*Quelling Our Demons

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*Quelling Our Demons

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[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Sanctum: The Dead world. With features similar to
Ng Yelo, it was the perfect place for the tinkering scientist to set up shop.
Remote, barren, barely habital but still a paradise in comparison to the
tundral storms and sub-zero hurricanes of the Icerian Empire's mother planet.
Rizion walked the surface of the planet finally refitted with proper attire; a
pair of red training pants, loose and flowing and a skin tight layer of white
fabric laced with special fibers to make sure he didn't truly freeze to death.
He was out in the wilds alone. He needed to be. The Samuel creature disturbed
him moreso than the unfinished sculpture that Jules was using as a husk. And
Dumastin. It was best to just avoid that all together. He welcomed the
sensation of the cold, the howl of the wind and even the faint feeling of the
distant star kissing his flesh. With all of his bravado to Jules, saying how
he would help fight what was coming, what could he do in such a weak state?'

[CHAT] Samuel -- Not too far from the Konatsu there's a blur, and then
an explosion rings out as something crashes into the ground hard enough to
send dust, debris, and ice showering throughout the area. Samuel was already
out there, up in the air above the Konatsu. And it wasn't alone. Without
Jules, or Dumastin, or even Rizion, as a training partner it had to
improvise... which in this instance was easier than not. Once the dust
clears, what looks like a smaller version of the monster stands back up out of
the crater it just left, then flies right back up and starts going at Sam one
more time in a flurry of blows--and they weren't alone. It was a three-on-one
fight. A fight that had been going on for most of the day. It had literally
thrown itself into training to keep its thoughts off of other things.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'It was peaceful, serene. The scar over his eye,
the ice burn that continued to dig deeper into his flesh and bone, it was a
part of Vencer that became a part of him. It allowed him to appreciate Sanctum
until that serenity was broken. So lost in his mind was he that he missed the
battle above and almost was caught in the explosion from the small mimic
crashing into the ground before him. Proof that he was off his game. A blast
of energy, enemy troops, anything could have came from the sky while he was
taking it all in and it would have been the end.
"Guess I'm not asleep
" he muttered to himself as his eye traced the figure of the mimic
blasting back into the sky to take the fight to Samuel. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'It seems like the creature was fighting to keep
itself distracted. Rizion no doubt felt that it was due to their last meeting
when he told the creature to stand down. To have one's passions denied by a
stranger no less. Even if there was wisdom in his suggestion it would cause
frustrations. So it is why he did not bother the creature while it trained,
simply watched... For now.'

[CHAT] Jules worked in what had been his botany laboratory. He had
started production of a fresh batch of the restoration supplements. He might
be able to get a couple of them to the third phase, a few more at the lower
levels. Something told him stamina was going to be important in the battle to
come. Undoubtedly Dumastin was doing something similar to prepare for the
battle ahead. Something that would likely backfire and result in some of them
dying marginally faster... He sighed, taking a pair of pruning sheers to one
of the plant, a plant that had reached Phase one...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He had taken one of the beans, tossing it into his
mouth... He... Had to do something about that taste... Shaking his head he
pondered what he would be doing back home, with his family. Observing them
train? Assisting in research and development? He had assisted in every
occupation needed when he returned, from building training and research
facilities to clearing away forest and remedial chores like sweeping and
cooking. He supposed Grief was a powerful motivator for menial labor, if only
to distract. '

[CHAT] Samuel traded blows with the duplicate--taking some hits and
giving some of its own. It looks... tired and injured, actually. Blood
dripping out from under its armor as it just will not stop and give itself
time to rest and recuperate--not even a moment. Regardless, the other two
clones weren't sitting idly, either, charging blasts of crimson energy behind
Sam, before each of them roar out and fire off the blasts. Sam, taking it in
stride, lunges forward--taking a hit from the clone it was fighting directly,
but otherwise grabs the clone with both hands on its shoulder, spins around,
and launches it behind itself, directly into the blasts with a large, bright
explosion that leaves a smoking figure falling to the ground, again not far
from the Konatsu, and Sam, not even taking a moment for a breath, lunges
directly towards the others.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'For Rizion, watching this battle was odd. At
first, when the body crashed in front of him without him paying attention, it
seemed to have appeared from thin air and just be in a crator, but now as he
watched another clone fall to the ground, it seemed to be moving much slower
yet it has a bigger impact than the first. The tremors under his feet sent a
tingling sensation up from his boots all the way up to his knees, the residual
energy cascading over the ice like white flame. Rizion's own royal blue eyes
looked over the body laying in a heap, not moving save for faint breaths,
bit rough for training don't you think? So close to a demonic calamity
descending down upon us?
" The Sam creature was so focused, he wondered if his
words even reached it.'

