*Almost Busted

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*Almost Busted

Post by BenRGamer » 17 May 2017, 19:02

[CHAT] Greyfur sighed thinking of her past (i never understood my sensei, how can i ever forgive the dragon that killed everyone i knew?) she closed her eyes as she leaned against the wall of a popular cafe "by the light, this place is crowded" she snarled under her breath her rage causing her power to spike slightly before she calmed down enough that she could enter the cafe and get herself a latte

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Just a couple of blocks away, Crescendo lay sleeping inside it's 'home,' on a pile of torn clothes, blankets, and other fabrics--many of them stained a ruddy brown from something--an abandoned warehouse--formerly a frequent of vagrants and the like, though many that had kept doing so had gone missing. Though the very fact that no one, not even vagrants, used this building anymore was suspicious in its own right--that, combined with the growing number of missing people in the city had of course led to police investigation, which found this place in no time. Believing this to be the work a serial killer--or worse--they set out for action, outright storming the facility.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The creature, quadripedal, was covered on its head, neck, shoulders and back in a skeep black chitinous covering, while the rest of it was sleek blood red musculature--it awakes with a start at the sound of doors bursting open and shouts--fortunately it didn't sleep near the service or other general entrance, instead choosing to sleep in the offices of a sub-level, going in and out through a basement window directly at ground level. Still, as it shook itself awake quickly, it knew it didn't have much time to make a decision on what to do, there were at least a dozen making their way quickly towards its position--it probably shouldn't try to fight them. Aside from the numbers, they were police officers. Much as they annoyed it, going on a rampage against them--even if it could--would just attract -more- attention.

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Instead, it bolts out through the window--the building -is- surrounded, however, and its immediately seen--some officers yelling out, "What the hell is that!?" some opening fire immediately on the quadripedal monster as it immediately makes off towards the road, growling as it does so. It did -not- like being woken up from its nap. Especially not to have to run from gunfire. It had gone out of its way to try to keep a low profile, what was this -happening-!?

[CHAT] Greyfur heard the gunfire nearby "by the light what is goin on?" she muttered her blue, and swirling green/red eyes snapping towards the direction of the raid (sounds like a police raid, i better not get envolved unless i have no choice) she sighed as she began walking in the direction of the raid when she saw the creature appearing on the street "by the light of the eternal flame!" she gasped leaping back and dropping her latte, and adopting a combat stance ready to defend herself from whatever it was

[CHAT] Crescendo was... not exactly looking where it was going. Too busy paying attention to its pursuers--and jumping aside from the occasional gunshot as it runs through the entire block being chased by about four officers on foot and at least one cruiser--though that number would be growing any second once the cops finish with the original building. So it nevertheless barrels down the street, knocking down a trashcan--even slamming into a parking meter hard enough to rip it out of the ground send it clanging across the concrete--and finally accidentally blindly barreling at at least one onlooker who just dropped a latte.

[CHAT] Greyfur: -- '"watch where you are going creature" she snarled as she stood up from being crashed into "or do you have a deathwish?" she asked looking up to see the police chasing it "by the eternal flame, what have i gotten myself into without wanting cause for trouble?" she moaned grabbing the creature before her as she leaped on to a roof "you will owe me big time for this you wretched monster" she said as she leaped to another rooftop "and i expect you to pay me right after we escape from the police" she sighed softly (why am i saving this thing? i couldve just turned it over to the police)'

[CHAT] Crescendo crashes to the ground after running into the woman, scrambling to try to get back up only to yelp in surprise as its picked up off of the ground and carried to a roof for some reason. That... wasn't what it was expecting at all? It figured anyone it ran into would either try to kill it or capture it for the police. Nevertheless once its up there they have a few seconds--precious little time, but time enough. The creature coughs, before actually managing to speak out words--odd for a wolf-like monster. "Th-thanks..." it speaks out, shaking its head a moment, speaking as sirens ring out. "Who... are you? And... we should keep moving,"

[CHAT] Greyfur looked at the monstous being before sighing "i will answer you questions later, but for now, lets get to my cabbin" she grunted as she launghed into the air again to get to a higher rooftop "and shut up before someone notices us, i dont want to get shot" she muttered as she moved to the next roof before deftly leaping to the ground below in an alley $W"we can wait here till they pass us, we should be safe" she closed her eyes for a moment as she collected her thoughts

[CHAT] Crescendo keeps running after the woman for the moment, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, before finally settling next to her, looking to the floor it was standing on in silence--sirens were still around, though fairly distant. They didn't know exactly where they were and were still searching. They clearly weren't quite expecting... this with the raid. Next time they might, though. It certainly wasn't expecting it. Everything it was told led it to believe that what it was doing was the right thing to do to lay low and out of the way--keeping this exact thing from happening. Nevertheless, it remains quiet for the moment, sitting on its haunches and looking to the ground--just, thinking.

