*Hell on Sanctum Part 3 Slaughter

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*Hell on Sanctum Part 3 Slaughter

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[CHAT] Dumastin grimaced as he watched Rizion get dunked on, then winced as the psionic feedback hit him. His vision blurred with the pain, and he shook his head to clear it. That Slaughter was a serious problem, and he was concerned that Rizion and Samuel wouldn't be able to take him down... His armor settled to the ground outside the Atrium, and the chestplating popped open. He hopped down to the ground and waved his hand, gathering wisps of the Sanctum's power to himself as he started to weave a new spell. His now-empty armor followed behind him as he moved, the heavily-armored arms swinging to shield him from incoming fire. He saw Sam go down, and shook his head. He'd intervene if he had to...

[CHAT] Jules had moved to his feet and moved at the maximum speed he could muster... In the span of perhaps five seconds he had followed Rizion's trajectory, stopping next to him. The drain from Slaughter was notable.. He was going to be a problem, and without Thousand... It was doubtful they could win without having to kill Slaughter... That is unless of course Jules could figure out a way to break that fantasy world the Crimson Queen had him locked up in. But for now... He had a medical obligation... He pulled Rizion onto his back, injecting a small tube into his neck as his eyes glowed. This repair wouldn't take long...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He glanced upwards for a moment, then back down to Rizion... With any luck, the Mimic could hold out with Dumastin while Jules got Rizion back into the fight. Meanwhile, ("Samuel, shutting him up isn't going to do much. He's linked with the Crimson Queen. Try telling him to 'wake up' instead. Although, if we're being honest... Success without my infestation is... A long-shot.") Juels was being honest, but for the moment Rizion was a bit more important. They needed as many glass-cannons active as possible, and if Jules was lucky... Samuel could take the beating. '

[CHAT] Samuel goes wide-eyed in surprise for a moment at the taunt--though it should have known better. It knew about the man's powerset to begin with... and then it winces again as the psychic shockwave reverberates in its head--dulled by the psychic defenses Jules had set up prior, its still uncomfortable and distracting. Still, it wouldn't let Slaughter win. Let him live. Not after what he did. It did not care. Even as Jules kept counseling it to try to 'save' the man--it didn't care.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- It lunges forward again, trying--instead of flat out attacking, going in to grapple the man--a situation where straight blows didn't matter so much, and it's multiple sets of arms and tentacles provided more leverage and capability--flat out trying to grab the mans arms with its own--three for each side, in an attempt to get them and slip behind his back, trying to get to a point where he couldn't use leverage or attack easily, while at the same time using the tentacles to try to grab at any other flailing limb and keep it off of it.

[CHAT] Slaughter grins and takes a second to look around. "Magic-Demon down. Supportive demon assisting him. That tough demon behind me...where is that other.> He thought as he eyed Dumastin stepping forward and channeling some obviously powerful energies. <Found him...> He smiled as the other tough demon went to try and grapple him in close combat. He was rather amused when the creature wrapped its many limbs around him and tried to hold him. Almost laughable. "Let me Show you..." <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'HE said loud enough for that demon to hear. He just ignored it. His powerful and trained body moving in ways that seemed that the grapple hold was almost not there. His movements were slowed slightly, but that didn't stop him frome just overpowering and running at Dumastin, the demon all entwined around his body along for the ride. He didn't need any limbs to attack his foe, EVERY part of him was a weapon, so when he got in close, with that demon still attached to his back, he reared his head back, kinetic energy flowing into his forhead and launched an energy bolstered expertly delivered headbut to the magic-energy-wielding Demon (dumastin). <F>'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"If it's a demon you want, I'll give you your fill!" Black smoke gathered within the empty armor, and the shell slammed shut as Iapetus took control of it. The hulking shape interposed itself between Slaughter and Dumastin. A blue shell formed over him as the armor's mana-barrier systems activated, and black lightning erupted as the armor's gravitron-control systems rapidly multiplied its weight. And yet, the headbutt, square to the armored faceplate, split the tough shell halfway down the chest. Iapetus's solid body shattered into shards and then dissolved into smoke as the demon was dazed by the impact.'

