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*Fools and Friends

Post by BenRGamer » 14 May 2017, 22:15

[CHAT] Melesilio walked along one of the many side streets of the city, a cigg between his lips and hands stuffed in his jacket pockets. he had gone out mainly because he doesnt truly sleep, and sitting in one spot was starting to bore him. he kept to the alleys and side streets on purpose, secretly hoping to find a guilty one to have some 'fun' with, needing abit of a distraction from all the random bits of memory files that kept trying to come up in his mind, mainly the one of the pink haired woman and his supposed Mother (cool evening, not alot of activity for once, where are all those so called burly meanies I always see during the day? its like they know somethings hunting them now) sighing he stopped, having found himself somehow in the city park, that Giant statue of the big grinning fool as he called it staring at him (...guy looks like a giant putz..what he do to earn a statue?)

[CHAT] Crescendo -- Well, there was one street thug that the android didn't notice. Some guy with a stereotypical shaved head and a goatee, wearing a off-white t-shirt under a red flannel jacket and a pair of jeans, taking a drag off of a cigarette of his own, on noting the man walk by in an alley, there's a moment where the man looks down, then back up to the man, "Hey you!" it calls out in a thuggish voice, "Where ya think you're goin!" before giving off a fairly mocking laugh, "There's a toll on this alley, and you gotta pay up!" along with another chuckle before he looks back up to the guy.

[CHAT] Melesilio stopped as he heard the thuggish mans voice speak out, a soft smile forming on his lips (jackpot...mmm) he slowly turned, throwing his hair back over his shoulders and placed a hand on his hip, cocking it out alittle as he raised an eyebrow oh? a toll?..hmmm he gave a soft giggle as he started to walk back towards the man, making sure to sway his hips as he did to accent his more feminine features. he stopped about 3ft from the man, head slightly tilting to one side and what might that toll be mister? I dont have money to pay for such an absurd thing as an alleytoll.. he stretched alil, twisting his body in a snakelike manner to further accent those curves of his but maybe, we could find a payment that suits both of us hmm?..say, your beating heart for me to feast on? mmm, yes that sounds like a good toll..very good toll indeed!

[CHAT] Crescendo -- As the man approached, there was a small chuckle, the man with the shaved head drops the cigarette and snuffs it with his heel before pushing himself off of the wall where he's leaning against and steps up to Melesilio, stepping closer than the three feet. "A still beating heart? Who do you think you are, an Indiana Jones' villain? Money's good. That's what you ask for in a mugging. Which is what this is. Now give me your money. Now," he says, with a small chuckle, before just staring at the man. Inwardly, it didn't really know everything it was talking about, just grabbing from the memories available from the mask. Still, it wanted to see how far it would take this--it was kind of fun. And if there was a fight? Well, practice is always good.

[CHAT] Melesilio smiles and giggles at the would be mugger indiana jones? do I look rugged and handsome? he grins wide, his eyes suddenly shimmering as he scanned the man you have no idea what youve just done do you big boy? without another word his hand flew up towards the mans face, attempting to literally grasps and squeeze the mans face as tight as he could. If he gets ahold not only will he continue to attempt to crush the mans face but also shove him back into the wall, giving out a faint moan a big big no no mistake...the goddess will enjoy knowing you have been cleansed, FILTH

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man starts chuckling, then laughing, he doesn't even speak up in protest of the action--instead he throws up a knee, aiming to hit the other man straight in the groin before trying to shove him away. Though, as only a mask... it's still not... really used to fighting at all in this bipedal form, so things like the fine motor control needed for fighting are... clumsier than one would expect. Only one way to learn, though, and that's to fight in it.

