*The Hunters Hunted

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*The Hunters Hunted

Post by MightyMelesilio » 10 May 2017, 02:23

[CHAT] Melesilio sat on a bench infront of the statue he had begun to call 'the
grinning fool' in the middle of satan city park, watching all the living beings
pass him by from behind a newly bought pair of sunglasses (business men, punks,
corrupted vultures preying on the innocence of this world, disgusting..they have
the gift of life and the redemption of the afterlife, yet they choose to manipu
late and destroy for their own pleasures...) folding the newspaper he held he t
urned his currently Lavender eyes to a mother and her child playing with a kite,
a faint smile tugging at the corner of his lips (poor child, im sure this unive
rse has already begun to corrupt the innocence within you aswell..enjoy your you
th with your mother...) he gritted his teeth as he folded his legs on the bench
, leaning his head back to stare at the clouds so he wouldnt have to see the vul
garity of man around him

[CHAT] Melesilio continued to lean back and watch the clouds go by, ignoring all
the people walking until something started poking him. lifting his head there w
as a rather large, ok FAT, Humanoid cat in a police outfit poking his leg with h
is Baton " hey you, shouldnt you be in school? do i need to call the truancy off
ice? Mel almost laughed as he removed his glasses so the cop could see his eyes
shimmer, scanning the fat bastard "I do not think any human school would accept
me sir, unless you know of one? the officer scoffed at him, turning to walk aw
ay muttering something about androids, Mel watching him walk away taking in ever
y detail (Police officer, overweight, attitude suggests cruelty towards minors,
chances of saving... 0% fully corrupted) Mel put his sunglasses back on, whispe
ring to himself with a soft giggle "fat boy gonna die later..."

[CHAT] Melesilio waited till the officer had left the park to stand, part of his
mind calculating the different ways he could lessen the weight of the fat s.o.b
. (im being naughty...) he let out a giggle to himself, catching the attention
of a busnessman walking past. he watched the man check him out up and down befo
re placing a hand on his hip in a sultry manner well big boy, you gonna screw m
e with your eyes or ask for my number? Mel almost fell over from the fit of gig
gles that hit as the businessman turned and nearly tripped over himself to get a
way (oh..i need to relax..but that was oh so fun..)

[CHAT] Melesilio Finally made his way out of the park, almost skipping alittle a
s the more rampant side of his AI was currently in control. Humming a soft tune
as he passed by all the living beings, catching an odd look here and there whene
ver someone heard him or saw a random few skips ( so much fun, these poor corrup
ted bastards just have no idea..) giggling again he stopped at the edge of the
city, watching all the people come and go without a single though or care about
what they were truly doing to the world around them ( filth...corrupted filth...
given true life and all they do is waste it and force the innocence out of their
own kind...) leaning against a tree he smiled to himself, hand stuffed into hi
s pockets ( well, corrupted fools, a new defenders here, and I play naughty to w
in) once more, that soft, almost insane giggle escapes him

[CHAT] Melesilio continues to hum as he watched the people leaving and comming i
nto the city, removing his sunglasses and crushing them in his hand before dropp
ing them ( not hiding behind those anymore, let the corrupted filth see my eyes
and judge me however they think they can..) looking up he saw a kid giving him
a strange look, probably for crushing his own sunglasses. Mel gave the child a w
arm smile and playfully looked around before bringing his finger to his lips mak
ing a silent Shhh, before bopping the side of his own head. the Child giggled be
fore running off, Mel smiling and sighing (Innocence is beautiful...Damn the cor
rupt for hurting it...ill carve out their hearts and force them to eat it for al
l the harm they have done to innocence...) he let out a faint growl, wishing he
could do more, but knew it was not yet time (patience...)

[CHAT] Melesilio slowly mimiced a yawn, just because, reaching into a pocket to
pull out the pack of ciggs he had claimed from the now deceased woman back at t
he hotel, putting a cigg between his lips and lighting it. It had no effect on h
im other that he enjoyed the taste and the motions, helped him blend in more wit
h the filth around him ( so many on this planet, this is going to take a long t
ime, and alot of my core memory files are still corrupted... he smiled to himse
lf, taking another long drag ( Mother always enjoyed giving me challenges, just
didnt expect this one to be this complicated...) looking around he had noticed
that the stream of people had dwindled, seeing as it was getting later into the
evening (right, i always forget they prefer to rest during the evening hours

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The stench of death was a unique one. One that it could pic
k out from hundreds of meters away. It meant a meal--two, actually. The corpse
, and the murderer. Fortunately, with the former, it was easy to find the latte
r--it didn't just eat bodies, it ate minds. It's easy to find a killer when you
can remember who did it. Especially their scent. It was clear as day. They w
ere a smoker. It wouldn't even need a Mask for this one. After exiting the hot
el, it made its way quickly across rooftops and other out of the way routes thro
ugh the city. Within minutes, there the murderer was, standing near the outskir
ts of the city--nearby an alleyway. Perfect. It couldn't even sense any energy
from the man, an easy target. Soon enough, a voice, barely above a whisper, ri
ngs out--just loud enough for the android to hear. "Murderer..." it was a famil
iar voice, too. The woman he'd just killed.

