*Hell on Sanctum Part 2: The Hit

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*Hell on Sanctum Part 2: The Hit

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[CHAT] Jules worked with Samuel to maneuver to a point directly beneath the incoming blast as the horde of incoming suicide bombers approached rapidly. Within their internal chamber Jules stood with Samuel, viewing the situation through the view-screen of the mind. "It's going to take a bit of doing but... I think a counter-offensive is in order..." Samuel's body locked up as both his energy and Jules were channeled into Samuel's eyes. A second later everything within Samuel's eyesight became a cyan with red streaks flowing from it. It was satisfying, Jules had used Samuel's ability to Mimic a skill in order to make up for the short-coming the psionic infestation caused. The incoming hordes would be devastated.

[CHAT] Samuel -- That wasn't the only thing it did, either, as the blasts ring out, it starts glowing with energy, obscuring its form for a few moments before three smaller entities erupt from its back--one after the other. Three smaller clones, which each fly off towards the invaders--intent on blowing as many out of the sky as they can, tying up everything they could. Each throwing blasts at the oncoming suicidal minions. Specifically trying to kill them before they can land, doing everything towards that end except eating them. Not making that mistake again.

[CHAT] Seluj let out an annoyed grunt as he watched the planet below, the waves of fire were being deflected and crashing into the areas outside of the target causing massive cratering. He supposed that was to be expected, he imagined a siege on one of Prometheus's strong-holds would be equally annoying. Maybe less so, magic from what Seluj had observed was much more... Unpredictable. Meanwhile, the fodder were decending upon the dome and would surround it. Suicide fodder, always a fun time. They would weaken the defenses well enough. From the astral plane Seluj continued monitoring the battle. Slaughter would be rather amusing to watch, the hold that woman had on him... He smirked, it was beyond infestation.

[CHAT] Seluj supposed he should be somewhat concerned about the swath of the fodder that were destroyed by an all to familiar optic blast of energy emanating from... A smile crossed Seluj's lips, so he had survived after-all... He wondered the the android was somehow housing the mind of Jules previously... The second rush of blasts from Samuel was equally devastating, it seemed they weren't holding back. That was good, the sooner they were exhausted, the sooner they would fall.

[CHAT] Dumastin floated higher, raising his hands and holding them out to his sides. A stream of blue fire swirled up from the Atrium and wreathed him, and at the same time, steel rods extended from ports in the ground. The air hummed, and the thin winds carried the stink of ionized air as arcs of electricity started to dance between them. Simple Tesla coils, but the amount of voltage they were putting out was sufficient to... grease the wheels, so to speak.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Glyphsigns started to sprout in the air around the Namek as he drew on the Sanctum, and the lightnings started to strike near him as well, arcs of electricity dancing between glyphsigns and then back to the coils. Rings of concentric glyphs rapidly resolved themselves, the availability of the Sanctum's power meaning that Dumastin had only to provide the forms while the vast stockpiles of magical energy did the rest. The arc-patterns changed, and now Dumastin was the center of a dazzling lightning storm.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He looked up into the sky, and beneath the mask of his armor, he scowled. "You who come here bearing ill will and weapons, you are not welcome here." He raised one hand, his right hand, and the dizzyingly-complex array of magical signs discharged all at once. A hellstorm of coruscating lightning sliced upward from his hand, dozens of individual bolts of staggeringly-powerful lightning, striking and arcing and striking again, seeking demonflesh just as natural lightning sought the ground. The fury of the Sanctum's master was not a subtle gesture.'

[CHAT] Elphlane watched as more and more minions tried to enter the atmosphere without any sort of guard. They were torn to ribbons time and time again. Her crew and staffing were doing their best to repair the crafts that were damaged during the troop assault runs and smiled. The carnage. Somehow it was...exhilerating. Like her very body was in tune with it and she reveled in every second. That was until a massive electrical storm came bounding into the transport ships themselves. The weak and unarmored carriers that were still offloading were decimated by the storm while the small amount of troops that were able to make it through the winds and swords were turned into little more than ash. <C>

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Her own Fleshnitter was struck on the side as warning signals flashed all around. "Maam...We must withdraw or we could..." The smaller demon tried speaking to her. "No. We will stay put and do our job. Repair what we can at once. Send in the Bonespurs" She said with a smile as she Watched more than a hundred smaller vessels trudge forward. No armaments except pure velocity and triple-hardened demon-bone armor, mostly massed at the front. A giant bone battering ram made to drive through defenses, then rapidly offload their payload of demons. <F>'

