*Hell on Sanctum Part 1

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*Hell on Sanctum Part 1

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[CHAT] Seluj checked his watch as he waited silently in his personal flag-ship, a mere quarter in size of those surrounding it. Seluj was unfortunate, the Crimson Queen had demanded all her forced... 'All' her forces... Including him, to assault the bunker of Dumastin... This was not a task that Seluj embellished... Not considering what he knew... Information the queen cared little for... Her power was absolute, and her life eternal. Seluj shook his head, the short straw indeed. He was within sensor range of the Sanctum, not that scans were doing much to penetrate the shielding that surrounded the structure... The rest of the planet was rather... Desolate, but it was vulnerable...

[CHAT] Seluj had orders... Of course those were suicide orders, any such position in a prolonged conflict would be. Going first was never at the top of his list... Luckily before he left he was able to ensure his father would have at least one-seventh of what he needed to accomplish his goal... Seluj let out a sigh, he had legions at his disposal. The leadership, company leadership and higher, were all his children. His legions were also equipped with the fully developed demon serum, a trump card. Still, Seluj had monitored the Namekian Mage. On Earth and Zeon he was a beast, then as the Thorned... He became a literal nightmare, one which evel Seluj considered taking arms against. Luckily, that proved to be unnecessary.

[CHAT] Seluj smirked, his doubt wasn't necessary... Even as the legion of vessels numbering in the hundreds continued their journey, Seluj's vessel maintained position.. And with the crew on board his ship, all his slaves, he would gather his power and conduct operations from this secure location.

[CHAT] Elphlane was sitting in the bridge of a Fleshknitter ship. Her position being low in the ranking of demons and her "contributions" compared to the other houses was extremely small. Her men were to "maintain" this vessel at all costs and assist with repairs of other demoncraft. And by repairs, the fleshknitter ships would literally consume the demons around them to patch the wounded living vessel. But it put her in a very secure position. At the heart of the fleet. Able to sit back and observe. Unknown to her, the fleet, and the defenders of the Sanctum, she had been busy in her sleep. <C>

[CHAT] Elphlane: 'Her shadow-clones infiltrating into nearly all the vessels, able to strike at at least one or more major subsystems when the time came as well as another surprise. An entire Bonespur class assault ship was completely consumed and its former crewmembers identities assumed. This happened mere hours before the fleet entered the system, and they would soon fade from lack of energy. But it was still enough to cause havok once unleashed. But to all around them, they were the former crew...<F>

[CHAT] Jules opened his eyes, exhaling a sustained breath which he had held for nearly six minutes, his mind... Elsewhere. It was time... His senses could pick them up now... They were likely within the system, and rapidly moving closer... Yes, it was time... Jules rose to his feet from his cross legged sitting position. Rizion was unreliable, Jules couldn't even sense him within the Sanctum. That was unfortunate, perhaps he was on the other side of the planet... Or maybe suppressing his power... Regardless, there wasn't time to track him down psionically... Jules took in a deep breath, in an instant he was connected to Samuel and Dumastin. ("We're connected psionically, does Prime have exact numbers of the force we face yet?") Jules, Samuel, and Dumastin would now be able to communicate with little more than a thought. Meanwhile, Jules was moving to one of the airlocks which led to the surface.

[CHAT] Slaughter was not so much sitting in the bridge, but rather on top of. He was riding on the outside of the ship, itching for a go at these demons. (Slaughters perception of things) An ice planet harboring the strongest fighters of the demon horde on Arlia plotting against the Alliance. He looked around him at the Alliance fleet around him. The massive amount of manpower and resources to take down this dedicated threat. He smiled at the anticipation of the fight. The thrill of the battle. <C>

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'This would be his last fight before he could retire. Before he could finally take a break from the EDF and Alliance problems and let the new generation take over. He broke out his cigar from his EDF uniform, using his new cybernetic arm. A battle would from his previos fight. The Crimson Queen would smile as Slaughter flexed his demon-flesh arm and stared around at the defilement of the demonic fleet he was spearheading. She was counting on his raw overbearing power to crush all those that stood in her way. <F>'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Inside another lost corner of the Sanctum, a red emitted a soft hue that illuminated the walls. Its light filled each etching inside the stone of the room, the magic runes running in circles, turning and rolling over one another in several patterns that only few magi could discern. The source of this light: a giant orb in the center of the room, glowing softly like a small star. It housed inside it Rizion, floating in mid air, eyes closed in deep meditation. Inside this space, the sounds of alarm that blared were muddled, like he were under an ocean of water. The magical barrier he constructed helped him heal but it also gave him a place to ready himself. But now the drums of war thundered. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The barrier broke down, showering in millions of pixels that scattered on the stone. His restored body humming with power, leaving a faint outline of red energy ready to explode off his skin at any moment.'

