*Jules Epic (P5) A Thousand Reinforcement

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*Jules Epic (P5) A Thousand Reinforcement

Post by Lye » 01 May 2017, 00:39

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Prime was rather concerned, although his plans to use the engines of both ships was a success.. The strain was keeping them at the lower factors of speed that one could use to far surpass the speed of light. It bought them some time, yes... But the Deminc carriers were still coming. Prime knew that this medical ship was the worst off to have to deal with such calamities. It was about as armed as one of Dumastin's shuttle-craft now. The shuttles were only equipped with defensive energy munitions generally, no torpedo or heavy ordinance. Of course, Prime wouldn't panic... His long range sensors were keeping track of all of his partner's allies. '

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'A second later, within Thousand's shuttle... A gestalt of Prime began to speak. Ah, Thousand. I don't suppose you're in the mood for a little diversion, are you? Prime continued to run the calculations, Thousand's combat capabilities had been well on par with Jules or Samuel. Even his partner had to go all out to really cripple him. '

[CHAT] Thousand shuts down his mental simulation as he receives the message from Prime, the artificial environment surrounding him wavering before re-resolving into his ship's controls. The android hesitates a moment, concerned over how far his condition had already progressed, before shaking his head and keying up a reply. 'Prime? If I'm being honest I've got some pretty serious matters to attend to on my end here, but if I could lend some assistance I can probably spare some time. What's going on?' Thousand drew himself up from his slouched position to sit upright, wondering what the message concerned, and whether he'd be able to bluff his system imperatives for just a bit longer to assist...

[CHAT] Prime spoke callously, Well, to be quite honest one of your team-mates has taken it upon himself to answer a distress call and ended up in a rather potent explosion from a gigantic group hug. He's... Not operational, and I've already expelled the arsenal this vessel was equipped with. There was a chuckle, To make it worse, there are two more carriers which apparently originate from Arlia within an hours time-frame from intercepting us. Telemetry began to flow into the linked circuits of Thousand, displays of the formula and calculations done to predict a suitable rendezvous time in roughly fifty-eight minutes. Prime spoke again, I know the timing isn't preferable, as per your last conversation with the Captain your issues are beginning to hinder you, but unfortunately... I've little recourse but to request assistance.

[CHAT] Thousand takes a moment without replying, reviewing the telemetry received and cross referenced it with his current course. (It's... out of the way, but still in the right general direction. I think I can handle it under those circumstances...) He finally replies to the gestalt. 'I should be able to manage assistance, though brevity will be necessary. Hang on.' He issues a series of commands to his ship, a series of thrusters firing in a ripple along the outer hull, adjusting his course. 'I'm enroute. What's our situation? And who's gotten themselves in trouble?' He thinks to himself. (Sam? But I doubt he'd be out this far without Req...)

chat *began sending a rapid-file transfer that consisted of his logs between the time Jules answered the distress call of the Shinto-Four to the present, where a Physician was studying reports of Tuffle physiology left behind by Julian Salnor while the crew of the Shinto-Four were in the process of breaking their backs trying to repair systems assisted by the Gremlins attached to Jules's medical transport. &C”Jules, the doctor. The one least suited to combat situations.&O”I'm not sure 'what' happened exactly, he simply froze .. And then didn't even use the breath of all his skills to try to defend himself. It was rather distressing given my location at the time.” &gPrime sighed, &O”I'm sure he'll appreciate it.” &gPrime chuckled, &O”Assuming he survives.”

[CHAT] Prime began sending a rapid-file transfer that consisted of his logs between the time Jules answered the distress call of the Shinto-Four to the present, where a Physician was studying reports of Tuffle physiology left behind by Julian Salnor while the crew of the Shinto-Four were in the process of breaking their backs trying to repair systems assisted by the Gremlins attached to Jules's medical transport. Jules, the doctor. The one least suited to combat situations.I'm not sure 'what' happened exactly, he simply froze .. And then didn't even use the breath of all his skills to try to defend himself. It was rather distressing given my location at the time. Prime sighed, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Prime chuckled, Assuming he survives.

