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*Sanctum: Shadows to the Slaughter

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Elphlane was sitting on her throne on Epitome. Her Tiara Dumastin had crafted her with a touch of Iapitus adorned her sleek black hair. It was sitting cockeyed as her left leg was also over the side of the armrest. She was taking this time in quiet reflection of what had just transpired over the last few months. Devrios came through with his promise for a portal key, allowing only her to activate it and take only her and a couple others through at a time. Her amber eyes were open, but unfocused as she let the emotions of the city sink into her. A bustling sprawling city now. From the ruins rose organized chaos. Streets cleaned and homes rebuilt. Fields for food reestablished. The fighting demon clans were finally united under her.
The Final clan to finally succumb did so out of necessity. After months of being locked in their library, the few remaining demon magus’ resigned to their fate. She had successfully infiltrated nearly a dozen times to try and speak with them and was rebutted each time, but her last time sneaking past the wards she showed enough power to disable them, a threat the High Magus respected and acknowledged. A show of power was nearly the only way to win over a demon. But with their help, the fields were providing, the City was being reconstructed faster and her influence building. She would bring these demons out from the pile of chaos and into the universe. She would show the other races that demons weren't just the chaotic vile destroyers of everything, but ingenious creators as well. She just had to channel their nature in the right way. (End post)

[CHAT] Jules sat with his legs crossed on the floor of his meditation chamber, his eyes closed, a deep cyan burning around his closed lids. He was working on possible defenses for his allies that might reduce the chances of them being taken over by the enemy. The reality was... Nothing he thought he could do was going to stand up against the raw psionic power that emanated from the woman who had claimed power on Arlia... A walking nightmare waiting to happen... His eyes continued to glow, he was trying to build up the energy needed to embed a triggered backlash. He knew it could be done, Seluj had programmed something similar in the scout-carriers. They encountered Jules, and then it activated. So he just had to figure out how to set up a similar trap...

[CHAT] Elphlane -”Matriarch!” A smaller but proud demon that was more lean muscle than bulk came rushing in. He held a small script of paper of sorts in his hands. There was sweat dripping from his black face as he knelt down ten paces away and presented the scrap of paper. She huffed slightly in annoyance and slowly removed herself from the chair, taking the extra little time for the small messenger to sweat and his muscle shake from bad posturing. She snatched the letter as if it did not concern her then glanced it it. She nearly dropped the piece of stained parchment. “I thought she was a myth…” She muttered to herself before she waived the messenger away. She read it in entirety in the security of the empty room. She then crumpled it up and tossed it on the ground. “That bitch wants all my available resources to aid her in the destruction of some ice planet. Some Sanct….” Then it finally hit her. “No it can’t be. I never swore my allegiance to her.” She said more in fury and outrage. <I just have to make sure it isn’t Him.> She thought as she pressed her finger to the small choker she always wore. A Gift from Dumastin and Jules. “Prime You there” She asked before just continuing before a response. “By any chance, Is there a horde of demons swarming to your location led by some bitch calling herself “The Crimson Queen, Supreme Absolute Overlord of All Demons”” She released the button and waited for a reply. <end post>

[CHAT] Jules was interrupted briefly as Prime spoke in a mono-tone voice, "Incoming Transmission from the one known as Elphlane." A second later the message played, he could hear echos from other areas of the Sanctum being given the same message. He grunted, then smirked... Elphlane had the ability to replicate some of his more obscure psionic abilities. That was useful. "Prime, is the channel open?" Prime responded, "What do you think?" Jules didn't rise from his meditation, the cyan glow remained. "Crimson Queen eh, is that what she calls herself? What, did she go into perpetual menstruation? Would explain the bitch comment i'm sure." He forced a slow chuckle, trying to hold onto the psionic energy he had stored. Perhaps he couldn't gather more while conversing, but he didn't have to release what he already had stored up. "And to answer your question, well... As Prime noted... 'What do you think?' dear Elphlane?"

