*Clusterfuck in Bear Forest

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*Clusterfuck in Bear Forest

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[CHAT] Elphlane grasps a small coin in her palm. A feminine hand wearing black silk gloves. A smile parted on lips covered in purple as the pale white skin poked out of her baroque top. Thigh high boots ended just short of an eloquent skirt. This was no ordinary coin. The face of a goofy mage adorned the front. she clenched it tight and thought of a place on earth. a small out of the way place. in a purple flash she was gone.

[CHAT] Melesilio made his way through the grassy fields he had been hiding in while repairing his damaged arm. Glancing down he grumbled again about his silk shirt and jacket being torn (and i had just bought these..swear beasties buying me new ones before i feed him his own tongue he gave a girlish giggle and skipped a few paces, Lavender eyes scanning up ahead of him along the path. for the moment it seemed asides from a few faun and an old cranky grizzly off in the distance he was all alone as he walked. He started to hum to himself, running his hands through the grassy field as he watched the sun going lower in the distance, smiling softly so pretty...

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The thing wasn't alone. It still didn't know what it was--just that it was a murderer. And a torturer. It was claiming that was 'getting rid of filth,' but it was those things. Only it couldn't eat it. Because it wasn't... human. Or alive. It was puzzled, and ever-curious, so it'd taken to following the thing. Not altogether hard, as a smoker the man had a distinct scent--it'd left the city and... fixed its arm, apparently? Still, it was keeping hidden, as best it could, and just... watching. Trying to figure out just what the deal -was-. It couldn't find the dragon to talk to, and it hadn't talked to the shadow creature either, so it didn't... really know what to make of it.

[CHAT] Melesilio continued humming as he walked along, hand pulling up pieces of the tall grass (what a lovely scene, fresh air, no corrupted filth to be s..) his thoughts were cut short at the sudden energy spike on his scanner, literally right above him what in the.. he had just enough time to see a most beautiful backside falling before the mysterous person landed on him, knocking him flat on his back with her well, sitting on him. Giving a slight wince he slowly lifted a finger, and attempts to tap the persons back while in a muffled voice pardon me..although you backside is quite lovely, would you mind getting off?

[CHAT] Dumastin drew his hand back from the gnarled bark of a great, twisted oak tree and blinked. "What in the world...? He stepped back, his boots crunching on the burned soil. This part of the forest was still scarred from the Thorned's battle; a massive scar surrounded the oak at the heart of the forest where plants still did not grow. He turned his head this way and that, seeking as much with his mind as his other senses, looking for the lingering ripples of what had to have been space-altering magic. He frowned, then held out his hand. The space above his palm seemed to wobble slightly, and then a metal orb appeared in his hand. A port opened on the side, and a swarm of tiny chrome-winged butterfly-like drones flew out, spreading out and seeking the source of the disturbance.

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks, immediately looking up at the sound and watches in confusion as someone randomly falls on the person...? It didn't really know what to do, so it kept still for a moment--still off to the side and out of sight. Though there's something familiar about it. That scent. It'd smelled them before... where was it... it's thoughts were unfortunately interrupted by -another- arrival. This time a namekian? It shook its head a moment an looked back at the android. Well, if this murderer were here now and there were people it was alone out in the woods with, well, he was -probably- going to attack them. So... it should maybe do something about that. Why, though? It couldn't -eat- the android. But... with a low growl it moves around the underbrush, circling around the pair to try to get behind the android to try to pounce at him in a few moments.

[CHAT] Elphlane gasps as the rock she landed on starts tapping her. <thats no rock> She thought as she looked down and saw feet and a muffled voice tickling her from under her skirt. She felt nothing from him. No emotions and that disturbed her greatly. she quickly scrambled to her feet and brushed herself off. She did pick up another emotion. a hunter. a familiar face. The hunger. "Crescendo..." she thought as she turned towards the emotial imprint and looked directly towards Crescendos hiding place. from his vantage point it would see she was stairing right at him. she smiled and waved towards the spot then cocked her head slightly. "Im Elph, and whay should I call the object thay became a stool for my rump?"

