*Melesilio Exploring alittle of the City pt3

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*Melesilio Exploring alittle of the City pt3

Post by MightyMelesilio » 07 May 2017, 12:58

[CHAT] Melesilio Stepped out the front door of the Hotel room he was renting, ya
wning and looking around. It was his Third day in this new world, or atleast new
to him, and he needed to find a way to make some zeni to continue having a room
to stay in (only got tonight and tomorrow left rented out here, may have to go
take that ladys offer at that store to earn some zeni) sighing he made his way o
ut to the streets, taking in the early morning sights as vendors began to set up
and kids made their way to school and what not. He really didnt want to go work
with that fashion store owner, nice as she may have been he really didnt want t
o be her floor model so to say, so he headed for the satan city park again (Perh
aps if theres no performers there I could attempt what they did, seems they made
a fair amount of zeni in the process.. )

[CHAT] Melesilio Entered the park from the North side, not seeing anyone immedia
tely around (its still early..guess I coul..) his thoughts were interrupted by
the sudden sound of a scream comming from the treeline to his left, head shifti
ng as he looked for what was going on. finally he saw what appeared to be the fe
male street performer he saw yesterday running from the two guys she had been pe
rforming with. Before he could say or do anything she saw him and immediately ra
n to him, almost crashing into and knocking them both over "Help, please...they
re trying to.." before she could finish the two much older men had caught up, s
taring at mel and the female "move it boy, the girl owes us for our protection.
. the man licked his lips and laughed as the other just chuckled like a buffoon
behind him

[CHAT] Melesilio eye twitched, feeling the female human behind him shaking as t
he two men started to move in. hearing her whimper suddenly made his whole Body
jerk uncontrollably as a Corrupted Memory log filled his vision ( Please dont h
urt us....please dont...) the whimpering pleas of his mother in the corrupted f
ile did the trick, his eyes shooting up at the two now confused men, wondering w
hat was wrong with this spasming boy. His eyes had once more flashed from their
normal grey to lavender as he spoke in a low, sultry voice my my my...it seems
all of you men are the same...only care about one thing..well, how about playing
with me instead he let out a girlish giggle, gently pushing the female back fr
om him before starting to walk forward, hips slightly swaying as he started to h
um. The first man took a slight step back, realising that this was no Human boy
" s..stay back..i mean it..."

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- 'Stay back? oh no..ive been locked up too long, I wanna pla
y! Grinning, Mel kept walking, the first man having moved behind the second "D
o something ya idiot" the man pushed his friend at mel, who took a wild swing a
nd landed his fist right on mels cheek. Head turning abit from the impact and ta
king a sidestep so as not to lose his balance, Mel shot his own hand up and grab
bed the mans wrist, turning his head back and smiling my turn, hee hee gigglin
g almost insanely Mel pulled the man closer, throwing a Knee straight into his g
roin listening to the brute scream like a woman and fall to his knees, upon whic
h Mel grabbed ahold of his head and repeatedly headbutted the man into unconsiou
sness, not carinig that the mans blood was getting all over his forehead from a
now broken nose oh my...he didnt last long did he.. '

[CHAT] Melesilio Let the unconsious man drop to the ground, hearing the female b
ehind him give out a squeak of fear. He glanced over his shoulder and spoke in a
soft, almost loving voice Shh, I wont harm you Sweetie, Defend and protect pro
tocol active" Again he giggled, seeing the Female was still nervous, but abit m
ore at ease hearing that. As Mel turned to face the other man He let out an almo
st insane laugh, seeing that the other man was running scared YOU CANT RUN YOU

[CHAT] Melesilio sprinted after the man, catching him within a few seconds and
sweeping his legs out from under him. Giving the male a kick to roll him onto hi
s back Mel sat on him, straddling his waist and pinning his arms at his sides wi
th his legs. the man spoke again " pl..please, dont hurt me... causing Mel to g
iggle again, leaning close so their foreheads touched ...why? you were going to
hurt her...seems fair to me..eye for an eye.. His hand shot up, two fingers jab
bing into the mans left eye and well, no more left eye, the man screaming and th
rashing ait before Mel simply headbutted him unconcious aswell tsk...men...

[CHAT] Melesilio wiped his bloody hand off on the mans jacket while he did the o
nly reasonable thing he could in this situation, pickpocketed the brute he had j
ust taken down well well looky here, all this lovely Zeni, thank you sweetie g
iggling mel kissed the tips of his fingers and placed them on the mans forehead
be thankful you're alive...jack ass standing he walked to the other man, who wa
s starting to wake oh no no... he gave a solid kick to the back of the mans he
ad, knocking him back into dreamland. leaning down he picks this mans pockets as
well, humming and swaying alittle as he does

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- 'well now, what a mess ive made huh he glances to the fema
le he had been protecting, who stood there shaking as she stared at him mumbling
"are you...going to hurt me?? Mels head cocked slightly to the side, lavender
eyes flickering back to their usual grey for amoment before resuming the lavend
er hue You asked for protection, I protected, was I wrong to protect you missie
? the woman quickly shook her head, and Mel smiled warmly, walking towards her
again with that sultry hip sway good, now..heres some Zeni, I suggest leaving a
nd forgetting this happened, I wouldnt want to have to hurt you for tattling on
me now giggling he placed a kiss on her cheek, then simply left her standing th
ere, making his way out of the empty park to find a laundry mat'

[CHAT] Melesilio Started to twitch once he was out of sight of the Female, duck
ing behind a tree and grabbing at his head. more Random bits of corrupted data f
iles flooded his mind causing him to let out an almost animalistic growl ...S..S
top. Taking an unecessary deep breath he felt the strange...he didnt know what t
o call it exactly...feeling leave him, his eyes shifting back to their cold grey
, though he was unaware they had changed in the first place " ...whats wrong..wit
h me...I must be Damaged somehow, but without Mother here, theres no way to figu
re it out.." sighing, he found a bench at a bustop to sit down on, not caring abo
ut the flecks of blood on his clothes and face for the moment

[CHAT] Melesilio sat at the bustop for quite awhile, ignoring the looks from the
people who walked past him, hearing every now and then a comment about the bloo
d flecks on his face and shirt. One nice lady even offered to call his parents a
nd gave him a few cleansing wipes to wipe atleast the blood from his face. He lo
st track of time, trying to Piece together exactly what it was that was happenin
g to him (I need to find a Scientist...That evil woman must have done something
to me before I ended up here..) finally standing he made his way to a local la
undry mat, now several thousand zeni richer he wasnt worried about money anymore
Magic Missle...oh wait, this aint DnD >.>

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Re: Melesilio Exploring alittle of the City pt3

Post by Rizion » 30 Jul 2017, 08:17

Good log. Mel is a character I hope we see back sometime soon although its been over a month since the character logged onto the MUD at the time of this review of this log (which is two months since it was posted. Sorry). There are some quirks about the character and the way the story is being told which I think, having read a few of these logs, are a bit over played, but I really would love to see Mel interacting the other PCs. I just hope that if and when you do come back we can steer away from potential sexual assault on females in the city. That kiss Mel gave at the end of the log was very creepy given what almost happened to this poor girl and what she just saw this guy do. Other than that though, good read.

rpp rewarded.

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