[CHAT] Dumastin blurred as he created some distance, using the mana-fluxfield systems in his own cybernetics to increase his speed. And then the spell coalesced around him. He was *done* playing around; blue glyphs started to burn with a dark fire, and a single shockwave erupted from his body, passing through everyone and everything in the area. Pure Chaotic energies, the power of destruction. Weak now, but as he channeled the spell, they would build, and he would be able to turn them to the specific resonant frequencies of almost anything he wanted. <Defend me for long enough, and I can blow that stupid crown into a billion pieces!>

[CHAT] Jules glanced upwards, there was... Elphlane was preoccupied... He glanced down to Dumastin, his energy flowing into the aid which then went about both filling Rizion with excess energy and repairing the minor damage already done to him. "Hurry up and wake up..." He glanced up, Samuel wasn't going to be able to use the particular ability that Jules had stolen without the presence of the psionic Tuffle... He shook his head, for now getting Rizion back on his feet was far more important. Samuel would heal, and Dumastin was more than capable. He needeed to relax and focus on his job as the medic.

[CHAT] Samuel just growls--all of the tentacles on its back going to literally try to rip one of the legs out from under the man to flat out force him to lose balance and go to the ground while still grappling it. That isn't all it does, either, as in several points where its already in contact with the man it tries to grow and force barbed fish hook like spikes into him, both to help keep the hold on... and to outright attempt to start devouring and absorbing the man. There was no ifs, ands, or buts about it, it wanted Slaughter -DEAD-. To the point where it opens wide and, showcasing its fangs for a moment, straight up tries to bite and rip flesh from his neck.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The firing line of the Chaos-Tuffle infected Saiyan's relented their assault, the rain of energy blast dying die along with with focused beams. After a moment however, the group began to form energy disk, ten warriors from each of the three platoons suddenly unleashing a torrent of energy disk. Meanwhile, the defense squad remained powering their barrier while the medics were arranged amongst the platoons in order to effectively distribute energy in order to prolong the engagement. '

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- '"More fodder! This is amusing. Delying your death is all. YOU will NOT threaten the Alliance any longer!" He screamed out as he grabbed a massive meat-fist around a random limb of Samuels. He gave a short push of energy and hovered over the ground, no need for legs if you are flying right. HE smiled and concentrated a burst of power into a single command to the creature behind him. "LET GO!" He commanded it, while trying to maneuver and dip his body and throw the creature(samuel) at the energy-building one (dumastin). The bigger threat. Some of the tenticles and barbs did manage to pierce his hearty skin, leaving trails of superficial lacerations over his body. '

[CHAT] Dumastin leaned forward. Sam barreled toward him, but when the Mimic was about to impact him, blue mist flared around Dumastin. His cybernetic arm lashed through the air, blocking Sam's flight, while a blue cystalline barrier around Dumastin served to diffuse the impact against the ground rather than letting it rip the arm off of Dumastin's body. He stepped back slightly, offering his left hand to Sam to help him up, as steam vented from the overtaxed arm. The battlefield rumbled as another shockwave of Chaotic energies erupted from the building spell, significantly stronger than the last, and Dumastin's right hand, where the spell's focal point lay, glowed ever brighter. "Just a little longer, Sam..."

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"..ha..ha..ha." Rizion's voice echoed from underneath the smoldering rubble that started to smoke like wood at the start of a fire. A dark bolt of lightning cut a swath through the sky, striking the pile of rubble sending debris in every direction before a second explosion ripped out from the center. Rizion stood at it's center, a dark red mark marring the corner of his mouth which he wiped the extra blood from and spat out the rest. His feet - he was standing in living, black fire. Two plumes of it ignited around his feet, then two more around his fists. A fifth flame sparked to life on his chest and they all began to converge on themselves, covering the Konatsu with their dark-light. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Through will and mastery, the flames that would consume did not burn his flesh, yet they did flare and etch their flame into the stone around him. A double helix of purple spirals swirled around him as he walked forward from the crator he was actively creating, the flames covering his body hardening into black, metal plates. "I was worried there wasn't going to be someone of proper caliber to fight during this war," The helm of The Dark Knight transformation started to form at his jawline, the draconic claws of the armor reaching up to the six-eyed face plate that slammed shut over his face. "We can finally go on that rampage. Awaken and and envelope the world in an encroaching darkness. Bahamut!"'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Rizion stabbed his hand into the air, piercing the veil between dimensions and unsheathed his massive greatsword carved of the same darkness that devoured him, the blade bathed in a red and black energy, crying out to cut and devour. Its hunger almost overwhelmed, an insaitiable urge rushed over his body the moment he came in contact with it. On sheer reflex, he leaped into the air, flipping end over end like a giant, black saw, looking to cleave Slaughter in two.'

