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[CHAT] Crescendo was back in the city--in disguise. One of the few it kept hidden, at least. A well dressed man, grey suit, white dress shirt, and business shoes, with short brown hair, green eyes, even a pair of sleek glasses. It knew it shouldn't stick around here--move to another city, greener pastures, with more to hunt and less watchers looking for it... but, it wanted information. Find out just -who- was hunting it. Who was that guy and how did... all of that happen. It wasn't going to find out by running away just yet. So it was sticking around, for the moment at least, right now at an outdoor cafe, sitting at a table, looking over a newspaper and with a coffee.

[CHAT] Gilder whistled a tune to himself as he walked down the streets of the same city he arrived in. [Can't leave just yet. Gotta wait to see if the reports of missing persons stops or not - I'll give it a week, if nobody else disappears the creature's in the clear from me.] Flicking through data on his tablet, Gilder read through the countless barrage of reports that was always updating from the EDF's information site. [Hmm... that looks interesting... maybe I'll investigate that next...] he thought to himself as he walked past an outdoor cafe, taking in the scent of the freshly baked goods inside.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- It wasn't sure where to begin. This was a big city--and even though it -could- track a scent, it didn't have anything of the man's to track. It didn't even have a -name-. This may be a wild goose chase that ends up getting it caught, with literally no chance of finding its prey. A literal needle in a haystack. The man, after shaking his head a moment, stood up, taking the coffee and leaving a couple of bucks behind, and lookes out to the street, glancing around a moment... then does a double take. "Wait, really...?" he says to himself quietly as... as dumb luck would have it, the guy was there, walking along. That... was that real? Definitely was. Well, this might be an opportunity to learn more after all. The man starts walking after the other guy for a few moments, wondering how it should start this... well, the most direct way is a way. "Hey, you!" he calls out. "You're that... that guy. Aren't you?"

[CHAT] Gilder finishes flicking through the recently updated information and puts the tablet into his backpack. The EDF uniform he was wearing currently was pretty standard, and he had seen a few others around town wearing it today too. As the man from behind him calls out to him, Gilder turns around, only to glare at the citizen that he truthfully didn't recognize. "Uhm... yes, I am totally that guy. What do you need of this guy though? I'm not local, so I'm not gonna help you get your dumb cat from the treetops or roof or whatever." Looking at his watch, Gilder impatiently waited a response from the man so he could be on his way.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man looks like he's trying to remember something, snapping his fingers a moment, "From the other day. I, uh... that was a thing. I had a gun? I've never had one of those before in my life. I dunno what came over me," he sounds exasperated, "And then there was that monster thing! If the EDF wasn't there, I dunno what woulda happened," he shook his head for a few moments, before holding out a hand for a handshake, "Jeffrey Gaffney. I wanted to thank you for your help!" the man nods. Hopefully it could get some information, even just a name would be good, with a little luck something more useful as well.

[CHAT] Gilder rolled his eyes and turned away from the lawyer who his gun was able to posess, which meant this man was nothing special that he needed to worry about. "Sorry Jeff, my job's not public relations. You can contact our HR department if you'd like. The number is on the Public EDF Website, shouldn't be too hard to find." As he began to walk away from the man, he held up his hand and began waving it with his back turned. "Sorry you got caught up in all that, but the EDF is not liable for any lost wages. Or whatever. Bye."

[CHAT] Crescendo -- As the edf officer turns to walk away the man immediately goes from looking grateful to frowning. That... didn't work. It didn't even get a name. Well, don't give up yet, putting act back on it walks after the man again, trying to put a hand on his shoulder, "Hey, at least tell me your name--you saved me from whatever it was that happened to me and whatever that monster was Lemme buy you a coffee, and... I wanna figure out just what happened to me. Come on, man, hear me out," he speaks, trying to evoke some kind of reaction--good or bad.

[CHAT] Gilder scoffed as he whipped around, slapping the man's hand away from him. "Seriously? You were posessed by that gun and it sent an electrical impulse through your body that evoked an emotion similar to when somebody goes into a blind rage. That matter is still under investigation and is top secret, so if word gets out I'll know who to come after and I will kill you for breaking the Earth's Confidentiality Act. Ok?" Though it was Gilder's own doing that caused the man's rage, that wasn't an important detail. And what the hell is the Earth's Confidentiality Act? Hopefully this would throw the man off enough to at least leave him alone. "Satisfied? Good day." Turning around, Gilder began to walk away and shouted out, "Just call me Senor Sexy if you have to call me something. It's my code name."

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man raises his eyebrows, looking concerned, "Electrical impulses, what!?" he says, looking surprised. "Do I need to get that checked out? At the hospital? ...will the EDF cover it? They didn't cover the last visit. Do I need to put that on my taxes?" at the threats of death, he just gets indignant, "Hey, I am a -citizen-! I pay my -taxes-! Last time I checked the EDF worked for the taxpayers!" he calls out, louder, making a scene at this point. "And what about that thing that bit me!? Did you put it down!? Am I gonna get reimbursed for the hospital bills!? Give me some answers!"

[CHAT] Gilder gritted his teeth and immediately felt irate as the man shouted from behind him. [Seriously... he's going to provoke me... Gilder, bite your tongue...] Stopping dead in his tracks at the man's erratic behavior, the EDF soldier turned around and placed his hand on the sheathed sword's hilt that hung on his right side. "You're absolutely right, concerned citizen. The EDF does work for the taxpayers. They protect the taxpayers. They hire, train, and deploy soldiers such as myself. That does not, however, give you ANY rights to sit here and drag their name through the MUD when one of those soldiers protects your sorry ass. You could be dead from that animal if you'd like, or you could continue provoking the animal right in front of you and I can finish the job that the other animal didn't finish... what would you prefer? Life or death, because I can totally help with both." The human's piercing glare showed no more signs of empty humor, just a cold and murderous visage.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man just stares at the officer, "Oh, what are you gonna do? Stab me? In the middle of the street? In broad daylight?" the man looks around at the other people on the street, "I have a right to know your name -and your badge number-! The only one dragging your name through the mud is you! I don't even -know- your name!" the man yells back--it was literally making stuff up on the spot to try to get a rise out of the guy--to try to get him to slip some information. Something--ANYTHING. This wasn't going nearly as well as it had hoped. Not... getting off on the right foot with the guy. But so be it--it wasn't about being friends or enemies, it was about eluding hunters.

