*Fields of Slaughter (slaughter arc part 3)

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*Fields of Slaughter (slaughter arc part 3)

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[CHAT] Requius paces the bridge as she looks over the long range survey data. They had predicted the course alongside the EDF intelligence data and was able to pick the fleet up surprisingly easy, easy if you knew where to look. They were flying in the interference between nebulas and the riding the paths of the solar waves. Just a small anomaly on sensors if you weren't actually looking. She had almost passed them up before she noticed the anomalys were traveling a set course at set intervals. She smiled. She would expect nothing less from the fleet's commander. He would know all the back door entrances on the EDF routes but even so. She pondered. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'He should have known enough as to not get caught by a deep space surveillance drone. She paced as she went over this confusing data. Even so, there were 16 of them and one of her. <Not bad odds but, They don't know I'm coming.> She thought with a smile as she finally circled an area on the star map. "Here men. This is where we will fight." She said with a smile. It was an empty pocket in space. A truely dead spot devoid of almost everything. No asteroids, random debris, gravitational fluxes or anything really. A truly dark point in space. She placed her hand on the console and the intercom erupted into use. "All units, Lock and load. Stand by. We jump in 3."<F>'

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The blue light washed over the ship as it lurched into space. The jump was short but the nerves high. Her ship was fully stocked. All the bio-organic waste from New Requiem was loaded for extra fuel. A new outfit of combat dolls registered and ready to deploy. Even the EDF shield technology she had access to due to the arms treaty was powered and ready. She took extra care on a sub reactor to augment power usage as well as more standard firepower. This was truely something to be feared. All systems were green and ready to engage. Her fingers trembled with anticipation and she couldn't hardly sit still as that cold tingle swept through her body. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'But in that same flash it was over. Her maddened and reckless course brought the ship almost on top of the demon fleets formation. The Demon fleet was a standard layout for combat travel. A few larger ships in the front, and rear, with the smaller making up the middle. The most crucial supply and carrier classes were in the middle of the fleet, and that where she struck first. All at once her systems soared to life. Her back arched in her chair as she augmented the systems themselves with her own energy, merging with the ship's own. <C> '

To call the things that demons used to traverse the distance between stars a “ship” is to be, at the least, overly generous. On the one hand, you have a race of predators, poorly disposed toward technological adaptation and lacking heavily in the way of resources. On the other hand, necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. It is for that reason that, in a sense, the dizzying armada of ships arrayed against the Requiem could be called the massive ship’s distant cousins.

The Requiem was, of course, a starship which melded the organic and the technological, in that unique spark-of-probably-genius-and-not-at-all-totally-insane way that Haggis had about him. The Requiem, though, came at it from the technological side: Haggis had effectively built her to do all the things a starship must do, and had used organic components as part of his process for doing so. She was a proud starship whose organic side displayed the creator’s talents for taking the best of both worlds.

Demons, then, came at the problem (for reasons of necessity) from, you might say, the other side entirely. How are creatures, devoid of advanced technology and mineral resources, intended to bridge the gap between worlds? The answer is simple: they find a way using the resources they have available to them, even if those resources are nothing more than meat and bone and a predator’s burning bloodlust.

Each demon voidship is effectively a unique construct, a framework of bone over which living flesh is knitted by those rare, secretive demons with a gift for the fleshshaping arts. Each one is built specially for a demon warlord, an Ascended of some power, and at the heart of the vessel, seated upon a throne of bone and linked to the vessel itself for the lifetime of the voidship, that warlord sits, his own ki serving as the lifeforce of the ship. As his body attaches to the voidship’s nervous system, the flesh itself mutates into new forms, growing into hard, chitinous armor, void-engines, and weaponry.

And there were so many of them. Small destroyers and frigates, at their hearts the youngest and most vicious of demon nobility, their void-engines powerful and their weapons many, for they hunger most of all to be the first at the enemy. Carriers, whose masters are among the cruelest of demon slavemasters, their bloated hulls filled with thousands of smaller voidfighters built around the flesh of their slaves. Even a few battleships, like slowly-gliding self-contained cities of bone and flesh, their masters among the oldest and most powerful of demonkind. Their great hulls were coated in thick, calcified armor, and when the ship’s master enters a killing rage, the destructive mania his psychic presence brings out in the teeming hordes that fill these enormous ships served to power weaponry easily a match for anything else in space.
And so it is from those humblest of ingredients came a fleet of darkness like few any had ever seen. Arlia’s demons had nearly emptied large sections of the planet, their fleshshapers working themselves near to extinction to craft so many voidships to form this fleet. It was the type of undertaking that only occurred when one of totally unquestionable strength arose to command the demon forces, one so cruel and so powerful as to command even the respect and loyalty of the greatest demon lords. A fleet like this was said, in myths (for it had been so long since the last time a swarm such as this had gathered that myths were all that remained) that those of unusual sensitivity could feel the approach of a voidship swarm by feeling the burning hate that drove them on, or the sickening, ripping sensation of physical wrongness as the voidships tore their paths through the astral realm (for the demons did not know how to use the hyperdrive as most spacefaring people knew it).

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The cannons heightened in power, the ship bristling with energy and all at once opened fire. Her ship shuddered from the force of all weapons firing at once. It was a standard strafing run right out of FTL travel, the ship taking stress as its engines struggled to keep The Requiem at its top speed. She could feel the creaks and the groans in the ship's bones but she saw the devastation firsthand. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The concentrated fire on the unsuspecting fleet turned a carrier into twisted and broken bones and flesh. Demonic flesh and engorged ship innards lay strewn about the formation, showering closer vessels in blood and gore. Two supply ships into nothing more than blood bones and scrap. Red sparkles lit up the space around the twisted heap as the blood turned to Diamonds in the cold of space. The run ended her slightly "behind" their original path, as she turned and readied for long range combat. She counted 16 left over, not counting the small fighters and the boarding crews. She smiled as she let her energy boost fade. She needed to save her strength. This will not be a quick fight, no, this will be a test to see how much The Requiem can take.