[CHAT] Slaughter smiled as the blades came at him and his squad power suited mobile infantry following. All around him wave after wave of alliance forces were shredded into nothing. "Puny blades!" He screamed out as he looked behind him. "SURVIVE!" He yelled at them and all of them saluted in return. He smiled as he dove headlong into the blades. Closing his eyes he could see the paths they took. The changes in direction they achieved while slicing through the air. The blades streaking at him, then slowing significantly as he absorbed the movements from them. <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'He lashed out in all directions, almost a blur to the eyes as blades were sent flying from him in every direction. His squad had followed the hole he made flawlessly, their bodies and reaction times improved from his last orders. Not all of them were without injury, each holding some sort of laceration and blood streaking, but they were all combat capable. But that was before the electrical storm. The tesla currents streaking out all around. In a flash he was gone, appearing between his squad and the lighting, becoming a lightning rod himself. <C>'

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'His body abosrbing the current and passing it to the ground. But there was more lightning to come. With a wave of his hand, his squad and himself scattered to nearby rocks and cover, taking shelter against the lightning defenses. He scanned the area, taking note of the caster himself. "Stay low boys. I'll take him down. You follow after the lightning clears." He would go after the caster once he finishes checking over his squad and himself.<F>'

[CHAT] Jules stirred within Samuel, aware of Dumastin's intention to fire a wide-ranged suppression attack. The combination aura of the two allies blasted them below the line of immediate fire... 'Let's see... Things i've fed you and your father...' Within the room of the mind the duo stood, Jules rapidly flowing through genomes that Samuel had absorbed. Quickly he began merging the genetic sequences of some rather large spiders to that of the sequences that called for hand-formation. Samuel rapidly grew an additional two arms, spidery hairs covering the black carapace. Four more very organic tentacles emerged from his back. ("Well my friend, now we see how much follow up devastation we can rain.") Jules felt the pull of kinetic energy from the battle zone, his own kinetic senses made it horribly obvious.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'For now, he ignore it... Slaughter had passed, he was Dumastin's problem for now. Dumastin's attack had bought just enough time to pull something devastating... ("And now dear Samuel... We let out a shout, and then we unleash hell...") The Mimic-Blended held his lowest set of arms forward, his mid-arms off to the side, and his upper-arms above his head. The tentacles extended far enough out of the reach of the blades he would be forming before channeling more energy through the limbs. Disk of energy began to crackle into existence. It was going to take a moment to channel this much energy... For now... He let out a scream, a powerful one sent out telepathically to every mind within his sensable range. ("ZEON!) His senses crackled, the mind that broke... The cracking... Another message, focused individually now to Elphlane. ("Get clear, we're taking out this advanced force so we can focus on Slaughter.")'

[CHAT] Samuel -- Slaughter. Well, that recognition caused rage. Pure, white hot rage. It only added to its focus, though--added to its determination. Even as Jules used his power to enhance its shapeshifting ability--it used its own expertise to make it deadlier, the tentacles weaponized even as they formed--spikes, axeheads, pointed, piercing tips, even as the energy disks formed along it roared out one word. One, single word. "SLAUGHTER!" before it lunged forward, energy, tentacles, and even its own arms flying through the air, the disks specifically aimed to hit the greatest amount of demons as possible as it surges forward as an almost literal literal whirlwind of death--fully intent on tearing anything and everything in its way into pieces in sheer rage--they would pay. As mad as it was, though, it kept its head about it--it wasn't about to repeat its mistake and eat them.

[CHAT] Samuel -- The clones, meanwhile, followed up the attacks with energy disks of their own. As Sam had contact with the ships before, he 'knew' them genetically... and they used that information in targeting. The miniature clones using speed to attempt to dash close towards ships and hit them in vital areas with destructo disks--intending to take as many out as they could--along with any demons with it.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- ''Dumastin, can you hear me? I need wind spell, but surrender the magic to me and...well get clearw' The Font of Bahamut was pulling in more mana from the surface of the planet at such a rate that it was visible on the natural spectrum. Swirling pyres of blues and green washing together like a rising ocean, being absorbed into the golden wheel of the spinning artifact. Slaughter may have thought that they pushed a hole in his Iron Maiden, but in reality, Rizion let them through, trying to preserve as many weapons as he could while he awaited for assistance from the Namekian.'