[CHAT] Elphlane smiles as she got a reply. "Jules.So kind of someone to answer." She said as she walked into a more private location, one of the deepest cellars of the cathedral she called home. "I Received an obscure message to send all available resources for an assault on some obscure Ice planet of no Objectifiable reason. Stated that some persons of power resided there." She said as she sat down on the cold steps of the Catacombs. The bodies of the dead surrounding her. "Wanted to make sure it wasn't you fools first."

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"Bitch calling herself The Crimson Queen of blah blah blah said I should be thrilled that a request came from someone such as her. I swore fealty to no demon-spawn-queen-lady." There was a slight pause. "If anything I am aiming for that title and she should be swearing to me."'

[CHAT] Jules exhaled slowly, the cyan glow around his eyes continuing to burn as he once again closed them. He seemed to be speaking significantly slower now. "Go....figure. It..seems... You're ...come...after us." He had successfully halted the deteriorating of the psionic energy he had been building up. Slow, stead breathing... Don't become to distracted with conversation. "Bit out of our league. To fight alone, suicide Elph. Don't buck." This did present a line of opportunities though, didn't it?

[CHAT] Elphlane scoffed the ground in front of her. The dirt which was there for ages was kicked into the air. The finely ground particles floating there, appearing to defy the very gravity that wished to hold them down. "But I wouldn't be alone would I. And I'm now sure that her target is you guys." She said as she started drawing circle after circle in the ground. <If she is the most powerful demon currently...And others bow to her. Then If I can kill her, regardless of who else is there I can...> "Jules. Sign me up. There can't be a better opportunity to take my competition down." She said with more than enough enthusiasm for a seemingly suicidal move. "I hope you understand. Either I help you kill her, or she will come down, enslave me along with all of those around me. I will not be someones slave."
[CHAT] Jules knew this seemed like a good time to plan, Elphlane likely didn't see the tactical advantage of 'falling' in line. Having someone of Elphlane's particular skill-set within the ranks of the enemy would be excellent for acts of sabotage on equipment. Demon or no, their ships were 'mostly' mechanical. "Play along, Elph. Use position to recon, enact sabotage. Be careful, Crimson Queen-ie is powerful telepath."

[CHAT] Elphlane takes a long slow breath calming herself down. No. This was good. A great idea. It was actually her specialty and how she came here in the first place and her ability of changing into the masks of the people she consumed. The memories and feelings. "Ohh. That is good sly one. But, after this conversation I will know nothing of our plans." She said in a warning type manner. "I have seen some of their ships. A large number are built similar to that Haggis' fellows ship. Biological mostly, like a living hust with a living demon at its center. Was a strange concept but effective." She said as the plan clicked perfectly. "As for how to sabatoge, What is your largest concern"

[CHAT] Jules was finding it difficult to focus on the question, what was the most important area to focus on while selecting sabatoge... There were numerous factors to consider... But to do that he would have to release the psionic energy he had already saved... Not to mention he still had no idea how exactly to use it in order to try and provide some protection to Samuel. "Need... Better plan.. Bad time for me."

[CHAT] Samuel was nearby, just... sitting in a hallway, listening to at least half of the conversation--an empty liquor bottle nearby. It hated this. This... powerlessness. What could it do? It couldn't buy them time, if it tried to so much as stand up and fight it'd apparently get found out and lose almost instantly, even with everyone else it couldn't even -fight- that bitch without apparently making Jules vulnerable just by protecting it. It didn't know what to do. It didn't even know if there was anything it -could- do. Some of them didn't even -want it there-.

[CHAT] Elphlane claws the ground and then smiles. "I can give you Time Jules." She said with a wicked grin. "I can spread across their fleet and slow them down. It wouldn't even need to be all of them." She said with a grin. "They don't go anywhere without the Fleshknitters. Slow them, and the fleet slows." She said with a smile. "I just need you help in a small area." She said as that grin that plastered her face was so large it would seem to almost split her head in two. "I am going to delve so far into this person I will forget myself. I need you to implant a suggestion in me, to "sleepwalk" some clones out of me when I sleep to sabotage that fleet, as well as a code word to wake me up out of this mask."