The Requiem in all its glory stood bristling and ready. Veins of blue energy pulsed along the ship's exterior as energy cannons hummed with power. The brown fleshy exterior covered in the bio-organic hull plating buzzing with power. The mere size of the ship was vast, nearly a half mile long and could house upwards of ten thousand when fully occupied. The ship a living construct, with its own AI at the helm. Requius sat on her command chair, linked to the ship as well, nervous systems combined into one being. The ship had it's own massive reactors and power supply, but like the demons, she could also bolster her own ship with her energy as well. To say distant cousins wasn't all correct. They were more similar than each could imagine. The blue energy pulsed around her engines as she waited for the demons to come within range. Her cannons seemed to protrude from the ship's exterior. Some already in place and others slowly being absorbed into the hull and appearing on the other side. Her bridge and vital components were hidden deep within the ship to put as much meat between them and the horde.

She could feel the pain and anger at her from the horde. The energy and rage. “Boys. Get ready. This is for our home
Our loved ones, and the future!” her crew of a few thousand cheered in unison as they all connected to the ship, to control the various subsystems that were present. With those with her, she could concentrate her full attention to the cannons. <finish>

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The ruptured demon-carrier split like a foul, rotted fruit, and the contents that belched forth were no less noxious for being composed of swarms of voidfighters rather than fruit flies. The supply vessels, on the other hand... piloted by fleshshapers, despite their grievous damage, their fellows simply set about stitching them together, disgorging hunks of newly-grown flesh and biological resins to reknit and recoat shattered bone. The swarms of liberated voidfighters buzzed passed the screening elements of destroyer-class ships; each was piloted by a demon maddened by torture and by the trauma of having his neurons hardwired to the tiny craft, rendered little more than a screaming mind full of rage bent on dying in flame and spreading as much pain as possible in their short lives.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The destroyers began to move, forming a tighter screen in front of the support vessels-not out of tactics or demonic kinship, you understand, but because the orders passed to them from their greater kin promised untold woe should they not protect the fleshshapers with their lives. Still, the youngest and most firehearted of the bunch roared wordlessly from their command thrones, and void engines flared as they sought to bring their banks of stinging beam weapons to bear on the Requiem. Her shields would protect her, of course, but at the far back of the formations, incredible surges of energy began to foretell the charging of the mighty cannons of the battleships, and even the Requiem's shielding would not last for long under that kind of battering once it was begun.'

CHAT] Requius: -- '"All engines to full." She issued out as her own crafts madness drives kicked on, surging the organic craft to life. Her weapons hummed to life as she was scanning the incoming fighters. <Targets acquired, trajectory predicted. All weapons lock on...fire at will> She thought as she closed her eyes and delved deep into the ship's systems. The cannons locking onto their predicted courses as wave after wave of energy beams fired off. These were no ordinary energy cannons. Upgraded to higher output from haggis' own insane genious. The nearly 50 cannons launching their destructive forces towards the foes. "Requius, MAssive energy signature detected behind the first lines. Trying to lock onto the origins." She heard that in the back of her mind as she saved a moment to reply. "Keep me posted." Other than the small exchange it was otherwise silent, each crewmember knowing where and what they should be doing.'

[CHAT] Slaughter was deep in a meditative communications with The Crimson Queen. She had ordered him to take charge of this fleet personally. To lead it in the destruction of the EDF and its allies. How easy would it be to destroy and consume a small colony outpost on the edges of the system. It would give the demons he led a small taste of victory and bolster their numbers with the raw materials of the planet. HE was tranced on the Demon Flagship DrakenMatok, but his trance led his consciousness far away from the battle. His mind not aware of the blossoming battle between the First Fleet and The Requiem.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Requiem's mighty energy cannons were more than a match for the fragile void-fighters; even a near miss carried enough energy to half-vaporize one of the tiny craft. The problem, though, was that while the voidcraft were easy to swat, and while the Requiem was able to track their erratic movements, there were just so many of them, so spread out, that even fifty heavy beam cannons weren't making much progress. One shot could take out two or three of them, but there were thousands! And while their tiny frames couldn't mount much in the way of heavy weaponry, the voidfighters drew directly on the richness of their pilot's life force. While the pilots survived, the small beams packed a surprising amount of potency for their size, and like a swarm of gnats they began to pick away at the Requiem's shielding. Worse, the other carriers were starting to disgorge swarms of their own!'

shakes its head, "I need to talk to Dumastin. I know you're all super busy, but I... need some help. I, I, I'm not really sure where to turn. Req..." it pauses, looking back at the photo in its hand, "I think she went off to fight someone. Someone... that sounded bad. But, I never got to fight the guy before," it furrowed its brow. "He'll wanna know this," It takes a slow deep breath, then sighs for a long moment. "I think Req'll be in trouble, and I wanna back her up,"

