*The Requiem of Slaughter

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*The Requiem of Slaughter

Post by BenRGamer » 25 May 2017, 00:38

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The Requiem lie dorment in a field of blood and bones. The demon fleet in ruined heaps of flesh around its own hulking dorment heap of bairly held together mass. The Ship was broken, but not dead. The power core dorment, the superstructure fractured beyond counting. Of the original 2000 crewmebers, there were less than a hundred left. The ship itself baptised in blood. Its own organic structure was slowly trying to feed upon any biomass it could, including the remains of the demon ships. Anything that touched it it latched on to, and slowly tried to convert it. That was the only function it had, other than a failing life support system. And the absorption rate was slowing. As if the ship was trying in its last breaths to stay alive. Its last agonal attempts. It was in this field of slaughter the events would soon take place. Events that would shape the future of those involved. A true place that fate would be decided.'

[CHAT] Dumastin had busied himself opening gateway to the Sanctum, in order to bring through repair equipment. Though the Requiem could self-repair, he suspected that aiding the process mechanically might be able to save the ship's hunger for biomass. That didn't stop him from supplementing the process by bringing through as many of the brainless "cattle" still being stored at the Sanctum as he could, though... He was working as fast as he could. He knew time was short.

[CHAT] Samuel was torn. Viciously so. It could trust Dumastin, or try to run off and help Req on its own. It wanted to--HAD TO go find Req herself. She was out there. Alone somewhere. Hurt. Bad. Maybe dying. And they were just... it was infuriating. Everything was rage. Almost to the point it saw red. It grit its teeth, balling its fists--it was angry, and desperate--and even more aggressive than usual after gorging itself on the demon army that they had just fought. "Hurry! UP! She could be DYING Dumastin!" is all it manages to speak to Dumastin through a growl.

[CHAT] Samuel itself works as fast as it could, getting biomass to the ship. It didn't want to make the same mistake as its father, did, though, running off half-cocked doing the only thing he could think of to help ultimately cost him everything and helped nothing. That said, it couldn't sit on the sidelines. It was as true here as it was in the fight. It had decided to trust the Namekian, but it was far from a simple choice and one it was struggling with even now.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'Samuel would hear something on the edges of his hearing. Whispers at first. Then feelings of rage anger hate doubt lies truths. The demons he ate and their minds were filled with the chaotic influence of their very being. "You killed her!" "She is dead." The whispers swarm through his mind. "She is dead to protect you." "You know its true!" "Look around. If she were alive the ship wouldn't be like this." The voices and emotions would treaten to flood him. Wash away his humanity and replace it with their demonic influence.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"What do you think is going to happen to her if this damned ship dies? It's biotech, too, Sam, just like her, and I'm not sure it's possible to resuscitate it if it completely shuts down!" He pointed at the repair drones still coming through the portal, their flow hampered by the limited size of the gateway. The next set of equipment to come through would include a parasite shuttle, the best he could manage under the circumstances. "More importantly, the ship is going to keep eating demonflesh until it's sufficiently repaired, and I *really* don't want to know what happens if an organism the size of the Requiem succumbs to demonic corruption."'

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The ship shudders violently and pitches suddenly. The whole port side shut down completely and Dumastin and company would find themselves floating as the gravity generators failed. The pulsing veins that networked across the ship dimmed and flickered, like a dying candle in the wind. <fixed>'

[CHAT] Samuel pauses, putting a hand to its face with an urg, before shaking its head, steeling itself. It didn't know -what- that was. But there were more important things to focus on now. Listening to Dumastin. He was... right. Req and the ship were linked. It didn't quite know how, but losing the ship... which immediately became apparent as a distinct possibility, could NOT be good for Req. "I... I see," it says, gritting its teeth. "Just... hurry. Dammit, Dumastin. If I lost her I... I don't know what I'll do. I don't," it says, going to help feed more of the cattle biomass to the ship. They HAD to hurry.

[CHAT] Narrateor: -- 'The voices stir again. "Those fools. They want to try to save the ship. How cute." One voice, a pained childs said as another burly man answered. "But they are linked. They don't know that if She dies the other dies..." A third, more elderly chimed in, her voice grating like a chalkboard. "They are trying to save the wrong one. See We told you that you killed her. Killing Her." The voices pulled at Samuel. To try and kick up his rage.To kill and kill. They wanted the blood of the living on his hands, for him to take all his rage, his anger and all of his sorrow into his mighty fists of his.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I won't let that happen." He said it quietly, to himself, and felt his fists tighten. <Prime, will you be okay handling the rest of the triage here?> He received a simple affirmative in response, and a notification that the parasite ship was through and in process of being reassembled. <Get the Primus shuttle here as soon as possible, Prime. We need to isolate the Requiem from demonic biomass and to get its systems on life support via the Sanctum's power systems in case...> He cut that thought off, though he felt an answering response that signified sharp concern from Prime. He proceeded onward, working to get the parasite shuttle ready. Once it was deployed, which took a short while, he sent a request for Sam to join him.'