[CHAT] Melesilio slowly finished his cigg, watching the sun set smiling (Truly
beautiful..) he started to move to leave, but stopped when he heard a voice, co
cking his head slightly in the direction that it had come from " mmm? what was
that now i just heard? a Ghost?..no no..couldnt be a ghost.. he turned, his eye
s in the twilight slightly shimmering as he scanned the area, noting several wea
k humanoid signatures, and one that was definitely not your average joe. with a
slight smile he started to take several steps back I do not know what you mean,
whoever you are, murderers kill, I simply clease corrupted filth.."

[CHAT] Crescendo -- There's a moment of silence, then a chuckle, in that same vo
ice. "Ghost? No. Something much, much worse," it speaks once more, planning a
method of attack as the man starts walking away, while using the Mask -is- sore
ly tempting, it can't properly fight with it and would put it at a disadvantage,
so instead it continues, "Is that what you thought...? That I'm corrupted filt
h?" There's another chuckle, "Tell me. How would you like to die? Is it screa
ming? Please tell me its screaming," there's one last chuckle before it fades i
nto silenc

[CHAT] Crescendo -C- Then, from the roof of the building Melesilio is walking be
side there's some movement--something pouncing down on him in a tackle to take t
he man off his feet. It's... not human. Large, quadripedal, looking a similar
shape as a large dog or a wolf, with sleek back carapace style armor over its he
ad, shoulders and back, red musculature showcased through the rest of its body,
sharp pale white claws, and even sharper fangs that are immediately snapping for
the neck of the man, aiming for the jugular.

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' listening to the womans voice he smiles alittle more, his
eyes staying forward though his built in scanner had pinpointed the larger powe
rsignatures location Something worse? hmm.. he licked his lips as he took one f
inal step back, leaning a hand against a parking meter" oh no, not you whoever y
ou are, the woman, the woman was corrupted, by the filth thats destroying innoce
nce..now the true question is.. as the signature suddenly lept he tugged as hard
as he could, ripping the parking meter up with both hands and spinning, eyes lo
cking onto the falling warrior as he took a homerun swing as he fell to keep tho
se nasty fangs away from mels pretty neck "Do you like Baseball? HeeHee!" '

[CHAT] Crescendo yelps out in surprise and pain, the parking meter slamming into
its shoulder and sending it flying several meters, crashing into the windshield
and roof of a nearby car, sending tiny shards of glass flying everywhere. With
in moments, however, it scrambles back to its feet, snarling and growling at the
man--clearly it missed something. This guy has -no- energy! How is it doing t
hat!? The smell of smoke was overwhelming as well, while it made it easy to pin
point him, it made it harder to tease out finer details. Still--it wasn't about
to denied its meal. "I will -tear you- to -pieces-!" it snarls once again in t
hat same voice--despite his claims, the man was clearly evil. A torturing sadis
t murderer? Pretty evil. It makes a mad dash at the man again, this time inten
t on dodging any incoming attacks, aiming to bite the mans arm and rip him off b
alance and down to the ground to be a proper easy meal.

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' lets out an almost girlish giggle as crescendo went flyin
g OOOOO and heeee's outta here! crowd goes wild!!" still giggling he spins the
parking meter once, kissing it before dropping it. his eyes flashed from grey to
lavender as the beast spoke, his voice low and sultry oh?, is that a pwomise bi
g puppy?? as crescendo charged mel went suddenly serious, making no attempt to s
top the animal from latching onto his arm, but as the beast went to tug him down
he twisted around, so that if the beast didnt let go he would hopefully end up
underneath Mel, and if that does happen Mel would try to introduce the big puppy
to his hard head, via several headbutts, if not, then he would merely do his be
st to fend off being chomped on by the big puppy, regardless, he chimes out bad
bad puppy..."'