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The Requiems shield were taking a pounding as the crew were getting the readouts directly into their bodies. "Requius, Shield down to..." "Dammit not now!" She smiled as she felt every pin prick against her shields. Every attack on her. But it paid off. Her massive engines and sleek streamlined performance brought her cannons into range of the tip of the defensive web. The cruisers and smaller destroyers and gunships. She shot towards the swarm of fighters, but many of the shots tore into areas that would also strike at the fleet. She would draw them in until..."Commander! The energy Signatures. ITs main beam cannons from the two battleships at the rear. Sending you the information." Her mind lurched faster and faster, reading and interpreting the data much like a supercomputer. She nodded, but it wasn't time yet. Her shields were holding for now but they wouldn't be much longer. She just had to hold off until the right time to strike...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The fighters swirled around the Requiem on all sides as heavier fire started to come in from the destroyers. These ships, though light, were much tougher than the voidfighters; while they still couldn't take much damage from something as big as the Requiem, anything less than a direct hit merely sent them hobbling rearward toward the waiting support vessels, and under their tender care the damaged vessels were able to rapidly rejoin the fray. The pinpricks of the fighter swarm were little threat individually, but the speed with which they circled the Requiem also prevented Requius from being able to safely concentrate the ship's shields against the main threat without leaving the tiny gnats a chance to nibble away at her vitals.'

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'She was taking it all in. Every piece of data. Every nick and second was more information. The recovering and speed on which the damaged ships were repaired. Knitted and stitched back together. She would either have to direct hit on all of them or..."Crew. Brace yourself. Cease Fire, Charge weapons to full!" She sent out as she took control of the ships drive engines. "On my mark we will hit those two ships in the center with everything we have, then it is on to the Battleships. Afterwards, any target you can find..." She said as her eyes flashed and she delved deep into the ship. She flooded the ship with her own energy, bringing the sheer power close to her level. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'In a flash and shockwave the massive ship was gone, reappearing damn near in the center of the demon fleet. The massive cannons, overcharged with her own ki would rain a torrent upon any target in range. Those facing the repair fleshknitters target those first. The ones that could target the battleships fired on those. Everything else was a free for all. Rocket after rocket blasted from hidden tubes. On the inside airlocks her dolls were ready, 1000 strong, weak, no tougher than a standard ascended, but with her ability to control them, they would pack a punch when they were ready to launch. She wasn't there yet. It was not yet time to launch the dolls.<F>'
[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Space around the Requiem flexed and shifted. The fleshshapers, terrified once the Requiem's guns turned on them, flashed and sparked as they clawed their way into the astral realm, where demonic ships shifted to travel faster than light. Their fellows were less lucky, with the Requiem's guns tearing deep into the masses of smaller vessels. And then the battleships fired. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Enormous beams of red energy, sparking at the edges with a hungering darkness, tore through the space between the ships and the Requiem. Driven by the power of the ship's masters and the madness of their followers, the beams packed incredible power. Countless smaller beams poured from their enormous hulls, filling space with thousands upon thousands of tiny needlepricks; while they didn't have the reach to threaten the Requiem, her rockets were blotted from space in droves, and while her beams dug deep into their hulls, they were made of sterner materials than their lesser brethren, their flesh calcified into a much thicker hide by exposure to the ki fields of their pilots.'

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Concentrate all fire on That ugly bloke!" She called out as the engines were cooling down. The fire that she could shifted to a single battleship, the rest at whatever they could find. The beams. She was expecting those and she pulled forth all of her abilities. Her own abilities bolstering the ship and the ship bolstering hers. Giant hexagons of energy laid one after the other in the path of the giant waves. Blinding flashes of light and streams of energy peeled off from the impact, probably a danger to anything near. Her own hexagons cracking and breaking under the strain before the beams crashed into her own shields. The ship shuddered and shook with the impact as the shields around them faded, leaving her energised organic hull plating to soak the rest of the weakened strikes up.<C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Commander! Shields capacitors and emitters down...We will need time to get them functional again. Otherwise, minimal damage..." Was reported before her body could feel the sting and sore spots from the many other mini beams. She slaved on, powering the ship as beads of sweat marked her brow. "Engineering! I need you to feed those reactors all the biomass you can! Get these repair going." She issued out before the starboard and port hangers opened, releasing the swarm of combat dolls. Each under her control, they would move as a single swarm, systematically placing precision fire on their targets before moving to the next. She trusted her crew to hit something as large as a battleship , she would move her swarm to take out the more heavily armed smaller nearby targets. <This...We shall see who can outlast...> She thought as she could already feel the stress on her armored plating. <F>'

[CHAT] Slaughter was rocked from his meditation by hammering blows and alarms. The interior lighting flashing red as demons started running about rattling off damage reports and other statistics. His massive muscled frame stood up from his resting position and grabbed the nearest demon. "Maggot! What is going on here to interrupt my meeting with the queen!" He said then looked over, the nearest screen showing The Requiem, with full guns firing upon his sister vessel. "Dammit! Get a grip! Do I have to do everything myself!" He screamed as he grabbed ahold of the comms system and starget to lay down orders to the demon fleet, bolstering their coordination when he could, the others, he predicted, would drive off their emotions and his strategies and plans took that into consideration. They would be victorious today.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The destroyers and the fighter swarm were beginning to catch back up to the Requiem, but in the meantime, her combat dolls had to deal with the focused fire of the cruiser-sized vessels. Though their guns were only slightly larger than those of the smaller destroyer-class vessels, they made up for it by mounting many more of them, making them ideal at picking off small fast-moving targets. They were also tough enough to take several hits, and the nature of the demonflesh construction meant that as long as their master was alive, even a crippled ship could still belch forth waves of beam energy at the Requiem's combat drones.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The battleships were charging up again, but in the meantime, their fleshy structures began to warp and mutate. Conical structures began to erupt from their surfaces, and moments later those structures broke free and shot toward the Requiem with incredible force. Each missile was razor-sharp and tipped with ki-hardened demonbone, but their payloads were far more deadly: the penetrator rockets held wild demons at their core, ready to die in a burst of incandescent fury as the power their masters charged them with overloaded them, or to go on wild rampages should their bone prisons succeed in breaching through to an enemy vessel.'

