*Jules Epic (P3) Terminally Overwhelmed

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*Jules Epic (P3) Terminally Overwhelmed

Post by Lye » 30 Apr 2017, 21:30

Jules began to materialize three hundred meters to the central overhead of the Alliance vessel, to the star-board of the nearest attacker. His position remained seated for a moment as his hands went for his throat, his face in a panic. His attire was out of place, a laboratory coat floating around him. Simple garments below the coat, he hadn't bothered to wear shoes on board his ship, instead having opted for comfort. A few seconds after he was floating in the vacuum of space a thin layer seemed to erupt from his body giving him a secondary shin under the clothing.

Jules oriented himself to his new environment. In his perception, below him... His deck, the Spy-Ship of the Alliance. Above him... Two ships born of Arlia, he could see the hull... The pockets which housed the 'weapon' systems of the demonic ships. Pockets which carried warriors to be deployed... That didn't answer 'how' they were operating in space... But given the hail of fire surrounding him towards those ships, and the waves of demonic forces breaking away... Two ships... And one was closer to himself, closer to the Alliance vessel... Prime had done as he had been asked... In the distance he saw a burst of light as his own ship retreated from the combat zone.

Briefly he turned his head, glancing back toward the Alliance ship. The Demonic Vessels were huge, their swarms of demons uncountable to the glance. How many waves had been repelled already? How many more did they have? The closest, only five hundred meters away, the furthest, a little more than three thousand..

Both were deploying more of their fodder fighters, fodder which were rushing towards the Alliance ship, cannons ripping them to shred courtesy of both the Armored suits and the ships still functioning guns. A glance back, touching the mind of one of the armored pilots. (“Inform your crew to brace yourselves.”) The tone was calm, his head turning back as his armor covered his body followed by four tentacles deploying. One reaching out in an arc and knocking back several of the incoming demons.

Jules couldn't help but notice the collars on them, he would touch on that later. For now... The three remaining tentacles began to gather energy which collected into disk hovering over the edges... The fodder was weak, they wouldn't stand in the way. Within a moment he had flung the disk towards the nearest ship. Three disk, each one capable of leveling mountains.. As soon as they were thrown he turned, his aura flaring as he rushed towards the ship, his tentacles spreading wide and enlarging. He impacted the hull a moment later, sensing the loss of life behind him as his disk cut their way through the fodder towards their target.

The four tentacles connected, his arms flat against the hull as the Tuffle suddenly pushed the ship in a manner careful enough not to shatter its hull. The Alliance ship went flying away from him as he remained stationary, turning to see his disk cutting into the hull of the nearest ship, traveling through towards its center.

Under his armor, his facial expression was one of shock. The demonic ships were durable, but its hull was now open even if his disk had failed to do the job he had intended. The face under his armor turned to indifference as his form rushed into the incoming swarm. A sudden voice within his ear, “Doctor, i'm detecting an armor configuration that is... Strangely similar to the design of your father.”

The voice was Prime, and that would answer why his disk weren't able to cleave through his targets as intended. Regardless, he was surrounded now... The demonic fighters that had been rushing towards the ship were now rushing him, physically however they were little more than fodder for his tentacles. His minor tentacle shape-shifting had allowed him to make the four chain-saws which had little issue cutting through the grime leaving their blood floating in the vacuum.

His kinetic senses were something to be admired... Even as the rushed him, they had no chance... Those who tried to flank were torn to shreds. Those who tried a frontal assault, the same. But they were also alerting him that a significant number were still rushing towards the Alliance ship. He grumbled, continuing to rush towards the nearest ship, tearing his way through the fodder. His disk had indeed penetrated the hull before coming up short, all he needed to do was exploit the openings before their armor had a chance to adapt. Five hundred became three, three became one.. All in the span of sixty short seconds leaving a trail of death in his wake. His armor unscathed by the incoming blast of the vast number of combatants.

One hundred meters... That was close enough... He could see the gaping holes in the armor, the points where his disk had impacted and cut their way through... That would be close enough indeed... Jules wrapped his tentacles around his form for a brief moment, giving the fodder a moment to rush him and move in close... A second later his aura flared...

Mentally he was preparing his children, gathering their strength. He would perhaps need it for his plans... In the hall of his mind he was over-looking a thousand, even those whom he had set out onto another task. “This will only be brief, I apologize...” It wasn't something Jules relished in, the raw POWER of the Tuffle, the ability to take the life essence of his children and use it to amplify himself. However, in this moment... It needed to be done... Such was the nature he could never escape.