[CHAT] Gilder clenched onto the sword and began to draw it from its sheath - the aura that it was giving off was undeniably stronger than the aura the other three enchanted creations Crescendo had faced prior. Gilder's eyes went wide as the man publically tried to demand information from him. "You want to sit there and threaten me? I told you before that the EDF works for the tax payers. You can contact HR. I do not work for you directly, so before you go around throwing out demands, maybe you should check your own status before seeking information on my own."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Abruptly, a stinging screech began to ring in Gilder's head from a chip that had been implanted on his temple as a part of his probation that limited the amount of energy he was allowed to release at any one time. The pain was immediately unbearable, causing him to release the hilt of his blade, dropping it back into the sheath around his waist and grab onto his forehead as he was brought to his knees, groaning in discomfort that would bewilder those around him.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man goes wide eyed, "You're really gonna do it, huh?" he notes, glancing around again at the other concerned citizens of the area. It wasn't... really sure on whether or not it should keep pushing its luck, but it wasn't going to leave her empty handed. Not without finding -something- out. But then he blinks as the officer... suddenly collapses in pain? "Hey..." he says, actually heading over to the man to check him over, "You alright? I'm medically trained. Lemme check you out," he notes, trying to check pulse, look over the guy, and pretty much just try to subtlely steal a DNA sample.

[CHAT] Gilder let off a low growl as the lawyer continued to persist after him, even if he was trying to be helpful in some way now. "Leave me. The fuck. Alone. You've done enough here already!" As the man went in to touch Gilder for examination purposes, Gilder grabbed onto his arm this time instead of swatting it away. He just held it for a moment and stared the man in his eyes, sending a single pulse of intense energy through his body before letting go. As he let go, the lawyer would find himself beginning to float off the ground through the means of Gilder's energy. A few seconds afterwards, the intense screech halted in Gilder's head, but he was still crippled to the ground, at which point he looked around at all the citizens that were taken aback by the travesty that was unfolding.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Neither of us are hurt, citizens... just move along. It's merely a disagreement between former lovers... isn't that right... Jeff...?" he asked, facing the man with a continued cold glare in his eyes, as if he would kill him without hesitation should he not follow along.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- As the other grabbed its arm, causing his eyes to go wide momentarily at the energy, "What... what was that?" ...and then it started floating. "What the..." he says, starting to wave and flail around a bit--actually losing its composure for the moment at the lack of control--something that deliberately pushed a nerve and caused it to panic. "Let me go!" the man says, tone losing any calm or controlled edge it might have possessed and now sounding completely terrified. "Let me go let me go lemmegolemmego!" he says, louder, actually flailing around.

[CHAT] Gilder stood to his feet finally, panting heavily as he tried to mentally recover from the pain of the chip. [I'm gonna have to talk to them about that piece of my probation... that fucking hurt. They must not trust me too much after investigating that plague thing and finding me at the root of it.] Letting off a deep breath, Gilder regained his composure and looked at the panicing man he had forced to float. [I should tell him he can control it if he tries... but this is just so much funnier.]

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The ability that Gilder used removed the spacial gravity from the target, causing them to float in place, and allowing them to control that same energy that Gilder bestows upon them to move around for a limited amount of time. If the man had any ability to control his own energy, he'd be able to dispell the effects himself. "Are you going to call off your little tirade or not? My blade is still itching for some blood..." he said, getting in close enough to whisper it in to the man's ear.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -was- struggling, albeit physically, it was panicking too much to focus on anything to do with energy, though. Composure coming apart at the scenes it flails, tries to strike at the guy, before trying to grab him--whether by the head, arm, collar, anything just to literally get in his face and shout--roar more like it, "LET ME GO!" it yells in his face, the voice changing as its control slips in its panic--other minor things change as well, those aren't human teeth anymore--and its eyes were going red.

[CHAT] Gilder just stood there as the man began to lash out in absolute anger, it seemed, at the fac that it was floating in the air. Most humans could only dream of flying, so why is it that this one seemed to be losing all control? It couldn't be because he was afraid of heights, because he was barely three feet off the ground. As the man began to roar in his face, he jumped back in surprise, and didn't even bother to notice the few changes that the man was going through. "It's not even that big of a deal Jeff. Seriously, if you want down I'll let you down..." Oblivious to what should have been obvious, Gilder put his hands together and released the energy that enveloped the pseudo-humanoid, which would cause him to abruptly drop to the ground. "Get ahold of the EDF's HR department. Maybe they can get you in to rehab... you seriously need it..."

[CHAT] Crescendo -- When the man was dropped, he... drops to his hands and knees, panting heavily. That... loss of control. Restriction of movement. Being... trapped. It was terrifying. The man doesn't say anything else, or do anything else just... pants heavily, wiping his face and eyes and trying to regain composure. It lost control, it knew it did--if it were held any longer, the mask would've fallen apart completely and it would've been exposed entirely. It... wasn't sure what to do now. The guy -surely- noticed. Would he capture it? It didn't know.

[CHAT] Gilder rolled his eyes as he noted that the man would be just fine. "I think we're done here. Just... stop trying to pick battles that you can't win, got it?" Rubbing the back of his neck, he tried to think why he was still talking to this man in the first place. "If you uhm... see that dog thing again, let me know, got it? There haven't been any reports of murders lately though, so I'm assuming it's off licking its wounded pride. Or maybe it's behaving. Who knows?" The citizens around them had fled at this point, as if they had seen something truly terrifying. "What... was there a monster nearby that I didn't noticed? Did I speak too soon? MUST THE HUNT BEGIN!?" he jested, taking the sword from its hilt and raising it to the air as if signaling something. Gilder was kind of weird underneath all the brash exterior...