[CHAT] Requius recalled her drones as they proved ineffective after the first wave. She lost nearly a quarter of them in the first run. <Dammit! Too much concentrated fire...> She thought as they loaded back into the ship. That was before those battleships launched the spikes towards her. "Commander! Scanners are picking up," He was cut off as she took control of the cannons again, concentrating fire on those damn spikes. Spike after spike exploded but they were still coming. "Ensine! Full power to engines. Ram Battleship number two!" She gave out as her powers still flowed through the ship for now, but she could feel it taxing her. Her breath came quickly and sweat drenched her body. Her ship quickly accelerated at a speed that would almost seem impossible for a craft such as hers. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The engine crews shoveling biomass directly into the engines while her empowered state launched them faster still. Spike tore into the hull near the bow, as she shifted fire from the spikes into the battleship she had been pounding with her fire for awhile. She would fire shot after shot into almost the same place, trying to dig deep into the core. "Multiple intruders detected in the forward decks, levels 1 thru 7!" "Dammit! I don't have time for all this!" She said as she would let some demons rampage into the empty maze-like passenger quarters. She would send her dolls there to intercept after they had boarded. Her skin burned like fire as she could feel the hull plating starting to peel away in certain sections from the incoming fire from all around.<F>'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Rather than moving to avoid the Requiem, as an Alliance ship would have done, the ramming-targeted battleship defied expectations by moving to meet the Requiem. It turned to bring its armored prow to bear as its own engines fired. The secret was simple: the damage to the battleship would surely be grievous, but Requius might have made a fatal miscalculation. The ship was still tough enough to survive the impact at least partially intact... and being in such close contact would leave the Requiem vulnerable to being chewed at by the ship's point defense beams. Worse, the hull was packed with demons, their minds brought to a frenzied boil by their master's incandescent rage, and they'd surely start to spill over from their stricken battleship to swarm the Requiem.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Requius might truly have bitten off more than she could chew here. Individually the Requiem was far more than a match for any of these ships. Even the mighty battleships were hardly a foe worth worrying over. But in such incredible numbers, even the Requiem could be overcome.'

Requius smiled as the ship turned to advance upon her at full sublight speed. “Crew after this, target that ships engines, afterwards just stay alive, fire at will.” She relayed to her crew. “Commander we have them ready” The young lieutenant next to her stated as he patted two large containers filled with a strange blue tinted liquid. The grin on her face grew larger as it was hiding the actual desperation in her mind. It was a race between the gunships destroyers and voidfighters behind her and the demon battleship in front. As the suicidal voidfighters began to pepper her from behind the battleship from the front. She gritted her teeth as she could feel the armored plating being peeled and torn back before she screamed out in pain. She wrenched the controls with everything she had and the ship vanished in a flash of light and shockwave, appearing behind and above the charging battleship. Her heavy cannons began to fire, to tear into the battleships propulsion and engines. The room spun around her as a splitting headache tore her from the ship and into the floor. The young lieutenant quickly jammed tubes from the canisters into her body as the liquid was quickly being consumed. That was right before massive explosions rocked The Requiem. A swarm of voidfighters got caught in the jaunt and traveled with her, erupting in suicidal explosions along her starboard engines. The then effects of the jaunt were felt as cracks groans and multiple internal explosions rocked her innards. The lights flickered and dimmed. The Requiem bleeding bright blue liquids into the space around her. Alarms sounding from the engine rooms and entire sections of the ship being sealed for hull breaches. The combat dolls being taken over by a security team, seeking and destroying those suicidal borders in her bow. Multiple explosions could be seen ripping at the bow leaving the forward section of the ship into poxmarked twisted structure. Most of the dolls were gone, but the invaders for now were handled. The Requiem limped along, crippled but not out as she rained fire on anything that it could.

General Slaughter was busy trying to focus the demons attacks when suddenly the pilot of the flagship turned it towards the Requiem. “What the he'll! NO! IT'S A TRAP!!” He screamed out before the Requiem vanished from its forward screens. “General! They are…” Was all that could be said before multiple explosions rocked his ship. Demons scrambling over their organic pusstules of controls and systems as damage reports started coming in. The demon linked to the ship in the throne of bones and blood screamed in agony and flailed around. But to no avail. The ship was completely out of control, the propulsion critically damaged. “Dammit stupid! Aether Warp now!” Slaughter yelled as the demon struggled and screamed, but nothing happened. They were spinning full speed and spinning on end towards the incoming voidfighters, gunships and the rest of the formation. With a grunt he just walked off the bridge and towards an airlock. “If you want it done right…”He mumbled while putting a cigar in his mouth before punching a hole in the airlock doors and exiting into space. His target, The Requiem.

[CHAT] Dumastin- While Slaughter was disembarking from the ruined flagship, the other surviving heavy-class ships had finished charging their own bombardment lasers. Ghostly red light rimmed those ships as their mighty bow cannons roared once more, belching powerful blasts of energy toward the Requiem as smaller ships frantically moved out of the way...

