*Sanctum: Discord after the Slaughter

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*Sanctum: Discord after the Slaughter

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[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'It took them time to make their way back to the Sanctum. Time to return to the Requiem, time for Dumastin to evacuate the crew to a safe place. Creating so many gateways in such a small time was no easy task for the Namek, after all. But at the end of it, he and Sam stood once more in the Atrium dome, on the world he called the Sanctum.'

[CHAT] Samuel had snapped out of its catatonic state on the ride back to the sanctum and... tried to help Dumastin. Despite regaining its composure it was still... fragile. As to be expected at a time like this. They had to hurry--if Req had any chance at all they -had- to hurry. It wasn't going to give up on her until the bitter end. Soon enough, though, it was with the namekian back in that atrium--it'd been there so many times before. And had memories of even more. But none of that mattered right now--not even Arlia and Slaughter was on its mind. Just... trying to save -her-.

[CHAT] Jules stood on the balcony of his planet side command center, his eyes gazing over the still expanding research and development facilities... Some were working on medical assets, others were working on more military applications of technology... In the distance there were shouts of combat training, a military barracks. He had yet create more children to replace the one's he had... Jules shook his head before looking upwards and the greening sky. He had become distant from his children in the previous months... Ever since the incident with the Shinto-Four he had kept them all at arms length. He relayed his will, they obeyed. He was Tuffle, and such emotional attachments were hazardous. He glanced back down over his camp, it was only a matter of time before his special operations platoon led by Robert picked up MacTep's trail. Then he could move...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He turned from his observation balcony, entering the command center. Talimaar was monitoring the long range sensors. Jules base was relatively secret for the moment, Prime and by extension his allies could find him... But he was somewhat concerned about those Marauding Demon-Arlian carriers. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Jules. Communication from the Sanctum for you." Prime's voice suddenly picked up from Jules's comm link. "Message follows. 'Jules. I don't know what you're up to out there, and I've tried to give you your space, but I could really use a contact right now. We've got a situation back at the Sanctum. It starts with a patient needing total bodily reconstruction and it's not really looking good from there.' End message." He paused. "The Captain is not aware of anything that has happened on your travels, per the standards of privacy I respect for those who carry my Helios devices.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Stop fidgeting. We have time now, thanks to the stasis crystal. She should be fine in there until I can figure out how to piece her back together, and Prime's scans confirm she was still alive when she went in." Dumastin had been standing at the center of the Atrium with his arms crossed, staring into space, for some time now. Clearly he was consulting with Prime over something via his cybernetics.'

[CHAT] Jules glanced at the nearby speaker, listening to Prime... He was waiting.. This probably wouldn't take time, treat a patient, return to waiting. "Right... I'm assuming Dumastin can still retrieve me from the ship?" The Helios system was rather nifty, as was Dumastin's marking magic. Jules didn't understand it of course. "I can walk or you can use the transporter system Prime, but one is " Jules began to materialize a moment later. He appeared back on the ship, "faster than..Oh." He moved to his medical lab grabbing one of his kits... "Where am I suppose to stand?"

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Alive was a general term. If alive ment her core still had a faint spark of energy he would be correct. But in any sense of biological living, her body had failed before they had picked her up. Nearly every cell in her body was damaged to the point that even her regeneration couldn't fix, and that was saying something as her body was designed to take the dangers and conditions of deep space itself. Limbs were torn completely off from their places, skin gashed and boiled off, and most of her face missing. Her core cracked, possibly unrepairable, and had been leaking whatever was left of her energy when Dumastin and Sam had picked her up. Dumastin and prime knew she wouldn't last longer than a few minutes outside of his stasis gem.'

[CHAT] Samuel just shakes its head, "I can't, and you know that, and you know why," it says, quite simply and lowly. It's tried not to get in his way--but as it stands, it was still on edge--and would probably always be that way as worried as it is right now. At this point it'd just been reduced to pacing back and forth--anything to try to get settled down. It just... couldn't. "Just... just let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Please," it says, looking down at the floor.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"You're not the one I need help from. A full-body reconstruction on this scale? There's only one man I'd trust with it if it was me who needed it." He waved a hand. Gleaming gold lines shone from the floor in front of him, and a moment later, a soft *pop* of outrushing air heralded Jules's arrival. Dumastin paused, giving the new husk a glance over, then laid a hand on Jules's shoulder. "I've missed you, old friend. I hope your travels are going well."'

[CHAT] Jules had to glance slightly down at Dumastin, this husk was far larger than the one that resembled his father. "Well enough, i'm sure Prime updated you on the Mc-Demon Fuckery spawning from Arlia?" He shrugged it off, "Regardless, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important." His tone seemed cold, distant. He glanced at Samuel for a moment, casting another glance. "Samuel, where are the boys?" His monotone voice broke with a hint of well-placed concern, given his body language the monster-like Mimic was tense.

[CHAT] Samuel was more than a little tense. "Jules," it says, looking up at the man. Of course he could help. "They're at home... New Requiem," it stops, immediately after that, just... looking to the floor. That was just another reminder, "We had just gotten there. Weren't even there an hour. But she..." it goes quiet, not able to speak for just, putting a hand to its face as it tries to compose itself, wiping eyes, et cetera. "It's Req, Jules. She's dying. There was an army... demons. Led by Slaughter. She grabbed him and... tried jumping into a star," it says, before finally going silent one more time.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"The Requiem is a shattered mess. I'm preparing hyperspatial tows to drag what's left of it back here, but even with the Sanctum's shipbuilding drones it's going to be a job to patch it up. Requius tried taking on an entire demonfleet by herself for some stupid reason." He shook his head. "She's in bad shape, Jules. I'll have Prime give you the download. Right now, I've got her on ice in a stasis gem. She'll be okay in there until we can put together a plan to stitch what's left of her back together." He pulled the gem out to show it to Jules before slipping it back into a hidden pocket. "No idea what she was thinking, but it doesn't really matter now."'

[CHAT] Jules rubbed his chin, not the easiest patient to treat. Haggis had created her in a rather... Unique way...Then the words fell upon him, his expression falling into one of annoyance... "Slaughter... So you idiots went to Arlia..." He shook his head, "I'm familiar with some of the carriers... Pretty nasty stuff. Almost got me killed..." He grumbled, shrugging as he glanced at the gem for a moment. A second later he pulled out his scounter, placing it over his right eye and opening the data-packet. He stopped talking for a moment as he began to sort through the data...

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "No, we didn't. It was a fleet out in space. Req... ran off to fight it on her own. Didn't even tell me. I had to... piece it together, then ask Dumastin for help. When I got there... the second she saw me she did that. She didn't even want me to fight him...? The last thing she said was... 'I'm sorry,'" it doesn't look up, just seems... almost broken by the whole ordeal. "We were going to build a life together, Jules,"

[CHAT] Dumastin recrossed his arms and looked away from Sam, bringing up the data again and scrolling through it slowly. He had a lot on his mind over this... What had the idiot been thinking? She had to have known it was practically suicide to do it the way she did... He pinged Prime to send a message to Jules's scouter. <Watch what you say. Sam is a bit on edge, and if I have to listen to one more blubbering session about how he can't go on without her, I swear I'm going to nail his mouth shut. I know she's terminal, I'm working on it.>

[CHAT] Jules wondered if he should pity Samuel, it was clear that he had grown extremely attached to Requius. Perhaps even romantically so... Such sentimentality... He cast off the thought, "Lovely... So they've start massing invasion fleets. Guess that's no surprise, I guess the initial carriers I ran into were just to test the waters." He sighed, "I'm going to have to consult a specialist to help treat Requius, if her natural absorption response has been compromised removing her from stasis may prove fatal if I don't have more information."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He took note of the message from Dumastin, "Meanwhile, Samuel. For the moment you should go and check on your children. They're likely scared, and as much as it hurts now they're going to need you to at least appear strong." It was a technique to distract, Samuel's children were as important as Jules own had been... He glanced at Dumastin, "Captain, I trust you have a communications device he can use to reach his children?" '

[CHAT] Samuel takes a deep breath, then lets it out slowly, remaining relatively composed, "You're right. I should check in with them," it doesn't quite look up, but it could tell something, "After that I... I'll just... go wait over there. I know I'm probably just.... bothering you. I... don't want to get in the way," it says, waiting to see if Dumastin has anything to use to communicate. The kids didn't have any of the helios devices--it only had the one that Dumastin gave it.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Prime is in the entire facility, and he can connect him wherever he goes. Try the galley, Sam, it's private enough." He sighed. "It was a hell of a fleet. At least two heavy ships in the battleship class, and hundreds of destroyer-class corvettes. I might have been able to take it on, but I wouldn't have much hardware left when I was done..." He shook his head. "Stupid. The Requiem isn't configured to fight so many small ships. Those fighters tore it to pieces, one nibble at a time."'

