his right hand grabbed the bastards throat before his eyes unleashed a point-blank optic blast. As he fired his right side was suddenly struck by a scatter blast of energy before he was kicked violently from behind sending him careening towards Thousand and Rizion. Given he doubted Rizion was going to fall back he let a tentacle retrieve one of his phase three rejuvenation aid. His intent was simple, give Rizion a method of emergency recovery and then have Dumastin retrieve him. An intention he let be known to Rizion as the tentacle held out the aid.

[CHAT] Dumastin growled. "Enough of this charade." Blue lightning cascaded from his left hand as he held the tightly-bundled spell up, watching Jules through his cybernetics. Once he'd had a chance to complete his handoff, he released the spell, and Jules appeared before him. "Sorry for the shock. It's taking too long to get gathered. It's time to launch now; we can pick up Thousand when we're able." He raised his eyes as Sam entered, led by the track lighting to this very same control room. "The demon forces are all loaded up. Sam, Jules, buckle yourselves into those crash couches. They're marked with your names." He pointed to either side, where two very different stations were set up. Jules's looked more like a cocoon, but Sam's was nondescript and was simply a crash couch without all of the surrounding electronics...

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Prime! Final preparations! Retract supports and prepare for Primus ignition!" The control room shuddered as distant machinery completed its tasks. "Dumastin transmitting to Thousand. We're launching without you; stay alive out there with Rizion, and I'll transmit boarding instructions when appropriate!" The golden ring of the Primus Gate started to rotate, and a swirling pattern appeared within as the connection started to establish itself. "Beginning final launch sequence countdown!"'

[CHAT] Samuel nods and gets on the couch and buckles up--harder said than done with a large icerian-style tail, still, it gets in there. Not the most comfortable of seating, but it wasn't about to complain. "Let's go," it says, waving a hand in a 'hurry-up' motion. It was impatient, mainly due to the mixture of worry and determination, furrowing its brow. It didn't like leaving the two of them out there alone. "What's the plan already?"

[CHAT] Dumastin closed his eyes as the Primus Gate opened fully behind him. Cascading lightnings erupted around it as a connection was formed, tying it in to the Sanctum's power grid directly, and Dumastin laid his right hand on the arm of his crash seat. Blue lines spread from where his fingers touched, briefly spreading across the entire chamber in a wave, and an enormous shudder went through once more. "Gantry arms disconnected. Final test sequence complete; power systems online. Breaching charges detonating in five seconds..."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Five seconds later, the entire battlefield rocked. An entire section of landscape simply ceased to exist-or, more accurately, began moving upward, in pieces, at a stupendous rate. Stone and ice shattered and fountained upward, creating an obscuring cloud into which rose a gargantuan shadow. The obscuring debris rapidly cleared, revealing... something new. It resembled the old Iron Colossus in some design respects, but that had been nothing more than a prototype, a work-in-progress. It was bigger, much bigger, almost the size of a full-fledged battleship in its own right. As its gigantic feet hit the ground, its entire surface was rapidly shrouded in a layer of biotech adaptive armor. Its knees bent as it took the impact of landing, and then it straightened, the golden lenses of its eyes focusing on the demon horde as its detailed-but-emotionless face turned toward them.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I had to recall all of your ships, pull in a stupendous amount of resources. I decommissioned everything I had in service, retasked virtually every construction drone to build that hidden gantry and pull this thing together in time. Julian, Max, Haggis, Stoate... Everything we ever learned together, everything we ever created, including the next generation that will take up our torches... All of the hopes and dreams we once shared, I built into this machine. It is the sum of our adventures, a living monument to what was, what could have been, and what could still yet be! The invincible titan, sword and shield of the future I will yet leave behind! Platinum Legend, rise from the ashes of the unforgettable past!"'

[CHAT] Jules grunted as he moved to his seat and prepared himself, his seat was significantly more... Integrated than Samuel's. The coccoon molded under him, his tentacles integrated into the organic elements of the ship. Armor controls... A moment later the vast shield's expansive armor began to deploy. ("Alright, armor is taken care of. Nobody bother suppressing, the armor will absorb the ambient energy, meanwhile...") Dumastin's inspiring speech, the explanation for the ship. It was all dandy... That also meant the armor would hide their energy from being sensed and acted as a stealth-augment with adaptive camouflage capabilities. Not to mention the stolen technology they had acquired from the Alliance.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'A perfectly capable battle-ship... Jules his energy begin constantly feeding into the systems invigorating the armor to his owns armors durability. After everything was set up, ("Inspirational Captain, i'll be projecting to Thousand to rend aid as needed. My body can pretty accurately handle the defensive capabilities without my mind present.") It seemed Jules planned on a two pronged plan of attack based on where he was needed most. '

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