[CHAT] Jules let out a grumble as Rizion shot up and completely ignored him. He grunted, his right hand extending towards him continuing to let the energy flow. He pulled his hand out, the glow fading. He supposed he wasn't needed in this situation... He glanced up as he fell into a meditative position, his legs crossed for a moment. He let his eyes lock onto Slaughter a moment later as psionic energy began to build up within his mind causing his eyes to glow cyan.

[CHAT] Samuel growls--it didn't want to let go. It wanted to literally strangle the life out of him. But... it couldn't. Even with all of its holds and bites it was inevitably ripped away and thrown with an indignant roar towards Dumastin--the tentacles literally dragging and digging along the ground to act as makeshift brakes, kicking up ice, dirt, and debris as it does so, while slowing until Dumastin manages to catch it. It doesn't speak, however, even to reply to him as it notes Rizion's oncoming attack towards Slaughter. It suddenly vanishes in a burst of speed (Zanzoken), hoping to vanish while Rizion had caught the man's attention, only to reappear behind the man, trying to literally slam into him and send him off balance and into the attack.

[CHAT] Slaughter went to follow up on the throw, before his foes before him could react but there was interference. A new fighter. Someone wearing black armor and a sword. "WEll I'll be. Another demon wanting to test his mettle ehh." He question as he ripped two of the blades he had in his flesh from his earlier encounter and swung them a couple times getting their weight and feel. He smiled as he launched the first blade up, striking blade upon blade but he knew the moment they impacted, that his borrowed blade was no match for the dimensional blade. He felt it crack in his hands and swung sideways with the other. It all happened in a flash and crack of blades. <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- ' Like two lightning-bolts striking each other in midair. His second blade struck The Dark Knights on the side, jsut as the first shattered into pieces. Leaving both warriors staring at each other, side to side, Dimensional blade in the ground, at his feet, His main blades a shattered hilt and his side-blade ringing with the impact, at his side. '

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- '"Show me! Show me what demons can do!" He said right before he sensed the movement coming. Even if it was quicker than normal, at 50 meters he could feel the slight change in movements, and at 20 his foe was slowed significantly. He braced for it and absorbed the blow into his side, but he was like hitting a mountain. HE would definatly feel that one in the morning, but he had more pressing issues to deal with. He needed to break through these two and deal with that ranged energy manipulator type. He scoffed in annoyance. There was supposed to be an entire landling fleet behind him. What the hell was the Seluj doing. <F>'

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The children of Seluj had unleashed a torrent of destructo-disk which were still flying towards the planet. The ten fire-support Saiyan's suddenly came together in a two-ringed pentagon, for now the fire-power stopped while the defensive barrier closed under the group. It seemed the infected Chaos Saiyan's, all three groups,were preparing to let rain a great deal of pain onto the game below their frame of perception. '

[CHAT] Dumastin felt his heart race as Rizion came back out of the hole Slaughter had put him in. He felt an answering chuckle from Iapetus; seeing the Konatsu like this made him dearly wish they'd have the chance for one more fight. It left a bad taste in his mouth that their last battle had been as the Thorned, and neither Dumastin nor his demonic partner were immune to the thrill of battle. But he had a part to play here. He continued his focus, letting power flow from the Sanctum into the spell. The third shockwave washed over the battlefield, and in its wake he could feel... everything. He could feel every rock and pebble, every mote of ki. Only Slaughter's own ki field, mingled with the power in that crown, remained fuzzed...

[CHAT] Dumastin turned his head as the demonic horde interfered in the fight. Some sort of massed cutting-energy attack. He scoffed quietly and held up his right hand, brimming with chaotic energies. He *saw* the ki, saw every individual thread that made it up. He turned just a hair of his gathered Chaos energies upon it, and space seemed to scream out, reality itself groaning slightly as those intricate strings were ripped into a billion nondescript strands. It would delay him slightly, but none of his allies were able to deal with it so quickly...

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Prime, deal with those demon soldiers..." At his words, cloaked platforms in orbit dropped their stealth functions. Panels coated with sensor-blocking materials flipped outward, expanding into massive mirror arrays, and the battlefield was suddenly lit as brightly as a summer's day. The Sanctum's backup power source: orbital solar collection mirrors. An inexhaustible and clean source of energy. Of course, focused and directed like this, it would make blood boil and bones blacken. Dumastin wondered if their ki barrier would even block it... not many were designed to stop light, after all, even when the light was so abundant as to be the fist of an angry Apollo.'

