*The Day Before

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*The Day Before

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[CHAT] Dumastin paced back and forth briefly, his boots clicking on hard stone. Time was running very, very short indeed before the battle would commence, but there was one article of business he still needed to complete... Slung across his back was a long cloth-wrapped bundle, and it shifted as he walked, apparently deep in thought. Finally he raised his head, mentally querying Prime as to where Rizion might be on the planet.

[CHAT] Rizion walked along the main pathway from the wilds of Sanctum back to base of operations. The white training shirt he wore out was covered in dirt and cuts, his red pants frayed and torn. He had to retrain his body as quickly as possible to prepare for the coming war which he was able to achieve with Sam's help. From the way Jules made it seem, they were mere days from complete havoc breaking out. To Rizion it was odd being here, helping these people fight an enemy he knew nothing about, but he had agreed to offer them his aid. "Now if I were food, where would I be?" he muttered to himself looking for the nearest mess hall.

[CHAT] Dumastin felt his ears prick up as Prime reported Rizion's whereabouts. "He seems to be looking for the galley. Shall I guide him there?" Dumastin shook his head. "No..." He stopped his pacing and briskly dipped down a passage into the underground sections of the Sanctum. "I'll go there ahead of him. I don't know if he'd appreciate knowing how much of this planet we really have under surveillance; a guy like that might not take well to being watched. Or studied." He knew that Prime had been watching Rizion's exercises, as much to understand more about the way the Konatsu fought as to understand Rizion himself. As it was, he managed to make it to the Sanctum's main mess hall, pitiful thing that it was, a full two minutes ahead of when he expected Rizion to get there. He settled into a chair and made himself comfortable leaning against the wall.

[CHAT] Rizion always seemed to just find his way around Sanctum since he awoke from his coma, but never really took time to enjoy what the structure was. This was someone's home, though its construction was beyond him, he figured Dumastin had put effort into every corner, every nook and craney and probably loved it very dearly. His fingers traced along the walls as he meandered until he came around a corner to the open galley. Finally, he'd eat. But stepping inside he saw something sitting in a chair to the back of the room and it froze him in the archway. He looked at the Namekian, not with eyes of hate or anger, just a cold, dead stare.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Rizion wasn't wrong. The Sanctum, to many people, was a cold and dead place, and lonely. Much of the layout was the product of Prime's architecture, and he favored efficiency, but much of the place was adorned with small touches, each one a testament to the craftsman who had wrought them. There were constructions here, chief among them the Atrium dome, where the Namek had created things of beauty and complexity, wrought creations out of fine steel and glass and stone that would dazzle an Earth architect. Days spent where he would walk down a single corridor, fingers gently tracing the wall, as streamers of magical energy darted and fizzed behind him, carving vision directly into stone. Simply touching the walls evoked a symphony of textures that was a statement in itself.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The mess hall, though, was small and relatively unadorned. It wasn't a place he spent much time; food was not something in which he took great pleasure these days, and so he usually ate only when he must, bland food prepared by Prime's robotic servitors. Namekians not engaged in hard physical labor didn't eat much, anyway. He maintained the room, and its stores of frozen and preserved food, for those rare occasions where his associates were in attendance... "Come in. Don't worry. I'm not staying long. But we don't have long before the demonhorde enters the system, and there are things that need to be said while there's still time." The bundle he'd been carrying was laying on the table, still wrapped.'

[CHAT] Rizion glanced down at the bundle on the table, then back up to Dumastin. "I don't think we are at the present exchanging phase yet." With a sigh, Rizion leaned against the frame of the door, crossing his arms over his chest. "And I don't think I have any authority to allow you to whatever valhalla you might be searching for in the other life, so you might want to find someone else to confess to. You of all people should know that I'm not without my own sin."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I could do worse if I needed someone to listen as I confessed my sins, but neither of us have the time and I doubt there's *anyone* on this rock with the inclination to listen to me chanting 'hubris' for twelve hours. Whatever's left of my soul will be judged as is, assuming I don't shatter it trying some damned foolish plan and your winter creature's mark doesn't consume it somehow." He leaned forward, propping his elbows up on the table and resting his chin on his linked hands. "Armageddon is coming here, Rizion. And it's an armageddon of my own making, in a sense, a long-delayed payback for the mistakes of the past."'
[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"And yet, while those very mistakes do concern you, they weren't yours, or those of this timeline's Rizion either. This is quite possibly an elaborate form of suicide, one we all seem to have our own reasons to participate in. But why do you stay? This isn't your fight. Certainly it's the *good* fight, quite possibly our one and only chance to prevent this plague from sweeping the galaxy. But if you don't want to be here, I don't expect you to stay, nor intend to force you to." His cybernetic eye glittered in the soft light of the room; one thing he'd taken pains to ensure was that much of the Sanctum was lit with relatively natural lighting, rather than the harsh whites of simple fluorescents.'

