*Slaughtering Dreams

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*Slaughtering Dreams

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[CHAT] Samuel was sitting in the shuttle on the trip back to the Requiem and Sanctum after getting Requius, seemingly entirely catatonic. Even just... seeing her in that state. Much less the results from the scan. It was... crushing. It felt... numb. Cold. Empty. It had done everything right. Came immediately at the first sign of trouble, trusted Dumastin to help--avoided the mistake it's Dad had made. Ignored those... voices in its head. But... it still lost. Everything. It felt... like none of it was real. Like some kind of nightmare it couldn't wake up from. It was... broken.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'A voice would be heard from behind him. A kid-like voice echoing in the stillness of the realm around. If Samuel were to look up, he was not sitting in the Shuttle. He was sitting on the cold obsidian gravel that made up a certain domaine. Black chains erupting from the ground to the sky in seemingly impossible angles dotted the landscape and a constant purple lightning storm was dancing across the sky. "That is because you ARE broken, Samuel. All of us are."'

[CHAT] Samuel doesn't. It doesn't open its eyes. It doesn't even speak for the moment. What could it say? 'Sorry?' The words even just sounded hollow. She was dying. Because it couldn't save her. ...and she wasn't even the first. Sara. After a long moment, there was just... one thing. One question, that burrowed into everything else, "...why?" it finally speaks up, barely above a whisper. "Why? She didn't deserve it. I would have given... everything for her. But... but..." it goes silent once again, there was nothing else it could say

[CHAT] Haggis paces slowly around Samuel. His black shredded tennis shoes crunching around Samuel slowly. He waved his finger slightly and an image of a child in a hospital bed appeared. IV tubes, machines and various sorts of contractions and equipment hooked into her and still she struggled. The girl was five years old. The chart hanging on the wall behind her. "She was cancer, and she will die before my time with you is up. She is Five, Samuel. Does she deserve it" He questioned him as he did so many times before.

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, barely even recognizing the change in scenery. It knew what the 'correct' answer to this kind of thing was. What it 'should' think. But right now? It didn't have the strength to muster up anything aside from its deepest, honest, darkest thoughts. "I don't care. Not about her," it says, succintly, "That little girl wasn't the one building a home for me and thousands of people. She wasn't the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with," it says, still sounding utterly defeated.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- '"She still doesn't deserve it, no one does. But." He said while crouching down next to Samuel. "Death is a fact of life. If not for death, than I don't think anyone would enjoy being alive so much. The joys of their existance. They would be stagnant." He said and the image disappeared along with the your girls life, the machines stopping and she took her final breath as the window closed.'

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "I know what you're saying. But... I don't care. We were just about to settle down. Have those 'joys.' Building a home together. The first time I ever really tried. I never even got to tell her I love her, Haggis. What does your 'without death life is boring' speech even mean if you don't get the life part first...?" it says. It still hasn't even moved. "This was the first thing. That -I- chose to do. That I wasn't dragged into by circumstance, or by friends. Just...to be with her. I didn't even care about the planet, just that we were together, and building a home."

[CHAT] Haggis smiles before standing up again. "But you did make one. A Happy one, even it was for that fleeting moment, but that moment will stay with you forever. The sorry you feel now just meant the joy you have, and still hold on to was that much brighter." He said as he clapped his hands. "My...MY heart is broken for her, but as soon as she made her decision to go there, I accepted her fate. She strove headlong into impossible odds with slim to no chance of coming out alive, especially since that Slaughter guy was there." He said as a tear rolled down his face, stopped in midair and vanished. "But...ITs not over Samuel. I know a little secret."

[CHAT] Samuel -- As haggis spoke there was no response for a moment other than a few ragged breaths. It did bring up a thought though, "...why didn't she trust me?" it asks. Running off to fight them alone, and then instead of even trying to see if it could help she... jumped into a star. It knew what she thought, but that... was something it just didn't understand. Did she have 'no' faith that it could have at least kept the two of them from dying? All those questions were wiped away, though, by that last sentence. For the first time since its arrival, it actually looks up to Haggis. "Wait... what?"

[CHAT] Haggis sings out in a little voice and skips a few steps "I Knoowww A seecret" He stopped turned and whispered into Samuels ear. "Do you want to know" He asked quietly and remained still with anticipation.

[CHAT] Samuel nods, still looking at haggis as soon as he finished it speaks itself, "Well, yeah..." it thought that much was obvious, or was Haggis just trying to drag this out to get its focus and attention? Whatever the case, it was legitimately focused now, "What's the secret, Haggis?" it says, furrowing its brow. "What do you mean it's not over...?"