[CHAT] Jules continued to store psionic energy as he constructed a very loose prison, far less containment and more of a filter... Slaughter was being manipulated, his mind perceived a reality that wasn't real. To him, he was Alliance. He was the good guy. Jules et-al... They were all demons, blood-thirsty of evil... So, the Prison that Jules was building wasn't a prison, it was a filter to block out the non-sense and let Slaughter see reality. Perhaps Samuel's mimicry of his skill had failed, but this was still a viable option.

[CHAT] Rizion took a glancing blow to the side with one of his enchanted swords, his cleaving sword deflected to the side. The result of his cut was a giant gnash torn directly into the tera that went deeper than the closest star could penetrate. Had it not been for Sam, he would have been left open, but the creature's blow against their shared enemy gave enough pause for him to follow up. "Funny that you should leave my weapons in you!" Rizion floated backwards in the air, firing off a barrage of energy bolts down at Slaughter to distract him, gaining control of the swords he summoned earlier. With a clench of his fist, he tried to push the weapons still stabbed in the demon to impale its organs and skewer the thing alive.

[CHAT] Samuel grunts, that... hurt. It felt like kicking... something that wouldn't give. It hadn't really had anything to compare that to before. Still, it backed up, trying to recover for a moment as it pants quietly. That... skillset was a difficult one to top. Still, if it could order him to shut his big mouth maybe it could order him to do something else. Something more drastic. It had taken awhile to recharge the effect, but here it was. It was a longshot on using the skill against him, but if it worked... Right as Rizion tried his move it charges itself, intent on slicing and stabbing with the bladed tentacles, as well as ripping and tearing with its own claws, generally doing everything it absolutely can while ordering--commanding the man. "Power down!" it shouts with a gutteral roar--trying to shut down that kinetic absorption ability of his.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The concentrated was... An annoying thing... The defensive barriers dropped for the moment, the defensive teams dropping below the charging firing line of each platoon. A second later a barrier protecting them from below was activated while four of the ten men in each platoon unleashed their palms to the various directing satellites, intending to destroy the annoyances before any real damage could occur. The remaining six of each platoons fire-teams continued to charge. '

[CHAT] Slaughter growled as he could feel the few remaining swords in him try and dig deeper. All while some demon tried to compell his mind. His iron will held strong and the psycic compulsion slid across the surface, merely a suggestion at this point. Somehow the other demon still had control over those summoned blades. He smiled as he tore them from his body. With a glance he turned towards that other demon. The one who kicked him in the side and yelled. "STOP!" As he flung a massive energy empowered kick in return. He used the momentum of the kick, along with him ripping the blades out to return the blades towards the Dark Knight at blinding speeds. This man was born, bred and lived combat. He could handle these two at once but...They wern't his target. That damged energy manipulator was and right now he wasn't able to get to him.

[CHAT] Jules stared at Slaughter, the cyan energy leaving his eyes and rapidly rushing towards Slaughter. It was a simplistic psionic prison indeed. It wasn't designed to trap or contain, as previously mentioned... Jules drove the prison deep, a nothing more than a net to let him observe his true reality. A second later Slaughter would envision the reality as it actually was, if he viewed his team he would view them as the demons they were. When he viewed Samuel and the team, he would see the beings in their natural form. A second later, there was a shout coming from an image of Jules scratching into Slaughter's mind, "You're being controlled Sergeant Major, your actions betray the Alliance and serve Darkness!" It was doubtful the prison would last long, but as the cyan charge built in his eyes he was determined to make it last as long as possible.

[CHAT] Rizion deflected the rebounding blades he created with a violent slash of Bahamut, the residual energy on the blade lashing out with a lick of red and black energy gathered on the blade. Whatever you're going to do Dumastin, now is the time. Else I take this thing's head off while it isn't moving' Rizion was holding himself in the air, checking the barrier keeping the rest of the horde off of them and the seemingly prone Slaughter. The suggestion that passed his mind from Jules is what kept his sword at bay, though Bahamut's bloodlust was almost poisoning him at this moment.

[CHAT] Samuel was right in the middle of launching into its attack and suddenly... stopping as the man kicks it full force in the chest, sending it flying--crashing against the ground several meters away, it's armor cracked and broken revealing bloody musculature--and what's likely a broken rib or two underneath. It doesn't stay down long, however, climbing back to its feet as it let out another roar as its aura flared up, dying down from its golden hue back into crimson--though now coupled with golden arcs of electricity. It immediately sets about charging right back to try to tear the man to shreds only to stop as the psychic attack hits Slaughter, it stops, but it's not happy, roaring out in a rage slamming one, then two, and then all three pairs of fists into the ground kicking up more ice and debris. ("Just let me KILL HIM already!") it practically shouts at Jules through the psychic link. It was not happy about this--but this was giving it time to plan. If this guy could absorb kinetic energy, it just had to find a way around it. Grappling seemed to work--it had to literally be 'ordered' off. Maybe it just could try that again.