[CHAT] Jules grunted, still struggling to retain the power causing the cyan glow around his closed eyes. "Doable, in person. Few hours needed." He supposed this was his fate... A true Blended Tuffle would be able to handle such trivial task with little to no effort... But he lacked a host, and was hesitant to take a new one. Still, he liked the plan. Sending Elphlane deep undercover and rewriting what her conscious mind knows certainly had merit as a plan. She probably wouldn't be able to keep it up for an extended duration, but it would certainly slow them down quite a bit.

[CHAT] Samuel -- ... and there it was. It wasn't even 'impossible' to slow them down. Buy Jules time. Just... it couldn't do it. What use was it? It couldn't save her, it can't avenge her. It can't do... anything. It pushes itself off of the ground, standing back up on slightly shaky legs before walking off. Where to? It had no idea. It just had to... go. It didn't want to be here anymore. Not right now. It was little more than a burden. And a failure. There wasn't anything it could do other than be a liability.

[CHAT] Elphlane stands up and walks out from the catacombs. Each step lighter than the last. "The order states I have 6 hours to gather what I can and head out to some random ass spot on Epitome that has some stupid name of some ancient demon from blah blah blah that everyone has forgotten. From there we will all be leaving to meet with her fleet. So...We have 4 hours to do this, or at least give me a code word." She said as she exhaled. This was going to be tricky, on her part and his. "I know you can do that psychic thing and write that into my subconcious. ME on the other hand. I can fully assume that person, nearly anyone I have consumed. But I need someone to snap me out when the time comes. I...have only touched surface memories and that was hard enough. I need time to get lost, and its running out."

[CHAT] Jules was sweating, that was it... The surface thoughts... Jules could construct Prisons within Samuel's mind, minds imprisoned within his mind. Each one acting as a wall, a layer of protection strewn about its surface consciousness. It was crude, but... His eyes opened and he glanced up, looking around at the various minds within the Sanctum. Max's was easiest to spot out, so many minds to work with... He would take one of the minds and imprison it. It would result in chaos even if the prisons were shattered. Yes... This would probably work... ("Samuel... Brace yourself.") Jules projected the stored psionic energy towards Samuel, rapidly grabbing the mind of a consumed Saiyan and trapping it within a prison layered within Samuel's surface thoughts. He would have to construct many more... But for now... His strained look seemed to release, a few drops of silvery-blood dripping from his nose husks nose. Now...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Back to Elphlane. A code-word. "Let's see, a breaking phrase or word... Or how about a location, Zeon-Seven. I do believe I imparted certain lessons there beneath the waves of one of its oceans." He nodded, "So keep it simplistic, we'll set one word. Zeon." '

[CHAT] Samuel blinks and starts mid-step at the sudden telepathy (Wait... what?) and then slipped on its already somewhat shaky legs and fell with a crash, hand on its head. A few momentes later it grunted in discomfort and climbed back to its feet, (What'd you do, Jules?) it furrows its brow. It... lost something. Information. An entire mind. It didn't like that. Really didn't. It shook its head a moment, only to turn around and start heading towards Jules' meditation chamber. Him just up and doing random things in its head like that was... not pleasant.

