*Izzy Livin'

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*Izzy Livin'

Post by izzy » 05 May 2017, 02:00

The blue grass plains cooed praise as a wave of warmth swept downward into the Namekian valley, the suns rays dancing in turn with each earthen clay rock that freckled the foreign planet's surface. The air was most pleasant to breath--cool and thick and satisfying. Not silent though. The wind was playing the thin long trunks of the local trees, topped with large round dallops of ermine vegatation for the local fauna. The long prehistoric beaks of the pteradactyles on a morning flight sqwuaked long solemn notes of the "Vahni Sanskara. Trying to ride them was a great game.

Izzy grabbed an edge of her sleeve and wiped a collection of sweat from the crevice of her brow. A smile escaped towards the edges of her lips, her hands joined and straining upward, her feet pointed downward as a ballerina, towards the tiny village outskirt several hunderd yards below her, where the miniscule chimneys had just begun producing a billowing smoke upward. She let out the stretch with a hearty exhale.

Her stomach was rumbling already. With some luck, there might still be a couple of whole grain loves left over from last night's feast. Oh, that honey butter! Her stomach grumbled in agreement. Izzy stole one last glance up to the circling birds, and made a mental note to find them later for some fun.

Izzy flipped downwards with a yawn, free-falling towards the ground. As her velocity increased, the wind resistance caused her figure to become a fleshy cannonball, and Izzy began giggling and slapping against her belly, the pinky dough giving way like Jello™. Her descent slowed as she neared the ground just outside of the little village. A few middle-aged local workers, wrapped in customary while flowing garb interrupted a laugh they were sharing when spotting Izzy. They were always wary, but respectul. And why not?

Izzy was a humanoid, it could be said. But that couldn't be all that was said if you were after truth. Her appearance encompassed the transient, the familiar, perhaps the terror. She smiled at the men, and they waved back. As she walked past them, her ponytail bobbing behind her, they continued their joking. Down a few steps past them an earthen path opened up sloping towards the center of the village, where a few children had gathered to play tag and a solid, stone fountain in the shape of a hermit poured water into a large rock basin.

Izzy rolled herself into a ball, and squeeled as she careered around the path towards the children, who had started cheering as they saw her, stopping their game and running up to say hello. She rolled to a stop in front of the children, and with a pop her head appeared from within her globular core with clown-like face, complete with a large red nose and large, elaphant ears. More cheering erupted as children playfully took turns bouncing into Izzy's mass. A high pitched squeel pierced through the uproar as Izzy gave in to the tickling and giggled.

A bell began chiming in the distance, and the children grew quite and collected their things. Izzy smoothed the back of her ponytail, assured her nose and ears were in order, and glanced towards the second sun. It warm and silent, save for the gentle breath of the southern wind. And then.

A loud, deep bell started clanging nearby.

The village's dining hut was constructed of repurposed and reinforced wood, past destroyed by the traveling war but rebuilt anew. Rows upon rows of long logs served as seats for the whole of the village--a few dozen farmers had already finished their morning meal, and were running inventory before setting out into the Namekian wind. A smaller one with a scar across his face leaped up from his bench and scrambled over towards Izzy when he saw her.

"Hey, stop! Thaaat's right. You stop right there" he gnarled. The other farmers stared at the fat pink lady and Seamus for a second, eyes unblinking, and then continued packing their bags.

Seamus unwrapped his white tunic and threw it to the grind with a large thud, the abs of his strained emerald core looked strained to snap, a bow overdrawn. Dust around his feet began dancing outward and upward as a grumble formed deep in the chest of the short Namek. Wind continued flowing with increased velicity as the man's hum transissioned into in a howl. Izzy's smile instantanuously fell as her ponytail whipped back. The loose pink skin on her arms was flapping back a forth, sounding like cracks of a whip.

Seamus muscles strained and the wind continued to pick up. Glistening sweat formed on the top of his brow, and beads were beginning to lose the grip upon his eyelids. They're owners were red and large as it to pop. The few remaining farmers that remained hobbled out of the loghouse only half in their trousers. "Not after what happened last time, no no no!" one could be heard screaming as he made his way to his field. With a yelp, the whipping wind sucked out of the room. Seamus pistoned his arm back to strike and immediately shoved his fists into the rotund belly of Izzy. The ferociousness of his punch drove several feet through her abdomen but came to a slow stop. Izzy winked at Shaemas. "Better luck next time, Dear!" She gave him a peck on the cheek and pressed her stomach out slowly. Releasing Seamus's hand, allowing him to roll in hysterical laughter across the bare floor, howling with tears in his eyes.

"Do you know if we still have butter?"

"We do."

"Yummo. Tell that sweet mother o' yours I owe her something."

"Will do. Hey ... I have to go to the northern hemisphere today. Some kind of local trouble, at least that's what Elder thinks."

"Ain't that something. Ain't it something. Third time this month. I assume there's other people that old fart can send. But fine. That's just fine Seamus." Small frills of steam erupts into dance in the air through her vents.

"Just local trouble"?

"That's what the man says. I do what he tells me."

"Bring me back some cooking oil while your out saving the world."

The butter was good. It was creamy and salty, with a tinge of bitterness near the brine. It was perfect with the bread loafs. This season's harvest had been one of the best yet since the Reformation. Honestly, the gains were barely efficient, but they'd serve for now and tomorrow would be dealth with later.

While the farmers were out, Izzy would spend time helping the villagers rebuild. There were endless fences to mend, fields to till, and wells to dig. Sanitation improvements were one of the very first projects started, and she was glad to be finished with those. Lately she'd find a group of Nameks putting up housing, which was her favorite. Her strength made it quick work, and the villagers were happy to toss her treats for her help. Candy is God.

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Re: Izzy Livin'

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wait what's this

it's rp bein posted

by a name i don't recognize

this is strange, unusual, and oddly exciting

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Re: Izzy Livin'

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Right, lol. Have to look Into this and do some research lol.

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