*Jules Epic (P6): Birth of the Alloyed

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*Jules Epic (P6): Birth of the Alloyed

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[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The hours following Thousand's destruction of the Demonic Arlian carriers were rather busy, they had jumped into another system in an attempt to avoid further detection before seeing to both ship repairs and the treatment of Jules. Thousand himself had followed along, vowing to at least see this through to Jules recovery, in whatever form that would be.. The physician was still reviewing the material needed to complete the operation. Thousand would hear a grunt from Prime, "Damn it, how do they keep tracking us?" He sighed, opening the communication with the Shinto-Four as well as the vessel Thousand was in.'

[CHAT] Narrator: -- '"Bad news, I've detected two more carriers. We've still got about two hours before they get here. Strange, they're not even on a course for the system we were previously in... Luckily, we've got a Thousand." Prime let out a sigh, checking the status of repairs amongst both his medical ship and the Shinto-Four... Well, at least the Shinto-Four had full weapons capabilities once again, engines were still a few hours from being functional but they could probably manage a factor of two or three times the speed of light. Not anywhere near fast enough to out-run what was coming. The Gremlins were actually on task, and only causing a minor annoyance for the work-crew of the Alliance Vessel. Prime supposed he would take the small victories where he could.'

[CHAT] Humas , Captain of the Shinto-Four was currently outside the hull of his ship working with several crew-men and a Gremlin working to restore one of the many hull breaches his ship had suffered. Normally this type of grunt work would fall to, well... The grunts. But unfortunately they didn't have time for him to be sitting around on the bridge. Currently the only stations manned were short-range sensors and the primary weapons system. The rest of the crew, other than the physician, were dedicated to the task of trying to get their ship properly space-worthy. He supposed it was fortunate the Medical ship of the ascended had a cargo-hold with

[CHAT] Humas: -- 'Not spare-parts per-say, but raw material which the Gremlins were able to fashion into spare-parts. Ingenious really. He still wondered what the second in command 'Prime' was up to, it was odd he had yet to meet the man who seemed to be coordinating their defense. He received the message of even more reinforcements... What would that make? Twelve? Thirteen different attacks? Twenty-four different ships... If it hadn't been for the timely reinforcement of the first ascended they would already be dead. He grunted, they still had an hour before they were close enough he needed to get the ship manned as well as he could with what skeleton crew he had left. The question lingered, how were they tracking them?'

[CHAT] Jules continued to eat... A feeling of dread and loss building within him accompanied by every bite he took... It wasn't until he finally glanced up and saw that Robert was no longer standing that the concern was intensified... "What's... What's wrong with Robert?" He glanced to Talimaar and Himoyachi, they didn't look like they were in the best of spirits either... Worse, the park he had originally been in... Where there had been almost a thousand... The crowd was looking a great deal less dense... He continued to think as he finished off another meal, this meat... As he chewed... The meat... It was essence... Energy... It no longer tasted as the succulent bovine it had before... He felt nauseous as he spat the piece out, which quickly remerged with the steak... A brief bit of panic, Talimaar placing a shoulder on his hand...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Talimaar spoke softly, her tone weak, "No Robert, now he understands..." She chuckled slightly, pain in her tone... Himoyachi glanced over from the Grill, "You are Tuffle father, we are your power. Took you long enough to actually figure it out." '

[CHAT] Jules made a gagging motion as he realized what he had done, in his weakness... Why? Why had he forced his children into this? But there was no vomit, nothing came up regardless of the sensation. He glanced around the park, the facade burned away... Before him were what was left of his children lined up neatly into rows, some missing... Many more racked with pain. "We are Tuffle as well Father, this is the natural order. You were dying," Jules cut off Talimaar, "I Am a Failed Tuffle! I don't consume my..."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Himoyachi then shouted, interrupting him, "Which is why we Made you, father. You're to weak to do what must be done, your human side would allow yourself to be rendered into non-existence for the sake of what? We are your Power! THAT is the way of the Tuffle."Jules grimaced... Why hadn't he noticed before? He had been so weak... He had just listened to his children... But now... Now other sensations were starting to flow around him, decaying tissue... Kinetic movements, the energies of life... "All it took to save me was the sacrifice... How many!" It was spoken in desperation, Talimaar glanced around... "Three hundred, and almost Robert. He was weaker than Himoyachi and I." '