[CHAT] Melesilio raises a curious eyebrow and slightly tilts his head as the man seems to be, enjoying the sudden assault on him "another odd one, hmm. well we wi" his voice cuts off as the knee lands home, sending him back a couple steps back and hunching him over slightly as he's shoved back. slowly a faint giggle starts in his chest, growing into a full fledged booming laugh echoing through the alleyway, head lifting up to stare the man down "On a human male, that would hurt...alot..but sadly my friend, I am not Human" he stands up straight again and licks his lips "but, I give you an A for effort, bravo big burly man bravo! now, shall we dance?" Mel quickly stepped forward again, shooting his own leg up infront of him in a straight kick aimed for the mans chest to try and hold him there against the wall as before "or would you prefer something abit more, intimate??"

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The man just keeps chuckling, "No, no, you don't get it. It's funny!" he says, moving forward to try to continue fighting, he ends up mainly walking into the kick and being thrown back with a powerful thud, hard enough to the crack the wall behind him and knock the breath out of his lungs. After he goes into his tirade about not being human, there's another chuckle, breathier this time, in fact it sounds oddly different, right before the man speaks again, in an entirely different and less appropriate voice--the same one it typically used to talk to Mel. "I'm not either. Fooled you!" it laughs again for a moment before wincing, and clutching its likely now bruised chest, "Oh, it hurts to laugh..."

[CHAT] Melesilio eyes went wide for a moment when he heard the voice he recognized come from the man ... "Cres sweetie..." he dropped his foot from the Mimic's chest, stepping up so his face would be within an inch of Cres's current form ...thats playing naughty, but I like the joke he suddenly grinned, and moved to give a quick jab at crescendo's stomache, nothing too hard, but enough to sting should it hit, still speaking " of all the forms to take to mess with me, why did it have to be this? I mean, nothing cute and cuddly in there we could have fun with hmmmm? he winks, giggling and moving to put his arm across cres's chest to hold him still against the wall "hmmm, you know i could think of several fun thinks to do to repay you for making a fool of me, but I figure I deserved that one..and besides, nice to see you have a sense of humor in there...now, are we dancing or getting Intimate cressy?"

[CHAT] Crescendo grunts as its decked in the stomache, it wasn't expecting another attack. It shook its head a moment, before offering the android a smug, self-satisfied grin. "Didn't know I'd run into you! Otherwise I would've," it chuckles a moment, before wincing slightly once again as it did so--it -did- hurt to laugh. "I know who these people are... I know who they know. And I know what they've done. This is how -I- hunt. It's how I found you the first time," it says, still with that grin.

[CHAT] Crescendo -C- "I wanted to see if I -could- fool you. I haven't seen anything like you before. You... intrigue me," there's a grin and another chuckle before it responds to his question, "Dancing or intimate...? Why don't you tell me?" Then, before the androids eyes, it shapeshifts again--going from a bald street thug of a man, to a smaller young red-headed woman with deep green eyes, dressed much the same, though more form fitting, nevertheless, it winks at him then immediately tries kneeing him in the gut before trying to throw him off of it.

[CHAT] Melesilio nods slowly as he listened to Cres, a faint smile slowly growing with each word the mimic spoke. he then let out a gasp as he was suddenly staring at a lovely female ooh, I like the Red" He lets out a grunt as again he takes a knee, being thrown off cres once again and this time stumbling back against the other alley wall, holding his stomache "oow, hey, tricking me with the bald punk was one thing, but teasing me with a pretty thing to get a low blow?...I love it!" he pushed himself up off the wall, seeming to crack his neck and stretch out alittle infront of Cres's new form, seeming to hum alittle tune as Mel's eyes visibly gave the new body the full head to toe look, slowly licking his lips "so, you seriously want to play then? hmm, okay!!" kicking off the wall his body does a full spin in the air, leg lifting midspid to be brought downwards to attempt to hit cres's neck and shoulder with his Heel

[CHAT] Crescendo chuckles again, "That's for punching me again," it says. Though, thinking about it... it probably should practice some more. It generally did all of its fighting in its... natural state, though, and almost never... like this. Thus, when it tried to block the androids kick, it generally went staggering off balance with a, "Uwaah!" until it hits the wall again and regains its footing. "I haven't... really fought like this before," it says, the girl furrowing her brows frustratedly. "It's actually hard to fight like this! Can't just... rip your throat out and be done with it," at that, though, the girl charges forward in an attempt at a punch, a wild haymaker. Albeit rather clumsily. Fighting like this was... not its forte.