[CHAT] Crescendo knew as soon as its teeth sank into synthetic flesh. This... t
hing wasn't human. Wasn't -alive-. They couldn't even be a meal--it must be wh
y it couldn't sense them. "Disgusting -thing-," it growls out through clenched
teeth as it still struggles with the thing. The takedown doesn't work exactly a
s the thing planned, as once it recognized the thing wouldn't die so easily to g
etting it's jugular torn out it switched tactics--instead going to move, intendi
ng to either pull the thing or rip its arm off, aiming to slam it into a nearby
parked car, taking any hits as it does so. "Not even fit to -eat-!"

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' lets out a slight eep as crescendo started to pull him h
ey now, i didnt ask you to interfere wi.. He lets out a loud grunt as he's smash
ed into the parked car, wincing as his eyes flashed a damage report across his v
ision, indicating he was somewhat hurt, but fully capable of continuing, his eye
s shifting to a deep shade of purple Defense protocol active, Protect children
from beast..you are beast, must delete.. Mel, assuming the beastie hadnt let go
of him, yanked hard at his arm while sending three fast knifehands for the beast
s eyes, followed by turning slightly and sending a tae kwon do style sidekick ri
ght for the beasts ribs as hard as he could Defense protocol active..you will b
e purged..

[CHAT] Crescendo -- The creature goes wide eyed, releasing the biting grip and t
urning its head only to get stabbed in the side of its neck multiple times, the
plating keeping it from being too bad but blood still oozed out of the wounds, d
ripping dark on the sidewalk below, and its then sent tumbling to the ground wit
h a kick. It didn't know what this -thing- was, but it wasn't expecting anywher
e -near- this kind of fight. Time to use some tricks. It wasn't hiding its ene
rgy before hand, because it didn't think it needed to, but if this -thing- wasn'
t a person, it had no idea what they could do. So... now it was, trying to duck
out of sight behind the nearest car it rapidly works its way around, trying to
come up from behind the thing--not in itself, but slamming into a small sized ca
r to hit them with it. How to kill something that wasn't alive, that much it di
dn't know. But it couldn't just run without slowing this down and keeping it fr
om following.

[CHAT] Melesilio watched the creature back off and dart away, suddenly his energ
y signature dimishing then vanishing from his scanner coward bastard...come and
attack me, call me murderer for killing a woman who was guilty of the defacatio
n and corruption of innocence, and now you RUN!?!?!? he went to take a step for
ward when his ears heard the slamming sound, instantly spinning on a dime to see
the car comming at him. no time to get out of the way he yelled, crossing his a
rms as he took the full impact, falling backwards as the car landed atop of him.
( system analysis, moderate damage to left arm and minor damage to internal sys
tems. combat effectiveness estimated 67%) coughing up abit of what looked like
blood, he literally kicks the car off of him..standing slowly ...well then beas
tie, are you going to fight me now that im wounded you coward? he smiled alil, t
he synthetic liquid running down his left arm (CONT

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- ' he brought his right arm up and extended just the pinky,
his voice suddenly changing again back to the sultry one I pinky promise big pu
ppy, i will end you before you can harm any of the innocence here giggling still
he took another Defensive stance, staring down Crescendo calmly cmon big scar
dy cat, you hurt lil ole me, come finish me if you got the bawls..."'

[CHAT] Crescendo -- By the time the thing had managed to climb back to his feet,
the creature was gone, fled, ran away. It didn't know how to kill something th
at wasn't even alive, and killing them besides, it didn't even know how to deal
with it. The thing kept talking about 'protecting innocents' and stupid stuff l
ike that--it didn't give one whit about the innocent insofar as killing them wou
ld draw attention to itself--far safer to hunt the guilty and stay under the rad
ar, that's the lesson it took from what it was taught, at least. It wasn't sure
what to make of any of this, though. It needed to talk. To the dragon, or the
shadow creature, but to someone.

[CHAT] Melesilio stood in silence for several moments, scanning the area to make
sure the beastie was gone...finally once he was certain the thing was gone from
the area he closed his eyes, his right hand reaching up and grabbing his damage
d left arm ( figures, not only is there corrupted filth in these beings, but the
res also sentient filth like that thing...i need to upgrade somehow...) sighing h
e stretched, then giggled alittle although it woulda made a cute puppy...to bad
...corrupted filth is corrupted filth it must die like the others sadly... givin
g a soft, almost sad sigh of regret he started to head into the city again, look
ing for a mechanic of some sort to help fix him up
Magic Missle...oh wait, this aint DnD >.>

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Re: The Hunters Hunted

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RPP rewarded.

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