[CHAT] Samuel was entirely focused on the fight. More than that,
even. There a desperation to it, too. It launches into another barrage of
blows with one of the clones, as the other backs off and starts charging
again--seeming trying the same strategy all over again as Sam just takes and
gives more blows--punches, kicks, claw swipes. If it even heard Rizion speak,
it doesn't acknowledge him. Just focusing on the battle. Sam again tries to
grab a clone as the other one launches their attack, but this one is ready for
it, rearing back as a crimson glow envelopes its right hand as Sam lunges
forward and grabs its left shoulder in an attempt to throw it--only for the
clone to form a disk out of the energy and launch it as an uppercut--the disk
digging into Sam's jaw, face, and eye, cracking armor and sending a spurt of
blood through the air with a shout of pain before the blast hits it in the
back and now Sam's the one crashing to the ground not too far from the
Konatsu. Sloppy.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Rizion's right eye twitched slightly as the Sam
creature continued it's fight, progressing further and further from a training
exercise. The ferocity and intensity of this fight was slowly shifting,
flowing, changing. Like the slow drift of a lazy river quickly churning over
into raging rapids. He saw the set up.
"Hey..." his idle stance broke as he
took a few steps towards the fight, passing the first defeated body. Then the
disc of energy was formed and Rizion took to a light sprint.
"Hey, that's
" but it was too late. The clone cut into flesh, cleaving and sawing
into bone and tissue until the same fate that the first two clones suffered
became the fate of the Sam. Rizion made for the body before it became a
corpse, sliding on his knees to a stop and crawling over to cradle the
creature's head in his lap.
"What do you think you're doing, going that far!
Hey! Hey!!

[CHAT] Samuel had been dazed momentarily by the attacks, just... out
of it as Rizion came running up, and by the time it actually came back to its
senses it was the ground and its head was in his lap. It blinks with its one
good eye, the other looking like a hideous mess. "
That... hurt," it speaks,
its voice slurred by the damage to its jaw. It's only then that it actually
notices it's not alone out there and blinks again, looking up at the Konatsu
with its good eye. "
...Rizion?" it asks.

[CHAT] Samuel doesn't stay down, though, as even as the Konatsu
watches, the creatures face is stitching itself back together, first the bone,
then the flesh, then the armor--it's not an exceedingly fast process, but it
is one that's always happening. It sits up, then climbs to its feet and
turning to face the man. "
What are you doing out here?" it asks, rubbing the
back of its head. Meanwhile, the two clones in the air just watch, one idly
dancing in the air--filled with excess energy, and the other just flat out
sticking its tongue out at the pair, childishly.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"Did Jules remove sense from your brain in place
of a bomb or are you -actually- a flaming moron!?
" There is a good chance that
most of Sanctum and its moons heard Rizion's full body scream at the Sam
creature. He was white hot, hands still covered in the viscous stench that was
this creatures red-black lifeforce.
"For what reason would you allow yourself
to get cut from jaw to eye mere DAYS before you selfishly endanger yourself
and your friends in whatever ragnarok is coming?
" The danger on the Sam's life
had seemed to pass before the red could leave Rizion's face, but that did not
ease his fire. In fact, it only burned it hotter. So hot that the wind around
him changed.'

[CHAT] Jules glanced up from his work, a flare up of energy...
Rizion... Samuel was of course putting off his usual bravado, waving his
energy around... Likely training. He supposed Rizion was doing the same,
"Prime, if Rizion gets severely injured, give me a heads up." Prime responded,
"And if Samuel is injured?" Jules sighed, "Yeah, if he's reduced to a torso or
so... Let me know, he might need help in that case, but then again..."
ultimately depended on how much energy Samuel had left when he was severely

[CHAT] Samuel narrows its eyes, both now that the flesh is stitching
itself back together, at the Konatsu. "
What?" it asks, confused at first.
It's true this is... hard training. Every fibre of its being hurt, and were
begging to take a rest. But it wouldn't. Couldn't. To stop to rest would be
to stop to think. Almost the hardest it'd ever done--the hardest being the
thousand or so times it fought and seemingly died in preparation for fighting
the Thorned. But still. It was doing this for a reason. A desperate, stupid
reason. "
I am not going to be useless. I will -not- sit this fight out," it
says with a low growl and a wave of its hand. It knew full well the Konatsu's
thoughts on its participation. "
So I'm training. With -everything I have-."

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"I could give half of an empty wank about your
feelings; That's not training, its masochism. It's a real neat trick being
able to stitch yourself up like that. Flames, you could even grow a third arm,
that'd be mighty impressive, but this. What are you trying to prove? Who are
you trying to impress?

