*Lawn Gnomes, Turtles, and Guns, oh my.

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*Lawn Gnomes, Turtles, and Guns, oh my.

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[CHAT] Gilder sat silently in the public transport ship going from Legende and returning to Earth. It had been a while since he was allowed off the space station, the investigation behind his original abandonment of his position now being concluded and the final result being probation along with the removal of his flight instructor's license. Basically, his position was an EDF grunt again, which beat the alternative of him being held indefinitely behind bars. [I have one mission for now... apparently there's somebody killing criminals before the local forces can go about their own conviction processes. The attacks seem pretty focused, so it shouldn't be hard to lock into a pattern and catch up to them.] <C>

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Pulling a phone from his pocket, he began to research what the EDF had pieced together on thus far. While flicking through the files, the woman next to Gilder let off an abrupt sneeze and immediately Gilder turned his head to her, "QUI---" he started before catching his words and coughing, the woman turning her attention to Gilder now. Nervously, he cleared his throat before speaking again, "Gedunheit, ma'am..." he stated quietly before returning his attention to his phone. <F>'

[CHAT] Crescendo was out of a home for now. Thanks to that... odd woman it had had a place to stay one night, but it had to find a new place now. Turns out focusing on things intruding on its territory was not the best plan for keeping low profile. Still... it thought as it leapt from rooftop to rooftop, staying out of sight as best it could. There had to be some place it could find to stay. Some place a little more... private from various vagrants. At least it was back in the city, among familiar sights, sounds, and scents--it was good to be back in the city. Now it just had to find a place to stay... and resume the hunt.

[CHAT] Gilder closed out of the files on his phone and returned it to his pocket as the ship entered orbit and began its landing sequence. Almost as soon as he removed his hand from his pocket, the phone began to vibrate, causing Gilder's eye to twitch as he reached back into his pocket to grab it. "Yes?" he asked with slight irritation behind his voice. The voice on the other side was a female with the voice of a middle aged woman with one too many kids. "Gilder, this is Jessica from HQ." Trying to think about how to respond, Gilder had paused for a moment before simply asking, "Yes?" again. "I have called for a status report."

[CHAT] Gilder immediately removed the phone from his ear and stared at it in disbelief as if she could hear his facial expression. "I haven't even landed on Earth yet, what the heck do you expect me to say? My nap went well?" The woman did not respond for a moment and voices could be heard in the background, though it was uncertain if they were near or far from her. "...did it?" she asked in the most serious of tones. Gilder closed his eyes and let off a sigh thinking, again, how to respond. "Why yes, yes it did. Good bye," he said as he hung up on her and stood to his feet, the ship's deck opening as passengers, including Gilder, exited from it.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- A streak of light ran overhead as one of the many ships from the spaceport a few blocks away came in for a landing, the creature pauses in its movements to look at the sky as it does so. It was a nice day... but there was something else, it kept its eyes squarely on the ship. That... was someone powerful. Was it one of them? The ones after it. The last time it had tried to get information about them they nearly killed it. Should it try again...? It gives a huff, before diving off the building and into a nearby alley, behind several things and out of sight for the moment.

[CHAT] Gilder ignored the phone vibrating once again as he began to walk through the gates of the spaceport and in to the city. [Alright, so the last victim was somewhere in this city. I should probably talk to people... but I really don't feel like it. I'll just have my own look around. I never did want to be a detective...] With a tap to his shoulder, energy began to surge through his body and his body lifted from the ground as he took to the sky, gazing carefully around the streets and rooftops for anything suspcious. "They never did tell me if they wanted me to eliminate the target or capture it... Surprised they've left it up to my own discretion. Or maybe it's Jessica's call. They really should've briefed me on this better. Or maybe that's why she called. Bleh."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Clapping his hands together, Gilder began focusing energy in his palms, and as he separated them, a stuffed turtle, a lawn gnome, and a hand gun were created from the cells in his body, and they just floated there lifelessly. "I might be a little weird..." Tapping them each individually with his right finger, they all seemed to spark with life, although completely silent and awaiting orders. "Alright, go explore the city. You're looking for something or somebody, I dunno... murderous, maybe? Report back when you find something or finish your sector. You all should know what to do." The three creations began to float off in separate directions before Gilder spoke up, "And Gunny... don't go creating your own mischief..." he said with a wink to the hand gun as it continued on its path.'