[CHAT] Elphlane stared the deep dive into the person she had currently took the visable and bipedal-humanoid fighting skills from. It was a bounty hunter name Brianna, no. That won't do. She needed a demon. A true warrior. "Warlord" She brought that person out. Name Shashek Dreota. Former Warlord. Consumed by none other than me. The memories flashed past. Of the heated battles and her powers used. With each memory passing and being held on to she felt her own slipping. The connections to the shadows around her diminishing. She kept holding onto the keyword over and over "Zeon" Her death replayed past her. "Zeon" The rise to the rank of warlord passed her by. "Zeon" The flashes of her mother and father. <C>

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- ' Both demonic warlords of some power and renown. It was a slow process but she could feel the control she had over her natural powers slipping. "I...Need you to...Set that...sleepwalk thing in me soon." She said with panting breaths. "It will take a few hours but the sooner the better." She said as she fell to her knees, then crashed onto her side. The room spun and she closed her eyes, concentrating on holding onto the memories she was delving into. <F>'

[CHAT] Jules shook his head, "Prime, I trust you are capable of tracing Elph..." Prime cut him off, "She's within the Epitome of Darkness, or is it Despair? Either way, have fun there." Jules sighed, "Could you transmit the spacial coordinates and relevant navigational charts between here and there to my HUD?" Samuel walked in as Prime responded, "Done." Jules turned towards Samuel, "I took a mind within your cluster, I built a prison on it, and then I laid it as a brick within your surface thoughts. And I intend to do it again, and again, until there is a variable wall between your mind and anyone trying to break through to it."

[CHAT] Samuel clutches its head, shaking it a moment, (Oh. Uh... okay. Next time tell me the plan before doing it?) it replies, closing its eyes for a moment and leaning against a wall. It still wasn't comfortable with even simple talking, much less... tearing off a piece of itself and putting it in a prison. Building a wall. Well, it needed some kind of defense. The last thing it wanted to do was turn against all of them when they fought that... thing. (If you're going to do that... put the demons in there. Don't want her... doing anything with them while I'm fighting.)

[CHAT] Elphlane shudders on the ground as a cold sweat starts to form on her body. The memories of her life flashing her by. Her first lust. Her first kill. The pleasure of combat and the relesh of the victory. The proud fact that SHE was born with the ability to create solid weapons and armor from demonic energy. Her combat prowess. Each movement was starting to become her own. The shadows around her no longer danced with her. No longer moved at her call. "Zeon" She remembered. Yes. The place where Jules set her on her path. That is right. The origins of her purpose. "Zeon" Again rang out as the days turned to weeks and the memories passed her by. Ohh, the Ritual of First Blood. Her favorite. Was it her Favorite or someone elses…

[CHAT] Jules wiped the blood that was drying under his nose, "It takes time to build up enough psionic energy to do that. But finding demon-minds isn't much of a problem." His head was throbbing from building 'one' prison given how long it was designed to last. A week at most. "Elphlane will be buying us time, with any luck I can put enough of a barrier up before they get here that she won't be so quick to penetrate your mind." Unfortunately... Jules felt that anything he could do with his telepathy was like child-play to this Crimson Queen.

[CHAT] Samuel nods, stopping outside of the meditation chamber, (Well I'm here. Is there anything I can help with...?) it replies, putting a hand to its head. It wasn't... a good experience itself. But if this would keep it able to do -something- to help them. Help Req. It's a small price to pay. It furrows its brow and looks down. There had to be something. It just wanted to be... useful. To help. Anyway it could. It kept its mind off things. And right now that's what it really needed.

[CHAT] Jules pushed himself up to his feet, shrugging. "Well, yes. But I doubt you'll be fond of the idea." He cleared his throat, "Samuel... This would be much easier... From inside of you..." Jules couldn't biologically infect Samuel, his own biomass would be absorbed... He could however psionically infest Samuel, and then use a combination of his own energy and Samuel's to build the prisons. It would greatly streamline the process.