[CHAT] Melesilio gave a smile as the lady stood, head cocking slightly to the side as he gave her the once over {very pretty..hopefully she isnt corrupted like the rest..) he pushed himself to his feet, dusting himself off as his ears heard her whisper...something? he raised a brow seeing her stare off in the distance for amoment, but quickly gave her a playful smile when her attention returned to him goodevening Elph, I am Called Melesilio, but you...you.. he giggled alittle and stepped back with a flouishing bow can call me whatever you like! but id prefer Mel he giggled again, his lavender eyes seeming to shimmer as he recorded every detail about her to his memory logs might I ask how you ended up right above and then atop of me miss? though im not complaining one bit!"

[CHAT] Dumastin moved swiftly through the woods, following the lead of his butterfly drones. He knew where the little gathering was going on, well enough to find himself a position nearby that he figured he could reach unseen, and then he paused, a voice in his head making a suggestion. He looked down at the black gauntlet covering his right hand, then smirked and nodded, shifting to hold up the hand slightly without breaking cover. He gave a little nod...

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The sound of snapping branches and crunching leaves suddenly erupted. Something enormous, like a huge bear trailing a shroud of black smoke, was charging at Elphlane and Melesilio on all fours. It roared, and the sound echoed through the woods. Every time it raised its massive paws, the light gleamed off of red claws like enormous rubies. It roared again, and the light glittered off of a mouthful of teeth, each one also resembling a red gem.'

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks again as the new arrival calls its name. It was... the dragon? That's... Hm. With a more audible growl it steps out of the underbrush, glaring at the thing. It was quadripedal, with sleek black carapace styled covering over its head, neck, shoulders, and back, with red musculature underneath. It looks to be about the size of a large wolf. Nevertheless, it looks with its red eyes squarely at the android, growling for a moment before speaking, again with the voice of the woman that the thing had so recently killed. "Murderer," it speaks out. And it was set to pounce... right when the area nearby suddenly erupted into a shadowbear that was... definitely something that merited attention! It scrambles back a moment later, out of the way, having absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"How I ended up here. Well..." She said with a smile. "I made a deal woth a friend of some power to forge me a key that could transport me from The Epitome of Darkness where I put a small city of Demons under my ruling thumb." She said with a smile. "Going to usher them into a new age, and end that sterotype image that all Demons are ruthless killers out to drink baby blood. No."She said with a pause"They will learn to only drink the blood of the wicked" She said with a dark giggle. "Crescendo, please,.Talk this..." She said as she felt an emotion on the fringes before it came crashing towards them. She grinned before launching her at the creature that was exploding from the underbrush.<c>'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'Black shadows cover her body as her form turns into midnight, reforming midair into her natural state. A Van sized black dragon with smoke trailing off of her body. She charged at it and roared with what could only be described as fury before tryinf to give the bear a nice big bear hug, and dragon kisses.'

[CHAT] Melesilio tilted his head curiously, eyes still slightly shimmering as he was recording everything she spoke to his memory logs for later "where have you been dark goddess..." he suddenly blinks, partially at what he just said and partially at the appearance of Crescendo " Really Beastie? now? all day ive been here alone and now yo.." his whole body spun around and eyes went wide at the monstrous Bear like monster running out of the woods at them, seeing the sharp teeth and claws, he started to move in a defensive way to put himself between elph and the monster, but it would seem she had already moved, and transformed oooooo...even more pretty..yup im in love he glanced back at crescendo and winked sorry beastie, youre cute, maybe we can have a side thing? and you owe me a new shirt! turning again he started scanning the bear, and the area it had come from, trying to make out anything or anyone that mightve unleashed the said beastie, (Cont)

