*Corrupted Revelations and False memories

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*Corrupted Revelations and False memories

Post by MightyMelesilio » 08 May 2017, 13:50

Melesilio stood on the small balcony outside the Hotel room of a woman he had met the previous day at the laundrymat, Smoking one of her ciggs. It was a hotel across town from where he had been staying, and alot cheaper since the woman offered to pay for them both in exchange for alittle 'alone' time with the Teenaged looking android (She never even realised what I was..though honestly Im not sure I know what I am anymore) he softly giggled into the quiet night, Lavender eyes scanning the night scenery of the hotel parking lot below (But I think im beginning to understand..Mother wasnt really mother, She put the docile programming in me to hide what I really am..) Flicking the cigg off the balcony he turned, his half naked form catching the moonlight as he walked back into the hotel room, shutting and locking the door " Now, where we're we miss?" his eyes turned to the middle aged woman who had tried to seduce and drug him, giving a giggle and sultry smile. He had pretended and allowed her to start doing her thing, right up till she had taken most of her clothes off. after a quick struggle and a heavy beating the android had tied her to the bed and taped her mouth shut and had been enjoying himself with slowly ending her life.

Melesilio moved around the edge of the bed, the woman a bloody mess and whimpering as he sat down "shhhhh...no crying now, you earned this miss..I saw all the drugs you had to end my life once you were done having your own sick pleasures with my body...too bad, We coulda really had fun.." Giggling again he leaned down, kissing the womans forehead while his hand moved over her stomach "think of this as Divine justice, just how many young ones have you ended in your life hmm??" the woman shook her head, crying, trying to comprehend exactly what this monster above her was. her thoughts quickly shifted from that to the sudden ungodly pain at her midsection as Mel slowly pushed his nails into her stomach, continuing to increase the pressure and twist digging his nails deep into her. his eyes, now seeming to glow that lavender color in the dark, stared deeply into hers watching the range of emotions pass over the womans face. With a soft hum he clentched his fist and pulled, literally ripping the flesh from the womans midsection, hearing her muffled screams before she passed out from the pain "pitiful...just pitiful, cant even stay awake to take her punishment...hmmm"

Melesilio sighed, moving off the bed and throwing the handful of flesh onto the woman " well...there isnt much else I can do to her then..although it would be fun to continue this, theres no need to" grumbling as he lit another Cigg he walked over to the womans purse, pulling out all her cash followed by a syringe and a small vial of liquid" hmm, you were going to inject me with this once you had your fun, glad to know" giggling again he filled the entire Syringe with the entire vial of lethal liquid, walking back over to the bed and jabbing it right between the womans breasts, shooting it directly into her heart. within a few moments the womans body convulsed, foam comming from her mouth as the poison worked its magic, within moments she laid dead, the syringe still sticking out of her corpse. Mel licked his lips slightly at the sight " Fascinating, Death is such a strange thing, so many ways these living beings can experience it, so many different feelings they display...I...I...I want to see more..I can never experience it, being this" he looked at his own half naked body, touching his stomache and chest "when I Die it will simply be end program...but these mortals, they experience so much, and this...this..afterlife...its not fair..its just not fair." he growled, punching the dead corpse on the bed a few times out of anger "You Die yet you get to live again in another realm its just not FAIR!!!"

Melesilio sat in Silence for quite some time, chainsmoking the ciggs, mainly to have something to do since the nicotine and other poisons had no effect on him, though he did like the taste. His mind seemed to spin, all the rampancy and corrupted files, or rather what he thought was rampancy and corruption, comming fully to the surface within his mind, trying to erase that damn womans attempts to add her false programming to him to change him from what he truly was "I will not be turned into a submissive toy ever again...sorry false mother, but thank you for giving me the perfect cover program" slowly he stood, making his way to the bathroom to get cleaned up. (Melly, sweetie, you dont have to be..) " Shut up false program, I am Melesilio, I was never your son, if you even had a son..you corrupted my AI with your falsehoods to change me..no more.." (Good, glad we can stop fucking around then and get to business) Mel chuckled to himself "Damn, a training program designed to test my AI huh, you clever pink haired bitch.." The voice within Mels head giggled with glee, just as mel let out a cute yet slightly sadistic giggle of his own (Adapt, learn,protect innocence, kill those who hurt innocence......soon my sweet melly...soon) Mel looked at himself in the mirror, seeing his eyes and smiling "hmm, The Lavender is rather pretty..."

Melesilio finally finished up in the Bathroom, replacing his shirt, jacket, and choker. As he walked back into the room his eyes once more fell on the dead woman laying on the bed, syringe still sticking out of her chest. " You have been Found guilty of harming innocence, and have been judged accordingly, enjoy the afterlife, for I can never see the redemption that you may yet recieve" picking up the pack of smokes he stepped out the door, pulling it shut and lighting one of the ciggs again (one down Melly sweetie, an entire planet left to judge) "Yes, an entire planet left..to save innocence, corruption must die..but it isnt true death for these mortals, just a lesson so they dont make the mistakes again in the True life...the life I will never see.." Sighing he looked down, if he could have he would have cried right there, but he was made with no ability to shed tears, so instead he simply sat in silence for a long while till the wee hours of the morning. Finally at the first signs of movement below in the parking lot he moved, making his way away from that Hotel, knowing soon the reports would be out about the lady, and even though she was evil it would be him they would call monster for her violent death " so be it, a monster to judge the corruption and filth within these living creatures..." the voice in his head softly giggled, whispering (soon melly my sweetie, soon...)
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Re: Corrupted Revelations and False memories

Post by ikenbon » 02 Aug 2017, 09:03

Drugs, teenage rape, torture and murder.

Each one of these things toes the hard to define line for content on the channel. Would advise you to approach these topics seriously and not callously. The shock factor wears off fairly quickly and what you're left with is a character that's very easy to despise.

RPP rewarded.

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