[CHAT] Samuel put its hand to its face again, shaking its head some more with another urg--it didn't know WHAT this was. But it didn't really have time to deal with it right now. It doesn't just wait for the ship to be ready to join Dumastin, though, it actually accompanies him--and actually spells out the point whatever it was made. "They're linked, Dumastin. What if it's because of Req? What if the time we're here she's fading and that's causing the ship to shut down. We HAVE to hurry, go out and GET her! GOD DAMN IT! I'm TRUSTING YOU!" it practically shouts at the namekian. "WHY haven't we gone out and got her yet? Prime has those robots that can handle the tasks you need to here, so why can't WE GO GET HER!?"

[CHAT] Narrateor: -- '"Feed the anger. Feed the hatrid. He wants to fail. He wants it to look like he is saving her." The child voice echoed out, replaced by a small boy child. "But really he wants her to die." was echoed before a giggling laughter then all at once. "Ring around the rosie, Pockets full of posies! Ashes! Ashes. We all Fall Down!" And at the word down there was a powerful, but brief explosion of pure hatrid that tried to influence him.'

[CHAT] Dumastin drew himself up. He wasn't a tall man, but he had always had a much more imposing presence than his size would suggest. "Listen here, kid. Pulling over a thousand tons of biomass and repair equipment across a distance of this many light-years is *not* an easy feat, even for me. Now, I don't know exactly what's going through your head, but let's get one thing straight. I am doing literally everything within my very considerable power to make those whole idiotic crusade work out with a happy ending, but I'm not a god and I can only do so much, so fast." His face was stormy, and his optic had taken on an eerie red glow.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Now. I give you my word that I *will* make this work out if there is any way in the universe to do so. You and I both know I owe your father that much, if nothing else. But shutting down and panicking like this is not only not helping, it's throwing off my own concentration and making everything I'm doing take longer than it has to. If you really want to save her, you will settle down, learn some Old Gods-damned patience, and LET. ME. WORK."'

[CHAT] Samuel clutches its head again practically yelling out this time at the sudden rush of emotion before... it suddenly stops? With a different voice echoing in its head, Max's own, 'Yeah, I'm not gonna let -this- happen. Sam. Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't throw away everything--that's not what Req would want you to do. I'm... gonna go try to fight some demons. I think? I'm not sure how this works. One way to find out!' it takes a deep breath, closing its eyes a moment. "Dumastin. I'm literally just playing tagalong right now, I have no idea what I can even do to help. Please, I'm begging you, just let me take that ship and go -get- her. -Please-, let me do -something-, -anything-, -please-." it had trusted Dumastin to this point--and even that was right now solely thanks to it's father. But things had come to a head.

[CHAT] Narrateor: -- '"Dumastin gonna kill her...dumastin gonna kill...Hey. Wait." The voices changed. "What are you..." Then sounds of scuffles broke out. The sounds lasted for a few minutes before Samuel would be left with a splitting headache but no more voices.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"The parasite is ready. That's what I was waiting for. Now let's go." He tilted his head to indicate Sam should follow him, not that he expected any different, and led the way toward the waiting shuttle.'

[CHAT] Samuel winces at the headache, but otherwise just follows follows Dumastin to the ship with a, "Thanks..."--Both to Dumastin, and its father. It doesn't say anything else, though, too anxious and wrapped up in worry to be able to really focus on anything else.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The site was not hard to find. The remaining gas pockets, eruptions of fire and fission lay strewn across a streak in space. Gravitational pockets, gaseous anomolies and glittering remains of of the star itself made the area a wonder to behold. That is before it clicked that This was where Dumastin picked up on a warp-field crashing into a star. Near the far end of the streak of glittering stardust was a form. In the wreckage of radiation and solar winds. In the devastation of a Star itself Requius' body floated silently in the middle of space. Cold, seemingly lifeless from the outside. Her arms torn from the shoulder, ripped clean off from the explosion. Tendrils of flesh trailing in the solar winds. Her blue blood wrapped around her in a galaxy shaped spiral. Large gashes rended into her singed and dismembered body. Her flesh boiled off in places revealing the bone underneath. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Gashes opening deep into her body. The genetic diversity of her own body spilled out into the space around her. Her central energy core exposed and black. Her legs twisted around in spirals, the flesh of them cracked like volcanic earth, bone spurs sticking out of every crack. Even her own spine was twisted in ways that seemed inhuman even. Her face was the worst. The flesh stripped off revealing charred bones beneath. Her eyelids were gone, revealing the boiled orbs of what is left of her large black pupil-less eyes. Her hair, the beautiful blue stripped and burned until there was nothing left. Her lips and face gone, revealing broken and shattered teeth. There she floated alone in space a tangled and dismembered hunk of flesh in the cold depths of space.<F>'