[CHAT] Samuel wasn't in the base, instead, it was on the Requiem--grounded on the planet now, hooked up to the Sanctum itself as a power source. It was... pacing. Just, thinking about things one last time before the battle. Going over the memories, the good, and the bad... it pauses to take a deep sigh as Jules chimes in. ("I'm here. Let me know where you want me,") it notes, listing off where its at and everything else. This was going to be a fight--even bigger than the Thorned, or Zeon before that. Slaughter. From everything it'd heard the man was a powerhouse--one it'd been looking forward to fighting. For fun at first, before all of this. But now... well, it wasn't going to end well for one of them. And even after that, this... queen. It wasn't sure what they were going to do.

[CHAT] Seluj let out a soft groan was he rose to his feet, pulling the console on his chair up with him. He laid in a tri-vectored assault on the planet, focused on the ice-planets fortress. The carriers would enter orbit and being deploying the assault troops. The capital ships would stop a hundred thousand meters from the planets orbit and begin to open fire through the assaulting demons focused entirely on the fortress below. Seluj was monitoring the situation from safety, but in time he knew he would have to intervene personally.

[CHAT] Elphlane watched as the fleet moved from the outer fringes of the system towards the planet. The plan laid out to "soften" the target before the rest would assault and mop up. Standard tactics. Who the hell wouldn't send scout troops first. Glad she brought her own and like hell she would let them take HER glory. "Men. Get ready. I need a small scout force to go out and do recon on that planet before the fleet gets shot to hell..." She paused and waited. "No. On second thought, let them get shot to hell. Less competition later."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Robotic arms sprouted from the ground and busied themselves around Dumastin as he stood there, arms wide, allowing Prime to construct an initial armor suit around his body. <Prime has estimates. It doesn't look especially good, but it's not like we weren't expecting that.> He took a step forward, stone shuddering as he did, and tested the maneuverability of the armor's arms and the crab-like claw that tipped one of them. <We'll shoot down as many of them as we can. Harass their forces. Make them pay the butcher for every inch of my space.'

[CHAT] Slaughter watched as the fleet made their slow advance towards the planet. Soon the forces would be within reach but he held is hand out. His flagship spearheading the charge halted the fleet behind him. He smiled as he waved is hand in a circle-motion then pointed at the planet. The forward bays of the Demon-heart Class Battleship opened up. Instead of fighter jets there were two rails in each bay. Samuel would recognise those as the Mass Drivers from the old battleship he took Requius to see. Able to fling nearly any type of solid object with incredible force. This time it was two, one-hundred meter across asteroids. After a short buildup, they were launched at incredible velocity towards the planet. The rocks turning white hot and leaving a comet trail behind them. The cores of the rocks infused with massive amounts of demonic energy that would explode exponentially when the made contact.

[CHAT] Rizion was the first to make it outside of the Sanctum to see...the hell that was raining down upon them. The sheer size of the asteroids covered the entire sky with the haunting ghost of the demonic horde shadowing behind them. At that size and distance, they seemed like they were slow moving moons about to crash into the planet, burning through the outer layer of clouds. "Yell at me later, Dumastin, but I'm stealing some of Sanctum's power." The Fount of Bahamut, a magical artifact Rizion created to help him fight X'zorfin, was a giant, golden wheel that powered his abilities by siphoning off mana in the area. A technique he first imagined to help him defeat the Techno-mage, it was going to be needed to stop what was coming. The giant wheel, four times his size, floated above his back, spinning slowly, pulling in the loose magic in the air and stripping it from the surface.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'An iridescant light began to shine over his body, lifting him from the ground as he formed what seemed to be an endless wall of silver blades. "Iron Maiden!" It was going to be a slow build up, but eventually Rizion was starting to form a wall of enchanted blades, an armor of sorts, over the skies of the Sanctum.'

