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*Don't Lose Your Head

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[CHAT] Requius was sitting on the chruch steeple in Copperville. She was overseeing the masses from afar, watching as some families hurried their belongings inside, others aruging over the medical evaluation and some just turning around, finding out that it was a harsh desolate planet, decided it was too much work. Each person briefed, awarded a spot on The Requiem, and took up a main task on New Requiem when they arried. Until the colony grew and took hold more, there were critical areas which needed to be filled, but again, it was a new start for a lot of people, and seeing the hope in the peoples eyes brought her a small piece of joy.

[CHAT] Samuel had been doing what it could to help... which admittedly wasn't much. Not many people didn't end up just avoiding it--if they didn't go off running entirely, in the end the best thing to do was probably just... staying out of the way. Still a couple of days to go before they left, it'd shown Flay around, but Jaraid... he wanted to go back to the ship and 'work on something,' it was a little weird. As such, it ended up just outside the town, which was tiny anyway, standing in a field--facing, and aways from, Flay. He wanted a spar--some exercise and fun after spending the day just... sightseeing, more or less.

[CHAT] Requius turned to her left, her long black hair flowing in the wind as her knee-length black skirt shifted slight with each gust. Her head turned towards the west, eyes squinting slightly with the sunlight to see the figures in the field. A grin spread across her face as she watched the smaller one turn and adopt a fighting stance, hoping to fight something. Or train. A thought passed through her mind as she disappeared in a flash of light and small pressure wave.

[CHAT] Samuel gets into a fighting stance of its own, "Alright, Flay, come at me. Everything you got," it says with a sharptoothed grin and a nod, before Flay yells, "Might regret that, Dad!" before launching itself at Sam with a flurry of blows. Sam, for its part, goes on the defensive, blocking the attacks for several seconds before vanishing in a burst of speed, leaving Flay punching the air for a moment before blinking and looking around quickly, only to get hit in the back with a forearm and sent forward a few steps with a 'WOAH!' "You can sense energy, or even hear me, don't just rely on your eyes,"

[CHAT] Requius appears in a blinding flash and gust of wind as she appeared between the two of them with a grin on her face. "Don't leave me out of the fun here." She said as she placed a small hand on her hips. "I think Flay should fight someone else today. I think he should have a change of partners." She says with a smile. "I'm not great at hand to hand but I think I could give him a fight, And I would make sure to restrict myself enough for him." She said with a mechivious grin on her face. "What say you to that guys?"

[CHAT] Samuel blinks as Req suddenly jumps in, then offers her a grin, "Sure. I'm sure he'd love to fight someone new," Flay himself, meanwhile, kind of lights up at the idea, "Really!? Great!" and it was definitely excited, almost bouncing for a few moments as it looks over Req. "You almost beat Dad... now I can find out how," it gives a big sharptoothed grin of its own as Sam backs up off to the side to watch. "He's not bad! Getting stronger, too," Sam adds, with a nod. "Have fun," it grins one more time as Flay gets in his fighting stance, before beckoning Req to come at him.

[CHAT] Requius grins and nods at Samuel. "Here I come!" She says as she rushes a few steps towards flay winding up a rather large right hand and a few steps before she gets to him trips. Her right foot caught at rock and she went careening headfirst towards him. Her eyes went wide as she completely lost her balance and flailed her arms everywhere. She was just a few feet from Flay before that wide eyed flailing face became a wicked grins as she turns her fall into a roll, kicking her foot out wide to try and catch him in the side with it. Her goal was to continue the momentum and roll up onto her feet behind him but who knows what tricks flay had learned.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay... was still naive, so it fell hook, line, and sinker for Requius' ploy, going wide eyed a moment itself and moving forward, "Are you al-WOAH!" it speaks... right as it gets kicked in the side and sent skidding a few feet. Though, staying behind it isn't as safe as it would be with another opponent, and--following Sam's advice, it knows shes behind it now, so it whips around, its tail whipping along with it in an attempt to catch Req in the legs and knock them out from under her, and follow through with an attempt at a roundhouse kick. "Gonna take more than tricks!" it calls out, with a gutteral laugh as it does so. Fighting was fun to it. The harder the fight, the better.

[CHAT] Requius takes the tail in her side but jumped a small bit off the ground. With a bruise on her side, she was sent a few feet away and out of the range of the kick. "Come on, Is that all you have?" she said with a grin. Her hands clasped behind her back. One held a glob of dirt in it she picked up when she rolled. The other was forming a small energy ball. There she stood waiting for his advance. "Today you will learn something Flay." She said with a smile.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay grinned, "Not even close to all I have!" it says, before launching itself at the girl in a straight tackle, it's arms ready to more or less try to pummel her--or knock away an energy attack one. It -did- want to learn new and better techniques, like those it saw in the movies, but in the heat of the moment the old standbys tend get used more often than not. Still, this one was a tricky one--it had to stay on its toes, no way to tell what she was planning next.