[CHAT] Gilder ignored the phone vibrating once again as he began to walk through the gates of the spaceport and in to the city. [Alright, so the last victim was somewhere in this city. I should probably talk to people... but I really don't feel like it. I'll just have my own look around. I never did want to be a detective...] With a tap to his shoulder, energy began to surge through his body and his body lifted from the ground as he took to the sky, gazing carefully around the streets and rooftops for anything suspcious. "They never did tell me if they wanted me to eliminate the target or capture it... Surprised they've left it up to my own discretion. Or maybe it's Jessica's call. They really should've briefed me on this better. Or maybe that's why she called. Bleh."

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Clapping his hands together, Gilder began focusing energy in his palms, and as he separated them, a stuffed turtle, a lawn gnome, and a hand gun were created from the cells in his body, and they just floated there lifelessly. "I might be a little weird..." Tapping them each individually with his right finger, they all seemed to spark with life, although completely silent and awaiting orders. "Alright, go explore the city. You're looking for something or somebody, I dunno... murderous, maybe? Report back when you find something or finish your sector. You all should know what to do." The three creations began to float off in separate directions before Gilder spoke up, "And Gunny... don't go creating your own mischief..." he said with a wink to the hand gun as it continued on its path.'

[CHAT] Crescendo peeked out of the alleyway at people walking to and for on the sidewalk--it couldn't go out as it was--a quadrapedal monster, a sleek red muscular form underneath some black harder armor covering its head, shoulders, and back. It needed to pick a mask to wear to walk around in the open, but... it wasn't sure which one to use. The police probably had a collection of whichever ones were supposed to be 'dead.' Seeing one of the 'dead' ones walk around would... probably not be good. But it didn't have much choice. Ducking back into the alley for a few moments, a couple of moments later someone entirely different walks out--a young looking man with a crewcut, dressed in a dark grey t-shirt, an old red flannel jacket, bluejeans, and an old pair of boots.

[CHAT] Gilder folded his legs into a floating meditative state while his little creations did their job. [If anything happens, they'll just disconnect and disappear, which I'll be able to feel. Those idiots better behave themselves though...] he thought to himself as if he didn't have complete control over their impulses at the point of cognitive creation. <Meanwhile> Hopping from roof to roof, the stuffed turtle took in the visuals of the people below as it passed over streets and alleyways, trying to find anything suspicious. After surveying its immediate area, it turned towards Gilder and saw its "Master's" eye open and a glare beating down upon it. With a shrill shreak, it plopped into one of the alleyways upon a man's head as he was walking, and just sat there motionless, not wanting to give itself away.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man stops mid-step, going wide eyed as... something falls right on top of his head! "What the hell!?" trying to rip the thing off and chuck it away, freaking out for a few moments about that... stuffed... turtle? That... what the...? It was thoroughly confused. The thing had energy, too! Whatever. It had things to do. People to follow. Spy on. Get information from. The man tries to walk away, rather quickly, after that strange outburst.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'Before the man could leave the alleyway, the lawn gnome dropped down abruptly in front of him and pointed at the man that his turtle companion had landed on. "Stop right there! How dare you handle my little buddy like that, you bastard!" The lawn gnome's voice was disturbingly deep and burly. The turtle floated over to the lawn gnome and quivered behind it as a shard of glass from a broken beer bottle had pierced through one of it's fins. "Oh you little truck eater... that's it, I'm calling in the big guns now. You're in trouble!" The lawn gnome let out a sharp whistle somehow, and waited around like something was going to happen.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man blinks as suddenly a... garden gnome starts speaking to it? It was baffled. Just as much as the mask. "What... the..." is all the man can manage to say, before shaking his head vigorously and just trying to step over the gnome and going about its way, "I... think I drink too much," is all he says as he tries doing so. It... had no idea what to do about those... whatever they were. So ignoring them seemed like a good option! It had things to do, anyway. Like... find a new home. And... spy on some guy. At least that stuff was less... whatever this was here.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The lawn gnome looked around, still waiting for Gunny to respond to its whistle. "Where is that bugger... what a terrible big guns trump card..." The turtle flapped its fin at the gnome, asking for it to remove the shard of glass. "Oi... right..." it stated as it reached down and plucked the shard from the turtle's fin. "Alright now you, we have some questions---" the gnome started as it looked up at the man who was... walking away from it now. "OI YOU CLOVER PICKER! GET BACK HERE!" It yelled out as it took into the air in a tantrum, pointing its sharp, pointed head at the man as it rocketed forward looking to shank the man in the back for disrespecting it. <Meanwhile> As Gilder floated in the sky, he focused in on his gnome and turtle who seemed to get into an altercation. [Seriously? You all better figure out something from that guy if you plan on torturing him. Where is Gunny though...]'