[CHAT] Jules fell backwards, his breath sounding heavy... What a foolish concept, this place wasn't real... It was an environment in his mind.. "Three... Three... Hundred..." He felt cold... Alone... His children were... He had... There were tears swelling in his eyes but none came out, a sudden thump to his forehead snapping him to focus on Himoyachi. "You are Tuffle dad, it's inescapable, we're not fans of being meal-time either. It is the way you were designed, to survive... Now... I suggest you do that." Himoyachi and Talimaar had both approached, both seeming to extend palms towards him... "Wha-What?" What was it, a push? A shove? A second later, everything was black...

[CHAT] Jules had finally been able to project himself... A small cluster perhaps a couple of micro-meters in diameter. The inner-core of a Tuffle... From within the expired husk Jules forced himself to manifest outside of his body... He felt... He didn't want to think about the 'how...' Slowly a psionic body began to form around the Tuffle-psionic projection. Now was the hard part, communicating with Prime while in a psionic state... He glanced over the medical bay on his ship, there was a physician combing through some of Julian's research. He took to examining the husk-body, wincing deeply. That was... Bad. That husk wasn't coming back, and from his stiff-feel and self-diagnosis... He couldn't simply break away... His major nerve clusters were fused to the bodies artificial structures. "Clever, going to remove my core... But then what are you going to do with me?" It was a question that wasn't heard, the physician continued on.

[CHAT] Jules grumbled, glancing around. He supposed Prime had arranged aid from the Shinto-Four... He was quite the capable AI. But he supposed, the Captain hadn't been called. Otherwise, Jules condition wouldn't be so dire. Not that he was horribly disappointed. The captain was more of a distraction than this little hiccup...

[CHAT] Prime: -- 'Prime piqued up, it was a closed transmission to Thousand. "Well, the faint readings I got from the expected infestation site seemed to be confirmed of his location. I just picked up a massive bounce in his energy. Suppose that's good news, no idea how he's going to pull a hat-trick out of that body though, creative as he is."'

[CHAT] Thousand replied to Prime in a slightly strained voice. 'Good to hear, and a very good question too. I think we've got more pressing matters, though, don't we? Any idea how they're able to find us so easily and so quickly?' He hesitated to divulge his own condition under the circumstances, but if things were to get much worse, full disclosure would be necessary.

Chat &gPrime spoke quite softly, &O"No idea. I'm not detecting any transmissions from the Shinto-Four but it's been rather consistent. They even alter course to follow when we flee." He grunted, &O"Was hoping you would have better luck. You're equiped with a broader range of sensor technology."

[CHAT] Prime: -- 'Prime spoke quite softly, "No idea. I'm not detecting any transmissions from the Shinto-Four but it's been rather consistent. They even alter course to follow when we flee." He grunted, "Was hoping you would have better luck. You're equiped with a broader range of sensor technology."'

[CHAT] Jules studied the doctor, there were no memories that he could call on to verify the skill of this doctor... That was... Quite disturbing. Given it seemed he would be the one enacting the procedure. He couldn't communicate directly with Prime, it would take to much to manipulate controls... But something much easier was reaching out for a friendly mind. The Shinto-Four was near, there was likely a suitable candidate available. He would just use the doctor, but sadly he wanted the likely untrained physician to focus all of his efforts on the information. The shock would prevent Jules from using his power to guide the operation unfortunately. And so, Jules departed the ship looking for a suitable mind to touch. (*&ZOh... MYYY!*)

[CHAT] Thousand shakes his head quietly. 'Nothing in particular stands out to me, I'm afraid. Perhaps...' The android trailed off for a moment, rubbing at his temples before continueing. 'If I could get inside one of their ships and interface with one of their computers, I could work out how they're keeping a tail on us.' The android was torn. He couldn't just abandon them. (Damn this mind of mine...)