[CHAT] Seluj rubbed his chin as he continued to watch from the astral plane. He was... Quite glad he had kept his own ship back, many under the command of his children were cut down... His own children were a bit more stout... Shame about the carriers and the capital ships... They hadn't even deployed their full compliments yet... Regardless, the hundred of his children glowed with a dark grey aura in the sky. They were some of his first, the Saiyan's of Chaos, his fathers brothers in creation. Remnants from the Arlian war. For now they were reforming high in orbit, having pulled back beyond the destruction of the ships that they used to get to the planet.

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'Meanwhile Slaughter was on the offense, he supposed he could infest him as Jules was doing with Samuel... But the risk of interrupting the Cirmson Queen's brain-washing was to great. The question was... What the hell was Zeon's importance and why did Jules outright scream it? The several dozen demons that had survived were disorganized, floating in body-parts dazed. He could see the frayed lines of control leading back to Arlia. '

[CHAT] Dumastin nodded as Rizion's message came through to him. He raised his hands and pointed his fingers, and the mana swirling around him started to form into glyphs of a different pattern. He finished this spell rapidly and waved his hands around the clustered runes, wrapping the finished spell in a gleaming blue bubble, then sent the bubble towards Rizion with a sharp backhand. It wasn't the best wind spell he could throw, especially here where the Sanctum's weak winds gave him little assistance as the Sanctum's power grid had done with the lightning spell, but it was the best he could manage after summoning the windstorm and lightnings previously.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '<I sense something... There is a presence here, I can feel it on the edges of the battlefield. Someone touching the Astral realm nearby, unaware that my sight and my wards extend even that far...> He swept his head from side to side, searching, his living eye gleaming bright blue beneath his faceplate as he swept his Cosmic vision. His fingers tingled. Who among the demons could have the skill to touch that realm? It was not a simple matter, even for a mage.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Dumastin, my scanners are picking up an anomalous energy reading; however, the chaos of the battle is making localizing it difficult. I will try to pin it down, but I fear that my remaining surface sensors lack the imaging resolution necessary... I am switching your optic enhancement over to assist in data collection." Dumastin nodded as he felt his own cybernetic switch modes, as Prime activated the scouter-imaging circuits within to try to aid his efforts. Whatever it was, he didn't *think* it was connected to the astral incursion. Hopefully time would sort out which contact was which, and what the sources were...'

[CHAT] Elphlane heard the psychic call. The words "ZEON!"echoing in her head. In a flash she looked around. The memories of the last week flooding into her as the seed hidden deep within her cracked. The seed of shadow seeping into her. She was Elphlane Dreki. They were at the sanctum and not a moment too soon. She closed her eyes and felt around her. Her clan was spread through this fleshknitter and in a prime opportunity to capture it. <All of the House of Shadows. This is your Matriarch. Take control of the Fleshknitter. Kill everyone else. This will be our time to rise above and take control of the clans!> <C>

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She sent out telepathically. Her clones that head taken control of a bonespur turned abruptly and crashed fullspeed into the side of a battleship. The hull punched in, and as soon as that crack formed there were scores of her shadow-dragon clones swarming onto the hull of the ship. They were not clawing at it, but instead were feeding from the demonic energy, and as soon as each clone reached capactiy they split, shedding another clone onto the scene. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'They were frail, and a single misplaced hit would turn them into nothing but smoke and shadows, but as long as they fed, they grew, multiplied and spread. Faster and faster like an infection. She on the other hand reached deep inside her memories. She grasped onto the demonic weapons and she molded her essence. In a flash of shadowy energy, she held a dark-pitch black spear in her hands. "It is time." She said as it pierce completely through the chest of the pilot. And in seconds the bridge turned into a bloodbath, demonic blood not of her house splattered over nearly every surface. <F>'