[CHAT] “Commander! Sensors are reporting an enormous energy buildup amidships… Some sort of spatial distortion!” The entire Requiem shuddered as space twisted; several crewmen found themselves flung to the sides, although not hard enough to hurt, and several bulkheads warped and twisted as they were caught in the edges of the phenomenon. When it calmed, a voice cut in, overriding the ship’s comms temporarily... “Well. That was interesting. Prime, make a note, there must be some other spatial distortions going on in this area… Dumastin to Requius, I was told you left some of your luggage at home. I’d hate for you to have forgotten anything important, so I took it upon myself to deliver it for you.” He cocked a grin at Sam, who had arrived right next to him. “This is a beautiful ship and it seems to me like you’ve done your best to get it beat halfway to hell. I don’t suppose there’s any way I could render assistance? Looks like you’re having trouble with a lack of point defenses, but unless you’ve radically changed the ship’s circuit maps since the last time Prime stole a copy, I might just be able to rig you a weapons modification that’ll help with that problem. If that’s okay with you… Captain.” He turned his face, cursed, and raised his right hand; immediately, three hidden panels along his left arm opened, blue mist venting as he discharged all of his mana batteries at once. A surge of power erupted from him, flowing through the metal and chitin of the Requiem, and forming a glittering wall of tiny geometric shapes in space between the Requiem and the incoming anti-ship fire. The blasts splashed harmlessly against the barrier, but Dumastin groaned and went to one knee, his skin turning a shade paler.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Suddenly appearing next to Dumastin, Samuel was shaky on its feet after the transfer--apparently it was a bit rough on the other crew members as well? Still, it was here now, and Dumastin was trying to speak up, "Hey, I'm here to help," it says with a nod as well, announcing its presence, bracing itself to do... something. It still had to be briefed and find a way it could help, but it wasn't going to just sit ths out. Then, as Dumastin took a knee it blinks and moves to help him up. "Dumastin! You okay?" it asks, "You don't have to do this--I just needed a way to get here. This isn't your fight," it furrows its would be brow as it looks to the namekian.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The long blue hair of the girl sitting in the captain's chair whipped around and magenta eyes looked at Dumastin's own. A young face, in the early teens looked back at Dumastin. "Sir...I'm...I'm just a lieutenant. Lieutenant Gene Wilde." The young voice echoed out as the ship shuddered from within again. "Lieu! We've been boarded, multiple areas. Port floor five has been breached and we have reports of two more boarding vessels breaching the starboard hull!" "Dammit! Get security down there now!" She said as she slammed her fist down onto the console. The security team was not anything special, save most were members of the Cult of the Bloody Angel. Each member wearing a power suit and each loaded with two vials of Serum in them.<C>'

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'When the demon invaders met these "lowly" humans they were not met with cowardice, but enraged, empowered berserkers, much alike their own. The halls of the Requiem were covered with gore from the pockets of fighting, combatants ripping each other limb from limb. The human resistance members fighting even after suffering fatal wounds until their bodies literally fell apart on them and there was no more blood left to pump. Requius herself had picked up on Slaughters own energy signature and had hastily pursued him leaving only moments before Dumastin's arrival. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- '<I can't let him get to the ship...That would be game over.> She thought as the enhanced power suit she wore was currently letting her engage in a hit and run game of high stakes cat and mouse. Slaughter pursuing her, and her just out of reach sending energy blast after energy blast at the hulking monster of a man. Both were so tranced in battle, neither were aware of the ships around them. <Swinging with a right, then followed by a kick, back and fire.> She thought as a kick came strikingly close to her. The extra thrusters the suit she was wearing had, providing just enough to dodge, but the force of the kick. She could feel it even in space. A blow that could crack The Requiem in two.<F>'

[CHAT] Slaughter grinned as another blast hit him in the chest and nearly deflected off from his gargantuan power. At first they were nothing but over and over they were pelting him in the same spot. Normally it would be nothing but his clothing there was already burnt and his flesh turning slightly red. He raged after her absorbing the kinetic energy around him. He could feel her movements slowed but that damned suit made her just quick enough. It was irritating. If only he could land a blow on her he would end this. But time and time again he came up fractions of an inch short. He screamed again, the enthrallment of the Crimson Queen hampering his battle hardened experience and made him give in more to his emotions. After the last miss he spun, grabbing an arm of a dead demon floating next to him, and launched it at superhuman speeds towards Requius.

[CHAT] Dumastin grunted. "Save it, Sam. Prime said there was antiship fire coming in, I had to stop it somehow..." He'd been forced to call on raw Order for that one, and it was *not* a cheap exchange to stop an impact of that size. He'd been avoiding using Cosmic magic to avoid drawing Plectere, but the situation warranted it well enough, and it was the only way... "Better get your space-combat enhancements ready. Prime says Requius has left the ship to fight some super-high-grade Ascended in deep space. I'll bet you it's Slaughter, from his description. Get your ass moving. I'll do what I can to keep this hunk of junk in one piece while you go."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He turned his face aside, fixing his best scowl, glowing cybernetic gaze and all, on this Lieutenant Wilde. "Kid, I strongly suggest you get out of that chair and let me take over command of the battle, because without Requius amplifying the ship's systems you're going to need all the help you can get."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The battlespace rippled once more as demon ships started to light up their astral drives, using short bursts of power to reposition themselves around the battlefield. The void fighters-were there no end to the damned things!?-swirled in tight clusters around the Requiem's rear, their pinprick lasers targeting the ship's engines. Meanwhile, the destroyers had repositioned in a tight ring that put the bulk of their forces in a section of space that the Requiem's beams were having trouble targeting, degrading the effectiveness of her defensive fire. The other ships were pulling back, but when it came to demons, there was no way to find that reassuring...'