[CHAT] Melesilio steps back again after the kick, listening then nodding "well then, youre at a disadvantage, tsk tsk. guess dancing lessons before we get more intimate.. giggling again he stepped into the haymaker,ducking down and putting his arm up in an outward arm block to deflect the wild haymaker first lesson, though powerful wild punches like that rarely work against anyone with abit of training..better to wear down your opponent with fast stinging jabs like this! quickly he shot his other hand straight out, though not full force, aiming for cres's chin to give em a lovetap

[CHAT] Crescendo frowns as the android blocks the attack, leaving it open for it to get punched square in the face with an instinctive, "Ow!" and she reels back for a moment, hand over her mouth. Something that occasionally happened with masks that weren't fighters. "Tch. Fine," it says out, the girl furrowing her brow again and looking at the android. It had actually taken a bit of a beating from all the fighting thus far. Nevertheless, it wasn't about to admit defeat--even if it didn't really know exactly what it was doing. "Not a bad move," it says, as the girl shakes her head a moment, before trying to step in and repeat it self, with a pair of quick jabs towards the androids face and stomach.

[CHAT] Melesilio lets out another giggle youre lucky I like yew.. he gave cres a wink and a small playful bow when it said not a bad move, causing it to look up in time to recieve the jabs, knocking him backwards for amoment with a very loud Ooow!! he rubbed his cheek abit after that one, tilting his head abit to the side fast learner huh, should have hit you full force.. He slid his leg out infront of him abit, both knees bent as his body moved almost serpentlike into a defensive stance, hands open infront of him as he smiled come take me sweetie, if you think you can like that..

[CHAT] Crescendo grins as the blows land, "Should have," it says. This was hard. Fine hand-eye coordination and motor control for bipedal forms would take awhile to fully master, but, even if it could fight naturally, this was more versatile. It's likely it would have to fight in a form like this and not be able to transform without giving things away--best to learn now when its life isn't on the line. "I'm not gonna hold back, why are you?" it says, "Afraid to hit a girl?" the red-haired girl emphasizes it with another wink before smirking she moves in again, trying for another low knee along with a jab or two. Despite what it's learning, it's still rather... clumsy.

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- 'No sweetie, I said your lucky I like you because I dont want to permanently damage you.. As cres moved in he began his assault. the leg out in front drawing itself up to meet knee to knee, followed by both hands moving in a fluid motion upwards and around the incomming jabbing arms to try and catch hold of them in his own. If he does he would immediately go to swing cres around and into the other alley wall as hard as he could throw him, and simply retake the same stance.if not then he will attempt to back off after the jabs, and reasses the situation'

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks a moment as what the android said had actually sunk in now, though it had taken the reiteration for it to notice, "Wait, what," it says, immediately getting itself caught off guard by the androids counter--it's grabbed and thrown with a "UWAAAAH!" against the wall with a loud thump, literally cracking the wall and causing it to slump to the ground momentarily, dazed for a second, before it shakes its head a moment. "Never had... anyone tell me that before," it says, pushing back against the wall to stand back up. "That was... ow..." it shakes its head moment, getting back into the match.

