*Melesilio Exploring alittle of the City

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*Melesilio Exploring alittle of the City

Post by MightyMelesilio » 06 May 2017, 16:22

[CHAT] Melesilio Slowly opened his eyes, laying on the bed in the small hotel ro
om in Satan City (seems ive been in rest mode long enough, and im Tired of deali
ng with all these random memory bits of that....woman)He shivered abit on the be
d thinking about him Mothers death again. After a few moments he let out a heavy
sigh and sat up, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and onto the floor
(I should get Dressed and see what I can learn about this place) He stood, stret
ching as the sunrays came in the window "Perhaps a shower to clean the dust off
then Ill go explore..always liked the feeling of water on me anyways." he giggle
d to himself, making his way to the small restroom to get cleaned up for the day

[CHAT] Melesilio took a good hour in the shower, enjoying the feeling of the be
ads of water running down him, chuckling alittle at the memories of his Mother t
elling him to always condition his lovely hair (I Miss you mother..) after the
long Shower he got dressed in some new clothes he purchased after his Dinner wit
h Samuel and Flay, Some Black Jeans and a belt, a tight white Tshirt and a new J
ean Jacket since his old one was about ready to fall apart. he even got a clip f
or his Hair, pinning it up abit to give his already Lithe frame an even more fem
minine look (Mother would roll her eyes at this but I like it) Smiling at himsel
f in the mirror he picked up his wallet and the room key, heading out the door t
o explore more of satan City

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- 'I wonder if theres a Job board around here or something, c
ant afford to stay in that hotel for very long without a source of income Mel m
ade his was through the city, keeping his eyes open for any sort of bulletin boa
rd or help wanted signs. After about 30 minutes he came across a fashion store w
ith a help wanted sign, but before he could enter a group of three teenage boys
circled him"you're that kid from yesterday, the one who helped those monsters.."
Mel tilted his head slightly to the side trying to figure out what these three
wanted, though that was bade obvious when one behind him moved and grabbed both
his arms. " youre commin with us..'

[CHAT] Melesilio sighed as he was dragged into the alleyway next to the store, t
hinking (Doesnt matter if its a different world or not, some things just dont ch
ange...) the teenagers shoved him up against the wall, the biggest of the three
holding him against the wall as the other two kept watch to make sure nobody ca
me in the alleyway "youre about to get your faced smashed in ya monster loving f
airy... Mel's eye twitched slightly, not so much at the fairy comment but more a
t the fact this Violent punk was calling people monsters when it seemed he was t
he violent monster "The only monster I have met since comming here, is currently
holding me against this wall threatening me.." The teenagers eyes narrowed as h
e got his face right infront of Mels "you little...my dad was killed because of
monsters like that...now, give us all your cash..or ill rearrange your face.."

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- 'I will not give you any money, now please let" as Mel spoke
the boy pulled a knife from his pocket, flipping it open and slicing his new sh
irt "that was a warning you little..." The Teenagers words trailed off as he saw M
els eyes start to shimmer, their usual grey starting to show flecks of lavender(
that woman..she had knives..she had...)Without a Word Mel lifted his gaze from t
he Knife to the boys eyes, his own eyes suddeny fully Lavender as a sultry smile
spread across his lips "..Bad boy...you cut my new shirt...tsk tsk..now you got
ta get punished..hee hee" the Teenager let out a slight yelp of shock as he stepp
ed back "youre an...an...an Android!! oh Crap!"'

[CHAT] Melesilio Grabbed the Larger Male as he tried to run, spinning him aroun
d and pushing him against the wall and holding him there while looking at the ot
her two "....you two, get lost before i decide to punish you also.." the other bo
ys took off running without another thought, Mel glancing to the jackass who had
been threatening him and gave a cute smile" such a Biiiig, Strooong, Braaaave b
oy you are..." Mel leaned up, and placed a tiny peck of a kiss on the teenagers
cheek before whispering in his ear " I'll give you a ten second head start to ru
n, but once i catch you, im going to rip your heart out of your chest while keep
ing you alive long enough to see me feast on it...ready?" He smiled innocently a
t the boy, who at this moment needed a change of pants " ready?...GO!" The boy
ran screaming for help, meanwhile Mel let out a rather girly giggle as his eyes
returned to grey " dont know what that was, but it worked..."

[CHAT] Melesilio waited several minutes in the alleyway, just to make sure the g
roup of boys were long gone. when he walked out he was stopped by a tall thin wo
man, giving him an odd look " I saw on the store security camera what was going
in that alley, are you alright?" Mel took a step back, slightly worried she had
heard aswell as saw, but that fear was washed away when she spoke again " I dont k
now what you said to them, but im glad youre ok..if you come inside Ill find you
a new shirt since it seems that ones ruined" the lady, who mel assumed owned the
fashion store, gave him a warm smile. Sighing in relief he nodded to her " than
k you miss.." Following the lady in she lead him to the back, where she started t
o help him get a few sets of last years brands of clothes as she put it (she seem
s strange, but nice, and a Friend is a Friend i guess)

[CHAT] Melesilio stayed and spoke with the store owner for awhile, allowing
her to have fun dressing him up in all the different Fashions she had in t
he back (hey, free clothes cant complain) He had to turn away out of embarrassm
ent a few times when she would playfully call him a cutie or adorable, but other
wise it was a nice experience, and definitely needed after the alley incident." O
k sweetie, this one you can keep, its my own Fashion line, I hope you like it! g
o try it on!" Mel nodded, taking the stack of clothing into the changing rooms
to change

[CHAT] Melesilio emerged after a few Minutes from the dressing room in the new
attire. Comfy blue jeans, the fabric almost like satin, a silk white V-neck shir
t with some east asian design on the front, a jacket that stopped at his ribs le
aving the silk shirt underneath exposed. and a Black choker with a buckle on it
around his neck, The storeowner almost Squealed "OOOH!! its perfect!! nobody eve
r seemed to like it, but it suits you, please, take it!"

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- 'Alright, Thank you miss...um..I really shou.." the storeown
er nodded to him " of course sweetie, you need to be running along, but come back
anytime you want, I may even have a few modeling gigs for you if ever youre int
erested cutie" the woman laughed as Mel looked down in embarrassment, though he c
ouldnt blush his eyes did flicker alittle with those flecks of lavender from bef
ore, though the storeowner couldnt see " oh dont be embarrased, now, run along an
d be careful, I dont want to read in the paper that a cute boy like you got hurt
by more punks like those other boys " Mel nodded, thanking the woman again for t
he new clothes, and made his way back out onto the street, wondering where he sh
ould head to next'

Magic Missle...oh wait, this aint DnD >.>

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Re: Melesilio Exploring alittle of the City

Post by Rizion » 03 Jun 2017, 11:45

Nice log with a pretty decent intro to the character Melesilio. There is one glaring issue though which is the setting. Currently in our rp-verse there is no Satan City. It didn't hurt the log at all since it could be any one of the many cities on Earth that are canon to the DBI Rp verse. Other than that, not much else to comment on. Mel seems a bit interesting with flashing hints of trauma from before they were made into an Android. Welcome to the RP Verse.

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