[CHAT] Samuel grit its teeth. "Damn," was all it said before it burst like a bat out of hell towards the airlock, bursting out of the ship and towards the fight--even in the midst of this battle their energy shone like a white hot light, bright even in the midst of a bonfire. It's own aura flared around it ever brighter, shining a crimson light on nearby wreckage and debris as it slams them aside as it flies through the silence of space. It had to hurry. Req was important. One of the most important people in its life. It had never fought the man, but it specifically knew he was focused on up-close melee fighting--specifically focused on Kinetic energy, if what he had taught Thousand and Jules had anything to go by. Req herself was more for ranged fighting, she'd be at a disadvantage in this encounter, and with someone this powerful, that... was bad.

[CHAT] Requius was struck by the rocket of an arm. The demonic claw itself disintegrating upon impact but tearing into her shoulder that sent her spinning out from the dance the two were engaged in. The demonic ships repositioning, but they were only half of what they started with. Wreckage, blood and pieces were strewn about. The Requiem bleeding a blue bio-luminescent liquid across the battlefield, leaving what would seem like a trail of tears that lit up against the red diamonds of blood suspended in space. She collected herself again and grunted as she raised her arms to block the follow up attack on her, hitting her guard and shattering the suit around her arms. Even guarded it sent her spinning almost out of control through the battlefield before she could right herself and launch her counters. Blast after blast towards that damned spot on his chest. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Lieutenant Wilde quickly vacated the captain's chair and Saluted Dumastin as she took a spot alongside of him. "She's a temperamental one Sir..." She said as the ship seemed to make a groaning noise, as if the ship itself were in agony. The lighting throughout the halls flickered in and out, shadowing the blood and gore stained halls in red purple and whatever other colors made up the insides of the demons. What was strange tho, was how the corpses seemed to be sinking into the halls and floors of the ship, as if The Requiem itself was trying its hardest to survive, even if it meant eating the dead. The ship was alive and all, hungry, tired, and pissed. <F>'

[CHAT] Slaughter smiled as the arm struck her and his follow up sent her reeling. He grinned just long enough to see his star flagship slam into his only remaining Carrier, Both ships sending out gouts of energy, blood, bones gore and tangled messed of demons. He could feel the energy of the carrier flickering and fading, before the ship imploded around his flagship. "Dammit...There goes that one. This bitch needs to die." He thought to himself as he erupted in a demonic red and shot off towards Requius.

[CHAT] Slaughter: -- 'Each energy blast striking him no matter how he moved to block. As if that girl was predicting his every move. They were beginning to sting and his grin turned to a scowl at the last impact. Ohh. Would he make her pay for that.'

[CHAT] Dumastin sat in the chair. After a moment's consideration, he made a fancy wave with his right hand, producing a captain's hat of the sort he'd worn occasionally aboard the Carrier. He dug the fingers of his left hand into the arm of the chair, where a number of controls rested, and points of light appeared as datajacks deployed from his fingertips, giving Prime a chance to communicate directly with the Requiem. "All hands, this is your temporary Captain speaking! This isn't the way I'd hoped to do this, but we'll handle that as it comes. Any of you with any interest in surviving to see another sunrise who aren't fighting boarders right this moment, I suggest you direct yourselves to the nearest data terminal to download your new orders!"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Any surviving engineers, get your asses moving! I need every last repair crewman on the way to the tertiary power clusters!" He grimaced. The ship was battered and bleeding, but there was still a chance. Prime would be able to direct the repair crews on how to perform the modifications necessary to temporarily divert the Madness Jaunt circuitry to construct his smartbomb device. He flicked a switch to change channels to address the gunners and began relaying instructions as Prime uploaded new targeting priorities...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The demon fleet's fire started to drill into the Requiem's flanks once more. They were targeting where the boarding spikes had ripped and damaged the ship's armor, pouring beam after beam into the holes in the hull where the heaviest layers of armor were compromised. Sure, lots of boarders were killed, but defenders were dying as well, and the damage was starting to mount. The ship's acceleration cut as well, shuddering as the void fighters managed to finally hit something crucial in the ship's engine sections, as one of the Requiem's mighty thrusters sputtered and died. More of her starboard guns were starting to fail from battle damage, as well, and nimble destroyers were starting to identify the safe pockets and to maneuver to stay within them...'