[CHAT] Slaughter saw the world around him turn. His foes into those members he once saw before. What did they call themselves. Was it The Platinum Dream. All around him his soldiers turned into demons and he smiled. He could feel it. He could feel the strands on his mind trying to influence him. No. We would NOT be influenced so easily. "Just...A...Trick..." He said as he could still feel his foes. His mind wasn't completly under its influence as Jules might have thought. Instead he Smiled as he walked with a purpose up to his first "Illusion of Samuel, the mimic thing and he wound his right fist back. He wasn't just relying on sight. <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- ' No it was sound, The kinetic vibrations as well as he nearly indomitable will. "A TRICK!" He yelled as his massive meat-club of a hand went flying towards Samuel's midsection. He was still aware of the Armored Knight behind him, He wouldn't be Caught so Easily. But, It was obvious Jules mind-prison was having some effect on him. His body was more jerky and slowed. HE didn't run, but more marched, as if every step and movement was forced. <F>'

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The fire-team members who had dealt with the orbital satellites returned to their hexoganal positions, pulling their hands to their sides in order to gather energy. A second later the other three of each five man squad, the eighteen other members of the fire-squad finally reaching their zenith. The four members of each platoon that had dealt with the incoming assault had returned to charging, in a fluent motion the defensive squad returned to their positions which allowed them to protect the sides and the top... Six beams from each platoon, a trio of six... One aimed at Dumastin, one aimed at Samuel, and one aimed at Jules. Concentrated fire, charged in potency. Of the group, the remaining twelve would charge their energy to unleash against Rizion. '

[CHAT] Jules suddenly felt it, the dip... Elphlane... He grimaced before glancing back at Slaughter, the Sergeant Major was resisting the effect... ("I know you think it's a trick and in a few moments your reality will revert... Sergeant Major... What was your last mission, the one you took after departing Zeon VII, and on what date did you return to Alliance space?" He needed to ask questions, he needed... FROOM!!! Jules hadn't even noticed, suddenly his body was engulfed in the blast that had come from above!!!

[CHAT] Dumastin turned his gaze skyward, warning sigils appearing in his vision as the demons above launched beams of burning death towards the ground. It was good that the attacks were coming from so far away, and Prime had given him plenty of warning; drawing on the Sanctum's power to invoke his speed-increasing fluxfield, he was able to nimbly make his way across the rugged terrain as energy blasts rained down in his wake. Rock and steam fountained into the air as he danced that deadly dance, and then the battlefield seemed to shudder as the spell in his hand reacted. He could feel it now. Like... cosmic music. He could almost pick out the individual strands connecting the crown to somewhere else... The higher the spell's power went, the more clearly he could see it... Just a bit more...

[CHAT] Samuel just glared at the man as he walked up, panting quietly as it did so--Slaughter was jerky and slower than usual, and it was literally just... waiting for the attack to try to counter it. It wasn't attacking, trying to let Jules do his thing... but it was pissed enough that this was as good of an excuse as any. As the punch is thrown it jukes to the side, trying to grab the mans arm, slip behind him in an armlock, specifically to try to grab the other one as well, using two arms for each of his one, with the third trying for a stranglehold at the same time to keep him from 'ordering' it off.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- "You nearly killed the most important person in the universe to me. I am going to -kill- you, Slau--" it growls at the man through gritted teeth... only to be interrupted by a beam coming out of nowhere from people it was paying literally no attention to slamming into it with a brilliant explosion--possibly Slaughter as well--and is then sent careening through the air, collapsing in a heap a few meters away

[CHAT] Slaughter grunted as it was asked those questions. His movements stopped and looked down at his own hands. <Last orders. Go to arlia. Recon. Got attacked. Met. Woman. She...Wouldn't die...> He thought as he shook his head. Of course she died. Why else would he be here fighting demons. Demons that were trying to destroy the alliance. But...That didn't make sense. If he killed her then why was he here. >C

