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*Memories and monsters

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[CHAT] Requius sighs as she adjusts her outfit. It was as formal as she was going to get, red on black corset with her overly tall buckled boots and knee length black pleated skirt trailing slightly behind her. She gave herself another look in the mirror as she straightened her hair into the whild but flowing look and let the sigh out in a large exhale. <Guess this is it> She said to herself as she stepped through the common grey painted metal door...and out onto the stage that was built in Copperville. The stage was strategically placed under The Requiem, which was resting down in the background, multiple hatches with ramps situated, but closed for now. Before her were the cameras and multitudes of gathered people waiting for her address.

[CHAT] Samuel was in attendence, of course--it even had it's own seat, along with Jaraid and Flay, who were fidgeting. There... were few people around it. A lot of people were kind of avoiding that section. Avoiding Sam, of course. That... was probably something that wouldn't entirely stop, even in their new home. Still, it at least gave them all room to stretch out. Sam more or less kept quiet, it's tail sticking awkwardly out of the back of the folding chair it was sitting on--if there had been anyone there they probably would've tripped over it. As Req comes out on stage it offers her a wave, clapping along with the rest of the audience--and even whistles a moment before gong back to quiet as she delivers her speech.

[CHAT] Requius paced the stage. There was no podium. No microphone. She was augmenting her voice through the Wireless SIN system she had access to, connecting herself directly to the speakers. She could feel the pulse in the air. The excitement. Anxiety. Hesitation. She waved once before clapping her hands behind her back and paced a few more steps. "All of you here today. All of you watching. I am Ambassador Requius. Some may know of me. Some may not." She said as she smiled and took her hands out from behind her back. "I am here on a simple matter. I am here to offer Freedom." She said as she took flight off the stage, hovering just a few feet off of the ground closer to the croud. "Freedom from the chains that bind you." She said with a smile and a wave towards The Requiem in the background. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"There is a new colony out in space. Harsh. But new. Official designanted an independant colony of Earth." She said as she floated over the crowd now. She kept weaving in and out and pacing the croud to keep the croud moving and attentive. "As leader of that colony and Its status as independant, I am offering a once in a lifetime chance to start fresh." She said with a smile. "A new chance for a home, A family." She said with a smile. "We are small but building, in need of people like you. LAborers. Traders, Teachers. The future will be built by your hands with untapped potential."<F>'

[CHAT] Samuel gives a bit of a grin at the thought, keeping its eyes on Req as she floats around the crowd. A fresh start. Away from being forced to do all the fighting. Fighting for reasons it didn't know, causes it didn't care about. The option to make a choice for itself--to get away from it, to have its own future not tied to any of those responsibilities that had been pushed onto it. To have a family--one that it worked hard for and wanted it to be there. It... was all it wanted, really. It wasn't entirely sure what it would be doing there--even if it was fighting, that was fine, because this time... it was it's own choice to do it.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"People from all walks of life, Even those in the darkest alleys or locked in the tightest of cells." She said with a slight glint in her eyes. A glint that resembled a bit of her Fathers eyes. "I offer anyone here a full pardon. Pardon of debts, pardon of crimes, A pardon for a new life." She said with a smile. As she said those last words she started to release her energy and let it flow around her. With an outstretched hand the hexagon plates of energy swirled around her faster and faster before taking off into the sky and exploding into a million glinting particles. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Do not rape, Do not murder and Do not steal. Those are the main rules to live by." She said as she floated down and touched the ground, releasing the energy. "The path to Freedom is open now. And we will be here for 2 days before departing." She said as she waived her hands towards The Requiem and the closed bay doors opened. "All those interested pack what you can carry and find yourself a room. Those watching from more...confined spaces...There will be a number to contact on the bottom of the news feed and a representative will review your case." <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'She walked slowly back looking at the stares of disbelief in some peoples eyes. "Your fate is in your hands now. So take it, grab onto it, and make of it what you wish. I hope to see you all very soon" She said as she disappeared in a flash of light and a small shockwave, appearing behind the church almost instantanious. Hopefully Samuel would come looking for her there. For the applicants. The Order of New Requiem, formerly the cult of the bloody angel, would handle the paperwork and processing. The health screenings to ensure no one carries deadly diseases and other various identification forms. <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel -- Jaraid and Flay look up into the sky as the 'fireworks' go off, going 'Woah...' and 'Cool!' at the sight of it. Sam, meanwhile, sat back and watched, still grinning a moment. It didn't know all that about the whole full pardon and everything else, but it was Req's colony, if there was any problems, well, they could be dealt with. "Two days, huh," Sam notes a moment, thinking a bit. Might need to find a little something to do for those days--it did want to take Req out to help her feel better after that whole... dragon ball fight thing. But where to? It'd already shown her the best things it could think of. Had to think about that one.

[CHAT] Requius sat down on the ground and leaned her head back, looking up towards the sky. This was one of the hardest things she had to do. She was never really a public speaker and being blunt was mostly how she was and acted, which upset a lote more people than she would have thought initially. After the fight with the dragon balls. That Edge thing and everything else which was swirling around Earth she just wanted off.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Soon enough, people were milling around--though still staying well away from the monster lookin thing and its apparent kids--and Sam made its own way towards where Requius had run off to. "Req," it speaks, before finally stepping around the church and into view a few moments later, with a sharptoothed grin. "That was a great speech," it says with a nod. It was, at least that's what it thought, though hopefully it didn't scare anyone away from joining by it being there. That... might've happened. That was not a good thought. Still! Bright side. Now was just the wait for two days. "I can't wait til we get there, I think you'll get a lot of people," it says with a nod.