[CHAT] Jules had easily enough boarded the Shinto-Four, going from cabin to cabin trying to find a mind that wouldn't freak out at being touched. A certain type of mind... He found what he sought in the medical ward... The physical sight was rather placid, laying with blank eyes staring up at the ceiling. Her arms were tied down in the physical realm, restraints on her feet. Her head glowed with the same hue that other psionic users tended to have. As he got closer his visage doubled, the physical being overlapped by the astral plane.. Jules stopped, a slight hint of panic as he quickly glanced around. The girl was bound by a few thousand spider-like strands... The tendrils extended up and well through the hull of the ship, eventually joining into one. The energy was... Familiar... This was that woman on Arlia who had attacked him before. "Lovely..."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He spoke annoyed, still no way to reliably transmit the information... Regardless, he was already floating up through the hull of the ship flying along the threads out of the ship, stopping a few hundred meters to the right of Thousand's ship where the lines all connected. Jules let himself gather his psionic energy, his right hand shimmering with energy before forming a potent disk of psionic energy... Jules then applied the disk as a saw-blade to the thread. It was unfortunate that he was still far from peak. The disk broke up after a few seconds and Jules felt exhausted... He hoped the sensation would pass. In normal space the section that overlapped would witness the display of electrical energy bolting from the clash. '

[CHAT] Thousand pauses suddenly in his thoughts, his scanners picking up an as of yet unidentified sort of energy, but not an entirely unfamiliar one; the android had detected similar activity before, but was as of yet unable to specifically isolate and analyze it, but the sensation is there. Strange.. And then, coinciding from the nexus of the strange signature, he notices the flash of electrical energy, dancing between the sparse particles inhabiting that region of space. (What...?) Thousand thinks to himself, struggling in vain to recall where he remembered that particular sensation from. Something was certainly going on out there. Through his interface, he directs all of the ships scanners to that location, wondering if they might detect something he could cross reference to make sense of the information. He speaks to Prime once more- 'Getting some strange readings here... any idea what it could be?'

[CHAT] Jules needed a few minutes before he could act again. He had no desire to cannibalize... He felt sick once again... Pushing the thought out of his head he began to focus his psionic energy. He would store it up and unleash a far more effective assault. For now the psionic body was being modified along with his energy, augments for tentacle use being installed, specialized adaptations applied. Prime spoke to Thousand, "It's familiar... Seems like the result of Jules conducting battle on the realm of the mind or some such nonsense. He claimed he met a Changeling who was a powerful psionic. Their battle resulted in several dozen instances of similar discharges." Prime grunted, "Jules energy level has been spiking, which is pretty impressive for the little guy given the status of his husk." Jules now remained silent, it would take time to prepare.

[CHAT] Thousand furrows his brow at Primes response. (More of this psionic stuff... never heard of it back before. But what is he trying to accomplish? Could the method they're using to track us be psionic based?) He clears his throat, then speaks to Prime once more. 'Is there any way we can assist? Any of the weapons systems on these ships capable of having any effect? Anyway to isolate it so we don't harm Jules?' He ponders the situation- maybe if he had time... maybe a couple days to analyze and cross-reference his readouts, he might be able to work something out...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Prime made an observation, "Weren't you linked with Jules, Requius, and Samuel for a prolonged period of time in a psionic link instigated by Jules?" There was snark in his comment now, "One would presume you would be more of a subject matter expert than I." That was a fancy way of saying Prime didn't know much about how Jules psionic abilities worked either. '

[CHAT] Thousand shook his head, rather needlessly really. 'I was, but I don't think you fully appreciate utilizing these scanners with the way my mind is designed. The data presents to my mind as a sensation alone initially. An altogether new one for each different type. To describe it as seeing a new color doesn't quite do it justice, it's like a human suddenly having a new additional sense. It takes significant exposure, significant analysis time and the elimination of numerous variables to translate them into something that can be analyzed. In a sense, it's like writing image recognition software from scratch, custom for each type...'
[CHAT] Jules felt it, the sudden surge of energy in the thread, his image flowed backwards across the astral winds as a figure emerged from the threat. It seemed rather serpant like with a head shaped more like that of a bat... He wondered if the wings were functional or if simply weapons. He would have to consider that later. His upper body hadn't moved, his augments weren't quite finished. This on reeked of the demon-woman on Arlia. Another puppet he supposed. "Ssssooo.." Jules laughed, "Going a bit heavy with the snake theme there, what about the bat?" It seemed rude to interrupt but Jules needed to bye more time...

