*Jules Epic (P4) Terminal Appetite

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*Jules Epic (P4) Terminal Appetite

Post by Lye » 30 Apr 2017, 21:31

Jules felt nothing as he glanced around at his various children... There was a certain smell, distinct... A grill, the steak of a fine bovine with mesquite wooden chips. He glanced around, a small family get together... Jules chuckled, small... A second later he realized that 'every' group in the rather large park he was in were all his children. Himoyachi was tending the grill nearest to him, Talimaar standing behind him with her hand on his back, a look of concern on her face. Robert stood near-by as well, watching over the other groups as if expecting trouble.

“Where...” His voice sounded weak, why?

Talimaar spoke softly, “Simple father, we're in here...” She gently tapped on his head. “And if you can't figure out 'why' then I suppose there's no hope for you.” She let out a slow laugh, Himoyachi flipped a steak onto a plate and brought it over to his table. “Be nice sis, I don't think he realized the link works both ways... At least, not to this extent.” Robert glanced over, piping up with an annoyed response. “We should be 'there' with him. This never would have happened if we were together.”

Jules could smell the food, a bit of confusion as Himoyachi set silverware in front of him. “Eat up dad, you've got to keep your strength up.” Jules drew the steak-knife and the fork, cutting himself off a piece of the rather large steak before putting it into his mouth...” He smirked as he chewed, chewed and understood... This was a dire circumstance indeed...

****Meanwhile, back in the real world.****

The flash of light had subsided, Jules body was... Devastated. His left arm had been blown off at the shoulder, his left just above the elbow. Both of his legs were gone, his right only slightly longer than his left. The difference being the kneecaps. His skull itself had been blasted partially off, the right side of his face missing. The HAVOC system was gone, the husk body was damaged beyond repair... Beyond anything a Tuffle could do to heal it... There was no way around it, Jules was dying... The only evidence of the Tuffle at all was the slight white light that was leaking from what remained of the destroyed husks skull.

The Tuffle, however failed he may be... Had lived. Sadly, he hadn't realized the cost.

Within the depths of his mind he smiled warmly at his children as he continued to eat his steak, “MacTep first... Than the double.” He wasn't even sure how far gone he was, or entirely how his children were protecting him. He remembered everything, and as he chewed another bite of his steak, his mind focused on the sole purpose of staying alive.


The Avatar of Prime felt a certain amount of annoyance reverberate throughout all his gestalts, his physical form taking a moment to place its palm upon its forehead. It's sensors let him know what was going on within the Doctor's star ship, the demonic weaponry, the fodder, suddenly spiking to a degree which put their destructive potency within a level that could do a great harm to the Doctor. He had known this 'distress' call was a bad idea, but it was not his place to tell any of the former crew-members of the Platinum Dream no... Instead, he had simply took a wait and see approach. The ships engines had remained revved, a moment later it was to the starboard side of the demnoic ship which had expended its suicidal munitions. That wasn't to say it was defenseless, the armor it work bore striking resemblance to the same that was coating to the medical transport. Given the situation, it wasn't a question of 'should' it deploy its full weaponry in order to aid its captain, the question became, would he have time to make a difference?

From within the silvery armor three dozen cannons and a dozen torpedo tubes emerged from within the silvery-shell. Prime held nothing back, this vessel wouldn't be able to flee. He unleashed the entire volley of torpedoes into the demon-ship as well as a continued volley of fire from the energy-cannons. Meanwhile, his targeting sensors were transporting the faint life-signs of the Tuffle into the medical bay. He wasn't entirely sure what he could do for the doctor medically, but... Short-range communication were active. “To the Captain of the Alliance Vessel Shinto-Four, I've need the assistance of whatever medical personnel you can spare.”

Captain Humas was stunned, the ascended whom had rendered assistance had just been engulfed in a gigantic ball of energy... A few seconds later the Ascended's ship returned to the area and unleashed what … Would classify the ship as a reconnaissance ship instead of a medical transport. Weapons that their limited sensors hadn't picked up at 'all' during their brief scans before the Ascended had departed his vessel. A few seconds after the first explosion had faded away as Humas and his team began to rush towards the … What remained of the ascended... That medical transport had unleashed utter hell on the remaining ship causing another explosion... Then the ascended was engulfed in a pool of energy that looked suspiciously like an Alliance transporter buffer... Before he could even deal with the shock of that a soft voice was relayed through his ship into his helmet... “Uh, a physician... Yeah, we have a doctor... What kind of medical transport......”