[CHAT] Jules let his left hand rapidly dart up in the air as he interacted with the projection that was on his scounters heads-up display... Then he sighed, lowering his head tossing a glance at Dumastin. There was no reason for such simple communication. Mentally he spoke to Dumastin, ("I'm going to need you to keep Mimic-the Emo busy and perchance do you have one of those nifty black coins the so called 'god' of potential keeps handing out? I'm going to need to consult with him, I don't know enough about her physiology to effectively treat her, and from the looks of it...") He had skimmed over a great deal of the data already, ("Her heart... Or power-source rather, has been severely damaged. I don't even know where to begin... But I figure, ask the guy who made her.") Jules bore no sign of surprise, something Reckless done without any forethought of consequences... That sounded like a usual Tuesday for him and his associates.

[CHAT] Jules: -- '("A couple of months ago I responded to a distress call, the Shinto-Four... It had destroyed ten carrier's before I found it, then between Thousand and I we destroyed another six in total. I've... Projected briefly onto Arlia, their rate of production probably outstrips even the Sanctum on it's best day.") He grumbled, having finished reviewing the data that was flowing across the screen. "Samuel, give Jaraid and Flay my regards if you would please, sir." It was a simple request, another conversation reminder to bring Samuel's attention away from Requius and onto his parental responsibilities. '

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Alright, thanks, Dumastin," it notes, making its way to galley. Well, the colony would probably have a communicator Prime could access. 'Ambassador Gregg' probably needed to be updated. And so did the kids. Jules was right, they probably were scared, or concerned. It takes a deep breath, then a low sigh, putting itself together for this call. It had to be strong--not... whatever it had been. For them, at least. It could fall apart later. Soon enough, though, it's away from the pair.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I'd like to keep Haggis out of this." His voice was a bit flatter now that Sam was gone. "Reconstructing her shouldn't be too complicated. I can provide a supply of healing infusion to help the process. I'm more concerned about her heart-core, her connection to the Requiem... and in the end, her soul." He frowned. "When I looked at her, before I put her in the stasis crystal, I opened my Sight for a moment. A shadow hangs over her. I suspect Death awaits what is his."'

[CHAT] Jules grumbled, his mouth not moving as he continued to speak mentally with Dumastin, ("If she were created under any litmus of a normal means I would quite agree with you... I'm just saying Haggis knows what she's made of. We can discuss ideas, but I don't think we're going to be able to do much of anything for her unless we can replace her heart-core. Not to mention the intricate relationship between her micro-form and her macro form. We don't even know 'how' she's tied to her ship.) He waved his hand, now speaking vocally, "But if you already have a plan, i'm all ears." His tone was just as mono spoken as it was mentally.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I'll fix it. I promised the kid I would, no matter how aggravated I am with him right now." He spoke the words with his voice; he didn't get to talk much, and sound transmitted fairly poorly outside of the Atrium, making it unlikely Sam would hear unless he was specifically eavesdropping. "I have the ability to repair her heartcore, I think. It's something I've theorized, at least."'

[CHAT] Jules rolled his eyes, "You think... Dumastin, it's not a question of whether you might be able to do it. Under ideal conditions and everything working out, no doubt. But that's not how our lives work. We can't afford a failure on your part, if Arlia is starting to push out invasion fleets then we're going to need her." He sighed, "I'm just saying, Haggis knows. We should exploit the resources we have to achieve the preferred outcome."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Don't misunderstand me. I know I can do it. It's a question of cost that I'm not quite sure about. The problem is, Haggis's ability to directly affect this world is chancy at best. He can't fix the thing himself. I don't think the tools exist to fix it normally." He had always wondered at the Requiem's uncanny link with Requius. He had never been quite sure, but a part of him even wondered if Haggis had accidentally created a magical connection between the two. It would explain a few things... "Is she really going to be that much help against an Arlian invasion fleet if she pulls stunts like this?"'

[CHAT] Jules glared at Dumastin... "Stunts... Like... This..." He let out a chuckle, "Yes, we need her. Just like we need someone whose judgment led to the Thorned's reign of terror. She made a mistake, who among your allies hasn't at one point or another? I have..." He used his open hand to gesture to himself, "We know you have." He shook his head, "I don't need Haggis to magically 'fix' the problem, I merely need to know more about her creation. I intend on doing to work myself, and for all I know the information could be on the computers of the Requius, but something tells me his physical record keeping skills were... Lacking at best."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Yes, I know we're a ragtag bunch of screwups, but frankly Sam makes me worry more than the Thorned did. If something happens to that girl he's going straight over the deep end." He gave Jules what could only be referred to as a Look. "I've watched enough friends die, and been a part of it. The last thing I want to do is to have to actually put one of them down, even if he does turn into a rabid beast." He sniffed. "Besides. I'm not entirely sure it's fair to call the Thorned event my fault. We were acting on Aydin's timetable, for starters..."'

[CHAT] Jules waved off the conversation, "Give him some credit, he has something to lose still. That girl wasn't everything, and if she dies it's our job to make sure he remembers his life isn't the only one on the line." He sighed, "Regardless, it seems we've come to an impasse. We'll of course try it your way first, as is the norm. If you can fix this without having to involve a lunatic is preferable I suppose. Now... There are other concerns..." He glanced towards the Galley, ("Alright Samuel, Dumastin has a plan to save her. Now we need to talk Tactics, could you wrap up the conversation and return to the Atrium?") He glanced at Dumastin, "I'm sure you recognize current... Opportunities this situation presents, Captain?"

[CHAT] Jules waved off the conversation, "Give him some credit, he has something to lose still. That girl wasn't everything, and if she dies it's our job to make sure he remembers his life isn't the only one on the line." He sighed, "Regardless, it seems we've come to an impasse. We'll of course try it your way first, as is the norm. If you can fix this without having to involve a lunatic is preferable I suppose. Now... There are other concerns..." He glanced towards the Galley, ("Alright Samuel, Dumastin has a plan to save her. Now we need to talk Tactics, could you wrap up the conversation and return to the Atrium?") He glanced at Dumastin, "I'm sure you recognize current... Opportunities this situation presents, Captain?"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"You'll have to forgive me. I suppose I'm not feeling my usual devious self. What opportunities do you mean?" As for making Sam "remember his life wasn't the only one on the line..." He wondered how well Jules remembered the Mimic. Sam was as thick as a box of hammers; getting an idea through his head pretty much needed a chisel and a mallet.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- Within a couple of minutes, it's walking back to the atrium. Tactics? It didn't much know what Jules was planning, but there was one thing it was planning. "What's the plan?" it looks to Dumastin, before glancing to Jules, "Tactics for what? Going to Arlia?" it says, its voicing taking on a menacing growl at the end there. "I... had a talk with Haggis on the way back to the Sanctum, Dumastin. Slaughter survived. We missed him by... minutes. If we'd have been faster..." it says, giving an annoyed grunt at the namekian. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm going to hunt that bastard down and -kill him-," it says, with an air of festering rage in its voice. Then, it pauses, closing its eyes a moment taking a deep breath, forcing itself to be calm for the moment. This was important. "But... I've got a few ideas,"

[CHAT] Jules let out a chuckle, "From the Data, I'm to understand the fleet that left Arlia was largely sent into disarray." He bowed his head at Samuel as he entered, "How are the boys?" He put a friendly concerned inflection in his tone as he asked." He would wait for a moment for a response before continuing, "I know how quickly ships are being produced in Arlia, i'll spare the details." He shuttered, he had made the mistake of trying to psionically infect a demon and found that the demons were nothing more than pawns for a puppeteer. Regardless, when she dragged him to Arlia he got a relatively clear picture of the situation on the planet.