[CHAT] Requius is startled out of her thoughts by Samuel and his kids. "Samuel, Flay, Jaraid..." She said as she took her eyes from the sky and looked at the two smaller Mimics. "You know Jaraid, Flay," She said with a pause. "I tried to and almost killed your father a few days ago..." She said abruptly and out of the blue. "What do you think of me now? Am I a monster?"

[CHAT] Samuel stops in its tracks for a moment, kind of... shocked at that, blinking a moment. Jaraid goes wide-eyed a moment, "Wait, what!? Wh-why would you do that!?" it says, looking back up to Sam, "Dad?" Meanwhile Flay just pffts and shakes its head, "You're not gonna beat Dad! He's Dad! He can beat up -=anyone=-!" Flay speaks with absolute confidence. "Though sometimes we'll come in and help!" it adds, giving a big sharptoothed grin. "She did it. Nearly got me, too," Sam says, nodding a moment, "Wait, what...? Really!?" Flay finally goes wide eyed itself, incredulous. "Really. She wasn't in her right mind, though..." it says, furrowing its brow a moment. "It wasn't her fault. I kinda... had to fight her, for, well, her sake," it nods. "It just means that sometimes... you might have to fight someone you care about to help them,"

[CHAT] Samuel -- "I... huh," Jaraid speaks up first, looking back down at her, "Well, if you couldn't control it... I... guess we're good?" it adds, though... not entirely certain. This would take some thinking on its part. Flay, meanwhile, furrows its brow. "Well, that's okay, I guess, if you couldn't control it. Anyway... how'd you do it? Almost beat Dad, I mean. Had to be a really strong move or trick or something! How?" Flay's taking it better, at least.

[CHAT] Requius smiles at the kids and the simplistic explaination of things. "When you know someone really well, you get to know their strengths and weaknesses." She said with a smile. "If Dumastin hadn't stepped in I think It would have went a different way." She said as she looked down at the ground. "Sorry I had to bring it up, but I'm just being honest and open. But Samuel is right." She said with a slight pause before looking at the children. "Sometimes you have to fight family to save them from themselves." She said as she walked up to Samuel and whispered in his ear. "But that fighting. With you and Dumastin. The taste of your blood on my hands was...Exhilerating..." She said as she stepped back. "That might be the Dragonballs...The demon serum or something else, but I don't want to tread down that road. <C>

[CHAT] Samuel blinks slightly at that, thinking a moment a moment. "Well, I don't know. I might've lost, I might not've. That was a big move, but it wasn't the end of the fight, either. Since when do you remember it, anyway?" it adds, looking back to Req and furrowing its brow, "You said you couldn't remember what happened... I had to fill you in." Then, Flay speaks up, "So, uh... study your opponent, then? See their strengths and weaknesses and just kinda... use that?" it adds, trying to think. Well, it seemed obvious, kind of. Jaraid, meanwhile, furrows its brow and frowns slightly, looking over Req again, its expression inscrutable but doesn't say anything. Mimics did have advanced hearing, whispering didn't exactly work very well.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"I went over the Data later..." She said with a grin. "Just because I didn't remember it doesn't mean it wasn't stored somewhere in this head of mine." She said with a grin. "Took me awhile to find it...but they were there. I...I didn't know I could be so...Cruel." She said as she placed her hand on Sam's shoulder. "I am sorry about trying to rip you in half. I really...I mean...yea..." She said as she shook her head and looked around them. It was peaceful here. In the shadow of the church. The crowd still busy milling around on the other side of the town. "Yes Flay. That is one way. Study your oponent, get their weaknes and exploit them...or do what your dad does and overpower them with raw power. Each work.'

[CHAT] Samuel nods slowly, thinking, "Well... I was also trying not to hurt you, too. What can I say? I know you can take it, but, well... I care about you, you know? A lot. And yeah, it's fine, I know you weren't in... control, I guess," it nods, before moving to slip an arm around her, "It's fine, though. It all worked out in the end... but, uh, a little warning would've been good, y'know? I didn't see that coming, like... at all. That was totally a free shot you had at first," it shook its head slowly. "Well, if you still like fighting, we can spar any time..." it nods a moment. Flay nods, "Yeah, but I kinda wanna... find my own way," it gives a big sharptoothed grin of its own, "It's why I wanted to look up martial arts and all that stuff!"

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'A beeping noise starts annoyingly chirping from a wristwatch on her left arm. "Welp. Duty calls I guess. Earth government is probably pissed about the pardon thing. I will have to smooth over things with them." She said as she slowly took a step back and stretched. She fiddled with a few buttons on the watch before reading whatever message as sent to her. "If you REALLY want to learn a ton of different martial arts, Get with Thousand whenever he comes back. He knows a few tricks or two." She said before she vanished in a flash of light and small shockwave. Her destination, a confrence with some very angry EDF and other governmental officials...,exit>'

[CHAT] Samuel nods a moment, "Alright, we'll meet up when you're finished with that," it says, letting her get back to work. Flay, meanwhile nods, "Alright! Can't wait for him to get back then," Jaraid, meanwhile, just still stays quiet for a few moments longe, thinking about something. "Hey, um, I think I might need to get a lab, Dad, when we get to our new home, can I have one?" "Well, sure, I guess," Sam says with a nod, "Great..." Jaraid gives a nod, but otherwise stays inscrutable. <exit>

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