[CHAT] Rizion walked his way across the room to have himself a seat at the table in which Dumastin was also sitting. His eyes scanned over the object in front of him and instantly he recoiled at the sense of it. Some instinct inside of him put his senses on high alert. It was either that or fatigue from the fight. Or hunger. Or all of the above. Either way; it just felt "dangerous". "Because there is something I want to see for myself. You say this demon is of Arlia? Even though I am of not this time, we still fought together there. I remember Arlia, fighting along with the Saiyan invaders. Fighting against Sam's genetic creator. Also against an endless horde of demons. If they are back, then that means my fight isn't over. It means it -is- my fight."

[CHAT] Dumastin shrugged. "I won't stop you from staying, then, or try to talk you out of it. I simply wanted to see if you had any reason for being here." He leaned back, pushing his chair away from the table as he stood. "I've been busy over the past few days. We needed every edge that we could manage, after all. But the question perplexed me for days, because I suspected there was nothing I could make that you would accept. No weapon you needed, no armor you would wear. It was not an easy question." He unrolled the bundle, revealing some sort of long case. Opening it revealed a number of items tucked neatly within, held in place with a foam insert.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"For my other allies, forged by my own hands and imbued with as much of the cosmic essence of Order as I could convince mere metal to hold. To call it 'holy' would be misleading, from my point of view, but the power of Order burns and repulses creatures of demonic origin by its very nature. The best arms and armor I could provide for them. And yet." He closed the case. "It would have been pointless to forge one for you, wouldn't it? A blade, a shield, an armored gauntlet? Perhaps a bracer of flames, or a necklace of shielding, or a ring of force? Boots to allow you to dance on the winds? Would you have taken any of it, if it was offered to you?"'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"Gods," he muttered while getting up in a hurry from his seat, the metal of the chair scrapping along the floor, filling the once quiet room with its loud screech. He didn't leave, rather just paced around, looking through the ether to find the words that kept escaping him but each time he felt that anger come back...just deep breaths. "Look, I can take care of myself. You need to stop with all this....commanding lackies nonsense. The people that are fighting here should be doing so because they want to stop what is coming, not because they are following their captain. So no, I don't need you to hold my hand while I do what I've been doing."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"But that's not the case, is it? I fight because it is in my nature to do so. Sam, I think, as much out of revenge for what happened to his lady love as anything else; I doubt he'd be here if she hadn't already set him on a path of revenge. Jules, perhaps, fights to defend people from this storm." He held up his hands, light glittering off of the gem embedded in the gauntlet on his right hand and the skeletal metal fingers of his left. "Nobody listens to my commands. I haven't had a crew to command, nor referred to myself as anyone's Captain, or asked that loyalty of anyone, in quite some time now." Since Konatsu, since the Void, he thought, or close enough.'
[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"People are here because the stories they weave with their lives and their decisions have led them here. Not because I command it. In most cases, not even because I asked it. In some cases, I'm not even sure my asking would be enough." There was still bad blood there with Sam, under the surface. Way under the surface, now, and he wondered if it would ever be settled. "If I offered any help to you, it would be because I don't want you to die here. My mistakes should not be allowed to claim another's life. Not again. Not any more. Not because I hoped to buy any kind of loyalty, or even friendship, because I know I don't have the time left in this universe to win either of those things from you. The scars run too deep, don't they?"'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"At one point, I admired you. Of all the Talented people I met in my travels no one was quite like this Namekian Space Pirate that I met on some lost desert planet. You were a better fighter than me in every way and I spent days trying to improve myself with you as a prototype. But then I found out what makes you so great is what also makes you so terrible. I warned you of what touching the void would do and you just...yes. We've been down that road. You made a mistake and Konats paid for it, so we can never be friends. But when a demonic horde from both of our pasts comes I'll do what is right and stop them. This isn't just your fight, Dumastin. Stop acting so dramatic and making it seem like you need to protect us."'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Rizion came back, slamming his hands on the table and staring the Namekian in the eyes. He wanted to make sure Dumastin got a good look at the mark the Winter King left on him as well. That same plague eating away at the frozen eye, spreading like a crystal cancer across the rest of his face. "Not when its you who needs my help,"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I was trying to save a friend. He was... the last, my last failure. The last person I was ever foolish enough to try to mentor, to teach. I couldn't save him from himself, although I like to think I helped him win some measure of peace against his own demons for a time before the Void took him..." He closed his eyes, shook his head, then jumped slightly as Rizion slammed the table. "Need to protect them? No, they can handle themselves. You're right, more than you know. It's me who's weak. Here, in this place, I command incredible powers, but my body is as withered and weak as it has been since Arlia. I don't deserve their protection, and I know that, so I try to repay their kindnesses and their sacrifices by helping however I can."'
[CHAT] Dumastin looked Rizion in the face, almost automatically opening his Cosmic sight to look upon the curse in its true form. As familiar as his own. "I'm not going to be of so much use in the coming battle. In space, yes, my tools will be of great help. But once the enemy's strength comes to bear, my weakness will make me a burden rather than a blessing. Perhaps I have enough tricks up my sleeve to help win a victory, and perhaps not. But yes. I try to make up for that weakness wherever I can. Bought with my blood, if it comes to it, oh yes."