[CHAT] Jules continued speaking, using his scouter to transmit relevant data on the last recorded sensor readings taken by Prime. Prime then used the data to create a relevant star-map for holographic display. It showed various positions of what little was left after Requius's suicide run. He motioned, "They'll likely be regrouped by the time we strike, but we need to either liberate or kill Slaughter, and to do that..." He sighed, "We're going to need Thousand..." He glanced at Dumastin, "Question, Captain. Do you still have Stoate's custom ship tucked away somewhere? He... Departed before he ever had a chance to use it..."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He let out a lowly grunt, "Long story short, they'll have another fleet that's probably larger in a matter of days. If we don't attack now, we might not be able to break through the next blockade around the planet, even if we call in the Alliance. Who... Given she's entered into the Alliance..." He sighed, "Well, she stopped that fleet for now and her allies are required to respond as a part of her role. They're going to get wiped out when they finally arrive. Given Standard Operating Procedures," He noted three sectors of space, each one just beyond conventional sensor range. '

[CHAT] Jules: -- '"The Alliance will rally their forces in one of these areas, then they'll commit to a full scale attack. Likely with orders to purify Arlia thanks to the 'oh' so benevolent Changelings." He stayed on topic, smirking, "We can let them get wiped out, or we can once again show the 'feds' that our group aren't a bunch of degenerates. We go and neutralize Slaughter before they arrive." He glanced around at his colleagues, "Captain, i'm guessing you can get Thousand here rather quickly?" He grunted, "Regardless, Thoughts?" He lowered the projected star-maps and removed his scouter. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Most demon voidships aren't suited well to long-term space travel. Only the biggest ones remain viable for more than a couple of months. Whatever they're planning is a short-term goal. An invasion of some sort..." He shrugged. "That's what I think, at least. There's no other reason for demons to mass a spacefleet of any kind. We just need to push through and pound Arlia from orbit, track down Slaughter. This is his doing, I'm fairly sure; demons don't mass like this unless they've got a warlord to follow. It's a solvable problem. And yeah, I have Stoate's old ship on mothballs. Why? You thinking of dredging up Project SRX?"'

[CHAT] Samuel nods slowly, before looking up to Jules, taken off of its train of thought by that question, "I, uh, they're alright. Worried, of course. But they know I'll be back, I'm... I'm not about to leave them alone," it says, before looking down a moment, then back up to Jules. "I... think I might be able to slow them down. Maybe figure out where the hard targets are at," it says with a small frown, looking back over to Dumastin. "I'm going to try something. Remember when you and Dad were on Arlia... there were a -lot- of other mimics down there. I'm stronger than them... if I can get them to listen to me... will probably have to do a -lot- of fighting for it, but I think I can... maybe I can get them to work together against the demons? Maybe work out something about how they should have the planet or whatever... use them to scout and sabotage their buildup, stuff like that,"

[CHAT] Jules let out an unusual laugh, clearly he found something funny... "Oh... You think Slaughter is acting of his own accord... No... There is someone far 'bigger' than Slaughter pulling the strings. That's why the suicide drones act in a hive-mind mentality." He then rubbed his hands together, nodding his head at Dumastin. "Ah, Capitan... You know me so well... We need another pilot, but it's got more than enough 'umph' to pound it's way through to the planet. Given how much 'power' it's systems will have to draw from at this point."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He glanced at Samuel, "Hrm, I can't remember... Has Samuel ever used the 'rapid deployment' system aspect of his fathers ship?" He rubbed his hands together, glancing at Samuel... "I think you'll enjoy that part Samuel..." Samuel's ship was probably the only one in the formation that was intentionally designed to 'not' have a pilot, unfortunately. It's true function was to cannon-fire it's original owner at ballistic speeds towards a target. "Tell me Sam, has Prime ever brought up the specifics of your ship? We can probably get you to the surface a lot faster than the rest of us. That's assuming you love cannons." '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I don't know that sending Sam to the surface is a very good idea. He's already off-kilter from Requius being in trouble; exposing him to that many demons, and possibly corrupted Mimics if there are any still alive?" He grimaced. "I'd rather purge the planet. The only things we need to worry about delivering to the surface are fire and death. Besides, even if Slaughter really is an extension of some greater threat, it's not a big deal. If we can capture the bastard, my Argus Array will track down his master without fail. No matter how deep and dark a hole he hides in."'

[CHAT] Samuel looks to Jules, "Well, I know everything Dad knew about it. Though I haven't used that ship in forever..." it notes, shaking its head a moment, "Almost forgot I had it," though, as Dumastin speaks, its facial expression notably darkens, "I don't think you understand. I'm going. You can either help me with support. Or I'll go by myself," it says, with some fire behind its words, "But I -am- going," it says, with another threatening growl. Haggis had indeed set a fire in the mimic, and it wouldn't let anything get in its way.

[CHAT] Jules wondered for a moment if Dumastin knew that Max's mind remained trapped within Samuel... 'I could have swore I had mentioned that at one point...' Jules had taken the moral high-ground for a long time, but the truth was... Bad things happened... Jules was a murderer, regardless of intent. And the worst part was... The victims family still loved him. It was... Somewhat sick. He once again shook off his head, "A prolonged period? No? But Samuel can likely mimic the ability to speak telepathically. He would only have to 'reach' a handful to put together a highly dangerous force. That's assuming he's got a potent message to reach the Mimics with that will easily convert them at any rate."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He smirked, "He is more than capable of setting up a landing zone, a place where we can set down what I assume will be a damaged vessel by that point with the potential of having additional security." He glanced at Samuel, "Oh no Samuel, I agree... But you want to go do damage over time. If you wish to stay after our task is complete, build a Mimic Army and liberate Arlia after we deal with the biggest fish i'm aware of.. And you know, break their ship-yards..." '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Why are we even worrying about a landing zone at this point? I'm serious. Bring enough firepower, pound the surface into molten glass, root around until we find whatever hole Slaughter crawls into to survive. Or was our last trip to Arlia not fun enough for you guys?" He grimaced again, his face twisting up as he remembered that, inherited memories notwithstanding, he was the only surviving member of the original Arlia crew.'

[CHAT] Samuel looks to Dumastin, narrowing its eyes momentarily, "I will -tear him apart with my own two hands-, I swear it, Dumastin," it says, growling. "'Glassing the planet.' Assuming we even -can-. That's not my own two hands," it shook its head. "I told you, Dumastin. Either help me, or I'll go by myself. It's. That. Simple," it grunts, finality in its voice. Then, looking back to Jules. "After that, I'm not sure. But after what they did... I dunno about liberating the planet. But staying here and just... killing the demons. That... sounds like a plan,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"If you're dumb enough, or suicidal enough, to go to Arlia by yourself... then you're welcome to it." His face soured, his eyes narrowing. "So much for all that big talk about settling down and raising your kids, huh? Have you made any plans for who'll raise them after you're gone, or are you just going to shove them off on Thousand again, make it a family tradition?" That sharp tone was very unlike Dumastin... '

[CHAT] Jules grunted, "Enough with the dick-waving, Samuel, we get it. You're angry, but going off alone would be essentially copying Requius. It was a suicide case..." Then he glanced at Dumastin, "You don't get it, the 'thing' that controls Slaughter is stronger than anything we've ever encountered. The Shinto Special Operations Corp was deployed in full to Arlia, the deployed psionic scouts, then heavily bombarded the planet. You know, Alliance Protocol. A single unregisterable energy-source deployed a planet wide shield." He glanced at Samuel, "We can either work together and follow a semblance of a plan, or we can go off half-cocked and reckless. Honestly, we could do either." He glanced between the two. "You two decide whether we're going to be stupid or if we're going to take a few hours to prep before going to trying to crush what I'm assuming is the Queen of the Demonic Arlia." He was hoping a four-man team could get the job done.