[CHAT] Jules glanced around the exterior of the Sanctum before he returned to his crossed-leg meditative posture... A second later his mind rushed from his body flowing towards Samuel. Another second passed as the mind of Jules overlapped the nervous system of Samuel and began constructing augments he could use to aid the Mimic. &("Alright Samuel, I'm here.") The duo suddenly felt the emerging of Rizion, Jules focused on his mind. ("Rizion, i've connected you to a telepathic communication network. Just think whatever message you mean to send to whomever."

[CHAT] Samuel closes its eyes and takes a deep breath, letting out a slow sigh before going over to the captain's chair, there was a thought that passed through its mind. Something... dangerous. Instead it turned its attention to the matter at hand--it didn't have a way to power up the ship at the moment so it had to do other things, quickly going to the battlefield itself, flying out of the ship and prepping for the oncoming assault--not too much it could do about the bombardment though, other than stay out of the way. It's specialty was anti-personnel combat, not artillery. That was... Req's specialty. ("Where do you want me, Jules?")

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The bombardment of fire was focused on the central stricture of the Namek's private Sanctum. The carriers were releasing their payloads, glorified fodder Seluj knew. Regardles they were useful pawns. He slowly lowered himself back into his seat, pulling his control pad down with him. In a moment he was on the front lines, watching, waiting for an opportunity to present itself. He expected heavy losses. Even know he could sense a growing power on the surface, likely not Dumastin given the mage didn't seem to expel typical energy. The artillery was already pounding down towards the structure... He wondered, which one would be fool enough to rush forward to try and confront the onslaught that was to come? '

[CHAT] Seluj: -- 'The bombardment of fire was focused on the central stricture of the Namek's private Sanctum. The carriers were releasing their payloads, glorified fodder Seluj knew. Regardles they were useful pawns. He slowly lowered himself back into his seat, pulling his control pad down with him. In a moment he was on the front lines, watching, waiting for an opportunity to present itself. He expected heavy losses. Even know he could sense a growing power on the surface, likely not Dumastin given the mage didn't seem to expel typical energy. The artillery was already pounding down towards the structure... He wondered, which one would be fool enough to rush forward to try and confront the onslaught that was to come? '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The first of the carriers to launch their fighters wobbled in the air. The carrier loosing all power to its engines and crashing into another, its payload wasted and breaking the formation. But that was only a drop in the bucket. There were multiple other carriers, in many many places. A few losing engine power and control was something else. Reports of catastrophic engine failure were being sent up the command chain. She slammed her fist onto the console, itching and waiting for her chance to shine. "Move in! Get those carriers repaired!" She barked out as her own fleshknitter ship moved in to near the front to hastily patch up and repair a downed carrier. '

[CHAT] Slaughter smiled as the meteors impacted the wall of blades in a blinding flash of light and smoke. He frowned as a few of the EDF forces assaulting the demon-planet were too eager and got caught up in the giant release of energy each impact created. He didn't wait until the smoke cleared, pointing towards the surface and rushing there, his legion of power suited alliance forces closely behind him. He would personally take down the demons on this planet and make the universe safe for the alliance one last time. (remember, writing in his perspective)(fixed)

[CHAT] Dumastin floated on a plume of winds above the Atrium. His eyes watched as the stardust of the first landers streaked towers what he had to assume was some magic of Rizion's invention. His armor suit's arms crossed as he considered the problem, and he nodded slowly as he raised his arms. Rizion didn't need to worry about the Sanctum's power running dry; they had been stockpiling raw, purified mana for *months,* and the underground reservoirs were positively brimming with it. It was likely Dumastin would run out of stamina long before he ran out of purified mana to draw on, and he drew a trickle of it out to conjure a storm of winds in the sky above. Flying through Rizion's blade barrier would be a dicey proposition in gale-force winds, and the wind would also serve to throw smaller projectiles off target.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'In the sky above the Sanctum, Rizion and his wall of blades cast a massive shadow over the city structure, each gap between blades shrinking more and more with each passing second. The Konatsu felt his powers reaching their limit, never before had he tried to sustain this many conjured weapons all at once. Tendrils of red lightning vaulted between the weapons as the winds began to gust and howl, flaining his hair about his face. With the help of the Gale force winds, Rizion launched a third of his wall at the asteroid coming down upon them, the silver shards stabbing deep into the crust of teh space-rock and penetrating even deeper with Dumastin's help. The explosion pushed him and the rest of his wall back down closer to the Earth as Slaughter and his legion tried to slip down through the gap. 'I was able to hold that off, but we have troops hitting the ground' '

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