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' running slightly forward and to the left, wanting to keep his distance from those sharp claws yet also knowing he may have to jump in to help..and he definetly wanted to know how the hell this bigger beastie showed up without any sign previously of its existance'

[CHAT] Crescendo snarls and snaps at the thing once more before looking back at the dragon and the... other thing... do that... thing. It didn't seem to be a fight? It had absolutely no idea what was going on, the Dragon tried to tell it something, but it wasn't sure what. Still, as much as it wanted to attack the murderer, it wanted to know just... what was going on even more. "Elph..." it speaks, looking back to the dragon. "...what's going on? 'Please talk'...?" it says, only taking its eyes off the thing for a second, before glaring at it again. It still didn't even know what to call it.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '<Just trying to contact earth and introduce some talks with them, trying to usher in a new begining for the demons I...umm...rule i guess> She smiled a big toothy dragon smile before slowy forming back into her female humanoid shape. It took her almost a full minute to shift back and left a smokey haze in the area that seemed to cling onto the very grass. "Yes Crescendo. Talk. From whay he replied to me, I think we may have a new follower. A new ally to cleanse the wicked. She said as she put a hand on her hips and took a step closer to Iapetus. The emotions and feelings of thay shadow demon thing just filled her with..'

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- 'She shook her head but still...she wanted Iapetus to herself. Somehow she would have to make him hers. she thought with a chuckle'

[CHAT] Melesilio slowed his run, sliding to a hault as he watched the bear and dragon have some strange, makeout session? aww drats....ah well, guess it makes sense..she would have a powerful lover.. giggling to himself he watched as she transformed back to the humanoid self, again mumbling something about pretty. his eyes then looked to crescendo and smiled seductively as elph spoke to him oh, youre one of hers?? bad bad beastie...scaring me like that...and here i thought you were a child eater.. as he spoke those words he blinked, his scanner going off again as another signature seemed to be entering the area but he didnt want to take his eyes off the three infront of him, and the power didnt seem to be that big of threat at the moment whatever it was strange...

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Cute puppy. He yours, Elphlane?" His hand went over to pat Crescendo as he looked Melesilio over. "Scared? I hope not. If you're scared of a little old bear, you shouldn't be wandering around the *Bear* Forest. Some of the steelclaw grizzlies are even bigger than that form I took." He grinned evilly, and let his eyes meet Elphlane's. He sighed slowly. "It's good to see you, dragon girl. I'm sorry we haven't been able to visit. Soulmirror is... elusive. We were going to come soon, though. There's news..." He shook it off. "But that's for later!" He gently pushed her shoulder with a fist.'

[CHAT] Crescendo blinks, glancing to the dragon and the shadow thing and then back to the... other thing. After Elph vouches for the thing it eases up, giving a huff before shaking its head with a spoken, "Fine... sorry, Thing," it says, only to blink and growl as the shadow creature tries petting it and, well, treating it as a pet. It speaks again--this time in a different voice, one of the more intimidating ones it knew--one that the shadow, the dragon, and even the other thing would recognize--Sam's voice, "I am -NOT- a pet!" before growling, barking, and glaring at the at the shadow. That... was a sore point for it. Even if this... shadow thing was far stronger than it, from what it could sense.

[CHAT] Elphlane: -- '"You could say I helped him to freedom. I dont think anything should be chained and kept as a pet, but it does play a good cover story." She said with a smile. The small tap on the shoulder flooded her with raw emotions. Power strenght but also stress and struggle. <Almost out of time I gather.>She sent as her eyes locked his. <I told you I could track thay thing if you took me here and used me. You didnt show so I decises to come here myself> She swnt with a grin as she walked back closer to the other 2.<c>'

[CHAT] Elphlane Nods at Dumastin talking to a small figure near the edge of the forest. They seem engaged in a conversation so she didnt interrupt. " Sorry to cut tbis short but I have some pressing issue to deal with." Those pressing issues were mainly what she came here for. She had a limited time here to look fora way to contact some officials, and to fill herself with much needed.life energy if she were to track down Edge. She waved before exploding in a burst of smoke and shadows (exit)