The second his tentacles unraveled, tearing through those who had gathered, his eyes opened wide focused on 'one' point within the nearest hull of the ship. A second later a gigantic cyan beam of energy emitted from his eyes tearing towards the ship, into the crack his disk had formed, and causing a critical reactions in the vessels engines system. His arms crossed in front of his chest, his tentacles coming back to wrap around him, granting him additional protection as a thin veil of an energy barrier flowed around his form.

The concussive force of the explosion launched Jules through space, how far did he travel? Ten? Twenty thousand kilometers before he was able to bring himself to a halt. That left him with a problem. The Alliance vessel was now five thousand kilometers away, still being carried with the inertia that Jules had granted it... Unfortunately, there was always something unfortunate...

Aside the sadness, the knowledge he had just sacrificed a few dozen of his children... Sacrificed parts of himself, the engines of the second ship hadn't been damaged at all..Although Jules had granted the Alliance vessel a grace of distance, the impulse drives of the second were quickly closing in... What he supposed he would have to consider a plus side to the pain of loss he now felt emanating from the recess within his mind... The deaths of a handful of his children..

He shook his head, he had decided to respond to this distress call.. He had need of the collective... They understood, they were needed.. Their loss would NOT be in vain, no. Jules suddenly sparked in a deep cyan aura as he rushed through the vacuum of space. The Alliance vessel still had defenses, they were still firing at the incoming horde of demonic fodder.

It would be his luck, the weapon systems sans a few dozen cannons on board the Alliance Cruiser were still operational. His armor vanished, leaving what appeared a cut up laboratory coat with little more than the sleeves and a small portion of the back remaining to be seen. He reached inside his clothing, keeping himself calm as he put the visor onto his head allowing himself open communication with Prime, and more importantly... Short-wave radio communication with the Alliance ship.

“Prime, I need you to find out whatever radio frequencies the Alliance ship is scanning. Can you do that?” Jules voice seemed calm, given the situation far calmer than normal...

************Six minutes ago*************

Prime had initialized the transport, Jules had been moved to right were he had wanted to be. Meanwhile, Prime worked on establishing proper communication. Subspace communication was out of the question, the Alliance vessel had been to badly damaged for such things. So after jumping a million kilometers away from the combat zone, Prime began broadcasting on all short-wave radio signals. His hail was simple, “To the Alliance Vessel Shinto-Four, this is the medical transport vessel Hippocrates Hand. We have responded to your distress call and deployed our most prevalent weapon system. Our primary physician Jules Salnor. This vessel is ill-equipped for a combat zone, thus I have deployed him per his request. He will aid you in your battle against the demon-origin vessel.”

*****Five minutes ago*****

The Shinto-Four had just been hit, hard. No systems were damaged, and there had been a warning from one of the armored pilots, “Everyone, brace for impact!” It was a message not understood by Captain Humtas, but one taken seriously regardless. “All stations, Brace for impact!” Given their minimal sensor readings, and the telemetry coming in from the armored units deployed along the hull the physician of the Hippocrates Hand had arrived on scene. They also noted the ship retreating soon after its arrival. Given the ships engines, both light and sub-light were down... When they started to move the Captain was extremely startled. “Armored-Team, lock yourselves down! Continue to provide suppression fire!” The movement was a bit of a shock given they had stopped for repairs, and that halt came only when engineering had reported continued use would result in eminent destruction.

Regardless, Humtas wasn't afraid to exploit opportunity. This was their sixth such encounter since their mission on Arlia had gone foul. It would be their last stand, and the 'push' may have bought them a few more minutes. Then a radio signal came in, a calm voice. “Sir, incoming transmission. It's on a short-wave radio band.” Humtas smirked, “Let's hear it.” He listened to the message, wishing it had arrived sooner. Their primary communications array was one of the first systems targeted by the hostiles. “Open a channel on the radio-wave.” The captain was unfortunately confident this was the only way to communicate with the aiding ship. “This is the Shinto-Four, our engines are down. Both Sub-light and light, although i'm hesitant to...” There was a shout from one of his ensigns, “Sir, one of the Arlian vessels has just been...” The captain was glancing at his console, it seemed this 'Doctor' was far more than his title implied. Regardless, the ensuing shock-wave hit the ship.

