*Meeting Mel

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*Meeting Mel

Post by BenRGamer » 06 May 2017, 00:19

[CHAT] Melesilio Slowly Made his way into the Large City, trying to figure out where he had been dropped off at. As he walked through the Center of town he saw a statue of some grinning idiot that people seemed to be taking pictures of standing next to it. Shaking his head he silently continued on, eyes shimmering slightly as he took in his surroundings Strange, I..Remember such a place but, it was different somehow. whats going on exactly on this planet? its earth but...not the earth that I..but thats illogical.. Letting out a slight grunt as his thoughts are disturbed by a vendor stepping infront of him offering him some sort of kebab. after waving the man away Mel decided he needed to find an information Kiosk of some kind, to learn exactly where he had ended up after walking in the wild for so long it seems And see if i can learn anything about crazy pink haired murderers running rampant around here or not..

[CHAT] Melesilio stopped infont of a large Kiosk, reading the words Satan City and nodding to himself "thought so..but its...Different somehow, why is it so different..its like" Mel stepped back as a group of teenagers moved to look at the Kiosk, laughing and pointing at the shops. as they did one of the Females turned and looked him up and down before giving him a smile and a wink. If he could blush he would have, but instead he simply turned away and continued onwards through the city, trying his best to simply blend in and not draw too much attention to himself. 'Observe and adapt as mother always said, dont let them know what you are because of the hate they have for you..a hate that got ..' He stopped in an alley, leaning against one of the buildings as the memory file flashed in his mind again, closing his eyes tightly as he watched the pink haired devilwoman again and again kill his mother for, for "for what...making me?...or was it some other reason?? gah stupid head.."

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[CHAT] Samuel -- Meanwhile, the people around generally just seemed to be going in one direction. Hurriedly. There were some gasps, even a shout as some were outright running. From what? That wasn't visible yet--too many people were in the way, but there wasn the sound of a commotion--at least nothing over the sound of people trying to leave the area.

[CHAT] Melesilio looked away from the shop he was infront of as he noted the stream of people walking both directions had changed to basically going one way, slightly cocking his head to the side as he watched its not the pink haired woman, otherwise there would be rioting from them trying to get away...wonder what could be going on..' he leaned back against the wall of the shop, letting the people go by as he waiting, curious as to why people were suddenly leaving the area, twitching slighting when he heard one of them shout something as they went past

[CHAT] Samuel -- As the street clears... something comes into view. Humanoid. But definitely not human. Standing at over seven feet tall is... some kind of monster, with a body covered in spiked and ridged black armored plates--like a carapace, with blood red musculature showing through at joints such, it's got vicious looking claws on its feet and hands--bone white--white fangs, red eyes, and a long, icerian-style tail trailing behind, waving through the air absent mindedly, seemingly oblivious to the reaction it gets from the populous as it walks with something a grin, showcasing all of those sharp fangs.

[CHAT] Samuel -- As it passes the store, it stops abruptly, furrows its would be brow as there's an audible gurgle sounding through the air, it glances around, before its red eyes settle directly on the android and it immediately makes its way over to them, its footfalls heavy on the sidewalk. Once it approaches, it opens its mouth and speaks, "Hey, uh," its voice, deep and gutteral, nevertheless can't help but sound rather upbeat and energetic, "Uh, do you know your way around here? Kind of... hard to find someone to give me directions. I'm tryin to find a restaurant... I'm starving," it says, with another grin.

[CHAT] Melesilio eyes slightly Widened as he saw the giant person, and yes he thought person for he's seen a true monster and nothing to him could be more fearsome that her, Although having the, he assumes male, rush him suddenly did make him visibly stiffen as the folks around him ran in either direction. He looked up at the man, since he himself was only 5'4" tall uh..hi..um, im, rather new to the..area aswell, there was a kebab vendor further down if you like that kinda meat.. he gives a slight smile pushing off the wall shall i show you?

[CHAT] Samuel blinks a moment, "Oh, man, how'd I miss that!" it says, still with that sharptoothed grin, "Hadn't had any kebab here yet. Good chance to see how they do it!" it speaks again with a nod, still sounding surprisingly upbeat and excited, it then looks up to the sky and whistles loudly--there's movement from above, and then a crash just a couple meters away as something leaps from a rooftop to the street level... another monster. Looking almost exactly like the first, only this one standing just over five feet--only a couple of inches shorter than the android. "Yeah, Dad?" "Found a place to eat. We're gonna get some kebab," "Awesome! I'm starving... what's kebab?"

