*Lambs to the Slaughter (Begining of mini-arc)

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*Lambs to the Slaughter (Begining of mini-arc)

Post by Kuro » 20 May 2017, 00:01

[CHAT] Requius smiles as the Requiem lurched out of warp appearing before a small tan planet. Its climate hot and nearly untolerable. Mostly desert or rocky terrain save a few oasis every so often. What really stood out was a larger patch of green on the otherwise monotone surface. New Requiem. The site of the original crash, which, due to the living ships makeup, created a small blossoming city out of the sand and rock beneath. It was there they were headed. Her ship filled to capacity, 10,000 strong, along with a convoy of smaller private ships, all new colonists of her colony. Settlers to brave the frontier and try to tame this wild planet. She smiled as the planet got closer and the heat from reentry blocked out her view of the planet below. <Soon it will be time...> She thought as she clutched a piece of paper in her hand. A latest intelligence report given to her.

[CHAT] Samuel was on board, of course, along with Jaraid and Flay--in fact as they approached the planet itself it was headed to the bridge, specifically to speak to Req. Despite the full occupancy, everywhere around its, Flay's, and Jaraid's quarters were conspicuously empty--everyone was outright avoiding them. Still, within a few moments the doors opened to the bridge and it stepped through, looking actually excited as there was a bounce in its step and its tail was motioning behind it more than usual. It was the new start. It'd been looking forward to this. Home. Peace and family, all it ever wanted. "Req!" it speaks out, with a big sharptoothed grin, "Congrats! You did it. With the colony, I mean,"

[CHAT] Requius appeared distant and it took her a few moments to register that Samuel had spoken with her. She shook her head and looked at Samuel a little confushed. "Umm...Hey Samuel." She said as the ship broke the clouds, revealing the business of the hodgepodge outpost. The spaceport was slapped together with whatever scraps were found with the wreckage, and the hovel around it the same, but there were also more modern building being constructed, and a new landing pad being finished. The trade agreements went through and the unexplored and untapped resources this desolate planet may have had attracted a few entropenures. "Look Samuel. Its...not as green but we may be able to change that. But, it will take your kids years to explore every cave here" She said with a laugh.

[CHAT] Samuel looks to the planet, and never drops its grin, stepping over to Req and offering her a hug. "'Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home,'" it quotes, "I don't care that it's not all green, only that its ours, and that its -home-. Besides, enough hard work can change that, eh? I know I'll do my part," it notes, sounding entirely upbeat and enthusiastic. In fact it was probably happier now than it had ever really been, "Flay already wants to start exploring, and Jaraid wants to figure out what animals are out there and stuff," it notes, looking out over the landscape. It -was- mostly brown, but that was never the important part.

[CHAT] Requius smiles as they touch down. "That it is Samuel, That it is." She finished as she quickly announced their arrivals to the passangers. "Samuel, How about you take the kids out and explore a little, I have some boring paperwork to finish up out here." She said as their little stroll took them over to the nearest airlock, opening to the vast expanse of the untamed planet. A large mountain range coming into view off to the northern expanse.

[CHAT] Samuel walks alongside her for a moment, speaking, "Alright, kids'll definitely want that, but... is there anything I can help you with before I go, though?" it asks, pausing and looking to her, still with that big excited grin on its face. There was something about it, it just couldn't stop. "I wanna do everything I can to help," it gives a small nod, and it certainly did. Soon enough, though, Jaraid and Flay both had managed to make their way outside and look around with a 'Woah...' and 'Neat!' It was the first time they'd seen their new home as well. "Can we go ahead and go exploring, Dad?"

[CHAT] Requius nods and produces a small data-chip and hands it to Samuel. "That needs to go to Ambassador Gregg, formally Old Gregg from the Cult of the Bloody Angey, Now they are just The Order of The Angel." She said with a smile. "That would cut at least a trip out of my schedule, then we can meet up later." She said as she returned the hug he had given her later, along with a small peck on the cheek.

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Alright," it speaks with a nod, still grinning, even more after the hug and peck, "Good luck. I hope things don't get too, uh, boring with the paper work and stuff. I'll show you everything we found out once we get back, too, if you want," it nods, before turning to Flay, "We'll go out there as soon as I deliver this... wanna go check out the port first?" "Okay!" "I saw the planet all the way out there... how did this specific area get so... green? With the rest of the planet as..." it looks out to the mountains, "That," but soon enough they were gone to the port, hunting down Ol' Ambassador Gregg.