[CHAT] Crescendo was... not familiar enough with fighting in humanoid forms to do a sudden dodge. Or really any major combat moves. And it was baffled enough to not really expect a garden gnome to try to stab it. ...and the man was promptly stabbed. Right in the back. He yells out in pain, "The... fuck!?" and makes a mad dash, away from the street this time, going further into the back alleys, behind dumpsters and out of sight of the main road. If it was going to fight... which these things might follow it to do. Well, it'd have to do something else. It's not... a good fighter like this. That's... probably bad when these things had more energy than it. How the hell did that even happen!?

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The gnome landed in the ground after shanking the guy in the back, head first, to where his entire body was sticking out of the ground and flailing about as it couldn't get itself free. "Oi you yellow bellied wimp! Get back here and fight me like a gnome, not an elf!" The turtle had waddled its way over to its friend and was circling it as if it had no idea what to do. "Grah! Get me free you dumb turtle before he comes back and smashes me or something." Still the turtle didn't do anything useful and continued to circle it in a panic.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man had gone out of sight for the moment--just around the corner, waiting for them was Crescendo itself, back to looking like... some kind of monster-dog, growling lowly. It didn't know -what- these things were. Just that they had attacked it...and it wouldn't let that stand. It had been told, taught, not to kill innocent people. But these things, they weren't innocent, nor people. So... it was going to tear them to shreds. If it could! They still had some kind of energy, even for being these... things. That... it still had no idea what was going on. Just now it was pissed.

[CHAT] Gilder felt a sense of irritation as his personified lawn gnome had just shanked somebody who was seemingly innocent. [You moron, stop causing a scene! I just got back to this planet, I don't need rumors flying around about people getting stabbed by a gnome with a personality. It wouldn't take long for that to get back to me. Go apologize and stop wasting time!] A surge of energy would flux around the gnome as it floated into the air and was placed upright on the concrete. The gnome reached down and grabbed the shard out of the turtle's fin and carried it as the two now approached where the man had fled to. "Oi, sorry about that. Got some temper problems and you just weren't speaking to me right. Come on out, I have a few questions for you and then I'll leave you alone, promise. You heard anything about somebody, or something, killing criminals around these parts? The big man upstairs wants some answers or we're gonna be in trouble, so help us out will ya?"