[CHAT] Slaughter smiles as his attention turns from the mage to the death-dealing wheel of chaos. "First things first." He says as he cracked his knuckles. With a small amount of his energy dipped and shifted. His energy signature reduced to that of a small animal and the light bending around him making him seem like little more than a wave of light, much like heat from a sidewalk. His muscles tensed and filled with the stored kinetic energy and in a burst of speed, he was slightly above Samuel. His body moving around the flailing limbs with expert precision. With a "DOOORRRYAAAA!" He released all the stored energy into his right arm, the limb bursting with power as he launched the massive super-punch towards the disk-wielding-tenticle demon's gut. His aim was to either incapacitate it with pure force,or send it flying enough out of the way to get to the mage-demon. He would not fail the Alliance forces today.<C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'In orbit the Battleship quickly started to lose power. The demonic energy feeding the living ship quickly draining into the clones, which multiplied exponentially. Before the crews on board were able to launch a counter-assault the ship shuddered and the demon at the heart of the vessel. The one controlling the mighty vessel. A big bloated demon whos sole purpose was to power and drive the ship cried a silent scream as his body withered and crumbled. The energy drained. The demons inside flooding out, and coordinating with the smaller fighters started engaging the shadow-dragons. Each hit turning them into smoke and shadows-but the numbers were growing. But this did not hinder the Bonespur ships. Many perished in the blades and lightning, but many more punched their way through from shere force and velocity. More than a dosen landed on the ground, spilling countless demons into the battlefield. <F>'

[CHAT] Rizion reached out with a free hand snatching the mana bubble from the air. In his mind, he heard the sharp whistle of the war flutes back on Konats. Their piercing tones cut through the drums and kept a haunting tempo off set from the thunderous war drums. With both hands, he crushed the spell between his palms, the power of the spell exploding outward almost instantly. The winds in which Dumastin entrusted to him caused the area around him to go a dusky grey from the sheer force of their untamed, uncontrolled might. Like a hurricane unleashed from a bottle, they raged out at any and everything in their path, including Rizion. But he did not fight back, rather submitted. He placed himself at the eye of the storm until he felt his body moving seemingly on its own. A slight sway here, a roll there.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The way the winds crashed into him and he just rolled with it was almost like a dance. Then. Lightning struck. His eyes darted open, pure white, pure mana pouring from them and whisps of energy leaking from his mouth. "HRRRAAAAGGGH!" Rizion pulled the wind inward, pushing them in and through his body, filtering in the stolen mana from Sanctum in to increase their speed. Clouds formed in the sky, rolling together in a circular motion until a dark black disk of lightning and mana, nearly fifty meters wide, opened in the sky. "Heaven's eye has been torn open and the Gods are not pleased with what they see!" He began the incantation, his voice echoing with thunderous booms across the entire battlefield. He kept pushing the winds over and over, faster and faster and the eye grew larger with a funnel reaching down from the sky towards the ground. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"Man made of Earth and blessed with life seek retribution, but the gods deny them reprieve!" The tornado was now blackening the rest of the sky and Rizion's body started to hum with a faint red glow. All of the blades he had formed were slowly sucked -into- the vortex, spinning freely along the entire length from the sky to the ground. "Wash away the world and rid it of sin!" The Konatsu, at the center of it all, started to spin himself, giving his gale an unnatural, snake like curve from being inflamed by his own power. "SENKEI: Tenketsuo!" And hell he did unleash. A tornado made of ki and mana, filled with hundreds of blades to wreak havoc and mayhem across the battlefield.'

[CHAT] Jules was quite fond of the sensation of being Blended with an actual host... It made multi-tasking infinitely easier... And since Samuel decided to provoke Slaughter instead of 'ensuring' the initial wave was wiped out... Samuel would be aware of it, the urgent need to 'counter' strike.. The kinetic motions were clear, even if Slaughter's approach would otherwise be undetected. Jules tracked the timing, the two nano-seconds before Slaughter's strike hit, a second layer of armor flowed around Samuel's carapace, similar to Jules armor. Half a nano-second before the blow was struck, Jules unleashed his own stored Kinetic energy negating a large amount of Slaughter's Kinetic force. Jules could see it... The illusion within Slaughter's mind... But...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He shook off the thought, "Slaughter, you're being controlled!" Jules voice sounded out of Samuel's dual-armored jawline. Rizion's intent pinged within his mind, panic... The Mimic-Blended's aura flared as he suddenly vanished, appearing well above Slaughter and moving rapidly away. He wasn't avoiding conflict with Slaughter, not fully... He was getting away from the fiery-hell that Rizion had just unleashed towards Slaughter and his men.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- It was more than just kinetic senses--Sam's senses were particularly heightened, especially when it concerned movement--tracking it, spotting it, as a predator would prey. Sensing the kinetic energy behind it merely took it to the next level. Avoiding it was definitely possible as the pair reappears in the air above Slaughter. "I'll KILL YOU Slaughter!" Controlled or free. It didn't care. Circumstances didn't matter. It would kill him. It was -his- fault Req was almost dead. He was a -dead man-. Still, it wasn't about to be stupid and just walk into an attack. That said, it wasn't going to -not- attack, either, flying backwards it fires a powered blast towards the man--though that was mostly a distraction as two of the smaller mimic clones throw another energy disk squarely towards the man's spine from behind before backing off with the third as well.