[CHAT] Samuel glares at Dumastin, nearly lunging at the man, "Goddamn it I never wanted this AND YOU KNOW IT!" it shouts directly in the Namekian's face. Despite whatever Jules claimed, it really was quite likely to go 'off the deep end.' Though it's laser focused on the demons. It then stops, and just... looks down. "I don't want to leave them behind. I don't want to go without your help. Req would be disappointed in me for it. But... I have to do this. I -have to-," it says, closing its eyes a moment. Remembering the memory those words were from. This wasn't smart. It knew. But it had to do it. Had to.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"And why is that? You can't beat him by yourself, much less whatever hive-queen Jules is talking about. You're not thinking straight. You're still thinking with your damned knuckles. All you want to do is just smash away at him because Requius is hurt and you blame him, and you know what? It's not going to help. I know what it is to hate someone with all you've got. You should know that better than anyone. But if you go on being a damned idiot about it, you're going to lose everything you care about so much because you were too much of a child to control yourself!"'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He didn't back down from Sam. Dumastin was not an easily intimidated man, and Sam's bluster didn't faze him in the least. "You hold it back. You save it up. You don't let it control you, get you killed. That's how you take revenge. You do everything you can to make damn certain that when you take your shot, it's the best one you were going to get." He knew Sam had viewed the memory sphere. He knew the Mimic knew exactly what he was talking about. Then his voice went dangerously quiet. "Why are you holding back on me, huh? You want to take a swing at me, think it'll make you feel better? If it had been Jules or Thousand, you think you'd have followed through?" His mouth twisted into a dark scowl.'

[CHAT] Jules rolled his eyes, this was an annoying waste of time. Pointless posturing, "I tend to agree with the Captain in this case." He stepped back, "And don't be idiots. There is no reason to fatigue yourselves here when we've got another enemy to fight." His tone was once again mono, what they didn't need to do was fight with each other. It would be a waste of time and energy.

[CHAT] Samuel just looks back up at Dumastin with a glare, "Because you're supposed to be my friend," it speaks--not shouting this time, but with a seething, tranquil fury. "Right now... this is -all I've got-. There is -nothing else-. I'm not blind, Dumastin. I know that you think I've just been a bother to you since this all happened. But it's your damned pride. You think you just can't be wrong. Never wrong. Even what you're pissed about--you're just mad you got shown up, you didn't give a damn about Dad, you don't give a damn about me, and you don't give a damn about Req. I have better hearing than you think. The only reason you even got this far was you hate to lose and ‘you made a promise.’ You. Don’t. Care. If you did you'd talk to Haggis for help, but no, you're too arrogant. You thought we just had to fix the ship, first fucking thing. That didn't do a damn thing other than waste time! It's your fault that Slaughter got away to heal! It's YOUR FAULT SHE'S HURT THIS BAD! Dumastin, you are nothing but a self-righteous, arrogant prick. Fuck you." At that, it doesn't even wait for a response--it just turns around and walks away.

Requius continues to gurgle somewhere locked in time in dumastin’s pocket. “Gurgle Gurgle.”

[CHAT] Dumastin slowly uncrossed his arms. When he finally spoke, his voice was level, but there was an edge to it that even Jules, who knew him better than any of the others, hadn’t ever heard there before. “You’re right on some counts. And if this is your first time realizing it, you’re even thicker than I gave you credit for.” He turned his head to give Jules a look, sending with it a psychic message: <Let this unfold. It needs sorted before we try going on a campaign with him.> He turned his face back to Sam’s back as the exits from the Atrium slammed shut in front of Sam. “I don’t give a damn about Requius, but I loved your father like a brother and I still have debts to pay to him. I agreed to help because it was important to you. Has that harpy ever given me *reason* to care what happens to her? She said herself the only reason she gave up the Dragonballs was because she wanted to see me kill myself trying to purge them!” He raised his left hand and pointed at Sam. “And another thing you’re right about. I did delay us on purpose while trying to stabilize the Requiem so that we’d miss Slaughter. Prime had that support ship on scans the whole time. You know why? Because the only ship I had that could make it out there in time to scoop up what was left of your girlfriend was an unarmed parasite, and I didn’t want to jeapordize the damned rescue because you blew your stack and picked a fight with a bunch of demons!” He felt his the fingers of his right hand shift and clenched before they could finish forming the signs of a magic sigil. “Haggis’s help tends to come at a cost. That’s why I’m avoiding asking for his help. Because I can still fix her without it, that’s why! And if you want to blame her for being hurt, you blame her, and you ask herself why she was stupid enough to take her ship and her people on a suicide mission, why she was proud enough to not bring you along with her!? IF SHE WANTED TO LIVE, SHE’D HAVE COME TO ME! I SAW the data, Sam! We could have destroyed that fleet together, down to the rats in the hulls, and survived doing it! It’s not my fault the idiot still blames me for Haggis’s death, and it’s not my fault she’d rather ditch you to deal with her colony and run off to die instead of asking for the help she needs!”

[CHAT] Jules once again rolled his eyes, that was the problem with his former allies. They were so quick to clash against one another. Still... He was going off to get himself killed at this rate. He couldn't take on Slaughter, even with legions of the first wave of experimental Mimics back Samuel up, they would die to Slaughter alone. That wasn't even taking into consideration the true master, whom could likely crush two or three of them without breaking a sweat. "So, what shall we tell your children as to why daddy went off the deep end and then had to 'go' away. Or do you think you'll handle that yourself? Coach them from within their heads?" &gHis tone was curious as he called after Samuel, "Because you're going to die if you go off half-cocked, Dumastin didn't force Requius into taking action without you, and it seems you're casting blame on the wrong person. We'll likely find a method of saving her, or we may fail. Welcome to Life Samuel, it's a cruel bitch with harsh realities."

[CHAT] Jules let out a long sigh, "But you're walking into the same careless emotional and rash response as your father did when someone he loved was in danger. He ignored his friends, and listened to a voice in his head which led him to mass slaughter. But you already know that, you know everything Max knew, don't you?" He tsked, shaking his head. "Take a step back, use that supperior Mimic developed mind to process the information you have. If you're still obsessed after actually calming yourself and logically break down the situation as it actually is, not as how we would like it to be, then by all means. Go off, get yourself killed. I'll pass on your regards to the kids when you inevitably get yourself killed. Or give us a short amount of time to prepare, and we'll effectively crack that nut together." He shrugged, "But what the hell do I know, i'm just the doctor." Truth be told, he was trying to keep a fight from happening, that would be an annoying distraction. Dumastin needed to track down Thousand or another Pilot, they needed to hurry. The longer they waited, the more ships would be pushed out by the Arlian ship-yards, the harder the nut would become.

[CHAT] Jules pushed away from the wall, "Now, Dumastin. You said Requius is safe is stasis, her fate is up in the air yes, but she's not in danger? I propose we assess the situation on Arlia, retrieve or eliminate Slaughter, and get eyes on the puppet-master doing as much damage as we can between here and their. Then we can assess Requius again in a more democratic manner." Jules was well aware that super-natural type help from Haggis required a price, but this was different. He just needed information, and there might be another way to retrieve it depending on how badly he wanted to tax himself mentally. It was a matter for a time less pressed for action.

[CHAT] Samuel -- As Dumastin speaks, there's... a look that comes over its face. What he said clearly affected it. The only part of what Jules spoke that got its attention was his mention of the same mistake that its Dad had. "Jules. I tried. So hard not to make that mistake. Even Dad told me to trust him. I was so terrified. That if I didn't, she would be dead. That I'd lose everything. Now... I can see. I was wrong," Then it suddenly lets loose an inhuman roar and actually lunges at the Namekian, trying to shove Jules out of the way as it charged, claws out--it's snapped. Utterly. This isn't a punch in frustration, it was fully intent on outright killing him, a straight attempt at ripping his throat out. "I TRUSTED YOU! YOU BASTARD!" it roars. "They were trying to tell me... the whole time! That you wanted her DEAD! That you were waiting for her to DIE! But I... I TRUSTED YOU! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

[CHAT] Dumastin shook his head slightly in disappointment. At a wave of his hand, the soft lighting of the Atrium winked out, leaving them lit only by the ghostly blue fire of the mana fountain… and then the walls came tumbling down. Some mechanism actually folded up the shining dome walls and pulled them beneath the rocky surface, leaving them standing in the freezing, thin air of the Sanctum, though Dumastin, as always, had a shell of magical winds surrounding his body. Light gathered around him as he ripped away the Namekian mantle he normally wore, leaving his arms bare. “Never said I wanted her dead, you numbskull. Only that I didn’t care if she died, from my own perspective, any more than you’d care if Iapetus vanished.” He raised his hands and slipped into an unarmed combat stance, right hand leading. “Turn him loose, Jules. You’re right in that we need to handle Arlia sooner than later, but we’re not going to make any progress until we settle this. Trying to reason with him won’t help us any more than reasoning with his father did. He’s got a lesson to learn, that’s all.” He was disappointed Jules had got in Sam’s way, but not surprised: the Tuffle was a natural peacemaker, after all.

