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*Hailing Frequencies Open

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Follows "Thousand's Journey: Epilogue"

[CHAT] Thousand speaks quietly into the Helios Comm. 'Guess who's back...?' He trails off there, uncertain whether anyone is actually listening at the moment. The android is completely unaware of what may have taken place during his absence. For all he knew, there may be none among the living now with a functioning piece of said equipment. He wonders to himself. (I still know nothing about how this communicator works. I wonder if there might be a delay in the transmission?) Shrugging to himself, and uncertain as to where his friends may be, he lays a course in for Earth and begins preparing the ships FTL.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The response came back within a minute. A familiar voice, with a slight upshift in tone that said the speaker was smiling as he spoke. "Guess who's not dead? Yet, at least, don't get excited or anything." Dumastin uncrossed his arms and looked skyward, wrenching his gaze away from the holoprojection dancing over the Sanctum in the cold crispness of the extremely thin air of the world outside. He'd been looking at it for far too long, using it in conjunction with the Argus Net to probe for information.'

[CHAT] Thousand smiles at the response, pausing in his preparations to respond. 'Dumastin? I had no idea whether you had put your plan into motion, or...' He thinks for a moment of Requius' demeanour towards Dumastin at their last encounter. '...or if you ran into some sort of obstruction along the way. Glad to hear you're still around- you about ready to get things started? Loose ends still?' The android spoke in an excited, rapid tone, rather uncharacteristic of him. It might make more sense, were the listener aware that despite only being gone a few weeks, Thousand had experienced months of subjective time.

[CHAT] Dumastin looked back at the holoprojection and waved a hand. Clouds of icons appeared and vanished, marking where he'd been working to narrow the locations of things he still sought. "Three pieces, although they're a bit of a doozy. I need Soulmirror. And before I go, I've also got to settle matters with Aydin. I've narrowed the location of his physical remains to Kaio-sei, but I'll be damned if I know how to get them without a war breaking out. They're interred in a fairly secure place..." He sighed. "At least Sam and I got the Dragonballs off of Requius. The crazy bitch was carrying them inside her abdominal cavity, if you can believe that. She was halfway insane by the time we got them out of her, and I have no idea what'll happen if she's around them again."

[CHAT] Thousand stiffens sharply, his smile disappearing into a neutral expression as he nods to himself before replying. 'Inside of her -abdominal cavity-?!? That's.... new. I think? Wow, that explains an awful lot.... I hope she's alright. I'm a bit surprised Sam was willing to help you out, if I'm being honest.' The android breathes for a moment, before continueing. 'How does Iapetus' bit of copyright infringement play into all of this, anyway? Perhaps I could be of assistance with retrieving the remains?'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I don't think he would have. I was pretty much working myself up to the necessity of having to fry the both of them, but she made the first move. It wasn't until she had a couple of them removed that their effects took over and she went nuts, and by that point she'd convinced Sam that he'd best serve her by helping her fight the effect. Still wasn't easy, she was packing a bottle of that demon serum and things almost got messy..." He pulled up the icon for Kaio-sei and grimaced again as he looked at it. "I don't see how I could ask you to do that, Thousand. The temple where the remains are interred is barred to outsiders and heavily defended. I'm going to knock the place down if I have to, but I'd hate for you to have a death-mark on Kaio-sei for helping me.'

[CHAT] Thousand rests his chin in his hand thoughtfully, flicking a strand of grey hair out of his eyes before keying the comm once more. 'That makes a bit more sense. I can't see Sam going against Requius unless Requius herself asked him to. As for Kaio-sei... well, this whole thing is a bit bigger than just you, isn't it? What happens if you overexert yourself at that point and die there? Doesn't that leave a lot of potentially disastrous loose ends? No offense meant.'

[CHAT] Dumastin closed one raised hand, and the holoprojection collapsed, leaving him floating over a silent Sanctum. The armatures that held the various segments of the Argus array retreated downward, back into hidden recesses, and he floated down to land on top of a stone structure, laying back to look up at the stars again. He took a deep breath; his cloak of winds swirled around him, providing a shell of breathable air even in this environment. "It is what it is, Thousand. If I die with my plan incomplete, I've left suggestions behind with Prime on dealing with what's left. Contingency plans of sorts. Besides..." His face grew grim. "I can't fail. If I do, it's just proof that I was never strong enough to finish my plan in the first place, isn't it?"

[CHAT] Thousand absent-mindedly lights a cigarette, taking a slow drag before responding to Dumastin. 'Not exactly. It's merely proof that you weren't strong enough to finish your plan in that manner. The number of variables affecting how it could all play out is astounding.' He pauses for a long moment. 'It sounds like a cop-out, honestly. I know a big part of your motivation comes from wanting to die on your own terms rather than simply succumb to that mark, but could you really be satisfied in your final moments without knowing you gave yourself the best possible chance for success?' He blows out a large cloud of smoke, frowning now.

[CHAT] Dumastin chuckled. "Do you really think so? Maybe you're right." He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, mentally quashing the HUD that normally projected itself across his cybernetic eye's vision, and then reopened his eyes to look up at a sky now full of mystery, absent the pop-in data scrolls that would tell him even the minutest details of any star he focused on. "At the same time, I have to think of the future as well, whether I fail or not. I've intended to leave you and the others behind to take up the guidance of that future, in whatever way you see as best; branding one of you with the crimes of desecrating an important Kaio cultural artifact won't really serve that goal. If he's buried where I think he is, we're talking the kind of things people start Crusades over."