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Doesn't look up at first, just... thinks. Clearly this man was an idiot if it hadn't noticed it's blindingly obvious display. And... all of this. Maybe it could save... something. Keep all of this from being a waste. "Wait... how?" he asks, starting to look up at him. "How do I let you know...? Who do I ask for?" he says, shaking his head and standing up slowly. "I'm... sorry about all of that," the man says, rubbing the back of his neck himself. "That's... not something I normally do. But I'm scared, y'know? I never had anything like this happen before. I've never... lost control like that, or saw anything like that... that monster before,"

[CHAT] Gilder let off a sigh as he realized this man mistook his compassion for any sort of caring. "You're... truly getting the signals mixed up. I still couldn't care less about you in the long run, but when someone looks like they need help, I'm first to jump in and try." Grumbling something under his breath, he noted that this man had attempted to get his name on too many occasions throughout this interaction. "I told you already, my name is Senor Sexy. Do you have a problem with that name? Do you know another person named Senor Sexy? If so you can call me Master Bater, I guess." Putting two fingers to his forehead, Gilder gave a scout's salute to the man and began to float in the air, ready to leave this fruitless interaction in his past.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'A man wearing a brown worn trenchcoat was walking down a side alley in the city. The damp puddles in the dark alley splashing softly as his boots trudged through at an even pace. Shadows were under his eyes from lack of sleep and his brown disheveled hair was sicking out from the fedora he was wearing. A white shirt with a few coffee stains were tucked into a pair of brown pants. The case he didn't understand. He had found the general location of the attacks. Saw more and more eyewitness accounts of that red dog creature. And then this EDF chronie came in, Gilner, Gildnar something like that comes in a mucks up the entire investigation. His informant Axel has not showed up for weeks. But now he had word of where this Gildenar was and was heading there. He had questions for this man, questions that needed answers. <C>'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- ' He squints his eyes and raises his hand to block out the bright lights of the sun as he see's his target floating in the air above another. "Wait right there Mr. Gilendor! Err...Grundor..." He stops, taking out his badge and his notepad.Paper. He was archaic. Looking down at the Paper he read again. "Gilder. Inspector G'Dgette. I have some questions for you." <F>'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man narrows his eyes, and is about to speak--only to be interrupted by... wait, was that the cop? He stops and looks over to him as he speaks up, "...Gilder? That's your name?" he notes, looking between the two for a second. Well, that was a little bit of info at the very least. It couldn't drag info out of the man himself. Maybe it should just see what's going on there? The man goes quiet after that, just waiting and listening to see if there's anything else it can glean from them.

[CHAT] Gilder grumbled as this man stepped out of the alleyway, ruining all of his fun and the guise that he had going of Senor Sexy. "Oh hey, it's the inspector who hasn't done jack shit on his case that I basically unravelled in a matter of hours of being on it. I appreciate the ground work you gave me, made my job easy, but apparently I'm just superior. Y'know?" A cocky smirk grew on his face as he began to blow his own ego up. "Also, don't go throwing people's names around like that, I had a fantastic ruse going on as Senor Sexy, and here you go ruining crap. Anyway, what could you need? I'm busy working on closing the case. Well... kinda. I'm moreso just playing the waiting game I guess."

[CHAT] Gilder rolled his eyes - he knew that was what the inspector came out of the woodworks for. Putting his fingers on the bridge of his nose, he began to rub the inner part of both of his eyes, trying to figure out where to start. "First of all, I got sent in to do what you couldn't - to stop the creature from murdering people. My orders were to 'Put a stop to' not 'End the life of.'" Gilder paused momentarily as he removed his fingers and refocused his vision on the man. "Second of all, cigars are disgusting and you're gonna get cancer and die or whatever happens in this universe to people that smoke." At this point the two had made this conversation their own, completely disregarding that Jeff lawyer person.

[CHAT] Gilder began to float down closer to the inspector while continuing to speak. "Third of all, did you know the creature was a being of intelligence? Because that certainly wasn't included in your reports. It can shapeshift and it can talk coherently. It seemed to be acting out of instinct, not malice. A being like that deserves its own chance at rehabilitation, and should it fail that rehabilitation, I will end its life with my blade without a second thought."

[CHAT] Narrator: -- '"Yes. It had tracked me many times. Every day going to and from work. Every crime scene I could feel it staring at me. And intelligent. Whelp. From what I gathered it was no mere beast." He said as he lit the cigarette and took a drag. "Its a cigarette, not cigar. I don't have money enough for those." He said with a smile. But the shapeshifting was new. He did not have any knowledge about that. That might be the missing link there. "All of what you just asked were listed in the reports...wait...Don't tell me." He said while burying his head in his hand, then looking back up with smoking cigarette in his mouth. "You didn't actually READ them did you..."'

[CHAT] Crescendo was still there, though it had moved to be less... obvious, it'd moved to get a newspaper from a nearby kiosk and was pretending to read while listening to the pair. Things were happening in this world. It was gonna miss that cop when it left the city--it had to move, it was actually incredibly close to being caught--as opposed to this... Gilder guy, who seemed more and more like an idiot to deal with, it respected the cop. Liked him, even. Though this Gilder guy was far, far stronger. When Gilder actually pointed him out he finally looks up with a "Huh...?" and a confused expression on his face.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector eyed Gilder before finishing his cigarette and snuffing it out on the pavement with his heel. He slowly walked up to Gilder and whispered quietly to him. "Maybe I didn't WANT him captured. MAYBE he was the damned BEST thing to happen to this city." He said with a serious tone on his face. "HE cleaned out the streats of so many of this filth I couldn't touch due to red tape and crooked cops. So many drug dealers, Pimps, Murderers." He said as he looked Gilder in the face, his Bionic eye focusing on Gilder. "It needed to be don correctly. Now that you went in there, bullet holes everywhere and the cops sent to "secure the scene" fucked it up so badly I can not use any evidence even if you did catch him." He said while shaking.<C> '