[CHAT] Samuel was hauling ass, it's aura flaring brighter even as lasers and cannon fire shot out in the battle around it--it wasn't focused on a ship, or even the battle at large. Or even Slaughter. It was focused on one thing, and one thing alone. And nothing, -nothing- would stop it. Still, it wasn't blind rage, it was thinking--planning. Going over what it knew. From that, the man had powers involving kinetic energy. To what extent it didn't know, but it's possible running in and charging the man as it's usual strategy may have a bad effect--inadvertantly playing into his hand. But what could it do? Try to find a way to nullify and absorb that energy? Maybe holds? Possibly throws. Something that kept him off balance. Unable to use that effectively. Hit and run maybe? That could actually be Req's wheelhouse. Still, it could take a hell of a lot more damage than she could and keep going--it would definitely be able to help in the fight. But it had to be smart.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Eventually, though, the two came into visual range--Slaughter streaking red towards Req. With a serious frown, it rears back and--instead of charging forward, throws out its arms--stretching them out in an attempt to literally grab the man by its ankles and drag him off course--directly into some ship debris. "Going somewhere?" it quips. Completely silent in the vacuum of space, but it wanted to say -something- for an entrance.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Connecting with The Requiem with the data-jack was hard enough. It was like trying to connect with a person's nervous system. But what would take Dumastin by surprise is that when he placed his hand on the chair there were no screen readouts. No terminals for data. As he would look around every crewmember at a station had a long tendril spiked into their arm, directly connecting them to The Requiem. The Lieutent was bleeding from nearly a score of connection points all over her arms but When the ship noticed Dumastin sit in it. It launched and before he could react, Spiked him with over a hundred jacks, The SIN system interfacing with him. Controlling the ship was no more harder than a thought. He would notice he could control it as if it were his own body. Firing a cannon was as easy as moving a finder. Turning and changing speed no different than walking. "What are you doing here." <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'A strange cacophany of female voices echoed out in his mind. "You come here to watch us in our final hours. To see our destruction, no." The voices echoed out. "You want to try and save. How cute. Come now. Why. Out of pity, A memory of Cilantro. I know there is something there, it is never "from the kindness of your heart." The ship echoed out to him. But there was no need to direct repairs. As long as there was biomass, the ship was trying its best to repair itself. It was critically low on that tho. The cannons on The Requiem were starting to crawl on the surface, moving themselves to better locations to fill the void spots, but that meant less concentrated fire overall. Her systems were slowly failing to the horde, but, She did her damage as well. That fleet would probably not be attacking another planet anytime soon. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius looked over and saw Samuel rocketing towards her. She could not let him get there. She could not let him perish. He had a family and...She choked back some tears as she stopped her flight. <Calculating trajectory. Opponent attack predicted. Initiating.> She though inside as her preparations were nearing completion. Her body started to hum as her energy soared on the inside. She sped towards Slaughter, PAssing by Samuel in the process. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Her speed along with the more direct course made her an arms length out of Samuels reach. The space around them seemed to slow down as they locked eyes. Hers sad, with tears streaming behind her. She mouthed the words "I'm Sorry" Before she slammed into Slaughter. At the point of impact she Initiated the FTL components deep within her. Both were surrounded in a blue light and in a flash both combatants were gone in a streak of blue that lit up the sky. Both their energy signatures vanished from the area. <Exit Requius, Requiem still active>'

[CHAT] Slaughter looked over to see that Monster thing. He always wanted to fight it at some point and now would be the day. Even if he would half to engage both at once, that was his specialty. That was before that bitch of a girl charged him. It took him a bit by surprise but his kinetic senses kicked in at the last moment and he diverted the punch of hers, only to realise that was not her plan. He felt her tiny arms and legs wrap around them and a blue light engulfed him. He felt a tug on his person and before he knew it, there was a blue tunnel of light around the both of them. The demonic energies that once surrounded him from the fleet were gone. Everything far away. "What did you do to me bitch!" He screamed. <exit Slaughter>

[CHAT] Samuel goes wide eyed as Req notices it in the fight... and then takes off with a madness jaunt with Slaughter? "No no no no NO NO NO!" it speaks, starting slow, and then yelling with more and more force--despite the vacuum of space remaining silent. Eventually, it simply outright roars silently as its aura flares brighter, golden electricity arcing through its aura as multiple tendrils erupt from its shoulders and back--spiked and bladed. It makes a mad dash towards any and every ship it sees--the tendrils impaling, eviserating, and devouring any demon it so much as sees in a fit of rage as a whirling tornado of tentacles, spikes, blades, blood and death. It wasn't going to leave it like this--it would go to the ends of the universe itself to help Req--but the only way to track her now would be after this battle. So be it.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The battle between the Requiem and the fleet raged on for several more minutes. Dumastin was a frenzy of activity, directing defensive forces to most effective positions, encouraging the repair staff as they made the complex circuit modifications, directing the gunners as they swatted as many of the midsize combatants as possible. Keeping that damned ship together was the only way he could contribute, but there were few in the galaxy better suited to the job. Eventually, he finally received a greenlight from the surviving repair crews. The Requiem heaved as power surged through her one remaining thruster, hauling the bulk of the ship around to bring her more intact broadside to bear on the enemy battleships. The smaller elements followed her wounded broadside, packing in closer to nibble away at her guts...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Moments later, a power surge went through the entire ship. The Madness Jaunt circuits activated, but instead of jumping the ship through space, a shimmering wall of spatial distortion formed around the Requiem. Only a short time later, that distortion wave erupted outward, a wave of destructive force that washed over the enemy's fleet, swatting fighters not by the hundreds but by the thousands. Destroyers were mangled, and even the midsized ships showed damage from where the "smartbomb" hit them; then the Requiem's guns went to full barrage, her gunners emboldened. What had been a hopeless battle now looked almost evenly matched, even with the Requiem in such horrible shape.'

Warning, Graphic Content ahead!!!
[CHAT] Requius: -- 'In the wreckage of radiation and solar winds. In the devastation of a Star itself Requius' body floated silently in the middle of space. Cold, seemingly lifeless from the outside. Her arms torn from the shoulder, ripped clean off from the explosion. Tendrils of flesh trailing in the solar winds. Her blue blood wrapped around her in a galaxy shaped spiral. Large gashes rended into her singed and dismembered body. Her flesh boiled off in places revealing the bone underneath. Gashes opening deep into her body. The genetic diversity of her own body spilled out into the space around her. Her central energy core exposed and black. Her legs twisted around in spirals, the flesh of them cracked like volcanic earth, bone spurs sticking out of every crack. Even her own spine was twisted in ways that seemed inhuman even. Her face was the worst. The flesh stripped off revealing charred bones beneath. Her eyelids were gone, revealing the boiled orbs of what is left of her large black pupil-less eyes. Her hair, the beautiful blue stripped and burned until there was nothing left. Her lips and face gone, revealing broken and shattered teeth. There she floated alone in space a tangled and dismembered hunk of flesh in the cold depths of space.
With Dumastin at the helm the ship cried out to him in a hundred voices all at once before falling silent. The ship's systems froze and everything stopped. The main reactor cooled and sat dormant, only flowing enough power for basic life support functions, which were still, slowing noticeably every minute. The engines stopped and the lights turned completely off. It was as if the ship itself died or went comatose. Whatever conclusion could be assessed turned towards one direction. Something bad just happened. <exit>'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'In the same wreckage, There was nothing to be found of Slaughter. Not a trace of his EDF uniform. Not a drop of blood. Was he dead or something else. Only time would tell. As concerning the demonic fleet. There were only a few limping cruisers left after the blast. Their hulls severely damaged. The Requiem was out of commission and it seemed these last few would be up to Samuel to destroy.'