[CHAT] Jules grumbled as he stepped back avoiding Samuel, "Well, this seems to be going no-where." He sighed as Dumastin prepared his Sanctum for battle. Probably a poor choice to try to take Dumastin on. Home-field advantage and what not. He shook his head... "Oh joy, now we get to find out whom the dick-waver in chief is... Joy. Waste of time..." A grumble, "Waste of energy." In short, "This is fucking stupid..." There was clear disdain in his tone.

[CHAT] Samuel just shouts, "Bullshit! You said it yourself! You waited deliberately... made her -suffer-! The demons were right... you wanted her -DEAD-! BASTARD! I -TRUSTED- YOU!" it sounds legitimately hurt--even as its still trying to outright kill the Namekian. Still as a relatively basic attack--it knew the namekian. Through and through. This one probably wouldn't work, but probing defenses was needed--it had to take him by surprise, so it needed to see what he did. It was going to -kill- him for it. Someone was going to pay! Someone -had- to.

[CHAT] Dumastin shifted smoothly to the left side and low, much more quickly than Sam should have otherwise expected-so fast, in fact, that he left a blue-tinged blur as he moved. As Sam's claws passed over his head, his left arm cocked back and came up toward Sam's right side. On a normal human, it was a textbook liver shot; he knew that Sam's biology made targeting anything vital pretty pointless, but he expected the power of his new-and-improved cybernetic, based on Thousand's own arm, to make up some of that difference. The new arm's servomuscles chugged a lot of mana power when revved up to full, but the punch would feel like it was thrown by a full Ascended, something Sam probably wasn't anticipating. He suspected he'd only get one decent sucker punch like that, though.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Orange light coalesced into a skeletal representation of Prime's battle body next to Jules. He seemed to be watching the fight. "This is a waste of effort, I agree, but I'm not certain you allow sufficient leeway for the... personalities involved. It is good to see you back here at the Sanctum, though." He waved a hand at the brewing battle.'

[CHAT] Jules suddely quirked an eye-brow... Demons? The Demons told him? "You FUCKING Idiot, you think maybe the Demons benefit by sowing discord through the ranks of their enemies?" He shook his head as Prime appeared, "They're being played, and they apparently don't even care." He glanced towards the spectacle, he wondered how the Sanctum was going to fair... How much was going to be destroyed... No... It would take a little longer due to there being two... His eyes began to glow a dull cyan hue as he began to focus psionic energy.

[CHAT] Jules continued to gather his psionic energy, glancing around. There was another mind within the Sanctum, after a moment he was aware of who it was. Rizion had apparently been moved from the Iron Emperor to the Sanctum. 'He still hasn't woken up?' The thought was brief, he waited for the action to pass before he moved rapidly behind Dumastin. Assuming the Konatsu dead-man didn't immediately turn on Dumastin and kill him, he certainly fit the bill for a forth... Although, given Slaughter... Thousand would still be better.

[CHAT] Samuel was expecting some magic sorta stuff and... not a gut punch. It grunts harshly, going wide eyed and lurching for a moment in pain--but with it also comes a good opportunity. Not one it would let slide. It grabs at the Namekians arm in an attempt to literally pull him into a tackle--and then use the leverage to try to rip the cybernetic arm straight off. "I didn't!" it shouts back to Jules, "I -TRUSTED- HIM! But you heard him yourself! He LEFT HER OUT THERE!" it roars, glaring at the namekian. "TO DIE! JUST LIKE THEY SAID!" it roars again.

[CHAT] Dumastin felt Sam grab at his arm and start to drag him into a grapple. But when he went for the armbreaker, the arm broke much more easily than expected... into a cloud of black smoke, in fact. Iapetus grinned up at Sam, drew back his right fist, and went for a swing at the mimic's teeth as Dumastin, now standing a fair distance behind Sam, straightened his clothes a bit. "No, I slowed us down a bit so we wouldn't encounter interference from the demons. Bit different. Now I'll thank you to stop doubting my word when I *said* I was going to save her. There's angry, and then there's just plain disrespectful, especially when you're the one who came to me for help." A powerful aura of turbulent blue fire was starting to gather around him, and tiny, unidentifiable glyphs swam through the flame as he started weaving something rather unpleasant.

[CHAT] Samuel growls, as the demon's fist flies through the air, it misses as Sam vanishes in a burst of speed impossible for most to follow with the naked eye (Zanzoken)--along with its power signature vanishing as well (Suppress). Dumastin wasn't the only one with 'tricks'--and because of the way magic worked, it only had to hit him once. It reappears above and behind the namekian--trying to 'punt' him into his own flame. Hit or miss, it only speaks until it's too late to do anything--"I did. I -did- go to you. I -told- you. -BEGGED- you to go get her first. To let -me- go get her first if you were too busy! You just... left her there... on PURPOSE! You... -BASTARD-! You think I would put fighting demons over saving her!?" it roars.

[CHAT] Dumastin casually raised his left hand, and blue light crystallized into an energy barrier that absorbed the force of the blow. Trying to sneak up on a man who had his senses hardwired into every inch of this place was foolishness. He turned to face Sam, blue mist venting from his cybernetic. "I couldn't predict what you'd do, Sam. You weren't rational in the least, and I couldn't afford to waste time trying to corral you when there were enemies around, especially if you managed to convince yourself she was actually dead!" He *shifted* through space, vanishing and reappearing instantly a few steps further away from Sam, as the glow around him continued to intensify. "You damned knucklehead. It was you I didn't trust, to keep your head under stress. And you're most definitely NOT HELPING right now!"

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"Can't you guys keep it down...?" a quiet voice echoed from within one of the cavernous walls of the Sanctum near the scene. A bare foot man, skin pale with hints of blue stepped out into the light into the shadows. He seemed thin, nearly emancipated wearing only a pair of old, dirty medical pants. His chest was bare, ribs showing through the failing definition of his toned frame. A tiny, golden wheel spun behind him, hovering just above the surface of his skin. It was pulling in raw strands of loose magic that drifted off from the rocks and sifted in the air. "Some of us are trying to sleep off a coma." With his mighty zwiehander resting on his shoulder, Rizion Knightwalker appeared, watching the fight take place.'

[CHAT] Jules stopped moving as Rizion walked in, "Well, that's impractical timing." He glanced at Rizion for a moment, giving a bow. "They're being idiots. Impolite idiots." His eyes continued to glow with a cyan hue, mentally preparing the Prison he was forming for the two of them. "Meanwhile, I was just coming to look for you... It seems you need... To eat something."

[CHAT] Rizion turned to his left looking over to Jules with his scarred eye. The frozen scar looking more like a crack in glass than flesh that has been cut left his left eye a shimmering, white pearl abscent of any colour and leaking a faint scent of the summons arctic energy. "What...are you?" The scene of the creature did not disturb him in apperance, it simply caught him off guard. He could sense it was primed to do -something- but the fact it was here and Dumastin did not move against it. And it sensed...familiar and different all at once. This world, it had changed while he slept. He looked back on, watching the fight unfold, wondering what other surprises were in store.

[CHAT] Samuel just keeps glaring at the man, "I'm STILL NOT!" it roars, "But you think I wouldn't do -anything- in my power to save her? Listen to me, I would give -ANYTHING- to save her! I -will not- let myself lose it when her -life- is on the line. I had demons in my -head- after that fight! Literally -talking- to me to try to get me to turn on you! Even tried sending... surges of pure hate at me. But I wouldn't do it. Dad... got rid of them before we got back. But still. I would -not- do it. Because I -trusted- you to help her! I -trusted- you... and you left her out there. Dying. Helpless. And alone. What am I supposed to think?" it doesn't move again, but its tense as hell.