[CHAT] Melesilio slightly leans to the left to look past the first male creature to the other much shorter one, giving the smaller one a friendly smile as he hears the words dad (ah, theyre just a family looking for a meal!) slowly pushing off the wall he gives the large man a warm smile "I may not be from here, but let me attempt to show you some hospitality since it seems the Hu..." he paused amoment, then continued "these humans only run from those they do not understand..this way" he points down the road to a shop several blocks away as he starts to walk infront of the two leading them to the delicious smelling Kebab stand

[CHAT] Samuel nods, following along, and immediately brightening up as it starts smelling the food. "Okay, that smells good. First time I've had street vendor food! Thanks. My names Sam, who're you?" it speaks up, "And this is Flay. Kebab is a cooking method... generally skewering small bits of food and cooking it like that," "Okay that sounds badass. Let's go get those Kebabs!" the smaller one speaks up with an amused laugh. That food stand owner had no idea what he was in for... at least Sam had some money on it. "Do you want any?" it speaks up again, looking back to the guy, "We're gonna be eating... pretty much everything there,"

[CHAT] Melesilio smiled over his shoulder at the two as he listened to them, his grey eyes shimmering slightly as he took in their details to memory "Its a pleasure to meet you Sam and Flay, My Names Melesilio, but my mo.."He stops for a second, getting caught on his words taking a breath that wasnt really needed "but my friends call me Mel he walked up towards the Vendor, who he could see was visibly shaking and winked at him, making him stop shaking and look at mel rather funny as mel turned back to the two " Honestly i have no need to eat, though i may try it just for the taste if you dont mind sharing one with me smiling he turns back to the shaking vendor, pulling out his wallet and handing him some Zeni however many Kebabs this buys for myself and my new friends please! and we'll take them at that table behind you when theyre all ready thank you He turned, gesturing to the two shall we sit? or do you prefer standing?

[CHAT] Samuel arches a would be brow as it looks at Mel catch as he speaks, but then there's the food and it immediately loses interest in anything else, "Ah, thanks!" it says, as the android offers to pay, "Well take it all. Like... everything. Just leave the cart. I'll get it," it was -not- kidding. Over the nect few minutes, it pretty much takes all of the food in the cart ensures its all well cooked and ready, divvies it up with Flay, and even manages to hand the android one before immediately going to town on it--taking huge bites and downing them incredibly quickly. Flay does much the same. "Nice to--" CHOMP "Meet yhew" it speaks, voice muffled while eating. "So, what brings..." CHOMP "yhew here to the..." CHOMP "cithy?

[CHAT] Melesilio Blinked several times as he watched the two basically violate the Kebab cart and all the meats in it, slowly nibbling at the one he held after thanking Sam for handing it to him. I, really do not know to be honest with you, I remember bits and pieces of things but otherwise my memory starts about 5 days ago in the wilderness where a man found me walking around in a daze he said. (cont)

[CHAT] Melesilio: -- 'he drove me here to the city and gave me some zeni and told me to head to the police, but Mother always said to stay away from them due to the hate of...well..my Kind He glanced down at the Kebab, taking another bite and chewing, giggling alittle at the thought of the man again'

[CHAT] Samuel -- Soon enough, even that food was all gone and Sam just gives a large burp and pats its stomach--Flay kind of mimicing it several seconds later. Then, it looks back to the android with an arched brow, "That's... odd. Almost sounds like what happened to Thousand," it says, thinking a moment. "Though he was kind of... buried instead? Was weird. He's been looking into that, I'll introduce you when he gets back," it nods, "He might be able to help you," it then blinks and furrows its brow again. "Wait, hate you?... your kind, what?" Flay, meanwhile, just kind of looks through the cart, just to see if there's any more food in there--no such luck.

[CHAT] Melesilio Listens, wondering who this Thousand could be, and wondering what he meant by buried. (just have to figure out that one later, memory logged for further inquiries) he then nods as sam said hate you, replying while holding out the mostly untouched Kebab to Flay should he want the rest yes, hate my kind, Mother made me in secret due to her real son dieing, and because of that she was brutally murdered...and then...a...his eye flash for a second and in a monotone voice speaks FILE CORRUPTED, ATTEMPTING REPAIRimmediately he slaps his hand over his face and mutters to himself stop it dammit...calm down...clearing his throat he looks up sorry im..a tad shaken up so to say from everything thats happened in the last...i believe week but looking around i feel im wrong on how long I was wandering lost in the wild..

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, going wide-eyed a moment, "That's... wow," it says, before furrowing its brow once again. "I'm sorry... didn't mean to bring all of that up," it shook its head, "People don't really like me, either... even tried to kill me a few times," it furrows its brow. "No one's gonna beat Dad, though," Flay interjects, nodding smartly, before it heads off again, climbing and jumping up another building to explore and follow Sam from, "I'm getting a new start, though--away from all of, uh, this. New colony, new start, all that stuff. New Requiem. You should look it up, they're taking anyone--even me. Anyway, thanks for the dinner, Mel!" it says, with a nod. "And... sorry again,"

[CHAT] Melesilio smiles and waves his hand as if to brush it all off its alright, you didnt harm me, and youve been far more friendly than most ive met he smiles even more, then turns alittle placing his hand on his hip abit sassy like and ill take a Dinner date with a nice guy anytime heehee he slightly giggled before continuing in his regular tone New Requiem huh? perhaps I will, for now im going to stay here and learn alittle more, and again, no need to apologize, my new friend he gives a slight bow before waving hope to see you again soon Sam!

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Re: Meeting Mel

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Nice intro. Looking forward to meeting Mel in future rps. Thousand and Mel might go well together having similar circumstances. Will award rpps when I am on.

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