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'He grabbed his head before an explosion rocked him. A massive beam of energy burning into his flesh and crushing him into the ground below. Where we was standing was just a crater now, with him buried beneath it. His mind was clear now. The attack came from above. Came from his own troops. They had betrayed him. Everyone around him betrayed him. Left him to die. Not this time. He will destroy everything in his way...With an explosion a burned and bloody human erupted from the ground. His aura glowing and pulsing an angry blue with red crackles of lightning through it. He scanned the area looking for the first target he could see... <F>'

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The group that had unleashed their attacks on the group below ceased fire for a moment, their auras burning softly around them as the medics worked on restoring their energy. The second teams, the remnants that had to deal with the technological assault, the twelve warriors unleashed their wave-type attacks towards Rizion far below, each platoons assault coming together resulting in a trio of gigantic beams aimed for the Konatsu warrior. '

[CHAT] Dumastin held up his hand as he felt the spell reach its peak... Sweat beaded on his brow. Damn. He was *also* starting to reach the limits of how much Cosmic power he could channel easily or safely. He focused on that crown, and then... paused. Something was wrong here. Something held him back, some dissonance in the resonant pattern, something about the Crimson Queen herself, if he were any judge... He looked with both his Cosmic sight and the deep understanding the Chaos resonance gave him, and he turned aside from shattering the crown's powers.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '<New plan! There's something wrong. I'm going to make it easier to attack him. Rizion, Sam, you have to smash the crown on his head while I can still hold back his defenses!> He turned his attention to something he *knew* he could affect. That damnable kinetic control field around Slaughter. That wasn't affected by whatever sour note in the Chaos resonance that protected the crown; the ground shuddered as he focused his Chaos energies. Slaughter was inhumanly strong, but Dumastin's magic was stronger, and the overwhelming power shredded his kinetic defenses like they were made of fine glass. <I'll restrain him as best I can, but I can't hold him for long!>'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Floating in the air, staring down at Slaughter, Rizion felt Jules' attempt to trap the possessed man fail. There was an animate urge running through the psionic web that connected all of the Defenders together, a cocktail of anxiety and fear that doused Sam's hate. While he noticed the group's collective admiration of this man, a light started to shine over his dark armor. When he turned, twelve beams of light started to braid themselves together into one giant knot. This laz of energy was barely contained, torrents of power vaulting from the main column and tearing through the ground below. "By the Moon..." Dumastin's orders fell on deaf ears as Rizion rushed towards the seering attack that shined brighter than the closest star, Bahamut raised over his head ready to meet the attack head on.'

[CHAT] Jules was in the ground, his laboratory gear destroyed and his body blistered and burned. What... He wiped the silvery-blood from his face so that he could look up from the crater... That group was proving to be... Irritating.. He winced as his body began to float upwards. One of his tentacles extended from his back, seeming to penetrate his upper left pectoral. It came back out with a palm-sized case with numerous beans. The bean he selected was the phase one variety, his tongue fishing it out of the case before the tentacle returned it into his flesh pocket. His tongue tucked the bean into his cheek for safe storage. As he reached the ground level he landed on the ground, they were so far away... Far out of his sight, but he knew where they were. His senses alerted him to such, as did the burning pillar of world ending energy that Rizion was flying towards with his sword held high...

[CHAT] Jules sighed, his energy suddenly flaring up as he flickered away in a burst of speed. He was immediately behind Rizion... Jules plan was quite simple, Rizion was likely going to try to do something with his sword... Jules let his tentacles deploy behind him, shaping them into a set of barriers he could put between Rizion and the wave to divert excess energy if Rizion's plan failed. That was an unlikely scenario, and the barriers a back-up. Rizion would feel a hand on his lower back as Jules let his energy flow into the Konatsu.

[CHAT] Samuel was... down at the moment. The tentacles torn from its body by the blast, as well as much of its armor--there were chunks of it missing. It was quite literally a bloody mess. Still. It wouldn't go down. The extra arms recede into itself as it commits its efforts to regenerating itself, and it started to regrow its flesh at a rapid rate. It manages to climb up to its feet panting heavily, bloody, but not broken--it's aura still crackling around it as it suddenly unleashes a primal roar as it makes a dash towards the man, intent on either ripping and clawing that crown to pieces or ripping and clawing his skull to pieces. It didn't care which.