[CHAT] Prime altered the course of his own vessel to match the rendezvous with Thousand's shuttles. "Rendezvous set. Fifty-eight minutes, twenty three seconds." The message resounded throughout his own craft and that of the ship that was docked and attached to the transport by the extension of the bio-organic shielding. The armor wouldn't take anything of a pounding in such a state, but it at least kept the two ships attached well enough for the stresses of light-speed.

[CHAT] Humas, the captain of the Shinto-Four glanced up, "What kind of reinforcements?" He shrugged it off, it was a miracle the ship was in anything resembling faster than light travel. The second in command of the "Doctors" illegal medical transport was quite competent. It had at least bought them some time.

[CHAT] Thousand nods to himself, cutting the transmission short. His head already starting to throb, he shakes it violently before directing his main scanner ahead, gathering data on the space ahead on his original course. The pain subsides shortly thereafter, the android relaxing visibly. That system pacified for the moment, he spends the rest of the trip pouring over the data provided by Prime. The minutes streak by until the appointed time arrives

[CHAT] Thousand fires the forward thrusters to break his ships momentum, still well out of range of the engagement, and heads towards the airlock, signaling to Prime. 'I'm as close as I dare bring this ship; I'll be handling the rest via EVA. Any more info you can provide?'

[CHAT] Prime had used the Gremlins to the best of his programming to repair as many of the systems of the Shinto-Four and get them back online. He had managed to repair the ammunition replication factory as well as the shield emitters, short-range sensors, and targeting sensors. Primary engine was still offline... The Physician studying Tuffle anatomy was deeply focused in learning about in his task. The plus side, he could still detect the life-signs of the Tuffle within the husk, although the energy-readings appearing were widely erratic.

[CHAT] Prime: -- 'Thousand came out of hyper-space as the Medical Ship shut down its bio-organic hull armor and disengaged from the Shinto-Four. The Shinto-Four's thrusters had been repairs well enough to bring the ship to a stop. "Well, the tactics of the carriers is pretty simply. Demons disembark wearing a technology strikingly similar to Julian Salnor's HAVOC system. Then seek to overwhelm and destroy the opposition through various means including self-destruct." Prime spoke seriously now, "Thousand, now would not be the time to hold back. Target the ships themselves, the Sinto Four, Jules Vessel, and your shuttle will provide cover-fire from the disembarked Demons."'

[CHAT] Thousand speaks back to Prime via his internal comm system. [Got it. Same kind of thing they pulled back at Zeon... Give me a minute to get into position, I may be able to eliminate one of them before they even know I'm here.] He cuts the communication, and rotates, orienting himself to place the ships roughly on a plane beneath him, before ascending upwards, to flank the arlian vessels from above. He travels at a large fraction of his top speed, as quickly as he can without emitting visible energy in the process, already beginning to store energy within his power grid for his alpha strike.

[CHAT] Prime: -- 'The long-range sensors were reporting to the small fleet the location of the incoming carrier's, each one approximately the size of Dumastin's old vessel the Platinum Dream. "Alright Thousand, it's your time to shine. All weapon systems have been brought under my control. Engaging optimal targeting vectors." '

[CHAT] Prime held the weapon systems steady as the two carrier's dropped out of light-speed, swarms of demons rapidly began to break away from their pods before the bio-organic armor would be able to deploy. The Swarm had no idea of Thousand, no... It was following the chain that linked one of those on the Shinto-Four back to Arlia. The trail so to speak. The demonic-swarm began rushing mindlessly towards the Shinto-Four, their hands forming weak balls of energy which were pelted like cannons towards their target. The medical-transport, as well as the Shinto-Four and Thousand's shuttle unleashed the bulk of their energy-based weapons. The Shinto-Four unleashing a barrage of its main artillery aimed for one of the ships itself.