[CHAT] Samuel -- The only reply was a tired and defeated, ("Heh. Go ahead,"). It just stays right outside of the meditation chamber, looking to the stone floor for a moment before just closing its eyes. ("I'm here, if it makes any difference. Go ahead. Do whatever you need. As long as I can help,") it replies, taking a deep breath, then slowly letting it out, calming its nerves. This... wasn't going to be pleasant, but nothing about this trip has been. ("I'm ready,")

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Time seemed to blur from her as she sifted through the memories. Her death had to be out of there. So she brought that memory to the surface and changed it slightly. She remembered killing that demonic challenger. What was her name Shashek Dreki. Yes that's right. She was Elphlane Dreota. Demon Warlord. This Sashek Dreki tried to dance in and steal her throne. No. That would not happen. And her ascent to Matriarch of the city. Yes. She conquered from force of arms. Her father and mother would have been proud, If she hadn't killed them to show them her power and take the clan head as her own. The memories were changing slightly to fit why her name was Elphlane. <Zeon> Came up again. This time distant. What was that. She knew it was important. Thats right. Jules was there. Yes. Jules. She was doing this with him for some reason.'

[CHAT] Jules felt he probably should've explained the infestation process in more detail, but it wasn't exactly the first time he had psionically infested the being. He returned to his meditative position, lowering his head as his eyes closed. A second later his mind was projected onto the astral plane, a moment later he flowed into Samuel, his astral-being overlaying Samuel's own nervous system. A second later Samuel opened and closed his fist. Jules had enough control, motor control however wasn't important at the moment. Within Samuel's mind a room began to form, it was something of a mix between a doctors office and a fighting ring. "Samuel, go about your usual activities. I'll begin my work. You'll likely become aware of your access to a number of your victims consciousness fading away. With any luck... The wall will last about a week."

[CHAT] Samuel nods, ("Okay, but there's not... really anything for me to do. I...") it goes quiet, with a small sigh, then slowly opens its eyes and looks at its clawed hands, before pushing itself off of the wall and just starting to walk away. What 'usual activities' could it do? It could train. It had finished a session not long ago, everything wa sore, but it could still stand. May as well go until it couldn't. Just... keep pushing. It didn't want to be useless--let her down--let her -die-. That was the worst possible feeling it could have. So it would push itself, to the point of breaking and beyond. There was no other choice.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The weeks of memories turn to months as the memories override her own. Her last year of traveling gone. The Thorned, forgotten. She was there when the city crumbled. Awake for the call to arms to Zeon came. <Zeon> That's right. Her comrads went there. Zeon. A place where they suffered defeat at the so called Alliance. No. There was something more important there. Jules was there. Dumastin. Great power shown and had. "Jules..." She whispered over the comm-link. But why. Why did she have a link to this Jules person. There was something she was forgetting. Something just dancing on the tip of her tongue.'

[CHAT] Jules while Samuel was in thought he probably didn't notice that his body had move to grab Jules scouter from his meditating husk, putting it on before returning to his previous conditions. Meanwhile, Samuel would become only vaguely aware that Jules was using the HUD to look up navigational information. This method of being... Blended within another, it made Multi-tasking far easier... After a few more minutes Jules knew the general direction he needed to project himself in and had a fairly good idea of how far to get to the point of origin for Elphlane's signal. Meanwhile, he had used a combinations of his own and Samuel's energy to imprison a demons mind, laying another brick.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'It took another hour of her on the floor to go through the next set of memories. Those that were not surface thoughts. The deep feelings of emotions this being, this demon, this life-form held deep within. She cried, laughed, raged, stormed around the room in fits of anger, sadness, happiness. All sorts of emotions as she shifted and dragged out the raw feelings. <Zeon> She remembered. She was hoping this Jules person would get there in time. She knew he was important and she had to meet him for some reason. She shook off that feeling. She would figure out why she needed him when he showed up. It had to be for that Invasion thing the Crimson Queen wanted.'

[CHAT] Samuel noted the loss of the minds. As Sam wasn't so personal with the minds it was less apparent--more like taking a book out of a stack rather than removing a direct part of itself. But still, it was noticeable, and it wasn't comfortable. But it had to get more used to these things--especially if this Crimson Queen or whatever she was was such a powerful telepath. It wasn't about to lose--it didn't like losing in the first place, much less when so much is on the line. Within a few minutes it was outside of the sanctum proper--where it did all of its training, it didn't want to damage anything, and it trained rather rigorously.