[CHAT] Greyfur listened as she counted the footsteps as they drew closer "look over there!" a voice shouted causing her to tense ready to attack in case they had been found she closed her eyes as she steadied her breathing "ill take him out before he can see us" she whispered to the monster she was rescuing before she heard a shout from across the street saying there was nothing there and seconds later the footsteps began running in the opposite direction "fools, but i guess we did just get lucky there, follow me, ill take you to my cabin where i will explain everything... if i can" she said in a still hushed voice as she began to move to the forest

[CHAT] Crescendo growls lowly as people approach, though it looks relieved as everything fades away eventually, before nodding slightly as the woman spoke, following after her, sneaking across rooftops and alleyways--it was very accustomed to sneaking through the city and could do it with relative ease at this point, it was only getting caught completely unaware that had it scrambling. So, they should make it there without further incident. Still... it didn't really -like- it out of the city. Things were more active in there, there was more to learn, more... food. But, it was curious about this woman, and it didn't really know where to go after it's home was raided.

[CHAT] Greyfur leaded the monster through the city with absolute ease and at the outskirts she realeased a sigh of relief "we dont have to worry about them anymore" she said laughing "i havnt had that much fun in a long time, i live just inside the forrest" her face glowing with amusment as she moved it was obvious she had more combat experience than she let on through the movements she made to dodge tree branches and low hanging fruit "are you hungry?" she asked coming to a halt looking further between the trees

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Once out of the city it looks up to the woman, speaking again, in a gruff voice, "I, uh... thanks," it looks up to her as it walks alongside her, before pondering the question, and its reply, "I -am- hungry," it says, "But I... uh, I don't eat fruit," it notes, eyeing the trees, "Who are you, by the way?" it looks back at the woman, "And... why did you help me?" it asks, its voice betraying more than a little curiosity at the fact. Help was truly the last thing it was expecting at that point.

[CHAT] Greyfur sighed "truth be told? i dont know why i saved you" her voice grim before she ducked through the underbrush for a couple moments and reappearing with a vole and rabbit "my name is greyfur, and i asked because if you listen close enough you can hear things beyond what normal people can, besides im not human" she said with her cheerful voice tosing the vole to crescendo "by the way, i rescued you yet i never asked Your name" she said heading further into the forrest "my cabbin is not much further, so if you want i can cook that vole for you" she said looking behind her

[CHAT] Crescendo grunts and nods, "Alright, I, uh... thanks," it notes. "I don't... normally do my hunting out here," it shook its head a moment. "I'm called... Crescendo," it says, with some hesitation on that point. It never picked out its own name--just had the one given to it before it escaped, and it wasn't entirely comfortable with it. "I'll be fine," it notes, taking the vole and promptly starting to devour it in a... not entirely pleasant display. Not the usual meal it was accustomed too--it preferred humans. Each meal taught it things. Not with this, though.

[CHAT] Greyfur examined crescendo for a moment "there is something about you i dont undertand, what are you, i feel like there is something you're not telling me" she asked in a dark voice still walking and pausing in a clearing a couple dozen metres ahead waiting for cres to finish his meal "you look like a cross between a wolf and some other beast, though i know not what." her voice trailed off after that (could he be... no they dont exist anymore, they CAN'T exist anymore unless) her thoughts clouded the rest of her senses as she walked to the centre of the clearing to her cabbin

[CHAT] Crescendo follows after her a few moments later, licking some blood from its chops as it listens to her speak. "I'm... me. The only one there is. I was... created. Designed?" it speaks, shaking its head a moment, pausing to look over the cabin. Much as it didn't like being out of the city, this was as good a place as any to figure out its next move. "They wanted me to be a pet. But I wouldn't. I'm -not- a pet," it adds, before giving out a low grow and adopting a more aggressive posture. Even being reminded of it was something that would piss it off, apparently.

[CHAT] Greyfur chuckled "relax, you can stay as long or as short a stay as you want, im not going to force you to stay" (designed? hmmm he sounds like a useful tool) she smiled ruefully "sounds like you had a rough life being thought as a pet" she said before sitting on a makeshift chair on her porch remembering her own childhood "i know what it is like to be left alone, that is probably why i saved youyou look as if you have been alone for most your life" she blinked deep in thought "maybe..."

[CHAT] Crescendo grunts, calming itself down as they step onto the cabin porch, it gives a huff and a sigh, "But yeah, I'm just... me. They made me... like them. But also... not. I... don't know how to explain it," it shook its head slowly, before sitting down onto its haunches and lying down a moment later. The whole thing happened at a bad time... interrupting its nap like that. That... was annoying. It'd have to find some way back there and figure out how to keep them off of its back.

[CHAT] Greyfur sighed as she began to drift off to sleep tired by the days events (like them, yet not like them... sounds familiar, ill have to do some research when i wake up) her thoughts keeping her awake only mere moments longer forgetting all about the rabbit she still held in her hands she dreamt lowsily and woke up several times, but the last time her dream shook her enough that she started to cry "mother, father..." she whispered into her hands not bothering to check if crescendo had woken up at all during her fits

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Re: Almost Busted

Post by Kuro » 27 Jun 2017, 19:40

police finally cracked down on the missing person's reports. Rpp awarded.

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