[CHAT] Slaughter felt his powers weaken. It was as if someone turned a lightswitch off on the world around him. HE did not notice how much he relied on it ambiently. But he didn't need it to see the attack coming from Samuel. That rage and yell. He turned and met the attack head on. He took the hit head on, then twisted at just the right time, his body taking the blow and turned it into a glancing hit, although it left a large gash in his chest. <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'He smiled as he wrapped his energy around him, his powerlevel flaring before vanishing. His powers just, vanished. All sight of him, sound of him. It was as if he disappeared from senses in general. The earth below him shook as he tore off from the earth below. His power vanished, but the effects on the world around him did not. The remnants of the red electricty crackling along the crags of the earth. He shot from where he was, trying to uppercut Samuel while chasing after those that took to the sky, as well as those that shot at him. HE would make them pay. MAke them all pay. For the Alliance. No...For himself. <F>'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The touch of Jules on his back; Rizion and Bahamut pressed onward through vortex of plasma, the sheild provided by the Tuffle helping the souldblade gnash through the ki as if rending flesh from bone. The three of them formed a tumorous knot inside the serpent of ki until he bared his single fang, stabbed upwards through the torrent and ripped it inhalf from the inside out. He emerged from within, chunks of armor missing, blood seeping through the cracks, the six red eyes of the Knight's helm shining their bright crimson hue as the flames from the attack burned across the rest of the armor. 'Jules' the tuffle would hear ring out in its head. 'I'm glad that you're here. I'm going to do something very dangerous and very reckless, but right now Sam needs my help with Slaughter' '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Jules would find himself, mentally, slipping deeper and deeper as Rizion pulled his mind in. Far passed conciousness, beyond the walls of reality itself. He was dragging him into The Echo. The dimension within the Konatsu's mind, this was the realm in which Rizion controlled save for the hole torn in its fabric from X'zorfin's release from The Void. In the barren abyss, Jules would see a figure cloaked in red, sitting at a pool of blood red mana. 'He's not going to understand, but he will fight. You'll just have help him as you tried to help me...' Back in the realm of the real, Rizion was pouring massive amounts of energy into Bahamut, trying fevorishly to complete his technique before the discs from the rest of the squad converged on them.'

[CHAT] Samuel just kept at it right up until the man completely vanished, and then an uppercut slammed into it--the blow sending it staggering back a couple of steps, it wasn't a super powered blow like last time so it wasn't stopped entirely, but it did hurt, it's jaw was cracked--the armor on its face broken even as its chest continues to heal. But it was... dumbfounded. It was a predator, with senses sharpened specifically to find prey that's hard to see or otherwise. It goes wide eyed, looking around with gritted teeth. It had -no idea- where the opponent has gone...and this was literally the first time something like that had ever happened. "Where is he... where is he!" it grunts, quietly and to itself while looking back and forth rapidly. It -had- to find him before... well, it probably wouldn't be good to take a sneak attack from a guy that can throw out attacks like that.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Bahamut's tip turned face down, an arrow aimed to pierce the sky and penetrate deep into the ground. There it floated as Rizion waved a hand around the blade's thickness, etching runes into the air that softly lapped in sequence along the dark metal. He relied on Jules to keep them safe now, even as the discs from the warriors crashed and ricocheted off the barrier walls and edges. "There are no proper words so I shall simply speak from the heart. Yours was a spirit fragile and timid, yet kind. Plagued by a past you never overcame, you took one last life to save your future. None but I know of your deed. Of your sacrifice. Which is why I pull you through the veil now knowing the threat that may follow. Ease your heart. Overcome your fear. Return to the world that needs you as its hero:" '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'One sleeve of the Dark Knight's armor was sacrificed to finish powering the spell, proof that Rizion's power was now on the backend of its peak. The exposed arm, still smoldering from the ki-waves heat, reinforced one of Jules' barriers as a ki disc nearly pushed it in on the both of them. Then the final rune fell on the blade and it let out a growl to show it was ready. 'Remember Jules, you have to protect him' he mentally whispered hoping that the Tuffle understood. "Come forth...Rizion Knightwalker!" The Konatsu took his blade and leapt over the barrier egg, his left arm deflecting a disc with his armored gauntlet. He gave one, mighty, slash that briefly cut a white streak in the fabric of reality, summoning from beyond the veil none other than himself. The younger version that died before Dumastin right here on the Sanctum.'