[CHAT] Thousand arrives in his intended positon, high "above" the plane formed by the vessels "below." The energy he gathers continues to build as he removes his left fist, "setting" it aside to float beside him. He directs the arm downward, the energy weapon concealed within deploying and assembling itself, the stored energy beginning to flow into the larger lower barrel, which begins to emit a faint blue light- not even noticeable yet among the field of stars behind him. The energy builds, and builds as the android prepares to fire. He signals to Prime. [In position, charging nearly complete. Target bravo locked, stand by.]

[CHAT] Prime continued to focus fire, individually their bolts wouldn't do much... But collectively, mixed in with the massive artillery shells that were being pushed out by the Shinto-Four, the horde was making slow progress. Still, Prime imagined this would only stall them for a few minutes. Without Thousand's pending sneak-attack, they were screwed. Even with the shielding and armor systems on board his vessel.

[CHAT] Humas stepped out of the airlock followed by his crew of armored units. "Alright men, the mission is simple." He held up the cannon on the left arm of his suit, the energy-weapon charging. ""Keep those things away from my ship." As they deployed they began adding to the volley of cannon fire emerging from the trio of ships.

[CHAT] Thousand focuses more of his energy into the lower cannon, even going so far as to burn off several of his fuel charges, adding their own energy to the mix, the levels reaching the maximum he could hold stable in short order. He hung there in space, the gathered energy from this distance looking like nothing more than another innocuous star in the background for a long moment. And then, the energy blast was released in a brilliant column of blue-white light, tearing through space towards the arlian ship closer to the Shinto-Four, firing his own RCS system to negate some of the recoil as he held the beam. [They know I'm here now...]
[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The devastation was what some would describe to be awesome. The torrent of energy ripped through the demons who had been released in order to decimate the Shinto-Four. Then it traveled through the center mass of the nearest ship to Thousand before a cacading engine failure caused the explosion to move outward away from the blast. Thousand was correct, in a brief moment a large portion of the enemy combatants altered their course making their way for Thousand while the Shinto-Four et-al continued their assault. The Medical Ship of Jules was taking heavy fire, but the energy shielding was still holding out. That wouldn't last for much longer. Worse, when the Shinto-Four's energy shielding failed, they'd have no auxiliary armor aside what it was constructed with. Prime would have to use the ship to act as a shield in that scenario. Meanwhile... "Good job Thousand, one down, one to go." '

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'It took less than sixty seconds for Thousand to be overrun, the better part of a thousand Demon's rushing towards him. Some were throwing explosive melee strikes, others held back and covered their allies with an endless barrage of energy blast. They were operating as a team with what could be considered extreme precision, Demons rushed in for a strike, hit or missed, and followed through allowing the next one to get a lick in. It was almost as if they were operating under a hive-mind.'

[CHAT] Thousand initially does a rather good job of evading and counter-attacking the inbound rush of demons, but finds his tactics to be rather lacking, given the extrme coordination displayed by the enemy. He deploys his enhanced armor moments into the onslaught, various patterns of cracks forming as he takes strikes, and receding as he absorbs energy blasts. Nodding to himself, he activates the large barrel once more in hopes of softening up the enemy and possibly breaking away. Several fuel cartridges, impregnated with oxygen and a strong does of Thousand's energy, are consumed within the barrel as a broad fan of energy and a spray of droplets of searing hot liquid, combusting all the same but producing no flame. With any luck, the jetlike force of the conflagration would carry him away from the foes and towards his secondary target before his defenses fail altogether...

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Captain Humas and his crew had disembarked from their own ship as the demonic combatants came within five hundred meters of the ship. "Engage, spare no weapon system. Our shields aren't going to hold out very long under that onslaught." Still, the group was out numbered a hundred to one. The squad wouldn't let numbers stop them, afterall.. They would be dead if it weren't for the fortunate arrival of Ascended # 1 and it's friend Ascended #2. '

(L:100 K:4,526,420 P:144.2b)
[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The Demon forces around Thousand were numerous, but he was a far great class of power than any of them. His counters were devastating, but not even he was fast enough to hit everything being thrown at him. As Thousand broke away he would find himself being followed by a merged energy-blast the size of a sky-scraper which had been launched from no less than fifty of the long-ranged assailants. '