[CHAT] Jules: -- '"Wh...What?" Jules stopped his intentional movement, now merely drifting slowly away. "Just wanted to check your intelligence lad, i'm sure you have a job to do. Something the good puppy-snakebat needed to take care of for mommy?" His psionic energy was still building slowly... "Ssssccrew ..." Jules continued to mock, "I'm not the one whose screwed friend, that would be you." A second later the serpent flapped it's bat-like wings while letting out a frustrated scream and a torrent of psionic blades lashed out towards Jules. "Oh... Bloody-hell." '

[CHAT] Thousand widens his eyes slightly as the unfamiliar sensation spikes in intensity. 'Whatever the case, it seems to be getting heated. There's got to be something I could do...' Trailing off, he pondered to himself. (But what? Even if I had accurate data to work with, there's not telling if any equipment on these ships could be modified to that effect. And those carriers aren't getting any further away...) He pauses, thinking to himself once more. 'Prime, do any of these vessels have launcher facilities similar to that 'Max Cannon' deal? I don't think there's anything I can do to help Jules directly, but if I can get a good push most of the way there, I may be able to infiltrate one of the carriers undetected and mess with their readings or navigation or something.'

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Prime spoke softly, "Sorry, the only Max-Cannon was the one built into Max's ship. You have a ship however, and it is equipped with the Adaptive Bio-Organic Hull armor. You could probably wait for them." Jules was using his feet masterfully, physically he was trashed.. But this place didn't rely on physics. "Ding," He chuckled, forcing his mind to stay on the task at hand "All done." '

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Four tentacles emerged from his back reaching out and actually grabbing the projectiles the snake-bat had thrown. A second later his form flowed through the ship Thousand was on, passing through the android and unintentionally leaving a bit of psionic energy flowing through Thousand's circuits illuminating the layer on top of the physical. The four spikes landed in the center of the snake causing it to flail and fall back. Jules glanced at Thousand, "Oh, hi Thousand. Didn't know you were here." With a bow he flowed back to the thread which led what he suspected was back to Arlia. '

[CHAT] Thousand reels from the sudden influx of information and perception, not quite sure what he's seeing. (Unknown energy readings coursing through my own circuits, is this a hallucination? An intrustion attempt?) The droid jerks as counter-espionage programs fire away, searching in vain for something to respond to, and then halt all the same as realization hits him. 'Jules? Whats going on, did you do this to me? What the hell is that thing?' He stares at the odd batsnake creature for a long moment, visible even after it passes through a bulkhead. Just what kind of percpetion was this?

[CHAT] Jules glanced back at Thousand, about half way towards the fallen demon. "Best guess, passing through you triggered the synapses that were developed in our recent training. Hold that thought..." He turned back towards the bat-snake, it was still resonating with Psionic potential. His eyes opened unleash a massive optic blast towards the creature... He maintained it for a few moments before suddenly being thrown back as his own attack was repelled. Jules grunted, "Well, that bodes ill." He no longer saw a snake-bat, instead it was Snake-Man-Bat? The bat wings remained but the flesh was of the serpent, it appeared rather heavily layered. To top it off it had become a bipedal organism. Two arms, two legs... Wings... And a serpent tail that looked just as deadly as a Changelings. "Now whose making jokes?" The voice was colder, the creatures eyes tracking Jules as he was thrown along psionic winds.

[CHAT] Thousand clutches at his midsection for a moment, wincing slightly, before advancing on the apparition. (Well, I can see it... but I doubt i can touch it or directly interact with it in this state. I wonder if it can hear me?) He takes an breath, points at the creature, and calls to it. 'Hey, why don't you step over to my side? No, no, don't bother answering, I know how it is. You aren't even sure you can take Jules on by yourself, right? Let alone what might happen if you exposed yourself to me. Go on, hide out there. You might have a chance to escape if you only have Jules to contend with.' He affixes a smirk to his face, attempting to goad the creature, prior exposure to demonic beings often indicating a level of arrogance on their part.

