*Sanctum: A Toast Before the Slaughter

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*Sanctum: A Toast Before the Slaughter

Post by Lye » 29 May 2017, 01:15

[CHAT] Jules sat silently in the dining facilities staring down at the field ration package in front of him. The Sanctum didn't currently have a complete stock of food. There was probably no real need for such things given the Sanctum was likely empty most of the time. He grumbled, at least back at his families settlement there was real food available. Hunting was quite a thing and fresh meat from the planets wild-life was common. 'What the hell am I doing here...' It was presumed his expertise were needed to aid Requius but Dumastin completely rejected any plan he had to effectively treat her. He let out a slow groan, pushing the package away from him and standing up. In his personal quarters there would still be a decent collection of liquors.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Just outside of the main window in the dining area, Rizion was sitting on a rock in the lotus position, meditating quietly, collecting energy from the cosmos. The first thing he did after last night was get himself a large meal and already his frail frame started to fill out, but the energy inside of him was still depleted. For as strong as he might have been at one point, he was now barely an "ascended". It was like something had cut him off from his power or maybe he just forgot how to tap into it. For as much as he tried, nothing seemed to be working to bringing it back. "So I wake up only to die because my ki and magic are both broken...lovely." With a heavy sigh he opened his eyes, visibly upset that whatever he was trying was not working.'

[CHAT] Jules glanced over at the tone of Rizion as he stepped out of the dining area, "At least you woke up. I'm surprised you haven't stolen one of Dumastin's ships yet." He sighed, "Not that you could, would have to disable Prime's connection to it first." He shook his head, "I'm going to get a drink more potent than what the kitchen offers. Assuming you want to drink I can come back here for social conversation and a drink, otherwise i'm probably going to go get belligerently drunk and pass out." He didn't actually know much about Rizion sans the brief encounters they had mixed with what his father knew of him.

[CHAT] Rizion was too lost in his own thoughts to even notice Jules as he approached. "What..oh. Jules. The mastermind behind Sanctum's destruction himself." The ever tense Konatsu was trying to relax, to not be on guard as much around everyone, but it was hard to when Jules looked like a clay figure mashed together from pretty much an entire ship's crew. "I'll pass. I'm not sure how you process the drink, but are you sure thats wise with...well whatever is coming? Which, if someone could fill me in on what is coming. Or even what happened this last eight months? Last I remember I was losing a fight to the Thorned, then I woke up here"

[CHAT] Jules let out a sigh... "Right... I'll be back for conversation then..." He then proceeded to his quarters grabbing a few bottles of assorted liquors along a few glasses. After three or four minutes he returned, tentacles holding bottles and glasses for the pair. He sat them down on the ledge of the observational window into the dining room. The tentacles working to prepare him a drink, "Eight months... Ah, the Thorned..." He lowered his expression, "That was a dark time I suppose..." He glanced around, "I don't quite know what Dumastin or Samuel have been up to, I myself departed to hunt for another Tuffle."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He had made a conglomerate drink for Rizion as well, but honestly he expected to drink it. One of his tentacles put the glass in his hand, taking a sip from it. "While on my own I responded to a distress signal from an Alliance craft, long story short I became aware of a vastly powerful being on Arlia who seems to have established a hive-mind between herself and her underlings. She was the one whose voice we heard in the Atrium after Samuel's kiddie puke." He took another sip, this one far stronger. '

[CHAT] Samuel had been nearby as well, coming back to the Sanctum proper after a rigorous training session, stepping through the rooms while stretching its shoulders, rotating one, then the other, as its tail swayed behind it. Outside of the recent conflict, it actually hadn't had any serious fighting for a little while--it had actually been looking forward to just... settling down and not focusing on fighting for awhile. But... if it wanted Req to get through this, it had to be ready to fight as best it could. At least it wasn't alone.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- "Jules," it notes with a nod in greeting as it spots him while walking by, stopping a moment. "We didn't really get a chance to talk back there," it says. It's still on edge--it probably would be for as long as it's in this situation, but it's not completely out of its gourd irrational, either. "Wish things weren't so... bad, but its good to see you again. How've you been?" it asks, with furrowed brows, before glancing over to the Konatsu. He seemed familiar, but not from its own memories. "Hi. I'm Sam," it notes, holding out a clawed hand to shake.