[CHAT] Dumastin raised his right hand. The gathered aura of blue mist started to whirl around him, forming rings of light and tiny floating glyphs as it did, shedding sparks that skittered across the stony ground. "Oh, so you can hold it when *she's* involved? As long as you think there's still a chance, huh, but then you give up on it and go all to pieces again? Why'd you have demons in your head, Sam? Maybe because you lost it, went berserk, and were enough of a damned idiot to eat a few tons of demonflesh? COULDN'T BE THAT, COULD IT!?" He snapped his hand to the side, and power erupted into a mighty fist of pure earthshaking force that blasted forward towards Sam, a kinetic blast strong enough to level a house.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"What are you supposed to think? Try, maybe, doing it at all! I didn't have to bring her here, where I actually have the facilities to do something! All I had to do was drag you out there, stitch what was left of her together, WATCH HER DIE ANYWAY BECAUSE HER GODSDAMNED CORE IS BROKEN, then throw up my hands and say 'Sorry, Sam, guess there wasn't anything I could do, you wanna grab some lunch or something?' Instead I CONTINUE doing everything I can, and STILL you come here, to MY HOME, and you doubt me, and you disrespect me here in my place of power!" That aura continued to burn around him, casting a crazed light across his face and eyes, and his cybernetic eye gleamed with a red glow from within. This wasn't just about Requius, but it wasn't necessarily just about 'dickwaving' as Jules called it. Sam might not have meant to do it in his grief, but he'd insulted the proud Namek just a bit too deeply.'

[CHAT] Rizion queued in on Sam's words and couldn't help but wonder the source behind this fight. The creature seemed truly upset; a pot about to boil over. Or maybe this was the overflow? Either way, it seems Dumastin destroyed yet another life. "Jules huh? So you knew Rizion before he killed himself here. You're a Tsufuru parasite right? Down in the middle of that mass of meat?" Rizion, this version of the Konatsu who survived the Rebirth. He remembered Jules' future. He came to Konats to help save it and was destroyed by X'zorfin's magic when he tried to infect one of the reborn. But Rizion's attention was consumed the moment his bare skin started to tingle. That feeling, he would never forget it. Dumastin was getting serious and whatever that "Sam" thing was, it might be time for it to step its game up. Dumastin fights to win. Each. And. Every. Time.

[CHAT] Jules looked somewhat surprised by the crude explanation for a moment, then shrugged nodding his head. "Yeah, that pretty much sums up what I am." He glanced back at the other two, "A team-member has been fatally injured, love interest for the big black one, Samuel. Samuel request Dumastin's help, outcomes failed to meet his expectations. Now he's throwing a fit feeling hurt reality is sometimes a cruel cunt." He spoke monotone, "Meanwhile, said team-mate, Requius, opened a hole in Arlia's demonic fleet. If we act quickly, we can exploit it and strike a blow against whatever demonic crap is going on there. Maybe take out a few of their ship-yards, recover the Alliance's bulwork defender." He shook his head, "Instead of capitilizing on the opportunity, my collegues decided to try and kill each other."

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Re: Sanctum: Discord after the Slaughter

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[CHAT] Samuel -- It -had- been trying to calm down. Though it was particularly harder now. As it was just watching the man it knew perfectly well the attack was coming and abruptly maneuvers around it, leaping high into the air and watching the energy brush across the ground beneath it, "I've never even had that happen before--I didn't even know it was possible! I was just trying to end the fight quickly!" it shouts back. "Right now? I don't give a damn about you. Fuck your respect, fuck your sanctum. There is one thing in this universe important to me, and it's not your goddamned ego. I trusted you until you deliberate broke that trust! You lied to me and deliberately kept off from trying to save her! -You- never trusted me to begin with! You hypocritical prick!" it growls, before taking a deep breath, and then letting back out--still trying to calm itself down. "I'm not trying to -kill- you anymore. Take that, at least."

[CHAT] Haggis grabs out a bag of popcorn from somewhere in the universe. Some kid, or parent, unsuspecting person in a movie theater somewhere will have their bag of popcorn, they leasurely set down under their seat, turn up missing. He sat back into a recliner and turned the volume of his window into the Sanctum up. "This is getting good..." He said to himself as he smiled and crunched away. "I wonder if Jules is ever going to try and get ahold of me. And what would happen if sam so recklessly went and struck the pocket where that gem is stored. Could he break it." He was sitting on the edge of his seat. He couldn't wait for what happened next.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"You want to save her? I'll bring her back out of stasis right here and now, and you can have at it. Or do you want a little time to go ask Haggis for help? Maybe you should have asked him instead of me in the first place. If I have an inflated ego, it's because I've earned it along with every little spark of the power I wield, gained at a cost of blood, sweat, and misery. Every war I've fought and bled in, every tyrant I've helped topple, and every life I've risked mine to save. I expect respect because in all the universe, you're not likely to find another willing and *able* to save her life without asking a SINGLE THING BESIDES THAT RESPECT IN EXCHANGE!" Iapetus came to stand beside him as the magical aura around him raged, growing slightly brighter in intensity. "And I don't care if you're trying to kill me or not. You don't have what it takes, either way."'

[CHAT] Rizion sighed as Jules explained the situation to him. Of course to any logical being the best course of action was to avoid this. All of this fighting was pointless. It wouldn't bring back the one Sam loved, but that is the rub: Love is the most infectious force in the entire Infinite Universe. "It doesn't matter. When you lose the one you love, your heart is tossed into darkness. The only thing that can ease that pain is clawing out right through the one who sent you down into that black hole." His sharp hearing caught Sam's words as they resonated within him. It was a cruel stroke of fate that he should awaken from his coma now. He needed to see this transpire. He needed to see himself as he was. Sam was his mirror. That burning pitch in his chest, that hatred, that rage. It was all that filled the empty vessel that was his flesh.

[CHAT] Jules nodded at Rizion, he was correct enough. Attachments... Vis-a-vis, Love... It was a weakness... He had loved his kids, and over three hundred of them willingly sacrificed themselves so he could survive... Then he beat himself up... A fruitless exercise.. "Indeed." He glanced at the area, "Either way, looking for a forth man assuming this ends and they get their heads back on. You feel like going into a suicide rush for Arlia?"

[CHAT] Samuel looks Dumastin square in the eye, "And what about the rest of us? What, you think you're the only whose given blood, sweat, and tears? The only one whose fought in wars? I have -literally- been blown to -bits- for you, Dumastin. What have I asked for in exchange? Req herself did this whole thing to save her colony. To try to save -me-. It was stupid. But she risked her life to save us all. But no respect for that. Giving up those dragonballs was the single hardest thing she ever had to do. But she did it. For you. She even deliberately had me come along to ensure you got them. She didn't even ask for anything in exchange. Not one thing. Isn't that worth respect? But no, the only one here deserving of respect is you. Because no one else fucking matters. No one is worth trust but you. Not me, not the actual -doctor- whose advice you won't even listen to, and certainly not Req."

[CHAT] Rizion sighed as Jules explained the situation to him. Of course to any logical being the best course of action was to avoid this. All of this fighting was pointless. It wouldn't bring back the one Sam loved, but that is the rub: Love is the most infectious force in the entire Infinite Universe. "It doesn't matter. When you lose the one you love, your heart is tossed into darkness. The only thing that can ease that pain is clawing out right through the one who sent you down into that black hole." His sharp hearing caught Sam's words as they resonated within him. It was a cruel stroke of fate that he should awaken from his coma now. He needed to see this transpire. He needed to see himself as he was. Sam was his mirror. That burning pitch in his chest, that hatred, that rage. It was all that filled the empty vessel that was his flesh.

[CHAT] Voices: -- '"Beat him! Slay him. Devour him!" The voices echoed out. "He let..." "He let her die. He brought her here to pretend to help." Another rang out. "To put on a show like he always does." Over and over the disembodied voices rang out. "Eat him! Devour him! Then you will have the knowledge and power to save her."'