[CHAT] Jules took a break after a few dozen bricks, now certain where he was projecting himself. He wasn't use to projecting such long distances without the anchor of one of his children on the other end. Within the room of the mind which contained the physical representations of Samuel and Jules. "I need to take a trip momentarily, you can come with me or you can stay here." It was a basic invitation, but he figured he'd ask before he dragged the Mimic into the depths of what had been called hell.

[CHAT] Samuel loses focus on training as Jules picked up the mental communication, blinking a moment as Jules spoke up, "I, uh, er. Sure," it noted after a moment of gathering its composure. At least he was nice enough to ask and let it know this time. "Where are we going...?" it furrowed its brow a moment. "And what are we doing exactly?" it spoke, focusing on Jules for the moment. Inside its own mental scape its tiredness and depression were laid bare in their entirety. Despite its earlier never say die attitude when talking strategy, it's... not in a good place at the moment.

[CHAT] Jules would ignore Samuel's self-doubt and pity for the moment, instead replying... "The Epitome, I've got to program Elphlane." A second later Samuel's own body seemed to slouch forward on the surface of the ice-planet they were on. Samuel would only perceive that one moment he was on the planet, and the next observing the void of space. There was only one psionic projection, a figure that looked to be a mixture of Jules psionic representation and Samuel's own. It was... Far from aesthetically pleasing. A monstrous mimic super-imposed over a humanoid. The Blended glanced around the Astral Plane for a moment... "Heh, wonder if I over or under shot..." A second later Samuel would be back in his familiar body, his eye once again scanning over the information provided by the scouter. "Alright, let's try that again..." Once again, the duo were projected out into the depths of the cosmos.

[CHAT] Samuel goes wide eyed, just... shooting out into space like that was... well, it was amazing. It wasn't really in any shape to appreciate it, but it knew it all the same. "Wow... you do this, like... all the time?" it notes, still looking around with some amazement. Wondering in the back of its mind if something like this was what Req felt when she physically jumped through space with that ability of hers--it wasn't one it ever really used, not wanting to accidentally... the thought trails off before it could finish 'jump into a star,' which... kind of immediately put a damper on the mood, but it was still an amazing sight and feeling nonetheless.

[CHAT] Jules another erroneous projection... Given the physical world around them, Jules could only surmise they were within the outer mantle of some sort of planetary body or perhaps an asteroid. The singular figure floated upwards rapidly, rising above a relatively wild jungle world. Certainly didn't look like Epitome. Within the conversation continued, "No... Not all the time, normally I use one of my children as a targeting anchor. 'This' particular method is quite new to me... It's Difficult to properly appreciate the distance that space encompasses, my ability gives no real sensation of distance so..." They were back in Samuel's body a moment later, Jules had to figure out a better way to do this... He once again glanced over the locations, and once again made the attempt…

[CHAT] Samuel -- It blinks, back, and then it was off again. "...how many times do you think this'll take?" it notes. Not impatient or anything, but actually rather curious. This was actually something that got its mind of things, because of the wonderment and novelty of it. It... was actually kind of enjoying the trips. Despite it being essentially dragged along behind. Looking at planets, all sorts of sights in space, and everything else. It was... interesting, to say the least.

[CHAT] Jules glanced around, this time the two were in a burning red liquid, if he had to guess they had ended up in the center of a planetary body... So once again the singular body began going up for a while... Two minutes later they were still surrounded by the liquid, Jules glanced around... "Alright, well... No clue how long. Next plan. We can still sense energy from this realm, let's see if we can find any homing beacons..."

[CHAT] Samuel -- At this point it was just along for the ride, looking at the magma they were flying through. It was... fascinating. Probably about the only time it could be 'in' magma, in a manner of speaking, and not be horribly dying. "Well, keep trying. We'll get it," it says with a nod, oddly patient, though that was more due to the still remaining novelty and wonderment of literally just zipping through space, entire planets, and even currently magma. It was at least getting its mind off things!