[CHAT] Slaughter launched from the ground and felt something interfere. As if there was a fundamental problem with his energy source. First his kinetics, then his flight. All his energy that went to flying was grounded. Although his fall would be invisable and silent, the impact he made upon the ground left a small crater and a large cloud of dust. He was panting now as he could now finally feel the energy drain. Being cut off from a source of near infinate energy was a thing in itself. Having to use so many power abilities and fight at such a high level was starting to drain him. HE scanned the battlefield looking for what was hitting him. <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'The demon creature on the ground, no. That was the big tough stupid one. The one that rushed to that other demon he hit in the face no. That was the one with freaky powers. He looked around and at the edge of the field was what he guessed was what they considered the pretty one. The one he was after since the start. He would crush him. What was seen was an explosion of dirt, rocks and debris from the small crater followed by a streak in the ground, trailing whatever invisable comet of a man that was heading towards Dumastin. He cocked his right arm back and...launched a rock towards Dumastin. just a single rock that, after leaving his cloaking field, would somehow materialise red hot and streaking like a comet towards Dumastin. He would try and use that distraction to finish closing the distance. <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel -- The moment that the man landed it knew. It could see it of course, but he was on the ground. And then it was -in- the ground, immediately burrowing under the ice and dirt and tunneling directly under Slaughter's feet--following the vibrations of his run. As he was occupied throwing a rock, a pair of hands burst out, trying to grab his feet and pull him down, even as the ground beneath him shatters and shakes apart into a sinkhole, intent on trapping the flightless sergeant chest deep in the ground even as bursts out to try and slam its fists and claws into the soldier's head once more--going after both the crown, and the man's eyes and other vulnerable areas. Anything to slow him down and hinder him. This... really was a fight for its life against this guy.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'When the flash of light subsided Jules would find that he was only half right. Indeed, there was a younger version of himself, but the elder turned to face the tuffle as well. "Now I can be in two places at once. You two take them out. I'm finishing things with Slaughter..." Rizion, as the time remnant will be called, nodded to Riz, his younger self. The summon looked confused, but the moment it saw the hellish warzone they were in, it understood. The pair powered up together, the Dark Knight's black and purple aura overpowering the pure white flare around Riz before they fired off in opposite directions. The exposed arm of the Knight grabbed ahold of Bahamut and instantly his flesh was engulfed in a bright cyan and white flame. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Rizion winced, but continued to descend, scanning the area for Slaughter. He broke the sound barrier, sonic booming twice during his arcing descent. "Good Sam. Keep him still!!!" The Knight came to the ground at full speed, weaving over the ground, around the dead and the battlefield littered with war scars, swinging his blazing sword in a high arc at the crown of the shimmer left behind by this demon infused mutant.'

[CHAT] Riz took off upwards as his Time Remnant went below, grabbing one of Jules' shields and forming an energy javelin in his hand. "Not today you don't!" With a thrust, he launched the ki-weapon at the platoon, or more so, their supply of "nope juice" they were looking to inject into themselves.

[CHAT] Jules shrugged, linking the older Rizion's mind back into the group. Two similar minds... That was an interesting sensation. "Good plan." Jules followed after the younger Rizion ascending... Jules counted seventy-five... It would take them a moment to reach the group, but now seemed as good as a time as any. Jules let his tentacles flow from his back and being forming disk of energy. Rizion, the younger, the time-remnant, was about as strong as most of these things were. Jules, while perhaps not as skilled was Wait...

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The platoons of Saiyan's suddenly erupted in a mass of hellish red and black auras. There were two pursuing them. Two.. A platoon for each... The third platoon broke downwards, heading towards the surface already peppering the Elder Rizion and his allies with energy blasts and disk, the defensive teams prepared to deploy counter-measures as the platoon made its decent. Jules and the Time-Remnant would find themselves suddenly being descended upon by these demonic infused Saiyan's built of chaos and infected by Seluj. '

[CHAT] Dumastin heaved a sigh of relief as he felt the power of the control crown shatter. He tried to push himself up, but his arm sparked and leaked blue mist from the damage Slaughter's attack had inflicted on it, and he fell over with a groan. He closed his hand, dissipating the incredible energies he'd gathered, and sank back down to the ground, his flesh arm curled close to his body, the ripped skin staining the rocks slightly purplish.

[CHAT] Samuel just glares down at the mountains of dirt and ice covering Slaughter for the moment. He was still alive. It wanted to kill him. End him. Devour him. But right now... it tears its gaze from the debris to look up at the sky and the battle unfolding. That was more important. Sensing the energy. That... wasn't good. Time to pull out all the stops. It's last wounds were already healing, but it doesn't join the fight immediately, instead walking over to Dumastin to help him up. "Come on, I've got a plan. It's... dangerous. But it could work. I... I need your help to make sure everything goes okay," it notes, using its free hand to reach to its chest to get something. It didn't like this plan. But they needed everything. "We need to get to the Requiem,"

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