[CHAT] Melesilio giggles at crescendo, placing a hand on his hip and cocking it out slightly to sway alittle, sticking out his tongue and with his other hand holding it up so only three fingers were up learn to read between the lines beastie..and my name it Melesilio..but if you start being nice you can call me mel, maybe even mellie if youre reeeaaaal nice he winks at cres, giggling again before turning to wave a goodbye to Elph goodbye goddess of the night!, and you big bear beastie... he took three steps towards the figure, glaring for a sec, then smiling playfully i fear, only because its needed, doesnt mean i wont play even with you he winks and turns, walking away back towards cresendo, swaying his hips seductively just for the fun of it

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The Namek came walking into the clearing, scratching his head. "Thought I saw someone over there, but I guess I was mistaken." He wondered if the damage to the natural flows had started something like haunting spirits to appear in the woods; checking up on that sort of side-effect had been the primary reason for his visit to these woods, after all. He nodded as Elphlane vanished. "Iapetus, did you not tell her that Soulmirror had a master now? That was important!" The black smoke-demon crossed his arms and shrugged, almost sheepishly. "I was... distracted."'

[CHAT] Dumastin looked over at Melesilio and Crescendo. "Well, now. An android I haven't met before, and... that's not a dog at all, is it? What manner of creature are you?" He didn't have the kind of equipment he would have needed to discern Crescendo's nature as a Mimic offspring, so the creature's appearance was as confusing as anything else.

[CHAT] Crescendo shakes its head slowly, glancing up to each person in turn, glaring at the shadow thing momentarily, "Fine..." it speaks again, in a less intimidating voice, "Mel," it says, looking back to the thing. Android? "You're an... Android, then?" it says--the word triggering some memories from some of the Masks, though it had taken pains to not delve into the memories of them. It then looks to the namekian, "I'm... I'm called Crescendo," it finally gives its name, at least, that's the name it was given. It hadn't really thought of any other one for itself--and it certainly wasn't going to take one from the Masks.

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' my memory logs on namekians state they are capable of stretching themselves to great lenghts...hello sweetie.. he let out a faint purr sound then giggled before shaking his head alittle, smacking himself apologies, hard to contain myself..pleasure to meet you sir he brought his hand up in a fist, covering where his heart would be if he had one, the other going behind him fist to lower back as he gave the formal bow within his memory banks that seemed appropriate for what he assumed to be a true elder, glancing over at crescendo and frowning i know youre knew at this stuff, but try to bow the ruggedly hansome green man, its the respectful thing to do beastie...err..crescendo.. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The smoke-demon dissolved into a billowing cloud. It flowed across the ground to Dumastin, then up his body, until the black smoke cleared, leaving a black gauntlet on his right hand once more. "Crescendo, hmm? And Melesilio. I am..." He sighed, frowning. "Not really anybody important." He scratched at the gauzy bindings over the right side of his head. He normally wore them here on Earth; the sight of a Namekian with a cybernetic eye was almost all it took to cause a panic these days.'

[CHAT] Crescendo looks to the android, Mel, and then back to the Namekian for a few moments, walking around the Namekian for a moment, catching their scent, as well as looking at the shadow creature. "...what is your name?" it asks, not taking their answer at face value, and just looking up to the two of them, its red eyes squarely on them. Given that it knew Elph, and the other thing... they knew things. And it wanted to know things, too. "What -is- going on?" it says, looking rather serious--as serious as a wolf-monster can look to a humanoid, anyway.