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"What is this?" If Rizion seemed on edge, boarding angry before, now he was a raging storm. The gear Dumastin had set on the table was swiped across the room, crashing and banging along the wall, bringing bowls and plates smashing off the shelves. A red flare kicked up around Rizion's feet, blowing the chairs and tables behind him in a line against the wall. "We are days from the start of war and you, you're already defeated!? You offer me your protection, yet you -dare- offer me this pathetic face!? Is this not your home? Are these not your people? You need to get your mind right, Dumastin. You need to be that arrogant, hard headed fool who has staved off time itself to be in this moment. This foul husk before me will be of no use on a battlefield. I am thinking about one thing and one thing only. Victory. We -have- to stop this." A more calm Rizion looked down at the still sitting Namekian, hand out stretched to him. "Together"'
[CHAT] Dumastin weathered the storm without a flinch. Flashy. It was good Rizion had so much heart to him. Good to see signs of life in the Konatsu. "My mind's always been right, Rizion. I never said I had any question about whether we'd win. The playing field is loaded from the start, and I *will* see this demon queen dead. The only question on my mind is the price that will need to be paid. And I'm not willing, this time, to pay that price in other people's blood." He held up his hands, looking at them. "I can end this. I will end this, I can guarantee that. I have set forces in motion... but then, that'd be spoiling the surprise, wouldn't it?"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He stripped off the black gauntlet on his right hand, revealing the soft evergreen of the hand beneath. "I think of the future, and those who I hope to see take it up. I don't know if your winterblight will kill you, as mine will me, but I hope that you might see a part of that future, as well." He held out his own hand. "Help me keep these young fools, who share the dream of a future I'll never see, alive..." A grin spread across his face, the same old impish look Dumastin so commonly wore. "And I swear, that victory you seek will be the greatest show in the galaxy. The greatest I've ever pulled. Because this time, it's on my stage."'

[CHAT] Rizion looked around the room shocked at his own display of power and anger. That was the second time now that he lost a bit of control. It was alarming. His energy slowly came back under heel and he just turned away from Dumastin, stoping only at the frame of the door. "I give a damn about the glory. I just want to be useful for once in my life." Then he left. Without his meal, the anger inside of him resurfaced. He almost got so mad that he let his secret slip. -That- was the thing bothering him. That he didn't tell him. Of all his yelling...he was the one who needed to get his head in the game.

[CHAT] Dumastin shook his head as Rizion left. He cast his gaze over the scattered furniture, sighed, and waved a hand; the blue light of channeled mana followed his fingers, and abruptly the overturned furniture righted itself and slid back into its proper positions. The case landed open in his outstretched hand, and the items that had filled it dropped neatly into their spaces. He snapped it shut and slung it back over his shoulder... then pulled, from some hidden pocket of his Namekian mantle, a simple wooden flute. Hand carved, taken from wood grown on Konatsu itself, and utterly, completely unremarkable and unmagical beyond the natural powers of such a tool. He laid it on the table and walked out. "So did I, once upon a time." That, he said softly, where only the stone could hear.

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