[CHAT] Rizion rejected the drink at first, but the smell of the spirits, something about it just tingled his nose and sent a warm sensation running through his body. He caved and accepted the drink, giving Jules a slight nod before taking a sip. It was the perfect medicine that reminded him sometimes the reckless choice is the best one. "She huh? So what does she want and how did she make that thing do what it did?" And just like that, the Sam creature appeared. This creature was something familiar to him, yet it could have been from his distant memories or some other version of cognative dissonance. "Sam huh? What's your connection to this thing that hunts us?" His tone was a bit more cut and direct and he ignored the claw offered to him.

[CHAT] Jules gave Samuel a nod, a tentacle suddenly shooting from his back and rushing back to his quarters. In a moment it returned with another glass, two more tentacles quickly mixing Samuel a drink and handing it to him as his held drink was sipped again. "I've been..." His mind flashed, memories of a barbecue.. His children... He flushed the thoughts from his mind, "Tuffle, I suppose." That wasn't really an answer, he supposed... But it was going to have to work. He returned his focus to Rizion, "Not a clue... Ran into her on the astral plane once... Barely escaped, found out psionically infesting her demons is a pretty bad idea."

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "I helped fiught an army of them just before we got here. Ended up eating... more than a few," it put its hand to its head, "I've never had... -anything- happen like that before. Not even when eating other Arlian demons. There were... voices in my head from that. Impulses. Tried to get me to turn on Dumastin and outright fight him. One of the things that made all... that happen back there."

[CHAT] Samuel -- "But I'm stronger than whoever it is that's behind this thinks. And I had a little help," it notes, glancing up for a moment, "They couldn't... get me through that, so I guess they tried... whatever the hell that other thing was. That was... I... we need to find someway around that. We -can't- have that happening in the battle, it frown and looks down to the floor, then back up to Jules. Maybe he had -something-.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"You ate them?" Rizion said suddenly to Sam with a very stern tone in his voice. It was disbelief, horror and anger all rolled into one. Like a parent finding a used diaper stuck to the wall and the child smiling the entire time. "Well at least you and I can agree on something, Sam. That cannot happen again so maybe we should ship you off-world till we can take care of this." This creature; the more Rizion learned about it the more terrified he became. Posession. The ability to communicate across dimensions and spawn demons of its own. Whatever was coming was eerily familiar to him. Perhaps...did X'zorfin have? No. There was no way.'

[CHAT] Jules grunted, "Well, than I suggest you not eat them. If their hive-mind carries into you there's no telling what risk that opens up. Last thing we'd need is our muscles becomes brain-washed." He laughed, "Quick tid-bit of information, I've met Slaughter. Prick, but a damn fine fighter, and undying loyalty to the Alliance." He quickly finished the rest of his drink, putting the glass down on the window-ledge. "I saw him in my psionic-trip to Arlia as well.. He's been mentally enslaved by this woman. And even better news, one on one outside this place, Slaughter could beat 'all' of us." He let out another laugh, his tentacles once again moving about to make another drink. "Hell, Slaughter managed to take out Haggis and I, even when we were Blended. Alone he's a tough cookie, with her? Not to mention the creation of my fathers Doppler-gangar was operating from Arlia." He slammed the full drink he had just made in a second, "We're fucked."

[CHAT] Samuel takes its drink and quickly downs it as well, not losing its stride. It wasn't about to admit defeat, not in this situation. "Losing isn't an option. Neither is me going off-world. I don't care what it takes. I'm going to tear either Slaughter or his boss to pieces," it says, matter-of-factly. "If we can't beat her army straight on, then the answer is simple. Find another way. You're a genetic engineer and a master that... psychic stuff. You're telling me you can't come up with anything that can block it? Even just temporarily. Something that can just take that control away and... probably cause out and out chaos and make the army destroy itself,"

[CHAT] Rizion chuckled and setting his own glass down. "Yeah, lets just throw it all down with optimisum and gumption. Sam. You don't know me nor I you, but if this creature can control your mind, make you produce more demons for us to fight or even have you turn against us, why would we give them that edge? Yesterday you told Dumastin that his ego was dangerous. I agreed with you. I still do. So don't make that same mistake. Whatever vengence you seek may never come about if you are trying to claw your way through an army of enemies. So keep in mind, you may need to be removed from this fight so we can win this fight."