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' nobody important? a hunky rugged man as yourself not important? hmmm.. he gets alittle pouty lipped, before turning his gaze to Crescendo, raising an eyebrow at his apparently new quadruped ally psst, cressy hun..its not nice to question the guy whos friends with the goddess.. he giggles again, though his eyes show he meant no joke, turning them back to Dumastin you must have a reason not to name thyself friend of the goddess, and i will not ask you to if you do not wish to...but that doesnt mean we cant get to know eachother hmm? He raises one eyebrow a few times as he giggles again, brushing his long black hair back from his lavender eyes as he watches the two of them, appearing perfectly at ease now anything I can assist with, hunky sir?'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Nothing going on. I'm just here checking on the woods to make sure that nothing unfortunate is happening. I mean, there's the steelclaw grizzlies, but I'd hate for *real* monsters to start showing up here. I picked up on it when Elphlane appeared here... my senses are a bit more acute than most." In his left hand, he held up the metal orb from before. The glittering butterfly drones flocked to it from the treetops, crawling back inside the hole and sealing it behind themselves. "As for my name, people used to call me the Captain. But I don't have anything to be the Captain of any longer. They called me the Steel Spectre, but that name is pretty dead, too. You can call me whatever you want... Crescendo."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He looked back to Melesilio. "You're... a bit odd. I've never seen an android quite like you before. Are you some sort of rogue service-bot? Do you need repairs, or some sort of help?"'

[CHAT] Crescendo paws back away from the man, before turning and sitting on its haunches, and looking right back at him, "...fine," it says, clearly not satisfied with the answer, but not really pressing the issue. The dragon didn't take issue with the namekian, so it probably shouldn't either. But that didn't mean it had to like him, or that secrecy. "Stop cowering," it says, with more than a little annoyance. "If you're going to do what we do you can't sit there and be afraid of people," it says with a hmph. Were they to work together? Or what. The dragon said something about another follower to help cleanse the wicked--it still didn't focus so much on that part, but rather just getting meals to survive--taking on the ones not likely to be missed, who deserve their fate. But this one? It still didn't know much about them.

[CHAT] Melesilio appears to go rigid for amoment when asked what he was I am unsure of what i am, Mother simply said protect and defend child, but i am unsire of what she meant.. as he spoke the lavender in his eyes seemed to turn grey, but as soon as he had finished they flashed lavender again and you.. he spun on crescendo, hands going to his hips in an almost motherly fashion i am NOT cowering, it is CALLED manners beastie...i mean..crescendo..jeeze he rolled his eyes, then leans closer to the mimic whispering and who ran from who the other night hmmmm???

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Pupper over there is right. I don't see any reason why you should be afraid of me. Though you don't really seem to be 'afraid...' I'm just a wanderer, that's all." He looked between the two of them, then his spine stiffened. He turned his head away, holding a hand to his ear as he listened to some hidden voice. "Something's come up. I've got to go." He frowned. "You two be careful in these woods. Especially after dark! I'm worried that there might be some, uh... some weird stuff going on around here. It could be dangerous." He turned his back on Crescendo and Melesilio, then tossed a silvery object over his shoulder to the android. "Communicator. Call me if you need something." He was engulfed in black smoke for a moment, and when it faded, he was gone.'

[CHAT] Crescendo looks up to the namekian, "I'll be fine," though it looks at them oddly. Something was especially... off with them. Though it couldn't really point out just -what- it was. At the androids comments, though, it just shakes its head and grunts, "You were the first one I found that I couldn't eat..." it explains, "I wanted to find out just what you -were-," it looks to the android, standing back up and just staring him down for the moment--still looking completely serious, if not so menacing that it'd try to rip your throat out anymore.