[CHAT] Requius steps wide to the left in an elegent spin, throwing the glob of dirt towards Flays face with one and the small weak energy blast with the other. Following the release she made sure to take a few more steps back to stay clear. Hopefully dancing outside of Flays reach, if it failed she would be left open as she recovered from her spin, embellishing it slightly for Flay to pick up on if he had the chance.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay smacks the energy blast to the side--only to get hit full in the face with the dirt, causing it to yell out a moment in frustration as it was momentarily blinded. "Calm down, Flay. You're not gonna win if you lose your head," speaks Sam from the sidelines, "There are no rules here. The only thing that really matters is what you or your oppoennt can do, and what you or they can't. Use your head, find an advantage," Listening, Flay actually stops for a moment, taking a deep breath and actually calming down, keeping its eyes squarely on Requius, before suddenly making a move--firing a weak ki blast up towards her upper body and face as it charges--only to drop down into a baseball slide to try to take her legs out from under her.

[CHAT] Requius smiles, side-steps the energy ball and...runs. The slide coming up short as she starts to just...run away towards the taller and untamed grass near the edge of the field. She just starts giggling the entire time and actually laughing, running her hands lightly as the grass came up to her waste. Her steps creating a small path into the field. She wasn't running terribly fast or anything, so Flay could catch up to her if he wanted, but she had a bit of a headstart. <Now the fun will start...> She said as while she was running through the overgrown grass she started dropping a few of the flash-bang balls onto the ground, weakened of course.

[CHAT] Samuel follows along as Flay immediately jumps to its feet and dashes after her--as she goes into the tall grass Flay gives a bit of a grin, remembering some things that Dad had mentioned earlier--it goes low, out of sight in the grass and... doesn't immediately chase after her, instead circling around--using its other senses to keep track of Requius--trying to get ahead of her and into her path, only to jump out and swipe at her whenever she approaches. There was some bangs of something, quite loud and disorienting momentarily, but it already wasn't relying on its vision so much so it didn't affect it as much... and it still simply laid in wait for her to approach to pounce out and attack.

[CHAT] Requius ducked and dodged here and there, some claws coming up empty and others leaving small trails over blood on her body. She kicks from the ground hard, launching into a somersault and comes down into the grass. Ducking down and hiding in the grass. She waiting for a few moments for everything to be quiet. And probably do something Flay isn't used to doing. She jumped up into the air and...stayed there. With the grass blasted to the side, and the tramping of the grass all around, finding a hiding figure from the air was quite easy. She looked down at Flay.<Target located. Distance 25 Meters. Wind Speed, 3mph. Adjusting aim for wind resistance.> She smiled and let loose her ammo. A rock resembling a baseball.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay was focusing on sensing her energy--it knew she wasn't on the ground anymore, but it wasn't quite sure what to do--charging didn't seem to get it anywhere. It had to stop and think. That rock didn't have energy in it, it wasn't looking in that direction as it thought, and suddenly it saw stars, the rock hitting it squarely in the head hard enough for it to be dazed momentarily, and fall to the ground with a thud. There's silence for a moment, then two, then suddenly a rock flies out of the grass towards Req, then another, then a third, Flay just pelting debris at her for a few moments before an agitated yell rings out, Flay flying out of the grass throwing a couple of ki blasts even after the rest and then charging straight after. It'd had about -enough- of this.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '<FINALLY!> she thought as her antics had gotten the best of Flay. His wild attacks kept her in a guarded position as a stump struck her, ripping some flesh from her arms. But, with his wild attacks it looked like he lost all of his fighting discipline. His balance, his widened vision, relying on his other senses. She sped towards him like a bullet, but was not moving much faster than she traveled up, but she had gravity on her side. Her goal was to try and rush past his guard and end up with a knife-hand a hairs width away from his throat. Debris, rocks and weak blasts pelted her body, ripping her clothes to pieces. IF it didn't work, she would be horribly open.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- This battle had been a trying one for Flay, Req clearly wasn't a standard foe... but then, neither was it. One of the things Dad had said, 'The only that matters is what you can do... and what you can't do,' it can take that attack and still stand. At least, it hoped it could. Whether crazed from Req working it up, or just plain reckless, it doesn't let up its attack, even with the knife to its throat--in fact it takes advantage of it, grabbing at her as she's still attacking, ending up getting its own throat sliced in the commotion, only to go into a spin for a moment in an attempt to throw her to the ground--it racing after her in an attempt to slam into her, both feet first in a stomp, holding its bleeding neck all the while. Only to collapse afterwards with an "Ow," as its throat was stabbed. It was... probably out of the fight at this point. It could regenerate, yeah, but it wasn't as good as Dad yet. "Flay!"

[CHAT] Requius sighed as she put her hand to Flays throat. "I was holding back, hopefully to end up NOT doing this.." She said as she started to form her hand and manipulate it to stop the bleeding, even if it is temporarily. "Samuel, He...continued and got a bit too reckless, He needs a little regen boost if you can manage." She said, even as she was still in the tangled heap with Flay. She tried to not let it get this far but she failed. <Im...I guess I'm not as good at this as him...> She thought as she cast her eyes down at the ground.