[CHAT] Samuel looks down for a moment, frustrated about something. "I
" it speaks, before trailing off for a moment, not entirely sure what to say.
...what am I supposed to do? I wanted to go buy everyone time, do everything
to fight them... but I can't do that. I -can't- even fight them, according to
you. You just want me to sit back and watch as all of you fight and maybe die f
ighting the people who did... THIS to Req. I can't even help. Just sit back an
d... be -useless-.
" it says, before just... yelling a moment in frustration. "I
-can't- do that! I -won't-! So -what am I supposed to do-!? What is the righ
t thing here!? Because I DON'T KNOW IT!

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Rizion's own anger startled him. He recoiled a bit
from Sam but it was really at the emotion that rolled off of him. Why was he
yelling? Why was he this angry that this creature nearly maimed itself? He
could barely stand to be around it. Just looking at the Sam made him feel a
familiar unease, like his emotions were on the verge of getting sea-sick. That
answer was subtle, simple and right in front of him. He, in some odd way,
cared for this thing. Maybe it was seeing so much of himself in it when it
argued and fought with Dumastin, maybe it was just because it seemed to have
such a young mind that was thrusted into a terrible adult world. But apart of
Rizion just wanted to see this Sam creature better itself. '

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'So he took a deep, calming breath and held up his
"I know that feeling. Trust me. Ther was a time when I was utterly
powerless to do anything for those around me and I was always being saved. You
want to act, to help, but this isn't the way. You rest the body and train the
mind. Rage is a double edge sword that has left its fair share of scars on
" He got in close, offering the creature a better view at the frozen scar
still emiting low amounts of ki as it continued to cut through his face and

[CHAT] Samuel pauses and takes a deep breath itself, calming down as
well before it just looks down to the ground. "
I know it's stupid. It's why
I haven't just... run off and tried to go fight on Arlia all by myself, to buy
everyone time and... try to get revenge,
" it speaks, quieter than usual. Less
frustrated, more... sombre. "
My Dad made the same mistake. When I was
little, I almost died and Dad... ran off and did something stupid. I
survived. He didn't,
" after a long moment it looks back to Rizion, "I can't
'train the mind.' Whenever I stop to think... even just for a second. I'm
right back there, in that moment with Req. Not... able to save her. I can't
get it out of my head. It won't... stop. What do I do?

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Sam wasn't just similar. He -was- him. A part of
Rizion thought he was still in his coma, still talking to himself or even
worse, stuck in a corner of the Echo he had never been to before and unable to
get out. This was all too surreal. He walked up to Sam, standing eye to eye
since they were similar in height and placed a soft hand on his shoulder.
"When you close your eyes and see your failure, that is when you fight the
hardest. You continue to do so until your demons no longer haunt you. But you
can't run from them, Sam. Jumping into the a maw of death only means that your
demons win.
" And as he spoke to Sam, a voice sang in the back of his head, one
he had not heard in over a year.
"That is why you stayed in a coma for all of
those years. You needed to face your failures and let the old Konats go.
Bahamut's draconic tongue licked his mind like flame through water, but it was
good to feel connected with that lost part of his soul again.'

[CHAT] Samuel closes its eyes and takes a slow, deep breath, before
looking back to Rizion. It was tired. "
Alright," it says slowly. "I'll do
that. Just... think on things.
" It's certainly better than nearly working
itself to death in training just days before the fight of its life. In some
part of its mind it knew--even if it trained for weeks--months on end it still
wouldn't be in good form, it's mind just wasn't in it. "
Everything's sore
" it notes. "I don't think I've stopped to eat or sleep or...
" it shook its head a moment, just now realizing just how hard it'd
been going at it.

[CHAT] Rizion smiled at the Sam, but it was a false grin. There was a
terror creeping up behind him, nagging at the back of his mind that he tried
to ignore. His eyes darted around him as he noticed the stronger the sensation
got, the less he could hear the world around him. The soft humm became a buzz
and from that buzz a grumble. Soon it was a roar and flames came to life
around the edge of the horizon. An all consuming black and purple flame. It
was sorching the empty land, burning like an out of control blaze until it
finally consumed its target: him. Rizion got distance from Sam, gripping the
flames that the creature could not see and holding them tight into his chest.
With a roar of his own his body arched up and unleashed the dark fire from
within his body.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'The ground buckled and caved as his power came to
the surface and continued to rise, sending him further and further down into
the growing crator. Slowly, he lifted, body dosed in dark fire, burning and
humming over him.
"Don't relax just yet. We're just getting started" (Part I

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "I, uh... thanks, Rizion. I needed the help," it
notes, before the Konatsu promptly backed off and then... powered up? "
you're pretty strong,
" is all it can note before suddenly there's another
grumbling noise going through the area: it's stomach. Turns out going a day
without eating or sleeping is... kind of catching up to the mimic. Well, if
they were just getting started... that might not be so good. The other clones
were still around as well, two still in the air and one just starting to move
again on the ground.

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Re: Quelling Our Demons

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Can't wait for part two!!!

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