[CHAT] Crescendo suddenly stops, blinks, and takes a step back... they -were- after it. This whole thing was... bizarre. But more than that, it was a -threat-. It thinks hard for a few moments, before... after grunting with effort a moment, it speaks out, still out of sight from the pair of... it didn't know what they were to call them, "I'm not going anywhere," it speaks, indignantly, with the same voice as before, "Just walk away on this," it speaks out again, still fully tensed and ready to pounce on them if they so much as tried to round the corner to see the quadripedal monster that it was now. It can't fight very well while masked yet, but like this... well it'd throw everything it could at them. It might not be appropriate to kill innocent -people-, but that... was a lawn gnome and a stuffed turtle. Not... people.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'The two stopped and merely looked at eachother before the gnome grinned in excitement and they both faced down the alleyway again. "Ahhh, so you do know something! Excellent! Fill me in and we'll be on our way, otherwise this'll turn into a totally different set of circumstances and we might have to continue causing trouble for you." The turtle stopped where it was as the gnome continued down the alleyway, preparing to face this man of knowledge face to face with the glass shard from the beer bottle still in hand.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- It gave them a chance. They didn't want to take it. They were hunting for it. To let them just keep looking... well that wasn't good, and they -were- killable. There was only one course of action at this point. "No," the voice says simply, "Well, I warned you..." the voice trails off into a low, but audible animalistic growl as it steps out from around the corner. Red musculature with a natural armored covering over its head, shoulders, and back--it was still bleeding from the earlier stab wound, blood trailing down its side and dripping to the ground just before it lunges at the pair of... things. First focusing on the armed opponent, intending on charging at, biting it, and literally trying to hurl it into a brick wall to try to smash the thing.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'As the creature jumped out from around the corner the gnome shouted out excitedly, "PERFECT! Turts, we found our guy!" he exclaimed just before being snatched up and thrown against a wall by the canine-esque creature, the gnome shattering into innumerable pieces. The turtle began to flop over to its broken companion and poke at the pieces with his fin, squealing out for the one it had lost. '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '"Ah shuddap, I'm not alive or anything..." the gnome's voice said as it echoed through the alleyway without a singular point of origin. Clapping its flippers, the turtle hopped back away from the shards of the gnome as a yellow aura flared around each individual piece of its former body. The face reassembled itself from midair as the rest of the pieces began to ascend as well. "When I was created, I was blessed with the enchantment of flight, buddy. You're in for a world of hurt, 'cause you just made my entire body a weapon!" the gnome shouted out as each piece of shrapnel now began to pierce the air as they looked to carve this dog into submission.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Well... that didn't work anywhere nearly as well as it thought it would. It gives another growl, then a yelp as the various ceramic sharp ceramic shards start slicing into its skin. That... hurt. Quite a bit as there were now not one but several wounds criss-crossing its body along its exposed flesh. It doesn't stick around for this to happen, though, immediately taking off at a dead run through the back alley, leaping on top of and then over a dumpster as it runs. Smashing that... thing didn't kill it. How do you kill it!? It was even further baffled. But the last thing it was going to do was give up and submit. Never again.

[CHAT] Gilder felt the disconnect from the gnome after it had fulfilled its last attack against the creature, only for it to flee afterwards. [Hm? Wonder what happened to the gnome... and where is that damn gun? It should have rendezvoused with the other two by now...] Back at the scene, the pieces of the gnome were imbeded into the ground, walls, trash, and dumpsters in the surrounding area with not a single light of its former aura to be seen. Whatever energy the gnome had been given had been used up in the onslaught, leaving on the turtle to pursue the creature. However, the turtle was no longer in sight, and had instead managed to attatch itself to the creature's hind left leg in the middle of the altercation.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- After a distance, when its clear the storm of ceramic hail was long past it, the creature stops, panting and giving soft, pained whines as it rests on its hind legs, sitting on... something that it's not really paying attention to in a litter-filled back alley behind some liquor store, taking a moment to literally start going around and licking its wounds--licking the blood up and... trying to heal, or stop the bleeding at least. The wounds were many, but mainly superficial and just caused a lot of bleeding. It was nowhere near powerful enough to achieve actual regeneration yet, but it had to do... something. That... really hurt.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'After a successful infiltration of the creature's personal space, the turtle had began to make its roots on the creature's leg. With little to no warning, the turtle's cushiony body began to expand and envelope over Crescendo's leg, giving off the faintest of green auras that would be practically undetectable to those who were not experienced enough to sense it out. Gilder, from afar, thought to himself, [Yes... the enchantment of expansion. Something so cute would never be seen as dangerous, but he's probably the worst of the three I sent out. Stealthy and clingly. Like a stalker ex-girlfriend...] Nearby where the turtle and Crescendo were, a shot from a gun rang out, followed by another about eight seconds later, and it seemed to be closing in on the two fairly quickly.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- It didn't need to sense energy--the second it could feel movement on what it was sitting on, the creature leapt to its feet, looking over to see... nothing, but there was something. And there was that... bizarre stuffed turtle. Growing? What the -hell- is going on!? It growls, and moves to try to bite the turtle and rip it off--though it stops once it hears gunshot, immediately taking off again at a mad dash, running down another back alley--down a ramp this time and even leaping through the air to slame through some glass panneling on a door with the words 'Employee's Only' stenciled on it, going into what looked like a poorly lit storage area--nevertheless, there's a few screams and then some people running out even as it barrels through.