[CHAT] Seluj made a deep exhaling motion on the astral plane... That had just happened... The devastation... What hadn't been wiped out by the first volley's were rapidly being... He turned towards the ships, 'Was... Was that a coup?' The thought faded as his astral projection faded back to his men, they were in full formation, four platoons, two squads specialized in defense, two squads specialized in offense, and a squad specialized in battle-field medicine. They were in position already, each group spread about a hundred meters apart, the men spread approximately five meters apart arranged in a column formation, staggered with the defensive units closer towards the planet... Seluj continued watching the burning attack as it approached his men, it was... Going to impact one of his platoons... A few seconds later and he exhaled, highly disappointed... Twenty-four were flat-out dead, somehow one of the medics managed to survive... Mild-injuries...

[CHAT] Seluj let the projection fade, appearing back on his ship rubbing the bridge of his nose... ("Begin bombardment fire...") Seluj's men quickly began preparing. The three remaining platoons allowed their defensive teams to briefly rest and recuperate while a squad from each platoon formed a wide box formation and opened a volley-fire of energy blast down towards the distant planet. The other assault squad from each platoon arranged themselves in a two by two meter box within the center of the larger box. These pointed their palms at the planet below, charged a burst of energy into the center of their palms, and then unleashed sustained beams towards the center-structure of the Sanctum below.

[CHAT] Seluj himself once again projected to the battle-field, his mind taking control of sole-remaining medic. His power quickly manifested itself as he cracked his neck, the minor injuries sustained before. "Now... I suppose it's time to have some fun." The previous medic suddenly rushed down into combat, it was quite clear now who was the traitor and since she was the closest...

[CHAT] Dumastin slowly floated down, the magic aura around his body slackening. He hadn't exhausted himself, but he *was* slowing his pace in order to keep from doing so. He perched on the Atrium's dome as he focused his cybernetic eye on Slaughter, and frowned. <Slaughter is being controlled? But how? We should be able to sense it, unless...> Data slid across his vision as Prime started to analyze Slaughter's energy patterns. He'd look for a hole in that kinetic-nullification ability, but more importantly, he was trying to discern how Slaughter was being controlled, because Dumastin couldn't see a method even with his Cosmic vision.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Meanwhile, the ground shuddered slightly, and twinkling lights started to appear in the sky. Their true nature rapidly became apparent, as the lights started to explode in midair, unleashing waves of razor-edged shrapnel. More mortar fire impacted among forces that had already landed, and while such weapons weren't individually a threat to such powerful beings as these demons, the sheer amount of mortar and artillery fire and the terrifying, unerring accuracy with which they were launched would take its toll. Not a single round fell anywhere near one of Dumastin's allies. "This is my world, too. Don't expect me to sit idly by while others defend it for me!"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Of course!" Dumastin looked up as Prime's bombardment was joined by an attack from orbit. He knelt down, raising his left arm, and a bright blue flare erupted as mana channeled through his armor. A shining blue shield projected from his left palm, enough to at least partially shield the Atrium and himself from the bombardment. Then he blinked. There. At the corner of his living eye, where his Cosmic sight still remained open...\'