[CHAT] Melesilio turns in time to catch the comminucator, quickly pocketing it and nodding okay, no candlelit dinner then.. sighing he gives a small wave before turning back to Crescendo, letting out a long quizzical Hmmmmm... he stood there basically having a staring contest with the quadruped for a few moments, before he started to pace to the left alittle you know im curious as to how you mimic the voice of the dead, and wondering what other tricks you may hold...since We both seem to be at a loss for what one another truly is he suddenly sat down, maybe 3ft from crescendo and pulled out the pack of smokes clearly you know more of the goddess than I, and are enacting her will to some extect..must be hard when most would kill ya for the way ya look than simply say hiya he gives him a big smile, lighting up a cigg then holding it out for the beastie to puff if he wished

[CHAT] Crescendo keeps its gaze on the android for a few moments more, before it asks that question, it then tilts its head to the side, quizzically a moment. "I'm... not sure exactly," it speaks, "But it's anyone I've taken a part of," it speaks, showcasing a variety of different voices, some more gutteral or beastial, some younger, some more gruff--some of them may even be recognizable to the android. "I don't have a voice of my own. I can't... speak without mimicing someone elses voice," it notes, before looking down a moment. "And that's not all I can do," it notes, before looking back up to the android, "I also take memories, though I shouldn't... look at them too closely," it speaks, shaking its head a moment as its something it's not entirely sure about, "And I can wear their mask. Their form. A disguise."

[CHAT] Melesilio eyes slightly Narrow as he listened to crescendo, pulling back the smoke since it seems the mimic didnt want any and takes another long drag. you lie..regardless of what you are there were two voices there that you could not have taken, you are not strong enough to have taken them he flicked his cigg, cocking his head to the side as a sudden smile spread like a cheshire grin across his face but memories you say? so, you can see the memories of the woman attempting to drug and molest me, with intent of using that poison i killed her with to kill me had I been a real boy? he blows a smokering towards crescendo, licking his lips as he leaned back abit, one hand holding his wieght behind him as he sat with knees bent upwards, crossing his legs so one foot tapped at the thin air between them

[CHAT] Crescendo shakes its head, "I can see the memories if I eat... all of them... but I shouldn't look at them? Not more than necessary. Apparently it's... bad too. It's what the dragon said," it grunted a moment, before continuing, "I don't need to kill them for the mimicry at least. Just... a sample is enough. And that's what I had," it says, actually sounding a little angry as it thought about something. "They made me. Literally. Part wolf and part... them. They wanted me to be a pet," it continues, getting even angrier, "I am -NOT- a pet!" it finishes, outright growling. "The dragon helped me realize it. So... I escaped. But... I have to eat. I have to hunt. The dragon. She taught me to only hunt the guilty... those who wouldn't be missed. Those I could eat," it finishes with a nod. That was more or less its story in a nut shell.

[CHAT] Melesilio dropped his ciggarette as he listened to the mimics story. the playfulness in his eyes and face seeming to be replaced by...sadness? as Crescendo finished Mel actually sat up and scooted closer I am sorry...so so sorry..you are like me, in a sense...made to be something you are not..and its not fair..forgive me, for calling you a beast and filth, you are niether... he looked like he was crying, though no tears actually could ever fall from those eyes of his. Then suddenly, as if someone simply threw a switch, he smiled warmly and playfully again, again behind his mask so to say sooooo, how bout a hug cressy hunny? bet you could use one he winks and gives that sultry smile, going in to attempt to give the mimic a big bear hug

[CHAT] Crescendo looks down for a moment, only looking back up when the android calls it 'Cressy hunny,' "Wait, what are you-ack!" it speaks, eyes going wide in surprise, voice cutting off at that big bear hug, though sounding more from surprise than anything else. It... never really had one before? A hug, that is. There had been people trying to care for it as a 'pet,' that it ended up hating. Even people who'd tried to seduce it while it was disguised, though that was for ulterior motives and ended up with its face slammed into a wall and possibly nearly killed. This? This was... nice. Though it didn't really know what to say. Or do. How do you return a hug with paws? At the end of it, it just... shyly looks away. "Th-thanks,"

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' your welcome, ya big dummy He playfully pushed at crescendo as he sat back again, pulling out and lighting another cigg before lifting a hand and going to put a finger on the tip of cres's nose dont think for a second im forgetting about my shirt and jacket, youre getting me new ones for tearing these up... he giggled and smiled, glancing around at the eerie night for abit you know sitting out in an open field at night is kinda nice...asides from the bear about 300 meters that way he points behind him, his eyes faintly shimmering in the dark but he is no threat, hasnt moved since this afternoon from what my scanner shows...now, how to explain me to you...hmm.I really have no explanation, i am learning and trying to remember as I go..but as you hopefully know now, I am not a mindless murderer...'