[CHAT] Dumastin brought the ship along near where she was floating. It didn't look good, but... well, she was tougher than an ordinary organic... He raised a hand, closing his eyes and getting a feel for the space around them. Making sure he included everything linked to Requius, he invoked his summoning spell... Her body shimmered and appeared in a flash of light on a bed marked with a summoning sigil. He stood and tapped his cybernetic eye as Prime shifted its mode and began scanning her.

[CHAT] Samuel goes wide eyed and pale the moment it sees her, it simply mouthed 'No' over and over again. "No... no no no no no...." it nearly breaks down, crying as it sees the damage she's had. "No please no... why did this have to happen...? I... I wanted to help her. Stop this. But she saw me and... jumped here... why...?" it just... hung its head in shame. Every time. Every time it had tried to help people it cared about... they died, or suffered for it. Was it... a failure? Is this everything it could do...? All it wanted to do was protect its friends and family--Req among the most of all. But... it couldn't. It failed.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Primes scan over the tangled heap of flesh bone a blood revealed catastrohpic damage to the body. Trauma, radiation, temperture. Almost every cell on her body had damage to it, and deep down, her core was dull and sparkless. At least from the outside. Prime would be able to register a faint trickle of bairly readable energy coming from deep within. But there was a flaw there as well. It was cracked, badly. Possibly unrepairable, as whatever was left inside was slowly leaking out. It seemed that it would only be a matter of time...'

[CHAT] Dumastin brought out a shining crystal of some sort. He grimaced down at it. "Am I really running out of options here..." He held up the crystal, and a soft light shone over Requius's tattered body. When the light faded, she was gone. "Stasis crystal. It'll freeze her in time for now. Gives us time to get back to the Sanctum so I can come up with a plan."

[CHAT] Samuel just takes a few ragged breaths, looking over Req until Dumastin... did that thing with the crystal. It doesn't say anything more... seemingly having gone completely catatonic, with hollow eyes, it just,looks to the floor. Something had broken. Snapped. Something vital. Whatever had come on this mission to try to save the person it loved, right now it was nothing more than a broken man.

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Re: The Requiem of Slaughter

Post by ikenbon » 03 Aug 2017, 13:07

Poignant ending. It's not often we see Dumastin reach the end of his capabilities. In a lot of ways he is "Batman," on channel, the guy with a contingency for everything, the means to make the impossible happen, the foresight to give him a multitude of options but as he says here he is no god, there are limits.

I found the little rebuffs from the Narrator speaking to Samuel to be more distracting than anything in this log. I get that maybe Kuro was trying to push Sam into an outright conflict with Dumastin and I'm glad it didn't succeed. This is the RP where Samuel's worries for Req are justified and understandable but there's a real kind of selfishness here that I think should be mentioned. Face to face with Requius' current state, Samuel's big moment of reflection isn't "How can I help her -NOW-?", it's "I failed to help her -THEN-" which... you know I think that distinction is what really sells that you care for someone. I realize Sam doesn't have the means to do that, but he's eaten how many hundreds/thousands of people by now? Somewhere in there could have been an answer or a comfort. There's this whole aspect to your character that I think you overlook. You have libraries of memories to pull from and literal millions of experiences. There's a whole spectrum that I sometimes feel that you filter out and if you'd just open to it, you could take Sam in some really big directions.

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Re: *The Requiem of Slaughter

Post by Kuro » 04 Aug 2017, 08:15

The little rebuttals from the narrator was to show some consequences for feasting upon so many demon minds as well as their strong connection the crimson queen still had on them. Was a small buildup to Sam spawning hostile mimic clones in the sanctum leading to the final assault there. There was a bit more purpose there than just trying to distract. Showed samuels stronger mind and willpower and he actually cared for his relationship with dumastin.

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