[CHAT] Narrator: -- '"This was a case that needed to be handles carefully, not going in guns drawn like some hot shot EDF guy, wait. You are the "Hot Shot EDF guy." He said while taking a step back. He let out a long defeated sigh and looked at Gilder. "Next time call me, so we can do this the right way." He left out what he wanted to say. That even though this creature was breaking the law, murdering people...they were BAD people. Somewhere deep inside he wished he were the creature. Able to fully adminstered the street justice he had seen in the last few months.<F>'

[CHAT] Gilder began to flex in a weird mannerism as the inspector called him a 'Hot Shot EDF Guy.' After realizing he was being publically awkward, he looked around and just laughed. "You just described me in the most accurate way I've ever heard! Maybe you're not all that bad." Resting his arm on the hilt of his blade now, dropping in to a relaxed stance, Gilder stared at the man and began to really process what he was saying. "You're a disgrace. If you're having that much of an issue fixing your city because the politics behind it are so crooked, that's what the EDF is for. Yes, I may be King Douche, but my sense of justice, personally at least, is very straight and narrow. Besides, what kind of inspector can't dig up the dirt needed to take down the head of the beast he's facing?"

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'His glare went cold as he got to the root of the issue he was addressing. "Expecting a creature who has no real moral compass, whether you did it knowing that or not, is truly shameful. Like I said, he deserves his own chance at life, but he needs to do that without compromising his own merit." The way he spoke for that which could not be spoken for made him recall his attempts at defending the Culexis Plague... and that didn't end too well. [Maybe I should stop while I'm ahead.]'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man blinks and looks up as the officer speaks. That... was news to it. "Wait," the guy speaks up, might not be the best idea, but it felt like it should say something, looking up from the newspaper at the pair, "You... already knew everything that was going on? That..." the man hesitates for a moment, almost about to say something else before he changes his mind, "That that thing was around and was behind all of this...?" there's a frown there. It thought it had actually done well until the end, but they'd known all along...?

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The Inspector looked at this EDF hotshot guy. Obvious there to just do a job and go home. "Listen. You don't just let something like that go. And even if you hadn't, you fucked up the scenes so much we couldn't do anything. Get help for..." He said with a grimace. "I had a hunch it was that dog beast I met in the park." He told the lawyer-man thing. "Yes. I met it once. It was red. Large. Cunning." He said while pausing a second. " It was too...Cunning at that time to just be a wild beast. It was following me. Checking up on me...Always one step out of my reach but I did set up that perimeter. Locked down that section. Every new murder was a building block on the case." He said as his bionic arm was shaking with anger. "But tell me. You said it could. Change it's appearance." He said as he looked down in thought. That had to be the piece it was missing. That would explain why he always lost track of it.'

[CHAT] Gilder couldn't help but roll his eyes as the attention momentarily shifted away from himself. "I thought there was some kind of code of confidentiality for detectives... why are you talking to a plebian about things that don't concern him?" He glared at the lawyer from the side of his eyes while still facing the detective. "Ya, it's about the only trick that I noted up its sleeve. It's certainly no ascended if you ask me, so the threat level is minimal. Why do you care anyway? You already said you appreciated what it was doing, so maybe it'd be best if you step off the case... unless..." The human paused momentarily and pursed his lips to figure out the detective's end game in all of this, "you're trying to use it for your own benefit..."

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man furrows his brow, looking down a moment. Honestly staying here was a risk, they were directly talking about it, the Inspector was probably still looking for it directly--but this was valuable information--and not what it was expecting. Looks like it needed to get... better at this. Stealth. It was lost in thought for the moment, not really speaking to anyone else at this point.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- '"I have an obligation to catch it. It IS breaking the law, and even if they are BAD people, It needs to be brought in." He said as he sighed. "And don't try to tell me about having a clean slate." He said as he smiled. He had finished downloading what he could off this EDF Gilder man. His bionic eye displaying the information to him like a HUD system. He smiled. "You're hands arn't really clean either huh. Former Flight Instructor Gilder." He said as he flipped through his notebook. "I need to contact Axel about whats happening in the Warf District." He mumbled to himself. Wait. Was that it..."Axel..."He said as he punched in some numbers into the pager he sent with Axel. Hopefully he would answer or maybe not. Either way he had to try it.'

[CHAT] Gilder scoffed and diverted his eyes from the detective as he mentioned things about his past. "The difference is that with my past, I seek a brighter future. I learn and grow, just like any other creature in the universe is capable of. Including this one, should it be willing to seize the opportunity. Don't get in my way on this one... I told you, these are my rules we're playing by now..." The detective was getting on his nerves at this point, but knowingly striking down a public official wouldn't turn out well for Gilder by any means, so resorting to his words alone was all he could do.

[CHAT] Crescendo is torn from its thoughts by hearing something. A name. It's name. Axel. What did he say? The man looks up to see the detective calling somebody on the phone, he arches a brow for a second... and then there's a telltale 'bededededede' ringing from his pocket. There's a moment of split-second wide-eyed recognition then the man speaks, "Oh, hey, it's my phone, I gotta, uh, I gotta take this," and then starts walking off, more than a little quickly, hand buried in his pocket to grab that pager. That's a thing.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector waits for a minute before the telltale ring of the pager he gave Axel started ringing. That familiar sound and ring. "Sorry Gilder. I also need to take this." He said as he started walking after the man, slowly at first and waived a hand. "Sir...SIR!" He said as he noticed he didn't stop and picked up the pace, and so did he. His bionic pieces in his legs whirled and power flowed through them. His bounding leaps were quickly closing the distance between him and that lawyer guy. His brown trenchcoat flowing behind him as his right arm was reaching for his revolver.'

[CHAT] Gilder was dumbfounded that he was just left for some phone calls. "Tch. Whatever, we'll see if I'm even here when you get back!" he shouted out as the both of them took off in the same direction. The fact that the whole argument was unresolved was the only thing that would keep Gilder waiting around for the detective's return - as for the lawyer, he could stay lost in the shadows, because the fact that he acted so entitled when all Gilder did was save his life (though the rage-inducing gun put him in harms way in the first place... semantics.) Walking over to the tea house, Gilder took a seat and patiently awaited the two's return.