[CHAT] Thousand wheels around, eyes widening at the massive energy blast, before narrowing, crimson flame erupting around the androids body, his speed and processing rate increasing notably, his perception of time slowing. He takes a quick measure of the inbound energy- a bit too strong to absorb safely with one hand... and not enough time to re-attach the detached hand. (Not much choice then, I suppose...) Gripping his detached left hand in his right, he throws it towards the inbound energy blast, it's own thrusters kicking in a moment later. The hand streaks towards the inbound energy palmfirst, drawing in a moderate amount of energy before overloading and exploding. As he stretched his right palm out towards the blast, he hoped the destruction of his left fist had weakened the blast sufficiently for him to absorb the remainder. Meanwhile, the barrels of the minigun began to spin up, already preparing to counter-attack.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The attack had slowed significantly by the time it finally met Thousand's awaiting palm, the energy seeming to lose its potency rapidly and shrink. Regardless, the second ships full payload had finally been released and the swarm was preparing for another barrage of energy while more rushed towards the hail of fire towards the Shinto-Four and its protector.'

(L:100 K:7,429,781 P:144.2b)
[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Prime grumbled slightly, both Thousand's shuttle and Jules medical ship moved to intercept the Shinto-Four whose shields had finally fallen. The two ships built by Dumastin with similar technology deployed their bio-organic hull armor. Now that the entire force was deployed, the carrier did the same. Prime spoke to Thousand, "It's going to be a bit tougher to crack now. Jules used energy disc to cut through the armor.. But he had six arms which to throw with. '

[CHAT] Thousand withdrew away from the swarm, still heading towards the arlian vessel, his minigun coming to life and sweeping across the inbound horde, dozens of small, dense bolts of energy rippling across the approaching demons until the barrels glowed bright red, continueing to spin while struggling to vent heat without an atmosphere to conduct it. Nonetheless, he again begins to gather energy in the lower barrel, hoping to melt a hole through the armor of the ship from point blank range when he closes.

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'The demons were blasted apart by the onslaught of Thousand's guns, incoming swarms being cut in twain from the rapid fire... But he eventually would have to stop, and when he did the swarm would still be there coming ever closer... The Armored Squads of the Shinto-Four were no different, even as they poured out their arsenals the only thing keeping them from being entirely over-whelmed was the incoming suppression fire from the trio of ships below. '

[CHAT] Thousand puts on a burst of his utmost speed, firing his RCS system once more, finally landing feetfirst along the starboard hull of the remaining ship. He immediately crouches down, thrusting his palm downward onto the bio-organic plating, beginning to siphon energy out of it- more in hopes of creating a momentary localized weakness than in restoring his own energy. A moment later, He steps back, directing the large barrel on his left arm at the spot he had been draining, and unleashes another conflagration directly into the plating at close range, energy, oxygen-impregnated combusting droplets of fuel, and a shotgun spread of white-hot thermite chaff slamming into the spot. (If I can breach the hull, I can use the breach as a chokepoint...)

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Once the armor was breached the energy followed through, blasting through several decks of empty storage pods. The destruction wasn't absolute, but it was a start. A bigger problem was the time Thousand had spent preparing himself and the hull, the closer the swarm came to him. In a moment he was once again surrounded on all sides sans his feet which were met with the now damaged ship. He would have to work fast as the bio-organic Hull was already slowly working to spread itself out to cover the gap that was formed. '

[CHAT] Thousand locks onto the ships main reactor, and thrusts his arm into the breach, counting on minimal armor being present inside the ship. His minigun cools rapidly in the venting atmosphere, and he directs it at a nearby internal bulkhead, directly inline with the reactor, before letting it rip. Meanwhile, he ducked down as low as he could, hoping to minimize the target he presented to the rapidly approaching demons, as destroying the ship was the immediate priority.

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Re: Jules Epic (P5) A Thousand Reinforcement

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Some really great posts by Thousand here, particularly when he's preparing his flame cannon. I've never been a huge fan of horde battles and a few thousand demons makes for a hard battlefield to really imagine but this was good.

RPP rewarded.

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