[CHAT] Jules suddenly let out a scream of pain, the creature was faster now.. Much faster... In a few nano-seconds the distance between the two had been crossed and Jules was being thrown back towards Thousand's ship. Jules himself once again crashed through Thousand before shaking it off. "Definitely not good for me..." He glanced at Thousand, "Hrm, that could work.." A second later he was behind Thousand, a hand on his shoulder. "So, I'm not sure if this is going to work, but given your circuitry has adapted to my energy already... I'm going to go ahead and try something..." Jules overlay himself over Thousand's body, his psionic energy overlaying the neural networks of Thousand's system.

[CHAT] Thousand jerks slightly as Jules touches his shoulder, still unused to the sensation of psionic contact, even after the prior training. He felt the strange energy flowing through his circuitry once more... (c)

[CHAT] Thousand (C) stops all of a sudden as the scene freezes, staring up directly at the fourth wall. 'Stop it, Kevin. You're writing this entirely too homoerotic, and you've never wrote in an inkling of chemistry between Jules and I before. This is stupid and forced. Take a step back and do it right.' A pin drops, before Thousand nods at the fourth wall and turns back to the scene which resumes. Where was I? Oh yes. Thousand is still uncertin what to make of how the psionics present themselves to his senses, and a number of alarms go off in his mind once more at the intrusive energy pervades his systems- he suppresses the urge to fire off his counter-espionage programs, and speaks plainly. 'What are we trying to accomplish here?' (F)

[CHAT] Jules shut down his perception of non-relevant sensor inforamtion. From within his head he would hear, "We should probably..." Thousand's body suddenly hit the emergency hatch, the slide opening as Jules kicked out of the door, the pushing off the hull of the ship to send it sprawling away. Thousand's vocal systems were activated, it wasn't his voice. "Prime, could you..." There wasn't enough time, the creature was on top of the Thousand/Jules blend, "Did you think you could hide from me in that machine!?!" Thousand's own sensor would note that he had in fact been hit.

[CHAT] Thousand reels as his body moves without him instructing to do so. 'Just what's the idea here Jules....?!?' He feels like his skin is crawling, the unexpected and unwelcome intrustion not sitting well within him at all, when suddenly he jolts. He definitely felt that- physical contact, or close enough, with the strange creature. The corners of his mouth raise ever so slightly, before he gathers levels his right fist at the creature, firing it off at breakneck speed. 'We'll work that out later. For now...' The fist approaches the 'center of mass' of the creature in a blur.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The creature was suddenly struck in the mid-section by a 'physical' being? He saw the energy of the Tuffle trying to cut the tether flowing through the hand and even the body of the android. That was... Unusual. With a scream he pushed the rocket-punch towards the left with a swipe from his left forearm. "Well, isn't that precious. A machine who can interact with the realm of the mind." Once again the creatures wings spread, this time they bent down and the demon pulled two blades from them. His psionic energy increased yet again. '

[CHAT] Jules remained within Thousand, "Infestation, psionic infestation to be more specific. Sorry, but I wasn't going to beat him alone. I didn't... Get enough energy back to do that..." There was hesitance and sadness in his tone as he spoke. He moved on quickly, "Anyway, this thing is guarding the tether to the Psi-Ops member on the Shinto-Four. Willing to bet severing it will make it harder for them to track us." Meanwhile, the demonic creature had once again attacked, lashing out at Thousand with both of his blades.

[CHAT] Thousand calls back at the creature: 'Exactly. I can harm you, but I doubt the same is true of you!' (Though I doubt thats the same for Jules, and no telling what would happen to him if the energy he's using to link us is severely disrupted...) He sweeps his right arm to one side, the hidden blade erupting from the stump of his forearm and flaring with blue flame, bringing it up to attempt to parry one of the strikes from the demon, though leaving him perilously exposed to the other- now, it would seem, how vulnerable he is or is not would be revealed.

[CHAT] Jules wouldn't let Thousand get injured by a trap. The first blade was successfully dealt with, twin tentacles emerged from Thousand's back, one knocking away the second blade, the other formed into a blade of its own lashing for a stab into the head of the creature. The stab missed as the creature retreated for a moment. "Enough." With a scream the space around his psionic projection began to bend, a massive swell seeming to emanate from his core. A second late he slashed his blades towards Thousand, two massive slashes of psionic energy cutting towards the Blended being.