[CHAT] Crescendo had entirely forgotten about that pager. To have this happen now of all times! There's an annoyed growl as the breaks out into a run, ducking off into an alley as soon as it can--it was being chased. Of course. That Inspector wouldn't let it go easily. What's worse was that he was strong--not to the level of the other one, but... strong nonetheless. But, there was one advantage it had. It knew this city like the back of its hand--it'd explored every alley--every nook and cranny--everything, because it was supposed to be home. Turns out that's not the case, but its still an advantage. It only had a moment due to the increasing speed of the inspector, but by the time he caught up to the alley the suited lawyer was there, several meters in, just staring at him. The jig was up, may as well talk about it and see what it could do. "Hey, G'dgette," Axel's voice rang out, sounding completely unlike anything the man had said earlier. "Been awhile, huh?"

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector stops abruptly with his revolver drawn, shakedly pointing it at the Lawyer as Axel's voice came out of this stranger. "What...What the hell. What ARE you!" He said as his bionic eye was starting to record what he was seeing. Heart rate, Temperature. Bio-signatures. His body tensed as his trench coat settled in around him. The sky started growing dark as the sound of rolling thunder rumbled in from the distance. "What...Were is Axel!"'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The lawyer shakes his head slowly, a small grin on his face. Despite everything, despite the trouble it was in, it liked this--making people squirm. The man gives a small chuckle, "You wouldn't kill your informant, would you?" he says, holding up that pager that rang recently. "You know, when I broke into your apartment--I just wanted to find out who was after me, who you were, what you knew... and if you were a good cop, on the up-and-up, or one that I should go after. I wasn't expecting you to come in and offer to work with me!" he says, glancing up to the sky for the moment. "I think I like you, Inspector G'dgette. But I have to ask... what now?"

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'He was silent for a few seconds. The thunder rolled in and a few strokes of blue lightning lit up the sky. A few drops of cool rain fell and struck into his fedora and trenchcoat as the sky darkened more. Finally he spoke. "I...I have to take you in." He said as he took a breath. It wasn't fear he was feeling. He was shaking from anger. From embarassment. "My personal opinions don't much matter here. Creature. You are under arrest for the murder of multiple very bad people." He said as he leveled the revolver at Jeff the Lawyer, Axel, or if Gilder was correct, that dog beast thing.'

[CHAT] Crescendo looks up to the sky, closing its eyes momentarily at the cool rain, it knew this entire city like the back of its hand, time to use that to its advantage. With a small sigh, it looks back at G'dgette. "Yeah, you said as much back there. I understand, it's your job. But... I'm afraid I can't let you. I won't be caged--trapped. Not again. Never... again. This is a nice city... a nice place to call home, but I have to leave, I'm sorry. But, if we ever see each other again, you can call me... Crescendo," before it took a step back... and fell into an open manhole to try to escape, shifting back to its natural form as it does so.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'A shot rang out as the beast known as Crescendo moved. The brick wall behind his target shooting off shards of bricks. He didn't know if he hit or missed but he didn't miss a beat. The skies opened up and the rain streamed down as his foe stepped back through a manhole. He dove after him headfirst, twisting in midair after clearing the opening. He caught a glimpse of the creature as it ran down the sewer tunnel, shifting and morphinh into that dog-like creature. His bionic eye didn't miss a beat allowing him to see all wavelengths of light, the tunnel lighting up to him with infrared. He landed solidly and quickly ran after his suspect. Small thrusters kicking on in various places over his legs as they sped him faster down the tunnel. "Can't run any more...Axel." He enjoyed using that name. It somehow made him think of the suspect as more a person than some creature.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Bolted through the sewers, they were dark, cramped, stank and hard to navigate--it actually didn't know the sewers as well as the aboveground alley network, but it was betting that the Inspector wouldn't try to chase it through here... a bet that was immediately lost as it heard him yell out. Axel. Well, it -was- Axel, after all. So it was suitable--better than just 'Creature.' Well, fortunately for it, it seemed to know its way around well enough to not get caught up in a dead end--while there weren't the landmarks of the aboveground city, and this system was a confusing morass--it did know enough to get around. But would it be enough to get away?

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector was getting closer. The darkness in the sewers were not a concern to him, but the rain and water steadily streaming in from above were clouding the heat tracks "Axel" was leaving on the cold stones. But he was catching up. Just a little more and her could. "BOOM" His hand-cannon rang out, echoing in the stone spaces around him. He would have been disoriented but his ears auto-tuned the noise out. The flash from his gun illuminating the tunnels in a bright flash, as if a lightning strike bolted throught the Tunnels. Turning the corner he would find out if he had hit his target. "Dammit AXEL! Don't make me do this!"'

[CHAT] Gilder had moved himself inside since the rain cloud started to form rather abruptly. [Dear god... what is taking them so long with those phone calls? Maybe they're just not coming back. Maybe they're secret lovers... was I right about Jeff all along!?] As a flash of lightning streamed through the sky, he could feel the vibrations coming from the sewers, as well as two familiar energy signatures that weren't hard to single out in the empty mass of tunnels. [They moved into the sewage system... why would they do that? Maybe they're investigating a case without me. UGH! Is that creature down there? No way am I going to let that detective get the credit for taking down what I vowed to rehabilitate!] Gilder made his way to the nearest manhole he could find and made his way to join the fray.

[CHAT] Crescendo kept running like its life depended on it--its freedom did, but no matter how fast or hard it ran, the inspector kept gaining ground. Then there was a deafening boom and flash of light--magnified by the confined spaces, and its own magnified hearing... and the sudden painful gash as the shot grazed its back left leg, causing it to yelp loudly fall to the ground, sliding and crashing into the wall of a T-intersection. There's a slow whine for a second. It takes a second to get to its feet and by then the inspector is bearing down on it, "Just... walk away, G'dgette. Let me go... I -won't- be caged," the creature actually speaks, casting aside any doubt of what it was, before giving a warning growl.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Inspector G'Dgette frowns as he lowered the gun slightly. "I...I can not Axel. You..." He paused trying to get the words out. His mouth was like cotton and beads of sweat rolled down his forhead. His pants were soaked from the rain that was streaming into the tunnels now, covering up past his ankles. "You Murdered people. I know." He said pausing. "They were all bad people but we have laws. And...I need to take you in." He said as in his left hands he produced a pair of energy cuffs. "Please...Don't...Don't make me do the other option."'