[CHAT] Jules shrugged at Samuel, "Of course, I could. It would likely take about a month to work out the right formula and then a couple of more days to test it." He was once again in the process of making himself a drink, his large form lowering to the ground to take a seat next to Rizion. "It's the timing thing Samuel, research and development takes time and I would basically be working from the ground up." He laughed, "I suppose if I had time I could also pay a visit to the Kanassian's, review their data on the topic of psionic-suppression but and use that as a starting basis... But at most that would shave a week off of the development."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He glanced up at Samuel, "Now... A psionic solution... That might be possible, I could craft a prison for your mind as a means to try to protect you, but more likely it would hinder your physical actions." He shrugged, "Then again I could probably draw Max fully to the surface briefly, that might help." He took another sip, casually glancing at Rizion. "Hrm, correct me if i'm wrong but it sounds like you're planning on staying. Neat." '

[CHAT] Samuel looks back to the Konatsu, "What else should we do, then? Mope and let them come kill us? I'm not about to just step aside and let them destroy the only chance at saving her," it says, restating its reasons perfectly clear, before looking back to Jules, "About that. Before. Dad actually, uh... fought them. Somehow. Not sure how. It gave me a headache, but it shut them up for hours--pretty much right up until... that happened. If you need more time. Fine. I can try to slow them down. But I think that'd be our best shot."

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"Ah." He simply stated. This was a fight he was not going to win. Not ever. Despite the rationale he placed behind his claim, emotion was running this camp. He had hoped Jules would be a voice of reason, but alas. "Yes, I am going to stay. I am not long for this world, so if I get to see the end of the tale of Dumastin or witness to see the legend at work, it will all be worth it. You've got your foot soldier, though I am not going to follow through a suicide mission so we better come up with a better plan then, 'We'll give it our best shot' so what else do we know about this Arlian Hive Queen?"'

[CHAT] Jules let out a laugh at Samuel's statement, if he needed more time.. Such a whimsy thought, to have more time... They had days. "If Max helped, then a solution is relatively easy I suppose. I'll just drag him into your consciousness when the battle begins." He shook his head, taking another sip of his drink. "Not that it matters, she outstrips my psionic abilities by leaps and bounds. Trying to protect you might weaken my own defenses, might end up with both of us being her pawn." He laughed again, "Not that you're going to listen to logic, but Rizion is technically right. Even if I do keep tabs on you, keep Max pulled to the surface... That means i'm going to have to split my focus. Not a horrible plan for a Blended Tuffle, but..."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He glanced down at his genetically engineered body, "A sentient, this body is not." He turned to Rizion, "Heh, I'd hope you're much more valuable than a foot soldier. Without your intervention we would've been wiped out by the Thorned. Don't think any of us ever had time to thank you for that." Another chuckle, "Although in a way it's basically thanking you for killing the Captain in the long-run, how morose." '

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "I mean it. I want to go to Arlia itself and see if I can slow them down. Take out their ships and shipyards. I've got the skills for a guerilla war here. I probably won't be able to stop them, definitely not by myself... but I -can- buy you time, I think. I just... might need a whole lot of those energy capsule things that you've got since I can't refuel off the demons," it says with a nod, before looking back over to the Konatsu. "Yeah, I know things are crazy. They always are. We trained for thousands of hours for fighting the Thorned here at the Sanctum... but then we had to go fight him on Earth and it didn't mean in a thing," it shook its head slowly.

[CHAT] Rizion: -- 'Thorned. Just hearing that name again was a bitter pill to swallow. Rizion had thought his time fighting X'zorfin made him better, smarter, wiser. He also thought nothing in this timeline could be as formidable, but his arrogance left him holding two crushing defeats by the same enemy. But this talk about posession and telepathy, it got Rizion thinking. "What about a psionic bomb? Telepathic connections work both ways. If they open the door and we rig the door to blow, we might be able to not only stop them from dominating your mind, but it might also weaken it enough for us to kill it. We just run the risk of killing you in the process"'

[CHAT] Jules growled lightly, "Devrios mucked it up... He didn't trust us to force the Thorned to the Sanctum and instead sealed Earth. So much careful planning, all destroyed by the actions of a careless mage." He sighed, the plan on Earth had been to force him to the Primus Gate... Unfortunately, Earth being sealed from magical transportation destroyed that plan. He grunted, turning towards Rizion... "That's... Not a bad idea... I might actually be able to set a few... Events that would cause a severe backlash." He thought about it for a moment, the question was... What could he set up that would phase a demonic queen of such power? "It might work... But the Konatsu is right... Such a set-up might very well kill you, especially considering your... Unique circumstances when it comes to having your psyche manipulated." But... It was a path that might weaken her... Perhaps it was worth it... He hadn't even noticed he had finished his latest drink...