***Three minutes ago.***

“Sir, short wave scanners show approaching bogeys on all vectors!” Humtas clenched his teeth, “And where is the 'Doctor' of the Hand?” A delayed response, “He's on approach, but given his present speed...” Captain Humtas growled, rising from his seat. “Attention all available personnel, consider this an Omega level event. Suit up, and meet me on the hull.” The truth was, the Doctor had indeed destroyed a ship, but the other was still there and it appeared as if the so called Doctor wasn't going to make it back in time to help their continued defense. The captain was grateful, there was no doubt in that but... A second later another radio signal reached him, “Shinto-Four, this is Jules Salnor. You'll have to fend for now, I'm on my way.” The captain responded to his crewman, “Open the channel.” A second later, “it's open sir.” The Captain nodded, “Doctor Jules, We appreciate any assistance you can provide, please move as swiftly as you can.” Then, the Captain looked around, his eyes glaring. “Skeleton crew gentlemen and women, suit up. We're needed on the Hull.” He turned heading towards the exit of the bridge, nearly a third of the bridge crew followed him.

**Two Minutes Ago**
Prime was well aware of battle and it's pieces. He was little more than ten seconds out at full speed from the Doctor. One of the demonic ships had been annihilated, but the second ship was still fully functional. Worse, long-range sensors had already detected two more of the ships which were little more than an hour out. Prime concluded that the beast of a ship that was of the Alliance had been confronting a similar configuration of ships for numerous days. It brought up a query, how many ships did Arlia have? How many had been deployed. Questions for later he assumed. For now, his primary sensors were both on the “Captain” of this vessel, and on the combat that continued.

**One Minute Ago**

Captain Humas had reached the air-dock leading to the hull, the foot-steps of his armored boots creating a soft-vibration though his suit as he adjusted his sensors to the remaining ship. That Ascended had bought them time, but this was the twentieth confrontation the Shinto-Four had engaged in. The engines had failed, there was no more running. Weapons were down to a fifth of their original capacity. The ship was designed for stealth, armed to the teeth for defense. It was a war-ship in compact form. That didn't change the reality that repairs took time, and they hadn't had time to breathe for the last week. He turned his head, given the reading he was getting from the Ascended that had decided to help the Captain of the other ship was still at least a minute out... He and members of his crew took positions as the second ship began to deploy … …

“Crap.” This wasn't the same as the other assaults, they had come in waves. They had been repelled. Now, the entire compliment of the Arlian born ship were deploying, they were coming to finish the job. “Alright men, Sixty Seconds and that Ascended will be back to help... We have to hold!” He turned his suit towards the oncoming ten thousand and opened fire.


Jules rushed into the fray, his form flying through the flowing blaster bolts raining towards the incoming wave of demons from below. A few hundred had made their way to the ship, but the armored suits of the Alliance vessel had managed to repel them. His eyes were bare, no visor to obstruct or feed him information. One blast of optic energy did in an instant dealt a gigantic blow against the swarm, thousands perished instantly. His tentacles and armor both deployed a moment later, with the cover-fire from below he knew his focus should be on the ship... Unfortunately, between himself and the Demonic ship was... A wall of demons rushing at him through the vacuum of space... He let his energy flow into his tentacles, once again forming the four potent disk of energy as his kinetic senses seemed overwhelmed with the mass of movement.

The question he had... Sawing through the horde before, they were 'demons' to be sure, blood samples were similar enough to those he had met that he pondered 'how' they were operating in the vacuum of space. The energy disk easily cut through those of the incoming horde carrying through them towards the ship, a tentacle lashing out and grabbing the severed upper torso of one of the demonic beings and pulling it close so he could get a better look.

The collar, the demon was covered in a thin-membrane similar to the HAVOC system. There was no watch, but there was a collar strapped around his next. Jules sent his fist easily through the lower-ascended demons chest ripping out his remaining spine and casting it aside before his tentacles went back to flailing around him, a single eye opening on the end of each of the four unleashing torrents of power which could destabilize planets. He wasn't going to be able to keep this up for long, of course, but he didn't need to..

His right hand grabbed the collar as his left pushed the corpse of the demon away, a blast of energy emerging from his hand turning the remaining mass to little more than a red-mist floating in space. His eyes glancing at it for a moment. It was... It was...

There was a flash of red within the mind of Jules as his body seemed to suddenly float flaccid within space. Jules was alone for just a moment before he heard the laughter of a familiar voice... His.. Own? Before him the environment began to fill out, a terrain once lush and green long since turned into a desolate hell. The grounds burning around him as a rather calm voice, his voice, began to speak. “Oh good, you found one.”