[CHAT] Jules felt it, the spark of life-energy... A second later they were floating above a rather viscious looking demon surrounded by burning wasteland. "Ah, I think we've found it..." He glanced around, "Now to find Elphlane..." Of course, the problem was now there were hundreds if not Thousands of notable energy-signatures and minds. And that wasn't even considering Jules had no idea what the physical dimensions of this Epitome were... "We should have made a better plan..." The Blended briefly shook his head, then it began rapidly blinking to each energy he felt... Not feeling the particularly shadowy impressions that Elphlane normally left in her wake.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Her energy started flaring wildly around her as her mind was being overcome. The life essence she had consumed giving her power and feeding into the shaping of her body and mind. The distinct and familiar energies seemed like they were writhing in pain as their color shifted from black to red slowly, her energy starting to mimic and shape into that of the person she was becoming. Jarls, Jewels. Yes Gemstones. No. Wait. Was she waiting for a gemstone. She had thought as she remembered her first gemstone. A blood red Diamond. Taken from the heart of a demon-beast on Epitome. No. It was assosiation. It was Jules not Jewels...But why. It was so cloudy.'

[CHAT] Samuel was still along for the ride, furrowing its brow now, though, as they finally appeared on epitome--small flashes of memory going on in its head from the last time it was there. Not a pleasant moment. But they had a job to do. "Well, where would she be? You were talking to her, right? Do you know where she was around?" it spitballed some ideas, trying to help, but otherwise keeping quiet and out of the way--it didn't want to break Jules' focus now that they were closing in on their goal.

[CHAT] Jules within the mind-dome the two shared Jules shrugged, "I technically know the exact pin-pointed spacial coordinates." He chuckled, "This method of travel isn't horrible effective at going to unknown locations. You can do it, but... Well..." The psionic-form of the Blended continued rapidly flowing over energy-sources, moving across the surface of the Epitome covering hundreds in an instant, going deeper inland from the magma ocean. Then it caught his attention, the wild-failing energy. Lingering taints of the shadows visible on the astral plane. A moment later they were floating above... What was definitively 'not' the Dragon that Jules was use to... It didn't look like Elphlane at all. Felt close enough though. The astral figure lowered into the ground so it was eye level with Elphlane's neck. "Yep, definitely her..." The collar gave it away. The Blended inserted it's right hand into the head of Elphlane, "Time to get to work."

[CHAT] Samuel looks to Jules, "So what's going on...? Elph is supposed to buy us time?" it furrows its brow, a little jealous at her success in infiltration, where it apparently could not have succeeded. "I thought I couldn't go because I'd get uncovered in a second because of all the, uh, minds in my head... doesn't Elph have that problem? She eats people and has their mind and... all that stuff too, right?" It was actually confused at that point, the more it thought about it.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'A pretty blue gemstone entered her thoughts. "That is pretty. Where Have I seen it before" She asked as the thoughts of her early childhood were taking root. A sword in her hand as far back as she could remember. The Jewel danced in her mind playing to her song as the last fragments of shadows from her aura faded. "I wonder. Was this the Jewel is was looking for. No. Jewels..." She said as the images was of multiple jewels. Her mind was nothing what Jules could remember. There were only faint traces of her at the very core of her being, but even those were getting smaller and smaller, all tumbling into a small egg. A dragons egg the siZe and shape of a small bead. "No. Jules right...Sleepwalk..." She said as the energy was bairly being held on to. But what was left Jules could pick out of her abilities and talents. All was left as faint impressions. But impressions. All Jules would have to do was play the piano with them and compose music of his own.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The astral projection of the Blended remained with its hand in Elphlane's head, Samuel would be aware that Jules was writing in certain patters of behavior to be carried out while the demon was sleeping. They dealt heavily with using her smaller replications to perform various acts of sabotage on the enemy fleet. "The difference is my dear Samuel, you weren't invited with open arms. Elphlane's apparently a Demon of some influence on the Epitome now and the Crimson Queen has issued orders to the warlords. She's going to join up with the fleet, she's already a double-agent so to speak. You have no such invitation." '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'The sleeping code went in without a hitch, burying itself into its deep subconcious. A place where dreams rested and were forgotten upon waking. The egg finally consumed the last of the essence and whatever remained of Elphlane the Shadow Dragon. What remained was Elphlane Dreota. A demon-born warrior. Wielder of the Demon Arms. High Warlord of this ruined city. She grabbed ahold of the pile of blue Jewels in her mind and her eyes snapped open. <Zeon> Was echoed out in her mind as the dragon egg as well was locked deep in her mind as well. Dorment until that word would break the seal. <C> '