[CHAT] Gilder hopped into the sewers and was immediately taken back by disgust and irriation. With the flooding, the size of the tunnels, and his own height, traversing this maze would prove extremely difficult for him. [I know something's going on, I can feel it in my bones... I gotta hurry up, they're nearby... but who knows how many tunnels there are between me and them...] Looking around, the filth, flooding, rats, and poor lighting only got worst going further in to the system. [I could just drill my way through... but I feel like that'd severely jeopardize the city. Probably not the best idea... guess I'll just hurry my way to them.] Taking off into the depths of the tunnels, Gilder blindly attempted to navigate his way to the two.

[CHAT] Crescendo looks up to the man, then back down, "...you just want to lock me up, then? Put me in a cage like some dog," it speaks, sounding disgusted, before shaking its head, "I hunt to survive. If I don't eat, I'll starve. More than that, though. I do this to learn. Did you know that Jerred Axel killed three men by the time he was twenty-five? Wasn't charged for it--either unsolved cases or you had the wrong guy. Before all that, though... he was a troubled kid. No parents, so it was on him to help get money to live," it goes on the recite a history for the man for a minute or so.

[CHAT] Crescendo -C- "I didn't know a thing about this city, or even people in general until I came here and ran into him--he'd just shot a guy, and was shot himself. Was dying," it then shakes its head, looking back up to the inspector--once he gets close enough it lunges at him, just trying to knock him away so it can run in the other direction, not really trying to hurt the man. "I'm not going to let you put me in a cage," it yells as it does so.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector had the gun off at an angle. Awkward for responding to an assault. Something he should have been ready for. He had let his guard down in his old age. The attack came suddenly but he reacted with ingrained reflexes. He struggled with the four armed creature as his bionics whirled and whined. After a short struggle "BOOM" Another thunderous boom and he felt it. The feeling when cold lead plows through flesh as he grabs his stomach. "Sonova!" He said while coughing. He watched as the creature turns tail to run and he shoots out an arm. His left arm extended in a heartbeat near the end of the tunnel and grabbed an old electrical conduit pipe. Grabbing it hard it retracted in an instant, making him fly past and blocking the direction his suspect went running, although he was holding his gut as a red stain was slowly spreading over his right side. "Not...Going...Anywhere." He panted.'

[CHAT] Gilder stopped dead in his tracks as he hear the shot of a gun echo through the tunnels and then the bending of metal pipes. [Shit, things are serious down here... guess my instincts were right. Hopefully this is all just some kids playing some stupid game... either way I have to hurry.] As he turned right down a tunnel, he came to a dead end, and then turned around to follow the other pipe. "This is Gilder with the EDF! I demand that you halt any and all actions that may or may not be going on in this sewer. Should you be caught, I have no problems persecuting you with the full extent of my power! Desist and await my arrival. That's an order!" he yelled out in hopes that the hooligans wouldn't press their luck any further.

[CHAT] Crescendo gave a soft whine as another burst sounds out, it wasn't hit, but it didn't stick around to get shot at any more--it immediately takes off running--only for the man to... shoot an arm and wind up in front of it again!? It tries to stop, but even with claws the area was flooded and the floor was slick--it slips, falling to the floor on its shoulder with a high-pitched yelp, sliding along the ground and then crashing into the inspector at high speed, the both of them slamming into the wall. It did notice something, though. Something... red. "Wait... are you hurt?" it eventually asks, even while scrambling to get out of arm's reach of the guy.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector takes this opportunity to try and slam some energy-cuffs on the creature, even as they went tumbling. They both crash into a side wall and his gun gets knocked out of his hands, sliding and disappearing under the stream of ever-increasing water. "Dammit, stop resisting." He said as he tried to gain some sort of dominant position over the creature. It would be easier to cuff him from the position but he would take any chance he could get. "What does it matter." He said and he coughed, a bit of blood streaking from the corner of his mouth.'

[CHAT] Gilder turned another corner only to find himself getting further away from the two energy signatures now. "What the hell... this is stupid. I never was good at the corn mazes at the local fairs anyway." Turning around, he just stood there, trying to figure out what to do at this point. "You fuckers aren't responding, but I know you're still moving! By execution of EDF protocol 944, I'm exercising my right to do whatever the fuck I want now!" Grabbing on to the sword's hilt that rested on his right hip, he began to draw it from its sheath, surging energy into the blade to give it a bright green aura as it began to embody wind.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Blades of wind arced around the sword and changed the entire atmosphere of this musty tunnel. The rain water that was flooding the pipes now began to circle around Gilder's feet as he poured more energy into his blade. With a mischievous smirk, He slammed the blade down on the ground, releasing a hurricane of wind throughout the entirety of the sewer's ecosystem that would, eventually, consume most every nook and cranny that the two may be hiding in. As well as probably clear out any cest pools of rats and whatnot.'