There was a searing pain in his mind, his eyes gazing a version of himself that appeared to be older than the husk he himself paraded around in. A sense of terror as he realized it wasn't 'him' but the creature created by his fathers doppelganger. “I was worried it wouldn't work... Imprinting myself on such. But it has... Now, one problem goes away...” The figure became crystal, it's shimmering skin shimmering in the hell-space

“Now, Jules. I'm going to need you to follow me here.” The figure presented a singular orb, one Jules recognized. It was a dragon ball of Nightmares, his copy had attained one! He went to speak, but his voice let out no sound. “I'm well aware those fools you call friends have the rest of them, and i'll deal with them in time... But... What's important here... And I need you to follow me, Jules.”

Jules himself couldn't speak, his physical body couldn't move. The only sensation he had at all was that of his highly trained kinetic senses, an alarm that was telling him he was being surrounded. His double continued speaking as Jules tried to break free of this mental prison.

“You see, for a 'true' Blended, Jules.. This trap would amount to naught... But I'm guessing your Hoity-Toity mightier-than thou self is still parading around in one of those pathetic husk bodies.” A laugh, “Which of course makes my job easier, you have no 'mind' to fall back on for support. No one to take the pilots seat so to speak.” Another laugh, the older looking version of himself seemed to shift into a much younger man, one that Jules didn't know. “I myself have taken this young half-human; half-saiyan as my host. But you?”

Another laugh, chilling this time... “The fact you're still entangled in this trap is testament enough. But alas, enough time has passed.” Jules felt it, his body had been impacted by several of the moving kinetic signatures and they had stopped after. His body still couldn't move. “Good-bye, Jules. Failure of a Tuffle.”

What the psychotic version of Jules couldn't predict, Seluj's failure of insight... Something Jules couldn't explain... Was the hand that was placed on his psionic shoulder a moment before detonation.


Captain Humas breathed out a sigh of relief as the Ascended who had responded to their distress call returned from his vaunt after the first ships explosion. His own ship was 'still' moving away due to the efforts of the ascended. Sadly, there was likely an intelligence file on this particular ascended, but it wasn't as if he currently had time to look it up. Once he returned it seemed as if the... “What... What is he doing?!?” The Captain's tone was a bit irritated, the ascended had simply 'stopped' moving, granted he was between the Shinto-Four and the incoming ship but... He glanced around at his men who continued firing, but at this point it seemed the massive swarm of demons were no longer rushing the ship. They instead … “Oh no... Incoming!”

The Captains scanners suddenly altered, the incoming force suddenly burst. Their power had been on the lower-range up until now... But now... How did they boost themselves into the mid-range? Worse, for the ascended at least... They weren't even firing off blast anymore, merely... Rushing, a dozen headed for his ship... The rest, rushing the Ascended.

Captain Humas let out a scream, “Focus Fire! Incoming Targets only!” The suits wouldn't survive what was coming, the ship likely wouldn't either. “Use all weapon systems, do not let them close to this ship!”

Captain Humas knew the ship was still moving because of the push from the ascended, but the incoming demons had increased significantly in speed. His men began to focus fire but.. The weapons fire had decreased in efficacy, “Disengage magnetic locks! Prepare to intercept! Captain to Engineering, get the sub-lights back online!” His own magnetic locks let him break away from the ship which continued to flow away from him, his men did the same. He wasn't sure if they would survive this, but he was proud his combat team didn't hesitate to break away from the Shinto-Four and engage the incoming enemy.

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Re: Jules Epic (P3) Terminally Overwhelmed

Post by ikenbon » 03 Aug 2017, 08:57

So my general notes for this one are that your personal mythology for Jules and for Tuffles is hard to jump into for a fresh reader. Towards the end when Jules and Seluj are inside that psychic window and he's talking about a husk vs a host, I wasn't sure what the husk was referring to. That's something I'm sure more active readers won't have a problem with so don't take it as a major critique.

You write really good action sequences, like where you hit one of the penetrated ships and start windmill slamming hundreds of demons with chainsaw tentacles, and you gave this log some strong pacing by bringing the reader's eye inside the ship to see the response of its crew, even ticking the clock back to show the play by play. I know Jules isn't "designed" for, like, one-on-one DBZ style fighting, but this log contains a lot of feats that showcase how much of a powerhouse he is when the gloves are off.

RPP rewarded

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