*Before the Slaughter (Slaughter arc part 2)

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*Before the Slaughter (Slaughter arc part 2)

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[CHAT] Samuel was still at New Requiem, just outside the port city, greenery and buildings on one side, a landscape of dirt and mountains on the other, fiddling with comm system that it had for use with the team--and it was definitely trying. "Thousand, Jules, Dumastin--Anyone!? Can! You! Read! Me!" it practically yells out, looking over the half-burnt photo in its hand. That... was definitely someone it recognized. And that was probably a bad thing. So it had to figure out where Req had gone off too--like hell it was going to let her go alone. Flay and Jaraid, having been filled in just before this, stand a few feet behind Sam, looking to him, each other, and around the area rather anxiously.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'A slightly annoyed tone came back across the Helios comm. "You could have just asked me, Sam. This comm network connects directly to me, after all. And considering that, despite a fair amount of experimentation, we've still so far failed to find anything short of intensely focused magical distortion capable of interfering with a Helios transmission, you can be relatively certain your message was received." Prime had tried to explain the system before, but as ever, Sam was... not the most technically adept of Dumastin's associates.'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks at the immediate response, "I, uh, sorry, Prime," it shakes its head, "I need to talk to Dumastin. I know you're all super busy, but I... need some help. I, I, I'm not really sure where to turn. Req..." it pauses, looking back at the photo in its hand, "I think she went off to fight someone. Someone... that sounded bad. But, I never got to fight the guy before," it furrowed its brow. "He'll wanna know this," It takes a slow deep breath, then sighs for a long moment. "I think Req'll be in trouble, and I wanna back her up,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Why would she leave you behind? That doesn't sound like her..." Dumastin's voice cut in over the comms. "More importantly, what makes you think she'd be willing to accept my help? Yours, maybe, but even then if she's planning something stupid I'm not sure she'd thank me for delivering you into it." He seemed concerned, though, in a way which belied the sharpness of his words.'

[CHAT] Samuel furrows its brow, looking to the ground. "Something she's told me before. She doesn't want me to go die fighting, and leave the kids behind. Doesn't realize, though... that I don't want to lose -her-. So I'm going after her. As for why I think she needs help... she left an intelligence portfolio behind. It was... kind of burned up in the exhaust of the Requiem, but there was a photo in there. Deep space. Fleet of ships. Looks demon. And... the photos of that EDF guy. Slaughter. Only... demon-y. I... probably need to get over there. Like, right now."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"What do you expect to do against a demon fleet, Sam? You're powerful, but even with your abilities, Ascended powers translate fairly poorly to something on the scale of space battles." Slaughter? Dumastin had thought the man was dead. "I suppose... I may have a way of tracking her down. I can't really help my tendency to do it, after all, but as a hedge against *not* being able to be there when I'm needed, I usually find ways of leaving my little back ways to reach you people when necessary... I don't think she's managed to purge my agent aboard the Requiem, at any rate."'

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "I know. I've been in space battles before. But I can't sit on the sidelines when she's putting her life on the line like that. I just... I -can't- do it, you know? If something happened, I... I..." it stops, exasperated at the moment. It has to take another moment to calm down and center itself. "If I'm there, I at least can help get her out of there if she needs it. I -won't- leave her like that if there's absolutely anything I can do,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Why, Sam. That sounds awfully heroic of you..." He grinned. "Maybe the problem I've been having is that you're not selfish *enough.* That you don't think big enough in terms of what's yours and worthy of your protection..." He shrugged. "Do you still have one of those targeting coins I hand out? I hope so, because I'm going to need some way of bringing you here if we're going to do this..."'

[CHAT] Samuel roll its eyes a moment, "We can talk about that later, I just want to help her right now," as Dumastin talks about that coin, it pats its stomach with a clawed hand, "Yeah, I always have that thing with me. I kinda... swallowed so I wouldn't leave it anywhere. Same with everything else important. I can bring 'em out whenever," it says, before pausing and turning around, "Alright, Flay, Jaraid, I'm going to have to go for a bit," "Is everything gonna be okay, Dad?" "Yeah. I'm not gonna go down, I'm the strongest there is," it says, giving a big sharptoothed grin--putting on a brave face as it was anxious as hell. "Okay Dad... but we wanna go with you, but--" "You shouldn't," "I know," "Yeah, we know. But we still want to," "I know. But you have to get stronger if you want to do that... right now..." it shook its head, "That's not an option,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Would you people, quit Olds-God-damned swallowing magical phenomena? I keep telling you guys it's not necessarily healthy for an Ascended to be in such close contact with magical objects; you should be fine because those coins are very faint, but your girlfriend ATE A BATCH OF DRAGONBALLS." The Namek continued to curse under his breath for a few moments. Then, with a huff, he snapped his fingers. Blue flares erupted within the Atrium surrounding him as the mana pools fed into his body, and the magical power earthed itself in a complex glyph-pattern on the floor. Moments later, Sam was left standing in the middle of the glyph-ring. "I am *not* giving any of you any more toys until you promise to keep them out of your mouths. I swear it's like dealing with children."'

[CHAT] Samuel -- As Dumastin prepared his spell, Sam took the opportunity to hug its kids before stepping into the glyph ring, "Good luck, Dad," "Kick their asses!" "I will, you two be good, okay?" Then, vanishing, it reappears right in the atrium, "Thanks, Dumastin," it notes. "But... where do you think I -can- keep all of that stuff at hand," it looks over its armored form for the moment, "Does it look like I have any pockets?" it shakes its head again, before looking back up to the man, "This means a lot to me, though. So, really, thanks for your help,"

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Re: Before the Slaughter (Slaughter arc part 2)

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