[CHAT] Requius: -- ' Ambassador Gregg wasn't hard to find. They had the most well kept building of the small port-town. The old command center transposed and then added on to. A bent cross adorned the top of the structure, with a small statue depicting Haggis' Lunacy Conduit transformation resting on top. It would have been a short 10 minute walk or quicker if he ran to get there. The inside was just like the old requiem, the organic structure was gone tho-and seemed to be peeled away, just leaving the bones of the ship behind. The floor well cut stone and a young, orange skinned alien girl with two eyes widely placed on her head greeted them. "Ahh, Savior, what do we owe the pleasure"'

[CHAT] Samuel -- It had been more of a leisurely stroll, just looking around the city for a few minutes before making their way to the building. Flay had immediately taken the opportunity to explore around, and Jaraid was trying to get a sample of the walls. Sam itself, meanwhile, simply walked up to the girl, "I'm looking for Gregg--Ambassador Gregg," it speaks, correcting itself to the guy's new title. "Got a delivery for him," it notes with a nod, still looking around the ship, "Man, I remember this place..." it notes, after a moment or two, speaking about the old Requiem. It hadn't thought about that in awhile.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The girl leads them through a few more doors before leading them into a large open room, one of the walls missing and replaced with a giant transparent lens. An older man sat behind a desk shuffling papers around. His hair wild but his clothes neat and orderly. Behind the glasses her wore, his eyes shone with a small glint of madness beneath the surface. "Samuel! Long time no see! What brings you to me today" He asked as he quickly rose from his desk, walked to Samuel and gave a low bow towards him.'

[CHAT] Samuel gives the man the same big grin it's been sporting since arrival, "Gregg! Good to see you," it nods, "Got a delivery for you, from Req," it notes, handing the ambassador the data chip. "I'm gonna be stayin here this time," it adds, "Let me know if there's every anything I can do to help out!" Meanwhile Flay was more or less running this way and that getting into whatever it could, while Jaraid had moved on to studying the architecture and seeing if it can note any specific differences and similarities to the current Requiem--down to layout and such.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'A tear rolled down her face as she looked at the city from above. The Requem had already began to lift off from its docking. All the inhabitants gone and the only crew remaining was the battle staff. She pressed her hand against the Console, and closed her eyes, looking at the city through the ship. "I can't involve you in this Samuel...You have a family to watch over..." She said as the city got smaller and smaller. The inhabitants watching and looking up as the ship, which shaded out the city, rose to the sky. "This...This is strange Samuel, Its just documents stating I am in charge until her return..." Gregg said before the shadow of The Requiem blotted out the light streaming in from the glass viewing wall.'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks in surprise, and confusion, that grin dropping off its face pretty quickly, "Wait, what?" before the catching the Requiem beginning its lift off, "I, uh, I'll be back..." it says, trailing off but pretty much immediately heading out of the room--running out of the building to see the ship in the sky. It still had the helios communication system, fortunately, which it promptly uses, floating into the air itself after the ship, "Hey, Req, you there? What's going on...? I thought we were Home?" it says, with a mixture of confusion and worry. She hadn't said anything about having to go anywhere before, so this was entirely unexpected.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Sorry Samuel...This is my Home as well. And MY family. And sometimes parents have to go to work to keep everything...well." She said with a tear rolling down her face. "I'll...I'll see you later Samuel...Keep a steak on for me." She said as she activated the Madness Jaunt. In a flash and a shockwave the blasted over the city The Requiem was gone, just like that. Lightyears away the ship bursted into existance, slowing down and making the final calculations for intercept. <C>'

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"No one threatens MY home..." She said before the ship launched forward minutes later. In the sky, towards Samuel was blowing the remains of the papers Requius was holding earlier. Most of it was charred remains, but what was noticable was a photo. A deep space photograph of a small fleet of black twisted ships and a man in space without a suit out in front. A mountain of a man wearing a torn up EDF uniform with cut off sleeves, a chisled face and a cigar protruding from one side of his mouth. A small circlet of red adorned his crown and a vicious look across his sunken-looking eyes. "Exit"'

[CHAT] Samuel had a bad feeling. A really bad feeling. It quickly gathered all the papers it could. And they really didn't help. There wasn't much to go on, but it did recognize, however distorted, the guy in the photo. That... wasn't good. It needed a ship. And it needed some help. It didn't... really have much to go on, or know where to turn. But it had to try. If Req didn't think that it'd go after her, try to do whatever it could, she didn't understand. It knew her reservations--how she didn't want Jaraid or Flay to lose Sam. But, she was Family--it didn't want to lose -her-. There was no discussion, no thought on one side or the other, it was going after her, whether she wanted it to or not.

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Re: Lambs to the Slaughter (Begining of mini-arc)

Post by ikenbon » 03 Aug 2017, 11:38

Some really beautiful posts from Requius early on in this one. There's a real sense of discovery and hope... right up until the very end where I fear this may be leading up to a total annhilation of both.

RPP rewarded.

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