[CHAT] Gilder: -- 'From where the creature was before, a man came running down the alley wielding the gun that Gilder had created, shooting it crazily into the air as he shouted, "I'm gonna fuckin' kill them all! All of them! All of the people and the things and the--- uhm..." the man stopped speaking as he looked down at himself dressed in a full suit. "The hell am I doing?" he says as he looks at the gun, only for a red aura to flare around the both of them, consuming the man in rage. "RIGHT! KILLING THEM ALL! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!" the man screeched out as he continued running blindly in the same direction the creature and the turtle were. '

[CHAT] Gilder: -- '[Seriously? It took you that lon-- and a lawyer!? Why would you fill a lawyer with rage? Whatever... go have your fun guys, just catch that damn animal thing,] Gilder thought to himself as he floated high above the building that the creature had busted in to and the deranged lawyer was soon to follow behind. Meanwhile, the turtle was continuing its expansion over the canine's leg, now expanding across the rear torso, adding a noticable amount of extra weight to his body at this point.'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- It had ducked in there to buy time--trying to rip the turtle thing from its leg again, or rip it to pieces, one. It was... growing!? How!? This entire thing just baffled its mind. Then there was shouting and more gunshots. It just gave another growl before taking off again, circling around a few crates to try to come in at the well-dressed man from the side, trying to take him by surprise, sink its teeth into the man's forearm--the one holding the gun--and literally throw him to the ground as an attack dog would--trying to get him to drop the weapon as well. It still had no idea what was going on, but someone going on a shooting spree was... probably not an innocent person.

[CHAT] Gilder descended upon the building and opened the door just as the innocent man was bitten and the gun was flying across the room and landed at his feet. Disregarding the gun, which disappeared as Gilder stepped over it and towards the creature, the ebony skinned human scratched his head as he tried to figure out just what the canine was. "Well here I thought you only attacked criminals... why are you biting that poor man's arm? Did he cause harm to you?" It was noted that the stuffed turtle was continuing to expand, though it was only expanding its own mass at this point to add weight to the creature in an attempt to restrain Crescendo's movements. The lawyer, however, was rendered unconcious from the sheer overexertion of energy surging through him, along with the blood loss from his newly acquired bite mark.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- As someone else comes in and tries to address it directly... it turns and runs. Not sticking around or even acknowledging what the man said. There's not much else to the building other than some now-empty offices since everyone's run from the monster and the shooting, however. Its going at a much slower pace as well--almost having a limp now that that... thing had gotten as large as it was, almost completely restraining one of its legs. It gives another growl at the thing, before actually starting to speak--in the same voice it spoke in earlier. "Let me go," it demands, though trying to remain quiet to keep... that other guy from hearing. This... was not going well. It... didn't really know what to do. How to get out of there. How to get this damn turtle off it's leg!