[CHAT] Samuel doubles down on the rampage--literally tearing the demons to pieces as it outright devours them. Flitting from one to the next in a flurry of blood and a cacophany of violence. Any demons left to fight eventually simply running--and dying. Within a handful of minutes there's no demons left to put up a fight and it makes its way back to the Requiem as quickly as it can--still covered in blood that's wicking away as its being devoured--within moments its bursting through room towards the bridge with a "Dumastin! DUMASTIN! She ran off. Did one of those... jumps. Took Slaughter with her. I... I... I--we have to find her. NOW!" it says, nearly shouting irrationally. Clearly teetering on an edge here.

[CHAT] Dumastin slumped back in the Requiem's captain's chair. The air on the bridge was subdued, and he looked tired, but considering the ship was intact, he had a lot to be proud of. "Easy, Sam. Easy." He closed his eyes, breathing deep for a moment. "Wherever she is, the... battle is over. Prime says..." He sighed, opening his eyes to look at Sam. "Apparently he tracked a star exploding. Thankfully it wasn't big enough to go into a full supernova, but he says the readings are consistent with... with a solar structure being destabilized by a hyper field..." He seemed troubled by the news. "She would have been protected by the hyper field to some extent, but I don't have the math to estimate what might have happened. It's not something anyone has much data on."

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, going wide eyed and just... staring. Looking actually pale at the moment, a hard task for its black carapace covered form. "No..." it mouths entirely silently. Before shaking its head, "No, no no no nononono," it says, waving a hand dismissively, "We just have to get over there. She's there. She'll be alright. We'll be able to help her and get rid of Slaughter. We've just got to -get- there. So... do your thing already!" it says, waving a hand. Still sounding frantic and erratic for the moment--clearly in denial about the situation around it and still teetering on an edge.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"You think I can just snap my fingers and magic us there!?" He paused, looking down at the hand he'd gestured with. "Ah. Well. In this case, I can't *find* her. Whatever shape she's in, for some reason I can't detect her aura to target her with a portal. Could be distortion from the explosion... I need a little time to bring a shuttle through, and then we can go together. I need that long, at least, because I've got to get equipment through as well to help stabilize the Requiem, because unless you have the mother of all steak dinners available she's going to need some patchwork to help her heal."'

[CHAT] Samuel just yells wordlessly in frustration and desperation at the Namekian, before it looks down, "The last thing she said to me was... 'I'm sorry.' She was crying, Dumastin. I have to get there. RIGHT NOW!" it yells again, "I can help her. I just need to -get there,-" it says, "Give me the coordinates. If I have to fly there by myself I WILL DO IT!" it says, set to storm off and... literally just try to fly there, however far away it is. It didn't care. It was beyond caring about anything else at this point.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Do you trust me to help you in this, Sam?" He sighed, leaning back, the SIN barbs digging into his flesh as he did. He closed his eyes again; interfacing with this stupid ship gave him a headache, and he wasn't used to *himself* being the go-between rather than Prime. "Max didn't, when we stood in pretty much the same position. I'll do what I can, and I swear to you there's not anything more anyone in the universe could do, but I need you to just stop, take a deep breath, and trust me." His voice was flat with fatigue, both physical and emotional. Sam knew better than anyone that though Dumastin hid it better, dangerous emotional terrain was being trod on right now. "If there's any spark of her left in this universe, we'll save her."'

[CHAT] Samuel just... stops in its tracks, still facing away from the namekian, before just looking down to the floor as a couple of tears fall and its breathing remaining in slow, ragged breaths. It stays there, for a minute, then two, before finally speaking up. "She always used to tell me that she didn't want me to die and leave Jaraid and Flay alone. That was why she didn't want me to go out there and play hero like you wanted--to not leave them alone. But I..." it goes quiet with another ragged breath, "I didn't want her to die and leave me, either. I... I love her, Dumastin," it speaks. "I never got the chance to say it to her before this, and now, I..." it goes quiet again. "Please. Help her. I'll trust you. Anything. Just... please,"

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Re: Fields of Slaughter (slaughter arc part 3)

Post by ikenbon » 03 Aug 2017, 12:34

Extremely good roleplaying from Dumastin and Requius. The battle was hugely descriptive with nuance and sci-fi mythology just oozing out of it. Incredibly hard to read and follow when it was posted through the channel though. I think this is one of the only times where I would recommend using the Gdocs so that you can format and break the information up so it's absorbable to a reader like what you did in the original opening for the demonic fleet.

I wish I had more to say about Samuel in the last few logs of this arc but he's just kind of a been taking away from the epic level tone of this. I get that he's worried for Requius but she's a mother-trucking warship with enough firepower to flatten a hemisphere of a planet. I kind of think that if Sam had just stayed on New Requiem and said, "You know what, I believe in you, Req. You can handle this one without me," it would have been more meaningful in the end than chasing her to be a part of the battle.

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