*Melesilio Exploring alittle of the City pt2

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*Melesilio Exploring alittle of the City pt2

Post by MightyMelesilio » 06 May 2017, 19:10

[CHAT] Melesilio layed on the grass in Satan City park. It had been several hour
s since his encounter with the group of so called teenage thugs and the nice but
odd Fashion store owner (Such a strange world, Humans and Androids and all othe
r Races seeming to coexist here, so different from what I can Recall..but its a
nice kind of different..) hearing abit of a commotion nearby he sat up, wonde
ring if a fight was breaking out, but it seemed just to be another group of teen
agers playing some strange and somewhat violent game involving a strange shaped
ball and running from one another. (Humans here are so strange..) sighing he lay
ed back again, still wondering on how he was going to get more cash to pay for h
is hotel room

[CHAT] Melesilio sighed as he watched the clouds float by, only Deciding to fina
lly get up when that strange ball flew over him followed by one of the teenagers
tripping over his form on the ground. Grunting as he rolled over and stood he l
ooked at the larger male "Sorry miss..err i mean...buddy..didnt see ya there"
Mel tried not to giggle at the mans comment, giving a playful wink no harm no f
oul big boy, have a wonderful day sweetie Mel giggled as he left the teenager ga
wking at him, hearing him talk to his friends about him catching abit of the co
nvo "No, its a guy, but..i think he's..you know.." Mel just laughed, adjusting h
is jacket as he reached the center of the park, hearing some curious sounding mu
sic comming from the far side of the park

[CHAT] Melesilio made his way closer to the sounds of the strange electo-style m
usic, seeing a small group of people Dancing around a rather large old style boo
m box. (interesting, Humans mimicing robotic like motions as a form of dancing)
his eyes slightly widened as a couple walked past and dropped a couple Zeni into
a small box infront of them ( no way...people...give money away for that kind o
f thing?...what a strange world ive ended up in) he walked alittle closer, leani
ng against a tree as he watched for awhile, his usually grey eyes shimmering sli
ghtly lavender as he unknownly recorded the movements of the performers, escpeci
ally liking the more liquid like movements of the female of the group " pretty..

[CHAT] Melesilio made his way closer to the performers, the Female catching him
staring and giving him a wink as she twisted herself around and arched in such a
way that made Mel wish he could blush. As his eyes shimmered Lavender again the
female smiled even more and winked again, (very pretty..) Mel couldnt help it
as he grinned, sitting down near the performers and enjoying the Show, even toss
ing a few of his remaining Zeni into the box. his eyes moved from the female to
the two males ( not as pretty, but still not half bad looking...wait..why do I k
eep thinking this way??) he shook his head abit, definitely confused

[CHAT] Melesilio kept watching the performers, trying to understand why his tho
ught processes kept going from their normal logical human mimicing protocols to
these strange sensations he's been experiencing since he first recalls being her
e on this world (Sometimes is nice, like this...but..other times, like with thos
e punks..) He shivers slighty, his mind going back to the thoughts of the woman
he remembers Killing his 'Mother' (..It was like I was mimicing her earlier whe
n those boys threatened me..whats wrong with my systems...) his attention was p
ulled from his thoughts as he saw a police officer walk up to the performers, te
lling them to clear out (well, shows over it looks like..)

[CHAT] Melesilio Left the park once the performers had cleared out, passing sev
eral vendors including the Kebab Vendor from the day before. Mel gives the man a
warm smile, though the vendor pretends not to see him ( Fair enough, Sam and hi
s son did eat all of his Kebabs yesterday and scared him pretty good im sure..da
mn judgemental people) he let out a sigh, making his way back towards the hotel
he had managed to get a room for the next several days (need to find a way to m
ake cash soon, walking and exploring is great but not having to stay outside at
night is better, too many wack jobs and I know I look the prime target..) Runni
ng a hand through his hair he made his way through the crowds, his short lithe f
rame blending easily into the crowds as he made his way slowly back to the Hotel
Magic Missle...oh wait, this aint DnD >.>

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