[CHAT] Melesilio frowns slightly, watching the aftermath of the throw and lowers his hands youve never had someone like you? I could believe the hug thing to a point the other night..but..wow.. he stands up straight, rubbing the back of his head for amoment as his normally lavender eyes seemed to shift to grey Im going about this all wrong then with you..I should not have assumed certain things that i have been with most sentient beings he clears his throat, eyes shifting back to Lavender as he gives a soft smile to cres This does explain alot about your Manners and general demeanor, and here I thought you were just being an ass on purpose giggling he stepped forward and, if allowed, takes the mimics hand to lift it up, moving around beside cres while having him form a proper fist first off, when throwing that jab, dont just aim at the spot.. Cont

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' That your trying to hit, Imagine your target is directly behind what you want to hit and attempt to punch through them. again he moved, this time to Cres's other side, lifting up its other arm to form a fist and moving it closer to his face while throwing the jab, never drop your other arms guard, this can leave you open to a stinging counterattack from a hook or jab of your opponents. also, do not fully clentch your fist until the moment of impact, that last lil bit at the end can be the difference between a lovetap and a possible knockout depending on the person youre up against.. he then went to step behind Cres, lightly kicking at his feet to spread them out just about shoulder width apart, and gently push to get it into what would be a basic boxers fighting stance basic fighting stance, but from here you can begin to learn more once we get you alittle less....clumsy'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The girl shakes her head slowly, "No. I mean... I told you, I was just... made to be a pet. The very first thing I remember hearing talked about was someone saying that they should've made a 'killswitch' for me if I got out... they'd up and kill me... just like that... the only thing other than them that I've really talked to til I saw you was that dragon... they just thought I was... interesting, or something. Other than that I've just been... hiding and hunting," it looks down a moment. It takes the stance on lessons and jabbing and everything else. "Thanks. Really. But, I... um... I don't feel like practicing anymore,"

[CHAT] Melesilio sighs alittle, and does again what he did the other night, stepping up to the mimic and wrapping it in a big hug, whispering I may not be technically alive like you or most beings, and I may have alot of issues.. at saying that he gave a soft giggle and a playful wink but I wont ever, ever do or treat you the way they have, alright?...and I am sorry that I have caused you to feel pain.. he giggled again, his smile going from ear to ear Welll, not sorry for the physical pain, never that too much fun picking on you heehee....but I mean...causing you pain here he steps back, and taps the mimic on its chest over its heart.. Im not heartless to those who dont deserve it, and even though they may see you as evil, I can see otherwise...now, cheer up Buttercup! he giggled again, pushing at cres's shoulder playfully cant have ya going too soft on me now sweetie

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks, going wide eyed momentarily and just... looks away for the moment, though it does actually hug the android back this time--at least it has the arms to do so now. It appears to be blushing for the moment as well, "I, uh... thanks, that... that actually means alot," it speaks, "And... thanks for helping me figure out fighting like, uh... this," it says, waving an arm a moment. "But I... I'm actually pretty hungry," and it probably needed to think a bit, "I saw you before I was able to catch anybody, and the fighting didn't help..." it adds, and there's a barely audible grumble somewhere as well. "Thanks again," it says.

[CHAT] Melesilio cant help but cover his smile and giggle almost insanely at the sight of the mimic blushing. too cute.. still giggling he turns and starts to walk away, apparently slipping back into his usual self as his hips swayed while he walked, glancing back over his shoulder at Crescendo Your Welcome, Cressy hun, remember though, Friends first before you get any naughty ideas he winks and laughs waving a hand over his shoulder to cres Just be careful hunting your meal, and if you want or need more lessons just ask..I love dancing after all.. finally at the end of the alley he turns fully, and gives a real smile, no playful sultryness, no flirtations, a real genuine smile and your welcome, my new friend! and with that, he walked around the corner, to find his own....fun....for the evening

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Re: Fools and Friends

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Two serial killers trade kick-boxing tips and some inter-species/non-organic flirtation - would probably be the blurb on the back of this if it were a video cassette cover.

You're really kind of forcing the sexual predator thing, Melesilio, and it's a bit awkward to read because it's laid on so thick. Not telling you to strip it from your character if that's what you really want but use it more sparingly.

RPP rewarded.

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