[CHAT] Gilder whistled as the beast was still able to flee from him, though not at too astounding of a pace. "Y'know, you can run, but there's no way for you to truly escape from me. Though, I guess, there's little way for me to know if you're intelligent enough to know what I'm saying. Maybe you're just acting out of mere instinct at this point." Whistling a tone loud enough for the creature to hear, Gilder slowly continued his pursuit after making sure that the lawyer wasn't going to die from his injuries. As he narrowed in on the energy signature of the ever expansive turtle, Gilder again spoke up, "My orders are to bring you in. To make you pay for your misdeeds... you're not the law. You don't get to kill at your own discretion. I have permission to eliminate if I must, and I have the power to pardon if I find you innocent... it'd be best to give yourself up. Unless you are just a mere beast, in which case I'll just have to eliminate you to protect the public..."

[CHAT] Crescendo COULD get out of this, if it just had this... this THING off of its leg. Still, there had to be something--ANYTHING it could do--it ducks into one of the offices, there's a loud crash, the sound of glass shattering, and it set its last ditch attempt to get out of this in motion. By the time the man had followed it to the office, it was a mess, papers strewn about, a desk in the center of the room, shattered glass on the floor around the window--the dog monster wasn't there, instead there was a small, lithe woman, with shoulder length red hair and green eyes, half-cowering, half-hiding behind the desk, "Oh Thank God someone's here! There was screaming... someone was shooting and I... I... that was a monster!" she yells, pointing and frantically gesturing at the window, all the while still seeming to try to hide behind that desk, specifically trying to hide an annoying giant green turtle, "It... ran out the window!"

[CHAT] Gilder walked into the mess of an office and looked around it before quickly spotting the woman. The energy signature from the turtle gave away the fact that this woman... was either hiding the creature or was the creature, but that detail wasn't important. "You know that thing had the courage to take down the man shooting downstairs, right? Don't you think that's brave? Not sure if it's a creature or not any more... seemed more humane than a lot of people that I've met in the past." Gilder rubbed his chin full of stubble as he tried to understand how the creature could shape shift into this woman. "I wonder what would happen if it turned out to be a human that can transform into a monster... would it be a he or a she? Good or evil? I'd love to get inside its head." He walked over to the woman behind the desk and crouched down, looking her in the eyes. "What do you think? Would you want to talk to a monster that hid itself right in front of you?"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- As the man... pretty plainly sees through its last ditch attempt to get out of this mess, the woman drops all pretense, letting go of the 'scared' expression she previously had and just... narrowing her green eyes at the man, looking apprehensive and angry. "...who -are- you? What... -is- all this?" she speaks, talking about... this whole thing. That turtle is still on her leg, making it no question what she was hiding. Nevertheless, she just shakes her head, they were questions bothering it, but they weren't the important issue right now. "Just... let me go," it looks back up to the man with that one simple question.

[CHAT] Gilder smirked as the creature got the hints he was dropping and stopped with the silly ruse to feign innocence. "Well, that's all going to depends on some answers you give to these questions I ask. Firstly, I'll just say I'm not here to harm you, unless you provoke me further." Standing up, Gilder stretched and began to pace around the room in boredom. "Frankly, I don't give a damn about you, you could drop dead and I'd still go about my life just fine. However, I work for the EDF, and if you don't know who they are well then... you might not belong on this planet. They rather have answers and blah blah political junk I don't care about. You're just a report for me to file and a mission to accomplish." Taking out his phone, he took a picture of the woman's face and continued to hold the phone in place as he began to record. "First I need the best answer you can give to me on: 'Who and what are you?'"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman just... glares at the man for a few moments. She didn't much have a choice, given the sheer power it could sense, much less the handicap of... whatever this was. He wanted to -record- this!? "I am..." she begins to speak, only to suddenly reach forward to try to grab the phone and smash it. "Not going to tell you a thing!" it suddenly speaks out, "Not with you recording this," she says, sounding pissed and still glaring at the man. Talking was not out of the question, but it was defiant as hell, and definitely wasn't going to say anything that was recorded.