[CHAT] Crescendo spoke, even while it was scrambling, only to stop a good few feet away, "I told you. I like you. Much as you hate to admit it, we're on the same team--you do what you do for a job... just, I do what I do to survive," it keeps staring at the man, "I don't want you to die. Especially not over this. Just. Walk. AwaAAAGH!" it says--trying to emphasise the 'walk away' option when the large torrent of water with the wind slams through the area, strong enough to easily lift it off its feet and sending it careening along with it.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector was struggling to his feet, one of his sets of cuffs immersed into the watery depths. He hated to admit it. Hated that he only wished he could do what this beast was doing. Ridding the city of filth but...He couldn't no matter how much of a sour taste it left in its mouth he couldn't do it. "I...I respect you...Cres...But I have to do what I have to do." <C> '

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'He said as he grabbed his right side with his hand, covering the wound, right before the wind and water struck him. He was lifted in the air, but small stabalisers kicked on from various parts of his body, making it more of a controlled flight after Crescendo rather than a tumble. He chased after him, adjusting the controlled fall as needed to follow his target. At the end of the day he had a job...and his rent was due. For a split second his mind drifted back to his apartment. Back to the client in the black dress and high heels. How her....He shook his head as he nearly struck a pipe. None of that right now. He needed to get paid first.<F>'

[CHAT] Gilder came through like a torpedo in his Super Charged Sewer Tsunami right behind the detective, who was in pursuit of the creature and using the tsunami to his own advantage. Slightly offended by this fact, Gilder attempted to tackle the detective with his stuffed turtle in hand, wanting to tag the detective down so that he could get the creature to safety, but not only did Gilder miss with the tackle, he missed when throwing the turtle too! [What terrible luck... dodgey little bastard,] he thought to himself as he disregarded the detective for now and turned his attention to the creature. Using pulses of his energy through his feet, Gilder charged straight into the creature and grabbed on to him, attempting to aid him in the escape from the detective.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'As the trio went tumbling through the Tunnels There was a slight grey color at the end. In a "WOOSH" They all exited the sewer tunnels at Hurricain speeds into a small floodplain outside the city. A small opening in the tunnel in a small cliffside above and nothing but empty grass fields and a small stream cut through the landscape. Lightning cracked in the sky above, illuminating the grey landscape with bright flashes occasionally.'

[CHAT] Crescendo slammed into walls -Hard- as it careened through the drain, once, twice, and then a third time--each time giving loud, high-pitched yelps and then soft whines before they were all flushed out into some plains outside the city, it lying on the ground on its side immobile for a few long moments until Gilder apparently grabbed it and moved to help it escape. "...what?" it eventually speaks up with a groan, finally noticing who it was that had it and what they were doing. "...Gilder? Why are you... helping me...?" it admittedly didn't like him--with the kind of attitude the guy had had earlier. But this? It was... surprisingly grateful.

[CHAT] Gilder took to his feet fairly quickly after they had all exited the gross sewage tunnels, not that it mattered because with how much raw crap, literally, was covering his body and clothes, it smelt like he was living in an eternal sewer until he took at least eight showers. As the creature began to speak, Gilder couldn't help but let out a randomly placed fit of laughter. "MAN! Wasn't that fun!? Whoooooo-boy, stuff like that gets the blood really boiling. Or maybe that's the radioactive waste boiling my skin..." Looking around at the fields around them, Gilder finally re-focused his attention on Crescendo. "I'm committed to making sure you heed my warning. I may not act like it is, but your overall rehabilitation is very important to me. I need to convince myself that I learned from my past mistakes..."

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Inspector G'Dgette slowly rose to his feet, a stream of red washing from his pants onto the ground and into the stream nearby. He pointed his left arm at Crescendo and a weary-worn out look on his face. "Field Specialist Gilder" He said while hunched over. Each breath stung. "You are Interfering in an official investigation for a wanted fugitive." He said as he took a step closer. "Cease and desist from these actions and let me take in the suspect for...questioning." On his right hand his index finger peeled back and grew red hot before he shoved it into the bullet wound. Crude, but effecient. He would probably need it for whatever was to come.'

[CHAT] Gilder lost his overall jovial expression and rush of adrenaline as he turned around to the detective with a frown. "Learn your place, detective. I don't care what your rank is here on earth, the EDF supercedes you in every way. Even if it doesn't, EDF Code 944. Maybe you heard me when I invoked it earlier?"

[CHAT] Crescendo shook its head slowly, "You don't... get it. But... thanks. And... don't kill him. Not... him," it notes, speaking, before trying to run off--away from the city and instead into the wilderness--for good this time. It was probably never going to go back. Not that city, anyway. Much as it knew it and called it home--it couldn't live there anymore, they knew it was there and would look for it there. What it needs now... is a new city. A new start. Keep on the move--never settle down and not give them a chance to find it. Even if it and the detective were on the same team, people like the detective would still be after it.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspectors thrusters sputtered at first before the water spat out of them and he took to hovering above the water-soaked fields. "No. MY Investigation and Protocol 944 was outlawed 110 years ago due to overuse and abuse. Update your textbooks." He said as he maneuvered to intercept Crescendo, which would mean passing by Gilder on the way...'

[CHAT] Gilder held out his arms in both directions, his left facing where the creature was trying to run off to and the other in the direction of the detective who was attempting to pursue. At the same time, Gilder snapped both fingers three times each, which resulted in three consecutive explosions directly in front of them both. "You're both totally misunderstanding my intentions. Crescendo, you're not free to leave. Detective, you're not free to pursue. Also, local ordinances THINK they can outlaw EDF Protocol, but they don't have the juristiction." Smirking in the detective's direction, he gave the man a wink. "Now, next one to move an inch will get an explosion five times as powerful as those right at the core of your body. Wanna continue playing me? Or do you wanna resolve this my way?"

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks and yelps, stopping mid track and jumps back a foot or so at the explosions. "What!?" it then growls. It takes a moment to think, before shaking its head. It'd had enough of this. It was -tired- of being chased, of being 'scared' of this guy that exuded so much more power than it could. "No. I won't be trapped. I'm -going- to be free. If you're going to kill me, kill me. If not, let me go," is all it manages to say before just going off again, heedless of any threats from Gilder or anything else from G'dgette and just starts running again.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Takes out the tin case and lights up a cigarette despite the rain, keeping it covered under his now, brown-water stained fedora. "No. IT is YOU who don't have jurisdiction." He said as he backflipped away from the explosions. Minor and he wasn't bothered by the threat. "You're task ended when you released him. He's leaving And I'm going after him." He said while he took a puff on the cigarette. "He ate people Gilder. He needs to be brought in for questioning." He took off streaking after Crescendo as his thrusters kicked on lighting the sky in a red-orange glow.'