Prime cut off the Captain of the Shinto-Four, “The kind that just saved your ship I suppose, you may share your awe with Captain Dumastin at your earliest convenience. Now, let's talk. My long range sensors already show another two of those demonic vessels two hours out. Given I just launched what minimal ordinance this vessel is equipped with I can say honestly this ship will not survive a direct encounter. So I can either borrow your commander, engulf you in my ships armor and run with you, or I can run by myself and hope the Doctor can sort himself out. One option grants you rather quick repairs of your vessel due to certain assets I posses, the other results in your being confronted with another duo of Arlian born ships before you have time to repair your engines or major weapon systems. What say you, sir?” Sadly, this wasn't a manipulation, Prime's long range sensors had picked the vessels up before Jules had even destroyed the first demonic ship. He hadn't expected the Doctor, who in all rights could one-shot an unprepared Captain Dumastin, to fall. Although he supposed he could appreciate the enemy tactic of overcharging and self-destructing to harm their enemy.

Captain Humas grimaced, their long range sensors were down and short-range sensors currently consisted of what their suits were equipped with and eye-balls. He had no way of verifying whether what he assumed was the second in command of the medical transport was telling the truth or not. He keyed his external transmission switched, “I suppose in that case... I'll prepare my physician to be sent to your ship. Unfortunately I cannot allow you to aid us with repairs, the technology on this ship is...”

Prime once again interrupted, “Mostly known to me, with the exception of what I am assuming is a cloaking device. The Captain of this vessel, Doctor Jules Salnor, was quite thorough when it came to mining information from the Alliance personnel on Zeon VII before the assault. If you wish to protect those systems, simple obstruct my assets from interacting with them. From what my sensors tell me however, everything else on board your ship can be repaired in a manner fit to making the craft space-worthy again. If you would tag your Physician with a transponder beacon, I will transport him directly to my medical bay once we have docked.”


Jules was largely unaware of what was taking place outside of his purview of what amounted to a family picnic. He had eaten nearly twenty steaks in this place, sure they were keeping him alive... But there was something wrong. An awareness he couldn't quite put his finger on. “So, how goes the research into the adaptive camouflage research?” His voice was lighthearted, it was Robert who responded... “It goes, father... As well as it can given the circumstances, father...” Robert sounded fatigued, pained... He was staring over the massive crowd of Jules children... A look of concern on his face. Talimaar smiled, stepping in front of Jules view of the crowd. “Do not worry father, we'll hammer out the specifications you've requested. Afterall, we already...” Jules rose a finger to silence his overly enthused daughter, finishing chewing a piece of steak before speaking. “Robert, what do you mean? You seem... Distressed.”

Robert growled, glancing at Jules for a moment, and then back to the crowd... Himoyachi was still at the grill. He tossed a glance to Robert, one that seemed struck with annoyance. Robert spoke again, “You tell me, dad. Just shut up and keep eating, none of your offspring are willing to let you die. No matter the cost..” Himoyachi coughed, “What Robert means to say father, is that if you don't keep eating, you're dead. Worry about the cost later, your children are strong, we know what we are. And we won't let you die by yourself in the middle of space.” Jules exhaled, grimacing a bit... Something was wrong here, but the longer he didn't eat the weaker he was feeling... “I suppose...”


Back in the physical world, Jules husk body lay limp as the physician from the Shinto-Four tried to check for vitals... “I don't understand what you need me to do uh...” Prime sighed audibly through the communication system of the ship, “You may call me Prime Doctor Yeevrun.” The doctor nodded, “Right, but again... He doesn't show any vital signs that my equipment can detect, although there are some strange readings from his hypothalamus region that I can't quite explain.”