[CHAT] Thousand holds his blade "skyward" for a moment, the blue flame around it flashing brighter, as he gauges the approach of the psionic blades. When he judges the moment to be right, He swings the enhanced blade downward with all his might, counting on whatever level of instrusion to this domain Jules' energy allowed to intercept the incoming translucent blades. Perhaps a reckless move, but with limited exposure to this kind of combat and not being used to sharing his body, the android was a bit slow at analyzing the situation and forming a less... direct strategem.

[CHAT] Jules focused on transfer, namely transferring and converting Thousand's power-reactor energy to his own psionic energy. It was a bit more complicated than with an organic... But he was able to do it well enough... As Thousand worked on his defense Jules successfully altered the energy to one psionic in nature. It cleaved the two incoming blades, Thousand's own blade being reinforced with the ends of a quad of psionic tentacles. "I'm going to work on ensuring you can hurt him, i'll leave combat matters up to you, sans emergency procedures." What was disturbing, Jules didn't think he could effect repairs if his host was damaged.

[CHAT] Thousand smirks at the creature, though internally he was worried, pouring over possibilities.. (Holoemitters won’t work here, can’t absorb energy of this kind…) Even Jules’ handy energy conversion didn’t modify the basic hardware of the absorption nodes, nor did the holoemitters project onto the astral plane- the standard em spectrum including visible light only. (Cuts off a lot of my favorite tricks. And I can’t simply “hide” with Jules onboard, it’s obvious this thing can trace this psionic energy. Guess I’ll have to stick with the direct approach for now, though perhaps I can rile him up.) His smirk broadens as he taunts the creature. ’Don’t tell me that’s the best you can do! Not that I’d be surprised- Machines were built to exceed organic limitations for a given task, why should this be any different?’ Meanwhile, the rocket fist released earlier circles around for another approach, aiming for one of the membranes of the creatures left wing, even as Thousand began to gather energy.

[CHAT] Jules was trying to be creative, this was a far from familiar system to be playing puppet-master in. It made questions of augmentation difficult, the nature of their blending also left an odd sensation within Jules who couldn't form a room of the mind so that he and Thousand could easily share each other's thoughts... Not that they couldn't speak, it was just... Far less effective, regardless there were things he could do. Jules psionic energy flushed into the jewels at the end of each of Thousand's palms. Jules let his psionic energy saturate into them, something to whet the appetite. More specifically, he was looking into ways to augment the physical gems so that Thousand's power-core could take in psionic energy. Jules assumed he would need to convert the absorbed psionic energy back into energy Thousand could use, then reconvert that into a version of energy Thousand could use in battle... He finally spoke to Thousand, "Working on augmenting your absorption nodes so you can take in the essence he's putting off. Also, try to get closer to the thread while you're dealing with him if you can. We should sever it before any more can cross over from Arlia."

[CHAT] Thousand thinks back to Jules, uncertain if his words can be read. (Understood. I’ll see what I can do about that. A direct attempt would probably tip him off- but if I work this just right…) The android danced and whirled, advancing on the creature for the odd strike here and there, withdrawing after each, gradually moving around the creature in several circles. He would pause, seemingly at random, in his circling, each time lunging forward with a strike. Gradually he worked- his aim to misdirect his intent as being hit and run style tactics, when his true goal was to line the creature up with the thread, at which time its evasion would prove its undoing…

[CHAT] Jules: The demon from Arlia was matching the mechanized psionic entity, a dance between the two causing sparks of psionic energy to echo within the physical world. Thousand's body itself looked like a machine shadow-boxing himself. The demon laughed as he noted the cord behind him. The same one he was charged with protecting. "Clever, trying to back me into a corner... The only problem is..." The demon flowed back, using one hand to grip the thread as a torrent of psionic energy ripped through him. "My Mistress's Power is Unlimited!" The demons eyes suddenly shimmered for a moment before unleashing a massive torrent of psionic flames which washed towards the Blended version of Thousand and Jules.