[CHAT] Gilder ponders to himself for the moment as they were both blatantly defiant of him. Such lack of fear. Such confidence under precarious circumstances! No matter, maybe a different form of entertainment could come from this. As the detective began to rocket past him with his fancy boosters. "You know what, whatever, enjoy your pursuit. Let's upgrade ourselves though. HEY! Crescendo! Come play and I'll even the playing field, if not, sorry/not sorry." With the ambient energy Gilder had inside of him, he quickly fashioned a car out of what seemed to be nowhere. It was fairly basic due to how abruptly he had to make it, but with seemingly perfect timing, he created it just as the detective was going past him, and the two were now in the driver's seat and passenger's seat of this vehicle - the detective at the wheel.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Alright, let's get to it! I'll be working on fine tuning it as we go, but as of right now this thing is ready to go! PEDAL TO THE METAL! Let's nab ourselves a villain!" With a howl of excitement, Gilder was ready to go, enchanting the hull(if that's a thing for cars)(it's called chassis, Gilder -ed) of the car with fire for the detective's pleasure.'

[CHAT] Crescendo just keeps running, there's some lighting behind but it doesn't really have time to look... then a crash, and then an engine reving and it looks behind it and then there's an engine of firey death barreling down at it and getting closer and closer and it's just running and running and... this probably isn't good. It tries getting out of the way, anything it could but... well, that's a car. It didn't even know if it could outrun it! Only one way to find out. It wasn't going to stop.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The inspector was caught off guard by the Car-thing and grabs all the O-Shit handles he could before he relaxed in his seat. "Umm...Nice ride." He said as he went to the dash board and flicked the switch for the radio. "I'm a Barbi Girl! IN a Barbi WOORRR--LLLDD" The sound and intensity of it took him by surprised and he lost his grip on the volume knob, spinning it all the way to max. Soon this car would be streaming the song like a flying boom-box, all while after Crescendo.'

[CHAT] Gilder laughed hysterically, though it was drowned out over the sheer volume intensity that this epic time piece had going on. "Life in plastic, it's fantastic. You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination, life is your creation!" The joy that this moment brought to Gilder's life made this fake partnership all the worthwhile. "Alright, next upgrade time!" Gilder screamed out as he placed his hands on the dashboard. On the hood of the car, a large turret manifested itself and grew with a yellow aura - a button would noticably appear on the horn of the steering wheel. "Alright, press that button and you can basically taze the everlasting crap out of him. Make him submit. Make him yours! BRING HIM TO JUSTICE, DETECTIVE! I'm rooting for you!"

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Inspector G'Dgette looked at the creations of Gilder and smiled. "COME ON BARBIE LETS GO PARTY!" Blasted over the speakers as he shrugged and said "You heard the man." He then pressed the button to try and take down Crescendo. He had wondered what the change of heart was in this EDF guy so he was still on guard, even if was pretending to be his ally for now.'

[CHAT] Crescendo kept running from the burning car like its life depended on it--it was booming music--something loud and obnoxious, it didn't know what it was other than it hurt its ears to hear at the volume, causing it to wince slightly as it ran, blood still dripping from the bullet wound from the graze earlier, its breath heavy as it gave every effort it could, but the car was still a car--it was less than a meter away at this point. Something else happened, too, but it dared not take the time to look back because that would lose it ground and possibly get it hit. This was... beyond anything else. They were trying to -kill- it now!

[CHAT] Crescendo -C- It had said something to that effect, but... the detective was supposed to be a good guy!? Why were they going -this- far!? Its thoughts were suddenly interrupted by several dozen thousand volts running through it causing it to yelp and whine repeatedly and fall to the ground even as the car--which it was only just BARELY keeping in front of--barrels over it with a noticable 'thud' of running over something. It doesn't move anymore, not to run, or even to get up, just lying in the dirt.

[CHAT] Skweesh has come running from the direction of the city wearing a cropped leather vest and leather pants, lots of skin showing, and with wide eyes as she just watched Crescendo get run the hell over. "Holy shit! That person's trying to kill him!" She's out of breath by the time she gets close to him and keeps glancing between him and the car. The kaio slows to a stop several yards away from the fallen Crescendo and then stares at the car in anticipation.'
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[CHAT] Gilder placed his hands on the car's dashboard one more time. This time, the tires began to glow with a cerulean blue aura. [Alright, time to finish today's tasks up.] Looking at the driver's seat, Gilder just gave an abrupt salute to his detective friend and opened the door, hopping out a few seconds after the creature was ran over by the wheels that were enchanted with an essence of water. The nifty thing about the water-wheels was that it took a lot of the weight off of Crescendo's body, but the overall shock would probably paralyze anybody just thinking of getting ran over by a vehicle. Anyway, as Gilder tumbled from the car, he swiftly regained his balance and grabbed the hilt of his blade from earlier and drew it from its' sheathe, slashing it in the direction of the car with a blast of wind that wasn't nearly as strong as he released before, but with the water-wheels now, it would easily knock the car off balance and send it crashing.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Alright little buddy, you're coming with me now, enough fun for today." With the overexertion of Gilder's creation ability for the day, the best he could muster up was a pair of handcuffs and he slapped two pairs onto the downed creature, restraining each of his front legs to the back legs and then hauling the creature over his shoulder. Without saying goodbye to the detective, Gilder took to the sky with his captive to destinations unknown.'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Inspect G'Dgette looks down and frowns as he leaps from the car, landing in a roll on the ground, his side opening up again. He could feel it. "Not so fast Field Specialist." Inspector G'Dgette said as he watched the car explode in the air, the wind whipping his brown trenchcoat around as a smaller younger female came running over to the downed "dog" "Lady, get out of here. This is a suspect in a mass murder case." He finished while looking at the girl. "I'm Inspector G'Dgette" He said towards the female and smiled. "This creature is coming with me Field Specialist Gilder" He finished while looking over at the newly arrived "civilian" "Best you move along. I think The Field Specilist and I are about to...Exchange Policies." <exit>'

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