Prime was rapidly going through the relevant data on Tuffle physiology, not the husk, not the host... The actual Tuffle... Jules hadn't gone through a great deal to inform him on how treatment would go... What he did find was an extraction process that was laid out by the late Julian Salnor on how to safely remove a Tuffle so that the host would survive. A method developed to appease the Captain, although ultimately pointless. “Doctor, if you'll turn to the console on the right you'll find details to a procedure which will extract the Tuffle from the husk body. The husk is likely damaged beyond repair.”

Yeevrun glanced around, noting the lit up console and moved towards it. He began scanning the information with his eyes, then checked it's length. “Uh, Prime... Bleh...” He tapped his communicator, “Captain Humas, this is Yeevrun. I'm going to have to study a rather complex procedure before I can do anything. It's going to take a while.”

Captain Humas wasn't thrilled at the prospects, he had guards monitoring the cloaking system... This “Doctor” Salnor was likely a potent psionic user given what his AI had mentioned. They had one on board themselves, but she had been in a near comatose state since her scouting mission on Arlia. Regardless, the little machines that were working on repairs were quite efficient. He had them focused currently on the weapon systems. Impulse systems were already back online. Time was not currently a luxury they had given what was shared from the militarized medical transport. He checked his watch, A moment later the Captain's voice was relayed through the medical-bay on board Jules ship, “How long?”

The Doctor was still going over the procedure, it was... Comprehensive. It included a thorough breakdown of the parasite physiology as well as procedures to take to ensure the host survival throughout the procedure... “Sir, if I had to guess... Six.. Seven hours to get up to speed... Then maybe a two hour nap so I'm not shaking when I perform the procedure...”

Prime cut in, “Well, that's not going to be great... Those Arlian … Or Demon, what-have-you.... Ships are going to be here in approximately an hour and a half.” Prime had already been making calculations on how the medical ships assets could be used to evacuate both itself and the Shinto-Four.

Captain Humas grimaced, glancing at the Ensign on the tactical console. “Ensign, what's the status of our primary warp-drives?” The Ensign tapped on his console rapidly, pulling up the information. “Engineers are reporting six hours of repair time, even with the aid of the... robots.”

Prime cut in, “Gremlins actually.”

The Ensign nodded, “Yes, the Gremlins. Sorry sir, we'll have weapons in two hours though.”

Captain Humas nodded, “Well.... Shit, get to work Doctor. We're going to need that ascended as an asset if we want to survive. No way we'll hold out against another two.” Truth was, they had already destroyed half a dozen... Somehow they were being tracked from system to system with little to no reprieve. This ascended showing up had seemed like a miracle, but even he was crippled now. The Captain didn't want to think of the long-term at the moment.. His crew would do the best they could, he supposed everything else was luck.


Jules had continued to eat, he supposed the visage was nice enough. What bothered him... The more he ate, the more of his children he lost sight of. It was strange, he could feel their energy surrounding him... He wondered why he had no sensory input from his husk body, but each time he stopped eating he was struck with severe fatigue. Currently Robert seemed exhausted, even as he put the next plate on the table. “Eat up father.” Even tired Robert wore an expression of defiance and anger. What had irked the child. Things he would have to wonder about later, he began eating his next meal. A tray of hot dogs with chili and an overabundance of cheese... He continued to eat, trying to keep a pain that felt like death away.

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Re: Jules Epic (P4) Terminal Appetite

Post by Dumastin » 30 Apr 2017, 22:58

Ah-awww, that's real sad. I'mma feel bad for Jules later, aren't I? Poor guy.

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Re: Jules Epic (P4) Terminal Appetite

Post by ikenbon » 03 Aug 2017, 09:19

So far this series is an interesting mix of sci-fi, action and horror. The scenes here with Julian sharing a nice sunny picnic with his offspring reminds me of the black and white virtual reality segment of Fallout 3 and a number of other tropes. Your writing always seems to lead you into bureaucratic disputes between yourself and whatever military you fancy at the time. I can't imagine anyone refusing to have their ship repaired and restocked after it was nearly ripped to pieces of thousands of demons, but we see it here.

I really don't know how Jules gets out of this. His body is blown to pieces and an unfamiliar doctor is going to have to perform a complicated surgery on his first try. Does Jules just have extra husks on board the hand? Is he going to bodysnatch the doctor who helps? I suppose I'll find out.

RPP rewarded.

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