[CHAT] Elphlane sighed as her ship as torn asunder. What didn't get destroyed was quickly going to die unless they abandoned ship. "All hands. Get down to the surface. Get some distance and DO NOT engage." She screamed out as the remnants of her 500 soldiers made their way down to the surface. They would land well out of the combat area, but given enough time they would fly the banners of the House of Shadows. Dumastin should recognise it come time, but they were far away and would take some time to safely get there. She on the other hand picked up on that impression. The emotions flowing forth that were targeting her. She smiled, drawing upon the former memories of the mask she was wearing and launching the black spear towards the oncoming empowered medic. The spear turning and changing course as her will and energy directed it. In the upper atmosphere, She would engage this lone medic, that was obviously enhanced by something. No. Someone. There were two emotions bleeding from it.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The destruction caused by his attack had taken out a large portion of the enemy forces but not all and not one of the big bads. Unfortunately for him, Rizion was no master of the magical arts and such a skill left him suffering from acute mana poisoning. The frozen scar over his eye began to burn and he dropped from the sky, momentarily out of the fight.'

[CHAT] Slaughter frowns as his demon target takes the blow and quickly flees. Saying something in a language he didn't understand. "Fracking Demo..." He grumbles before he turns his head. Just in time to see a wall of mana, fire and blades coming straight for him. Inside that maelstorm he could feel it tho. The creator. Some other demon-spawn summoning the very elements around them. "Frack YOU!" He screamed as he disappeared INTO the hellstorm in front of it. The beam and disks from the clones slicing through air and ground where he once stood. His aura flexing and surging through his body. His muscles and aura flexing in response to the damage, the blades slowing down and their impact deadened after striking his body, their energy added to his. <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'In an instant Ris would find a massive hulk of a man, hair singed, EDF uniform top turned to char, Some of his skin red and blistering from the heat and ki energy. His body stored a dosen blades, but their bite was superficial, but the image was something to behold. As if it didn't phase him. A crown of Crimson Metal adorned his head, and was cracked in various places. From the cracks bled an unholy aura of psychic energy.<C> '

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'A massive amount concentrated energy seeping directly into his head. He wound up his right fist yelling "BEGONE!" as he threw the massive-blow towards Rision. The movements around him were slowed, their energy adding to his. The punch aimed at the vitals place that a human would have. The kinetic energy was not augmenting this punch this time, as he used it to protect himself to this point, but this was a deadly-mountain crushing punch still. Meanwhile. The forces that landed with him and took cover hand done so, keeping their distance until the blast subsided. From range and cover, they would open fire with their demonic ki blasts, aiming for Dumastin or The Many Armed Thing with any chance they got. It wouldn't be terribly accurate, but would be annoying and distracting nevertheless.<F>'

[CHAT] Jules let out a laugh from within the dome of the mind, the strike... Samuel's natural process had done it's job... Now... Jules had integrated the mental technique the Sergeant Major used to effectively control others. A smile, wonderful. First thing first... Jules turned himself internally, ("FOCUS!) It was a simple command, one aided by his mental dominance. If the job required killing Slaughter, then so be it, but he was infinitely more useful as an ally. It was something the Crimson Queen apparently saw, otherwise he wouldn't be acting as her puppet. It was unfortunate what he could do to Slaughter while infesting Max was limited... Even so... He likely couldn't do anything 'against' her control... But now, armed with Slaughter's own influence... He might be able to put Slaughter onto the case of waking up.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'At least... Samuel might... The two were aware of the unfortunate experience of Rizion, it was likely medical care would be needed. ("Samuel, a physical confrontation with Slaughter is going to be an uphill battle. However, your will... I'm willing to bet is as strong as stuborn as his. You've mimiced a technique he uses to compel weaker willed beings... Go pound your will against his, and more importantly..." He activated the skill again, (""WIN!). A moment later Jules returned to his body...'

[CHAT] Samuel -- If there was one thing that anyone knew about Sam is that when its will was truly set on something, it was stubborn as hell. This? Right now? It was going to kill Slaughter. With its own hands. It suddenly shrieks, an aura enveloping its form--neither Crimson nor Cyan, but brilliant shining gold as it streaks after Slaughter like a falling star, completely ignoring the blasts as they rain down after it--even if they slam into it it simply powers through, yelling out one thing in particular. One order. If you can call it that. "SHUT UP!" it roars, completely enraged as it brings not one, but to sets of arms down towards the sergeant with double axe handles, aimed squarely at the man, as well as bringing the pair of axe-headed tentacles to bear down at him directly after. The clones, meanwhile, had a different goal in mind, flying up towards space and the sky to help Elphlane take them on directly and distract them from helping Slaughter.