[CHAT] Samuel looks to Rizion, "That's a good idea," it nods, before looking back to Jules, "Probably both of us. Hopefully, with Dad helping out, I'll be fine. But I meant what I said. Anything to save her," it adds. Still, though, its brow was furrowed. "I want to do more, though. Is there anything I can do? Like I said, I think I can legitimately buy us time to prepare," it says, before looking down. It was literally throwing itself into this to not... think about things so much. If it stopped to think, well, it didn't want to stop to think. To accept what was going on as 'real.'

[CHAT] Rizion left his glass, mostly full, on the ledge of the window as he got up from his seat. "Almost anything Sam, remember that. The best thing you can do is not get involved and let us take care of it. But I'll play along with your selfish request. As for myself. Well if we have days to prepare, I need to get this body back into fighting shape. Bahamut and I have some work to do. Thanks for the drink." Rizion left the pair, rolling his should and rotating his neck. Jules wanted something more than a foot soldier, but right now Rizion needed to get even to that level.

[CHAT] Jules shook his heaed at Samuel, "You may be a Mimic, you may be able to hide your energy and change your form..." He grumbled, "What you cannot change is the fact that you're a singular vessel carrying around thousands of different minds..." He laughed, "If she doesn't show up here, if she stays on Arlia... You're going to be either dead or enslaved within a few minutes to hours of setting foot on the planet. No offense, but a single vessel carrying around that many minds tends to draw attention from those who can reach out and touch minds." He shrugged, "Then again, if she shows up here you might be good until she gets back to Arlia. Of course that would leave us without the guy who can actually take numerous hits and keep on going. Probably result in the trio you leave here dead, which i'm sure would go wonderfully for Requius in her crystal stasis..." He brought his drink to his lips, "But hey, it's your choice." He then pounded the rest of the drink.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'As Rizion got up he bowed his head, "Go forth my friend, push yourself..." A tentacle grabbed Rizion's glass, two more preparing himself another drink. Rizion would find a tentacle holding the drink in front of him. "Before you go..." He once again held his own glass, "Before you go... Let us..." He rose his glass, waiting for Rizion to take his own. "Have a toast..." His tone had shifted, with how quickly he had been pounding his drinks it was amazing he hadn't started slurring, but it was clear that his speech had become slower. He rose his glass, "To Requius, and her quick recovery." He held his glass out for the others to take the toast with him. '

[CHAT] Samuel looks down, "I..." it says, trailing off a moment at their comments, looking to the floor. It hated it. That powerless feeling. "Then... what should I do?" it glances to the Konatsu as he prepares to leave, "He thinks I should just... go. That's... probably what Req would want me to do anyway," it says, lowly. "She told me that she didn't want me to die fighting, to leave the kids like Dad left me. You know, sust before this all happened... she set up her own colony... she actually did it. Got the paper work and everything. We all moved there. We were going to settle down, build a planet. I was all set to just... stop fighting and just, you know... live. But... here I am. Here she is... To Req," it holds up a glass, then downs it quickly. It'd... probably drink a lot more before too long.

[CHAT] Rizion looked at the glass offered to him and took it, raising the glass to the others and offering a nod. "To surviving one demonic horde invasion so that we make it to another...until we don't," It didn't feel right toasting to someone he never met. It wouldn't be...him. So he offered up a toast to what he really believed in and just hoped the others understood.

[CHAT] Jules raised his glass, to Rizion's toast. It made sense, he knew nothing of Req sans her intervention when he and Rizion were dealing with a few over-powered Saiyan-Tuffle's. Regardless, his toast was spot on. "Here here." He whispered before slamming the entirety of his drink, his tentacles gathering up the bottles he had brought out. He bowed towards Samuel, "I'll try to come up with something as a defense, will probably have to channel psionic energy for a while to make it work." He bowed towards Rizion respectfully, then to Samuel. A moment later, "Now... I'm going to retire to my quarters and get belligerently drunk."