[CHAT] Jules grimaced as he felt the sudden overflow of psionic energy into the demon, "Crap, this isn't going to be good... Alright..." The psionic energy within Thousand's palm-gems shimmered slightly. Jules focused, a psionic barrier forming around the Blended, "Thousand, try to absorb the psionic energy. Let's see if the augments to your Jewels will work." Even better... Jules knew the extra strain on the tether would likely cause it to weaken... If he timed it right he might be able to use a quad of disk to sever the link allowing the Shinto-Four to be tracked.

[CHAT] Thousand raises his left palm, flat towards the inbound wave of psionic flame, a trickle of crimson coolant flowing down towards his wrist as the artificial skin slits- the normally matte black gem now glowing with an odd violet light. He is uncertain as to the effectiveness of this, but steels himself nonetheless, engaging the metallic armor augmentation of his artificial skin, his form appearing to be coated in molten metal. Meanwhile, the energy he had been gathering is still not yet complete- but perhaps with a little boost from whatever he is able to absorb from the attack, he would pull it off nonetheless. Thousand would, as soon as the creatures attack completes, retaliate with a cutting disk of energy hurled towards its position- either with the energy gathered thus far and tanking the psionic attack, or augmenting it with a portion of the drained energy.

[CHAT] Jules could feel his host physical body being singed slightly, the barrier he put up took the brunt of a good deal of what was left over after Thousand had drained the energy. "Well, that went better than expected. Now we over-whelm him." Four psionic tentacles emerged from Thousand's back, flowing to the two, four, eight, and ten clock positions... Each one began to swirl with psionic energy as energy disk rapidly formed. This was a five-pronged attack...

[CHAT] Jules: The demon himself was laughing as the psionic smokescreen covered the area. He kept his hand on the cord, "Pathetic. You thought to back me into a corner, and only led yourselves to doom. Good-bye, Psionic-Cyb..." A wing suddenly shot up, cloaking his front, the wing glowing with blood-red essence as the disk from Thousand clashed with him. The demon began screaming as both the pain of the slicing disk augmented with his 'own' energy cut into him, but also the burden of harnessing his Mistress power on the body. It was a costly... Exchange... And the question was which would run out of juice first, the disk... Or his rapidly declining body.

[CHAT] Thousand presses the attack, not intending to allow the creature time to recover. From the hand that launched his own energy disk moments earlier, a surge of energy issues forth. Once… twice… thrice…. In total nine small bursts of energy fire in rapid succession from Thousand’s extended palm, split to strike directly above and directly below the energy disc released earlier. Finally, Thousand engages his RCS thrusters, cooking off a few fuel charges for a burst of speed- He should arrive a fraction of a second behind the last burst of energy from his earlier salvo, with a horizontal slash aimed along the plane his energy disc should have carved. With any luck, he would cleave right through the creatures psionic projection and sever the thread of energy itself in the process.

[CHAT] The combined energy assault of the Mechanized-Blended tore through the protecting wing and knocked the demon back into the thread leaving him not only open, but cleaved deep into his chest with the pattern of an X with a line drawn through it. Not to mention the torn through wing and the missing arm. Thousand's final push was the blow that ended it... The demon was blown in twain, the line was severed... It was over, it seemed... Jules let out a feeling of relief, it was lucky that Thousand had been in the neighborhood and Jules was so familiar with his proxy of organic-sentience.

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Re: Jules Epic (P6): Birth of the Alloyed

Post by ikenbon » 03 Aug 2017, 10:44

This one is a little rough around the edges.

I like the build up of Jules slipping into the astral space and finding the psychic who the captain had mentioned in the earlier logs (good use of foreshadowing) but the battle that happens afterwards didn't feel organic. Instead, it felt contrived to explain your fusion mechanic. I say that because the form that the demoness takes is one that you yourself kind of mock in character and out of character from dialogue and green text. You acknowledge it as a threat but it doesn't seem to impress or frighten you. That on top of Thousand spending most of the first half of the log just waiting for a way to interact with what is going on makes me feel as though this part of the Epic wasn't as solidly planned as the previous chapters, but maybe you weren't expecting Thousand to join you or be available for this log.

RPP rewarded.

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