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"For Arlia? No. I fought for that planet once and its not worth dying for." His attention was returned back to the two warriors. By now Rizion was visibly gripping his blade...almost with intent to use it. "Your man there is right. Dumastin is still the biggest threat to this Universe. Possibly not alone, but his selfish ideals can only bring ruin." It would be the reason why Rizion could probably never see Dumastin as anything else other than a threat.'

[CHAT] Samuel looks Dumastin square in the eye, "And what about the rest of us? What, you think you're the only whose given blood, sweat, and tears? The only one whose fought in wars? I have -literally- been blown to -bits- for you, Dumastin. What have I asked for in exhange? Req herself did this whole thing to save her colony. To try to save -me-. It was stupid. But she risked her life to save us all. But no respect for that. Giving up those dragonballs was the single hardest thing she ever had to do. But she did it. For you. She even deliberately had me come along to ensure you got them. She didn't even ask for anything in exchange. Not one thing. Isn't that worth respect? But no, the only one here deserving of respect is you. Because no one else fucking matters. No one is worth trust but you. Not me, not the actual -doctor- whose advice you won't even listen to, and certainly not Req."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I never said that nobody else deserved respect. But Jules is wrong here. Going to Arlia is going to require us to work as a unified group. It's not going to work if we can't trust each other. You're still unstable, and erratic. And you still act like you were wrong to trust me, when I've never done even a hair less than anything I've promised or anything I said I was going to do." He met Sam's gaze without any trouble whatsoever. "You think I should care about her? She went and got herself killed when she didn't have to. She gave up the Dragonballs, which I'll remind you were literally poisoning her mind, because she wanted to watch me kill myself with them. No, I'll not acknowledge a debt to her for those things. I came to help her because I owe debts to your father, and, you're right, to you. That's all there is to it."'

[CHAT] Jules rolled his eyes, "Well, you're not wrong. My father died on Arlia for all intents and purposes." He shrugged it off, "And perhaps Dumastin is a threat, but he's also a counter-threat to that demonic-invasion force that was unleashed from Arlia seeking out areas of conquest." Another shrug, "But hey, i'm sure Konatsu will be fine for a while... At least until tweedle-dum over there decides to unquark some ancient evil deity like a dumb-ass." He chuckled, "Or you know, the Arlian invasion forces reach it. Not that many jumps away from here."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He gestured towards Dumastin, "Besides, if you want him to die... You've already won that fight. That ice-crap your summon did when he was Thorned is slowly killing him." He interjected loudly, "Ladies, Ladies, you're both pretty... Now, can we get back to the task at hand or is it going to be more punchy-punch time?" Jules glanced back at Rizion, "Going to have to figure out how to raise odds of probability with only three." He glanced at Rizions body, it did appear to be a bit atrophied from his time spent in recovery. Maybe he wasn't suitable after-all. '

[CHAT] Samuel growls, "I said -Respect-. Do you think it was an easy decision? You said it yourself, it was -poisoning her mind-. To the point where she had me along to help -force- her to give up the last two. But she -did- give them up. For -you-. It'd be like you actually giving up that damn ego for -her-. No matter the motives, that's not an easy thing to do. And no, I don't trust you because you don't trust -me-. And that hurt Req. Should I trust you after that? Tell me. I know you brought her back here, but if you don't trust me what the fucks the point of doing any of this?" it keeps its eyes on Dum... right up until it puts a hand to its face and grunts, closing its eyes a moment and muttering a 'Goddammit' under its breath. If it could deal with the hunger it has to on a regular basis, the demons wouldn't a problem. But... that was going to be annoying.

[CHAT] Voices: -- 'Sam would feel an uncomfortable feeling at first. As if something were terribly wrong. The voices all at once stopped. The demonic influence gone. But replacing it was a strange sensation. A nervous feeling followed by a tingling sensation in his stomach. He would be brought to his knees by a wave of vertigo. Following the spinning head and weakness his body felt a strange urge. Right before he would vomit out small mini-mimics all over the floor. One after another would eject itself from his body, each red, and disfigured. There was something terribly wrong with them. Boils covered their body, bleeding pustules, burns, extra limbs and a wild look in their red eyes to devour and consume everything around them. <C>'

[CHAT] Voices: -- 'By the end of it The voices were completely gone, but in their place, over a hundred smaller, perverse looking mimics, leaping, clawing and gnashing at anything and everything they could. Samuel inadvertadly led the demon-spawn to The Sanctum, through his own body and ability to create more of him. Jules would instantly be able to feel a heavy psionic Prescence fill the area as it connected to the Demon-spawned mimics. A visage of a quite beautiful curvy female demon, wearing crimson robes and flowing black hair would be the strange psionic sensation Jules would be able to more Feel than See. She has found them. <F>'

[CHAT] Rizion seemed calm, more tired and a bit defeated but also quite annoyed. He was now an hour fresh from a nearly year long coma, still foggy from the array of surgeries, magical spells and potions with months of healing tank treatments, but Jules wanted him for his big sword. "You can try to bait me with threats of this enemy you seek, but I won't change my mind so easily. A man sacrificed himself so that X'zorfin can never again come back. But you would ask me to fight for Arlia again. To save what? To what end? Are we to venture off to the Epitome of Nightmares and fight the true horde of demons with eyes on conquest? Dissolve the malestorm? I'm not even sure I can weild this sword anymore"

[CHAT] Jules stared annoyed at Samuel, his eyes still glowing Cyan as Rizion spoke to him... "Oh son of a bitch..." The creatures Samuel was puking up had clear psionic-lines running off into deep space... He had seen this before... "Well, so much for it being a secure location." He grumbled glancing over to Rizion, "Well, threat or no. If you don't want to be involved I would suggest making haste exit. This place isn't likely to be secure for all that much longer..." He glanced over at Dumastin, "I'm assuming you're going to take care of this mess, give Samuel children the post-birthing abortion they deserve."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I don't trust you to keep your head. Because you're young, and emotional, and both you and your father have a long and well-known history of punching before you think." His mouth quirked up a bit, that last coming with a slight tone of fondness. "Doesn't mean there's anyone else I'd rather have at my back, normally. Just like I trust Requius and Rizion to hate me, but not enough to come together, to use the key codes I gave the two of them to trigger the bomb I had implanted in my skull after the Thorned event, unless they had an astoundingly good reason for it." He shook his head, then stepped back as Sam started puking up a daemonhorde. "Oh, good, you've got food poisoning. You people and eating things you shouldn't."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He turned his head to Jules. "Oh, this place is still secure enough as long as I'm here. In fact, if she's listening-" He couldn't see the psychic resonance, but he could pick up the threads of it through his Cosmic sight. "-then she's welcome to come here herself. Bring the whole family. I've got chips, and party favors. But no salsa..." He snapped a finger, and a portion of the furious spell around him erupted outward, streamers tracing toward the little demons, dozens of little blue comet-trails, flying down their mouths... and then well over half of the hundred or so minidaemons popped into tiny fountains of gore. "There we go."'

[CHAT] Samuel had doubled over, grunting out--then yelling in pain for a moment, "What... the... hell!?" it yells out. After throwing out that much biomass--forcibly, and painfully. It was down for the moment. Not... really about to get back up at least until it manages to get its shit together again. That... what WAS that? How was that even -Possible-!? It wasn't the first time it or its father had eaten demons--even Arlian demons. But -nothing- like that had ever happened before. What IS this!?

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'There would be a chuckle then a faint image of the striking female came into view. Nothing physical and the connection was fading quickly. "Ohh. I do LOVE a party. This green one has spunk! I like you. Want to come with me to Arlia." She said in a seductive playful manner. "I would put you by my side to rule what is left of the western universes." She said with a giggle. "I'll be waiting..." Her voice echoed out. Before an answer could be returned tho, she was gone. The mimics dead, or dying but one thing was for certain. They knew where the Sanctum was, and a fleet would soon be on its way there. Time was running out for them, as each second would draw a demon fleet closer.'

[CHAT] Rizion looked around as Jules and Dumastin watched their ally vomit up...well something. The little bit of magic he had siphoned from the area was barely enough for him to even be standing here. Yet he did want to assist...if it was needed. A blade forged in front of Jules. A simple long sabre with magical inlays woven into the blade that would take his own spirit and give the weapon power. "Take it and keep us alive if things get...worse." As he knew they were about to.