[CHAT] Haggis waves his hand again but this time more concentration was upon his face. The window was small like a softball at first before expanding into a full blown picture window. The image blurry at first but it soon came into focus. It was a picture of a fleshy dark room, bulbous pusstules of demonic flesh hung in lumeniscence from the cealing. There was a bed of bone and flesh and upon it lay the husk of a man. Half torn to pieces. <C>

[CHAT] Haggis: -- ' All that was left of his right side was the flesh-rended torso and half of his face. His bones of his skull showing, the shredded flesh at the shoulder and hip were being tended to by a pair of grotesk demons, knitting new tissues and bones from the demonic flesh around them, even sometimes using their own bodies. "Those are called Fleshweavers apparently and look closely at him Samuel." He said with a grin. The torn uniform of the EDF was still visable, along with a stern hard-set face and massive bulk of a man, although most of his skin was either missing or charred black. <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, watching the window and furrowing its brow. That... that was... There's barely even a moment for a flash of recognition before it gives a sudden enraged roar and hops up from its sitting position, very nearly just outright clawing at the picture, "Where is he!? Where the hell is he!? I WILL TEAR HIM TO PIECES!" it shouts. Slaughter. Was a dead man. A laser focus for all of its rage and grief. Something to blame. Something to hurt.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- '"Somewhere in Transet back to Arlia. He will command a fleet again. He will seek revenge on New Requiem. And Requius even if she makes it out alive." He said as he rewound the picture. The events witnessed ran in reverse all the way to when he was alone, dying and in space. "Now watch." He said as a crew of demons scooped him out from certain death and onto a severly damaged cruiser. One that escaped near the beginings of the battle. Just as the openings into the living demon-flesh craft shut, and it glowed into the aether, Dumastins small transport ship dropped out of warp. "Missed him by seconds Samuel. I would guess, 10, 15 seconds sooner and you could have a good shot at ending him then, a minute sooner and he would have been all yours."'

[CHAT] Samuel just... growls lowly as it watches what's going on. They missed him. Just by... seconds. It shouldn't have trusted Dumastin. It should have ran out there sooner. Done... something. Maybe Req wouldn't have been so hurt if she hadn't been sitting out there so long. Maybe it'd have been able to -catch- him. Right now, though. There was only one option. One thing to do. "Then I'm going to Arlia. He is GOING TO PAY!" it speaks, building up into a roar, it's aura actually flaring up around it erratically as it balls its hands into fists--claws digging so hard into its palm that it starts bleeding. It's clearly not thinking straight.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- '"Good. Then go there with EVERYTHING." He said with a grin. "You are the Savior of New Requiem." He said with a grin. "I'm sure they would follow you into battle. Don't rush it. Plan it. Gather your allies, your resources and destroy them all, If that is your wish." He said as he pondered. "Or...you could do nothing. Go back to New Requiem. Live your life with your children. Peace. Quiet. By now the EDF and their allies are aware of the demon threat and have been constructing their own fleets and warriors." He said with a smile. "You really don't have to do anything Samuel. Because after Arlia, if there is one, What is left of you. What is left of the Father, the Chef. The Samuel who loved life."'

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, looking down as he speaks, hanging its head in shame, "Peace. She was the one that showed me peace. Without her it's... I've got... nothing," it says, slowly, looking back down, first at the floor, then at a bloody claw. "Nothing but this. I don't want to get them killed. New Requiem was her dream. I'm not going to get them involved in this. They deserve their peace. But me? My peace is over there. In that crystal. Dying. I'll kill him. I swear it," it says, darkly, and with finality.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- '"Then show me your conviction." He said with a smile as he took a step back and waved Samuel on while taking a basic fighting stance. "Show me the power of your will." He wasn't going to tell Samuel that the images he showed him were stretched. In his view, the difference in time was a few seconds, outside it was almost 20 minutes that passed between the picking up of Slaughter and Dumastin's arrival. So what if he stretched the truth out, it gave Samuel some sort of conviction. Some way to get back on his feet and fight again instead of drowning in self pity.'

[CHAT] Samuel shoots a look at Haggis. Struggling with something for just a moment. Fighting was probably the last thing it should be doing right now--it'd be liable to kill any opponent it had in sheer rage. But it wasn't about to say no. It lets out a terrible, deafening roar, almost immediately lunging at the demigod--seemingly unhinged and unleashed as it immediately tried tackling and almost literally trying to rip and tear him apart with its claws.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'The ground shook below as they engaged in a furious combat. The sky flashed red and rain that scorched the very earth fell from the heavens. The chains that dotted the landscape felled and shattered. The ground cracking and neither combatant gave ground. For what seemed liked hours they flew at each other, both with a pained rage. One, the loss of a partner, the other, the loss of a daughter. Each not giving ground or strength until Haggis suddenly disappeared in a flash of void, appearing directly in front of Samuel. A fist planted under his chin. In a flash Samuel would be startled awake, tipping backwards where he apparently fell asleep. Not a mark on his body or a feeling of fatigue. The only sign he might have engaged in a furious combat was the tingling in his hands where his first might have met Haggis'.'

[CHAT] Samuel awakes with a start, of course, looking around for a moment, before pausing to look at its hand, then furrowed its brow. It had something it needed to do. Someone that needed to -pay-. And it wouldn't rest until they did. With little more than a low growl, it climbs to its feet. First things first. Talk to Dumastin. Find Jules. Find Thousand. Thanks to Haggis, it had snapped out of its catatonia--and now there had been a fire lit, and it was going to burn anything and everything in its way til it had its vengeance.

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Re: Slaughtering Dreams

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