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She shook her head as she looked around the room. Something felt strange and familiar to her. As if she was just talking to an old friend of hers. "That is strange." She said to herself as she picked up a crumpled piece of paper. "Orders for departure. A crusade. I...Must have fallen asleep" She said while looking over the stained and crumpled orders for any and all available resources. <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "Not... what I meant. If we're basically... brightly shining beacons. That... thing is -going- to look at her. I guess we just have to hope she doesn't look too deeply," it says, furrowing its brow and looking at the new 'Elph.' "Hope it works. Good luck, Elph," it notes. It then shakes its head and gives a small sigh, it wasn't sure it liked someone else taking that much of a risk for this. It didn't want to lose anyone else after what happened.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The Blended had removed its hand before Elphlane started moving, "That's another reason, she's entirely unaware that she isn't a loyal warlord operating under this queen. She would have to look extremely close to notice something amiss. It's possible, yes, but less likely so long as she plays the part." Jules knew it was a risk, but Elphlane had her own motivations. A second later they were back in Samuel's body, "I'll get back to work, don't worry about Elph, she'll do her part. If we're lucky, we might be able to get a tactical advantage that'll actually mean something." He sighed, still speaking from the room of the mind . "Or maybe she volunteered because she wanted to hurt a rival demon warlord and thought this was the best opportunity. Either way, we should be grateful..." Jules waved a hand within the shared realm of the mind, a physical representation of another one of Samuel's demonic victims appearing. It seemed Jules was getting back to work. '

[CHAT] Elphlane stormed out of the throne room with the paper in hand. In a flash of red demonic aura and a few commands her city was in a bustle. All the weapons, food and manpower that could be spared set off on the long march into the bustling Spaceport. It was more of a bulbous mash of flesh for the demonic flesh-ships to sit upon, but that was where they were meeting. A few lashes, a couple sprays of blood and barking commands was all the motivation hers needed to file down the long road. They had two hours to get there and they were running behind. <Damn, must have slept longer than I thought> She reminded herself as she set her nearly 500 demons at a brisk double-time. She would not miss this chance. <exit>

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Yeah, I know you've got lots to do. I'll let you get to it. I should... get back to... uh, my stuff, too," it said, trying not to sound disappointed. It didn't want to be a burden, though this was doing quite a bit to take its mind off of things. Still... back to training, then. There were still days to go before this even came to a head. It... really had no idea what to do with itself til then, other than just throw itself into training. Anything other than just sitting and thinking, frettng, regretting.

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Re: Sanctum: Shadows to the Slaughter

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RPP rewarded.

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Re: *Sanctum: Shadows to the Slaughter

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'[CHAT] Samuel -- At this point it was just along for the ride, looking at the magma they were flying through. It was... fascinating. Probably about the only time it could be 'in' magma, in a manner of speaking, and not be horribly dying. "Well, keep trying. We'll get it," it says with a nod, oddly patient, though that was more due to the still remaining novelty and wonderment of literally just zipping through space, entire planets, and even currently magma. It was at least getting its mind off things!'

Good god the foreshadowing in this post.

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