[CHAT] Samuel takes one of the bottles before Jules can grab it, "I think I'll keep this one..." it says with a grunt before downing it in one go, then starting to walk off again, saying nothing else and otherwise looking pretty down. It couldn't save Req. From what everyone's saying it couldn't even fight the people who did this to her. What good was it?

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Re: Sanctum: A Toast Before the Slaughter

Post by ikenbon » 03 Aug 2017, 15:07

Not a speck of hope to be found here, nor heroes to hold on to it.

In hindsight, knowing how all this ends, I'm a little disappointed in this log. It's practically the eve of the end of the world and instead of bringing it in for the final huddle everyone in this log is just hollow versions of themselves. You guys do come up with some plans of attack, I actually personally liked Sam's the most, but there's no camaraderie here. Sam's going through this really difficult moment with Req being nearly dead and no one gives him that pat on the shoulder he needs. Rizion is struggling to bring his power to surface and no one investigates or offers to help even when they know they need him ("We need more than a foot soldier!"). Jules is downing drinks left and right and just reminding everyone that you're screwed and no one tells him to put that quitter talk away. You guys gave up before the fight even happened.

Your deaths to the Red Queen started right here.

RPP rewarded.

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Re: *Sanctum: A Toast Before the Slaughter

Post by Rizion » 03 Aug 2017, 17:56

Pulled from The Day Before log

[CHAT] Rizion: -- '"What is this?" If Rizion seemed on edge, boarding angry before, now he was a raging storm. The gear Dumastin had set on the table was swiped across the room, crashing and banging along the wall, bringing bowls and plates smashing off the shelves. A red flare kicked up around Rizion's feet, blowing the chairs and tables behind him in a line against the wall. "We are days from the start of war and you, you're already defeated!? You offer me your protection, yet you -dare- offer me this pathetic face!? Is this not your home? Are these not your people? You need to get your mind right, Dumastin. You need to be that arrogant, hard headed fool who has staved off time itself to be in this moment. This foul husk before me will be of no use on a battlefield. I am thinking about one thing and one thing only. Victory. We -have- to stop this." A more calm Rizion looked down at the still sitting Namekian, hand out stretched to him. "Together"'

And you're right, there was a lot of brooding going on. As the person in the chair, I really wanted to play a background role in all of this and even as Rizion, I didn't think he had the time invested to really be the one to rally the troops. He woke up from an 8 month coma just days before and by the time this log happened, as mentioned, was still too weak to be a helping hand. But yes, I cannot rebut that this log shows how unprepared the lot was for what was coming, though I think the mood changed when the day came.

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Re: *Sanctum: A Toast Before the Slaughter

Post by Dumastin » 04 Aug 2017, 01:08

It really speaks to how frayed the relationships among them were, which was kinda the interesting part of this whole leadup.

There was not a great deal of love lost among these people at this point; the entire last year or so has been a long, long story of the shattering of the relationships between these people. Rizion still stiffens up and seems to have to suppress his urge to stab when Dumastin is around, Sam half-blames Dumastin for Requius being a pile of assorted body parts and doesn't get along especially well with Jules, and Dumastin has grown somewhat distant with Jules lately and his relationship with Sam is marked by intense frustration for the Mimic's hardheadedness.

About the only person who's on neutral-or-better terms with everyone here is Thousand.

Speaking only for Dumastin, for reasons that should be obvious, he tends to feed off of the people around him to some extent. Mutual trust is his bread and butter, and this group simply didn't have that... in fact, from his perspective, he's lost so much trust in *himself* that I felt like he was no longer able to project the bravado he once did.

Which isn't to say that Luke is wrong. These dudes *were* defeated before the Crimson Queen made her first appearance. They've been ground down, each and every one of them, and brutalized by their experiences. Sam's youthful exuberance and punchy willingness to go into a fight, Jules's faith in his allies, Dumastin's unending confidence... The traits that highlighted and enhanced the bonds between them, and in turn their ability to work together, have simply been broken over the course of the events leading up to this battle.

It's ironic that in the other log, it was Rizion himself who called Dum out for it, considering that the original Rizion's death and the alt-timeline burning of Konatsu was one of the major events leading up to that shattering of his confidence.

I wish he could have been that fearless leader one last time, as Riz pointed out he needed to be, but in many respects, that man was already long dead.

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