[CHAT] Jules casually retrieved the conjured weapon from Rizion, his eyes watching the psionic presence of the queen of the hive-mind fade away. He rubbed his eyes with his other hand, "How far away is Arlia from the Sanctum using conventional FTL travel?" He glanced at Dumastin, "My guess is we either strike out now with whatever plan we can come up with, or we fortify for defense. Either way, now that this location is known fleets will be sent to eliminate it." He pointed the tip of his blade towards the ceiling, rotating it in a circular motion, "And they'll send more and more constantly as they're produced... So..."

[CHAT] Dumastin crossed his arms and turned toward Jules and Rizion as the spell surged again, reducing the rest of the Mimic-demons to greasy patches on the ground. "Oh, we've got a few days. Demon voidships use an aetheric drive that's a good bit slower than normal FTL." He nodded to Rizion. "Glad to see you up and about, Rizion. I suppose Jules woke you up? Sorry about all the noise. Sam touched a bit of a nerve there, I suppose." He felt better, now, for some reason. Blowing up all those little Mimics must have been very therapeutic. He let the spell around him dissipate. "Anyway, I'm happy they're coming here. Saves time, means I don't have to go to the extra trouble of traveling. Though I suppose Prime will have to get around to the dusting, finally."

[CHAT] Samuel grunts. "I don't think that's smart, Dumastin. She's not going to come her herself. Why should she?" it says, panting heavily, before pushing itself back up. "First things first... I think we either need to get Req healed... or out of here. I don't want anything happening while we're fighting. "Then... I need to figure out what the hell that was and... how to stop it. If I'm going to be fighting an army, I can't fight it as well if I can't... eat it and refuel," it shakes its head with a grunt.

[CHAT] Rizion glares over at Jules for a moment, "I refuse to go to Arlia so you bring Arlia here? -That- is unfair." So perhaps this was the reason his coma came to an end. The will of fate telling him that he had slept enough and now, this world needed him. The details he missed. He wasn't sure what was coming, what FTL meant or even what happened to Sam and why he wasn't carved into a thousand pieces, but he needed to get ready for -something- = - Then Dumastin spoke to him. Directly. And all Rizion could do was shoot a glare back to the Namekian without saying a word. As much peace he thought he found with Duma, it started to fade away once he left his dreams. Perhaps it was Sam's words that stirred up his old feelings, or the fact that it was another whom focused as much ire as he towards the Namekian. Or perhaps it simply was, Rizion would never hold any love for him.

[CHAT] Jules tossed a glance at Rizion, "Hey, at least you woke up before an invasion fleet arrived and kill you in stasis." A shrug, "Enjoy the little things, right?" He then turned to his allies, "I suppose there are preparations to be made then. Guess if she does come it will likely be a short fight." Probably not a fight in their favor. As powerful as the magic-man was, even in his Sanctum, Jules had never felt anything the magnitude of what the woman was putting off when he viewed her on the astral plane.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Well, she's pretty much fine where she is. As long as I'm not killed, this stasis gem is nearly unbreakable. The problem is that I need the facilities here at the Sanctum intact to patch her up, and I'm... His voice hitched slightly, but he recovered well. "I won't be in shape to do much fighting for a while, afterward. So I doubt I'm going to be able to bring her around before we get this resolved." He looked at Rizion, sighed, then away. He'd hoped his differences with the Konatsu were, if not positive, at least somewhat mended... in vain, it seemed. "In that case, I need to confer with Prime on the readiness status of our equipment. If you gentlement will excuse me." He raised a hand, and the glittering dome of the Atrium reassembled itself, sections of worked stone and glass and steel raising out of the ground and sliding together. As they did, a passageway formed at the rear of the chamber, and he disappeared into the depths of the Sanctum.'

[CHAT] Samuel scowls, going over things. "Alright... I guess we fight here, then," it grunts. It wasn't sure how smart that was. She might be stupid enough to come out here and attack personally, but she very well might not. And it didn't want to give her the chance to mess things up. It would do anything and everything to protect Req. If that means taking on a planet wide hive mind with the power to do... *that* to Sam's own body. So be it. "Time to train..." it says, sounding determined.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'And just like that, the merry men around him all went about their seperate ways to perform their tasks to defeat an enemy that was on its way to them. It had some control over the Sam creature, and was powerful enough to send Jules into full alert mode. Dumastin seemed less than worried, but still focused and the Sam went to train. Leaving him just standing there on Sanctum's surface, wondering if there was a ship to steal to leave this Kai forsaken rock before whatever Hell descended upon it.'

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Re: Sanctum: Discord after the Slaughter

Post by ikenbon » 04 Aug 2017, 09:08

A very deserved confrontation that, having the good fortune of not being involved in, I find myself siding with Dumastin on nearly all accounts. The dialogue here is scathing, each of you were sparring with your words, picking one another apart for real or perceived grievances. Rarely have I seen such actual animosity. There are a lot of deathmatches between players that happens near the start of their careers and the reasons for it almost always contrived, but this felt like a real goku vs majin vegeta moment. I wish you guys had followed through and really went head to head. I know that there are obviously bigger threats on their way in this one and someone is gonna 'holler about the fight being incredibly one sided if it's happening on sanctum but I feel like this was the turning point for Sam. He probably should have dove over the edge -AND NOT COME BACK-. The beginning of the log even has foreshadowing for it.

There's been all this build up to it. He threw all his eggs into one emotional basket and this was where they really should have been scrambled in my opinion. Probably would have screwed you guys over for the Red Queen but I imagine Dumastin putting him in a cage and using him like a Super Mutant Behemoth on the demon army.

Sam has been this chaotic ball of murder-rage and thinky-feely stuff for way too long, those two traits are at radical odds with one another. The guy who continues to elaborate on how he loves to eat people and rip and tear bad guys with his own bare hands having the warm, gooey, heart-of-gold takes a lot of suspension of disbelief. On top of that, the moment Sam lunged for Dumastin I don't think the Dream Team could just leave him on Sanctum, war or not, which is something Rizion brings up later on.

RPP rewarded.

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Re: *Sanctum: Discord after the Slaughter

Post by Dumastin » 04 Aug 2017, 10:03

"Your man there is right. Dumastin is still the biggest threat to this Universe. Possibly not alone, but his selfish ideals can only bring ruin." It would be the reason why Rizion could probably never see Dumastin as anything else other than a threat.'
I'm not sure Rizion-the-character ever noticed this, but he had a major role in convincing Dumastin of this very fact. There were some interactions around this that were kind of ambiguous to me, since I don't see what goes on in his head, and after conversations like this I actually had a really hard time parsing the fact that Rizion used his powers to lift the winterblight curse that was already killing Dumastin.

As always, Rizion's real motivations mystified Dumastin, and he was one of the very few people who remained truly inscrutable to him through to the end.

As for the situation here, it probably would have boiled over into a serious fight if Rizion and (especially) Jules hadn't been there. Things had started to simmer down already when the narrator inserted the spawnling horde, but that knocked things off-kilter before they could spiral back out of control as well.

The extent to which both Jules and Rizion present a natural moderating influence on Dumastin is interesting in some respects. In different ways, both of them remind him of his own failings, and their mere presence tends to spur him to reign in his brasher impulses. I like to think that toward the end of his life, Dumastin had begun to recognize the natural destructiveness represented by his own personality and to take broader and harsher steps to mitigate those tendencies in himself, but as a writer I wonder sometimes how successful he was in doing so and how successful I was in conveying it.

Shame it boiled down, though. It was *looking* like a fun fight, and part of Dumastin was dearly looking forward to settling some scores. His relationship with Sam has not been in the best of places for quite some time and I think they really needed a serious knock-down-drag-out brawl to put things in perspective.

On top of that, the moment Sam lunged for Dumastin I don't think the Dream Team could just leave him on Sanctum, war or not, which is something Rizion brings up later on.
A good point, but remember that Dumastin at least is long used to dealing with allies with explosive tempers or unpredictable tendencies. Part of him still trusts Sam; in fact, there's a tiny elemental part of him almost incapable of *not* doing so. He's willing to forgive Sam losing control of his temper, especially when another part of him was probably intentionally baiting him to some extent just to get things out in the open.

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