[CHAT] Seluj guided his puppet after the traitor, avoiding the main conflict and crashing into the wasteland between Elphlane and the Sanctum. The medic didn't seem to notice the spear that had been stabbed into its right shoulder. "So, a turn coat... You seem... Familiar... And a traitor to boot. What a wonderful day." He let out a slight laugh, "Want to see something fun?" The 'medic' pulled a syringe small metal vial from his one of the slots on his belt. "This is some nifty stuff..." He pulled out another one, popping the cap of the first and injecting it into the medics neck.. "Ah, this is going to be fun..." Seluj used the puppet to inject the rest of his compliment of demon blood serum. This puppet wasn't going to last long but... "Ah... So good... Now just... Wait for it..." He laughed, it would take a moment for the surely lethal doses of the demon blood would kick in. "So, tell me before you die. What's your name? I'm Seluj."

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The Mimic clones themselves would find themselves becoming the target of the focus fire and volley-fire of one full platoon. Three clones, two focuse d beams on one, a focused beam and a torrent of volley-fire from two of the invaders. These annoyances were about to go away. The fire teams of the remaining two platoons remained in their previous firing patters. Meanwhile, the defensive squads had positioned themselves above and to the outside of the firing squads. As the counter-measures Dumastin engaged ignited, the defensive teams rapidly produced a combined energy network that offered a skirt on the bottom and a dome which protected the sides and front. The bottom was intentionally left open to allow for continuous fire. The impacts of Dumastin's attacks on the barrier were minimal at best, regardless the platoon medics were spreading so they could begin preparations for ki-restoration techniques. '

[CHAT] Elphlane smiled as the strange fighter with the mix of emotions came to rest in front of her, the spear still inside of him. <That is a plus> She thought as she took a defensive stance a few paces back from the fighter. It had a signature much like, no almost exactly the same as Jules. No. The muscular framed girl, wearing black corset and black frilled skirt with red trim eyed up her opponent. But her amethyst eyes shone through. The same eyes as that shadow dragon Seluj would have information on. She didn't speak except for. "You are Jules, but not Jules..." She said before she formed some of her essence and surging it into that demon-weapon. Gaining control over it again. It was already inside of her foe, and she wanted to use the spear to send him rocketing off into a nearby ice cliff, as well as some of the magical defenses of The Sanctum. She did not have time for any more words. She wasted some already speaking with that man.

[CHAT] Seluj let out a laugh as a psionic armor suddenly deployed around the medic's body, severing the spear, a second later the psionic armor pushed out the rest of the energy. Seluj had only traveled twenty meters. "Those eyes... Ah... I see. That's how you know of our dichotomy. Well, unfortunate you're a traitor. Such potential wasted." The demon serum suddenly kicked in full force, a collumn of dark red energy engulfing him, "Ah yes... POWER, OVERFLOWING!" There was a dark cackle before the medics mouth opened in an explosion of raw-demonic power in the form of molten magma concentrated into a beam. If it connected the beam would then rush over in the form of actual lava which would then expand and cool rapidly.

[CHAT] Rizion tried to hover safely to the ground, but his body fell like a wet, heavy, sack with a solid -thud- That last attack left him more than drained. He could still feel the foreign magic running through his body, like a powerful, living poison, it wanted to burned in his blood and sapped him of his strength. That is when the shadow of Slaughter appeared over him. A giant of a man that towered over him, body full of natural muscle and half taken over by demonic power. An aura of evil radiated off of him, hatred so rich and potent that it took on a near physical form. More impressive were the deep cuts and wounds it survived after Rizion's attack, the blood staining its EDF uniform down to the boots. And with all of that imposing might, the demonic creature unloaded a mighty blow directly to Rizion's head.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The sound it made was so sharp with such a pitch, like an metal bat striking a steel surface. A concussion shockwave tore a crag into the ground and the force of Rizion's lifeless body cut another swath through rock and stone. It was such a blow that it caused a servere psionic blowback to all Jules had mentally linked together with Rizion's mind being dead to Jule's psionic touch. Like a rag down tossed down a flight of stairs, the Konatsu flipped end over end without sign of trying to rebound himself, crashing through rocky outcroppings, skipping off the ground like a stone until he finally broke a pillar holding a penisula up, the rock and stone burying him below the rubble.'

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