[CHAT] Samuel immediately was at the pairs side, "Flay!" it says again, immediately checking over his son. "I know..." it says, with a furrowed brow, "I know you didn't mean to," it shakes its head a moment, "Heh... did I win..?" "Don't be an idiot Flay. I care about you more than I care about winning. Don't go running off and getting yourself killed," it eyes the young mimic, holding the wound for Flay, "Or -I'll- kill you, got it?" "Heh.. heh.. he-oh it hurts to laugh," "Of course it does you got stabbed in the throat," Sam shakes its head slowly, speaking again. "He'll be fine, Req, don't worry, just a little scare is all. Could use some first aid til it heals, though. Do you know where a kit is at? Just... bandages, gauze and maybe something for stitches," "Stitches!? Won't that hurt?" "No more than getting stabbed did already," "Tch, fine,"

[CHAT] Samuel immediately was at the pairs side, "Flay!" it says again, immediately checking over his son. "I know..." it says, with a furrowed brow, "I know you didn't mean to," it shakes its head a moment, "Heh... did I win..?" "Don't be an idiot Flay. I care about you more than I care about winning. Don't go running off and getting yourself killed," it eyes the young mimic, holding the wound for Flay, "Or -I'll- kill you, got it?" "Heh.. heh.. he-oh it hurts to laugh," "Of course it does you got stabbed in the throat," Sam shakes its head slowly, speaking again. "He'll be fine, Req, don't worry, just a little scare is all. Could use some first aid til it heals, though. Do you know where a kit is at? Just... bandages, gauze and maybe something for stitches," "Stitches!? Won't that hurt?" "No more than getting stabbed did already," "Tch, fine,"

[CHAT] Requius laughs as she takes her hand away from Flay's throat slowly at first to make sure it wasn't bleeding and reformed her hand into a human one again instead of a large flat gauze patch. She smiled and shook her head. "I don't but...Why don't you make some Samuel" She said with a smile and wondered if the mimic could in fact generate up something like that. It would be a learning experience for her as well, to see his capabilities on manipulation. "And flay. Don't lose your head in battle, Literally and well, don't let your rage and frustration get the better of you." she said as she was trying to untangle her limbs from the pile they were in. "You will fight head on foes, and others like this or worse. Some people will run the entire time and try to lead you on chases and wear you down, confuse and take little shots here and there at you."

[CHAT] Samuel thinks about it for a second, "Probably could throw together a basic patch. Won't be... official or anything. Okay," it notes. As a shapeshifter, fiddling around with biomass was literally second nature--throwing together a makeshift patch took only a few seconds, though it made Flay's neck look a little odd with some raised flesh over part of its neck. "I'll be fine, Dad," Flay eventually speaks, shaking its head slowly, standing back up once Sam backs off. "Let this be a lesson, like I said, I care more about you than winning, so don't go throwing your life away over that," "Yeah, I get it Dad, I'm sorry," before looking back over to Req. "Yeah that was... less fun than I thought. I need to learn how to fight people like that," it says with a grunt, going to shake its head but only wincing instead. "Ow," "Yeah, don't do that,"

[CHAT] Requius smiles as she places her hands on the ground. The grass turning brown and withering up as she absorbed their biomass and healed the injuries she suffered. They were pleantiful, but shallow, as fighting at a lower state and playing a little reckless with Flay took its toll. After the grass around her turned into nothing more than dirt she smiled at them. "Maybe next time You can see your father and I..." She was cut off by a pain in her chest that almost doubled her over. It wasn't like a pain she had ever felt before. Not even compairing to when she...turned. But...It was a deep pain like something was wrong. An intuition almost. A strange feeling like she needed to get back. Go back home. But within the same second it passed. She looked at Samuel and shrugged and stood up. "I...We maybe...But...I need to get going. Get the ship in the sky and nhead back home. I have a strange feeling something is off."

[CHAT] Samuel -- By the time she had gotten over the pain both Sam and Flay were looking at her, "Are you okay?" "I didn't end up hurting -you- did I?" "We'll go with you," Sam says with a nod, "It's about time to be turning in for the day anyway, especially after that," it gives another look to Flay with an arched brow, "Yeah, yeah, I know," Flay says, trying to shake its head one more time, "Ow," before grunting a moment, as the both of them get set to follow after Req back to the ship. "Let's go check it out," Sam says, nodding, and looking over to Req for a moment.

[CHAT] Requius smiles at them before staring off into the distance. "The ship will be departing tomorrow morning. I...I hope to see you there." She said with a smile and disappeared in a flash of light and pressure wave. She arrived at that distant mountain top, the cold wind blowing, whipping her hair around. She looked back at the masses and smiled. But there was a tear in her eye. "Strange...Why is that there." She pondered and continued to watch over her flock, until long into the night. <exit>

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Re: Don't Lose Your Head

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a spar!? me next me next

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training up flay with a non-standard opponent. Rpp awarded

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