[CHAT] Gilder let off a soft chuckle as he swiftly jerked the phone out of arm's length of the woman. "Tsk tsk, now you're just being rebellious... very unbecoming for a human woman, y'know." Standing up, Gilder again walked around the room, camera still focused on the woman. "Who are you? What do you want? It doesn't matter if you tell me on camera or off camera, all information will be documented one way or the other. What is it that you're scared of? Do you want to live in the shadows your entire life? Or maybe you're someone famous... oooohhhh, are you the president!? That'd be a totally awesome story, y'know!" A joking tone coated every word that came out of Gilder's lips, to where it was hard to tell if he was taking this seriously or not.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman just narrows her eyes at the man again, "Maybe I do... makes things easier," she says, sounding pissed. Living in the shadows was the entire point--it couldn't very well hunt for food while being watched by the prey. There's a low growl for a moment and she tries to lunge for the phone again, but that stupid... thing on her leg just causes her to lose her balance and have to catch herself on the desk. "Go to hell," she spits out, before looking down a moment, then shaking her head, "Fine. My name is Alissa Marco, and Jerred Axel, and..." she speaks, the voice changing for every name listed--eventually covering a couple of dozen names, after a cursory check there's many listed as missing or dead, and all of them with a record of or in connection to crime in some way.

[CHAT] Gilder quirks his brow in response to the creature's voice changing a multitude of times. "Hmm... fancy trick. I've been studying this case the whole like... 8 hours of my assignment so far, and those are all persons of interest, persons of unknown location and... dead. Probably all dead now that I know they're all linked to you. Alright, cool, now we're getting somewhere." Gilder puts away his phone and then holds out his hand, a green flash of light illuminating his palm before it disappeared, and with it the mass of turtle fluff around the woman's leg turned back in to a tiny, stuffed turtle. "So who are you really though? Is your purpose here to kill? Or do you even have one?" Gilder looks over to the window that was busted open and then back at the woman. "Feel free to run, by the way, but if you do all amnesty I'm granting you for the time being goes out the window with you."

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The woman shakes her head a moment, "Me? I'm all of them. They're all me. I... don't really have a name. When I was made they called me... Crescendo," she notes, before finally looking back up to the man. "Purpose? To survive. What do you eat for dinner?" she asks, looking to the man--staring daggers at him. It could run, but as it stood it knew nothing about this guy and didn't stand much of a chance if he caught up to it again. It needed more information. "Who are you...? Why are you after me?" This ran counter to everything it was taught--stick to lowlives, people that deserve death, and they wouldn't chase it...

[CHAT] Gilder scoffed as the creature began to pursue its own line of questioning. "You really think you're in the position to ask who I am? I am a representative of the EDF, I was assigned the task of pursuing the person or persons responsible for sentencing criminals to death without them being allowed their due process. Luckily for me, I found you rather quickly, though it was a whole line of coincidences falling in line together I suppose." Gilder knew that the creature was asking questions about him personally, but the answers were irrelevant. "You seek to survive. Cool beans. So does everyone else in the universe. Do it without murdering people though, this is your one warning. Continue down the path you're going and I will hunt you down again, and I will kill you next time. Well... maybe not me. But somebody, I'm sure."

[CHAT] Gilder took out his phone and pressed a few buttons to stop the voice recordings he had running in secret. "Off the record though, I have no problem with what you're doing. It's my job to care though, unfortunately. Go get a job and buy some hamburgers. Or prostitutes. Can't convict you for eating your own property." Stepping over to the woman, Gilder knelt down and picked up his stuffed turtle and put it in a separate pocket than his phone. "Toodles!" Gilder exclaimed in an abrupt end to the conversation, tapping his own shoulder and taking off through the window and in to the sky.

[CHAT] Crescendo growls, "You think it's that easy!?" it follows after him, still trying to rip the recorder out of his hand, right up until he flies out the window, "Go to hell!" she shouts after him. It wasn't going to stop--it couldn't stop. To survive. 'Hamburgers' weren't an option for dinner--it needed much more than that. More than that, though. To learn. Each meal gave it more insight on the human condition, taught it new things, new experiences. It was an intoxicating event, and not one it was willing to give up either way.

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Re: Lawn Gnomes, Turtles, and Guns, oh my.

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RPP rewarded.

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