[CHAT] Thousand strokes his chin, grinding his cigarette butt out on the console in front of him, the heat melting the plastic surface slightly. He looks down at it, then swears loudly right into the comm, coughs, and continues to speak. 'Erm. Sorry for that. Unrelated. I suppose that makes sense, though if I went I would most likely aim to get in and out undetected- who knows how likely that would be. Could probably fashion a disguise with my holoemitters? But it's your plan, I suppose you should keep your own counsel- just consider it, alright? Perhaps there's another way I might assist?'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I think normally, if the mission was the only goal, I'd do it that way. It makes the most sense to do it that way, and there's at least a possibility of pulling it off so that the Kaios weren't even aware of what had happened." He let his eyes drift to a twinkle in the sky, which he knew to be one of the ships of Prime's small "fleet," at work doing some sort of construction on the orbital structures. "I'm not going to lie, though. A part of me is tempted to do it the messy way. The place I'm talking about assaulting... I think it has ties to the origins of the Order mantle itself, not just the man who carries it now and his brother. A part of me wants to wipe it off the map on general principle." He grinned. "Maybe that's a bit overaggressive. Why, want to come plan a heist?"'

[CHAT] Thousand smirks slightly. 'I may not have known you long enough to say this, but... you always did have a flair for the dramatic, didn't you?' He chuckles, fidgeting with the controls for a moment before reaching for another cigarette and pouting for a moment finding his pack empty. 'But a daring heist would seem to be your style too, don't you think? It'd be nice to at least entertain the idea, and I've quite a bit of time on my hands at the moment...' As the android trails off, he glances back over his shoulder towards his cabin. (Did I have another pack when I left? It was so long ago...)

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"True enough. How about you? Were you successful at finding what you were looking for?" A cold feeling washed over him again, as he remembered the concern he'd had, quietly, that Thousand's problems might be linked to the Technomage's destruction of the original timeline. He wondered, again, if that was the case.'

[CHAT] Thousand falls silent for a long moment, before responding. 'In a manner of speaking. I was able to return to either my own universe, or...' He pauses again, thinking to himself before continueing. 'Or at the very least, something close enough to it to have most of the same things I recall, at least in parts. That universe is in its death throes, space-time itself fracturing. I don't even know how long I was there, really... but I satisfied my imperative system, and retrieved some things of importance. And... closure.' The android fell silent at that last word, pouring through that long stretch of memory with only himselves for company.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I'm glad to hear it." He'd seen how harsh the command imperative might be, when Thousand's failed activation of his upgrade system had brought such a sudden end to their brawl. "I'm surprised it still exists. Prime might be interested in your data; it might be helpful in understanding some questions he's had about an aspect of temporal mechanics." He pushed himself up into a sitting position, then looked down over the edge of the rooftop he was perched upon. He pushed himself off, landing on the dusty ground with a thump muffled by the thin air, and brushed himself off. "What are your plans now? If you really want a piece of the Kaiosei action, you might want to make a stop here. Sam and Requius would also appreciate a visit, I'm sure."'

[CHAT] Thousand shakes his head suddenly, snapping himself out of his thoughts and collecting himself before replying, once more calm. 'I had months to collect and analyze sensor data on it. Difficulty in evading the disrupted regions initially ended up basically forking my existence, had to contend with a few time-duplicates of myself. Pretty awkward, as I'm sure you can imagine. The effects in question were familiar, I believe you used something along those lines in our last match! I should be able to give Prime some useful data on that, and I'd love it if he could share some of his insights too.' He checks the computers FTL calculations, nodding slightly before continueing. 'I hadn't really made plans beyond what I've just finished, honestly. I set a course in Earth's direction, as good a starting point as any, and I really ought to get in touch with Sam and Req as well, but whichever way I go I have a few weeks to wait.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"That slow? Jeez, Thousand, you must really be at the ass-end of the universe, aren't you? Why not let me help? I could get you and your data to the Sanctum within the hour. Your ship, too, if you don't mind it being taken apart and reassembled by Gremlins."'

[CHAT] Thousand chuckles into the comm. 'Ass-end? You couldn't be further off. I'm actually just outside of the galactic core. And sure, by all means- nothing irreplaceable here, although...' He recalls the events onboard the Requiem. 'Could you make doubly sure that none of the Gremlins dispatched have a penchant for country music?'

[CHAT] Dumastin chuckled as he walked toward one of the complex's airlocks. "Are you talking about the one that got lost aboard the Requiem a while back? Hah, that shouldn't be a problem. Prime likes you well enough." He grinned. "He tracked down the transponder encryption on that stray quite some time ago. He just never said anything about it. Honestly, I think he did it because he likes to mess with Sam a bit. Sam's dad was always a bit of a knucklehead, and Prime never liked the way he kept trashing the Carrier's cargo bays." He whistled a bit as blue sparks danced over his fingers. "I'll be there in a few minutes to get things ready from your end. Should save you a bit of travel time, at least..." He walked through a doorway, starting to frame the spells in his mind.

[CHAT] Thousand chuckles, though winces slightly at the memory. 'It wasn't the music in and of itself that was so bad, it was everyone's sleep, work, or private conversations getting interrupted by mood-inappropriate bluegrass that really drove us nuts. Even if it liked good music, it probably would have gotten intolerable pretty quickly.' The android chuckles again, before nodding pointlessly at the control console. 'Alright then, I'll see you in a few. Guess I'll lock a few things down in the meantime...' The android cut the comm and stepped over to drain the hot tub, among a few other preparations, a spring in his step courtesy of the prospect of not having weeks of boredom to look forward to. (exit)

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Re: Hailing Frequencies Open

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This was a good one. I enjoy Dumastin when he's playing team leader in his scheming phases and Thousand is always fun to read.

RPP rewarded.

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