[CHAT] Crescendo nips at the hand that tries to poke on its nose, not nearly as hard as the other day, but you don't go around poking it in the nose. "Don't do that," it says, warningly. Before it does finally nod, taking a deep breath and closing its eyes, "Yeah, I'm sorry. Outside of the Dragon, I never really... saw anyone like that before," it shakes its head and looks back up to the man, sitting on its haunches as well. "I've got money," corpses tend to have stuff on them, "You'll get your shirt and jacket and stuff," it says with a small annoyed grunt. "Dunno what the big fuss is about... I don't need jackets... or shirts..."

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' sorry, i meant nothing bad sweetie he stretched abit, smiling and shrugging to his new quadruped friend We're both sorry, for we both assumed something of one another and ended making asses out of ourselved because of it he then gave that giggle, standing so his hip was cocked to one side a hand resting on it should I strip down and walk around Naked then? just to get his point across he tugged off his jacket, giving it a twirl above himself before trying to drop it over crescendo, afterwards tugging at the bottom of his shirt swaying back and forth Most mortals would lose it you know, seeing someone that appears like them clothless...what do you think hmm? '

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' sorry, i meant nothing bad sweetie he stretched abit, smiling and shrugging to his new quadruped friend We're both sorry, for we both assumed something of one another and ended making asses out of ourselved because of it he then gave that giggle, standing so his hip was cocked to one side a hand resting on it should I strip down and walk around Naked then? just to get his point across he tugged off his jacket, giving it a twirl above himself before trying to drop it over crescendo, afterwards tugging at the bottom of his shirt swaying back and forth Most mortals would lose it you know, seeing someone that appears like them clothless...what do you think hmm? '

[CHAT] Crescendo just shrugs, as much as a quadraped -can- shrug, "I don't care about clothes. Do I look like I have them? I don't use them unless I'm wearing a disguise," before it bites that jacket and pulls it off of itself, not damaging it but... doesn't have hands, y'know? "People care too much about clothes. All the masks have them," it shakes its head slowly. But they all had reasons. Social mores. It didn't really care more than what was required to blend in, but apparently 'fashion' was a thing. Did it really have to deal with that?

[CHAT] Melesilio let out a little sigh, pausing in his playfulness Clothing is used for many various reasons amongst all living Races, its basic use that to Cover what they deem their Nakedness from the sights of others. it can have many uses, from Tactical to Mating Rituals to clan representation as he finished he cleared his throat, giving that playful smile as he started swaying his hips again does that help explain it alittle crescendo? or shall i demonstrate why clothing can be useful...on and off of ones person

[CHAT] Crescendo nods, rolling its eyes, "Yeah, I know what its for. I just... don't care about it? I can't even wear clothes like this. Just when I'm... disguised," it shrugs and stands up, "We can talk about it on the way home. I've been out here spying on you for... way too long," it speaks with a grunt before starting to make its way back to the city. Despite having to hide and having to wear a mask... it liked the city. More people. More food. More action. More... stuff.

[CHAT] Melesilio simply rolls his eyes, leaning down to pick up his jacket to throw it back on If you'd like I could make clothing that would fit your form, but thats only if youd like some.. He gives crescendo a warm smile, walking next to his new ally, and possibly friend spying on moi? oh my..a secret admirer, im touched he giggled once more, starting to hum and skip alittle as they headed back for the city, after all, more people meant more fun...and more work to be done hey cres.. he leaned down, lips almost touching one of cres's ears, pausing for amoment before whispering race ya!" before speeding off at topspeed through the long grass, heading back to the city where who knows what adventure theyll find

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